The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 22, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, August 22, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four tBE DAILY ?LIN'xt)NIAir " Tuesday,, August tZ, 194L v ".'J r-f THE DAILY CLDiTONIAN OVERBOARD J At tht Mom mm Tea-ailay and1 Wcctneotay Anna Neagle, desert mr, musical 1 Mir Except Saturday .aad is.? I ar KOLIYCOO comedy and straight drame for few-fti L. Cavrey - Editor MdPabOahev the robustness of molodrama, co- satisfied. R has thought op stars with Richard Greene In "The Yellow Canary." a romantic adventure produced by Herbert Wilcox for RKO Radio. fty NASKISON CAMOU tag rcatara Sywelal strMer HOLLYWCOD After all the cx-travaeant spectacles la recent Hollywood musicals) everybody is asking "What will the movie pro-" - . ducers think up FbooaSS Photos 53 As a lovely British renegade. Miss N carlo dcplcti the aortal thing new. - A few stages away. Direct or Henry Koster is snooting backstage dress room scene for "Muss For Millions." Marsha Hunt comes up and extends her band. "Too might as well tell aw goosV hy" she savs. "After this scene. outcast who seeks out a tins of text?" iREuatCwisf S u nan errataiji jmi me nimnoires f7 outraged Kovernment exiles her v. s. ? - , i The answer Is I to be found this to Canada. If I'll be through m pictures. I knock 'A N'lght of Adventure" fea turing Tom Conway opens as the I week on M-G- M's -Ziegfcld I Follies- set J where Direct-w second feature. Margaret O Brien against a chatr. I know the public will think that lynching is too good for me." June Allrson ha a lump on her head as big as a ben's egg. She got It tbe previous Sunday ssHirjr Vincente Min- WABAHH nclh Is shooting day. Monday "the finals for and Tnenday this revue which J ropers! it a a Mill-ony" full is aimed to top y everything that with Dick Powell. "Ton and Dick gttnp to ret but rled when he's free ?" I c4tL "Oh, I dont kur-w," svrs Jtnvr." "I like bhn s lot. I bate crabs -and, when I go with the boys, I always seem to wind up in tHta, has gona of rhythm, roars and romance when Kay Francis. Carole Landis. Martha Raye and Mitsi Mayfair fore. Hurriisa Carroll Down the hit be road In zeth Century-Fox rour Jills in a Jeep." One day I was talking to Dick it in the mad. merry adventures i ... Romanoffs and be said be loved - or the four Jills are featured Jim- ray Dorsey and his Orchestra. sides of what appears to be a mountain of black rbinesuBnes, Minnelli has show -girl parading through cascades of soap-bubbles. Multi-colored lights are playing upon the bubbles which pour by the millions out of boles in the mountain. They form trridescent glaciers deep enough to bide the girls completely. J sailing. That's been my passion since I was a kid. Dick has sold his boat but be knows soma other people who own them. We have a John Harvey. Phil Silvers. Dick NAZIS THINK OF CAPITULATIOX. The average reader is familiar with the arrant boasting and bragging of Adolf Hitler in the years when the tide of success was running high for the German Army. They should appreciate the significance of his recent statement to party leaders that Germany needs "a man who will under no circumstances capitulate," lot of fun together. -Dick also Bkes tennis. Thsra another of my hobbies. So is swim A large plant outside the sound, stage manufactures tbe bubbles and forces them up pipelines to the Tents. ming. I was a ciiatspMei awasmsar in high school. I had about mads up my mind to In B piuftajhinH -when I saw Fred Astaira in Hi Gay Divorce. I saw It 18 times, then I decided I wanted to be a Haymes, Alice Faye. Betty Gra-ble. Carmen Miranda and George JesseL CO-MBIA Tuesday and Wednesday "There's Something About a Soldier" Columbia's picture a-bout life at an Officer's Candidate School opening at the Columbia Theatre tonight is said to be as authentic as an Army training film and as excitingly emotional in Its lore story as love itseir. Featured In this list are- T Fred AstaJre, LocJTJe Bremer and Cyd Charisse, the ballerina, win and his assertion that he is necessary to 1 r the German nation. dancer. That's what took me to the Whereas Hitler used to promise his people victory, together with the wealth dance m this finale but, right now, Minnelli Is working only with the snow girls. Between shots, tbe girls descend the mountain and Hop fn canvas chairs by the open doors of the sound stage. Tall and slender Hazel Brooks. "Come over to the Thrill of a Romance" set," suggests M-G-M - i Agent Leonard Snemoa. "YouH see Esther Williams with -- Xeal. Evelyn Keyes, Bruce Ben- clothes on." This sounds peiveiss - who goes with M-OM'i bead art director, Cedric Gibbons, sheds part 1 VSs-y I nen, John Hupbbard and Jeff Donnell. "Career Chi" featuring Frances Lanford and Craig Wood op but, actually. I d never seen Sstner on a set but once before wnen aha -i wasn't In a bathing suit. And then she was in slinky pajamas. -Today she Is wearing a wedimf back home but the dentist says Taking ens as the second feature. and booty of a triumph, and assert that the super-race was destined to manage the entire globe, be now urges his usefulness almost solely on the basis that he is ready for a finish fight and will not capitulate. This assertion, it seems to us, is a complete give-away as to the German military situation. Obviously, the subject of capitulation is in the Nazi mind and it has been placed there by the impressive victories of the Allied armies on the fields of battle. a Backward Glance of ner water-proofed rastume. This is the toughest thing we're ever done," she says, "The technicolor lights up at the top of the stage practically fry you, and the fumes from the bubbles sre so gown and a stunning ona. " the Stines plan to remain tmtil September. Mr. and Mrs. H. K Stark. John Gilmonr and Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Xebeker, who recently went cn there plan to return next Trice Lowered In the story, she bas lust Been - married to Actor Carlton Tsumr. - Twsvrr TEARS strong that you bare to bold your as an Important session. AGO TOOAT George Bru baker, valley pres. week. Mrs. C. W. Smith, and da urn l-rJta Appoints breath when you walk through them. They are not real soap. They sre a combination of distilled water and a chemical formula. After went, presided at Spencer but turned n larrv part of the n. ter. Miss Catherine Smith of Bra AtheHir Body Appointment of athletiCiinr over to Sam Umm r n.ii Price of indjiuii per grain fn the present inflationary market a little more than half the XVI 000 prise that held n depression days af the early 1SM- In addition to the radon seed devenaaueut. the amount of refined radJnm has doubled since MBS to posh down the prire Canada Great Bear Lake pitchblende ore tteld. in 0 sob-Arctic region of mneb-dis-enssed Canol on. has supplemented zil are visit in r with Mrs. G. W. Be leaves ner on her wedding night to rush to Washington and she goes to Lake Arrowhead on a soke -honeymoon where she meets Vsa - Johnson. "Ton esa Imagine what bas- -pens." says Director Dick Tberpa. " "Yeah," says Bridegroom Carlton Young. "I play a Jerk. It taut even debatable after you " sea and preparai-on of i who led the round table dineus- McReynolds. Mrs. Smith is Mrs. committee plans for The German's aspiration to master the world has now been replaced by Hitler's . - ion- turn. Mr. Moore, as he MeReyaold's mother. ball team were the principal item: an all-day session yesterday, several of tbe girls got hysterical. A few weren't even sole to come to wrrfr today." On the screen tms finale will last only a few minutes, but M-G-M is at previous meetinrx. eondncteri pledge of no capitulation. There has been 01 business condoned at the Am-"lively and practical discussions. THIRTY TEARS no change in the German mind. The pres erieaa legion meeting last night. Esther m this wedding gown." , AfiO TOIIAT radhnn production from ore of the Belgian Congo and Qxehodorakia. neHrery Wriafclra sure of Allied arms has convinced the Nazis that triumph is impossible; it will Are Behajc Ironed Oat t was reported todar. . Mr. and Mrs. 11. D. Philabaum. Further emphasK w rbced of 8!. Bern ire. are the parenta of poa the necessity for p-a, c-'a baby boy bora early today at r"V" the Vermillion hospital. This is in the fllmr of 1 1- ir anplfeatioss ' the first fcor hom t. ik. i. Use broken pieces of on The free delivery system subsequently produce conviction that cap Xaremberg Egg" Old Nuremberg. Germany, gave the world its first pocket watch, known far and wide as the "Nurem- started in Clinton a little over Wsol Characteristics ft Is pointed out that no synthetic itulation is inevitable. two months niro. and alUKrarn fiber has been found that can match " jmw naicmi:ni. pital. I berg egg." Toe city gave Germany the carriers were novices at the for crumbs yon can gjfcsd them Ba the food chopper. The crumbs may t be used fn cake and puddings, sa scalloped dimes, for breading foods, for frying or for extending dishes nude of ground meaL . Ml. ranavf. Vs work fn the beginning, the deliv some of the outstanding characteristics of wool, such as its crinkly and springy features and its durability. Miss Arizona Patloa and her nfeee. Flora Pierce, of South ALLIED PLAN FOB AUSTRIA. statesmen, sculptors, suiters and poets. It was long known as the "Jewel Case of tbe Reich." l Measlvr, To ery generally is civinr. satisfae- Bo VMfedi m ' - Austria, which was forcibly annexed Maia street, have rone to Hazel-1 wRl1 assuranco that It ton, Yn4 , to visit relatives. I"1" better as It eels older. William E Phew, proprietor of 7 wort ,or thm "rriers has to the German Reich in March, 1938, will Clinton ad club members.' who at to Spencer, yesterday, re be governed, after the war, by a joint the Rival! theatre, is ri ii. neavy that the anb has port atwot ! present. Ir.ytr or- board, composed of representatives of Die Rest of My Life TVtth You iy Faith Rnlrrtvin the valley. ML farmel. Ill, I ion connty hospital. where i i new dob was recently I Sam Pritehard of trfi....ii. oy aooaits VKttinc with Ttr m i www aaa been kept at work abont all the time. Postmaster John R. Paine has a recommendation oa file at the department at Washington that two more carriers be appointed. The ordinary run of mail taxes the delivery force to the CHAPTFR TWEKTT-OKE twelve to roaneen and the next I D. White and family of South meeting was assined to Ml. Car- Fourth street. BfeL It will be held ia October. I Dr. and w v ir-n, iMjiutj ana ne grew to depend spon Great Britain, the United States and Soviet Russia. Considering the annexation "null and void" the Allies will attempt to reestablish a "free and independent Austria" and to "open the way for the Austrian people themselves ... to find that political and Mary beard Matthew's step and looked ap as did Lynn. Their faces were frosea nrto, an agony af sas- m otiicera is an I went with Mr. arf him the work wouldn't suffer.'" She said, low, "It won't. As long as we can be together at the end sf the ' day, I can do anything'" "My darling." Peter reached for her band across the table, and t Mrs. J. B. ser. Bse came aad stood by his desk during a free luuiueut one May afternoon and baked at bhn wna her steady Una eyes. She asked. "Matthew, ssay I speak to limit, and It is already feared that inea and it will ae looked anon I Siine Long Lake; Wiv . during the holiday week and dur pewse. oat amy sneoy, kceaose af atThew-s face was not frosea. It ing the other seasons of heavy you for a minute?" smiled. "After ail. there are atbar mail, the boys will be unable to She had been Irene's friend and jobs." - CROSSWORD - - -. By Eugene Sbeffer was his. They were alone, so the office formality could be dropped. "not as easy to tame by," ska wered. "and I wonkfnt want to - eet by with their tasks. Hadlers Stare Bane - lie passed iscs: his appointment go back to the hospital ar private was lax with saaek, -He said, -They eoaldVt save her." Mary Vose aad pat her arms Around mm. Her son said, after a MMosseat, "She wasn't conscious . . . e baart beea." He added. -Sbe conldnt know ... didn't suffer." Irene had beea his wife and she aaad ... bis child was dead too, never having lived. Small and A blase that broke oat beneath pad and smiled at her. -it down, doty; it takes too arach out of sse. Elizabeth," he said; "what's on (Beside- I Kk th. I lib. the roof, aad above the refine. yoor mind?" (other men and the girls and the did daauge estimated at around economic security which is the only basis for a lasting peace. The Allied nations, it is announced in Washington, will not attempt joint occupation of the Reich, except as to the Berlin area. The remainder of Germany will be occupied by units of the Russian, British and American armies, without the principle of joint occupation. The actual terms to be applied to Germany under the term "unconditional sur f at Headlee's grocery inst be Sbe hesitated, sitting straight on work. Matthew's fine to work Wlta, the edge of tbe comfortable chair, tonee yon leara Ins ways." fore noon, today. The fire depart' arate aad ma Mtil be had fsMmd her, her can a little awry on her smooth Me said, "I hope you went barn t poured a great dal of wa ue asspnal waere she bad ; Duma nan-. to keep on too lour. nsisa) and where be had lived aad It's matrimony. I'm afraid." ter into the blazing, smoking at W5SS3C tic or the buildbig aad choked off a fire that threatened not on sacrifice for yon, Eet!:.-." "Nonsense." she said, ruiS-if. She added, "We're even to have a honeymoon if yoo can spare the time. We can go away sons --acre AfT-r a while Kattaew let then tae ilea away, not to his empty "Oh." Manhew raised bis eyebrows and for a moment his face grew somber. She taougiit: That's funny, he's angry . . . ar isn't it ly Mr. Headlee's store building wfeMM, mmx so me room ae had and sf or, but his home, near by. shared witfc Irene, the room wbarh as well xna, a small gay Miss Ruth Coolbaora. of Wilk- ri w-ct to hat render" have been agreede upon but some 1 details of execution are under discussion ! and it is said that there has been no final j determination of the zones to be controlled I by the armies of the three Allied nations. ? 'T ! - "New' F-ani, Z .Z "TJ -? " 1,'ttay at mexpwsrr7lrSrnr thlt ll 1?.0 - !J?5 1 Prt" breath, the. , .. ' """-H tok the time, ail you wooidn t . . . that is. tf you t right." would let me go on srorkrar. we i m. ... ... esbarre. Pa., is the guest ar Ur ' 2 4 s o 7 a "J- u IIIIIllIIIl"! ll Il 22 4a I W-Z---ZM- ; 'A " I lill s " IOM Msrumer took over the ar-, tbe aamding af saes-raaea. With mfinrte patiene he f mm tae same aad aojdress of fctuft vie leUlitM? as the Kortb-wnest. Be did everythiag, he was a eouldmanare. Wee beea engaged ""rw' . . lor a Kmr time, bne steadied her I : r. , T . Brymer. of Elm street. She leaves Monday for ner borne. Mrs. Lee Sextoa and daorMer. Tbelma. acrompaaied Mrs. W. D. Vaaness to rsiversal aad New Cobb in tbe Vasmes ear. Priday. Mrs. Jage Williams aad ekfl- WASTE PAPER NEEDED. Toiee. "We are very morn la love." V". "J"!'" of strength. And old Dr. bhe thoarnt: loo vrere in tore. : . " ' k. i. - 1.. . ., isiri Mosnesaoars wret rrsaaaaoas atwithMat- The need for waste paper is "as critical as ever" and every effort will be made to cant anderstand how araca that ! this aaa to happza!" frighteaed aseT Peter aad I amstl Mary ouati led estnolingiy thrw and Mary. IssMard MMorenng, "He's asleep." ''" "-wa aad Vrriaa. of !wli Taird street, have returned trora be told Mary. -Tea r ta bra. IT visit at Brazil. Mr. aad Mrs. C. R Cooper and give sou a&ogtmng, to taae." She said, -Ffease aoat. I'm all rigiit.- She arsa, sae was needed- She was increase waste paper collection and pulp production in order to meet the requirements of the emergency. S. G. Stevenot, president of a pulp com-, pany, points out that one-half of the en have each other, we most belong; i ne s a aard worker. Matthew then, if anything happens to one woo't " yon down." Shs of as, we will have had that mock. ' led, "Irene was fond of her, she Matthew aai4 siowiy. "Yoa know 'selected her for yon. And. May dear, bow I feel aho-.t aaarned wweaea m Irene worked ia year sfia) waas aa ofliee, esaeriaUy those ewT i r wvra first MMSmed." married. TneyVe apt to be pretty j They were sOent for a little, over dtsanerrated. Taea taere aiwars their damer. MattM k4 WiU aad Charles, of Snrt Wsi srreei. are vwiuor Mr. and MMUpuag. elf as I trs fodfrer Butraer. ai atone. Tbe j tiw possibility of ababr. Ebaabeta."' noase caiis to make a little biter. Miss Btlva Scbrader has r-nrd to her brnate at Gary, af-- a rim at the c. R ran tire paper output is consumed in packag- j tag material for food, machines and ma- ' terrain shipped overseas. Wood pulp is! Jadrta Iansmert aw there, with her asother aad aunt. Mattbew saw her, whesi Jas sad has ssscaer left tix -as- oa hrwh Mala straws. used in the manufacture of half of our " w Mrs riaade Barnaby "Jadith effort. She said, fiassmg sligfady, "Teat ' bat for the mimii in he relaxed in a Beednt be. aoc for a losa; I not We 'big chair. Ins coffee and pipe beside couldn't afford it-" asm. He socgested, after a whoa. He drew circles aa a piiauij'lioa "Let s ask smsilsjii. for dinner in a blank. avMed a aaastaeae aad tilted aigM or tare, shall we? 1 eaald as eyes, poshed It away. Irene's pic j with aoam contra." Um soaked at ana from has desk. Mry nodded. She had r-tlr wii?T. It wasrt a very gwsd par, ! m of having oilers to dastrart smokeless powder and the diversion of "e are raBtng retatives at B'jrkiilie. "She Sew hack from Paha Beaca.1 He sand. That was asre af her.' pulp arid its products to military nsev ex 13. frees 17 raaoe a rie. M.fnndEbel coveric 2L doctrine 22 bsrassc Sua HOKTZOVTA1. I-wjr 4 hnrdea ' 12 repeatod 14 etowb s4 " 15 a totem 1 knsul lAsysakcl tor neoa in cxiras drislt IS nnt of . 2 Greek fetter V'wjt I fcnid back 44 aud Btiee 4 cmctry road dT.ewifWny . hmarm 44 BU Kegrita corji ill it rviix: of SI bark 7. Roman opoikKlt nanstraxe SS. Adam s son t oxxanf 94 atore tJtejnol S7.tecms stroke symbti tor ZnCL 10 eaarae Spaa. Idiame af am rioth CBKhsaa ll-Pazacaae Rau-ayi s's J ootpat has been as-rlis Kiarp'r to rrt-ent Tears Prs- He aaad, "Iwere s ' rnr jorurt. But he mold sarpotv the at : few ancaiiliiig boars. He "Of people snoot his. he needed laagh- oxr-joe peas eras leaxia-d back m to, at more than CWW barrels. By IK3 it was estunsteal at Matthew was oVsrerstili hewit. plains the shortage of paper for civi'ian use and emphasizes the necessity of continuing the drive to collect waste paper. We report these facts in order to encourage citizens of Vermillion County to continue the efforts to conserve paper and to collect used paper for future use. The waste-paper campaign strengthens the lacs. Irene had stood at tins desk a thousand times, in cap and srmform. . . . He shook his head aad swallowed hard. He didnt approve, but, for Irene's sake ... 24. dose can 25 tern bai 2Xcbaracter- isucs 29 rrwe forth mt. mary, sneakmg puaately to -Lynn Mortimer, aaad, "It seat that he loves her or masses her leas, bat ntue more Sua talt that Arcre aered. Be had t-oed Irene aad she bad lawed ana. They had bad sarh a abort space of time iaa,maMu. He tfcsorht. I wa asaa her so maea. AJoad he saud, 1 doat taiak I raa So Matthew said, "Okay. Eliza, ae-s ynwng. aad he works I I ne aeciaae (winch despne tbe Kazas betk. i ttryh? And if yaa j faDy iurd.' 22 i want a few days srT for the samey- Ml y now she ausaued her sea. "Of Answer to yesterday's nozzle. stares for larger oootas) a et-traaeed daeSy to ttw depletaas at aid wefis. 2. i war effort and tends to relieve the short 2- dUBXnVtl'ME japerchea S3, seed cjuwjIij 3&arnaary esaat Wpertamsng tosaaS 4 ajoirea 4J- pscsrloayal age of packaging material for the home tor" eaarse ... Sam aad HaVka Bil and Barbara?" "Jady m town?" Matthew aaaad. "As far as I know see is." "Conldnt ywa set Lvwa wad 28 I naoon. tatafs aul right too, well anaa-age sere." She said. "Thank yon. Matthew " She rose and looked at bhn directly. "The office want suffer because of that," she promised. "Tm sure of that. Peter's a harky 1 TvTj---'rS'ft jR.L wsack.- Ha miflm arced. "Tea aeadVt. Tea esa come hens. If s 3lssoat as dose to the esVe. It isn't as tot aa ear ether auaitaatat bat there's tae ran room- I Sowed raw's want to eaaae. Matraew." He aaad, "I mseaaaal to . . . I I front. It it a general rade that tbe hen Washington Secretary of State Cor- n bone 21 cavaX imuus M Bote ta the scale Jady?" he wanted to know. "Hilda piays a ratten game. Baraaom doesn't keen her aund sa the earea vf ameer toe IS - TR j I " N y ' i A L If j ana. By the way. have I U Freada I aartkar I 42.SMM grape I growmg vaneues of I like him' dell Hull in a message to Gov. Dewey: Hi am immensely gratified to receive your kPiisi i, were tia m goad condition kasaw than "So. bet rm glad ywa do," she iapt to talk saow.' Winter ewHrrl asaf spring eaaae to 27. Kn.1 cf scnere Mar haTtaa. aa tae wisars of a raicy 1 assurance of bi-partisan cooperation in the " r?" So, a day or so later, twtstk Leasee to vrai warm aad fell of prosmase. . . r ant aad Lviu aornnwr t me earbest. bot aii sosraags afaacai be rsreftaSy n i p i p i to Bsake sore that a wasteftj snrpAs Is not irndaees. This is one tt tbe most tesrwsa staVjccts emfiusi m the garden. a.noew tad - "U. , for diaar mal cards. Aad fcsrawon- Be was wwrkrg hard: 1orife "5 3e T- aUtthew said, anetrnraar has loaar refase AXsBeaaalbsssfr 45. rasa 47 socxad waas 4S. away frssa . 4. persoaahtw MiBrak S?.tMtaki " Bterk f4. exannlaj St deep bole S -strut oat 41 parce-a of, ssad 42 sstfej. tae aaru. wary isonrrt. Be ai not ' " 1 legs under toe tahie, "I hopetohiga w - - T sTsml to ass ins tSral bttTsm ir 1' 1 , . - effort to establish lasting' peace." Chicago 3n2ge Victor A. Kola of the Chicago Domestic Relations Court: "Cheating by GI wives is rising rapidly. It , is exotsJ sabotage on the home front." j He wasn't. (To be eontianed) 41 lTli! fer. '"-V eW W Sbse-aa: M l aaaa. 1 aaam aer. at s aard to ret I Tlsrj ne take the great aav Baed to svisruig sosaesne." H i f Bocscement?" aswed Peter, fn-aetare held km and Ebxabeti I "He took it ai rirht. thocrh at esoa raa ks efist wita great cf-lSrst I laoEgst be wooids't. I told Xew York sTOhal There are about It bttd per sets m Kew York cty. . Cry VK. lr ia; luan E;sn.-a. he

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