The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 24, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 7
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Thursday, A"Kut U, 45)41. :. Hii V jfe. '.he frniec uikiuid m Ld a ilar and a Uacax C'lawsou and Jim. Hosier iic-j SAILOR JtQ WE J3y Jack $or4s I Clown an hostesses. Til Indie en- il town as Hostesses, me mtuej. en- joyod a Well appointed luncheon. followed by a tiieatre party. I 'L g gut in honors wi'h fifteen and in J i fH Ff1Flfl I ruu '""tM' iu '"" eighty-fiie and I 1 L I j fj f J fl I 1" considered one ol (he heat "clutch j -3 y ft f hmers" o the circuit. Although his i , f J T fY i lt'1 f '''icial halting ave rage of . 4 A fl Jlf fe I " lt'rl' "uipressivo H is lops " ' " .(r tiic regulars on (he train aud j y , " renects tlie miles inagic' with rellects the "killes uiagic'' with Air. and llrs. James reek are a' the home of ilr. and Mrs. -Kay-the parenu o4 a daughter. Marianne, ' niond JOaugherty. Oiu.ur was enjoy-who was born in a Paris hospital re- d at the noon hour. Rev. :harle vtaiiy. J i Botner at Aeocker City. 111. gai an Karl -Red" Davia. son of Mr. and i interesting talk and the Botner sis-Mrs. J. C. Dais is home on a fur- j trs. daughters of ilr. and ilrs. Paul lough after seieral months of serv- Botner sang as a trio. Misa Jimtna ice iu the Kuro.euu and African the-' Botner sang a solo. Bertha Botner. aires of war. ! daughter of lr. aud lis. C. (lil- Mr. and Mrs. Reed McOiniiis ac-1 "er lemieit d a piano solo, coninanied by Mr. and Mrs. Adrian ! Mr. and Airs. Francis Pennington ST- LOVIS. Mo. The SL Louis ( ' raw-Cardinals extended their complete! mastery of the Chicago Cubs to ' ivui. ikto iu uui".. YuM Auout sixty relatives altendefl the j Botner tamuy f-iinlon last buuaaj haie mot id Jrpm fit. .llernit o Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Albert I.ane aud I daughter. Eldorado. HI., were Fun- day visitors of Mr. and Mi. Hejidle Endicolt. I , More Student - . , , In the two decades, WU-UAV, tn number of pupils increased by m margin substantially greattr JJiatt trie population increase flnvog ohii-- 4ren of fiohool age, ingb cioui jca rollments trebled, and in JMO con stiluted 24 per cent of ttie total public school enroUment . , Q?if Sell Most Aofthicf CUIKOravLCXOB C S rufrlgers. tioa is trout fie. rt. XJiere la Davis of (Columbus, lud. to Cable. Wis. where they enjoyed a .fishing and camping trip. They returned hom.e Friday evening. The meuibere ol the St. Bernice Couservation :iub picnicked at the park on Sunday. Mrs. Xoruian Po - pelli made luiiian spaghetti for the crowu wiiiie the others lurmshcd regular picnic food. About forty en-joytid the picnic, held iu the grovf south of town. Mrs. Hubert J. JJartsook and son. Terry, have gone to Baltimore. Md. to be with Pvt. Kartsook while he is sUiLiomJ at Camp Meade. "Bob" isiied recently witii his aunt, Mrs. Bss Connor in Fittsburg, Fa. Mrs. ,iuy Soutiiard of Clinton ha been a house of Mrs. Bert King for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frnhart visit ed for a few days with their son. Kenneth and family in (Jury. Ind. recently. The i.rn harts have ju&f received word that their youiigt-r 1 son. ,Hw;ort who lelt the L lilted i iita-U oa July , is stationed in es.j 1 1 .... yJ '-'AO L IAever Any Jiepair Itilln - ikoibJug to get out o OrUe,r! nothing to iirek down, nothing to ge out V ot order, sto dangerjous ' unies. yiiere cab never lie. any feuair tUls. J'ue niodera, leautiuj 1 iv half wi(h him. Born nd raised in Cavuca. rounK Brown lived with Ins grandparents 11 r. and Urs. panics Brown. His mother. Frances Henderson Brown died when lie was ouly a Jew weeks old. He attended Cayusa su-ade aud high school. St. Keruit Mail Mounded Mr. aud Mrs. Clyde Jones of St Bernice have been notified that their sua. ytc. Homer ones, was . rious-ly wounded in Kranc July ;:1 and had Ueeu tranaterred to an American hospital in Knglund. He received a serious injury to his left arm. The parents received a letter Tuesday written by their sou Aukusi 12 in which le slated he thought he would ,be coining home soon. St.Ceruice Croups Meet onsex a.UoB Club JJas iciiie ; Bridge (Club Meets in Jem fluute Mr. and Mrs. Juy fcarker of Car- Ivle. Ind. WW j:u-at of Air. and Mrs. Eidu Boliz Ust Sur.daj. Midweek gut-ats y.ere ?Ar. and Mrs. Clarence Vwunji of Jerre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. John iriines mxioui-paoitd t Mrs. Wiliiain H'Ueelt-r '-inad vith rends in Cate. i-o-di, and Silvwyooi Ind. lac )wk. Mr, and Mrs. R, M. oitz re tl uarn'.g of a dauhier tHrn in rfl Anihony s HosVital. lVrr JHate, r-cuijy. The bay lias Jeea ataed ion-erta Marylynne. t ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Warien eruawii of Terre Haute were iere Thursday to aueud tlie funeral of Irs. (iuige Hal. . Mr. and Mrs. Cuy Kelley and dauKliter. Martha, enjoyed a camp ing and fishing trip on Eel river Betty Joe Davis has gone to JtJOOUe Illf, lO -' l iif ftutrai wi -in - and Mrs. Vernon Oliver. The Wednesday Bridge Cluh met lB'yerrv Haute laat week with Airs. . ATTNT0H CLltSIJ Have You Jiearrj About Louise's Sweater Club? PeatJ About It Qa Page 5, Tbis ssue. LOiJSE, Inc. ME A ALL Rfc3HT-l'LL. f SOME MONEY fROK I MILDRED, rlgemtor Mill give s life-tune o pertixt, trouUo. . rt refrigeration. Come n, Bee fUJ rigor Umt fjuL V 'roe J'uat t s A sV u which the Bromis liave Slaved up Ui j m j sj 1 j tajor league J Scoreaoara JLnTEIUlAY'S KKM'J.TS '.VATIOJiAI. LI- At. I .' St. 1-ouis II. ChUaKo 1. (Onl game scliedulidi. IMUUI AS I-KAt.l K .'o values sciieduieci. A MU:l A X AASOCIAHON Ji'.diaiiapolis 4. Kansas City 1. Coluiubu 11. Minneaiiolie p. jniaukee Z. Ijoulsville J. r-KOHAItlJC 1'llt'HHtH XKW XOhk. X. y. Probable; pitchers for tomorrow's major league games. I Won and lost records in paren'heses XATIO.VAI. J.KAf.l E I'hiladelphia at Boston Raf- fensliereer 11-15 vs. Barrett 7-141 or Andrews 12-11). Chicago at St. JjOuSs tnisht) 1'a.Mvau v. Wilks (12 1. Only eamei whedub.-d. AMKHK A. f At.l K No sanies scheduled. SAIJOXAJ-LKAf;!,!: Clubs Won I.osl St. Ixiuis t-7 Pi I Pet I ,.iUsourJlh ,,, cjIlcjnaU tli cllca0 61 4i; nilp f-. I '. .4 55 .441 .4M2 Sfv yurk Philadelphia 4 Boston 4 T .'.'.'J Brooklyn 45 74 .27 AMKH1CAX J.KA;l K Clubs Vou Lost Pet .57.', St. louis 01 BotuD ;4 53 05 66 65 5 C8 .547 .53" .625 .471 .467 .4i7 .4 2S ew jf0rk i De,r0it 2 Chicago 5i 57 Philadelphia 57 New York Washington si AMEHK AS ASStATIO.V Clubs Won lxst Pel Milwaukee Toledo Louisville 7K Columbus a ft St. Paul 67 Minneapolis 49 41 5 51 61 h 677 615 M5 541 .6K .371 ,i!7. Indanar.oHs,, 4,7 Kansas tuy - v 2 27 Ooes Dot game. include last night's News and Notes jfn Quaker Georgetown Callers At Thompson Home; eaJ people ajCJbirch parley Mrs. Howard Smart returned home Monday ufier spending several weeks in California wild her hus-S 1c Howai Sniait and other relatives. Kluiiiia Canaday, Klla and Sylvia Thompson, Herman T. Canaday. Everett Gerard aud f. D. Cook from here attended the funeral of Victor Patrick at Cayuga Monday afier- uoon. The laiter passed away Saturday Aug. 12ih at the home of his j daughter. -Mis. Mary Miligee III To-i luno. III. following several weeks ill- ness with cancer. f ' Jlussell Kyger and f.imily'vlsiied Marley Cratt and lanilly Suuday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Harvey alien-ded the Old tiettliTS reunion at Yed-do, Thursday. Mrs. John Ifowleit and daughter Claudia and Thelitis Nickle visited Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hadlcy ai Hockville. Itichard Ellis and family attended the Hess reunion at ( hrlsman, III., Sunday. Kliu I n a Canaday spent Sunday niiiht Willi Miles Canaday and family at Henderson Chapel. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Cooke ailend-ed the ingrain reunion near Haven, ill. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Iiohcrt Nhhols were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Jladley at Hockville. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Thompson and Mrs. Frances Lough of Indianapolis. John HHier, Mrs. Claud flalyen mid daughter and Mrs. George Duell of Georgetown, ill. were callers Monday at the home of the former's mi. i her. Ella Thompson. Itussell Kyger and family vislied Friday evening uith If. II. Youmans-aud family. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Wallhall attend' d a family dinner Sunday ai the home of John Kerns in ftldgc-fnii. III. Cloyd Kyger took Sunday dinner iih Donald and Harold Canaday at Henderson chapel. Mrs. Peggy Adams of Danville, III. was guest Sumljy night of Mrs II. C Cooke. They made a business i.ip 10 Atfit'3. Ind.. Monday. Erema Mae Canaday of Henderson Chapel is Hailing her CoUhill, H;. hr.i Thompson a few days. Fred Hugg and family enieriain- 'il Itun H'lgg and family of near llono and oilier relatives Sunday. II r and Mis. Alii. -a CainJay ol Henderson Chapel were callers at 11. T- Canaday's and Ella Thump- i lu I twelve straight games lust n ijtllt blasting out an II to 1 decision he - kind Hi nine-hit pitching of Mori Cooler. The Cube have not defeated the Cardinal thin season. Cooper. n ood form, coasted to his eighteenth ijcuiry uh irol!ier Walter Cooimr pounding home run and three single in four olfi oai times at bat to driie in three run. Mori drove in to runs witl a fourth-inning single. CHEAT LAKES, III. tthitey Plait drove' In two runt with lliree liiis yesterday as JJ. Cmdr. Gordon, S. "Mickey " Coclirano' i:rea Lakes Bluejackets defeated the Ne- York Giants 5 to I. Virgil Trucks handled tlie uiound duties for the No. J service team of the year and le! the Giants don with three h.ts , while his sbipinates climbed on Jack j Jjrewer for nine Ilours. ; Both dubs scored in the first in-j ning. Leon Trekdnay walked and' went to third wheu Joe Medwiek j doubled va right. The next pitch hit W alter Willies" si.inguards and bounced bolt way to first base. Treadway coxnixg home. That was all tue Giant's scoring. Truck set-! tied down and limited li.e liaitors1 to two scattered singles the rest of( the way. sirUt ng out nine. j NEW YORK. N. y. Coinciden tal brilliance by aar-in jianon the Cardinals and Vernon Stepi.ens at tlie Browns gaie baseball men an , easy formula today for settling tne, annual "most vaiuauie ihajvi wards. They can stop short at shortstop and forget about the rest of the players. Jf is almost axiomatic that players named be members of pennant-winning teams and since an all-St. Jx.uis World Series looms closer with eacn uck oi me cioii, tan be narrowed to players on those two teams. . ,' After that there may be nients in favor of other stars, but In the interest of a realistic ap- proach to the question, it wouia e hard to go beyond the two star short-fielders, who are just as well equipped to win games with their bats as with their gloves and throwing arms. Tne duel between Stephen and jlarion U they rueel In the series and Hieir respective performances saay Jiave ni6c to Ai -wtin the final outcome. ; Both have ben recognized stare at tbe position for several seasons, but each has reached tfip brilliance in the current campaign, spearheading tlie infields defensively and being more than sufficient offerslve- iy. A bat Stephens has been the dominant factor n the Browns' consistency. He leads (he American Lea- All Kinds of tains Kcpaircd .Arlie Jrender Hill'lalp. lud- STAMPS fjr)Cvery Jlurrjose 43-JIour Senlce THE DAILY CLINTOMIAH ODCl LiTTLETHIK AtL SET for n good full day's work when a nagging ic-nJ-sclie sneaks up on you. you sufler Snd so does your work. Ready or n evening ol relaxation nd enjoyment a pesky headache interferes with your fun, pest, enjoyment or relaxation. ' DK M1I.ES Anti-Pain Fills usually relieve not only Jlead-ache, put Biniple Neuralifia, Muscular Faina and Functional Monthly fains. Do you use Dr. Miles Anti-Pain PUU7 1 not why not? Vou can get Dr. Miles Anti fain Fills at your drug itore in the regular package for only a penny apiece and in the economy package even cheaper. Why nut get a package today? Your druggist has thc-r.i. Bead direction and use only as directed. Your money Lack if you are not satulied. : 1 Rome sons Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Jones and j.,,iU).,r I iicill. were ueek end I ft " , guests Ol 31 r. anu jam. infe" - , , .... I OlS at Aiaisnau. i Kev. Anna Smith, Ella Thompson and Klmiua Canaduy ar' atu ading i yearly meeting of Chunh at Plainfield the Friends few dajs. Jwt) ClintoM Men Wounded in Action. Cayugan is filled if Continued fTom pure 1 1 'Army infantry on Sepl. 21. 1S42. Mooney attended I'niiersal Grade School and Clinton High School and was employed at the Ford Motor Co.. Detroit. Mich. Private Mooney received his bas- naming auu was nrui 1.0'ouu !"ve weeks ago. Following further training in r.ngiana ne was iai.ei sent to France. Mrs. MooteyrKgeiu-d the let- . A-f 1 SO YOU OVNE Nk5MT AND Run Wettover ratre Starring Yfznvs I WAVE f JILLIE . TOPR i i DEAR j "fg 1 . WMWSiM1 irll fup periscope, GOOD HEMBt4S!l I : S''' 'iy ':i as aX 1 E m - fmwm : ' A '1 ter from her husband Aug. 15. la the letter, which was dated Aug- ? he KTated he was writing in a fov- - - - .u ' . , K , ........ 1,..0 ...J.t.- ; I , .1M w.r w . service. Pvt. Richard Mooney. I. S. Aimy infantry, now sUitioiied Bome- wh-re in Kugiand. Chief Cook William Francis Brown, gon of Clyde Brown of Cay- tiga, was killed in action aomewheie in the i'aoiic, according to word re-, C4-ved ty h a father. Voung Brown was one of the first boys of Vermillion County to enlisi aftr I'earl Harbor, leaving fJec. 12, IU41 for .an Diego. Calif., where he received his bout training. From there he went to Kliiott, Calif., aud iu the followsUjf July wa fcent to Camp i June. X. C After being a year, lie was sent to Camp IVndleton, Calif., where he remained until January of this year when he was sent out to ea. In May his broker. Marion Ray lro'.VD. seaman irst claims. ioeate! 1 int whHiH he was rest ins on an island somewhere i f,h? 1'acilc and HE FOR. THE CHl-CH TQfslitSHT TOO f yOU VMROTE BUDl TO TAKE CARE .OF ME AtJOlVy TAKINQ CAR3 OF HIM Aa EVENirJS I IT'LL BE I BORROW HELLO, PONE NO aUoJ', rC4 "D 1 i 0. - I I . . . . ... . Ml."'.. '. .. ! IT'S ALL RlcSHT TtLUETE VslU-L VOU LEND HERE JUST CAVE ME TVjENTj TEN-SPOT UNTIL TOMORROW ANOTHER I bucks ra CLtAhi FtOR'- K50TTEM ABOU (ONLX PAV FDR y . : MAC- ' TILUE 1 HELLO, II ITILUE, I WAS. A LI BUD, SOSH i I'VE BEEN SO UPSET y S BUD J BIT UNSTRUN6 ANOM "OUR ABOUT LAST NUGHT I'VE sf ABSENT-MINDED pOCKETJ BE EM DOINS THINcJS ViRQNG LAST NkHHT Tf UNBUTTON 7sJ ALL PAY? - & W jy

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