The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 24, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 4
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TliAfMtay, August 21, ' r" 'TUB DAItCJ!IWTONJi rliilimiiues Douty, BiU Jenner, and Dale jPAIACE SXAJRTING THURSDAY .. , V Society Horse Small Fr-Hed PnmnM. ilea lest blow t '" feu'ondux ry r;T around Wasile il,,e, '" f," h" " i medium bo.ul.ers scathed t ' Heavy iu u bombs. EMlo- A small-f !d, bush-type pJ Jun, devWWpwf by U. S. D. A. S breeders, has just been rcleasedj Koauer. Beef winners were Gene Campbell and Dean Hugaes. 4n the'farket lamb .division at the Lamb Club exhibit winners were M'Arthur Airmen JIammer at l)avoa, Strike Ilaimahera Continued from page J) lr ZZli supply dumps and sera S'"""" 'uFfitU01L Gene Smith, Verne Saltsgaver and Dick Martin: ewe lamb, Vern Salts- planting until 1945. b ,.. nana xmlih and Dick Martin: In the Cheater White Gilt class.t aged ewe, DleV Martin, Robert Mar-) tin, Vern Saltsgaver and Gene bmitn. probable destruction u '(.'" ed planes were reported. Stiikc at Triik The Allied air lash also Ml on. other enen.v Island bases In tlu sou ..west Pacific and Jn the ocean areas to the north and northeast. A strike at Tk. in the Carolines, by 7 Army Air Force Liberators was he onlv contested blow. Seven of enemy interceptors there . gave battle but all planes returned. Jn the second year 4-H Club work with poultry, Norman Adams of their relentless search for Jap shipping in the Netherlands East Indies, bagging a cargo ship and three coastal vessels near Celebes Island. Perry8iUe won first and second MONUMENTS 0 A AXMuplcte Line q For Service Drop Vs A t art . W. Waist Monument Co 211 Wabash Ave. ?erre Haute, Indians places aud was also awaraea me ais- tinction of being the winner of the Champion Pullet contest for second GENERAL HEADQUARTERS. SouthweBt Pacific Halmahera. the island of many peninsulas astride i,a .mufnr uriilieg under Allied Plek Martin of Perrysuue won jUrst place; Bar WUcoxen. Perrys-jrUlr. second, and Charles Donald. Cayuga, third. Id three classes of hogs, only one prise , vu rded. bill Jenner of JPerTwsvllle won first in the Berkshire Gilt claaa; lon FolU of Clinton. Duroe Jeraey Gilt; and Bill Junkler of Clinton, spotted Poland China. Leon FolU of Clinton placed flrat la ,Uie "Champion over all breeds" contest, with BiU Jenner xf Perrya-i rills placing second: Dick Martin of, year 4-H boys. Richard Martin oi Davrvaviiin von third: Arthur Brown , , 1 of Cayuga, fourth: Maynard Ham- air attacks that are paralyzing the mand of PerryEviue. mm; anu Lionel Gouty of PerrysvUle. sixth. 0hf 'ask antonITN i Ain't love grand ... a scene from "My ik'st Gal," taarrlng Jane Withers, with Jiuuu- Lydun. J-rank jljravcn and JA(rtunio ' Total Collapse Of Nazi Balkan Empire Nears Continued from pas 1) once powerful Japanese oase ju iui familiar knockout manner. Japanese air resistance over Halmahera has ceased. Airfields and dromes not destroyed by tbe enemy to prevent their use later by Allied forces apparently have been bombed into uselesaness. Destruction of parked planes is reported frequently, indicatiug the enemy cannot get them into the air. IjlsI Major Barrier Supply dumps, bivouac areas, personnel and defense positions are being leveled by the sustained campaign to knock out .the island, last major barrier to a southern ima- Non-Stop Ped Prive PJunges Forw ard fnto Bessarabia (Continued from page I) - IT'S AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS Hm'l Why: New "personal-focusing" tone control adjusts your hearing to dif-, ieient sound conditions as es Jy as b.nocubus. New Zenith banerr-iavei ckcuit xeduces opeiating cost. Equipped with the New Neuual-Color .Earphone and Cord You get Zenith's finest precision quality at about Yt the price of other cjuiuil heating sids. Zenith guarantee sad 5-year service policy. ficial request to Brituin's ambassador to Turkey for Allied terms. Aithnne-h Romania's acceptance of Armistice terms has not yet been .Northwest ot Warsaw Soviet fight officially confirmed y any Auieo snvrnmont there is no doubt that er thrust forward in their new drive to free the Polish capital and '40 10 Wear the puppet regime of former Prem seized positions less than eight ier Marshall Ian Anuonescu has in miles from Lomea, German strong- deed fallen. point near the East Prussian border. Coin la for a Pumonafritroa let your own ears decide. We will not ut$e jou to buy. No elaborate testing. No frequent 'adjustments." You'll quickly "hear'' why you need p7 no sure than 40 for quality hearing aid. -complete with radionic lubei, wytlal miaophorv., Neutral-Color afphor apnt. Cord, batteries. One tnodcl, no "6toyt" . . , Oot price . . . Orw qug. Hy, .Unitti's flnatl. Germans Denounce "Traitors" This attack liberated over 0 towns and villages. ' f- ATTENTION CIIU.S 1 1 Pave You Heard About Pouise's Sweater Club? Read About It On Page 5, ThLf Jssue. Thee German rad ftoday denounced what it called .the email clique rj trs-itnra who have put aside' Mar Acctttd by A merit mm Medical Association RepeaU-d German counter-attacks , i shall Antonescu and appealed fp the against ,li Russian elements in the Centenary Mrs. John Stella and daughter of Lock port, have returned home after visiting relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hush of Wb-crtyville, and John I'hrin of Cleveland, O. were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Run-yan. John Uhrlu of Cleveland, Ohio is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Steve Vhrin and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. William Miethe have received word their son Robert has arrived somewhere in Fiance. Me was formerly stationed in England. Domenie Bugni of Jndianapolts spent the weekend with bis parents. Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guy iacoU and famil, were Mr. and -Mrs. John Sharp and fmaily of Terre .Haute aid Mr. and Mrs. Uus (Clark of Indianapolis. Mrs. Robert Fox and daughter of South Bend are visiting her parents. Mr. aud Mi'B. Wilson Wells aud family. Miss Albenia and Virginia Zam-berletti of Terre Haute spent the weekend with their parents. Richard Wright of South Bend visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Qtha Wright and family recently. Mrs. Max Holbert and son Ronald Eugene have returned home after visiting a few days in Rock-ville. Nicky Dan Latinovicb has gone to Chicago where he will receive his boot training iu the JJ. S. Navy people) to obey only yie oraers or a Warsaw suburb Fraga were hurl rV ,1,a.lhMf U lllU! , It- ! W ed .back as they have been for many new pwtpet "Romanian National Cov-ornmomi " The new government, ac days, &tA Gjerpian losses in the ac perrysville, third : and mu uunKtey ct Clinton, fourth. . Only two prizes were awarded to those who entered sows for exhibit. BiU enner again won first prize and James Smith of Perrysville won second. -on FolU took first place with oajft his prize dacks and Carl Walter of Clinton placed second. In the jnnneVuck contest, Robert Martin erf Perry rille toolf first and Richard Martial, also of Perrysville, placed second. Carl Walter of ClEnton was award-Co Itrat Prtie for exhibiting the fin-, eat drake with Leon FolU winning second prise. Robert Martin and Slcnard Martin warn llrat and second prizes respectively In the youns: dralscss- Blue ribbons weYe placed on three yens of rabbits belonging to Frieda Earles of Hillsdale. Miss partes took first prize to the senior i do elaas, Jirst prize Iff the senior ' back elaas and first place in Ahe Junior tuck class. Carl Walter of , , Clinton won second and third rlzes. os'ois senior does, second prize on' his senior buck, and second prize on his Junior buck. Donald Haas of Sana placed first in the junior doei 'class and Delbert Graaaick of Dana, ' second. 1 " Robert Richardson of C Hilton was awarded first prize OB his poultry, James Taylor of Dana, second; Mat-coin Sturm of fit. Bernlce. third and fifth: Robert Myers of Clinton, fourth; and Fred Dickerson of Cayuga,- sixth. AU fire of those boys were in the first year of -H Club work: f Robert Richardson won first place for his exhibit In the Champion Pullet Class for the first year 4-H toys. All winners in the livestock - exhibits were from the Perrysville -H group, it was announced. The cob-teats included 4-H dairy club, beet ejub -and Jamb club. f Winners in the Guernsey cattle division of the dairy club were Bill Jnper,' . Lionel Doutjr and Dale Issuer. Guernsey heifer: Lionel cording to the Nazis, was formed to tion were descnuea aa Heavy; continue fighting against Russian Bolshevism. The Daily Express reported H nao. recorded" 'a Germsa milltaryi broadcast saying that the Romanian Third Army had already turned .'aroand and was fighting alongside the Other Germand counter-attacks were" repelled by Russian forces In Latvia. J'hei Gafman radio reported that lri?itf trmit'.B had reached the beaches of Riga. There was no Russian confirmation of the Nazi broadcast, whicb, if true, would mean that Nazi troops in the Baltic states were even more hopelessly isolated from the Reich than they were. f SHOP AT UNITED HOME GROCERS fT) j FOR BETTER BUYS! j 1, lr In.l rwfonfi (One-third of Germany's oil sup plies came from the ricn iieias oi Romania. Tiut this flow has Deen re-jnMj m .a mmnarative trickle by repeated Allied bombing attacks on the Ploesti oU fields.) ICv-BelUgerient Status French forces In Streets of Toulon, Capture Imminent Continued from page J) Indications were uiai -wmaui would be a co-belligerent, like Italy, rather than a full aUy. and that her main offensive intentions were a-gainst Hun gary In the hope of recovering Transylvania. Th, armv. of Rulearia was report ed to have started a slow withdraw al from territory which had been seized from Yugoslavia whUe Bul-.... rii 1-pnrpatenta.tivea were said to Trade as li,i Azm hit rraj mxiraiuc of laisAli quality, fair writes, and couiteuus lirnt 11. II . ftna ,i mammj " . bhic w j,' - ' " .. . im j tt ... - be engaged in final negotiations tn limue otMrx nuarketa. - - v.' the capital pf Turkey to arrange a j peace. yermitJion County ConipIeiesPJans FnAf ilk weed Prive Plans for the milkweed pod collection campaign to be held in this county have been completed, M. J. Petesson, County Agricultural Agent and Forest Mack,,AA., chairman., who ViU act as loaders of the drive, announced' today- Schoor officials and other county groupB will aid in sponsoring the drive. Those Interested in picking milk-week pods should contact the county leaders for detailed information. Empty bags will be distributed through their office and at the schools. Small payment will be paid to'JLhc life's ers for each bag of milkweed pod they turn in. picking should not begin until some of the seeds in the pods have CoffCC tioJsip.xb: 2Qi Revolution Near in Hungary From Zurich came accounts that many army garrisons in Hungary ha mutinied and that a military re -J ' POISON IVY M HOW TO WU- IT jKiU she outer akin. It peels off and with it goes the ivy infection. Get a jHtlle Te-ol solution at any drug store. JCaeauue with soap and w ater. Apply fall strength. It's POWER Wl Often one application is enough. Today at UUiis ' Phannary, American armored spearheads iiad slashed 6 miles beyond Grenoble to approach Annecy making a penetration of J95 miles from the Mediterranean shore, whUe other yankJTor-ces drove on l.ytjn whereir estimated 35,009 Freock patriots had aU but surrounded the city.) A Joint franco-American sweep to the western shores of the Etand de Berre, a large landlocked body of water west of Marseilles, sealed the fate of that great port. Only eight days after the landings in France the inspired poilus battered their way into the heart of Marseille against slight Nazi resistance and last night were cleaning out pockets of last-ditch defenders. i.::::;::eg!0VA!::::i 558 Pi. fAghth St. fu .St Pt farmers fride Evaporated volution was regarded as a certainty.. The Hungarian cabinet was said Tall Cans 2 9C 15 5 PIL((3 to Je meeting in emergency session. Stockholm reports said meanwhile that the secretary of the Finish foreign minister had arrived in the Swedish capital to confer with the Soviet envoy, Madame Kolltantay, on new peace terms. Farmers Pride IVAII SVETKOFF J20J ortb 7th Street OATS 12c 'ra hava- hfid a csradozical vaff fa AariraaHirto. laArninr mrr racism I- ORANGE JUICE Dauntless 23 The unexpectedly easy capture of the great port insures the 7th Army of MaJ. Gen. Alexander M. Patch un adequate flow of supplies and reinforcements for Bpeedy continuation of their thrust toward northern France. Prior to the city's fall, other French troops had cut the last escape route for the German garrison along the coast to the west. Matching the French victory in its spectacular quality was the dash of American forces into the bigjntlus-trfal city of ferenoble a recklgss drive, that threatened to bisect France' and trup every German soldier in the southern and western parts of the country. KjCafcn IfcJi - -'ssss f ; 1 Doctors My yoar Urhsm eonuis IS nOaa Hqr tutaa or fiilMB wines hoto to purify tba f aod awp voa baalthv. Wbta tby fat Straw us aWt work rigbt in (ha dayusna, f Isiaavpaoplatialwtafat up Bifhta. Frwqaaat , jar amust? ywaaai vitn amartioa ano btrrniiic trTMiimf abowa lharo M soroKliiral wrong ta jroor kidDe-s or bladder. Don't Derieat $h9 aoadisoa and loaa vaiuabla. raadoi awap. Wbaa diaordar at kidoay (unetioo permit " tpniatwinsal aiattar to remain ia vour blood, it t Sear aaw aama nasfina backaone, rheumatia " rtr, leg paina. loal ef pep and anerrr, awyiios. pitff aaai andar taa ayaa. hrariaohar. . . piai ditsineak r I wait! Aak roar dnicidat for Doaa'a : i S.iMedaneefaafuUr by BiiUiooaior orar 40 ' ' - tan Tbr siva happy relief and wiO help 5 ha IS aailaa of kidney tuhea fluah out poia'jn. ; mb traau Uoa yow Uood. Gat Doan fuk. PORK & BEANS Pauatless can 2 tnvoived. Toe campaign oi Alexander the Great served to propagate Creest culture over the whole of the fr-iamt world, and the Roman conquests of ah Germanic tribe per-znitted them cultural development whicb 'benefited medicuie. . , aa Cost the 8am ' Ton pay about 60 cent a pound (or a high-priced automobile, 20 cent a pound for a low-priced one. What do you pay for a pound of teak f ' ,. r, , CRISdO 1 U. 24c 3u..68c Dauntless FLY SPRAY ' 23c E-Z PAKE 25"u-!S1.2'9 " MMMM MM; i We are in the Market for turned brown. They are not 10 oe picked too green as the floss from green pods lack the desired buoyancy and is worthless for making life belts, the county agent explained. As soon as the pods are picked, they should be placed in the mesh bags which will be furnished by the county agent. The bags should then be hung on a fence or rail, so that they do not touch the ground unUI they are thoroughly dry. it will take Irouj two to four weeks for them to dry,' depending upon weather conditions, Mr. Peterson said. When the bags are thoroughly dry, they will be brought to the school or some designated point in the county and assembled for str-, age. They will be kept in storage, until transportation can be arranged for moving them to Petoskey, Mich.,1 for processing. The co operation of everyone in the county is needed to make this drive successful, Mr. Peterson said, as he explained that the amount of milkweed pod collected would account fo rthe number of lives saved by life belts in the coming year. H Hydrogen Atom ' " The atom of hydrogen is the simplest of all the 92 elements which form all the matter known to scientists today. It consists of a proton, charged with positive electricity, and an electron whose negative charge is equal to the proton's positive charge but whose "weight" or mass ia 1,600 times smaller than the proton's mass. Other atoms are more complicated but they follow the same pattern; there is a nucleus, a tightly constructed center composed of protons and neutrons, which have no electrical charge and around this nucleus are electrons. iSIL VE3E1 OE3E3E) FARMERS PRIDE STARCH 3 23 Banana Country Bananas are little Jamaica's big crop. This Caribbean island is one of the most important banana producing countries. In the late 1930's, Jamaica's yield reached well above 25 million stems a year, averaging about 65 pounds to the stem. This was before the blight, carried into the island by a freak hurricane, reduced the crop. The United States, normally the biggest banana importer, takes only a small portion of Jamaica's crop. The bulk goes to Great Britain and Canada. LUK"AP-XTO'TSOAp 3 for 22c 2 q.s. 25c ii ii DUZ Lge.3ox25c GOLD DUST Lge.Box23c AISLES OKANGES I VICTOR PALONCY Pike & Lincoln Street 13 jiie government is trying to increase the production of clover seeds, this season, by a system of payments, ' generally based upon sales to commercial handlers, as ; follows: ; ' 1. We will pay you the ceiling price of 30c a pound, for Red Clover and Mammoth, for clean seed of good quality. We will clean, free, the seed we buy. for seed that you take home to sow, we charge the , usual 15c a bu. cleaning. , 2. You can take our serial numbered Purchase Memorandum, which we have in duplicate, showing the amount of seed sold to us, and turn it jn to the A. A- A- office where you are eligible to receive 3Vc a pound government bonus. . . You are also eligible to receive the bonus on seed that you take home, provided that you send sample to Seed Inspection, Springfield, Illinois, and receive a satisfactory weed-free test, then tag it accordingly. 3. You are eligible to receive $3.50 per acre for harvesting the number of acres, you cut for clover seed production, and that will be handled at the A. A. A. office. We have cotton bags to sell at 40c each, or will loan them to you it you sell us the seed. J'E ACHES EAES i FFMnve i m GRAPES MEUiONS FRIST FUNERAL MOVUs PAY OR. NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONB.IO.5 SECONDINO BROS, m A, F Beloved Marionettes mm I universal, na. j BEAL'S MARKET 328 N. Ninth St. TOMATOES CEEEKV HEAD EETTLTE CABBAGE Drink More CLINTON PL'BE MILK On the island of Sicily the movies never have won the natives away from their beloved marionettes. In Palermo the Teatrino dei Piccoli (Little Theater for Little Folk) has presented puppet drama handed down from father to son through centuries. "Charlemagne and the Twelve Paladins" has been known to run serially for an entire year in the Sicilian metropolis. In Naples, Milan and other Italian cities serials have run for months, with audiences applauding each sword thrust and hissing the villain. o Edcai? County Seed Co. M. . MO.VEV, owner Paris, 111. 3 XtO W. Washington St. Phone 131 j, j, aaaaAAd) AAAAAaAAAAaAaaAa. fff f Tf TT ?f?f????ff?fffffff ff H I . ........... -J

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