The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 22, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1944
Page 5
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Page Five THE DAILY CLINTONIAN PUNCH FOR COLLEGIANS ' - , By Sords NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE Major League Scoreboard (OowMnwed F"aa Pace I) Tuesday, August 22, 1M4. Browns Seize New Lease On Pennant Race AL Contenders Take (h er Senators in 5 - 3 Match course designed to bridge the gap between training ill the slHtea and ftf JtewSO-!, VC, FORMER OrtlOSlXTeS-lAR,!!.!. tot combat soldiering in France and an BASKHAI.I. TODAY Probable pitchers: AMKRU'AX I.KAGCK Detroit ( Newhouser ) a t New York I Queen I . FUiJcM -to -we ootxe&e au- Franklin College To Open 1 11th Year September 9 FRANKLIN. Ind. The opening of the 111th year at Franklin College Is scheduled' for atnrday. September 9. Although official registration wilt not be held until Monday, September 11, all new students are required to go through an orientation period. The orientation period will include an opening convocation on Saturday. September 9. at 10 a. m. and English and psychological entrance tests. Women's Residence Hall will be open to new students on Friday, September X. and upperclass women counsellors will be in attendance to aid the incoming students. Air Service Command Station in Fnplittifl At this station Lt. McLeisb siaks vJrfo -Tackus -we- CACA60 gates attended a series of lectures given by battle veterans. Cleveland (Gromekl at Boston U.S.A. Pvt. William Grimm, husband of Mia. Josephine Grimm of !30t North Seventh Street, has completed basic training at Fort Knox, Ky. and is ready for combat duty vith an Armored I'nit. He entered service March 2lt. 1944. U.S.A Mrs. Zua Stefani of Vine street Ammunition Ban To Be Relaxed For Hunting Season WASHINGTON. D. C. The War Production Board disclosed today it will temporarily remove the ban on sale of ammunition to hunters during the fall season. Action was taken because animals and birds "are causing widespread destruction to crops and livestock In all sections of the country." WPH said. Actual date on lifting the sales ban will be announced later this week. The ban was originally Imposed in May. 1943, relaxed for the 1943 fall hunting season, and restored on January 1, 1944. WPB disclosed that three million pounds of brass are available for ammunition production during the fourth quarter of 194 4 and recommended that the following number of shells he produced: 24U million rim fire cartridges, eight million center fire cartiridges. and 130 million shot gun shells. Increasing numbers of sheep, cattle and other livestock have been killed by predatory animals such as wolves and coyotes, while foxes and weasels have killed many domestic fowl. WPB officials said. Crows, wild ducks and pheasants were labeled by WPB as the greatest enemies o! crop"). -M! migratory birds from Canada also constitute a menace. (O'Neill I. Chicago (drove) at Philadelphia (Kloresi. St. Louis (I'oiterl at Washington IHaerner) (night). NATIONAL l.KAt.l : ew Work (Fischer) at Chicago (Wysel. Brooklyn ( Davis 1 at Pittsburgh (Scaell) (night t. Philadelphia I Barrett and Lee) at Cinnand ((;umbert and Konstanlyi (two night games.) Boston (Tobin and Javryl at St. Louis (Lanier and Brecheen) (2 night games). YKSTFRDA YK ItESll.TS AMKItll AN I.KAt.lK New York 5. Detroit 1. To Increase Lead ; Red Sox Slip Up In Cleveland XKW YORK. X. Y. The St. Ijouls Browns, after suffering four trafpht defeats to reduce their com-fortabr lead over Uie American League field, hare a new lease on life today but It's just a lease. The Browns took over the Washington Senators last nlpht 6 to 3 in a 12-innfng struggle, which did not end until Don (iumrlilt-f parked a homer In the 'stands In the twelfth frame with one aboard. ie Jakucki and Mickey Haefner went all the war for their respective clubs, Jakucki being granted an eight- hit win. has received word that her husband. Rock Fall Kills Miner Sl'LLIVAX. Ind. Final rites were arranged today for Richard Teasley, SS-year-old Dugger miner, who was killed instantly in a rock fall at the New Harmony mine east . of Sullivan yesterday afternoon. ii-t Renn Ktefani who has been r. a RJI v. AA& G?l-scr stationed in North Africa, has been transferred to an Air Base in Egypt. U.S.A. Three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mattsey of 1142 North Seventh Street have been home on furlough recently. Walter E. Mattsey of the Marine Corps, spent a short leave at his home last week. Ifc. Robert Mattsey of Chicago was home on Wednesday and SSgt. James E. Mattsey is spending a 15-day furlough at home. Sox Weaken . Cleveland 7, Boston 6 (17 in- 1 Dr. G. R. KcGUIHE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray ZSSVt Bbackmaa Tna Boston rtea box noio. on sec- njn(rP). ond place, however, was weakened j philadclhpia . CWcaeo 2 fn'al I '. considerably when the Bean Town-1 g, joUa 5. Washington 3 CniKhl era dropped a 13-innlng decision to 1 2 ininI.K). the Cleveland Indians, 7 to C A j 5 itioN 41, 1,F.V;1K borne run decided the game when j-ew yOTb 4. ciiiraro 3. Mickey Roeco lifted one into the ij(isburf;h . Brooklyn 7 (unfln-slands oft Mike Ryba. And that was Bn game of July S l.x only the Indians" fourth circuit Pittsburgh 7, Brooklyn 6 (10 ln-clout. Ken Keltner. Pat Seery and ',...., AuliM& lAoeei.s ui &z, Boston St. Louis (rain). (Otber clubs not scheduled). Boy, Seriously Earned By Playmates' Flamethrower INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. -r- David L'rsiny. of Indianapolis is 'only 15 ,,.,ft l , M4aI6 A fiSf OF 9U . RUBBER STAMPS For Every Purpose 48-Honr Service THZ DAILY CLINTONIAN Army Deserters Held Bv Rochester, Ind. Polioe ROCHESTER. Ind. Rochester authorities held two alleged armj-desertera. 18 and 24 years of age, today, awaiting Brrival of military officials. The older man, Roy R. Sullivan, of Vincennes, has been stationed in New York, while the 18-year-old. a resident of Fort Wayne, was reported to have fled from Fort Benjamin Harrison at Indianapolis.- and has never been on a real field j TOMORROWS ttAMKS NATIONAL LKAGI'E Chicago at St: Louts (night). (Only game scheduled I. AMKKM'AX LKAGI'E (So games scheduled). Standings L3 er4hey wore their skirts above their knees or below their knees). We feel that the Australian girls were Tery unkind to criticize the American girls, who after all represent the womanhood of the country which they are anxious to take as their own. They should bear in mind that II is impossible to judge all the girls in a country the size of the United States by the few girls that they have come in contact with since l'tw!incr of battle, but he Knows loaay wnai it's like to be tbe victim of a flame thrower. David suffered second - degree burns on his back yesterday when his shirt was ignited by a miniature thrower designed by bis young friends who were playing Commandoes. The boys had ignited the spout of a can of lighter fluid, and by squeezing the can. were able to shoot a long stream of fire. The stream caught David's shin. When It began to burn he started to run. the otber boys stupped him, threw him down and beat out the flames. A police emergency squad gave first aid. As It Appear to Us . . . Kemdem are invited to coax tribute to this column, but carta letter must be limited to 250 words. No contribution will be ptihlbthrd unless It Is signed, although the writer's name will not he printed except by revues. Opinions expressed are not nrcesnaaily those of The Clintonian. If'AX LEAGl'E Won Lost Pet. ami: Clubs Jim Bagby connected for four-ply clouts. Ted-' Klieman waa credited with the win and Ryba charged with the loss. The New- York Yankees, meanwhile, were creeping up on third place with a 5 to 1 win over the Detroit Tigers that put them within a half-game of that niche. Walter Dubiel held tbe Tigers to eight safeties, half of wbicb were netted by Roger Cramer, and his teammates pounced on Rufe Gentry and Johnny Corsica for two homers and three triples. Hershel llartin and Russ Derry whacked out tbe homers and the triples were chalked up by Nick Etten. Mike Barbarfc and Martin. Frankie Hayes infield single with tbe bases loaded in the nintb inning gave tbe Philadelphia Athletics a 3 to 2 triumph over the Chicago White Sox. Tbe White Sox had tied up the count at 2-2 in the eighth. Bums lrop Two In tbe National League, the Brooklyn Dodgers dropped two games to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tbe opener tru the play-off of an unfinished contest left over from July , the Pirates going only 2 in THREE O'CLOCK . "AND I HAVEN T SLEPT A WINK WAKEFUL NIGHTS how the time drags! Minutes seem like hours, we worry over thiojsi done and left undone. After such a night, we get up in the morning more tired than when we went to bed. Nervous Tension causes many a wakeful night and wakeful nights are likely to cause Nervous Tension. Next time you feel Nervous and Keyed Up or begin to toss, tumble and worry after you get to bed try c?r:iEsr:H:Y."s .580 .542 .530 .52C .475 .413 .463 .427 50 54 55 55 62 65 65 67 St. Louis 6 Boston 4 Detroit 62 New York 61 Chicago 56 Cleveland 56 Philadelphia 56 Washington 50 This Is written by a group of 1 girls working in a war plant who j are spending their time putting ev- j ery effort to help end this war and Bin : ii Gentlemen: ! We were astonished to read the : comments that Australian wives of American Service Men made re- NATIONAL LEAGl'E Clubs Won Lost Pel. bring our boys back to us. We reel that the boys will appreciate our efforts on the home front and will be glad to get back to us regardless of the length, of our skirts. garding American girls. We liarltor no jealousy whatso- (Uquid sr tHuHsml Tablets) SR. MILES KERVINE helps to ease Nervous Tension to permit le freshing sleep. When you are Kered Dp. Cranky. Fidgerv, Wakeful, take Dr. allies Nervine. Try it for Nervous Heartache and Nerrans Indigestion. Get Dr. Miles Nervine at vour drug store. Effervescent Tablets, Large Package ISr, Small Package 35t; Liquid, Large Bottle JIM. Small Bottle 23, both equally effective as a sedative, both guaranteed to satisfy or your money back. Read directions and use only as directed. St. Louis 84 Pittsburgh 6S Cincinnati 64 dispel the lonesomeness of our boys One Killed, Five Hurt In Auto Crash at Covington CRA WFORDSVILLE, Ind. Last rites were being planned today for Benny Newlln. 31. of Crawfordsville. who was fatally Injured in a head-on collision of two cars on Ind. 34 near Covington in which five other persons were injured. Very truly yours. Service Jlen's Wives and Sweethearts. Chicago 51 away from home. After ail. a lone-1 .74S .696 .571 .464 .444 .404 .400 .Sal nings to give Fntx ostermueiier a - Nw York some boy. far from home and Auie-j rican girls, probably would appreci- j Foston 46 Philadelphia 4 4 Brooklyn 45 ate the companionship 01 any j Interesting Social News Everyday sweet ' girl (regardless of wbeth-. to 7 triumph. Tbe second was a 10-Inning affair that resulted in a 7 to C victory for Ray Starr when a long fly by Frankie Gustlne in the tenth scored Bob Elliott. The New York Giants pounced en the Chicago Cubs. 4 to 3. but Ernie (Sdraomzola) Lombard! did AMERICAN" ASSOflATlOX "EBHAPS-IP 7 TUAT nrfLAWS f-H P"&VE"5E9jT CAY HEARTLESS VCETCk.BJ Won iJist Pet. 3 THE AND BE SUBE.A MGOU&.CCfo&'S' ' Fu&Ti WATC0ES THE SUERIFFIS PAKTV Close in on mm t it is our. hero !i .' Clubs Milwaukee HARtcV WEB M UJOCV IF HE ESCAPES SUV tis (OBECLOSuSE TCU !-KteMIE! , ity .u.-.u.. a BuDCM-PU' UAV K ttT rff UNCES BANCH kE -r-A NOOSE.ME DOJE I I ! Toledo R 6 GENBiOMTY , " n most of the aonncing. The elephantie .jQuigTiiie catcher clouted two home runs and ( olumbus a single to driye in all the Giant's ,Sl pitll .60 .612 .614 .546 .540 .364 .352 .22 S7 79 78 71 67 47 44 35 sft-r vl- runs. Johnny titen was creaiiea with tbe victory, although he needed the help of Ace Adams. HAIRBREADTH HARRY Minneapolis Indianapolis Kansas City Does not In game. nigbt'i last Clinton Diamond Crew Defeats Rox In 7-6 Meeting Former Ohio State Coach Takes Over at Great Lakes GREAT LAKES, ill. The foot- A QUI Winning in the last haif of the 1 ball squad at the Great Lakes avai MlAMTC DAn Alio MIS PCrtONEfi AflE UtKXUi FOB y All' I M r-iAT VCU TOO ninth frame, the Clinton nine defeat- Training center welcomed a new cd the Rockville Box in. a 7-6 bat- head coach today. Lt. (jel Paul E. tie at Sportland Park last Sunday. , Brown, former head coach at Ohio THE MAM W6WNAV t THAT IS kajJ&Ht, Hi Tt CfK 15 UMS I THAT B W tSCtM? Tht BAOO E5SA FSOM JOSE rut Thou&trr of that strr sou mem have AM1WTWB T 0r THIS War MO OMt i trnuoofsMr)'''! ' KIllOw THE MAM f 1 j SOA0 WU.BE - i ' -i :i( patroled 6v ili l , 1 10 THE PlAU I A j 10U HHi. SKWT t I I lRtSTn6- I y State University. f 'I lnv v AM mtumMS WHV MM mot ' nil. CCnft THE MAM BOAS I A IHe wy MEM wmi K AtO l IU SEfiCH TUE COUMTSty , - w ' . - uh 3i iiaia wtvini iua. w u ' -y W ft aw ovwa that MOT FAIL.'.' u--t vmam n ( J A -.( 5CA J Cr-' ua vou at- ? His appointment by Cant. Robert R. bead football coach. TAXI THC ROAD WIUUI W- I; I MV KoENDS j'i was announced M. Emmei. As Lt. Brown will Tony Hinkle of HTtnO Of 4hHNw George McClare batted in the winning ran with scoring evenly di-Tlded between the Clinton aggregation. Ralph "Swede" Kerr was on the mound for Clinton while Hugh JfeCiU worked behind the plate. Otber Clinton diamond-men are Gerald Hinnzy. Bob Osmon. Ray TMKHMM THE relieve Lt. Comdr. TOUtASOi TiC 6lAM . i I I t ' fl Ik 1 ftUSM?r some of the work Hinkle performed j before his promotion to ureal uses athletic officer. j Lt. Brown first gained national V , IX: DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48 Stewart. Johnny Goodman. Jortnn i lis r -T A,L ' " ssi 1 It' Smith; Troy Vincent, and Floyd ' attention as football coach at Mas-i silioa. O.. high fchool where his 11 MV i.1 i A i II r I I Foster. Veil on the list for the local nine ; teams were unbeaten for su conse- , mK KM will be the undefeated Shelbyvilie j eutive seasons. team which will make tbe trek to) Clinton to meet the locate at snort-. Banker Hill Squad To Be land Part at 2 p. m. .en winoay, ontrai Indiana's Team Alsw on schedule for the Clinton out ' i CAMBRIDGE CITY. Ind. The fit fs n ewnain-raiser with tbe Gar- : Banker Hill Nary Baso softball neM lierwe, aouai , lnm wju represent central Indiana the Old Pnsb-Old Timers game Sept. . . fi . .. TUATS ROUTER POPEvQ WELL AT LEAST SO LONJiSj ' REGRET Stuq ISLANDS J at the local ball park. hji fBa by rirlue 0f a 2 to 1 ' victory over the Greensbnrg MeKin- uni I AAl K. I I vou CAN STOP AT 3THE tASXAtRAL SEZ TTAKE JOfJES I VOU LUCK HfH LOCKEf? FOR THE NOfcTTrl CDURSK TO THE A CUP OF TEA? ley All-Stars in the district finals at Cambridge City. Tbe Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons are defending state champions. Thimble Theatre JUNEBUG f nn GUNSMITH AD Kinds a (m . Kepairrd Arlie Peader HHSdate. Ind. OvJDERSr-TI auifKw Ad SeO Host Aartii'iBf Wmid mm THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: wzm mm U v" 1 HE WROTE MB TO LOOK AFTER TOU FOR HtMj IT'S MICE TP KNOW TKT I MiSS i'OMES, ill II CM, I'M ttAC UCH I UD NICHOUS AliSO CLAD CONFI&EMCP-: i V , FftlffOOFl MAC3)lTO MEET DEAR TILUE. I'M nox vjof?Rval Starring POPEYE TILLIE the TOILER RmWestorer ABOUT TCLLI KNOVvl YOORH ABLE TO TAKE OF HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE DOVVLINC ALLEY

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