The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 24, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 8
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Thursday, August 24, 1941. THE DAILY CfclNTONIAN age Eight Nazi "Utile Willie"-Lays fletch Reverses Jo U.S. Propaganda Allied Armored Gdunns Rush BCSDk'ESS SERVICES VertuiUiou Couui y iT A Sc1umI To Be Htl Aug. 30 ' Vermillion Coay v Iarent Tach- ers School of iiislaijcVfou will he held in the band room of the Clinton High Scliool Gym, Aug. 80. starting at :30 a. m. until J:30 p. in., it was announced today. The program includes greeting by E. C. Boyd. Clinton City School Superintendent aud Fred Hayes, Coumy School Superintendent. Classes will be directed under the leadership of Mrs. W. O. Freed, Five A District Director; Mrs. Beu H. Davis. Suae Secretary; Mrs. Kmtnett Arnett, i Ice president of region five and Mrs. Frank Schafer, state rural chairman. With the Compliment of SW1MMINCPOOL OJNTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office for Dorothy Helen Guinn Vat h This Space Daily With Dm CoBipitasaaas Ot There Are Two Free Tickets To The '' WABASH THEATRE Wailing At Our Office for . ' FKANK MISHEB N. Eighth St. Jfy Just Come Ia '4 . .1 ..I. t fl I auu an rvr AiuauitvauKJ Watch Ttils Space Every Day TOl'B SAME MAT BK NEXT 9c FBI. & SAT- 35c Big Double Feature 2 J3IG PICTURES S..lll J (Continued from page 1) Again the salute. "What about Romania? It quit." "Nothing but American propaganda." Again the salute. Little Willy was asked If he. thought Germany would crack up at home. j "Revolution In Germany against j Hitler? Against the greatest man In several ce.nturiw? Impossible! No t one can deny that j "Who should know better than; I? Didn't I Join the Hitler youth ( movement when 1 was 1 4 ? I entr- , ed the army at 16. I was woundul j tour times and captured in Italy i when I was 21. "There Is nothing goot about Am-1 erica except your cigarets. ! "But I 'm not worried about the j war. Hitler is the greatest ..." j And little Willy babbled on like a child. e Car Fire Eiilinijuislu'd Local firemen extinguished fire in a car. owned by Ivan Jones. 1205 South Sixth Street, at the corner of Fourth and Blackman Streets, at S:15 p. ill. Wednesday, it was reported today. Firemen reported slight damages to the wiriug of the car. made by the blaze which started from an unknown origin. Gams Room ' The success which har. been achieved in establishing game rooms and hobby rooms in base-pienU .with the aid of light-ieflect- jjng , paint and colorful furniture pas it u 10 me more exuMiueu uc vi i suitable basements for living quar- 1 ters as another means of meeting ' the wartime exigency in housing. In doing such jobs, particular care ; should be taken to seal out damp- j npu ' Qssi f ti Ads Sell Most Anything THBPCTURES CLINTON'S CX)I.EST SPOT SIX GUNS 8A....S1X flSIS CRASH.... inf At tea Saddle Pals ' tlM Mil "N S K. Bui sift cl SHC rMMM J I Zir TIE; mm" V mHm. 7LaMVeH m ffafc-l FINAL TONIGHT 2 SweU Features " t i I "LADIES f AAF Officer Wins Trapshooliiig Title For Fourth Time Capt Joe IIist and Takes North Aiuericaa Title; Local Shooter Scores VANDAUA, Ohio. Capt. Joe HtaBtand of HULsboro, Otiio and Fort Mers. Fla. -lio lias captured about every' trapshooting title to e istenoe, today became the first man ever to w in the North American clay target championship four tiaies. Hiestand. an Army Air Forces gunnery officer, broke 2i straight targets to post his fourth wia as the 45th annual Grand American trap-shooting tournament opened. A former amateur, doubles and Ail-American champion, Hiestacd previously won, the North American in 1936, 193 and 1938. Srvea Tr4 at Half At the midway mark in the Sorih American seven marksmen were tied with perfect 1 shots, including Hiestand and four other crack-shots in the class AA championship cj vision. Meanwhile. Mrs. Ruth Knuth of Indianapolis, Ind., was waiting in the wings to step under the spotlight tomorrow. She won the women's champion of champions event with a 94il4 today, and appeared to have a grasp on the North American women's title. Mrs. Knuth. still using the gun With which she started trapshooting five years age, finished early) ATTENTION CMLSH Have Vou Heard About Louise's Sweater Club? Read About It On Page 5, This Issue. LOUISE, Inc. A Efl'SH for Your UcodCaro COLeVvIAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St. Phooe 427 COLUMBIA THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c SALUTE FOR THREE , Wth f : sll ity liliodcs fijat Doniild Carey-,, Dona Drake . "Aladdin's Lamp" Terrytoon "DANGER AREA" MGM Short RELY ON... 1 , I i I : I I ; ! i i I Toward Paris (Continued bom pact 1) by the French forces of the Interior with the Germans and some son of armistice concluded. Evidently (he Germans changed their minds end threatened to destroy every thing." Follow "M4a Kami"' The Nasi actios would be la line with Hitler's pronouncements in his "Nazi bible." the book "Mein Kampf that anything which could sot be h'fld would be destroyed. On numerous battlefionts this dictate 'ias been carried out by the enemy Previously a Wilhelmstrasse spokesman had promised that Paris would be spared just as it had been -pared when the Germans entered n June 14. 1940. after the city was declared an open city. "The French called on the Alllef for help which is being furnished," the headquarters spokesman said. "When troops get Into Paris Supreme headquarters will make an announcement." No Army ia Capital Headquarters said that French forces have some control la some sections of the city but emphasized that units of the regular Allied armies are not In the French capital. Disclosure that Paris is pot yet tree ranie as American. British and Canadian' forces closed lighter the trap on German forces along the west bank of the Seine west of the cauital and spearheads of Amerlcar armor moved steadily eastward to points within 150 miles of the German border. ' Strong; Rearguard Actions The Germans In the Pont I'Eve-oue-ljsieux sector fought fairly strong rearguard action against the British and Canadians. The enemy covered roadways liberally with mines. Headquarters said Die enemy was offering particularly strong resistance east of Lisieux, 18 miles south of the mouth or the Seine. They hold high ground controlling thc-eastward exits or Lisieux. The American drive along thf west bank or the Seine toward the river's mouth was said to be continuing. The Yanks last were re ported in Elbeuf. 25 miles from the Seine's mouth. The Third Army's drive eastward across France developed into two-pronged assault, with forces which smashed beyond Sens from the ron tainebleau area Joined by another column sweeping eastward rrom lib erated Orleans. Back to the west, the Yanks established a 50-mile front along the Seine aud Loins rivers. They now hold two bridgeheads southeast of Paris across the Seine. If the swing back from the Man tes-Cassicourt sector to crush the enemy seeking to escape across the Seine to Rouen, American troops blasted their way forward for 15 miles and entered the town of Elbeuf, 25 miles rrom the mouth ot the Seine. Commercial Club to Hear Terre Haulean Monday Robert 8. Scott, vice-president and manager of the Home Packing Co. and community chairman of the C. E. D- program, will speak and present moving pictures at the Clinton Commercial Club dinner meeting, August 28, it was announced recently. The meeting will be held In the Vermillion Room or the Clinton Hotel at 7:20 p. m. Those who wish to attend may purchase tickets from Leon Woody, club secretary or call the Clinton Hotel for reservation. The public is invited to attend. LOANS... S250 and S300 S50 $100 S200 Yes, you eta obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY for the Ume with iSt of 204 targatsb Wheo lhey tiually callwd it quits tonight, the only contestant with a chance sras Mrs. George peters of Springfield. Ohio, the daughter of Charles "Sparrow" Young who has shot in all forty-five grand Americans. tXmtinaed Today VI' hen showers and gusty winds halted firing. Mrs. Peters atill had fifty targets to shoot. She'll have to hit e.ry one of them tomorrow morning in order to tie Mrs. Knuth . Mrs. Knuth never before had wou a grand Americaa title, although she has taken the Indiana champion ship live times, the first Jus eight i month after she started trapahoot ing. u. Vic Reinders of Waukesha. j wis., and BUI Drennan of t'tica. Ill finished second to Hiestand In the North American with 19x2. (lMY-tt (xBiea One Targ The champions of champions a-mong Uie anea was John A. Peter-sos. 5t-year-old Racine. Wis., shipping clerk. He broke 98 of 10 to win the title by a single target from Herschel Cheek of Clinton. Ind., and George Wagner of Dayton, Ohio. R. Schuharit. New Castle. Did., won the Class D championship with 97xl. German Walls BucJvIeODAlI Sides; Slimson f Continued from page 1) ese in the eastern Marshall or New Britain." he added. Meanwhile. Stimson said, that Al- lied planes "have made miserable me i, t ui a u i 4uiv ...". serious difficulties at the Seine." During the past week, the secretary said that Allied planes destroyed 2.279 railway cars of all kinds and destroyed or damaged more than tOQ locomotives. WASHINGTON". D. C. Disaster settled like a London fog over the Nazi war machine in Europe today as Allied forces made spectacular advances on ail fronts and Roman- ia cracked the Axis wall in the Balkans by withdrawing from the war. The Bomanitn announcement that the nation accepted Russian i.-niH Allied armistice terms was con-! sidered by military experts in Wash- inlon as the most significant de- velopment since the invasion or Nor mandy. cmrrfin-r to these sources the collapse of Romanian resistance Indicated that the Nazis have pulled out their major units in the Bucharest area and as the result that Balkan nation felt at liberty to sub- Iniit to Russian pressure without fear of reprisals by the Nazis. Some military authorities expres-ed the opinion that Romania's move might be"duplicated In the near future by Hungary, thus patr-jing the way for" a Kussian sweep through the south and into Germany proper. ; Meanwhile, the Nazi armies In France reeled again and again under Allied prr-ssure as one key cily after another fell to American. French and other Allied fighting men. Developments In France came with such lightning rapidity that It was difficult tor observers to tol-low the trend of dramatic and momentous events. The rail or Marseille was considered Important by military men because it provides one or the most important ports ror the future now or Allied war materials as well as food supplies for half-starved Frenchmen. The liberation of Paris was not considered too Important rrom a military standpoint but It was classed as a great morale builder ror the people or France who have been under the Nazis yoke ror rour years. Military men. however, were watching with interest the American drive down the Seine which was expected to result in a juncture with other Allied forces and the move might trap another vast Nazi army la the western French war theater. In the midst or such progress the Allies awaited the final count or Nazis casualties In the Falaise pocket, where an estimated 100. 000 German troops were believed killed or captured. 6.00x16 sz No Rationing CilciftrCkstifisiAis zzi fsii Cctises fire 4ay aaaeiftoa: c (or ease Madlng Uh ( column Vm. U ace these). Next two days Ir-serttoa: tlx same e charge yo et Uiree caya a Aoubla the mat at tin ftrwt ay. Next thro 45S insertion: the u e har trou cat a whole peek tlve 4aysl at three dun Uw oat ? ou insertion. each rous of three days thare-arter. e a l ac. jBlackXaoa Uk tfets) MJe per Una. All classified Ada Including aea- .laihi anJ nntMK c All Icilldx mUSt fee paid la advance except those by regular customers arnoec aooouuiz are paid saoeithly or those from or gacdsatlona whose bills must be allowed More being paid- la the latter ease the peraoa asking the publlcatloa of the notice will be aeJ4 feapoaslhie tot Ms payment. FOB SALE 1WI PLi'MOl'TH Deluxe Four Moor Sedan ' GRAHAM Deluxe Four Door Sedaa 'it Buici Roadmasler Sedan '37 FOKD S Coaca 'S WilJJS Sedan '86 PLYMOUTH Coupe 2 CHEVROLET Coach JIS CHEVROLET Coach SI FORD Coupe ' FORD Coupe All in first class condition with good tires. Farm wagons on rubber tire. COLEMAN ACTO CO. .. ; Phone 42? tS3 Sl'CAE P E A B S. Nintii St. 250 NORTH till THREE MILK COWS. INQLIHE J olio HOEhovensky, B. B. 1. One mile nonix ot Center church. ISSl TWO BOYS BICYCLES. SIZE 2. Newljr overhauled and paint jobs. Balloon tires. I'hone S, St. Ber-nie. Ceore Bain. tS5i J 0il GRADE J RECAF Ures. Coleman Auto Co. t5 CHIFFONIER AND NEW SET OF bed springs. t5 South Sevenlh Street. tS L'SED FINE FIXWBING ONEENT lineal foot, also 2i6 and 2i8. Best of hard maple Tx flooring 2 cent lineal root. I-arge quantity Iwoenta. Also lots of sheet Iron ror rooting. Also a new handmade delivery wagon and a ballbearing storm buggy, t- U. VietU. I'hone 296. 53,: WARDROBE. KEROSENE OVEN and cabinet doors. 40i South Seventh SL t53z BIX CYLINDER WILLYS-KNIGHT Sedan. Has been made into truck. 42S South Fourth Street. t53i GIBUS BICYCli. BARBARA MY-ers. B. 1. 'One mile northeast of Center Church. t53r GOOD COW. JOHN TOFFOLO. t52x KITCHEN SINK. Hi SOL'TH 7TH. t5tx FOR FINE FLAVORED CANNING peaches, buy tree-ripened peaches at Nardi's Orchard. Lyford. Ind. We'll be picking Aug. 21. GRAI'ES. 657 N. 10TH STREET. Pete Carrera. t53i PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IS the time. This is the place, iili and Elm Street Market, open un- " til 9' p. ni. ror your convenience. We have ravored out trucks and saved our gas to haul peaches. If you don't get them it won't be our rault. You can save your gas, tires, and money here. McCracken and Sobs, 3u2 South Main and 9th and Elm Streets. Hl'l FOLli ROOM iiOL'SE, 816 MAT-tbew Street. 15 4 1 FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BI1A-fll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 13S-W. t 7-17-14 I sUUOK, any fclad yom fraat. dlntca Aata Wreddnc Faru Do. Krale'a rbaaa , CUnloa. Mti WANTED KITCHEN CABINET, 259 VINE ST. BATCHEIXill III.'DDY I9S NORTH Eighth Street. it'Jx WANTED TO KENT FIVE Oil SIX ROOM MODERN home, with barn, chicken house, located In or near Clinton on small acreage. Reply Box H2-D. co Dally Cjintonlan. Clinton. ' Ind.. alvins: location, description. i I HAVE SALES FWH FOl AND five room tiowi. 'U located. 1 you inh to Bell will 1 pleased to have you lint jour property ant me. O. F. Houston. 15: JUHT iiECKlVEO A SHIPMENT ClinUiB irtiniber and Supply Co. 1U2CAPF1NG VULCANIZING KB- liners. PreBtone coming, jnernw Koyal. get It here while It's plentiful. Oils 2 and S gal. fine container. Gas Market. 115 North Main BL Horace To well. Mgr. tse FOH rU'MWNC, KEATING. ELEC- trie wiring, an sue hmk.u m: C. I. Kamarala. SSt North Ninth St- Phones 29 and 15SW. 17U FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vvieazdzing and Reetppiosr neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart MobUgaa Station. Joe Giacoietto, Clinton. J2tf DEAD A N 1 M'A L 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt eerrlca. Call Crawford Ml or Crawford 6219 Trre Haute or Dana 142H. We pay all phone ehargea. John Waontel Co.. Terra Haute. US J DEAD ANIMALS JUiMOVliD FKXE at Jusrge by Daieglaa and Bona, Moease4 4esden. Call as as boob as tbey ate urf reverse eixirgf. Dana reed Servieew Daaa, lhoawo 00. tSxf Guarantee It lit.. Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic V. L. Bonebrake. Fhone l3-4 CUsv toa or 15-J -2. Montexama. PAID NOTICES notice: Boom and board In Terre Haute for a girl desiring to go to Indiana State In return for companionship for 14 year old girl. Write Box L. 442, Clinton. Ind. I55x NOTICE! Rummage Sale Friday. August 25. 9 a. m. Silverman Building. Keys Class of Methodist Church. tS3x NOTICE! Aue. 168, l4 and thereafter our repair department will be opea from ; T IM) a. u. to 3:M p. '.: Saturday ! front 7:00 a. mi. to 10:00 a. m. t'oleuiaa Auto Co. and Ford Garaee. 153 j NOTICE! Tltl I KKItS! NO. 0 MINE i lil N. 2JU0 TIN. WTIEE.VKD ; fAL I.V l'IU)lHTION. 1 MILE- SOt Til OF CIJNTO.V. SI'NIJTE IK1AL ItmPiKY. t5 WANTED TO BUY WILL PAY CASH FOR MODERN home, close in. if price is reasonable. Write Box A. 412. Clinton. Ind. 15 3i SECOND HAND LAWN MOWER, j A-l condition. Will pay reasonable price. Phone 34-J. t53 LARGE SIZE CAS BURNER, 6CIT-able for melting pot. Should be approximately 8 inches in diameter. Type formerly used under still will be satisfactory. Call 32, Dally Cltntonian. . Help Wanted Female GIRL FOR EXTRA WORK. R A Iter's Cafe. 156 ELDERLY LADY TO CARE FOB children. Stay nights. Call 1122-4. t53x 0 1 ilL VoTt GENERAL HOI'.SE work. Small town, flood wages. Permanent job. Write CILulonian. Box 412 S. 163 GIRL OR YOI'NG LADY. FLLL-tilne. Powell's Pharmacy. 153 MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Clintonian. FOB BENT ROOMS board. WITH OR 259 Vine St. WITHOI'T 165x FIVE ROOM HOL'SE. CLOSE IN. good condition. D- F. Harrison. 1)57 101 in St. I55x MODERN FI'IINISIIKD AI'Allf-tnent. Close In. 415 South Third Street. 1431 Cciy Corners The housewife should clean every crack and corner way in Uie back of those dark and rarely used clothes closets, in places like these end beneath heavy pieces of furniture and slip covers clothe moth and carpet bellies eat and are happy, undisturbed. Fool-Proof Crops Almost fool-proof crops let the beginner in gardening are spring and Fall green, map bean, tornstces, and beets, carrots, an4 other root crop. COURAGEOUS" Vivacious June! Singing, Dancing, Iiomanring Her Way lo Her Higgeot Motion Picture Hit! Here are New Songs, New Thrills, New Mlighs Galore, All mended nlo Entertainment Perfixlou' Q TONIGHT WITHERS HERS IIMMi tYDOM TRIGGER Smartest Horse in Movies M. - SUN. - MON. JANE ' k ROY ROGERS King of the Cowboys The c i . I w" . to FACTOnY-COUTnOLLED you have the loan. The Public Loan Company will assist you quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed In a ractory, office, store or elsewhere. Come In and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payment to suit your Income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of S per month on unpaid balance tor amounts up to 1160; amounts 1160 to 1300, 1 per month on unpaid balance. A 160.00 loan repaid In five monthly Installments or 10.l each, cost M 50 but If repaid in 10 days, costs only 60e. Yon may borrow to pay old bill, your Doe-tor or Dentist, taxe or Insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash lA&n You Need. 8 Pay 10 Pay 19 Pay menu, ments. meats. so T.ia s sa 5.02 100 $14.25 1 1.72 $10.05 $200 $28.33 $23.20 glV.HS $250 $5.1T $28.87 $24.67 $3O0 .. $11U4 $34.80 $20.35 PUBLIC LOAN CO. J'se ""V ,-' With BOB NOLAN and the SONS OF THE PIONEERS ' etc. in first letter. t51t FIVE OR SIX ROOM MODERN bouse. Close in. I'hone 185. 1 t51x COMING SAT- JI P. Certificate Required GUARANTEED SATISFACTION $300 or Less Is Often the Answer to a Lot of Troublesome Problems. Why Not Talk It Over With Us Without Obligation. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY POLAND'S di FIRESTONE-TEXACO SERVICE 12(1 N. Main st. t Union, Ind. m in"' 226 Blackman St- Phone 62 a v CLINTON, INDIANA 81BH Mala St. Phone 852

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