The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 22, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, August 22, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Page Six . Library Budget Form No. 3 Prescribed by State Board of Account WANTED TO BENT NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES Stunned Nazis In Full Flight On South Coast (Continued from Page One) BUSINESS SERVICES Tuesday, August 22, 1944. CriticaMrftbor Shortage in Farm Sections of State LAFAYETTE, Irid. Critical labor shortage continue to exist In some sections of Indiana, where during the next, two weeks, tomato picking jobs will require up to 12.-000 workers, J. Ki Kohlmeyer, of Purdue University, state supervisor for farm emergency labor, said today. He added that total of 234 foreign workers were brought Into lh slate during the Isst week to help alleviate the ahortages. Tipton county was assigned 76 Mexican nationals, and 60 Jamai Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices In the Matter of Determining the Tax Rates for certain Purposes byf the Library Board of Clinton, Ver- million County, Indiana. I Notice Is herebj given the taxpayers of Clinton, Vermillion County. Indiana, that the proper legal officers of said municipality, at their regular meeting place, on the 21th day of August, 1944, will consider the following budget: BUDGET CLASSIFICATION 1. Services Personal 1 2.410 10 2. Services Contractual t . 3. Supplies Jl '? h Current Charges - Properties . ....... Total Estimate I4.6S3.98 (Complete detsil of budget estimate may be seen In office of Library) ESTIMATE OF I. Mill tit Y Fl'.N'l) TO BE It AIHKI) FUNDS REQUIRED KOI! EXPENSES TO DECEMBER list OF INCOMING YEAR: 1. Total Budget Estimate for incoming year $ 4.683.98 2. Necessary expenditures to be made from appropriations unexpended July 31st of present year 5. Total Funds Required (Add lines 1. 2, 3 and 4) $ FUNDS ON HAND AND TO BE HECKIVED FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX LEVY: 6. Actual Balance, July 31st of present year I 7. Taxes to be collected, present year (December settlement! 8. Miscellaneous Revenue to be received August lnt of present year to December 31st of incoming year (Schedule on file in office of Library Board): b. Fees and all other revenue (see Schedule) 9. 10. Total Funds (Add lines 6. 7. NET AMOUNT TO BE RAISED FOR EXPENSES TO DECEMBER 31st OF INCOMING YEAR- (Deduct line 9 from line 6) 1,680.92 Operating Balance (Not In excess of expense January 1st to June 30. less Miscellaneous Revenue for same period) 1,458.99 AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY II. 12. (Add lines 10 and 111 1 $3,039.91 PROPOSED LEVIES Net Taxable Property 3.0C9.955 00 Levy on Amount to Name of Fund Property Be Raised Library . .10 $ 3,069.96. COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF TAXES COLLECTED ' AXDTOBEtXrt.LECTED . (Tabulate below amount to be collected in current year and amount collected in each of the , ' Collected Fund 1942 Library 1 3.750.72 Before the Library Board. ........ . ... . '''' 800.00 2.800.00 7,383.98 3,773. Of 2,000.00 30.00 5,803.06 8a and 8b f previous three years.) To Be Collected 1945 Collected Collected 1943 1944 f 4.024.81 f 2.715.9 3,0fi9.9S me mate Hoard will fix a date for MRS. GARVETTE HAYEK, President CUJRA EVANS, Vice President PEARL STULTZ, Secretary. 1944. champ Bud Ward, Chicago Bears owner Lieut. Command George Ha-ias. sports-writer Sgt. Henry McLe- more and Corp. Chester Robertson of Oklahoma City, former Tennessee halfback who played at the Orange. Sugar and Rose Bowl games in l3s, 13 and 140, swapped reminiscence with Hope for an hour. Optical Nerves The nerves controlling the lens and tbe pupil o the eye work involuntarily. WE PAY CASH FOB USED RJ.INITU.IE AND STOVES OXE PIECE 4B A. BOUSE FULL Taylors Radio Service 4MB. Ma ft. 7tt First Bun Features The Amazing Drama of a Taxpayers appearing shall bare a right to be beard thereon. After the tax levies have been determined, and presented to the County Auditor not later than two days prior, to the second Monday In September, and the levy fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or on their failure so to do. by the County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers fellijg themselves aggrieved by such levies, may appeal to the State Board of Tax Cotnmfsxioners for further and final hearing thereon, by filing of petition with the County Aud- cans were sent to Rush county to pick tomatoes. Other Jamaicans wer placed as follows: Grant county, 26; Delaware, 20: Henry, 30; Clinton, 16, and Pulaski. 8. A total of 130 foreign workers, 497 Jamaicans and 123 ,Mexlcans, are now working In various parts of the state, Kohlmeyer said. Prisoners of war are being used In some areas to help with the tomato harvest. Officer's Death in Chute V Leap Laid To "Blackout" . DAYTON, Ohio. Officials of th material command of the army air forces at Wright Field reported today that the eight-mile death piung Saturday of Lt. Col. Melbourne W. Boynton apparently was caused by a "blackout." , . . Col. Boynton, 29-year-!d chief of the medical safetly division of th office of flying safety, did sot pull the ripcord on either of two parat chutes be wore in an experimental Jump at the nearby Clinton county army air base, officials said. The oxygen equipment was still, working after the body struck the'eroun they said. - ' - f Boynton plunged through th bomb bay of a Flying Fortress at 42,000 feet, landing two- minute and 2S seconds biter In a cornfield. With th Compliment SWIMMING POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free . SWIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office for . John Howarth Watch This Space Daily ' Wfcta The Of THE DAILY CLT.TCMAN, There Are Two ' Free Ticket To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Offlee for EDNA HABICHT South Lincoln BtL Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch TMs apace Every Dar TOUB NAME MAT BE JTKXT FIVE Oil SIX ROOM MODERN house. CIobo in. Phone 185. t64x FIVE OR SIX ROOM HOUSE BY new band director. Call 692. t51 Armor Columns Sweep to West In Fresh Trap (Continued from par 1) knocked out or damaged by the RAF In areas not occupied by Allied ground troops. A headquarters spokesman con firmed an estimate that 100,000 Germans, Including casualties and those taken prisoner, will be ac counted for in the battle of the Ar- gentan-Falalse pocket which is thought soon will be brought to a close. Leading Canadian troop to the east ot the main American striking forces reached Annebault, thus closing in on Llsleux, 18 miles from the mouth of the Seine. British forces who swung around Argentan captured Gace. Belgian units captured Cabourg, on the coast north of Caen. Dutch contingent entered the outskirts of Houlgate and Brucourt was captured f. Citing additional flgnres, bead-quarters said that between Aug. 8 and Aug., 1 2. American, British and Canadian forces In the area around the Normandy pocket took about 30,000 prisoners. The American Third Army has captured 50.000 prisoners In Its operations and killed 11.000 Germans. The combined drive by the Allied armies along the Seine is aimed at trapping remnant force of the German Seventh Army seeking to flee across that waterway and part of the German 15th Army. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c CAHEER Gin With Frances Langford Craig Wood PLUS THERE'S SOMETrXG ABOUT A SOLDIER With Tom Neal Evelyn Keye THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c SALUTE FOR THREE With Betty Rhodes iliac Donald Carey Dona Drake "Aladdin's Lamp" Terr toon "DANGER AREA" MGM Short RELY ON... RECAPPING VULCANIZING RE- liners. Prestone coming, -merino Royal, get It here while It' plentiful. Oils 2 and 5 gai. fine containers. Gaa Market. 115 North Main St. Horace Towell, Mgr. tss I HAVE SALES FOR FOUR OR five houses, well located. If you wish to aell will be pleased to have you Hat your property with me. O. F. Houston. t53 BENNETT TRANSFER. LOCAL and long distance moving. 40 S. 4th. Phone 454. YOUR PHOTOGRAPH OR BABIES taken any sire, enlargements made. Mrs. Raymond Turner. 1058 8. 5th St. WE HAVE A GOOD SUPPLY OF Red Cedar Posts. Clinton Lumber Supply Co. Phone 322. PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING. Write Box 442-F. FOR PLUMBING. HEATING. ELEC-tric wiring, and sheet metal see C. V J. Kamarata. 336 North Ninth St. Phones 20 and 153W. 17tf FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Track and Tractor Tires and Tube. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly don and Guaranteed. th and Bogart Mobllga Station. Jo Glacoletto. Clinton. 12U DEAD A N I M'A L 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt senrto. Call Crawford S261 or Crawford SllOt Trr Haute or Dana 142. We pay all phone charge. John Wachtel Co.. Terr Haute. tl37 DEAD AXIMALS KKMOVKD FREE of charge by Dwiggias aad How, licensed dealers. Call a a ooa a they die aad reverse charge. Daaa Feed Service, Daaa, Fboaa 60. tSxf Guaranteed 24-Hr, Refrlgeratloa Service. Commercial aad Domestic. F. L. Boaebrake, Phoae 1034-4 Ctia-ton or lC-J-2. Moitexuma. MALE HELP WANTED BRICK LAYER. SECOND FULTON. St., Fairview. t52x BOYS TO CARRT PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aptly, Bill Blackburn. Clintonian. PAID NOTICES sontE! Rummage Sale Friday. August 25. a. m. Silverman Building. Keys Class of Methodist Church. tS3x ANY MAJ4 WORK1NO AT VEHMIL- lion County Coal Co. from April 1st. to June 20, 143 or has had a vacation pay due them, please attend Local 2274 Thursday Aug. 24th. at K Ax F Hall on Ninth St. Jim Thomas, President and Leslie Asbura, Committee. titx HOTK'E! Aug. '26. 144 aad thereafter essr retatlr eVuartasestf will be opea (roan 7:4Mt a. as. te : P- a.: Mstfawday frota 7:(W a. ssu te :) a. as. Cetesaaa. Aote Co. aad Ford Gjue. 165 KOTW'EJ TKt EKJ KU. S MIKE 1U . Zjm TOW. WKKKVKI L IK VW)VtKtUt. 1 MILK SOt'TH fF tUSTOS. 8IKUTE 4WAL flOMPAA'V. tS4S Help Wanted Female GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. KmaJl town. Good wage. Permanent lob. Write Clintonian. Box 442 S. 153 GIRL OK YOUNG LADY. FULL-time. Powell's Pharmacy. 153 HELP WANTED EXPERIENCED HELP TO WORK In store. Tombangh 5 and 10. 15 If ELDERLY LADY TO CAKE FOR children. Stay nights. Call 1122-4. IS 8 WANTED A PAKT TIME HOUSE-keeper. Mrs. Dow Mitchell, 43 Walnut St. WANTED TO BUY SECOND HAND LAWN MOWER. A-l condition. Will pay reasonable prioe. Phone 344-J. 153 TRICYCLE FOR CHILD ABOUT three years old. Call 238-J r H25 No. Main street. t(2x LARGE SIZE GAS BURNER. SUIT- , able for melting pot. Should be approximately IS inches in dl-, ameter. Type formerly tised under atill will be aatietactory. Call 32, : Daily Clintonian. It) FT. COAL CHUTE. CHARLIE K. Ferguson. Tel. 1SS W. 162 WANTED WASHINGS. NO IRONING. THIRD bouse east ef school iiouse at : Fairview. 161x First day insertion: le for aeb. leading Una (on column 11ns, Ilk ne of these). Next two day Insertion: ths ui la.ebarg (yon cat three dsrs at double the cost ot too flrat day 1. Nxt three days Insertion: the aa I chare (you get wnoi IHk (lr days I at thre times the cost of oa Insertloa). Eat croup ot tara daya ttere-aftar. te a lia. Blackface (Uk thla) 10c per Ha. All classified ad Ineladlnc inem-erUm and aotiee of all kind must Be paid la advance except tboaa by regular customer whose account are paid monthly or thoa (ram or-Butaatlon wboa bill nut b allowed before belac Paid. In the attar ease the psrsoa aeklnc the publication of the notice will be bald reapoaslbl (or It payment. FOB SALE 141 PLYMOUTH Deluxe Four Door Sedan 40 GRAHAM Deluxe Four Door Sedan '38 Bulck Road muter Sedan '37 FORD 60 Coach '34 WILLIS Sedan SS PLYMOUTH Coupe 36 CHEVROLET Coach '35 CHEVROLET Coach 31 FORD Coupe '2 FORD Coupe All In drat class condition with good tires. Farm wagons on rubber tire. COLEMAN ALTO CO. Phone 427 t53 USED PINE FLOORING ONE-CENT lineal foot, also 2x6 and 2x8. Best of hard maple tx flooring 2'i cent lineal foot. Large quantity two-eents. Also lots of sheet iron (or roofing. Also a new handmade delivery wagon and a ball-bearing storm buggy, i. M. Vlettl. Phone 26. t53x WARDROBE. KEROSENE OVEN and cabinet doors. 405 South Seventh St. tS3x FIVE ROOM HOUSE. CLOSE IN. raaA condition. B. F. Harrison. 67 Rim Rt- tS4x SIX CYLINDER WILLYS-KNIGHT gedaa. Has been made Into true. 4t South Fourth Street. tSSx GOOD COW. JOHN TOFFOLO. Fairview. tSia GIRLS BICYCLE. BARBARA MY-ers. K. I. One mile northeast of Center Church. - t8 GOOD COW. JOHN TOFFOLO. t52x KITCHEN SINK. 413 SOUTH. 7TH. tS4l BOY'S BICYCLE. 2 X. 7TH. ST. tS2x ONE MAJESTIC RANGE. GKEEN enamel; one kitchen cabinet with sink and (aucete and three piece walnut bedroom suite. Inyire t4 Vine St. WHITE BOCK FRIES. 832 SOUTH Sixth. til FOB FINE FLAVORED CANNI.NC peaches, buy tree-ripened peaches at Kardi's Orchard. Lyford. lnd. We'll be picking Aug. 21. tSSx CRAPES. $67 K. 10TH STREET. Fete Carre ra. tS3x COLUMBIA RECORD Ulit OUT of Nowhere.- Sunday. Les Brown and His Orchestra. 0c plus tax. White' Pharmacy. PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IB the time. This is the place. Vtii and Elm Street Market, open until 8 J. m. for your convenience. We have favored out trucks and saved our gas te haul peaches. IS you don't get them It won't be our fault. You eau ave your gas. tires, .and money here. McCracken and Sons. 802 South Main and .Htli and Elm Streets. 14 Of FOUR KOOM HOUSE, 845 MAT-thew Street. 16 4x FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-cil Block. Charlie . Ferguson Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f ONE FIRE SIDE HEATING STOVE and me three drawer ehest. In quire 146 . Main. 161 i iGABDEN VEGETABLES. CliCl'M-bers, beets, cabbage, sweet corn and other vegetables. 2 mile north of Hillsdale. C. E. V'uuten. 61 : Fart 43a, Snatfa, FOB SENT MODERN HOME, JNUUKE fi. 7th. t52x MODERN FURNISHED APART- ment. Close in. 416 South Third Street. t43f es under his command to exert a maximum effort to prevent the Germans from getting time to recover. Chance for Victory "We have a definite chance of victory," the General said. "The opportunity for decisive results Is In front of us and we must and will use It with the utmost speed and effectiveness." Radio Algiers said French troops already were In possession pf Toulon but fall of the city was not confirmed in the regular communique from headquarter of Gen. Sir Henry Maitland Wilson. H Mile from Marseille Infantry element have advanced to within eight mile of Marseille, France's biggest port and second largest city. (A British radio broadcast heard by NBC said that the Allies are six miles from Marseille. I French forces are advancing northward beyond Toulon, the communique said. American troops of Ma). Gen. Al exander M. Patch's Seventh Army have occupied Air-En-Provence and forward element have pushed beyond the Durance liver, taking Gram-bo is and Manosque. Deepest Penetration The deepest penetration of southern France came In the area north of Draguignan. near the center of the rapidly expanding beachhead, where a number of towns were captured. French reconnaissance forces have entered Hyeres, some seven miles east of Toulon, but stiff fighting was still under way yesterday afternoon, with the Nazis resisting fiercely and throwing in their heavy artillery, particularly at the Hotel du Golf, which they have converted into a strong point. Enter Hyeres Suburbs In an effort to bypass resistance. the impetus of the French attack shifted westward and resulted In a successful entry Into the northwest- tern suburbs of Hyeres, but enemy resistance continued strong along the railway tracks leading into the town. Farther to the north, the Allied advance along the south bank of the Durance river progressed steadily, reaching Lespuy. Beyond the river San Julien and Barrere were occu pied. Lana Tamer, Myrna Loy Win Second Divorces , LOS ANGELES. Calif. After picturing herself a a verbally brow- 1 ! .. .'CwaalA, f'lrl " 1 .U 11 S Turner today held a default divorce decree from Stephen Crane, former broker aad tobacco heir to whom she was married twice. The film glamour girl testified at a hearing which lasted a brief five minutes that Crane yelled at her. berated at ber and quarreled with her. She became "extremely aerroo aad irritable" as a result and lost so much weight that it affected ber film work, she testified. HOLLYWOOD. Calif. Myrna Loy. known for her work opposite u ijirn Pnwell la tbe screen's "This Man" series of pictures, bad a divorce today from John Hertz Jr., advertising man. The decree was issaed at Cuerna- vaea. Bear Mexico City, oa charges of mental cruelty. Miss Loy and Hert were married la 1942 and separated this year, rturtnr their two rears of marriaae the actress retired from tbe screen. hut returned recently to Hollywood to resume her "Thin Man" role of Nora. At that time she said b would divide ber time between New York and Hollywood. Twice Cracked Cast in London in 1752, nearly a quarter-century before the Declaration of Independence, tbe Liberty Bell twice cracked and was twice recast in Philadelphia within a year. 6.00x1 No Rationing iwr ii'n iaM-r man iMrujMer la, ana nearing in mi uouniy. Dated this 12th day of August, 815-2244. Bob Hope Show First live Artists To Hit HoIIaodia SOMEWHERE IN NEW GUINEA. Comedian Bob Hope' USO party arrived in Hollandia today after a journey of many hours by air from Sydney, Australia, and gave the first "live artist" show yet staged at this forward base. More than 10.009 Doughboys and officers, many of whom bad waited through hours of rain squalls, gave Hope, Jerry Colonna, Frances Lang-ford and the rest of the troupe a tremendous reception and at times lighted the stage with their flashlights when the power failed. At a second show, for amphibious engineers, famous United States sport figures met sports-loving Hope. After the show amateur golf HIGHEST EASE! For Tour Us oa uarc COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 & 3rd St Phone 427 THPCTURS 1J"rO"t (XMMJ2HT ror 9c Final Tuesday 40c 9c.35cI?AcI3 Woman Barred From Love! 7 2 rirst Bun Pictures And They Are Good T.rfll".r. i if rr il v v a Kystery-KSc Serial L,V -7, JMBmm- E 4Y' ; "-"i afc TOM CON WAY t C - I 7-rV " AUDREy LONG FnCTCHV-CCIITnCLlED Starting Thurhdaw For Three Days itL SiMrtit! C!FS ' LTiMJiE 2) Certificate Required f GUARANTEED SATISFACTION 2 JANE fflTHEIS I x , 1 '' um Pi V t r . AS i h a-aa-sar ITS A BIG HELP Just to Know Where to Get Money When It's Needed. Several Thousand People Have Used the Security Loan Company This Year. POLAND'S dJ Ul FL'H . 1X311 ICS AW SmI fasal HsmI a i ihsst wiaiMiaient . e 1 1 1 jhf mi's ic steal i CAETOON NEWS turn V - I mm ma ) I SECURITY LOAN CO. FI.1ESTOKZ-TEXACO SERVICE Phone C2 131 ". Mas fit. 226 Elacknian fit. M CLINTON, INDIANA

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