The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 21, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, August 21, 1944
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THE DAILY CtlNVONI AN Monday, August 21, 1944 i THE DAILY CLCS10NIAN r .,. .ri ii mi BIRUy UK HAbbAGt' PagePour m f At tht Movies t aa The Weekly CMatonian ISM i m f llw Otaton Plalndealer alworiMd In tWM ' Plrtl tubed Dally Saturday nd Sunday fcaorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher w 1 I at we Fortoffioe at Clinton, Indlaaa By HARRISON CARROLL tujila.y mid Monday Acclaimed as one of the greatest motion pictures of Its type ever to come out of Hollywood, "l.ady, Let's Dance." The blonde Belltu, recognised as the world's most accomplished feminine figure skater, Is starred In this lavish muslcul extravaganza, which is filled with scenes of brilliance. James Ellison plays the loading male role opposite Bellta-Uthers in the cast Include Walter Catlett, Lucien Llttlelield, Maurice St. Clair aud Kugene aa Seeond Claat Matter JMUaaa BepubUoaa Editorial IwfUto Kins f eatures Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD After all the extravagant spectacles In recent Hollywood musicals, everybody is asking "What will the movie pro-ducers think up Phone 32 p fboneSS satisfied. It has thought up something new. ' A lew stages away, Director Henry Koeter is shooting a backstage dress room scene for "Musis For Millions." Marsha Hunt come up and extends her hand. ' "You might as well tell rnejfood-by," she says. "After this scene, I'll be through In pictures. I knock era . 1mm ItlfliliiY next?" The answer is to be found this AtcnriATinM V ' week on M-G M's "Elegfeld Follies" set where Director Vincente M 1 n- nelli is shooting the finals for Margaret O'Brien against a cliair. I know the public will think that lynching is too good for me." June Allyson ha a lump on her head as big as a ben's egg. She got it the previous Sunday sailing with Dick Powell. "You and Dick going to get married when he's free ?" I ask. "Oh, I don't linow," say June, "I like him a lot. I hate night club this revue which is aimed to top everything that has gone be 1 T fore. Down the Carroll and, when I go with .the other boys. W ABAHtf timidity. Monday aJMl Tuewday Jeepera! It's a "Jill-opy" full of rhythm, roars and romance when .Kay Francis, Carole Landis, Martha llaye and Mltzi Maytair hit he road in 20th Century-Fox's "Four Jills in a Jeep." In the mad, merry adventures of the four jllls are featured Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra, John Harvey, Phil Silvers,- Dick Haymes, Alice Faye, .Betty Gra-ble, Carmen Miranda aud George I always seem to wind up in them. sides of what appears to be a mountain of black rhinestones, Minnelll has show-girls parading through cascades of soap-bubbles. Multicolored lights are playing upon the bubbles which pour by the millions out of holes in the mountain. They One day I was talking to pick at Romanoffs and he said he loved sailing. That's been my passion since I was it kid. Dick has sold his boat but he knows some other people who own them. We have , lot of fun together. form irridescent glaciers deep enough to hide the girls completely. 'Dick also likes tennis. That' Jessel. another of my hobbies. So is swim A large plant outside the sound stage manufactures the bubbles Wool Demand and forces them up pipelines to the Studies made by the United States department of labor show that vents. ming. I was a champion swimmer in high school. I had about made up my mind to be a professional when I saw Fred Astaire in Tha Gay Divorce.' I saw it 18 times, then I decided I wanted to be a. dancer. That's what took me to to stage." "Come over to toe Thrill of Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer and Cyd Charisse, the ballerina, will dance in this finale but, right now, Minnelll is working only with the show girls. saffispaim.. jess Between shots, the girls descend the mountain and ilop in canvas chairs by the open doors of the U. ST WOMAN SERVED THE JAPS Mrs. Velvalee Dickinson, 50 years old, has been sentenced to serve ten years in prison by a Federal judge in New York upon her plea of guilty to a charge of violating the censorship law. The Government charged that she was an agent through whom the Japanese were to secure naval information, that she -was paid "over $60,000," by the Japanese, and that, as late Thanksgiving, 1941, she "could have given our Government incontestable proof that the Japanese were expecting to be at war with the United States in a few days." It sems almost imposible to believe that a woman, a citizen of this country, would have been willing to serve the Japanese at the expense of her country. While she pleaded guilty to violating the censorship law, the Government dismissed an espionage charge because the evidence could not be brought out in open court without endangering the national security. INVASION SECRET KEPT One of the interesting revelations of Winston Churchill's recent address to the Romance' set," suggests M-G-M Press Agent Leonard Shannon, whereas a small amount of wool goods is bought by those in the lowest income group, ,a rapid increase in demand .ta)tes place as income rises above the subsistence level. A high level of national income is therefore favorable to the wool industry. Nevertheless, price is a highly important element in determining consumer choice. Hence, the future price relationship between natural and synthetic nbers will be of considerable significance, particularly as the quality differential is-tending to become more narrow. You'll see Esther Williams with clothes on." This sounds perversa but, actually, I'd never seen KatJier Ate. on A set but once before when she wasn't in a bathing suit .And then she was in slinky pajamas. .sound stage. Tall and slender Hazel Brooks, who goes with M-G-M's head art director, Cedric Gibbons, sheds part of her water-proofed costume. ' "This is the toughest thing we've ever done," she says, "The technicolor lights up at the top of the stage practically fry you, and the fumes from the bubbles are so strong that you have to hold your breath when you walk through them. They are not real soap. They Today she is wearing & wedding Taking a Backward Clance gown and a stunning one. In the story, she has just been THIRTY' YEAK8 A TODAY Sidewalk JiUIers Are Ambushed , patrolman .Van Hoosier adopted the plan of blackberry pickers and got up early, this morning. The result was that he pick married to Actor Carlton Young. He leaves her on her wedding night to rush to Washington and she goal to Lake Arrowhead on a solo honeymoon where she -meets Van TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY Map Agent It After 8itners An agent tor a map of the Pig Saver A simple device for saving pigs is the electric brooder which can be built at home and installed in the farrowing pens on any faam where there is electricity. Such a brooder consists merely of a hover built in the corner of the pen and heated with a good-sized electric bulb. The warmth of the brooder may be just the difference needed to bring a litter of pigs through the critical first days without loss. are a combination of distilled water and a chemical formula. After m all-day session yesterday, sev-sral of the girls got hysterical. A few weren't even able to come to work today." On the screen this finale will last -nlv a few minutes, but M-G-M is state was in The Clintoniun of Johnson. "You can Imagine what happens," says Director Dick Thorp. "Yeah," says Bridegroom Carlton Young. "I play a jerk. It' isn't even debatable after you Esther in this weddinc rown." ' fice, today, seeking to get pledges of business nien they would House of Commons was a statement that in April, 1943, the British and American Planning Staff planned the invasion of take map at $4.80 each. The claim of the agent was that the company must have pledges of a ed a crop of early sidewalk riders. Only three were taken into camp, but then there .was a general scatterment, and it is believed the intruders hereafter, will, at least, be more careful if they wont be good. Two of the arrests made were men on their way to the mine for wqrk. They were riding bicycles and were making a speedway out of the sidewalk on South Main street, when they were intercepted by the policeman who was lying in ambush f or them. action on the part of ex-service men in the filling of their application for adjusted compensation, it was reported last night only 100 ex-Bervice men of the county had availed themselves of the opportunity presented by the legion to render all assistance possible to insure correct filing of the applications, and the request made that all who have not yet filed their applications do so at the earliest possible moment. Peruuals Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Williams of Indianapolis are the guests of Charles Frazier and son Fed of South Main street. Mrs. J. A. Auldridge of Louisville, Ky., is visiting friends and relatives in Clinton and Universal. Miss Miranda Whitmarsh of Yield Good Beef Young animals of dairy breeds that are fed until reasonably fat will yield beef of good eating quality. Require Glasses Most persons after 40 years .4f age require glasses tor reading and other close focusing work. ' u Slovakian Resources ..Eastern Slovakia has opal mines, valuable iron and copper deposits. certain number before they would produce a map. described as one to be made with unusual France, selecting the beaches for attack and presenting the main operations of the care. He would personally guar antee the map to be as represeu-ter. The canvasser Is strong in using the expression "you know." -..He claimed, he had already The officer did not want to de miE ijtesT of My Life IViiu You M v, - &y Faith RaMivhi - signed up some people in Clin scheme. Mr. Churchill carried the plan to Quebec, where it was studied by President Roosevelt and the combined British and American chiefs of Staff,' and approved. The secret was entrusted to "scores and very soon to hundreds and ultimately to thousands of people" but it never leaked out either in the United States or in Great Britain. I prive the men of ft day's work, so he just held their bicycles as security and permitted them to resume their journey on foot to the mine. They are to appear at ton. He did not afltr to his list as result of the interview in "Never mind, Kate, 111 go," and CHAPTER TWENTY Brazil is the guest of Mrs. Nora Tiie Clintonian office. moved toward the instrument. Lynn On Thursday night Lynn came watched her go. bhe walked beau Legion Appoints to dinner. His cocktail was wait Athletic liocly ing, the lighted fire, and Mary, in a tifully. No girl in her lirBt, lovely, careless youth moved with such Appointment of an athletic lone sheer wool frock, with her bai grace and dignity. Mary picked up the telephone. She said, "Yes . . . who is it?" Her Wilson of South Eighth street. Miss Vivian Louise Stitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Still, of North Fifth street is spending the week with her grandparents, Mr. uud Mrs, J. O. Stitt. Miss Kathertne Stutlz of Hlackmun street is visiting Miss Virginia Kniieding, of Kacine, Wis. brushed a new way and her serenity, He said, on a long breath, "Lord, this is good 1 " After dinner, sitting by the fire; be said, breaking long silence, face changed. "Matthew? But In the words of the British Prime Minister, this was "rather remarkable" and reflects credit upon the Anglo-American team. didn't recognize . . ." She was silent, committee and preparation of plans for running a soccer football team were the principal i-tems of business conducted at the American legion meeting last night, it was reported today. Further emphasis was placed upon the necessity for prompt "I ve never spoken . . . listening, and Lynn watched all the color drain from her lips and face Mary looked up, from her own police headquarters, this evening. One pf the fellows gave the name of John Hlak, and the officer was unable to understand the name of the other, so just jotted him down as ''John Doe." Flint Alii Gets ISooNt In City From Jr. Knoefel Dr. August P. Knoefel, vice-president of the American Mine safety association, came to Clinton, Wednesday night, and gave pointers to the men who are planning to -enter the national first aid contests, at Terre Haute, September 12th, and gave some pointers to others who heard as if she were bleeding to death in' thoughts. "You've never spoken of what?" Then she knew and put out ternally. He rose quickly and went across the room to put his hand on her hands quickly as if to ward I don't know. There was, a truck' "Steady," soothed Lynn, his heart sick within him. A nurse came to the door. She said, low, "If you'd come now, Dr. Norman ?" Matthew got to his feet and triad to straighten bis shoulders. He said, "I she's . . . Leming has taken her to the operating room. They sent me away." They watched him go. Mary said nothing. But her heart spoke strongly, in petition: Don't let thia happen to him, it begged, spare him. he doesn't deserve this, there isn't any sense to it, .don't let this happen I Suddenly she spoke aloud an4 was unaware that she did so. Lynn hearing, knew that she did not know that she spoke. 'Irene !" she said loudly . . . ,I wasn't thinking of her. I was juat thinking of Matthew." Her face altered and ahe began to cry. Lynn moved close and took bat hand. He did not speak. After a little she turned to him. "I'm all her shoulder; she felt him there, off a blow. "Uh, don't," she said, waiting, a rock of strength. JAPS CAN FORGET THE "TASK" General Kuniaki Koiso, new Japanese Premier, recently told the Japanese people that the task of "establishing everlasting peace in East Asia" had been han "please don't. Lynn, please don spoil things I" She asked, "How bad?" Then, "I'll come, at once. Lynn's here. He il come too." fie said heavily, "If, to speak would spoil anything, then, my -dear, you do not care for me at all." Mary dropped the telephone and Lynn picked it up, restoring it to 1 dor Her eyes were snimng, the cradle. and sad. "Matthew, you, Irene, You three are my whole life. She said, her lips moving as if they were stiff, "It's Irene, there's - Lynn said, hopelessly, "I went up him talk on first aid work. The physician is in the employ of the Indiana Operator's association, and goes about over the state giving lectures and demonstrations. He arranged to been an accident, fane s in the hos 'to see Nan yesterday. Rita went pital . . . Kate!" too. I begged her not to . . . she But Kate was there with Mary's disturbs Nan very much. But we went because Nan hasn't been as coat, nat ana Dag. "I s she at Lister?" asked Lynn. "Yes." well physically of late. She is bet ded down from Emperor to .Emperor for 2,600 years since the founding of the Empire ' The address, quoted by a Japanese broadcasting program, followed the line of the Axis dictators, speaking about peace when meaning war. Anyway, recent events in the Pacific Ocean indicate that the Japanese will shortly be relieved of the task that has been theirs for 2,600 years. .. The Allied nations, including Great Bri right," she said, "I just . . ." ter now, quite restored. Her heart is good." He added, after a mo He said, "My car's outside. We 'Don't try to talk, Mary." 'But I must. It helps." She clung can make it quickly." ment, "How brutal this sounds to bis hand and he was grateful for In the car they were silent. Then Mary said, "But things can't end that much. "Don't you see how I but she may Jive for years. The doctors said just that. Mentally he is much worse. She did not this way." Her voice was sheer re feel? All my life, almost all my CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer ' I1 i I4 r w r r r 34 " ' " 36 40 41 41 243 44 45 57" """" 48 49 Hll iH 1 Wr 1 I i return Thursday night, the 27th, and lie says if the names of the men and teams, with their captains, are sent in to him right away, he will try to get some helpers here even before the first aid car arrives. lVronaltt The Moose lodge installed a new phtno in their headquarters over the Alfier saloon, this morn ing. Charon Grinslade, of Smith & Co., v l:i make a business trip to life, all Matthew's life certainly. know me, Mary." bellion and incredulity. Lynn asked gently, "Could hi did he tell you anything?" He was staring at the fire. "It has been so long ... I have loved "Just there'd been an accident. you so long a time, without disloy tain and her Commonwealth as well as I've put him first. I've wanted to. Agonized over him, rejoiced in him. Thinking only that I must help him to be strong, to be happy. And now I can't help him, Lynn. If anything happens ... if Irene dies , . ." In the car. She was driving alty. Because for over twenty the United States, will make the peace "(jood grief!" said Lynn, "driv years Man has not been tne woman ing? Was Matthew out of his I loved and married, but a scream minor Lynn said, "You will be able to lug stranger. I have loved you and taken what comfort I could in the and take over the job of maintaining it, INVISIBLE RESULTS He could feel Marv stiffen beside t him. dear." him. fane did not answer. ve had my life," she murmured fact that I may see you. may touch lhey reached the great hospital dully. "If it had happened to ma, your hand and listen to your voice JaMtttville, Sunday. Mihsi'8 Maude and Mable Mills, of fourth street, are spending a few (Ihvs with friends and relatives at Jattonvtlle. i parked, found their way to a wait German soldiers, captured in Brittany, how much more fitting. But to Irene. . . . what comfort I could in know ing room, .everyone was verv kind. ing that you lived, that we walked with life before her, and the baby? To Matthew? It isn't fair." im are reported boasting of a new German jjr. ftorman mother. Dr. Nor under the same sky, on the same Mihr Hazel Bennett is spend mans mother . . . cried, "it isn't fair!" streets, and breathed the same air. ing the week with her grand- And I)r. Norman's wife . . He said, "We never understand secret weapon an invisible plane that can fly to New York and return to Germany without being seen or heard, accor ut , . it is not enough. Yet even if you felt as I do and you do not. They waited, and Marv thoueht: these things." ..tether, Mrs. James Moody, at .Vrre Haute. As long as I live I will never forget "There isn't anything to under l Know it, do not look at me so, any hunk in tnis room, l he chairs, the pattern of the unholsierv. the ding to the United Press. there is no need to tell me even if you did, there is no other way but stand," Mary retorted, "in a senseless cruelty like this. Mattbew'a good, Lynn. He's never hurt snv. It is an interesting story which may curtains, i He desk aver there and this way. Only sometimes when toe prints on the wall. The roses in a vase ... am very tired it seems such a waste. I would ask nothing more of life than this, to be with you to grow It was a long time before thev give comfort to the Nazis as they retreat from Brittany. Just the same the "invis-ble" plane will produce only invisible one. Irene's good . . . and the baby . . ." She looked at him piteously. "Why shouldn't the baby have had a chance at life?" ahe asked. "So many are born who aren't wanted so many are born who come into a hideous environment, poverty, duw saw Matthew. When they did, they did not know him for an instant. 37, short jacket 39. auricle 40. beginner 43. distance 47. seize with teeth 48. coming from east 60. large jar 61. mere taste 62. nigh 63. exigency 64. covert 65- river in Africa VERTICAL 1. cocoanut-husk fiber 2. eagle He was stooped, old, haggard Old witn you, JUary." Sh was cryuog. a litUe. Shaaaid, "Dear Lyan ..." "I know. Forgive me, and I won't apeak of it again, I promise. Only there are momenta which come sud man completely distraught. He Blast CapH Dang-eraus Scores of children are blinded, maimed, or killed each year in tha United States as a result of playing with blasting caps carelessly stored by their negligent elders. Thirty-three children were injured, nine losing the sight of one eye and 13 forfeiting one or more fingers or other parts of their hands, in 18 typical accidents outlined in the report which was prepared by D. Harrington, chief of the Health and Safety Service, and R. G. Warncke, mining engineer. came shambling in and his mother rose and took him in her arms. ease, ill nature, suffering. But Matthew's baby would .hiv e bad everything. After s while Matthew drew him denly, one cannot anticipate them or evade them. In such moments self away. iurmurinir. "it's hH. Ho said. "Hush, darlimr" and she mower. WASHINGTON. Rear Adm. Husband E. Kimmel, accusing Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Harry S. Truman of publishing false statements regarding Kimmel's command at Pearl Harbor dur did not ven hear the entiearmtnt, Answer to Saturday's puzzle. the barriers fade and one is compelled to speak." Lynn said. "Sit down . . . hr you im hi try ia do brave, rerbaxifl ins it isn't e bad, i" it;tis it" He was silent and she looked at He guided him to a chair and Matthew slumped into it, his hand aver his face. Presently he beean to talk They tore . again. People ing the Japanese sneak attack: "The real 3. fruit of palm 4. raise 5. perceive 6. nuisance 7. take turna 8. bedeck 9. excitant 10. small valley 11. pitcher 16. cessation . 20. shred 22. clearness 24. timid 25. weeding implement 26. disarrange 27. of that tiling 29. game of cards 30. sheep 33. footless reptile 35. extinct bird 36. endure 38. walk 40. very black 41. river in Africa 42. appendage 44. expanse 45. tribe 46. wildcat 49. scout rapiaiy. HORIZONTAL 1. give up 5. health resort g. officer in attendance on President 12. vocal 13. lamprey 14. haul 15. amuse - 17. fillet at top , of shaft (her.) 18. pass rope through hole (tiaut.) 19. breed of dog 21. European viper 23. rave 24. moving backwards and forwards , 28. beverage 31. sharpen 32. Luzon savage 33. congealed vapor falling in Hakes 34. it is so 35. parasitic plant, came an went. ait passed, twe of then and one whispered to the other, That's Dr. Norman's moth 1 was working at the office." the young physician said. "When it was time to leave I had a call . . . mm in sadden wonder. She had been so fond of him always, from the very first. Mary had known for a long time that he loved her, and had deeply respected bis silence, had been grateful for it- But she had not imagined Something stirred in her, a vain wish, like a spark from a fire she had long thought cold and perished. Mary t ard the whisper, it Demaad.Rica Sell All leaf crops demand rich soiL They -must grow fast without check, otherwise the leaves are tough and have a bitter navor. Plant food should be applied to the soil in which .they grow at the rate of 4 pounds to 100 square feet. a patient on the Island. I thought the air might do Irene good. It had T.SRnAGATEnSPA ORAdDAL E g" JT AM R F. NTE R Ja S pTTr E SlftT EEp AIMp OpjAlN " fDjK E S "Sr 1 A0EJ3T n snU HaTsJi S E RlMN 5QPA SjS EE pai JL 5 gOliJT jyTlEIN " IUE A N P E RC J CANe1EI R E DpA I piE AG 0rJa1sELAiNC' e p riu tWl6Se WT. k L TIE IE Li AN II bl.b:SlEjf trabed shuitdy; it was a little voice crying, shrlly: Dr. Norman's mother! stopped snowing, you see. I called the garage but tbey had bo one to send. So I called her. It's such a little way. I said. 'Bring the ar Well, she was th t... She twisted story of the Pearl Harbor attack and the events preceding it has never been publicly told." PHIIlA DELHPIA. Navy Under-Secretary Ralph A. Bard, speaking at christening of an aircraft carier and two cruisers: "In the world of the future, America wants security . . . for itself and security for all the other peaceful people of the jvorld." , , over, it will save time all around, i her hands togelhei in her lap. She thought: Piettse, Go. let sae be eeo-t no lied, let me face i itever coom. Lynn said harshly, "Don t be kind to me. I I could not endure it. Next time it will be aa it was before." But things are navex as they were before. The telephone rang sharply and Max cuaa to a&swer it. &ha called, Wrap up well and well drive out together, if you feel op to it.'. . . She said she did." After a while he went on, "It was Far Maintain Qiiaiity The qualfly of -sheep wool can be maintained to better advantage on the farm it the owner will see that ail hay is fed on the ground or in low sacks, it is said. give me the right worw. show a the way to help my son. To be continued) ' such a little way. But ahe skidded. Average lime e! Mlaliea: 28 mia.lri. UuL fcy hia$ Feature cr"l ilU fcc Perhaps aha took a corner Wo last.

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