The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1944
Page 5
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page F!v Wednesday, August 23, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN DODGER ANCIENT By Jack Sords one hit In the second game while Stan Muslal's Blngle in the fifth r New-American' Landings Near v . France Horder I Continued mm paint 1) Frencli Patriots Win Capital In Four-Day Battle (Continued from pas 1) V......... 1 Terre Haute Business Man To Speak at Commerce Club Robert 8. Scott, vice-president and manager of the Home Packing Co.. Terre Haute, will be the guest Bpeaker at the dinner meeting of the Cllntim Commercial Club. Monday. Aug. 28, at 7:30 p. m., It was announced today. The meeting will be held in tho Vermillion Room of t ho (ilnlon Hotel. Mr. Scott who Is also community fhalrinuii of th" C. K. I), program will present moving pictures at the meeting. Members or the club can purchase tickets from Leon Woody, club secretary or call the .Clinton Hotel for reservations. Tho public Is Invited to attend. Battle Livens Senator, Brown Diamond Match Brownie Pitcher Touches Off Free-for-all, In League-Crowding Game; Tirates Win 17th Meet NKW YORK, N. Y. There muy be, and probably will be a few fines and a suspension or two handed out today following a gorgeous free-for-all donnybrook in Washington last night where old Jimmy N'lggellng of the Senators shut out the Drowns with six hits, 3-0. The battle started when NelBon Potter, Brownie pitcher, is alleged to have made some slighting remark in spades to outfielder George Case of the Senators. Case retaliated with a right hook and the battle was on. Senators Take Game Finally, peace was restored, the combatants patched up, and the Senators added to Potter's woes by tak ART itcfes-r Aiicmri Brooklyn PODSgRS' Pvt. Darrel Malhias bounded in. France, Ranger Is Killed (Continued bom page 1) mcr residents of Clinton, has been killed In action on Suipan, the parents were informed by the War Department this week. Pfc Kutcli, a member of the famed Hanger division, was killed July 26, the message said. He had previously been reported missing in action since Juiy 5. A veteran of the Mukln Island battle and many other Pacific campaigns, Pfc Kutch entered the army in November, 1942. He was sent to Hawaii for basic training the following nionih and then was transferred to the Pacific area. He had never been home on furlough since entering service. ' He was born In Clinton Aug. 3, O Years olc; iTsl' A Popseu uWr f &Jf reported that monitors had recorded a portion of a breadra it by a Nazi radio In France at 8:35 a. in. (2:35 KWTl locluy discussing a new Allied landing "ul Amihnli," on the Hay of Biscay southwest of Bordeaux. The broadcast, the beginning of which was missed, seemed to accept the landing as a fact although It attributed most of Its report to "American information '. Hoosier's "Hey Buddy" N Turns Out to be General Vincennes. Ind. "Hey buddy. liunri inn Hint nlne-slxleenth wrench. will ya", Corporal Clifford E. Wk-lus, of Vincennes, yelled to a soldier passing by while he was under a truck in the China-Burma-India area. Corporal Elkins, who is now home on furlough, explains that his head was under the truck at the time 'and he did not see the upper part of the soldier at the time he yelled. Then as tho soldier obligingly leaned down to hand him the wrench, Corporal Elkins was horrified to see three stars on the shoulder nearest him. It was Lieutenant General Joseph Stillwell. Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPEACTOB X-Bay 2351, Blackman BOWEL CLEANING POWER OF ERB-HELP MEDICINE One man recently took ERB-111:1,1' three days and said afterward that lie ncvor would have believed bis body contained so much flllliy siibsrrinec. He says Ills stomach. Intestines, bowels and whole system were so thoroughly cleansed (but his constant headaches came to an end, several pimply skin eruptions on his faro dried up overnight, unil even the rheumatic pains in his knee illapiearort. At present he la an altogether different man, feeling fina In every tvaj. . KltH-HIXl' contains lit Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, dear gas from Bloniiuii, ait on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. Ho don't go on suffering! Ovt 1CRII-IIKLI'. White's (Ilexall) Pharmacy Drug Store. ,. .,, was W.! BACK AfcfOiAJelS V IjI ' dis pgeseiif pfti) I dis pgesef thousand patriots participated In tlx liberation of the Frencli capital, which has been, outflanked by Amo- rlcau forces driving for the German border following the capture of Hens, 68 miles southeast of Palis. (Reuter's said that the first news of the liberation of Paris came In a broadcast from the radio transmit ter controlled by the FFI, which appears to be situated either In Paris Itself or very near the city. Keut- er's added that no confirmation of the news 1b yet available from any other Bource.) lie (iaullo In Ileum's (A British broadcast recorded by the federal communications commission said that Gen. Charles de Gaulle, head of the provisional French government, has arrived In Rennes after visiting Coutances, Av-rancbes and a number of other liberated French cities.) Official communiques from Supreme Allied Headquarters during the past few days have shed little light on the fighting in the immediate vicinity of, Paris, but today's announcement confirmed the capture of Sens, 58 miles southeast of the capital, Indicating that American jorces naa swiriea lar ueyuuu rtum. American armored columns slashed across the Seine above and below Paris and it Is reasonable to assume they were apprised of the situation within the capital. The Allies' strategy, apparently, was to isolate Paris and then allow the French themselves to wrest It from the clutches of the hated Na zis. The strategy worked to perfection. I Today's communique from Allied j neaaquarters saia mat uie iiuiiiiau 7th army southwest of the Seine has been crushed and no longer exists as a fighting unit. Mustard Harvest In 25 days from seed after planting you can be harvesting Tender-sreen. a variety of mustard which produces large green leaves which, I like Swiss chard, can be cut from the plant without disturbing the root, to be followed immediately by another crop. There are several varieties of mustard, maturing in 30 to 40 days, which are popular for greens. They have a pungent flavor which is especially popular in the southern states, where greens have been a dietary standby for generations. Most of the mustards will keep bearins until frost. Immediate Probe of ' Pearl Harbor Tragedy Pressed in Senate (Continued from Page One) nation would be amazed by the true story. iiililif, t Ln .lmlire "Since they bring out the Information that he (Kiniiuel) Is to blame," I think the matter should have the fullest investigation so that the public will have all the facts and Judge who Is to blame," said Ferguson. "If things happened at Pearl Harbor that would cause us to have a united army and navy after the war, I think It would be well for the war offnrt tn ape if ft would not be wholesome to have that united leadership during the war when we need it." Would Testify t Group In refuting statements made by Sen. Harry S. Truman (D) Mo., former chairman of the senate war investigating committee and now the Democratic vice-presidential candi date, Admiral Kimmoi conienaeu ne had been denied an opportunity to ,.n i.iu ninev Thiifi. it is assumed he would testify before a congressional body. HihiiiI as Pol illr Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney (D) Wyo., meuiber of both the judiciary and military committees, branded as "politics" tho repeated demands for a court-martiul of Klnimel and Short while Sen. Owen Brewster (R) Maine, backed the demand for full Information on the Pearl Harbor in cident without delay. Rep. Hofrinan (R) Mich., yesterday charged that president Roosevelt was directly responsible for the Pearl Harbor disaster and both he and Rep. Short (R) Mo., said Admiral Kiniiuel and Gen. Short should be given an opportunity to tell tholr story. 1 1922 and moved to Gary with his family in 1927. , Pfc. Kutch is survived by the parents, three brothers and three sisters, all of Gary; two uncles, Andy Kutch and Bill Kutch; an aunt, Mrs. Celia McGaffney and the grand father, Gus Kaclr, all of Clinton. Hoosier Beers Hand Loss To Notre Dame Diamonds SOUTH UEND, Ind. An independent baseball team, the Hoosier Beers, today were celebrating their 7 to 1 victory over Notre Dame last night. Five hits netted the Beers four runs in the fourth. Johnny Tinkers, 47-year-old former House of David first baseman, got a double, and triples were hit by Bus Wenman and Eddie Norris. How Oysters Obtain Food Oysters obtain their food by filtering vast quantities of water for the minute organisms in it. I drove George Fallon home for the winning run. Cheek Favorite For Top Honors In National .Shoot VANDAI.IA, Ohio. The greatest collection of marksmen ever assembled including crack shots from Uncle Ham's unbeatable army and navy team gathered today for the opening round of the 45th annual Grand American Trapshoot-Ing tournament. Upward of 900 scattergun artists, representing nearly every state, were on hand for a try at the $50,000 In purseB and dozens of national championships at stake In the three-day roarln' grand. Feature event of the opening day program was the champion of champions contest matching more than 25 state tltltsts. Even before the crack of the first gun a new champ was assured. L. H. Smith, of Peru, Ind., the 1943 title winner, lost a chance to defend the crown to Herschel Cheek, of Clinton, Ind., in the Hoosier state preliminaries. Cheek, In defeating Smith, broke 100 straight targets to establish himself as an early favorite for the national championship relinquished by Smith. Two other shooters broke 100 in a row In qualifying for the champions competition. They were Charles Stelner of Pittsburgh, Pa and Homer Clark of Alton, 111, Major League Scoreboard IIAHIOIUU TODAY Probable pitchers: AMKUICAN' IJ5AGUE (No games scheduled). NATIONAL LKAtfl'K Chicago (Chfpman) at St. Louis (Cooper) (night). (Other clubs not scheduled). VKHTKIt DAY'S ItKSI'I,T9 AMKBH'AN LKAGl'K New York 9, Detroit 7. r Cleveland 5, Boston 3. ' Philadelphia 5, Chicago 1. Washington 3, St. Louis 0 (night). NATIONAL LKAGl'K New York 9, Chicago 8. Pittsburgh 7, Brooklyn 5 (night). Philadelphia 4, Cincinnati 3 (1st, twilight). Cincinnati 5, Philadelphia 1 (2nd, night). St. Louis 7, Boston 4 (1st twilight). St. Louis 2, Boston 1 (2nd, night). TOMORKOW't (JAMIM NATION A I.LKAGl'K Philadelphia at BoBton. Chicago at St. Louis (night). (Only games scheduled). AMWWAN LK.WiU E (No games scheduled). r 1 Standing U Standings - AMERICAN LEAGl'K Clubs St. Louis Aoston 64 New York 62 Detroit 62 Chicago 56 Cleveland 57 Philadelphia 67 Washington 51 NATIONAL LKAfjilH Clubs Won Lost Pet. St. Louis 86 Pittsburgh 69 Cincinnati 4 Chicago 51 New York 63 Philadelphia 45 ' Roston '6 Brooklyn 45 AMKKICAN ASSOCIATION Clubs Won Lost Pet. Milwaukee 87 41 .680 Toledo . 80 Louisville 78 Columbus 71 St. Paul 67 Minneapolis 4 Indianapolis 46 Kansas City 35 Does not Include last night's ganies. Overseas (tin List GUI this Year (Continued nom pasja II it. Army nurses called for scented soaps and cosmetics of all kinds, mending equipment, balh clogs, tinned nuts, candy and delicacies, frilly lingerie, bobble pins, hairnets and elastic. Navy nurses chose Christmas decorations, starch, sheer stockings, dainty underwear, play shoes, records, pocket size books, magazine subscriptions, and memberships In book clubs. The army and navy warned a-gainst sending perishable foods, intoxicating liquors, weapons and inflammables such as matches and lighter fluids. Income Source The cash income from beef animals last year was more than from all of our cotton and wheat com- bined, ai.d it is usually more than t r 62 Tn es .467 H H 4 -614 81 58 -bs !) 82 .374 THERE'S THAT BUD N. ITILLIE, LET'S DUCK IN HEktl SO OU tLr- : , NICHOLS! I'D LIKE A, k THERE'S A C5IRL VM IM QUVM AVJFUL SAP OF MV-SELPr- I'M C3LAD MAC RdfETjrPT - SCRATCH HIS f--viW SlJij Vm."m1' lhim? i eves out gry Vra, -dLr Theatre mmu w Mmmm r m mzme$mN m ing the ball game. The Browns entered the game knowing that the Indians had top ped the Red Sox, 5-3 and that the Yanks had taken the Tigers, 9-7 They undoubtedly looked forward to a rather easy decision over the Sen ators and in increased lead over their closest rivals in the American League. But Johnny Niggeling, who is crowding 40, was too much for them, and as Inning after inning went by without a Brownie run, the boyB nerves probably became a lit tle unstrung and, If there was any bench Jopkeying going on, It was a simple matter to start a scrap. Box Helpless The Red Sox were helpless before Steve Gromek'but the Yanks finally got rid of their old Nemisis, Hal Newbouser, who had beaten them live times this year. Young Russ Christopher, who has become 'Connie Mack'B ace, turned in his seventh straight victory as the Athletics 0wned the White Sox, B-l. Pirates Win 17 In the other circuit, the Dodgers blow a late lead to loso to the Pirates,, 7-6. It was the Pirates 17th victory Jn 18 games. The Phils beat the Reds, 4-3, behind Bill fcee and then lost to Tom-as de la Croz, B-l. The Cubs handed the Giants one on a platter, 9-8. by nlaking fivo atrocious errors, and the Cards took a pair from the Braves 7-4 and 2-1. Homers by Marlon Martin and Stan Musial settled the first game and Max Lanier held the Braves to GUNSMITH . , All Kinds of (iuns ltcpaired Arlie Pender Hillsdale, Ind. Two steps to amazing Hew STRENGTH THESE two Important ma)r help you to overcome the discomfort or embarrassment of sour stomach. Jerky nerves, loss of appetite, underweight, digestive complaint weakness, poor complexion! A pcmon who Is oprrMin on only a 70 to 7y healthy blood volume or stomach dlgrstlve capacity of only to io normal la severely handicapped. Sow th ample stomach digestive Julcea PUSS I RICH. RED-BLOOD you should injoy that nse of weU-belng which cle-iotej physical fltnen . . . mental alert- " "julou sre subject to poor digestion or suspect diflclint red-blood as the caune Sr Vmir trouble, yet have no organic implication or focal Infection S&3 Tonic may be Just what you need as It i eaoeclal'y drslcnrd 'II tn promote the flowf VITAL DIGESTIVE JUICES In the stomach and 2) to build-up BLOOD BTBANCiTH wlten deficient. . . Built) Sturdy Health anal Help America Win Thousand and thousands of users have teatlfled to the benefits SSS Tonic has brought to them and scientific research shows that It gets results that's why so many say '"SSg Tonic builds sturdy health makes you feel like yourself aiiain." At drutatorealnlOand20os.stzua.o5.S-S.. o. CJ3 TOWC helps build STURDY HEALTH ,.' ."x ' 1 III I ! c. . " ' rTHAT'3 ALL RIGHT; BUD, I I BY (SOLLV. THERE'S THE J IsAV, FELLOH YOU Marring cve got just enough j I soldier ie been looking out of here the other l THAT WASVSOSH'. I'vE LEFT pAY THe r -1 gike, w FOR j T NI6HT WTHOVTj? 1 VMI-LLr-T WALLt I IN RILL I ' ( IHANK5 I fAVlNaj-y ' n, J. IfcWil rsSmm.J KIN NOT DO IT, ) HE IS LJ LJNCLE VMH iMO THE S GOING TO YVES, I COULDN T ) msir- . qmu JONES XSTLB BORN IS THAT MAN ? r THE JUNEBUG j STOP HIM jTT,y 1 hsVDU UJONT CHANGE UQSiYwPr ir rrcr-Zl ZSLZL, - . i J iciamdc? A-z.v -i ...ain a., J 1 W I lC WM'IHJ' Z 1- M LFTS b WtJ tilue itek& 1 Jf W TffcH 17D , BEG PARD1NG, I I FULL SPEEP ATlEAp f? 0)E ON s 7 VAS-4DE TURNS LEFT AT THE) 1 U1LLK 3- WAS W.u iM DP1 ROUTE 78 ? ) W NEX' EJG WAUE BONP 7 the casn lr.ronie irom nogs, siaua- UtiWlS leViita ... ...

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