The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 22, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1944
Page 3
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0 fin Page Hum THE UJAILT CtINTONIANy. NE1V RED DRIVES Social Notes y Soviet Patrols Probe Defenses In East Prussia' (Caottaasd froai P II Fairview Residents Tell Daughter's Recent Marriage Mr. aad Mr. Sieves D. Bhdl of Falrvtear Park sanoasee too narrt-ace of their danchter. Kavaaaah Aaa foreman to Waller Kill of Cayora. lad. The aurrtac took Anesunt Warsaw, said that the city's mala irlreraoh eaehaac was cap tured yesterday by undercroundj troops aner a nerea-hour battle la which all of the Cennaa defenders were either killed or tAeeordSac to Hue the skyscraper housi waa oae of the chief bastions Is the city. ed roueter-altaith by an effort to recapture was said to he under Other Sorfet forces miM Cer- xan counleriltacks nonheast of Pnura. northern suburb of Warsaw. Xaixi unks and Infanlry. erected by witberinc RiusSaa anillery aad asor-tar fire, saftered heary losses. The 2l-ile ntrecth of the Bialy-ctok-Warsaw railroad was seised between TIkskz and Zoeleniiee. 1 vile northeast of Praca. I'ntts of MarsbaU Konstanilin K. Bokosaor-sky's first white Buaslaa amuy bat tered their way six sailes northwest of Tlasacc to occupy Treiauy. three auVes south of the Ewe river and 1 miles northeast of Pnuca. While Tufcuuts was abandoned by order of the Seriet hiah coamumd. enahlinc the Ceraaas to reestabtinh roniannleatiions between their prer-tovs&r isolated forces ta Latvia and Eaia with those la Uthaiaaiia.i other Buasian trootn farther north strack to wKhta three nusles of the Uvex-TMivn railroad. . j I g the exchange Oermaa defense A taakupport- the Nagis la J ' way. i '" djwnSlfl 1 ' -" Trraaiin nsmr left wttk Ploesa nhsne iXi nmd aaanat tho ttoh Biirjian suada. Boryshrar aad Snaabor both rich pscra prrfmnvf to ssaaah on koto (latmmacnMl) Avfnist22,1944. Miethe-Harris Vows Heard Sunday In Indianapolis i Aanoaacnnent ha been made of Jm recent narrla: of Mia liable ill, lie, daofchter of Mr. and Mr, miliars Mietbe of Centenary, lad. B Ra)sood Karri of Indiaaapolt. ! The niarriac sras sotemSnted l wUr. AinK 11 la tadUaapoii. The brl4- aileaded Clinton High school and sras sradtjaled vlh the das of '14. Sh arm formerly ea Hoyed bJ the 1". S. Bubber Coapa-lf of Indianapolis. Mr. ad Mr. Harris aill ute heir home In IndlaiiapolSs nhere be crooni I employ. ' e Mia Patricia Hedge srho ha seen sfasMlns; vilfe her father. Mr. Ui4 Mr. Sam Hedes sad eraadpar-tnta, Mr. and Mr. AlAen Hedt iad ne, Mr. and Mr, Koseoe Hedge for the mat a- has resumed to br hosse ta EvansvlMe. Notice! The OiaaVMaaa Van Tear Km now Call Mfcw Oar To f!art ftwisl Sews. Maone t or PEEMAXENTS SpeMSSxet Hair 8t?Hlii; ADAMM)Vt IKfSriM tmt Main St. name SM V.1iYCEFATV. irlthftMrt mxSf To tusrloseotmde t3 towi tmun ieii6er, imoetill iiuw dfcit; NoiuxuLiw Nudnjrjs. itfc tius pUn w 4luti't ch out ar tteaia. tBtcbe. i-lattm. seats r initUK, ou in-spty Ut tbem town ft mmt rhn iroii nkw deliciow f-vit- aiititortjfiwd. yib Abaohiteiy harmless. ZZm titan If Brni liMC 1 ll It m. Try a tareie boB ol AYtfc.8WUjywh' ill ftulttil Mai S4. . A CSotM ilsa Fdt like SwsSa Ballon; FD f Stosuca Cat BseesriJy. av CUntun nana stated Chat he staed so eel tttxt: samdlvn laUtoun soter eawary saetd. Me avauld tdnnt fuH of cms and sfat up svniaav ais lkujiMa Oar ltimr nfler entins. aji aa sendbly eunatauannd. Thas anaat hs one ef one busrdaedK u cliife aftcausta wittm mm awatae llHH-HII". Me saane fce w autaned a ttbe Milt. bra fae souk tOihi sueUaite. he wiuat Uc at anta avttatuast cas an- MiiathMri aatd huawss saw seeiuaar ur cUe drat taine ia ya. He (nek like " Tatii-HWLJ" uutaiiM 12 areat Herbs; fliey aeanse hwacehu eiear cam anas iff- -i aw aliukdj ltawr aatd tditeeya. Mweralile aiu4e nan Coal diffeaeaat H MMr. duait am uffriue: Ut UHH-HKM". White's iUemail) rharsunoy sra X ( Clinton r -4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IBnsteads! resogutlstt to be presented to the wcmte en bylaws by the destart-leats ef Kiar. and Kehraska. With tlmttsaad ef women serrtag overseas an old fight was about to flaaue anew MJrtiU the two desart-sgeatts ntepaied VP with a reaaimtlva to postpone farther dwrawsion of the hme uiotfl the tiirst natavnal encanuv-aent twJlwiaig AenMiilizetivm of the artned forces. Throw Tssnr acraa tuts tho right! e A LITTLE 0 220 Eta St. Pb0Del29 . q looeoooeoeoooeooooooeoooooo Tuesday Dreamland Pleasure Club Auxiliary wiener roast at Mr. Haiel Murray's. South Seventh street, 7:J p.m. Bring wiener and own table serrlee- Republican Woman's Club All members who reported they will attend the ftah fry and meeting at nreaieas- Camp meet at the Clinton Hotel at t.U n.m- Be ready to lest at :- Wednesday Red Cross Smrftal Dressta; a. m- ll;M a-, 1 - I a.m,7-:J Bed Croa Kaltllac. 1-t ThumUT Mia. Parke Phillips of Nebeker tree will entertain h Jolly Kiekt ab at l:J - m- Past Chief Clob whirh was to he held Thursday has been postponed indefinitely. Ladies Amrillary of the Half Cea- tary Club aeeet at etabrooas .. naealie sapper. Each BMsaber hrine; eovered dwh. Aease Ctab. 7: p. Jtr. jm Roe.. tr.o mmJ oa of Mr. aad Mrs. William 1- Beard of Falrrtew returned hotse Sunday ereaintr after thMtf the past week la Chleaco. HI s1itA Mr. aad Mr. Ben MeCarty and ether friend. TODAY'S PATTERN Bene is that practical fmrnt-fcut-i ten Jusaper y'e bees loofcius: or J VutiAM 4)9114 tisa limmili inuile ' Ubw, tomg or sixrt stecocd bkmse. Pattern S2d eames ta aises 12. 54. J. 1. ; Zt. , . . 4i. 42. 44. 4. 4. 8ise 8. Jmujer. This jiat-tem, toeether with a needlework pattern of ataeful and deeoratiae snotifs for linens and (w-swots. TV,'I'TT CEVTS. ed TWEXTTT CENTS ta coins for these pattern t The Daily Clinto&ian. Pattern IiepU Hi V- IHunna U V'tlMr . 111. 'ftt Dlainiy MUOC SAME, AUftttttW. T'1A WlSMiBtl. Send 'PIFTKKSI C$3TB Sttore for the mariaa Martta new aad hlger Bummer Pattern Koos. xz-rages, easy-lo-nuUie style. Free patters MHmljiil 4i tinnk - I Ea-tioB Officials Eirplitia Eaitioiied, LBraiitnral Beef Butchers are observing eossider-able eonf uetun among; customer regarding wlties beef Is rationed nod which Isn't, Cuy M. Urines, County Board Chairman, revealed today. "We hare heea taturmed by maur butchers tliat their customers obieeting to the surrender of points for the three better grades f beef, thinking theos. are jiuiirt-free like the utility grade," Mr. Brlggs added. Cholee. good and commercial grades f beef still are rationed, be explained. However, last fiusday u-tility gxade beef was removed from Uie ration list. ISaeh full steak or roast carries ta full or Jiart the grade-of-heef uars ing, depending on the angle ol the cut. .tltiiity beef hi marked ta that manner, or with a C. Butchers are required by OVA regulation to Identify the meat ta each tray and are prohibited from having more than one grade of meat ta a tray, he said T f i ' 1 2 Car Fire Extingaihed Local nmnnelnculsbed a fire, whtrb started front an uaknowa origin. In n ear at the Doolla Garage. 2J1 niaekmaa 8treet. at l:4 n. m. Monday. It was reported today. Firemen reported slight damage made to the car by the blase. Commas Lew Marriag-r Common law marriages arc fce gnttcs Id the state of Pcnnsyhrsrun. 1 Oz. Bottlr t50 PftH O Fed. Tax BETTERS 9 $1.00 $250 $200 Copenhagen Cstjenhacea is ta capital at Denmark. II.. - "njin ic lav ay I For saiilte Drop Is A lard I F W Wakn ITll llht CdL I .,aM1, I Tore Hnate, Indian. I W OIL COU7 STARTS fWShkvFnMW S4dmtaOrtruati CH9CAIQO. UU. mxxuaia mwmw 4 armed forces seas should hweesse an teteeral port of the Veterans of Foreign ars atas Htm SMMsnr a (raestioe liar the ergastaatlsa to decide. fts. the FfW. OpMUU! tattoos! eciicaasiMDent in CMesgw today was leaving; at up to the sues veterans of Wortd War U. At least that was the cjst f a $1.00 $250 $2.00 l!uUBwsf:' SWIM M IAST of the lAMS Gdkta. si ns i liniiii'srkirfirtrrT - niiiMiil tl) the mains are fhs Bed anaslia r r snaai naow AjakMnsc a the cavtare aC rratrrs rmrr Bad dratstans rlBrff--raii, i i FINAL All For It at Covtacloa. lad. ana netr. ur-Ineood readtaa; the vow. Mr. aad Mr. Gilt will elr hose la Cay aher lb troom Is eanloyed la tk traeklas; taaaw. MSa Norma Raster of Croaiatoa HUI baa a her rawat Mta Sanaa Kiwacko of tfMtHntk. Pa. Mia Kraseko t spending two weeks here. fflm Mr. aad Mr. Gerosoe Gilloolr of Washington, lad. are the parents of a sen bora Aamt 1. The infant na ba named Janae Edward. ThS Is the seeond child la the family. Tb mother t the form Miss Jewel Franklin, a forager tMXher la the Hy schools. Postwar Security Pknncrs Discard Vestiges of League Continue crass i i It MWO'a w.uuia he a&taatdoned ta U- eneuee to two eomttrie w'lik hare miiiMy7 vueaotiim tit the Lfeacue the Cuited State aswd KjibbIa. Tle t'aitel Mates newer joined iOie istairue, in SfMe of the faet that Pridt Woodiww Wlilaon tuiUtated t3be ioea. Russia was denied sdiuis- siun to tits. LieacMte Mirtil IKS, af ter Orsuuiy had left St. and was expelled from mtwUvt&iiii ta IKS w4nt Sorees tawaded FiiiiulKl. Knds Kiananme leasaw Russian aoeiuarie f die Leaue are saly ekniaed that wlien an official outline f the new world r- RtMizMivB appeamid reeently in a atcM'iet (MlbUeacttuB. 4t denousooed tie leae ue as haoibne heea "hum to em and tun-iue failea tot "poiiUcaa bansxupley.' It was eeneraSy etmeeded Uuit for itbe ui of jiutiJie upiuioa to birth of itlwee eouotriea. soioe avew site must he found for the seeurtty orKuaitntios now hetauE (Jlmmed is m'asliiJurton hy tlj IL -u. Kuniua, and tiiLtlttiifl. In some urter J was suggested tlia itne eouneil of 41ie new i'6aaii-aatioa uut aw ithieruut, naeetutc a rarious wrM uiuil. I'ae Lieseue Hlillrlhnir Actually, the leaeue eouseJl fol lowed sucii a jwitcUee, sueetijic se-easioiwUy Is Loudon, Paris, l&wme aud Madrid. well as ta fQeivera. 'herevr be new erpr.ntai.tioB may be located, official ae aasur-anoe iu.t ithe heautilul buildings 1 tive Lie&gue f Kations will toot fail into decay and ruin. Tney will be required tor ne r smother st the new foraanixatton such as the United Nations relief and rehabilitation administration. Oat ta the Scran! l onK-wo ear of i swm for wd oak osmmM omuu. We lMtne smd Plyasmtth MOTOR COMPANY ludjerad Plynawta AUGUST 23 THROUGH AUGUST 26 WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FINAL CLEARANCE OF ALL SUMMER SHOES o OPA OBSOLETE SHOE RELEASE! Several Hundred Pairs Of Women" Olasolete Shoe In White, Brown, and Black- Released From Ration For Low Price Of $1.00. Nearly All Size To Start! SALE PRICE $1.00 O CLEARANCE OF NON-RATIONH) PLAY SHOES Summer Play Shoes To Be dosed Out Light and Dark Colon With Wedge Heel. Open Back and Open Toe- Former Price $3.95. SALE PRICE $250 Is Your Car On Hie Si Ul? Here Is A Sure Cure! It's Hard to Believe, But We - Actually Have in Stock CrtAKD IIEV7 Factory-Made and Tested About 75 Pair of TXIute and Liglit Summer Shoe Priced Quick Final Clearance. Former Price From It.OO to 16.00. Not All Size. RATION STAMP REQUIRE) SALE PRICE $200 For Dode and Plymouth Cars and Dodge Tru3ksl FRIST I hitnT at rooandltlMned . . . uMat vebulH aantara that will mt "gw" amvu th nbe dawatlun ... aatd otter, ttew an adaa nee set tf to serte yon oitti ILATT'S ENS 0 Remember! We Close At6:30 P. M. On Saturda'! SPEED VICTORY! BUY BONDS TO DO YOUR PART! BRING HIM HOME! At Mike Auto Body Shop 111 VAmKL PhwieS n ,r lit

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