The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 22, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1944
Page 2
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Tuesday, August 22, 191V THE DAILY CLIN TON I AN Page. Two PALACE TUESDAY n nr youli, lut also because ofiieir e-pert showmanship and daring, aiid in their cala costumes, they are a sjK.eU.uIar flaii. all l- ' h from eivihhy Junior 6 years old. Jabbing bis hel into (he sides of his pony Bullet, lo petite Ixrraine. 22. wlien slie and Iner oaount pluo through a wall of fire. Then there I of a corps, who maa captured with htB entire staff In the Arseutap. pocket, did not know his forces were encircled. The staff officer Mid the Team and bulk of German force in Trance either already have been destroyed or will he taken In the hr.nst urea- IT'S A DATE! AND MJK'P 'KAKIV A ' MOIirX HiESii ' HKKXS! YOU'LL always be eurc of having a good lime v. hen you wear anything v.e have cleaned. The confidence a smooth, spotless appearance gives will carry you through any occasion. Powerful drama f a woman 1twt utt ' love !e set le a. .-t' Anna VaV d Kicliarl reee tm a ta-ine fiws "Vellow !'. BtVE'iOVK riJOTHKS 1JE.EI THE ' WAV MODEL CLEAKinS fff TWr. Priced Back-to-School Ralph, 20. cwauipufo rldr amonjr masoned cowbyfl, andr'tlla brother, Barney, 1 4, who is joft s Kood. Also winsome Gene; 1 1, who work genor liou, high acliool pony, and competes against her tirotner, Barney in Ihe Roman Chariot Hare, a thriller. Also simdy Hole Kenneth. , ibe world s younres horse catcher. Needs! Use Our Lay-A-Way Plan 7S0 U ' 1 Graham Riders To Star In WLS Show At County Fair As a "unique' without "tinio.ue definition lr the ora W-ler say: "Being I like or -qual." and describes the Western Riders lo dot. Iheir art HeinK the only owe wf its kind. It i a seusatWJjal ajid se-tje;u Ur vik't-bition A rdeo (Ijlills at.d tn'iMll-thip nod will be (he outstanding feilane of Uj Wi.B XiibimI lati'-e S'how. faiumx o ije Veituii-licis Covin r Pair, on ajs. Si. As a ije :ra!liaris Ml vvwh fid as (tidhiduai, ifair oar rfofliy io lije i-odi ar's r-ta,'d-less of ate. Tliere is tJ xjrjiiti1 ie ixiii'Mtiom thai -a-ri.-s as mjaeti jjuij. pd awd tiuiuaa SfiJst as his with ls es fefioitiej's Ritatei-s hose iires wnK from 6 So 22. The 4;raiiuuis tuv stile4 up n-via'hle iveeords us f.isl-ur oi St.aie Tail's. County rairs. Jiors'Slow, Iiie internal ioiul Uve Weit Hhov Hit niwiullve apa)-aiwi aud t olhef- die BtotM shows fj-otu iPoaHt no -coast Crowds cocie to ee TUe Crabafns. nut only ectause of tiieir couieljiig I ! AT Zf AND.WEDNESBAY 1 -A 1 1 through Si-pt. 20 and have iiie following values: 1 tinlt. ll gallon ; i units, CO t aliens; 25 -units, ZOO gtllons. All ange-Bial;lng coupons aad reser-ve coupons are now good. Fuel oil rations for 1M4-4S healing season now ieing issued, iejiwd 1 gfod immediately. Move Ail new ieatijig, eookius and -nmbination heating and cooking s.ftveB., designd for domestic tise, for installtition on or aboiv the lioor and for the use of coai, wood, oii, kerosene, gasoline and i;as, aw j-ationed. Cealilicates nust be obtained from local Board, Bulgars Ready To Give Up War Prize Lands For Peace 11 van Drapanw i jHiliedulnd io miuke a etatfiDnt od 'orfji?n policy b'forf the Jiultrarittn itarJiauifnt tomorrow Bulgarian riirHenf-uuvcfi in Tur- key huv beii in coutaet witb Am- ricaii and Brit iah rfnri?ntatiVH8, and it in poeyiol that au .aruiiBticf b?tweu Bulgaria Hid Britaiu aud -the l-iiiUd BtaUiK will follow if Bui Kara bra k wiih Orman-y DinpatcUes from Aukara aaid Bul garia liad omiuunicaLd to JAuHKia for tratitmiiBBioi) to London ,nd 5WanhinKton tm .offer to give up tr-Tiiorieg tif acuuird iu the -war if fhe It? .allows to juaU peaee. Jaifor- niauon ure, nowever. -was mat Blii gnria had made an offer to London and WaehiiiKtou through the Turks. Minority fiigirt outs)t The Ankara dUspatchee aid BuJ-l-garia hud indicated willingness to accept the formation of a federated 1a'.doiiia witliin th YuxoRlirr tilM jjreserved, find -would return Greek Thrace to Greece if BuiKaria is iv-en A .corridor to tiie Aegean sea. TUtow Your Scrap Into the njrht! 1 , AS 10W AS K a pint Alertly dalicioua. "OU mokeaoyflavcH- toaoofiDEKRy Thot Double for Dress RATION CALENDAR PrneetHM Foeds Blue stamps AS through ZS and ' A-D la Book i Mod J points indefinitely. B-I through F-6 valid now 'and are ;ood indefinitely. Tokens rinay he used for change. ! Meats, Obeese and iaii-y Prodnets 1 All red stamps AH through ZH and A-6, B-6. C-6 and D-6 in Book 4 valid indefinitely for rationed I meats, cheese and daily -products. ! Stamps worth J 8 points each, 'ttiwar 1 Stamps t(, SI and S2 in feook 4 good for a pounds -unlii furtlT -no-I tice. No, 28 stamp ood Sept. 1 for a pOttnUS. APpilttT-iWU WJUluuun, canning sugar must be sent to hr.nrd bv one Miaxe stamp S7 for each applicant, titamp 4 0 in book 4 goo for pounds ot canning sugar, tihoe No. i'i "airplane" stamp and JIo i "airplane" stamp in Book t good for t pair uch autil further notice. Always jn-esent Book 8 when making -ourchase as stamps are invalid if removed from tlie book. 4Koiite Btamp A-U good for tliree ai-Ioub through Bept. il. B-S and -C-8 and B-i and C-4 good for 5 gallons until funhto- iiotic. T ttThird tr,) j pood for C gallons tliroub Hnut. 30. E, 1 aud K2 pood for 1 gallou. JL. S.J and K2 sood Xor I gallon). K aud HI uot waiid tit filling staiion hut PoitBUHier limy jcehunre K for E at liiB iocal Board Jl v.-jaliae to DiirUue iion-ltiKliway udolln ut filling station. A, B. C, T) and T ou- uojutJ hi not valid uutU thy lav bfieu -ewdoriwd Jn ink, pencil, t:p-od or printed with the iiutoiuobilf rftgitttrattoH number nnd vtatc. ilo-toriBta Ahould writ li)44 uuiubw on book and Atn coupons. Tir Periodic panent;er cr itre inappo- ! ; ; I Florence Firmly In Allied Hands, Drive Past City (Continued tram vik II r, blasted enemr airfields at N'is is Yugoslavia and at Hajd u-lioazur-meny In Hungary, white fighter planes alto bit the field at Hajdu-Boszorrneny. Taetical planes of the Mediterranean Allied Air Fore attaeked tridpee and road and rail transiwrt in north Italy, as well n oilier, enemy tares in the Italian tunlej area. Other tactical jilanes tarried out offensive sweeps in southern! Krance and Yugoslavia. Ten Plows MiwtK One etiemy jilaue vac destroyed, while four Allied planes are missing from these operations. Six A1 lied Dlanes failed to return from operations on the miclit of Aug. 20-II. . Rankin g U. S. Officers See End Of War in France Continued ti (m page 1 J (-turning back touarjs ihe i-aunted srefitwall. 11 may now be disclosed how On. Bradleys accomplished the , brilliant maneuver wfcich a staff officer said has placed the Jrnians in a "complete tailBpin". Flay Into lirad ley's flatidx The iGeniiuus played -rifiht niflo Bradley' hands when on Hitler's or-sters tbejr maBsed their Hevelilh Army .tfor a. 'flh,oot-4lie--orU, win-cr-iosear'' for a .counter-attack at Kortain, vitu complete confidence that tliey would reach Avrauches. Bradley had to decide whether to call bark his armored columns which try -then "were thrusting through Brittany toward Brest, orient and St. Kazalre or take a elianoe on' hold-lug the i-'alizer threat Willi troops already in the Mortain area. TVO lUl( ir line Drive After a couple of hours, it he-ame .evident that the aounterattiwk could be .contained, o Bradley immediately ordered two ejieircliu drives, the firat toward Aigantim to jocket the reum of Iljtler'B forces in France, the second a wide -tswiufr southward throuKh Leiuans and thence both nmthwurd and eastward aimed at cuttina the enemy's communications centers through Dreux, Mantes and -Uassloourt. Both moves took tin Germans completely by surprise They had left their southern flank wide open, apparently not realizing the rapidity with ivhtch the AniericunB are capable of inovlnK. Sever dermaii C-ollumuilcatlons The drive to Leniana. Clmrtres and the Seine severed their communications and left the Germans in the dark as to where our armored columns were heading. Bays after -various towns were taken we captured German officers and messengers heading there. Lieut. Gen. Mainbocker, commander S:re at PILES! But Now He SMILES! -YOU wur ntte toe. ttw iotUr formula for StftttrM of pi"- Bnw hi umi mijimrtivtlr i)f aveelaliMUt t noted clinic. Ht- umttiwtl an vmiu, ltcu, offt8H got auoii QUICK n'lii'il ct a.W) tubv 'JL'Jiorntuu Mjuop'b lleHnl Olntsicnt toflitr- r tin etrnjo-ni't'lr Ttooroton liuw lte-lul KuiipHaHorit. oiilj; a Uw cent more. It DUCI'Uitb' way l'UL'AX. At li iiuotl (trui: tftrn cvcr.viviieri in Clintou, at t-illi )'linciimry. HMvrninr Afttr" Aetainr itiMclta, Acta iiHliMtion. prompt, effective. 3tfg and tot, Biirh Vitamin potency t low cost OWJC-A-UAX Vitamin Tnulete- A and J taltieta in tb vliuw bo Ji-Co j,)m tablet in tbe trey box. DB. HIIL RVINE. Tor 81eplMlHM, lfrHa-K7. llacae. and . irhn due tr NemsiM 7m1o. V only diifcted. lr DONT FAIL YABASH F3 MstlssnnsM ! 1 is emly under way. after hih It can not oe long beiore the uame oi France is finished. Schricker, Capehart Vie on Major Issues in November Campaign (Continued from pace I power to tring about an aHsoriailos of nations which will have sufficient authority to prevent or atop aggression and which will piwide a mesns for fllBcuss'on and settlemem of eco- uouih . social ana poiiiacai prouieu mat affect more than one country." The two aspirant likewise agreed that donjcBtie jtolicies conwrning economic and Jnilitary problems should be made in onforntity to the V. S. foreign jiolicy- A declaration that tie natioual govern ment tias usurped powers of the states and should be stripped of the function was approved by Cape-hiirt. hut the Governor Inserted the words "wme of" concerning the powers. Agreement was reaelied on the following statement: J'A congresKnian's chief function national legislation. He should use his knowledge of the people of hie state in arriving at decisions on public issues, iut sereise ills owa best judgment as to what is best for the country as a whole, ana have a sense of responsibility toward helping his constituents understand public issues." Divergent views were expressed on the relationship between the fr, sldent and congress. v ; The -Governor said : , 'The congress should determine basic policy but not necessarily always initiate it. Legislation ahould be clear in its delegation of authority but not so detailed that it is not flexible .enough to be administered to meet tlie purposes for -whleh it was intended." The answer oi Capehart was: "Since more .and more rule or law making power reBides in the executive branch, the congress should have more to say about administration of these delegated powers, such as participating to a larger extent in the making of appointments, using the approrlatiug power to influence administrative policies of the .executive agencies, creating more agencies responsible to .congress inRtead of the President." Heaviest Air Blow Hurled at Enemy ;" Halhaniera Base tOoirtluueC li en pa t i the aume period were it killed and 637 wounded. On fiaipan, officially captured July . an additional 17 Japs were killed and ID captured during the same period. Our casualtieK were listed as live wounded and one missing. Enemy dead on fialpau up to and including Aug. 16 now total 25,144. 'J'hiian Head at S.OOtl The cojnmunique also revealed that 201 more Japs nave been killed in mopping up operations on Tin-ian in the Aug. 11-17 period with 15 being captured. We lost five killed and 11 wounded. Enemy losses on Tinian now total 0,74 G. Enemy losses in the entire Mari-arflB campaign now add up to the siiii'Sering total of 44. SMC Japs lulled in the futile attempt to hold the three k'.-y island banes. Kev4kniamrider Ik Named For Antilles Department LAl.BOA, Canal Zone Maj. Gen. E. F. Harding, fjouimander of the Panama Mobile Force, 'has left for Puerto Rico to aaalime command of the Antilles Department of the T,' .K. Army, an officinl announcement disclosed today. He sucCeedH Muj. ('.en. W. K. Slit'dd, who will be assigned to another command. TO SEE THE WESTERN tiouJkJiirtiOiUu:-ire(iiiryfl,lJiK iaviTf.BWiim jutnorif- rieiits -wre TOTS" WARM COATS IN MKTURES,' SOLIDS. CHtCtsl Adorable little princeee tyles with tack pleats snd Velvet collar. Boxy iChesternelds in buakjr fleeces.' Cay witb embroidery motile, velvet Insets, colorful buttons. Warmly interlined. Sizes 3 to C flpnetion s-eoords liould b jtained for obtaininK nupiiiemt'ntal -r!ii?ons and -tire replacement. Tire liisjiwct-ion records uiuwt be ltresMnid -v-itLi applicatio tit.o et uppi''nipntal us and tire certificates. .CommreiaJ '- Licle insecliou due every ujoiiEIih or every 6,0(1(1 miles, B card-liolders eliKible Xor Grade 1 itireB providbn; tbey can fihow absolute need .to carry on essential activities; liowever, tli- hciards' (juota will determine how many, if any, B card-liold"- will actually receive .certificates Jor tir.1. since each board to obligated by ret!- ulaiions to issuea tire tu the -most essential usere first. AU A holders nmy obtain certificates Tor -Grade 3 , tires, but only after they have found i tires -which wiay be purciuwsed. I Kuel Oil Period 4 and a coupons valid ! teem: .AGE CHESTERFIELDS, SOT COATS. firigbt fleeces, liusky mixtures and tvibrant-toned ., olid colors in favorite ravon velvet collared Cbeater- fields, aoitly detailed fitted models, sioy eoata. Interlined ior actra warmtli. Sizes 7 tali, j KEEfEKS .CD i fio,. yfl 9 com , - ) , ' v f V H-- - - h :. ,.v .. - j, ' , " ; f . I . v ' ' , . t 'r-' " i i," -,i ., .i . -' " -.- I . ' ' 'i - t I ' . V ' - " " I l X , ' T.- ; - ',-wnsn i ' . ( . . ; - - : : KEEP WORKING KEEP BUYING WAR BONDS-KEEP ( ''the light of freedom burning" AT THE VERMILLION COUNTY FAIR -WEDNESDAY NIGHT, AUG. 23 TWO HOLES OF ENTERTAINMENT starting at 8:00 P. ftL FEATURING MANY: 0 Western Contest Lady Kiders Puny Expi pss Fatriotic Drill PURELY A WESTERN HORSE SHOW GKANBSTANB SEATS 50c. - BOX SEATS 75c

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