The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 4, 1968 · Page 10
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 10

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1968
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Nixon Proposes I rip lo baigon Outright Win Says Wallace 10 Palm Beach Post, Monday, Nov. 4, 1968 Humphrey Rules Out Vote Swap Announcing . . . the Flame Steakhouse two newsmen on the campaign airplane and unsolicited told them that Johnson had assured Nixon that Saigon had agreed to participate in the talks. Finch said he thought the Saigon refusal to talk showed the bombing halt "was hastily contrived" by Johnson to give a last-minute assist to the Democratic ticket. "The three presidential candidates cannot be held responsible for what their campaign aides say in the last 48 hours before the election," Nixon said. "We may not agree with what our aides said but there is no question they will answer questions when they are put to them by the press at this point," he said. Nixon said his aides were merely reacting to statements from Humphrey supporters. NORTH PALM BEACH GRAND OPEM JVG 8TH-9TH- 10TH NOVEMBER FLORIDA'S FINEST RESTAURANT AND STEAKHOUSE WASHINGTON (UPI) Vies president Hubert H. Humphrey all but ruled out Sunday releasing any of his electoral votes to prevent a possible deadlocked presiden-tialTdce from being thrown intathe House. The prospect would come about if neither Humphrey, his Republican rival Richard M. Nixon and third party candidate George C. Wallace could obtain the 270 electoral votes required to win in Tuesday's election. The Democratic presidential candidate, in stronger terms than Ije has used before, said the Constitution practically bars him from giving his electors to another candidate in the .event none receives a majority of the popular vote. "When you take an oath to uphold the Constitution, you mean it," he said in a broadcast interview; noting that the Constitution provides for the House to select the President if the Electoral College cannot agree. Humphrey has consistently refused suggestions by Nixon that they work out an arrangement that would guarantee the candidate with the most votes the other's electoral support should Wallace's candidacy creat a deadlock. In reference to Nixon's "law FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 844-3445 U. S. HYW. 1 NORTH PALM BEACH and order" campaign theme, Humphrey said "one of the first matters of law and order Is to respect the Constitution" and he said a candidate who runs on such a pledge "ought to adhere to it." The vice president, however, predicted that he would get a plurality In Tuesday's balloting. "I don't think there's any doubt about it," he said. Later in the program, however, Humphrey spoke less optimistically about his chances. He said he had a "great momentum" going for him, but that no one could tell what the result would be until Tuesday. Humphrey appeared Jointly in the interview with his running mate, Sen. Edmund S. Muskle, before leaving for an afternoon rally in Houston and a last ditch search for votes in California Monday. "We have no regrets," Humphrey said of the campaign. "What we've done we've done because we believed what we were saying. Win, lose or draw ... we think we've done the best we could and said what was in our hearts." Cong representatives. He said the United States has "every right to expect that the government of South Vietnam will recognize the sacrifices we've made and that these talks will proceed." Humphrey observed that the United States "paid a heavy price in men and material" over the last four years to defend South Vietnam. Loco-Motive JHANSI, India (AP) - A freight train arrived here one morning with half of Its wagons missing due to wrong coupling. The government has ordered an inquiry. LOS ANGELES (AP) Richard M. Nixon offered Sunday to travel to Saigon or Paris before Inauguration day to move the Vietnam peace talks off dead center If he Is elected president Tuesday and If President Johnson asks him to make the trip.' "I stand with the President in his efforts to get the Paris talks off dead center," the Republican presidential candidate said. "I want to make it very clear that if I am elected President I will be willing to cooperate with the President in any way that he and the Secretary of the State would deem helpful," Nixon said. "If he would, for example, considered it helpful for me to go to Paris or go to Saigon in order to get negotiations off dead center I would be glad to go-" He said he didn't suggest the trip "as a grandstand stunt," and added "I don't know that it would be helpful." But he suggested that "President Johnson and president-elect Nixon could knock out the idea that Hanoi is going to gain from the negotiating table what they cannot gain from the battlefield." Nixon said, "I think we ought to go ahead with the Paris talks," now hit by the Saigon government's reluctance to send a delegation to the bargaining table. Johnson, he said, would not have ordered a bombardment halt of North Vietnam "If he expected the backlash from Saigon." He said "the impression I had" from telephone conversation with the President was that South Vietnam "was willing to sit at the conference table. I think President Johnson thoroughly expected the Saigon government would attend." Nixon said he did not agree with the assessment of a key aide, California Lt. Gov. Robert H. Finch, that the bombing halt was politically motivated to help Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, the Democratic presidential nominee, to win the election. He completely disagrees with my appraisal," said Nixon, who backs the bombing halt. Saturday, Finch approached WHAT'S ALL THIS (0) ABOUT EXPERIENCE U ATLANTA (UPI) George Wallace said Sunday that if there is an electoral deadlock he will throw his support only to a candidate who vows to carry out the promises the third party candidate has made. In a television interview Wallace said questions about the possibility that none of the three candidates woud get an electoral majority were "hypothetical" because he expected to win outright. But when pressed for what he would do in case no candidate gets the required 270 electoral votes, Wallace said "whoever becomes the president is going to have to promise the American people what we have promised them if It is not me." Wallace said the promises he would exact would be a return to local government, "stop taxing the little man to death," a crackdown on "anarchy" in the streets, cutting off foreign aid to countries that do not aid the United States In Vietnam, stopping efforts to supply the Viet Cong by American citizens, and the establishment of the strongest military capabilities In the world. Wallace said that If he does not win the election, "whoever is elected will be a better president because he will have to recognize there are more viewpoints to be represented." Wallace predicted he would have no trouble getting programs through Congress as president because "a majority of the members of Congress feel like we do." He remarked that Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who appeared on the program before Wallace, "Is out of the race if you want to know the truth about it." In reference to a statement by Democratic vice presidential candidate Edmund Muskie that it would take a "miracle" for Wallace to win, the former Alabama governor said "it's going to take a miracle for them to win. They're the long shot." Wallace's running mate, retired Gen. Curtis LeMay, was also on the program and said he was "pessimistic" about the prospects of the Vietnam bombing halt leading to peace. "The port of Haiphong is operating at full capacity," he said. "Everything has been repaired that was destroyed when we were bombing there." LeMay said he felt North Vietnam was getting ready for Increased military operations. The bombing halt, he said "looks like another stalling ling tactic to allow them to recover from operations in the south." REID u V I REP. X Pol. Adv. TAX ASSESSOR mm mm A GOOD JUDGE can't run for office as a "politician"! A GOOD JUDGE doesn't render decisions based on party affiliation or political views. A GOOD JUDGE makes decisions by applying the LAW to the FACTS in each case. Therefore, when a Judge seeks re-election (as does Judge Banzai Currie) a for comparison of his EXPERIENCE and legal knowledge to that of his opponent would be in order. Judge Currie tried cases in aj courts before he went on the bench. He was elected City Judge of West Palm Beach for three years. In over 17 years on the bench he has heard more than 50,000 cases in the SMALl CLAIMS-Magistrate COURT as the senior presiding judge (there are 5 judges) The local Bar voted him "well-qualified" 175 to 13. He employed and trained the courteous and efficient clerks in the Civil Division. Judge Curries OPPONENT has never tried a civil case in any court; his entire three year legal career has been spent as an assistant to the county solicitor. This is EXPERIENCE vs. INEXPERIENCE! On November 5th, please remember Judge Currie's experience and vote for him. You will have cast your vote for one of the most respected men in Florida legal circles; and a judge whose 17 years EXPERIENCE gives him an understanding of your problems. Sound logical? tm OSES? 0 JVoT J J VOTU FOR ROBERT C. You'll Love BIG MAC Call 585-1717 For Transportation to Polls ou ill Ton n ! Riviera Beach Lake Worth Okeechobee Blvd. COUNTY COMMISSIONER JUDGE "BANZAI" CURRIE REPUBLICAN W. Pol. ad oulh. Camp. Tron hk fa tkm fefaWt arch McDonald's mm (Mm mmm (MM Personal and burglar n ELECT Vlt'' Hit SiNTArtVI T JQEBhHliinPHREV GOP mm STATE SENATOR District 34 . Pd. Pol. Adv. nn nnnn AY ON THE DEMOCRAT LINE LEVER 20-B Pd fal dv byComp Tr. M LJ'; cf!49 jf i f "ir- M Ideal protection for men and women against attackers and intruders. Feel secure anytime and any place. When in need of help, push the button or pull the cord. Set off an ear-piercing siren " that can be heard for an be heard for 1 la w ftT" " blocks : f , . . only you can it. Operates on I batteries ... 1.. stop flashlight ght not included, If you are going to vote for Richard Nixon support him with every boost you can. Don't weaken his position as President by voting for a Democrat Congressman. We must have a conservative hard-working Republican Congress and if it is to be effective there must be a large r 7 it- Sif FOR DAY AND NIGHT PROTECTION liOi majority of Republicans . f ) I i ir) it's as simple as that. So do your part to end the mess in Washington . . . Elect BOB RUST Congressman, 9th District feme ll V r Can be used on doors Attaches to windows A vote for Rotjr h t voto for H. H. H. Fits into purse, pocket Is an ideal auto alarm id YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MOII AT Paid for by Kutt for Congroi Committn, P. O. So 1983, Wl Plm W, Hon. Jonn t. Thonui, Owlrnun Vi i & l inniniiiifii iilii"''" nrff inn iHf iiiinwnmr-i-ti mum i mTiiiiliar-nwiniiiiiMMliii,iiinliiiiMr Palm leech Moll Palm CmiI Plan lantiM She (tr. Cltmstll SI.

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