The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 21, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, August 21, 1944
Page 2
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Monday, Angus 81. 1844 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN i.U. !' Page Two TODAY'. PATTERN WABASH TODAY Dalse 'Hosford. fancy work and Mrs. fli. V4 f 9173 U SIZES IV- s Vf, Eleven - Point v Post -War Plan Is Drawn Up (Continued from page 1) in the Baruch Hancock report. 6. As rapid abandonment of wartime controls over commodities, materials, ' prices and wages, as Is safe to the national economy. 6. Revision of federal taxation to hlah level of business activity so there will be encourage ment for the employment ui v-iu.c capital in risk enterprises. llfik rreilft 7. Availability of bank credits to qualified returning soldiers ana sailors and without federal guarantees or participations to industrial firms trying to resume the production of civilian goods. In order that growth of small business may be encouraged. g. Retention by the United States of such island outposts and bases as are essential to national secur ity Prosperous Agriculture i 9. Prosperous agricuuuie mi. an effective and erricieni sou, a- . . j . AnnaapiiiHnii nrneram. ' vigorous development of home and . foreign markets and of new uses . i w,.ai nmriitrta. lor Her'"'1"" . 10. Immediate enactment of a r;'a ' AII. O Kave, Iktty Oral.le, Carmen Miranda ..d Ci.rKe Jessel ad to llie fart and furious imisical fin of "Four Jilb. In A Jeep" o k , ing Sunday at the WsM Th. tre, and in which the, a.-.K-ar J The film feature Kay W-rta. Carole 1-ndM. Mariha Kayo M..1 Mit.i Mayfair, ith Jimmy Dor am Lis Or-ch' stra, John Harvey. Pl.ll Silver,, nnd introduce, radio's sen,-i !!.nl singing star, Dick Hayna s. Alice, Belly and Carmen sin the songs that have made them famous, while George Jessel U as master of ceremonies. Elmer' Davis, Jhe norai niv.s.uu. . ' oi,.. will superintend the canning exhibits, Mrs. Susie Mc- Lain the baking, and M. J. t-erersu., and Mrs. Florence Miller the 4-H Ti , .....i Mr. PeterBon is U1UD ipm - county agent, and he and Mrs Mil ler will be assisted Dy ueue and Gerald Morgan, livestock superintendents. In girls' 4-H Club work Mrs. Miller will be assisted by Miss Detly Simpson ana aim. Lillian Fahler. No entry fee is charged in 4-H Club competition. NazisTo Quit Paris as Yanks Qose on City (Continued tiom page 1) There was mounting evidence that more Germans were killed than had been taken prisoner In the Argonum Falaise trap where Allied armies .continued 10 wnm.c u.,.. remnants ol iinus oi is ur.u.o.. -. 4uinno aucrht in the Docket. Heavy fighting raged east of Tro- arn wnere the Allies made lime pro r,iBin nen hv German rear blumwwim - . guards protecting the retreat ol and no whold the entire Falalse- Argelltan road. Jn the B0Utnwest corner or me pocket the villages of Coulet and r. 4niAn In the snulheast corner gajHeui, Occagnes and Le Bourg gt ijConard were occupied, he enemy wag engaged around Vimoutieres, southeast of Llvarot a nil the AIIIGH BlU writ; us - " n at Do,,uei on the nor- ... f .he front. Headquarters said mat low ciuuu formations were hampering the activity of Allied air forces smashing at the fleeing Germans in conjunction with the ground units. The German radio quoieu a Benin foreign office spokesman as declaring that "Paris will be spared from military operations just as we spareu t. . ioin" inriiratin--early aban donment of the captal to the Yank onslaught. Riga, Warsaw In Path of Soviets; Open South Drive- rvotlnuwt P -m rif rier to a Russian drive on Riga. peacetime universal military irain-1 olncr (orces back to tne oenie. ing act In order nation may Auei troops struck to within two remain at peace and may preserve mi(s f Li8eux, 18 miles below the its democratic way of life, that Its mouth of tne seine and it was expec-manhood may learn the value of ed ,nat tne capture of Lisicuii would national unity through the spirit ljquldate tne main forces of resis-and practice of national service tance and that Its moral and physical. ThfJ Allle(j troopB closed in all a-uoll heine be derolped. h ii.u ,,rkr. south of Falaise RohotAtacksSlow As Allies Qose, In On Bomh Launches (Continued nom paga 11 englned Messerschmltts and Btuka dive-bombers. A small German ngn-tor formalion attacked ths bombers over Hungary. Hil Northern Italy The tactical alrforce switched operations from the Riviera to northern Italy today, ptimmellng railway yards at Alessandria, Turin and in the I'o valley and blasting bridges on the Bolognn-Ferrera-Padua supply line In tune with renewed activity by northern Italy ground forces. iK'-Jclinging . . , chiW of three l inns win. . . n.sf saas"aVa COOKED A FINE DINNER; THEN THREW IT TO DOG One lady recently stated that she used lo throw her own dinner to the dog most of the time. It made her sick Just to look at anything to eat. Khe was swollen with gas, fan of bloat, had headaches, felt worn out and was badly constipated. Finally she (tot ERH-HEI.P and ''says she now eats everything In sight and digests it perfectly. Bowels are regular and normal. 8he is enjoying life once more and feels like "some other woman" since taking this New Com-pound. KltlMlKI.P contains 13 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, art on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Oct KltB-HEIiP. White's (llcxall) Pharmacy Drug Store. THE 50c BOX SEATS 75c r--W XNaW" IIome anners Urged -i mrm French Troops Smash Way To Port of Toulon I Continued from paa II nnnh nf i he lame i.orl of Mar seille left to Ihe Nazis only III'' roast road from Toulon to Marseille as .in nvelllie of escape, and tills roule niny be closed quickly. l,.rl,..n nnlla on llllill grilllllll positions behind Ihe Trench assault elemenis aided the advance while Allied wnrshlps landing of' '" In Mediterranean waler poui-eo heavy ahelis Into German shore and battleship bnlterles In direct support of the ground forces. Cut Major Kraie Ways American flying columns drove to and past Pertuls, road and rail town some 27 miles northwest of Marseille, while other units battl ing at the outskirts of Aix-fcn-rro-vence 15 miles north of Marseille, cut off the major escape routes for Nazi garrisons of the Marsciue-iou-lon areas. Feeble Nazi Opposition Meets Yanks Crossing Seine, Road to Paris ' i . Con tib ue 11 om pafe 1) . "There is no fight left-ill us here auouis. .- v Poking iuland from tne. Seine, an lnianiry column uivi viuj A, slstance. The GasslcouM briise wan blown up Saturday and sonie Bharp engagements took place as- the result. The story goes that jfour of our riflemen shot at a German a-cross the river Sunday and later found the body with four bullet holes. Howls Iead to Paris The heights offer a sweeping view back across the Seine but Paris is hidden by a series of intervening hiiia All Knrts of roads run towards the capital. This region is filled with residences of the wealthy mostly cliateaus extensively used until lately by German army and Nazi party officers located in Paris. Moving parallel with the Gassi- court crossing, American ground troops during the week-end poked into the southwest section of Fon-tainbleu Forest and after securing a good grip crossed the Seine on the Oother Bide of the woods. ANNOUNCING DR. WALTER M. LEEDS ' OPTOMETRIST RETIRING Last Examinations August 23 Office Will Remain Open Until Sept. 9 For Completion Of Work Glamour takes a practical turn In 'ntlern 9173. Cut on fluttering rl.iciss lines this slim sidibutton- rd frock is caH to sew. Pattern 9173 comes in sizes ... 14. 16, 18. 20; SO, 32, 34, 36, 38. 40, 42 and 44. Size 16 requires 3i ,-as. 35-Inch material. This pattern, together " with a needlework pattern of useful and decorative motifs for linens and garments. TWENTY CKNTS. Heml TWENTY CKNTS In coins for these patterns to The Daily Cllntonian, Pattern Dept., loo n. .dfinrun St.. Chieaco 80. 111. Write plainly H17.K, NAME, ADDRESS, STVI.Ii NH.MBUIt. Kenrf viftekn CENTS more for the Marian Martin new and bigger Summer Pattern Book. e2-l"ages, easy-to-make styles. Free pattern printed in book. Classified Ads Sell Most Anythinf AND TOMORROW mm to Use Bumper ' " k 1 1 n eni.lion thriftv hniisekeenerB to nn their own fru IR nn V if tnev have them available in good supply, If they can oe purcnaseu econou...- 1v unit in e-nod condition. These experts maintain that care should be taken to. selecting preservation methods some fruit, ii,ev v lends Itself more readily in etinninir while others are more economically dried or frozen. Here are their suggestions on what can be done with various types of fruits: eiugicestions for Canning By canning: apples, peaencs, cner-ries, berries, pears, grapes and tomatoes. (Tomatoes go "hand in hand" with fruitn for canning, department economists explain.) By freezing: apples, apricots, berries, cantaloupes, cherries, grapes, peaches, prunes, plums. no ..rvlnie rRither bv sun. oven or electric driers) apples, peaches. pears, apricots, prunes, perries ano grapes. By pickling: Peaches, crab apples and oears. neavy crops in mum uuilb hic anticipated this year with Agriculture ripnartment figures showing prospects of 125 million, 643 thou sand bushels of apples, 41 per cent above last year's short crop. Peaches will be 69 per cent above the 1943 crop with 71 million. 316 thousand bushels expected. Other increases include pears. 16 per cent; grapes 250,000 tons; apricots, three times the 1943 crop; and cherries 76 per cent. Wives of King Solomon King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Crop for "Lean77 Winter liays Aftcaa DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE , WABASH WESTERN RIDERS AT WASHINGTON. D. C. Ameri ca's estliiiated 24 million home can-ners were advised today by OPA chief Chester Bowles to take full advantage of this year's bumper fruit crop and lay away a gooo sup ply for the "lean winter nionms. in ihA wnke of a noor fruit crop lust year, the Department of Agriculture predicts an overall boost of 15 per cent in 1944-45, with the popular types of "canning fruit a.-vailable In "bonanza" quantities. Bowles "strongly emphasized that 'the only way all of us can have a good supply of canned foods for our families this coming wln- iai la in An nt.r owd canning now while fresh fruits and vegetables are so plentiful. A..-llal.llllv i Tewt Underscoring the importance oi nni,' the OPA announced today that availability of fresh vegetables will be the test In granting supplemental ration points for canned vegetables to individual consumers, small bo-rding houses, and industrial In-plant feeding operatioas iit ar- Sumcieni uj pim ...... , tlonal needs. I With the army consuming a gi- Jant's share . of "The only way we can get rru use ' ... .... ! serve rruits. Along wnu i v.u-.-i. j ., ..n,n,nn freexinc. rtrvin and nickling. but at the same - " VERMILLION COUNTY FAIR WEDNESDAY NIGHT, AUG. 23 TWO HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT Starting at 8:00 P.M. 3 FEATURING MANY: ' ' ' Western Contests Lady Riders Pony Express Patriotic Drill . , PURELY A WESTERN HORSE SHOW German efforts to burst out oi.huih .,. .... ? the Baltic gar- and costly in ratio point value risen forced units of the first Bal-1 tic army of Gen. Ivan C. Bagramian in any vu.u.. . .. -"'""".'-to ab-ndon some positions up ourselves," one OPA official Russian forces had reached the Bal- explained, tic west of Riga. German dispatch- lae New Ways c. reported that naval forces bad Agriculture Department home ocn-ded the Nazi attack, with bomb-gnomics expert, advise housewives to Develop W orld Teamwork ,., ! 11. Development oi ninni-i "1 teamwork mrougn me i,. principles of American foreign P0" 1 1 I Ac, The Baruch Hancock report, in . dealing with disposal of surplus property, suggest. In part, that as much as pos.ifl.le should be sold aB mil o - I Ing normal trade; that there be no ... ir, or ronlnla to spccuiau. promoters, that fair market prices be obtained ann ino piled to the national debt and that as far as practicable sales be made through regular channels. County Fair To Have Cool lenins Days at Cayuga f Continued from page II .i r.nt.m western Riders provid ing the attraction. There will be no reserved seajs mt-oiij J,;",' ao onlookers are advised to oonte early. The big radio snow win max the fair's special entertainments. Animal Judging Scheduled Juding of animals will take place pn Wednesday and Thursday iheep on Wednesday at 1 p. m.. hogs Wednesday at 2 P- m.. dairy cattle Thursday at 9 a. m beef cattle Thursday at a. m. and horses Thursday at 10 a. m. Moore s Modern Carnival Shows will play the midway throughout the four days of the fair, both day and night. IVrMmnel of Committees An emergency hospital, rest tent and playground will be provided through cooperation with the Vermillion County Hospital. The committee In charge of this Includes Howard E. Watson, Cayuga; Mrs. Nelle Johnson. 1'errysvllle: Mrs. Grace Darroch. Cayuga, and Mrs. Ora Doyle. Clinton. SanerintendrnU Nairn! Donald Overne'k and Chauncey Plersnn will be In charse of horses; Frank Wolier and Forrest Cof-Bey. Cattle; Thomas Fineerald and OorU James, hogs and sIim-p. and Hoy MeKinney and Virgil Adams, poultry. Twenty-five sK-ial awards of merchandise In addition to cash awards will be given Ihe poultry winners. E. E. O'Domiel and IVarly Randolph are in cbarce of vegetable and grain judging; Mrs. DON'T GUESS urAen you buy it yOUR p.Ur iowX H. know irom tpiinca kt only 900- paint h worth (he aoswy. That's why o many paiirkrrs ma BURDSAL PAINT PRODUCTS. They're M(y to apply hard waaring .paa-abla. Jlii-L- aod. GRANDSTAND SEATS 4:00 P. M. Physically Qualified to Produce Materials Over IS Years (All in AA-1 Priority) FOR SHIPMENT TO THE ARMY AND NAVY ardment of Russian positions irom tne sea. On the west bank or tne visiuia . . ... i.. n..n . I, fid key to the approcahes to Kra-1 . r .n alluoln the first river, aoove nnuuirc,, KOW HUM uciuiau J Ukrainian army moved north along the Vistula In a move aimed to out flank the Nazi garrison of Warsaw, 110 niile awav. Three Nazi, divisions, trappea a-. k.-a Cnrfnmierx l.r a HUSH. a" mi. of steel, were virtually annihilated in ihnav struerle wnirn saw Kovh t fones overrun a 25-square-1 .... . .. sifrhl toW'nM Utld III.., aif nuu - - - i village.. Although the Soviet communique made no mention of a new olfen-sive in Romania and Bessarabia, government sources claimed that i.,e ttt.n armv had lunghed forward ,.n ihe offensive both north and so.ilh of Ihe Romanian rail renter of lais. Soviet drive, from the area of Tiraxpol and Tiphma. .Kiririe ihe Dni-slr river, was rlslm ed by Nazi sources to be pressing for Kishinev in Bessarabia. In the Warsaw ares. Russian fiFliler repelhl roi.tinii'-d German term lark :i ill l'rai:a. 11'irthe.iHl ot ihe Colih lap.lal. slid Improved II.. II IK.MII'.lll alter Sl.iatbll.C Hie N.-! couilter-l.lo.:'. As It Appears to Us . . . MHl are ll1 to rtm-IrtlHito - (hU miasm, hm rw letter mtul lwl SIMI words. Ho rmirllM.lN will ba puMlsnot anU-a H la alKaad. alilio-gh Iho wrluWa aaaM will ant lie awlntnl r-m by requrt. Opiiihrna r-pn-ard are aot awasaailj Hume of The Clinumlan. tir- In Ihe Aueust 17. Hi 4 Iww "' v..r f,ir vou announced tile en easement for marrlate of Mr. Vim d'AKOSllni to Mrs. Maria Airota. This m.nouneement is without any knowledge of encasement by either of us and is entirely without lounaauon. v.. infnrniants are evidently closely related to the famed gentle man. Ananias. Vito d'Aeostlnl Maria Airola Editor's Note: This Information LABORERS, ASSEMBLERS WE OPERATORS, PASiMRS MAC ii nit APPLY AT COMPANY OFFICES BETWEEN 8:30 A. M. AND I i PARIS, ILL. MIS WEST BODY AND MAr.UFAOTUH.DHg D8U1SS0N ' i HELP WIN THE WAR Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. CKtlf. A..STEAI. Mar. tu So. ml. 3 was telephoned to the Uaily tun tonlan by a woman who gave name as Maria Airola.

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