The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 24, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 6
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' Thursday, August 24, 1911- '''BANNERS IN THE DUST" f Atth Ifovitt I'.VJA' K Ttiorxia. Friday and Isaiuidar The rutrtsed aan of Steel. William Haade. a Uwuie Ihe rongtistiod villiaa of the in Republic" deluxe Roy Roer western drama. "Song of Tenat." a TIM Weefciy 1 Plain tealTsan SMtr CxesigcfjsAuauul I r W - ...aa.raj AlBCrVII 1 CAMOU r MAMISOM rrJCMejr - - Editor ad PnUUhar i 4 sj jt rtafv t cat ,jiI which opent tonight- ! the l'ala , Bias rW ttmiHatU HriU MOiXVWOOD C all bud luck! Tii oast cam oaT Ilia a-oplno' hand and Sk found It ww pattiaiiy atopped IS tinx to give aJwwa tor aoldiera ruling along tl-t road. . . . Today's iroiijr: Marguerita Chas-iriaa gets her first starring rota with l'aul Muni in "Counter Attack' and wears on eostuina ail ths way through th pwture paralvstd X-ry diacfcwr a tendan 1 to the givnui Tlieatre. Uaade aharea the llllan-ou diehomora io the picture with Barton MarLaiue. "The I'pay-DomnKjr" Hollv-wood'r newBt contribution to tlie American dance U featured in (he lteul!ir pttur. "Mv Best ial." i-nat. 'l-hi wiU ; man's atiirt. a akirt. a cartrVJga f! nnsaa another , txu. w vuau famknm PiNiuus Cum. whirh star iane Wither and! wtaitli lipgiu it lieal rr-n!rsj at the I'alare aa the second fa- f ture. 1 & opeaUoo. at , rcend. and mors weeks with thr . hand in oat. i Ida vil wait untd afier the rcmpieUon of I "I'Uar lo fost ' wee Atnuaing that Larainc Caf, who raised auta fuss about officers taking up most of her time on camp tour, abould be playing a generals daughter in M-G-at-' Tbt Woman Army Connie Bennett has another business venture. BUH design a lina I" WABASH VI'ed'M-NdJt) and TliurMUjr Achieving the helglita ."I'd ) dom in motion picture In addition to'o '' an " . . ki,., i t produce under her name. La n anTap-; BenaeU. dental, jr. ltnd staving there. (ak more Honitoa .CarreM pearlng In her - - - p 1 first costume picture . neay anarr Hl lnroDL filbert Rolard laRs " . . viil burst forth in song in Fain Spring but only, it's said, because of fcl sinus ixoubia. Experiment Poritou ." ri e C )' hopes, for her. it wont he Out. mere lu. job can take mc . word of Cuivertal Producer Wal-j ter Wanger for that. i Wanger. during a lull In ih'j filming of "Ijdie Coutaseom ' aj romantic yet fuitome!r human j picture s hicb ten tlie atory of the WAFS Women Auii;tar J Ferrying Kquadron ca'U-d a.t-1 tention to the continued eaii-j aece of the exceedingly loielyi I Besides the satisfaction of break- Mickey Rooney nad a bre-line I jn, recoldg at the Atiantie City for lkeid and war playing goU : gu Fitr B.ui AtobuU and lou a frw hours alt-r his amva! Iw coatcllo now know that Imx can on f urlough. W itk hi slwrt ci .ipped , JUJld mjllxa of personal ap-ha:r. atickirg straight up. he look : runtiK. In fact he gained two Ixiretta young. Mia " .farmed ' Geraldine Fltrgerald are . pounds on tite sue weeas- trip, ana is ail that eastern beat. la " Iadieg Courajteoua." civniair) tonisot at tiie Wabasa Theatre , 10LTH QUITTING HIGH SCH0OI- ' Officials of the Federal Government, worried because etatistics show a decline in high school attendance of more than one million students In the last three years, have invited nil community groups, including teachers, parents, employers, labor organizations, civic leaders, welfare agencies, youth-eervic organizations, and youth itself to Join m a "Go-To-School" Drive. . ''The United States Office of Education reports f steadily increasing number of boys an girls of high school age taking full or art-time war jobs. In 1943, about 2,750,000 boys and girls, 14-17 years, were working ull or part-time. Tbi was three times the number working at the time of rnivrrsal Producer Roy William NeUI the aoas the -Sheriocic HaL:r,es" aene) Tlclim of the eiriet accent of the year. The HOIXTWOOD HI INKS: Ruth Warrick's bedroom damaged by Are after the sun ignited a piasUe IMillUi Tkwraay i gacget on her dressing taolr. foui. brckts of lus car udn i work Co-tirred'. Retry Rhode and Mardonald Carry share Jop billing so he Aued for the emergency j Ann Richards, Signed by K-mi haad brake, twisting tut first him- for two pictures a year and bv Hal h.r ,l n, Wallis for two more, still isn't tk- Paramount 's new sr ur.rai ro mance. "Saiute For Tnw. due !M s- s iJUdlI lit r4 at the Columbia TtBrsday. Fup- y porting them are Wane Kay of UAPFnTfuSETOliT ? GET OVSTOr Wltl Broadway fame. Cliff Edwardf. Lorraine and Rogcan. Dona Drake j and her Girl Band, plus five l it i Now he a be fat or. hi back for i ing chances. She living at the six week and for six weeks after ' Studio Club. Ian Keith author U-ji. wiU have to wear a steel j of a new mystery novel due for hra,-e. early publication. . . . JBetty Hutton If Jackie Coogan gets a hoped- j and Director Mervyn LcRoy back for in re. he 11 be here Sunday. , together at the Trocadero. . . . pjursay Ames will he the BrM girl Juorny Ritz with Carole Winiams le call. . . . Don't be surprised if j at the Bollywood Tropics. ... Jo Director Fritz Lang get a high i Carroll f unison with Phu Silvers jost in the Fniuii film incustryjat the Biltmore Bowl. . . . Holly-after the war. He s aa old friend wood friend helped the Arthur X. of General De Gaulle and was in Elrocs, of Chicago, celebrate their tunes, including "Don t Worry' the censas in 1940, but, by July, 1943, an 1 estimated five million school-age children and I II Do It For You". Mrs. C. E. Jacobs and three children have gone to Westfield, ill , for three weeks. They eipect faking a Backward Glance Caal QaickJy Cool soy hot food quickly, cover U, spend tlie time caaipmg ou. , - - Mrs. A. W. Kane and son. Rob-1 ,nd Put them m the refng W ashington at the same hire as twenueu weoomg aiuuveraary. . . eraior as soon as you can. Never the French omcial. . . . George John Carroll at the Beverly Tropic with Myrca peli who used to go 1 7:30 o'clock. Saturday night. jeft, are the guests of Mr, gianes Raft and Helen Forrest have discovered each other. . . . Letter from Jack Haley tells of meeting Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and John Howard in Italy. During a aO-mile truck ride out of Naples, Haley with George Raft. . . . Mnda Darnell is taking 60 Boy Scouts from her brother's troop on a XO-mile bike. Pev Marley also joined the trek. He aulea that county candidates, township eliairmaa, precinct eoniniiUtnien and conjuiltleewo-nuen and other political worker dining to attend Saturday night, will be welcome. TWJiNTl' 'K.I AWTOIAV . BVMftfUfT M Jurats At Srm V.ln trU- i'Unl CUdVod U renrsented day In the gathering of neiHspauer nien from over lEdiana m the Dress let them stand around the kitchea Keep afl milk and eggs arji dishes made from them clean, cold and covered. Put canned milk in the icebox once you've opened the can. Don't wash eggs before you store mem. If you have a bydrator. put the eggs in that rather than in an open container or cardboard box. had jobs. The trend of students to employment Is 'reflected in a drop in attendance at American high schools. The peak attendance was reached in 1940-41, when 7,250,-000 students were enrolled, but today all gains since 1934 have been wiped out and our high schools are educating only as many students as they did ten years ago. ' Paul V- McNutt, Chairman of the War Manpower Commission, sends a message to the nation's youth, telling them that "the opening of school this fall is your D-Day in the struggle for a better world". '" Miss Katharine F. Lenrott, Chief of the f. B. ichortemeter. candidal I sister, Mrs. i. w. Pierce, bouiu Main street. M;rs Jva Rupp. of Terre Haute, is ti e guest of 'er sister, Mrs. H. I. IVishard. PAGI,f tVSYKBTISa HMJj ISTO HOME With the final week of Angus' ushered in, oflKers of the local Eagles lodge are busy making plans for their fall program, redecorating their hall i South Main Street and arranging for the annual Eagles Frolic, or picnic, as the case may bev whea it U finullv l,cifl(4l futon. for Secretary of ftate, Noble Johnson, candidate for Congress, the district chairman and chairwoman snd other organization er power plan of the C.-utral, ludiana power conjpanjr. "ilar-i on" KothMhild. well known in Oil Arar Metuuam Rumanian oil deposits sre found at a number of places along Ihe eastern and southern slopes of the Carpathians and their Tranrylva-nian Alps extension. Traaa-ContbKatal Clippers Even before Pearl Harbor, the Clippers were carrying tne American Bag to all the continent to 61 countries and colonies over 8,(KK) miles of routes. WMi Industry The wool goods Industry is 200 years old. Indiana political ana "w"' i workeni wih be present. circle, in the chief in muting Mrf hmnie pempeur Is em- t newspaper men of the state rashit, a( llte CUo. U, see tin ""Jll,n hotel, tor few dar. now tht II is fuDcUoniog in 1 Un,ir( . n h... THE Rest of My Um jm You .''I The lodge room is to be com- of the slate. weeks, has returned and resuin 1 , I I J , k-0 , aur-v , " n - the Eagles' president. It is being repainted and papered now and additional work is to be done In I'm not marrying anybody, came tlie prompt reply. order to make the hall Into some A break, remarked watxnew ed bur place at the StaaU-Hayues store. Mrs. In Drake and daughter. Miss KibeJ. from South Main street, are spending the day In Terre Haute. Jjitle Kthel Spurr, who has been spending the summer with a brother at New Goshen, lias returned lo Clinton for a week s visit with her sister, Mrs. C. thing more like a home. I'PKSOiVAJei The Wabash Valley el(ric company of which C. M. Poor of Clinton Is manager. Is one of the chief subsidiary concerns interested in today's meeting. Kepuhlirau To Meet and Plan County chairman E. A. Davis-'! son, of the Vermillion county republican central committee, announces an organization meeting t be held in Ihe first aid ball, over Mccormick's book store, at happily, "for some poor guy. He accelerated and they shot away. Mrs. C. E. Bagan and daugh Children's Bureau, says that school is the best place. to. gfct-bajuc itaimui- orgoad living in the years when the war is over. ' John W. Studebaker, U. S. Commissioner of Education, points out that the country "can do its duty only if its citizens continue to 'know how'". He adds, "the best place to get ready for tomorrow is in high school". 1 Washington Sen. Tom Connally, Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee sees tremendous significance in Dumbarton Oaks parley: "I think the outcome of this conference will mean either that we shall go forward in the establishment of peace machinery or that Well," be said, "that's that. And ter. Miss Helen Ragan of Walnut ss far as I'm concerned, it a deal. "Who?" asked his mother, be Street who spent last weekend in wildered, "what?" Indianapolis flsltlng with Mr. and CHAPTER TWENTV-THBEB The pink stucco house was a nightmare. It looked as if it had own concocted from strawberry ices. It had turrets, patios, and ierraoe. It was huge, ostentation, and comfortable. But the cottage was something else again. A remodeled salt-box. white with green abutters, set in an old-fashioned garden now teeming with spring and color. Against the panes of the windows which would be Matthew's, spple blossoms knocked with their rosy, tiny fist. There were birds And green lawns "The rouse, angel," ne snouieo Mrs. H. B. Pike have returned home. Mrs. Pike returned with back. "Did you think I was talking about Judy and her polo player?" them for a visit. I wouldn't know, dear, ' saio Mse Berry and his J-year-old place is called Villa Capri? It' to-credible!" Lynn said, "I'm glad you're going to be out of town. Especially if we're in for a hot aumroer." "I fretted about leaving Matthew alone. But he assured me be'li be all right." Lynn remarked quietly, 'Someday he has to grow up, Mary." Mary was silent. He knew she was hurt. He added, "I am not fault-finding, or critical. I'm as fond of Matthew as if be were my own son." He was quiet for a mi-ute, thinking of all that implied, feeling his personal tragedy leaden in 'his heart. His son and Mary'. It had not been, it wa not to be, it could never be. "But as be is not my son," be went on, "I can view him with some detachment." She said sturdily. "Matthew's a . very fine person." ' "I don't deny it, my dear. I admire him very much. But . . you and Irene too you haven't permitted him to stand on hi own Mary, resigned. CROSSWORD - - - Py pugetie Sbeffer 'i hen stattnew aeciarea, i won let Judy sacrifice herself to millions. What she needs is a poor man about twenty years her senior who son came up rrom terre nauu: today to spend a few hours. I Mr. sod Mrs. Crl Houser of Chicago sjenl ihe weekend with Matthew observed, looking into will beat ber on alternate jues- we shall miserably fail in one of the great the vast depths of the empty poof "Bov. this will be something!" days." Judith thought: yvnai I neea is Judith stood or. the edge of the Mrs. Houser's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Golden of North street. Mir Margaret Mtformlck of Mulberry tre,'t has accepted a position in Ihe Ferguson Coal Co. office. you, Matthew. I couio sjh, a comu slap you. I could ... I could love you all my me, sne uinugni sorrow-: fully, all my life. pool and regarded him. She wore tweeds, and no hat. Her hand were jammed in her pocket. Her hair was bright In the tpnng sunshine, and her lips were scarlet. he was slender and was t Matthew w Ar.d it would be, barring acci THIRTV VFAlit dents, a long life. he was young enough to think of it a intermin with some amazement) mace I HtHt TCI.r mailer than he bad thought able because without bira it wouw be so empty. because usually, be decided, she 11,-ar; Xi-wwirt Will f.ralf County it. li. Kelt wear hirh heels. What sre you thinking about, feet emotionally. ' Mary protested, "I don t know what you mean. He's always mad his own decisif-ns. He decided h wanted to be a doctor and stuck ta . it. His marriane," she added, ?wa of his own choosing.'' "Naturally," soothed Lynn. "But it so hamiens that you could back ahnmn?" Matthew inquired. That bnucli of r.ewport bail : players are now trying to break , Into Hie limelight by claiming "fibrimp!" he said indignantly. Then she laughed. "f0thirg. 'n8t Summer csme suddenly, snd those who could fled from unreasonably melting asphalt snd sultry, sticky nights. Mary set her town apartment in order, putting away all the dust catchers which look so hot in summer. She installed Venetian blinds, cool chintzes, and Nellie to look after Matthew. He would be 2 m W m.y.'m. 777? vr 111 II 1" f w 1 1-1 II wp I I wondering if yon like it up here." "I ur do. Not that I'll be able to be here half enough . . . Mother bas it all planned." He indicated Starr walking through the garden him up in his every decision, couldn't you ? He's never run counter to you. And why ? Bucause yos naturally assume that everything he doe is right. He's s grand person," said Lynn, "and all he lacks-r' toward them. "I'm to hsve Nellie snd the apartment; she will bring Kat up here. I'll lend her Nellie when there sre gueU, providing I that they are the champions of ' Vermillion county. It is wondered i by a great many people- as lo I where they get the Idea that they I are "champ " In order to make good their word lliey have chall- enged l'ie Universal leam for a i series of lliree games, the firrf to I be pi iyed on the diamond at I'nl-1 versal ne it Sunday, at which lime I they expect lo make ring around the boys from lbs coal mining town. f'-,t-rel Plaiw '.ilior Ihiy folfiKfi The hoy down at Ihe busy can spare her. - And I'll get up whenever I esn. ' - "Good.'' ssid Judith. ' Matthew all but chortled, "So Old Uncle will be available for con all right, she could talk to mm every day, she would come into town occssionally, snd perhsps when bis patients went away for their holidays he would be more free to come to ber. One thing troubled her and she told him so shortly before she moved to Greenwich. "If just that I shall worry because you'll be all alone . . . I I forgot that, in my excitement over the cottage." He patted her shoulder. "I'll be all rtgnt," he assured his mother. Matthew bad been so little alone, she reflected. He moved away from her snd knocked bis pipe sirainst the edge of the mantel. "Don't sultation if you are bee-tung or pram an ankle or nave beau trouble. 1 expect you'll have plenty 8-24 ef that. The Treadway live up her somewhere, don't they?" he est undertakings with which this nation has ever been confronted." Washington Admiral Ernest J. King, Commander-in-Chief of the U. S. Fleet in a mcssa:-e to Army Chief of Staff Gen. George ( ;. J-'ar shall: "The magnitude of the defeat imposed on German arms, .during these past weeks, will be marked and long remembered as a triumph of notable effect oft the hostilities." ' Chicago Carl J. Schoeninger, Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars : "Combat veterans of this war should be included in the delegation which represents the United States at the peace conference." - ' With British Eighth Army, Near Florence, Italy Prime Minister Winston Churchill tells a Canadian Tank Brigade: "I cannot predict an early end to the war, but I could not guarantee against it ending sooner than we have allowed ourselves to hope," Washington Secretary of State Cor-dell Hull opens three power "peace" conference: "The nations of the world should maintain, according to their capacities, sufficient forces available for joint action when necessary to prevent breaches of the peace.". ' 7 Washington : Andrei Gromyko, Russian Ambassador to the United States: "ReBponsibility for future world peace falls to the nations which bear the brunt of the present war and which possess the necessary pOwer to maintain peace and security." ' A union of democratic nations, with limited powers, will eventually organize the people of the worll ffji' Iheir own br-no- asked, firrmning. mining town of Lniversal are l-reparing for a fitting celebration of Labor Day. Hills are being issued telling of the big event. There sill l, ail kinds of amuse- "Do," she aid crossly, "wipe that dise-uftins- smirk off your face, it Isn't at all becoming. Ye, they do about ten mile awav and, if you 68. similar 68. lady of title VERTICAL, 1. food-fish 2. citrus drink 8. tear 4. growing oui 6. serial 6 leave out 44. get up 46. happy 48 variety of lettuce 49. foreigner 64 twilight 65. sport group 66 Great Lake 67. thing, in law ' menfs for the hoy. Ihe men and the women. Contests and games of all kinds will be going on dur- I lug the entire day snd some tempting prizes are being ottered. - The affair I being given as a heneflt of Ihe Loyal Order of "What does he lack?" "I haven't a name for it," parried Lynn, "and please don't be angry with me." - "He isn't perfect, I never said he was perfect," she said hotly. "Of course not." "What is it you think he lacks T" she persisted. "Perhaps," he said quietly, "it Is . . . heart." "Heart!" she repeated indignantly. "He' the best, the kindest " "Soul ?" Lynn interrupted. "Or let us say, he keeps a little iron in his soul? Things have been mads very easy for him, Mary " She asked, "You can say that after what happened to bis marriage ?" "I wasn't thinking of hi marriage." He took one hand from ths wheel and patted her as they lay in her lap. "Let's talk about something else. You know I love Matthew," h added; "you know I love you." "I wish you wouldn't ay " "All right, I won't. But yoa know." Yes. of course, Mary had known for year . . . especially on the night of Irene's death. That night . Bui she had tried to forget her sudden, quite new and rather alarming awareness of Lynn Murtiraer that night which seemed so long ago. Because when she did think of it, she became definitely disturbed. A woman of my age. she toM herself, it's idiotic, it's unsuitable .i. . She said, rousing herself, "W turn here." (To be continued) CK tt ' (t.t itl. kr VmliS Bl1 CMSNSf .. pouawl fc Im twit Sfmmtfc 1st, Answer to vesterdav's puzzle. j Moose, and herds there from j niile round. One of (lie eirltlng t feature will be a one-day baseball bAp rTJv eti Pp a PTrIo lEIV a r i nIgI f. continuous loud nois 8. dialect v calumniation 10. box 11. Brazilian city J6 cease activity 20. discharged obligation 21. trip on water-craft 22. military -assistant 23. discourse 24 blind 27. Roman poet 28 free 80. eagle 81 female ruffs 33 Imitate 38 dash 41. cozy place 43. sharpened 44. the maple 45. wander 48. unit of weight 47. cripple 60 beverage Ci. geological g 62 border 63. observe HORIZONTAL, 1. attention , 6 soft drink ' 0. venomous serpent 12. Norse god 13. Mohammedan prince 14-mineral spring 15 leaving 17. equality of value 18. experiment It. musical drama 21 clcys 24 heavenly body 25. ventilate 26 ripped 28. river in Bohemia 12 mental Image 84. compete 55 forbidding 3. Jump 37 ustlts 56 single unit 40 mind it. unssplrste . worry," he added over bis shoulder, "I'll be busy I hope but not too buiy to come up to the country." So it was all right, snd she would move to the cozy Connecticut salt-box, sit in her garden and have tea on the terrace, and a swim in the pool when she felt she wasn't intruding on Ella's guests, snd Judith would run in snd ouL Mary thought, as Lynn drove her to Greenwich in the green and pearl of s summer evening. I hope it's going to be s good summer. "What sre you thinking about, Mary?" "I was thinking that I hope it will be a good summer." "There's no reason why it won't. You'll ask me for s weekend now snd then." be urged, "when Matthew's able to come? And evenings, torn, times, I may drive up to see you?" "Of course. There is no time hen you won't be welcome." he said gently. "I think you'll like it. My part of it nyv,ay. !)' something slit -., Pi (UJ you tb think this place is Early Hollywood, yoM ought to ee their." Mary waved to them and they walked toward her. "You might do worse," said Matthew. "I'm a practical roan, you know. I rather liked your Jimmy, the little I aw of him." "He Isn't mine." "He could be," rejoined Matthew. "Nothing much above the neck, of course . . . but you bave brain enough (or two." "What' all this?" queried Mary. "Judith look like n impending form." Judith sid, "Matthew's been sd-viting Btt to marry Jimmy Tread-way. "It ' s ound idea," yawned Matthew. He looked at hi waufa and was galvanised into action. "Get going, girls!" be ordered. "1'v an appointment . . . and I'll be late if 1 don't step on it. Hold your bat, here w gol" Mary asked as they got In the car, "Are you taking fci advice, juiir tnurnsmenl In which three crack clnb of the slate are entered There will be mimic and speeches. There is no Labor Day celebration st Clinton, and il Is pretty certain that many from here will go down and celebrate with their neighbors of the hustling new town which has lately sprung from a mining camp. 2 B. Efi a e j s 2 E J, r 6 sr l'ie n E eTsTsle n c t .co v EJS "Tan! vvlAJN 75i ,tif T f -1 0 a teJ ieiM i T LSI 6 AlfiL jSPJDjL fjSlAlD 6 14- MTsreed Pi Avrrsg 0a wt'tl: U Maales. piL by Kisg Features Syndicate, Inc. The age group for ths maximum number ol divorced persons i 35 la years tut women and 50 tr a la .

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