The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 18, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Friday, August 18, 191 THE DAILY CLINTONI AN "V Page Eight Postmaster SfiJSScpL 15 -Oct 15 . Dates for Overseas Christinas Mail assured, wllh the limited personnel and facilities available, only if the public gives full cooperation through prompt mailings of the overseas gift parcels from the opening, of the mailing period. BUSINESS SERVICES Control Eya Three aerves control the move-menu of tbe six muscle that move the human eye. Each of two of Iha muscle has its own nerve, and the other four muscle arc all controlled by a tautl nerve. Dor UnKlvaUoa Deep cu'.UVjUon will dry out the ajil. and may disturb the surface roots of your veretirJ ;dnU. wNich may do more harm than the cu'Uvs-bon doe ajood. I 4 2tl.r9s-35sPAAcr5 NO CEILING ON COMEDY! No Rationing of FUN! LOVE! LAUGHS! t - r f Titxilirions r-' - I axe af bar f V V,' nr-nrkefs 1 I T W r-aViy BSC ; roan work a v "MADE THEM MYSELF 'IIIIIIVx.WK"',.j by Alice. BrooLs Toull be the envy of your guests with these beautiful scarfs and mats, and yoall be proud to say. "1 crocheted them myself". Inexpensive to make scarfs and mats to display on your polished tables. Pattern 7125 contains direc tions for scarfs, mat; stiuhes. This pattern, together with a needlework patter of useful and decorative motifs for linens and garments. FIFTEEN CENTS. Send FIFTEEN CENTS in. coins for these patterns to The Daily CUntonian. Household Art Dept., SC4 West Randolph Street. Chiczco S. III. Write plainly K.tME. ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. Our new 32-page. Needlework Book is yours for Fifteen Cent more . . . 130 ilhiFtrations of designsor embroidery, home decoration, toys. to avoid breakage. Sharp instruments, such as razors and knives, must have their edges and points protected so that they cannot cut through tbe coverings and injure postal personnel or damage other packages. It is stressed that success can be HIGHEST (gASCIl For Your UccJGaro COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St. Phone 437 7125' , .1 I ' mrnm- BJBFSBBBBBBBJS-BVa.B, J mat J... FRAZEE Barbara Jo ALLEN Tn-L ALBERTSON Fra.L JENKS FrBk fenton . t Coming Saturday GREAT HENRY BANDS! EDDIE LE 11 "Save strong string and box material and start to plan hopping." Postmaster General Ftank C. Walker advise Americans in announcing rale for mailing or Christmas gifts tor Army aad Navy personnel over- T1.M ar the rkritlnu mailfne period for both Army and Navy overseas lorres f the same. Sept. IS to Oil- 15. Alter that date ao sift parrel but be mailed to soldier 11 host the presealatioa of a writ-lea reut from him. The great demands apoa shipping COLUDDIA FRIDAY aad SATURDAY Admission 9c and 20c :aco::ga With Buster Crabbe Fifi D'Orsay "1SITI.G ST. LOOS' MGM Traveltalk "Wreck of tbe Hesperus' Fox Short "Huliaballo Lulu" Little Lulu Comedy ?' - SUNDAY and MONDAY Admission 9c and 35e tiiaV::; youh lucky stars Warner All Star Revue "Somewhere In Egypt" Terrytoon BKO News No. 99 Tuesday aad Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE AdmLssioa 9c and 20c cnr.EEn Gin With Fraaees Laagf rd Crag Wood PLUS THERE'S SOCETEKG ABOUT A SOLDIER With Tom Neal Evelyn Keyes THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c SALUTE FOR THREE " With F Uy Rhodes 1 3IafDonald Carey Dona Drake "Aladdin's Lamp" Terrytoon "DANGER AREA" MGM Short RELY ON... 4 and the seed for giving preference to anna, munitions, medicine and food Is tbe prime reason for tbe early mailing date. Moreover, gift parcels must travel great distances to reach Army and Navy personnel who are located at remote points, and frequently the transfer of large number to new stations necessitates forwarding of the packages and additional time Is required. "Chrislmu gilts mean muck to our people overseas.- Mr. Walker said. Becaue strong twine, keavy paper aad boxes aad fiberboard will prove or real help la makiag delivery af kilts posiible I arge those at kome lo begin saving these male-rials aow. As lime goes oa they are going to become rrea more scarce tkaa tkey are aow." Among the more Important role for Christmas mailings to the armed forces overseas are the following: The parcel most not exceed five pounds and mast not be more than 15 Inches in length or SC inches In lengtk and girth combined. It should be marked "Christmas parcel" so that it may be given special attention to assure its arrival before Dec 25. Not more than one parcel may be mailed In any one week to the same member of the armed forces by or in behalf of tbe same mailer. When the combination packages are made bp of such items as miscellaneous toilet articles, hard candies, soaps, etc.. the contents should be tightly packed so that they will not become loosened in transit and damage the contents or the cover.) Hard candies, nuts, caramels, cookies, fruit cake and chocolate bars individually wrapped in waxed paper should be enclosed In inner boxes of wood, metal or cardboard. J Perishable goods, such as fruits and vegetables that may spoil, are prohibited. Intoxicants, inflamma-1 hie materials such as matches or lighter fluids, poisons and anything j that may damage other mail atoo are prohibited. Gifts enclosed in class sbolld be substantially packed TODAY'S PATTERN QllIjUtiaV A neatly tailored skirt and jum-j per with n variety of fresh blouses.' Pattern S2 makes a thrifty wardrobe for your active little sprite. Pattern 92 comes In sises 2. 4. . 8. 10. Sue C. jumper. 1 V yds. 39-inch; blouse. yd. -S inch : skirt. 1 yard 34-inch. This pattern, together with a jj needlework pattern of useful and j decorative motifs for linens and gar- j ments. TWENTY CENTS- I Send TWENTY CENTS in coins i for these patterns to The Daily I Clintonian. Pattern Dept 15a S. j Jefferson Chicago '. IIL Vi nte plainly KI.F- SAME. ADDRESS. 4TV1JS Kt M11EK. Send FIFTEE!i CENTS more for The Marian Martin new and bigcer ummer Pattern Book. 32-Pages. easy-lo-mafce style. Free patter rioted In book. 6.00x16 No Rationing RstesfcrClsssifisdAfs z;d Paid Cstises First In I mtloa; tor ad taadtac Im Ioh colsu Una, Ilk Nut two days Ismrttoa: Ik a caarga (m get tare day at doakla IB rat et tka Drat day). Mot thra nay I artlna: la aaaaa Sc eharga Uh get whom keek lira aval at tana UaMa um sat af aaa taasrOoa,. Bark rroap at Una aafa tkara-aftar. Ic a Baa. llkaifsn (km tbnl Me per Baa. i rlaantrri ada tncisdtng i u4 Bottom af an kinds ataat ka aaht la art f almtl-T- wkose HBa aiaat h al-lawsd ketor ketng aaM. la the mttar ease ta aersoa matng tar aaaiicaHom of tba nodea allt a hanf reaaoaatblo for Ua FOK SALE ONE SOW AND NINE LITTLE pigs. Joe Malag, KJondyke. 14 x TornsG picsl Herman w hite. Fiirvtew K. B. 3. t5x WHITE ROCK FRIES. SSI SOfTH Sixth. IS1 EJIAIJ. po.vr. gentle, white ...a caotted. Saddle and bridle- Two miles north of 1-7 ford on Ronte 4L V- T. Jioore. . , sex FOR FIXE FLAVORED CANNING peaches, bar nee-ripened ptaek- ' e at Nardi s Orchard. Lyford. led. Well be picking Aug. Zl. tSSx CRAPES. S7 N". 1TH STREET. Pete Carrara. tSSx Wanted to rent riVE OR SIX, ROOM HOUSE BT Bew band director. Call C$2. tSl FOUR MONTHS OLD ITLLET3. twenty white leghorns and twenty bark rocks. 204 Jackson St.. Fair-view Park. I4x COLUMBIA RECORD STJ4 OUT of Nowhere. Sunday. Les Brown and His Orchestra. See pls tax. White's Pharmacy. USED TIRES - 4xll - 4i"xi -xlS - SZSxl. Two auto radios, three ear beaters. Hoarier Pete Station. t4x k-RM SEMI-MODERN HOUSE AND lot. 1S4 &. 4tk St- Can be seen all day Saturday. I49x ONE 14-S REX CONCRETE MIXER. Can be seen at sewage treatmeat plant. Clinton. t4x TOT TERRIER I'Li-S. ISIS S. TH Street- t4x GOOD USED FURNITURE AND ICE box. 1J Pike St. ti"i PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IS the time. This is lbs place- Stb nnd Elm Street Marcel, open until t p. m. for poor cocvcrtcBee. We nave favored ont tracks and saved oar gas to haul pearne. if yoa don't get them it won't be oar faolt. Toa can save your rn tires, and money here- McCraesen nnd Sobs. 22 SoBth Main and Hit, nnd Elm Streets. tt'T FOUR ROOM HOUSE. Hi MAT-tkew Street. tS4x FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-xll Block. Charlie K. Fergnson. Pkone 13-W. t 7-17-44 f ONE FIRE SIDE HEATING STOVE and one three drawer chest. Inquire 14 S- Mai. tSlx GARDEN VEGETABLES. CUCUM-' bers. beets, cabbage, sweet com and other vegetables. 2 mile north of HiUwlale. C. E. Woolen. lilx FOB SENT WHEEL CHAIR. TELEPHONE S22-M- t4x MODERN FURNISHED APART-awat- Close ia. 41S Booth Third Street. tll WANTED TO KENT OH l KM. HOUfiE. M1LDKEI) I J Sharp. 412 Walnut SC tli FURXIBHED OR UNFURNISHED 2" or 3 room apartmenc Write Uox X. 412. Clinton. tim '' i WANTED TO BUT LARGE SIZE CAS BURNER. SUIT-' able for melting poc Stiould be approximately It inches is di- : ameter. Type formerly ased aader ! still will be satisfactory- Call 2. Daily Clinionian. ' 1 FT. COAL CHUTE. CHARLIE R. Pcrgason. TeL 13 W. til tun RECAPPING VULCANIZING RE- liners. Prestone coming. Tbermo nnni e it here while It" plen tiful. Oils 1 and S gaL fie taicsrs. Gas Market. IIS Nona Mail St. Horace loweu. js. lit MARIANS BEAITT SHOP NOW opra for Mmb. 14 Washiag-loa St- li BENN KTT TRANSFER. LOCAL 4 long distaaee moving. 4 S-tin. Pkoee 4SI. TlM-R PHUTOGRAPU OR BABIED lakra any site, ealargemeats Bvade. Mr. Kaystond Turner li S- Stk Sl- PAI'ER HANGING AND PAINTING. Write Box tti-F. WHITLOCK. 906-IC. it A MKKIC PHONE i tS3f HOG FEEDERS SAVE FEED TRY t one of oar Wilro Feeders let it ; aar for Itself. Telephone 222.: CliatoB Lamber A Supply Co. FOR PLUMBING. HEATING, El-EC-trie wiring, and sheet metal see C. t J. Kamarata. 23 North Ninth St. I "hoars 2 and 1S3W. 17tf POUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car. Track and Tractor Tire and Tubes. Valcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Caar-aateed. Ilk nnd Bogart Mobllgs Station. Jo Giaecletto,' Clinton. 22tf DEAD AN'IMlALS REMOVED. huga or small, prompt aerriea. Call Crawford 121 or Crawford; U1M T m Hanta or Dana 142. We nay all phone cnargea. Joka Warktel Cos. Terra Haste. U27 DEAD AkXMAUi REMOVED FREE mt ckaree by Pntola aad Sana. Hi i 1 awalrra. CnU a as sooa as tbey die sad mi rharges. Itaa IFlBBd nWrloB, Uaa, Pnoaa 6. tSxf CBaraatmd 24-Hr.. Refrlgeratioa Serrkse. Commerrlal aad DomeatJe. F. L. Boaebrafc. Fboaa 124-4 Clin ton or KW-1. MoBtexoma. HALE HELP WANTED A DOT AT GILLtS PHARMACT. tS BOYS TO CARRT PAPER ROUTES. 1 years or over. ApUy. Bill Biaefcbam. CUntonian. Help Wanted Female WANTED A PART TIME HOUSE-keeprr. Mrs. Dow Mitchell, 43 Walnnt St. GIRL WANTED. APPLT VH.TOM Diner. 14 x PAID NOTICES VfTV:: TKi'UKiaiM: no. s mike KIN. RiJWO TO. MTCEENED (K.L IN n!"roKTI.V. 1 MILE WKTH " tTJVTOS. SUNLITE COAL COMPANT. Oil XOTIfE! We close at noon on Saturdays. Clinton Lamber and Supply Co. ttai LOST BETWEEN fit S. STH ST. AND Jones Variety Store. Si. Call 4 I'M. Reward. V42 WANTED NICE HOME IX CLINTON FOR A boy. five, no other children, most be reasonable. 434 North Sc. Phone iTi II. t4x WASHINGS. NO IRONING. THIED house east of school houe at Fairview. lilx Sheep Csbtgs The drug phenHhiaztne, used in controlling nodular worms tn sbeep, helps to prevent damage to siieep rasirigi Sbeep receinr.g tbe drug produce eight time tbe normal number of undamaged emr in Memoriam In loving memory of or dear Dad. E. B- Potter, who departed this life six years ago tomorrow. August 1. 1S-Aagnsl brings sad memories Of a loved one gone to rest Who will never be forgotten Uy tbe ones who loved him besC Loving and kind in all his ways Upright and Just to the end of hir days Sincere snd true in kis heart aad micd Beastilul memories be left behind. The Children. Mrs. Rose Hkett Mrs. Chaa. Owens Lewis Potter Mrs. Fern Hinkle Mrs. Hattie Lowe Mrs. Julia Dickerson -Mrs. Waunila Haeirs and Carl Wavne. With the Compliment of SWIMMING POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office for Donald Adams Watcb This Spare Dally taratisf Social News Erer'tltf llanfrfjaji 'yvey11" -l P.M. Sun. -Mon. BUSSE MITCH AYERS BARON LOU BRING JA AMES EUJSON CAT LEI I FRACK 9c 40c SUN, MON. t TIE. Cartoon "The Cocky Bantam Latest News rinvr ! en.m ...... HARVEY (f: nAlmtoUw' Saad S hmS Hme. n. Onlv 9c 4:35c X - ALaJ I .1 rf WALTER FRICK AND Ifs That Love-Spieed, Fun-Filled, Song-Splashed ICE-TEA V AG ANZAP Film Land's Loveliest Lovelies Take Holly- wood "Over There" in the First Film Based On Their Actual Front line Adventures! I -afljG ' awllVIll THEPfCTURES tsHr'u,V.toF-NS- w- - y jr- Feituritc KAY FRANCIS r iiiiirMr iiinTin IIIT7I IfnVmiD .r.- I AT fr'j OJVTON-S tKl.T SPOT IT'S A i w5. r --rv v -'IM.l... - !. ! I J-,-.'--:""" i rim V A tith V Til 'nuis-w. ! Btaomf by Wutuil A 1 kT JIMMY PHIL SILVERS FnCTC3V-CC:3TCCLLED lfillZ.1 mrtirftlA as-intruuKJiLLi tRSEY and his Orchestra JOHN and introducing UIUr - . Certificate Required fiD fni Mil,, GUARANTEED SATISFACTION r,tmm by aWINC STABJt ' FOR THE PEOPLE Loans to $300 SECURITY LOAN CO. tUimm U mmi S Wrri SHry by fnmm POLAND'S di In. fbr ky SjW Btm. Tonifcht I Big Double I and Sat. j Feature "PARDON MY IIHYTHM' "TRIGGER TRAIL R.IESTONZ-TEXACO SERVICE tU X. St. 4TKMOB. Ind. t m 2IS Blackaua SC CLINTON. INDIANA t

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