The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 24, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 3
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fage Thmc jfHE DAtLY CUXTQSIAV tliursrfSajr. Angus ti, 1S4L 1m. John Park and family Hewpcrt Social News of Past Yeek; Home c Club Enjoys Picnic Supper Mrs. Foster Fratvor and tatiiily Sun- day evening. Their naagbwr tilorja and Mareia retumod home itii j thtiir pareuls alter spending several da?a visiting Joaiui Branir and at-! tending the KocKville Fair. Mrs. Mux Ha-raey is osited her i pa.nent.s. Mr. and Mrs. tl-TOer Iar. 1 alVr wj!icut s'Hral T'eekp wilh her hnsbctrd m Norman, Okla. LOVELY-AtUHtrMC tCWSf Nriiifni! rXxkmrcnrV w: K-nf liurilr.l-!T.tipuiiat.iJol 4 iT fjohijion. curitaeR. etiBinwo aim rrvsaL. im lAurm-kunJ Kit naday. An mr 6apMH3. iiut or f& lUcmtste. CiUm J'luii'iitiirr and All iritj; Htoft l six. - y Joe Marsh utar xneeting date fails cifKn LalKr Day. St sir deeidid to postpone the antH the folVosing night. Twesday. Sept. . Due to the rain, the memtiers of the rty srbrx frorfi nidar 'School Class of the Methodist Church held a party in the church law Wdn'S-day instead of a weifwir roast tha.t they had filatiivtid. ' Those present were: Beverly Arrs-sreTth.' ftfl.rtnt.ra HofQitswortii. fvrt. McMasters. Bo ' Woore. toH Hoi-Hngsvertb. Kennt.h Wigcins. tiVrin ' AB Aslmry. Martha. Frrnk n.nci Bradley Wtefcs and tie to hjr-sors. Rev. t. Watum and the teacher. Mrs. Kennet h Ly Lonfc. f)alley OixijmJ Miasms Orivaa and TJIIU- Hu-.toid spent the weekead ia Ctiicaso visiting Miss Ida Kundbere. Mr. "-atld Mrs. Rollj.nd Bough tor. of Indiaaaiwlis eailfd on' Mr. and loweid by ,praver. Attor the secretary Jiad read the auinut-os -of the lust menting, Mrs. Craoe flare gave' the history rf Hie sonp f tlie month, ""tw tiw luy Js Jve,r." The lesson "ReelaitniBK Our Ki'ardrolie," Was ciin by Mrs. Joe Pott and the Hume prayfir was sune if) unison. The poem. 'Home" was r;ad ty Mr.' Alytirs and Mrs. V. N. Anbury hau charge f the rocreatioa which wan a contest. sRev!B guests. Jlev. and Mrs. Mor-ford. tlie new- KrimdF jivmiHWre. Mrs. Ofiai, Mrs.' B. if. NiMiu. Miss Virginia De Ftatrty. William WrHermtiod an little Trri ttoun-shell attended the firaiie. ' Members present were Mrs. Potts. Mrs. Myers. Mrs. ora Harger. Mrs. C. . Beebee. Mrs. Ellea Johnson, Different Will be Post-wer Homes? v lt's the little t hilars siaya Dan. 'Like a aell-nora chair Ixsote the are and a good bosk and a frMwily gtaws of beer after a hard day's work. Utile thing, that are a part of living." From where I sit, ran's absolutely right. And I think the rnpii -ho dream of home frofn overseas asTnee tliat it's the small, familiar pleasures, that acd vp to Lome. ATTCMTION Have You Heard About Louise's Sweater Gab? Read About It On Page 5, Jim Issue. LQVm, Inc. ( 3 from ere Matt Door!-, our local carvten-ler. lias been Khoirinf! us arcbi-tex's clratR-inps rg the kind of post-war toases that we're go-in?to Hre in. Some of them took like squared-off cjomirioes: some are streamlined like they were froing to f!v. And they're all fille ith fancy t!ung6 like air-cxjoiii'Uomng and what-not "Sure diane oar home life! Matt says isiporijuitiy. Shuc3c?," says Dan Mason, "it isn't the shape of a house, or the gadgets in it, ttat make up your hoaie life." "W"hat is it then?" sayr MaM. Ao. 91 uf o Series Copy MSFCErJlV How i Members -ttf tlic Xewiiort Htnsf JEoonomicB Club held tiitmic suipr At .tibe 1kiw jf Mrs. William WiUw-anood Friday eveninr;. Mrs. "Moniiuor (Lewis and Mrs. Faul Carmaek acUd as the assifruint boHte.ssos. Mrs. William Myors. .prtmiduut .had oharge flf the i.ofiinsf .meminp hi'fh was tipeiKid 4v the flKg salute, Jioll carl was rosiKmaod with 'Ne Yep-etabkis or Flou irs I tires." Mrs. Wiltrmood read the sixth chajiter rf tie dohs arMcl sua f-ol-i Drive In lor CURB SERVICE Friday thru Sunday SAADYViCHJiS itj;lcjj jwls m ICE CBEAM COFFEE SOIT JDK1NKS SPEED-GRILL - DRIVE. - If MUM 4E KlOCfl S , W ft. CAKE 51.40 CLOCK IKJMTS Iaare4l Frea fMilr TOMATOES f f 0 'acii "aa FIjOIB 25 Crape PrrTi'f Ko FI. ! COEX FLAKES 18 Big Otaal II. I I IP POTATOES I ' : v WHITE COBBLEKS There's no shortage of low prices at C, ,Co!uniiu Co-Oi Stores. They're Jhere tbere i- everywhere in our market . . . oa every disijfay of fine quality foods . . . giving eye-opening proof of the economy you enjoy when you buy ail your food needs here. We've full and plenty for your table hundreds of appe-tempting foods that require not a single ration point. And if you're looking for low prices as well as quality and variety, we have lh?iii, hy the hundreds, too, because every price Is a Jow price every day! 4 . ; . ' CAiyiPznu'S tomato juice . c,.ioc Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Eggtostoe Terre Haute apeatt Sunday evening with Mr. Eggleaton a parents, Mr. and Mrs, E.' . fegieatoT tnf Kew-port. " ' '" ' ' ' "' " 1 Miss Am JBott reortied ta ber home ts Trof, . Wednesday a'ter spending several weeks with Mr. and Mia Herhen aw?r " Kew- . f " ' "j Bart Thomas, aos aff Hit JCinai Aikmsa riwma mt Cirieago. arrfred In Xewpwi frkiay evening to spend week hen S-Mh friends aad relatives. - ' " . .- Mies Mart Jane who is working - Bear Turkey ftua ' ts pexding a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. (Geairge Fear-! man. ' ' ' ' C. X. HSR-glns and Mrs. Fancy Wootea T DanvWle, .. aad Mrs. I Edna Hiakle of Cayuga spent Sua-cay aftemooa with Mr. and Mrs.! Jack Wise Newport. j Lieutenant and Mrs. Caylord F.: Farrett and ay of at dbourne. Fla.. are spending this week with LA . Par-rett's aareaxs. Mr. aad! Mrs. W- G. Farrext of KewaorC i. !. Joaes. Joe Pats, Oscar Kersey And Asnos Maier. ail of Newport atteaded a base bett came ia ladi-aeaaoHs Svoday. ' Mrs. W. 0. Craft of MoBteiuaaa. Ind., spent Wednesday aad Thursday last week with ber daughter. Mrs. Rosooe Foos aad 'aaaSy.- Mr. and Mrs. Roncoe Foos and daaghwr. Peggy Ana. were the dinner guests of Mr. aad Mrs. Charles Biaekbare of Montenuaa. Sunday. , Mrs Ethel Baadall of CUntoa spent front Satarday until Tuesday I with Mrs. Fera HaSiiagswort: and daughter, Barbara. Mrs. Beulah Chipps of Newport refturned to her fconae here after spending a week wth her aunt. Mrs. Betty Wade of Cayuga. Mr. and Mra. Charles Burroughs : were the aUaner guests of Mrs. Bur-j rough's mother. Mrs. Khoda Adams. ,i Monday evening. Mr. and Mra. Howard Krwia at-3 tended the funeral of Mr. Erwia's aunt. Mrs. Grace Coaley at Cayuga J Sunday. i Mrs. Maaina Russell and children. 1 Larry and Norma Sue. spent the weekend with Mr. aad Mrs. Samj Stewart and faaaUy of Newport. Mr. aad Mra. Sasa Stewart and tamily aaa airs- jtaxsne w chUdrea were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Dora etewart. Mr. aad Mm. H. A- Foacanaoa snd family of Vinceanes. Ind.. spent Tue sday with Mr. and Mra. Wdliam Far-retl of Newport. Laurol Fearaaam of Taha. Okia is speadiBg a few days with Mr. aad Mrs. George Pearmaa and ramuy. Mrs. Cleota McGtH apeat the eekead with Mr. aad Mrs. Owea Faa of I'erryiTiltr Barbara Daniels of Cayuga spent Monday Bight with Patty aad Betty Moore. " Darleaa Prof fit of Detroit. Mich. is visiting her graadparrats. Mr. aad Mrs. Verner Dwiggias. Russell Cox of Chicago tt spending this week ha Newport visiting frieade. Mr. aad Mrs. John Reid aad son. Boaaid.f of Herringtoa. Kaa . speai part of this week with Mr. and Mrs. Doagjaa Beid of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mack of Newport moved from their home in this city to Indianapolis last week. Mr. Mack to employed ia that city. Mr. aad Mra. Orrille Adama of Newport were the Snaday dinner guests of Mr. aad Mrs. Ralph Adams and family. - Mra. Lawreace Wright of Flint. Mich.. Is visiting ber mother, Mrs. Laura Purh of Newport. Mary T. Bart as of Rossvjlte. III., is spending this week wHh Mrs. Mary Brooks of Newport. Miss Darlene Proffitt spent Monday snd Tuesday with Mis Beverly Arrasmith of Newport. Mis D. Grace Rheuby of Newport spent the weekend triih relatives in Georgetown, lit. Mrs. Edith GosneH. Guy Gosnell. Mrs. Gosnell snd son. Curtis, of Cayuga, spent Bunday In Borkville where they attended tbe Gosnell re-nnion. Mr. Nina Aikman Thomas returned to her home In Chicago after spending tbe week with friends in Clinton and Newport. Miss Doris Baird returned to her home in Newport sfter spending several months -with her sister in Chicago. Mr. H. Milton Crooks and small daughter, Frances Carol, returned home Monday after spending a week at Lake Shaffer at Montlcelio. Mrs- Lula Loekrtdge of Dana, Ind.. is spending this week with her sister. Mrs. Joe Potts of Newport-Tentative plans for a street fair and carnival la Newport sometime in September were laid this week at tbe regular meeting of tbe Lions Club. No dates were set but a com mittee composed of John While, sec retary; Jack Flattery and C. M Foos was named lo consider plans and given authority lo act. Jost what form the event will tak has not been decided, but it b considered doubtful if a complete carnival troupe will be sought Rather, several rides of various kinds will be secured, if possible snd other amisemeats wHi probably be bandied locally. - Fall Festivsls being successfully staged In at ber cities of the stale were discassed and will probably be investigated before plans are completed. There may also be exhibits of various kinds. It wss Indicated. Nearly a dosen members of the Newport Uos Cinb will attend community meeting to be sponsored by the Clinton Commercial Crub in that city Monday. Ang. It. Other amnmonitles of the coo sty are expected to be represented and an Interesting program with moving pictures. Is planned. Due lo the fact Ibal the next ree- Mr. and Jura, Waiter Larewr ana r and Mrs. Paul Binghurae and children . Barbara and Judy, all of Black-fcam-k, tod. Mm Den tuw (tt Terre Haute spent Sunday ervening at the Fark honie. A family dinner was held at the iKinie f Mr. an Mrs. .eii Yoii-mans rf JCeisrt Sunday. Those firesexM wore. Mr. and Mrs. Earl A.1- liioii. Mrs. ijiak' Jonec and daurti-ter, Barhara. all of Latayotte. and Wr. and Mrs. Keith Voumans and sons. Barty awd Darl of Keronrt Her. and Mrs. A fi. Cratt Of Klncman . f Mum jiasttir tl SJ liort Wmhodist Church spent Man-; day fte.mooa in Kevjfert Tisitinr' frfcaKta. " "" " "' i Mrs. Inei Balrd and sou. CecH. f 1 Ne jiort, visitBd irtt Mr anelrs. Mrs. Mary Syaa and Mrs. Vrrtan Bucfcoer. ktolh of Calumet City. IB. Bert Harper of NoVlesville, ind..; sixnit the vekexd vith Mrs. Dora KargiT of JS port. Mrs. Robert ioses W DaoviUe. Ill w " V-J, , . .., Jl Barbara C-aaday f T Tuesday U taAn. JJ4o3iir.gswt of MWKurt. I Evadna Rose, danslrtt of Mr. ae Mrs. AMea Rose 0 near Kesrsort vas removed Ho ber lome froai he Veraniljoe Cownty UoSfntal fa.trr evening and is reported to be reoor ering. Miss Rose iaderweirf a toasii-' lecwuny a wee ago and after feeing borne a Ce 4ayc (ros the hospital iojt ' le lakea baek. F. J- Crumley of Cayuga, former Jy r jilevjwrt, M is ivow Mrring iia e I". S. Xay. speat eauirdaj in Kew-port visltite frleods bere. Tong Grtunley a kome om a -reekend leave from Jhi tftse ia em Tor. ' Ooaala Sims of Indianapolis spent Saturday igt ia W fatlier, Ijvv is Sims of .'eBort- fruftday. they vere lite tuuaer guests of Donald's vife's carexits. Mr. anl Mrs. James LaAam of Daaa Mrs. Ivey Eaird. and Cecil amd Ooris Kail, ana toSs Bishop, all at .irirt . ant) Rt! Frederick of Chicago. Eli., visited vita Mr. aad Mrs Rooert Paul Ctark of Hammond hid., last ISunoay. Barbara Strarart, aaugliter of Mr. aad Mrs. San Btevart of Newport returned to ter home ia this city Pooday after speadiig a week arUfc Mr. aad Mrs. Uoyd Russell and faasily of Daaa. ' Miss Virginia Aabary aad Mias Juaoita Rroady. bota of Newport. retarae4 borne Monday eneoiag af- 1er speadiag several ' weeks wath Miss Astnirya brother. Joe Asbarf aad family of Sotitb Bend. lad. Irrta HoMiegsworta. soa of Mrs Fera HofiicgsworUi of Kewport. ssval tfce weekead with bis mother ! Mr. UoyiagsworUi retadea at Sfaei-juo. 111.. l ere be is eataioyaa as a teacher ia the Sbeldoa arhooia. - . j Ixjis Margaret le. daughter of Mr. aad Mr. Guy Ie. s eiaeeting retura to ladiaaapolis where she is employed la a private aarsing bome this week after speeding al-i most two weeks with her pareata. Mrs. Edith Dulgar retaroed to Detroit. Monday, after speeding aes-eral weeks with her mother. Mrs. Uaude Kevins and chiMrea fa Newport. - ' Mr. aad Mrs. Earl Allison aad granddaughter, Barbara Jones. " aH of lafayete. laid., epeat the weekead with Mr. aad Mrs. Clea vo-xacs of Newport. ' ' Barty Youmans. soa of Mr. aad Mrs. Keith Toumaas of KewpoH. is reported to be improving at his home here after aa illness of a boat a week.-" ' ' -" ' ' " " Boy Foremaa. who has heea working la Iadiaaapolts hi spendiag a vaeatioa at bis home la Newport-Miss Mildred Groves of Newport 1peat Saaday with Mrs. Betry wade of Cayuga. Bob Moore of Clinton spent several days last week with Bob WcMast-ers of Xewport. Vrs. Edith Dulgar and son. Jimmy, of Jfewport, spent the weekend la Clinton. - Miss Betty Keech of Newport arrived home Sunday after spending s .'Scat ion la Detroit, Mich." -' Attorney Samuel B Davis and family of Terre Haute spent Sunday wiib fr.. Paris' mother, Mrs. Grace lavb) of Kewport. " ' A group of Newport fouag people held a wetner roast aa the Wright Hill, bark of the Adams borne Friday evening. Following the welner roast, the party walked to Verner Dwlggin s home where they had a taffy pull. Those preaeot were. Betty and Barbara Adams. Joyce McDoweM. Beverly Arrssmltb. Barbara Hot-' ticasworth. Darlene I'rorfitt. Mickey Vaa Sickle. Rosaell Ingram. Baaseil Coi. Bob Moore. Bob MrMasters. Kenneth Wigeins. Bill Rein. Roger if and Herbert Arraamitb. ' Fred M'-Dowell returned to bis home in Marion. Ind., after spend-j ing several weeks In Newport. 'His wife and two children will remain here ottb Mrs. McDowell's mother, Mrs. Ada Wright, for a few more days. ' Mr. and Mrs. Claude Connelly of jriilraeo. Mr. snd Mrs. Joe Conaetty rt Fast Chicago and Mrs. Mai Con-' wllr of Michigan City, Ind., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bishop of Newport. : Mrs. Kenneth De lying and rhll-Iren are laavinii Friday for Cham alan where Ibey plan 16 live. Her husband will remain In Newport. He rtrtpldyed 'at 'the' Wabash Hier Ordnance Workr ' ' t ; Mrs. Lucille Pittman returned to her home in Newport Sunday after spending a week with ber parents. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Pittmaa of nesr ehetbyrlHe. ' Miss Buhy Foreman who has bees her home in Newport Sunday, to make preparations to sttend Newport school. Fi72 AFrLE - JOLLY PICS CHILI: CON CAtlNS ZO Oz. Can 20c JZLLY 12 ozs. 20c STOKELY'S CITRUSIP Orasge z?i Grapefruit Juice &Qi.c 9c u KtiuM. Idl.iir Hra Roy Stewart. Mrs. Jessie De Plan.y: Mrs. Clyde Kussell. Miss Eluahet Mrers and the hostesses. Mrs. Water- nood, Is W.d Mrs. Car- mat.j vt4m iMn H'eMiMC Mr. and Mrs. Goree wMi of Hy- mera, Itid.. tormer Jvetrporj residents. wiH celeTirat Iheir - eoluen eddic anuiTersary 00 Aug. M. Mr. Whit iiO operated toe general aiwf fcnon as White ad HJiet in this city. as JJ tuosa in Newport. Bucday dinner guests of Mr. and fie. f'grt ocnet. 0xi. freak very 4oyl MO' walrtt Shan m 9 f 10 mfktr PEALT BUTTER OuskliuMlN 1 I- l NAVV K HMjioe Mhs. 10 l oiol PEAKS'" ? 5 Kas TOMATO SOLP - KJDA CKACKEI Wf A I J'. J'J,! ftttx 1 MISTAED Mf4 r CK.4FEFKUIT JllCE Ko FoiMa T-r .Mllitaa I'KI-FJlV rlif . alrai iu - FK.4IHM tt. in . -Vo. I large 8ixr V wli4 Firm Ilea. Jutey, Tasly Lb 27c "A" - 5 points ItKKF MKHT ItllW l-aa M'-aly -r 4 ij. So Fl. 25e Hugar I'urr-d, Fn-e, Fre4i n.urwf I.I'.IIIMI HKI.F 28g Fr l-a rs or Falli'-s . Ila(.."l IFT MMVKrt IJ. "9" ..rtMl li-(f So lis. A i uiiitiv; r I A. k Kdlm' FWi 15c hliana Half l)Vp pnr.lil lai KeriKftrd FI) B.K'iM o Kinl I A. 250 BUY WAR BQNDS a 10 490 l; ' ' I ! I ! ! I ' ; i s i I ' ; , j : - , j i ' ' j I J j , WELCH'S r GIIAPE: JUICG: Quart fljS - Pi" Z5C PARAMOUNT CHILI COM CA-1NE 1Lb.lar20c SOOA CRACKERS mm, Fm t OCEAfl SPOAY milMM JUICE A Beefr 5 PflinU, a. -t y Mm 6i MS Grade A Plate Boiling Beef"-1 9 Lb. 1 6c 2 Lbs- 30c fmHc Lb. 39 Phones 45 and 37 J AMS, Fn lka ij.. l-ls f U Caxijxed! . Fret4i Cxliforiiia CAUIMrrs l-arfcr Full t 'tnut iiumim, hum it Mild OKIO.Vti. VHIuaa, Im. Ideal fr 8li-wg v - - Pa p w (KariH ll'lje WO CKUCK BOAST Tender, Grade iwirh copen from riocfi s fouinr ciui SODA CRACKERS Lb. 16c I. ' I " f ) I V.'Ulir'i I'Al Ifm-TH! I i ' ( F. II Jx MJ SLIQED BACON Lb.3?c AUMeat Lb. VEAL SHOULDER ROAST ( crade A Lb. 26c Xa2rjy CHOPS PORK ROAST 4 pu. in. 30 3 UEAL RID LOIH EtlD 659 N. Ninth and Corner Main & Vine CLINTON

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