The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 24, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 2
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Thursday, Awgusst 21, iML TEE D&JLLS CLISIOSIAS .Page Two MrCUFJST SEASON' PXCPINS IN CfJiKES, FBAHCE .......... ,m M Caj Has Meeting Seed Colore Vegetable! i We need green, jred ,nd jellow I regetaales . our 4iel. jiore Cornfort W earing FALSE TIETH i iifiuri.v.-U jiMUii.ti-, KiiriuJiiWl m nj'Jr Miitl ti!r jiti jlitiiii itfjiB firiimr i tiJiit iltfx Bt'iif t'l-iiitnrtiUtle. Ko 'ti ntkultiit- ii,ii'fl" nrt MiMir, . liffJis ni:iW- otir" lib;iiiiSH- tiiKutUtt. Stretches Chiui.en Jf an extra guest or two dropE in prica- to ser'ing your own iavorite ohicken a la Jting. add a generous portion of dicefl Calavo just before serving. The rictaess and fiood eal ing -qualities of tlie Calavo rnakes .the somewhat reduced portion of chicken per person go unnoticed. : m (Optical Serve The nerves- controlling: 11 lens and -the pupil of the ye work involun weekend at Chicago with lier husband. .Harold Howard of V. S. Xavy. Miss ftuth JBarles of Indianapolis spent fiunday with liar parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Homer Carles and tamiF' Mr. and Mrs. 'Claud iork auid family from jDaoville. JU. spent Sim-day bore wrlh his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Iini l ork. Mr. and Mrs. J-earl Pykes received tuord 'that their win, .Trt. Charles IS. Hykes lind landed somewhere in JSnglaitd Mr. and Mrs. John Southard received word troni their son. Bat. KmuieM Southard that be ,is aoiue-, whore .in France. Mrs. Dllie Muck has returned to her home here from the Inion I-los-liilul, Terre .Halite wliere slie had spent 'two reek convalescing from ai. "perain. Mrs. Meriiot 'Giles and children from Muncie snent last week bere i tarily. it ... t . .1. Amijit thr KcsaVi rrur Store Sojourner Club Convenes At Walworth Home ; Iax.oS Sailur, Family w JLat e Til Sojourner Club met .Monday vuliif at the iionie of Mr. .Blanche Wasnorth. A chow Mein sujijier wm served an J rloek. frizes i-w a-svarded o A.uejr Uillis. .Iilh: X-i'un JiHter, .Bunco; IJlanelw Walworth, travel and tlladys Samuels, low. Mr. Jloy Chirk as brought liulue i'om the hoajiital rUiwdity afternoon after beluF a patient at Si. EliuUiet'n Hospital. fDanrille, for (our woekr Hie emditma is imBiwed. Uln mother, Mrs. .Belle -Clark ami lire. .Flora Weal henmaii, viio nave been stayii at the Clarl; home dnrinf Mr. Clarlc's absence, ieturoed to tbir home Saturday .evening. Mrs. Gertrude ilones has been secured to arjtor Mr. 31ark during his illness. Mrs. Wallaoe Todd and daughter. Connie uf Pittslmrgh, fa. arrived Jiere today lor a Jew -days visit with ,John P. !Todd. Mr. and Mre. Hot Millikin and daughter Jecatur. .Illinois it here yisitinp Mr. and -Mrs. Bert Millikine Xd tht Snaion mm . to, curiae i MacutTdWwben t purchase should be made ,tbshW fuecmnbo"theJtcohS.otoBViil -N4 PfrnbToUUliEWlCILSy with Mr and Mrs. ,1iin t'ales. Mrs. SlH'ia Stewart ol Evansville spent a tfew days liere with iriends last week . lies arles of iU. B. Navy spent Sunday ai home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Momor jEarles. His mother returned to Cbicaeo witii him Sunday night to :ne there Mon-i day for his graduation tfroin Naval school. 1 Mrs. l,illle James is spendins tine! week at JRiley, lnd. yisitine Jiej- m - 1 .i.:. .nr,.n'Deineaui f SwaJ saving now on ' - 1 tesuMHiiiHkiflfliiLiHlflBLlH nrviiii r.nni SQLVEliT 19 dauBbter and family. Mr. and Mrs. f)oyne Cole and; children of Hanuind visited rela-l tives and ttiends iiene recently. - Jreston Baiith Jias returned o 'I and daughter Mary and Mr. and Mrs. .Donald Olark and tamily. Mr. and Mrs. .Roland Holroyd and daughter of J'axtor. illiuois sonnt Sunday with the iurmer's mother and sister. Mr? . Mary MoHoyd and Bather. The Jatter rae oruuKlit koine from Vermillion bounty ilos-jittal Saturday .evenine auid is get-rtlntr along satisfactory. V mWA TABLETS I 5 his after a few nays at the Vermillion iCounty iHospital Jast; week somewhat -improved. I Misses Melen ficfcmistt aod Anna! Day of Terre Haute and aiillioent' Biockie of Amarillo, Texas Tisrtefl' AM WTRfcTtOMAl. yPbAyGEOU.il9 ui the .south of Fiance jn .the poc-war days, Cannes, above, today as reopened or ;Oursts,,,' only tjiese ti-arqlers are not xhere iar a yacatMm. : Allied soldiers from America, Great Britain and fr-jxize stormed the beaches about -Qie famous eaoc1 jvbiob ,1s one tf .the mam jftyeutives 4n the four"4i ?ont Jandings from the Mediterranean aca. ? : IxtLttnativsul Mr. and Mrs. Wflliaai itkiks. - j Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jtoeueekj Mr .and Mrs. Claivde Cunnelly of' Chicago were alled lieie .last week oy the death of he .former s mother. Mrs. 5race Connelly. i Mr. and fr. JUcbard JJonald and son arrived liere .last week for a Hen day urloueh 'iih the former recently married iiave moved to .lae KusBeH property-Mrs. Helen tttiver Btred the rei.uru 0 ,4u" liase at Corpus Chris-ti. Tex., aometime this week after Latin Diplomats j Vermillion County JiospitaJ jlaflt immntc 'Mr unA re im )onald. tkaiB. Hicbard iis in the fl.'nit.d States ' week or observatioti out &as etur- d Iter ihouie now. Hi JVI-exi-eao a.aibaetiadta" saifl: "Jiie outline of liwj ffie .faaia- euendinit a ieave with Jiis wife, Mrs. Virginia Moore Thomas of CJintoa. I'jh iiis return (to Texas, EnsiKn Thomas Is expecting orders ito leave for .anotlier itiase ior tw roontas further training 'before .going m active loty. iH will 'train as j a jiilat of one ttf the new .Nary .bom- ! bera, ( Coaat 3uard and after lits ten oay ,Jeaie lie will report tB a Kunnery Choof at fit. Augustine, JFla. His itirotber, Carroa JDonald. of the l'nt-j d States Navy, stanioned at Seattle Tp'aah. as also .here on a furlough. ! Voice Fear ror Small Countries CoBtinped jotn f age iOnei WJyJS.Potln fug-Mved Feud ((Contanuefl fjom page - - . ij :. Yes, Bisma- Ml p f-.77f igTl ss I'ctAAf? ' I V j ivis yo pn-.tift ' fh. r--' CBl up- I VrSSl tonrfoa. GetUisms- ir v.-w . C M 1 .rs lcioaay. 1 'ji Pienamii contaio sninimuM VC- "sssE a aib iduk requimrotots of ut jtaminsikooTOfceSieliual ? n C '"'S'"- Aooditaimiu- i lCCiV WfdM.afcrailr. few pram. a cay. X 53c ' 01SS "ll0,t6t, (sr'-y slirt Stay's vwiJi SHOE CLEANER wl ". .... You wiE like uji)-'s" tecanst it Hu ' t - lacov$ajaiTMid2itwoo" i w rAoC SOAP MOUIB 9tStt . 1 I It . Among ft&use sraduiiiUjijg tfjttm .an ; t.miixi6 am ftii-e Aap ciwwfi. But icitwiBiv (ooure? tf ire CcmtJ'olniaii kjiowe whtniw nhry w-ill be (training art fleoenft SerTjop Scl.ot ex- j ante jpowws of the ifutuw? Frawiw epcies t (Great jLabt. .oflay ae lao a free xujitiy, Hut sbe Recent Events In Hillsdale "it is obvious at aiie anjust at- -uld Mia.UK rf XatHMie.. Thf tn4y fe.rnee an lie avew la,n re lit -di k a fl v ajrt& e . ' df;se.rHed Ay Jtlve Meaacma amlmRea-kT as iU.riKU.ii.aMe in srost -caBef. lie is of ft.tve "Big F-ovu" oiiwljri!6, eacfe in ats ow,n si1k 4. inif'Iumw. Tafcing jfe(ific (Case, sucjn as oonikrt ,Uetwn Sout.ti Afflffl- caa oounLriE. (the aonbasador $1-dKaed ftixai fiinoe ort;lr tiuiee sjoiira.l'.ili.fty ivx'uld CaJtl s. fiaie l.'au'l- 1 tacks upon jne oo me .great person-! i ai Jiijury. However, (that is tojont- J ant only o me. Tie thing .that is i mot one. important itbat the isseaioii with in i m. sjinetoebet was .selected for itlie organlnation does iarm (to the1 feB MKieiaiijied itrain'mg on the basis Former Sh'jA Fiiacipal Moves to Albany; JLocaJ Hmes See Maay (Guests I war nroductioB mffart and. there- j riXra itrainiog aptitude test aiare. fto ithe oowstry. 1 am wiwtutng; aoores. Graduates froia ithe awanty Mr, iixtna MtoaieorooK oeiveo j n buw m wvDf. speciaUred oourses lauglvt lier at itAie Sen-ioe Schoois are sent Ko sea. to stiore atatjons. or to advanced word last week chat Jier tiushaud.jjl f eej 4iat ajiyiuiui an o-o no a f:C &tanB. Ab it ,'ou;lfl aat u the controversy wouis oe a aervaoe Ht Fred Middiebrook ol . Ar Bohools for ftirtiier d-Wy- iatD if itUe jl'ukei &vifte sept .n to my eountry . . J-'josiiiej-ii iloiiSt-' all, im jtooejituig Wilson's resignatiiai, addressed r-( 5.r-eBiH Sioj-f .liUfii '''0;ul'! as "fjear CharJie 4 - .ii.. : CraKberry FroCacta nig;hly for ftiis "'afiiendid oontj-joutien (the war leff ort. Mexican eB- Ursolic acac, cranberry seed oil ttnd ca-anberry wax are recovered from the fckk ai'.-d seeds of craur Cerries. AjmbassiLdor Iv"a,e,ra. w.ho flas a.n-d Ih'arr )Q ui Hm-fcllt 10 SJl WSX; iy. atrvtid as ibis nowAry't representa- NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE al' ha4 ianded safely some :hre in fialy. ft. Warren Pugger from Camp Kobinson, Ark. and itis mate and children of Terre Haute apent u-ay with Jus jiarents, Mr. and Martin JJuggar fcere. Other quests j ware Mr. and Mrs. Fred Francis and children of Terr Haute, Mr. tiut Mrs. Heary Francis and familj j and Mm- Edna Middiebrook. f Mm. Mable Agnes Curran atidj ismalfl eon fiave jone o California' Aio !be with toe Jiushand, 4 una Cur-f fan of V. B. Army. f Mrs. Jii Setilman iroin St. l eters-bnrg, F-la. is iiere liKiting iwr broker and family, Mr. and Mrs. R.i y. Mortoa T JI'GLlSSESi CMC OJiXIlMr I I ?AKS UP H50! V(CEMi I WUST SK NDU TO SDR6EMDEH 1HE J;n-k Jj. jbiisbofi, on of Mr. and . : n i ' ii IV' r rrf i : uz : w Mrs. Me JBisho of iear aca, for- j-r ' i d I lit ft 0"t c i : . . uier JCewoort reaidetits. is -w o a tnooo (transport iiiP aomewiiere an t.lw Kautta Piteitie. He was stationed' ia San fiego. Calif., jirior fo ibis te-l Edwin Woljiert Has moved w ai- ing semit out to ea. Vcmi Hushoi bany. Ind. lie was .he achocj frtn-latKaade Keweort schools. tiai fcere iast year. iU-.A. private firfit lB6 Ray C Parley,! liusban of liri. ffrrsutte paity. iia8 hair - te! crcj ; ti mttimr ing lo tine last i-H.-ber reovtd fcr Aiisl BnrirT3 . -.i . .-i-- .a , , -r 331 The W. S. C. S. ol M. Clmrch 2iad ao ice -xeam sui',per mt tlie kAkioI jbouse Monday jagW Aug. ti. Mr. and Mrs. Jietmeti Fsrner and sob from Chicago visived fcis i-rai d another, Mrs. Eiia Faui:ui'ti ' Ttiesday. Mr. aa.d Mrs. Corn wksc-n and faniily from Concitaiati. Ohio visited i relatives Jsere last Sunday. ! Mrs. Milcied Howard sieiiit the Army EijivwiT a,n vae et-jw J if.ratj4Lei jjs Jwaiicai (tiias yfflj". ue-s a ;,cri o,z -r Viir-.i v u: i - -i - - - - w- . . & i - - .. iv . . . .x ; -- :. v rm usvizansz i fimr CTTTiHf-..--- UA-lWJzkzJ. T'miMZXmtsx&Jl - A. JiiiRiCT IanaA jk5iX'r?. boa of Mjt. fliiji'fi JWr, Waiter Mocf-e of CliQft.os, J fry tMs lasyfay fa... fliond a.1 Ks Dtie4. 'ai!iJ'. .ere li-1 ( FALSE Ittln Entiis Mi, win reWAJy II I i t zako A I ..r "lWfl.V ll.WJLAZA Jtexr: 1 t lui tf't rait bsr(f- '4 ha --Liuiiwf. oof-tr gauif! (M4. tUI CM- W it-o CaJii'raia . Hie iit'ic (UroaiKer, Eonairf f muA-jirf iJi iui jbas o xd'-cdL it mw.- Ic.-vr.-s CSSTwhC (Df'SJK A. TiME.SMEAKS JP ON TJ9ZmGtCG I ' fc.' 1 1 .60 5 SOT tS OS FUIX it 4ai. Fla. Al'wr (Bonagleiiffig JLus? nxa-mmx ibere, (tit- wail Se aeat Mji Moore'e r-e ajo uttj: aw:-i ecn,U'-ny flaiia fcvme. i'ci.ijl jtiie Moor i wines iiav jtiir fct-iajt4 ftxs4 r-jt Kaffl! .ir a&es. Tit two young Na- vy f.lw-rs "r cti j u jjjibKkiij sm4 re- 5 tnt.j t.iijf trjiifc felt f iiaOila,. t not lOiig ARO. CJB.A- r un 1 iPririi jvOntoji L- Esrry, ojj ofi UAH f; 7(l, mr" r , cna s n unvr-s Mr. end Mr. Quy Barry of Xerjor, I f ..!s,jr- -,.r -I-r lw J;a fto- iiauftrjNI from ttue r- ceoUT Ft. Bfffiiiaiicto Har- ! I rm ! TJ I 1 !Wf I I I l I I A a1 '11 J WB, Fla. His 4w2dr?sjs j: Pvt. Nor-! torn L Barry, AS Co l II I'll 1-1 : - i -.xiii. .-, . i mi i;mji ... . iiA. n ...,- m IWntJtJt LlAaai I i J 5 -c.&a d!iiifitosi, Fia. I f"1 . j ... yynagTftgJBPi'JLJg-'T I T-t .:iC ASnt s fsissa aiafcit j r':i . ti'i, kv al. k If VOU f Alt TO 6NI ft . ,1 ! f . rilt'TBANt I J I j or cw.5 Oi -t fmi 1 f6 l-4 I 1 T WTjl I; Mi. LT y0 (MIS Ear B. L, eon ui Mr. b4 I t.o iLij? iUa&e at iirati4 tglBlf Xeto.A I Cvka Vhaonua. f AC d 1 1 iiiimi lj hiet. 4usa,iT I T T I fmvmt Vawsou. Tstotaa- 1. flnerailPA I T TTTfr - .in IfurvtfffI 1 1 tiCJjl Ai I KMtini tiim WU M h LimO' ' "f1""'" r .... ,'r k - , ' 1 ; kzt wiu vou v y if-cBu.y aftier F;nd:r? si 2 iay fr- i I DO W-Wl Jje rtptired uora bue Lome Jaa I i t- h.A .mtai'ild rank at I - C.S.A. P. i- GrunJey, eon of Mr. aed ! ten. Paul Crumley of Cayuga, for- jeer Xewort residents, sjeoi the AUca-Selfecr "-- cd wittj Lis tir-c u Young i'Gru&iley is Matioaed at a iiosital . fcase York. I. C.S.A. F.. ::a Jots fhonju. soa of i i4r. V a i a AJfciuaa Thomas of Ctiea- li', tursLtt htfQrt nauLml, p'Jl f-a rust, )

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