The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 23, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1944
Page 4
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Wednesday, August 23, 194. PageFouf " THE DAILY CLINW)NIAN THE DAILY CLIMONIAN chindlfclcen:-; 3 m 1U 'iVfc'--:"""-:--f" "FLYING EXPERTS'' ' ' : 7 - i sn I sastssMtahtd aa The Weekly Craatonlan ISM B Tke Cttaton Plalndealer absorbed to lOOe) mi r KOLLYUIOO Pafcllshed Dally Except Saturday and Sunday At tht AiovUs PALACE Tuesday ami Wednesday Anna Neagle, deserting musical comedy and straight drame for the robustness of melodrama, co-stars with Richard Greene In "The Yellow Canary,'' a romantic adventure produced by Herbert Wilcox for RKO Radio. As a lovely British renegade, Miss Neagle depicts the social outcast who seeks out a ring of nn ueu loueui joii su sjnsioqMS Editor and Publisher fceorge L. Carey atMvi at the PutoMce at Clinton, Indiana " ly HARRISON CARROLL Xlnr i'ialnm brmllnu Hrllw. M Second Class Matter Indiana Republican Editorial HOLLYWOOD-Cruel break for June Frazee of Columbia's "Hello Phone S3 Phone 32 Mom" cast. Her father, Walter r4 -5k I: Frazee, a civil engineer who has been in South outraged government exiles her MJUtKfrtm America for 10 years, died of a heart attack en 1 MifVBUCAH 0IT0Um. years old," said Jacqueline, "and my lister here is ten and pne-Jilf." Ia Tom Conway's face red! Tha R-K-0 star has been experimenting with a device to make land plana seaworthy If they have, to make a forced landing on water. At La guna Beach he launched a six-foot model plane and was promptly picked up by a Coastguard shore patrol. It took over an hour to establish hi Identity and innocent intentions. On the "Corn Is Green" et, Betta Davis finished directing the Welsh choir in a scene, then the whole group went into ','Happy Birthday to You." AU in honor of the flfty- to Canada. "A Night of Adventure" featuring Tom Coitway opens as the , route to visit ASSOCIATIOH .V7 1 the starlet here. second feature. He was only 57. . : 1 .1 l e iwyiwi r.TO . i; WABASH i V. W I j MaJ.Winthrop Wednesday and Thursday - - - , MM - I fcai 1 1 II I M V I kvm I n - J. J I til f'Rockefel ler, f t - worth millions, Achieving the heights star dom'-' In motion pictures, and staying there, takes more than I ' i , wrote William Ily I Gaxton from lit' I G,'am t0 Please 1 p 1 send him some mere luck. You can take the word of Universal Producer Wal sixth birthday of Amos Orr, who has been a Warner grip, for 18 . MM' M m k I & 1 y n M Mt mm m I years. Orr was so broken, up ha almost wept U.... Cmnmtt alr I"" Siauon- ary Bm dashed down from the "Diamond Horse-Shoe" rehearsals to get official permission. When he told who the package was for, he got the grinning answer: "Now, I'll tell one." After Garbo bought the house VICTORY WITHOUT INVASION? Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the Commander of. our Sea-Air Forces in their they were renting, the Anthony Quinns moved to a two bedroom house near the beach. They thought they'd build on another room and ter Wanger for that. Wanger, during a lull in the filming of "Ladies Courageous" a romantic yet fulsomely human picture which tells the story of the WAFS Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron called attention to the continued eml-nece of the exceedingly lovely Loretta Young. Miss Young and Geraldlne Fitzgerald are starred in "Ladies Courageous," opening tonight at the Wabash Theatre. Had to produce the letter to prove that Major Rockefeller actually wants stationary. bath for their children's nurse, but the O. F. A. says no, so now the Quinns are buying the nurse trailer, which will be parked in th yard. . , yWhen Paramount okays "Out of fhis World" Veronica Lake plans, of all things, to pack into the High Sierras on a trout-fishing expedi tion. Rita Beery goes along. The girls will carry guides, of course. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday "There's Something About a i JL. w AS JL HOLLYWOOD HI JllJKS: qu Costello has sold his hog-ranch to Actor Bill Goodwin. . , . "Lassie i," who's working in M-G-M's "Bofi at Lassie," has been made the official mascot of the R. C. A. F. Western Command at Patricia Bay In Van-couver. . . . M-G-M wants to sign Jimmy Dorsey as an actor. . . Bettejane Greer with Producer Bill Girard at the Mocambo. , . , Marianne O'Brien at the Clover club with Stanton Griffis, chairman ot Paramount's executive committee. . . . Margaret Whiting dancing with spectacular conquest of the Central Pacific, thinks that Japan may be defeated without an invasion of the enemy homeland. The Admiral realizes that "occupation of Japan would be necessary to insure a winning peace" and that we should keep in-mind "the possible necessity of invasion" but he seems to have an idea that the Japanese can be conquered without an invasion by assault. While the naval chief gives no expla- nation of his conclusion, it is obviously based upon his familiarity with the possibility attached to a sea blockade, supplemented by unlimited bombing of Japanese centers, ports and facilities. . Admiral Nimitz knows that the future of Japan rests upon the sea, that once the waters surrounding Japan are controlled by the Allied navies, the end of Japan is inevitable. Soldier" Columbia's picture a-bout life at an Officer's Candidate School opening at the Columbia Theatre tonight is said to be as authentic as an Army training film and as excitingly emotional In Its love story as love Itself. Featured in this list, are: Tom Neal, Evelyn Keyes, Bruce Bennett, John Hupbbard -and Jeff Donnell. ' ' "Career Girl" featuring Frances Lanford and Craig Wood opens as the second feature. Don't know whether she made It or not, but Lupe Velez was trying to get reservations on the tfain that carried Arturo de Cordova east, , . . Elsie Anderson just gave her divorced husband, Huntz Hall, a $400 watch on his birthday. . . , Ramsay Ames ill. . . . Mrs. Bud Abbott tossed the first affair for Martha Raye after the birth of the star's baby an old-fashioned pancake party, whatever that is. . . . Jack Durant's daughter, Jacqueline, went to a picture show the other day with a girl friend. The cashier asked her age. "I'm 11 illlllllir. ''-y.--'-" . ---f. . Bill Eythe at Clro's. . .. , Tommy McHugh now receiving more royalties on his 11-year-old song, "Don't Blame Me" than on any of his hit numbers of 1944. Taking a Backward Glance Forest Area Three-Bfths of the area of North Carolina is forests, giving work to about 100,000 workers under average conditions. Better Bight at Night Negroes can see better at nlghi than can white persons, according to the Better Vision institute. Produce Oil Rumania and Poland normally produce millions of barrels of oil. NOT SO INTELLIGENT! The intelligence of the people of the lower than this year's. The reductions are 7 centB on the special and 5 cents on the bond fund. - The civil city's proposed levy being the same as last year's, the county's 5 cents more, the township road levies aside from Hie Rest of My Life With You United States and their interest in pout ical affairs seem to get a low score in the latest poll of public opinion. Urn. wo, trwtlMr V. ' jgFaith Baldwin --rV 'schools being unchanged, the A recent poll indicates that 18,000,000 Americans did not know the name of the CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO Later, Matthew took her home. He asked, driving- down Park Ave TWENTV YEARS AGO TODAY EiiKineer Orders Lyftml Grading To lie Seeded ' A visit to the Cllnton-I.yford grade today by Chief Kitgineer Dolly Gray of the state highway conimissiou promises to get results toward speeding up the work. He found, he says, that the plan for C. Elmer Oarrard to do the excavating for the construction company, that has charge of the concrete bridge" work through the bottom, is not working out satisfactorily. The highway commission having let a contract to Democratic candidate for Vice-President North Main street is reported to be seriously ill.' Miss Anna Giovaninl of North Seventh street went to Danville today where she will spend a week with Mrs. Mary Jane Wilson. Misses Faith Shannon and Jessie Salmond returned last night from St. Louis where they spent their vacations. John Bentley has returned from a two weeks' vacation spent in Kentucky, visiting relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Nebeker returned, last night, from Long Lake, Wis., where they went last week. They arrived home a day or two ahead of the time planned and- state the others there, ' from Clinton, planned soon to follow thrm. Mrs. William Jackson, of Lake Wales. Fla visited Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Hupp, of Vine street. From here she went to - Chicago to spend several weeks, Mrs. Jackson, was formerly a music teacher In Clinton several years ago. nue, "Think Mother's serious about Judy was his partner. Twice be spoke to her a little sharply and she recovered herself and retorted and that 19,000,000 did not know the Re this Greenwich proposition?" "I think so." Judith told him. school city's 1 2 cents less, the net result for Clinton taxpayers will be 7 cents below this year's rate. Newport-Clliiton Horw Hhoe Team to Kejreeiit Vermillion ' Clinton Brown of Newport and John Charles of Clinton won out publican Vice-Presidential nominee. More- with spirit. But there was "Sounds screwy. Yet it has its doubt of tha iuatice of bis accusa over, one person out of fifty gave a wrong points," he said. "I can drive out tion: she was woolgathering. there in no time, i might be aoie to "Dont tell me." said Matthew, name for one or the other Vice-President ial candidate. frowning at their score, "that go every weekend. Sundays anyway, and a snot of golf. I like that, you're gone and fallen in love too, I'm getting- out of condition. It While the incident does not reflect Judy. I have enouga trouDie. would be fun. Did you say a swim in the county horse Rhoe pitch ing contest staged at Newport Saturday by O. B. Riggs, county farm agent. These men, with Harry L. Veatch and O. A. Armstrong of She said serenely, "I haven't, credit upon the intelligence of Americans, ming pool? "A big one." she said vaguely. Garrard to build that dirt fill, don't worry." it seems to indicat that the campaign is last year, expects him to give Ills Judith hadn't She vxu In love, "or big enough. Seventy-five by major attention to that. she had been aa long as she could thirty, with streams of wster com. probably a contest between President Roosevelt and Governor Dewey. Appar Clinton as alternates, are to represent Vermillion county in the remember, even if she badn I Schools To ing out of fancy fish mouths. Tiled around and chairs and umbrellas. It's Quite a selling point: not that horse shoe . pitching contests al Xe! Jxks Ily 12 Cents Aunt Ella plans to buy. But she the state fair. Personals known it then. She had tried very bard to avoid Matthew and Mary Norman. She had returned to Palm Beach directly after the services for Irene and had not come back to New York until some weeks later. Clinton school city proposes a likes a touch of pomp and tax levy for next year 12 cents . . Mrs. Dorothy Hollingsworth of somehow I think you haven't lor gotten." She said, low, "Lynn, that night you said that because we were the sort of people we are, we couldn't do anything about it even if we wanted to. And yoo were right. No. I haven't forgotten. But now more than ever we mustn't talk about it or even think." More than ever now, because of Matthew. He said, "I know," touched her shoulder, smiled and went away, back to his pleasant and lonely-apartment He thought, driving; home: Home . . . but I have just left heme, all the home I have had for twenty years, really. , s Ejla rang Mary np the next day and asked, "Are yon really considering a pied-d-terrt in the country?" "I hadn't till last night when Judith told of your plans." "Come to tea," invited Ella, "and we'll talk itover." So Mary went to tea where she, Ella, and Eva talked it over. Tha cottage was more than adequate! A big living room with a dining-table corner. Fireplace, a small compact kitchen, and three good-sized bedrooms which would take care of Mary, Matthew, and guests -two master baths, a double room, a tiny one for a maid, and a bath. "So you could have both Nellie and Kate," asserted EUa, "as you do now. And there's your own garden . . . two porches, one screened, one unscreened, and even a tiny terrace." "It sounds heavenly. Are job "Sounds swell!" enthused Mat She m inaged to be very busy. She had refused jimmy Tread- way's offer of marriage but he was CROSSWORD - - - Ily Eugene Sbeffer thew. "Well, if it's okay with you people, it's all right with me," Judith's heart jumped and sank again. In the apartment Lynn Mortimer was talking to Mary Norman, not taking it as a nnai answer. Aunt Ella was rather annoyed with her. Tresdway was a very good THIRTY YEARS AJO TO!AY Really Fixed Now; Alley Muiklle Ends ' The 'muddle relative to the property line on the alley at Elm street, between Main and Third, has been adjusted and the work of improvement at this disputed point is now well under way. There will be no more "bolting the convention," as all parties appear well pleased with the ad catch and, she warned, "you aren getting any younger, my girl." asking, "What's the idea about tak "Tired of me!" Judith had in quired. ently, the people of the nation have the idea that the election of a President is important but that they need not bother to consider other candidates. AIR DELIVERY OF TRUCK. Farmers who grow truck crops and ftuit for the market may be interested in the prediction made by Robert Reddick, who sees the possibility of air-borne transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables, picked at the peak of their ripening and delivered to the consumers many miles away without loss of time. I. Obviously, the speed of air transportation, if applicable on an economic basis to the transportation of fruit and vegetables, .will greatly widen the market and undoubtedly increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. This would be beneficial to consumers and to producers, as well as to the airlines which will receive compensation for the transportation "Don't be silly. As far as I am concerned I hope you dry np and wither into a nice, old-fashioned spinster, looking after her mother justment. It was apparent that not a single one of the oily officials wanted a law suit, and as and her ancient and dishonerable aunt Unfortunately, however, ing the ureenwicn cottage, or oon i you really know?" She parried with, "Matthew, really. And I'm tired, Lynn. I needn't come to the shop often. Business is slack in summer after the rush to get country houses opened and before people start to think of doing over apartments. The shop runs like clockwork anyway. I could be available for consultations ... a summer in the country would do me a lot of good." "But you are really thinking of Matthew." "Yes. he works so hard, he needs neither the city nor Mrs. Aikmau Is injured everybody Is well rattier like you," said Ella, sniffing, "and I want to see you nappy. "I am happy, darling, I am." pleased. I. O. O. F. To Initiate And Kat Watermelons Oh, but she wasn't Judith wss having fun, she was killing time by every means at her disposal, and Amant lodge No. 356, I. O. O. sure you'd want me? Of course, ws ' I2- I1 Is lb I7 le YA' I10 I" z& m IL l 22 2J 24 25 eb n " 50 " ZPZ Jl ' 32 " jZ . 41 42 4 J 44 45 4b 4f ZZZ-W IlII I 1 1"! 1 I I li-l I still she was not happy but ' F., will have work In the initiatory degree at their next regular relaxation." would promise to keep out of your hair," said Mary. Eva smiled. "Yon couldn't get in carrying a torch. She thought: Me, carrying- a torch I That's funny, meeting, Monday night, Augnst 31. They are making arrange anyone s hair. I remember sum "But," Lynn persisted, "are yon sure you have no other motive?" Mary looked at him, her gray isn't it? No, it isn't, it isnt funny at all. She said, at Mary's that night, . "Aunt Ells is taking a place in mers we had together." Ella said briskly, "Don't be silly. We'd love it. After all, we're wry ments to organize a new degree stuff and expect to do fine work during the winter. After the work next Monday night the members will feast on watermelons. A Greenwich for the summer, com old friends, and we understand one another. We can see as much or aa little of each other as we please. eyes disturbed. "What other motive could I have, possibly?" she inquired. "Aren't you thinking, underneath, that it would do no harm to throw Matthew with Judy? She's extra-attractive and I'll bet you a new hat that she's in love with BATS USE RADAR. Dr. Robert Galambos, of the University of Rochester Medical School, has conduct anre attendance is expected as ion 11 have the use of the pool and invltutions will be given to near plete with loggia, fruit trees, nooks and mazes, also a swimming pool. It's pink stucco and devastating in a minor way. We're moving up shortly ... I voted for the Cape or Maine but Auntie's something of a Cockney. She doesn't want to be by lodges and all members from tennis courts and all that and perhaps I can throw in vegetaUea. After all, I have to pay three au ed some extensive research in the flight of j 1 . 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 1 abroad.. him." Mary's face was blank with too far from town." Mary, dealing, looked on with in deners to keep the place pp." Mary said, "You're more than kind, Ella. What aboat financial arrangements?" amazement aa she stressed: "la love with Matthew Judith?" uuts, which nave tung amazeu numan oe-ings by their swift flight in the darkness without colliding with obstacles. The Doctor discloses that bats, hunting at night for food, emit a constant stream Do you mean to say yoif haven't terest She said, "That's wonderful! I've been thinking I'd like to I I'erMKials , Mrs. J. O. Hughes, of Norwood I'nrk, III., is the guest of her aunt, Mrs.E. V. Brown, of Mul- berry street. I Miss Nelle Taylor Is the new bookkeeper at the Goldberg . store. tils gurgled. She said, reachinsr HORIZONTAL 1 38. small harbors have a little place myself this sum. .9. insect noticed? I have, tonight especially. I saw her looking at him once. He was talking to you, ha didn't see her." for a box of marron slacet, "J'm paying an utterly unheard-of rent In a moment of madness I fonrnt mer, near enough for Matthew to come weekends or whenever he of cries pitched for above the range of could." human hearing. The cries are reflected by Mary drew a deep breath, shook Judith spoke before she thought Mrs. "Dutch" Walker,-of Main how to add. And there will have to be rafts of servants, I can't run-the place otherwise. That will be headache but Eva is taking over for "There's a darling cottage on the VERTICAL 1. summit " 2. river in Switzerland 3. harass 4. mountain nymph 5. medication 6. salutation 7. Bulgarian 1 coin 8. main factors her head. "We've no business to talk like this, even to think it," she obstacles, such as trees or posts, and the bat, picking up the echoes, changes his 1. make an edging 4. precious stones 9. slight taste 12. paddle 13. soft metal bolt 14. American author i 15. in favor of J place : it was built for the owner s 40. estimate 41. rovers 45. primary color 48 consumed 49. send payment 50. prefix: thrice 61. pike-like fish 52. potatoes (colloq ) 63. mournful said hrmly. mother. Aunt Ella would love . . ." course of flight to avoid collisions. I know," he agreed, but she She caught herself and thought gloomily: Now, why did i say that? street. Is spending a few days at Paris. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Barnaby and baby are visiting relatives at Kockville. Miss Brlttania Jones has gone to Perth and Pontine, for a week's vacation. knew he thought as she did, of Irene. "But still. Mary, didn't you But Mary had east down the it , Thus, it seems, the bats use a natural radar system, based upon the principle of think that association with Judy deck, while Lynn smiled and Mat might be good for Matthew?" the echo ot waves, bounced back by impact thew groaned. "This is a card game," he grumbled, "not a real Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Perhaps I did: yet I had estate ajrents conference. thought beyond that. It wouldn't IPIEIRnuaiPlETWTLTg with obstacles approached. - V Mary was silent remembering. e aeccni, sam mrau nrxniy. 9 backbone 10. electrified atom 11. wooden nail -17. spreads for drying 19. female ruff 21. type of lyric poem 22. uncovers 23. burn slightly 24. single individuals 25. river in Germany 26. prophets 28. solid grape-refuse 31. middles 32. goes back 34. stoop 35. snip diary 37. more normal 38. throws 40. grating 41. wit (colloq.) 42. Luzon Negrito 43. corded fabric 44. Australian ostrich 46. geological age 47. accciuplijhed "Women arc wonderful," ob iii Washington Rep. Clare Boothe Luce Judith said, after a minute, "Of course you might not like it at me. She's a very good manager. If you want to pay me just what yeu'd pay for any good little house in tha country, why, that's all right" Like most rich women EUa had her economies. She was generous to a fault and her extravagance waa nearly a vice. But new and then, after Dinging a thousand-dollar bill to the wind, she pinched a penny hard. , "HI pay you what I can afferd, and if it isn't enough, we'll call (he whole thing off." EUa said, "You're doing all right, I'm not worried. Suppose we daiv up and see it tomorrow. Too mar not like it at aU." . , But she did like H, and so did Matthew on his first free SuniUv. 16. raising 18. European ' mountains 20. writing implement' 21. receded 23. fusible alloys j 27. wan 28. excavations or digging i ore served Lynn. all." There was something in her Canned Crsbmeat Before the war Japan was supplying about 95 per cent of the canned crabmeat sold in the United States. In a single year we imported 10,720.000 pounds of ciabmeat val- "What do you mean?" "Nothing that a woman would opposes permanent acquisition by the United States of Atlantic or Pacific .lands except those essential to keep the voice . . . Mary looked at her, puzzled, and Matthew grinned: "She's thought understand," he told her, and added, "my darling." P f QtIr o pfpiE rHmIiJ ued at $4,582,000 from Japan. better of it She doesn t want us peace: "Why take them over since we are around. Cramp her style, per Lynn, please!" I know." He rose and stood .going to free them anyway." looking down at her. "We haven't said anything, have we, since the night of the accident?" 29. exclamation . of triumph SO. native metal 31. walking-sticks 'S2. outfit 33. prefix: of , 34. ice masses S3, smooth rt With British Forces In Normandy A PpulslEUMA tTtEN C Al I INUslHlolpnLlob dnvmg op to Greenwich with Judith beside him and his mother ial the back seat . haps." Mary said, ignoring that, "Judith, if you'd speak to Ella?" "I'll speak to her." Judith's heart sang suddenly. If if she would be near him. . . . Not often perhaps, but it would be something to look forward to, something about which she aught dream. Kaiireao revenues Operating revenues of the railroads in 1943 were the largest on record, rising to $9.055, 000, 000 from $7,466,000,000 In 1942. They were nearly three times greater in 1943 than at the bo Hun of the depression in 1933 when revenues amounted to etdjr 3,095,OO0,0W, 62J No." 'And you'd rather not?" 'Much rather." 'All right," ha conceded; "but flen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery in a epecial message to his troops in France: "The ervd of the war is in sight lets finish off the business in record time." (To be eontmned) Cwrrubt. rait MM Cattnes PwrlSMH St lias tmutm ajadaila sa . arcfSIC (to mt MUltlftA; ZS MJsMtPS. DM. by Kjng Features Sodlcstt, lac S6. intrinsic fiatura

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