The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 18, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Page Sr-rra THE DAILT CLINTOSriAJi Yank Lisdell -W,h MUunlilut tiastvngfL Mr. uai Mr- AMlew Hi, lnry Kiene, et uday wiitb Kr. tvd mm. Uiiley KoUer f iUn. iBeWy (Uou u ,Ha fwanpiAW ' .. H,mim H'lmrsday -,itih (Bnuiy Aw tBly. ' k,4,Mk.W f AUinUw. I M'r- "i 1'''8- imf M ra. rwwie (UiHient n oub- oxiUUiived ilHwne 1iuir atidae wr-Uir Sandra a-o arit Kui - ail days vih lliis tiilr.. 4nry Ciaoi. .oeddav ittBtil rmiif Mr. nd I tMi MMW m4 4m&V, Mto. itilaiHle Mayes. ,.v. ad ajsflittmg aevwail 4aj twiM stoyaikoiiieb ,v,iated . HilatAs An IWdiaiuauwilis. M.r uid (CluiMi UmtiE jHiunut-il M i. a-itta Aikw iif J'mne (lawl Visitor Noted In Fairview Om-ts t Cnuut H4mm; Ivtrr tMrm Kt w T Vvirvit; lie Xv Mrs. flimisene iCfaive .ivd Miss JJella Jvew iwiit Friday in itlaute. iDai and Xl illiaius ei.u,r,n- od ilKime t!lr pendHig (two eke with rtolirtiwiB M iDaitt' llit.tlil. W,r. and Mrs. rank fflinuers if Indiauapolis e aimnding lie wok ;i(;h ilier voUrtr, l,rs. .filiate F,hi and ilier ister. Mrs. Biuma folUinin of JiiMHanaPo-lis ajient iCUe -ekood w itih lr pUH-tuer, Mrs- uaie riwian Ml istr. Mr. .nd Mrs. lEv-aceM iDyons a.nd I Scoreboard g Cleveland ittf iid'dr,l M New f(iueini,t. (Chicago Jdumiilii'ies,) at W'aslung-tun ((Wolff,) KniKhl.l. St. (btutis ((Sliii-ley,) at iPUiladiil-phia it Black.) it niglKJ. JJouoil (fNewhouBw and (..orainii.) at Bostiui W'Neil .and iowiiiaiil d). New Jork rtj-'isehei J at bt. (Uuis (tiDonuelly ) . iBrooklyn K'C.liapman and iHerrUigJ at Cincinnati itiiuuibept and ai'UirJ itwi-liglit and iigbtj. iHhUadelpliia Kattenberger,) ,t fittsburgli ..(Sewell;) Knight.. Bobiou .(Huteluugs or BrVt) Chicago ftPaseauJ. iy. Ma-Mild Sl.rot iuf Ceutenary atmnrt itilie wieekend .wit lbis riiioiilMa;. JSiliee .SttiMft. ( im4isa v-v y C.M Ters1' j", :.: , bf soiMRfta -tile cutss ' (FeeMort iiA5 ui 4 - ' vjT y f Wis., lis ajwiidiaig itatu 4tys M,i. , .lHt WJiih iuwiiivs an iww Alice i,iHmt. , M Mr nd Mi. Solw Thomas a.nd ' BUie CwiiMiiuiuiy itlliw limit t nine .childwo nt mlie weekend i,h me- Bvw.n (WwH Friday Hiing. Atftar ilatis Hii Kanville. U. bnslmns session ibunoo as ml.wd Miss atev Thomas lis .spending and innises w wrded ft M-.tlie ;eek jrMh irotottwi iWaovUle. Sophia Kavis. iliieh. Mat Aii m J Davis, ibunno. Miss Madee ruxiKM, Mr. nd Mrs. Clay Morn. a.nd jBux-" ik and Mr. l4'dia JwlHison, Ifcra' ile J".ederson iuf (tllintoo iirt Suu-;tl. day :tli Mr. nd lrs. ttanny Kay. ( Miss Margaret McAdums f Tr-Mrs. Jdarlo 'riat nd .daughter. e itlaute ient ithe jMJabend fill Bettj- fAv, od Ittre. Mary Bape d Welt's Prairie ,visiled Mrs. itroest.. Jiar.rington irecently. , Mr. ,nd Mrs. Will (Cross. Mrs. Douald iKobents ud .daughtur. iGot- j aldvne of sh. Beroioe apent Saturr day with M.r. nd Mrs. itjra eavr.! M,r. nd Mrs. Ora Weaver. Ms (surma Martin and children epeotij Jtiunttay wh.ii wi.r. Him mis. Km". iiackson ana i. wl- ilaekson of Bloouilngdale. j W rs. ra Waver, Mrs. EUen Jackson, Mrs. fcoruia Martin and Mrs. Kar Maifitaa f BoswwW jt Swtuaday iher luweMfi, Mr.- d Mira. A. I- iejmey Mto. am4ia iSiMieWw wMme dmnve rfuir upending sevecall nitil ijr sldiug mix' 'k llHUie. iKihu AiiIhibuh nnentt ililie ebed .lh irelalnies Ml lUary. 1 Mjs. Magajiet .(.wluniou iat n mitar.ued ilieuve ilitr itw.o 'ek Miss Betty una- Ctrman Riviera Lines Crumble To Allied Drive Continued trow JKkge ti tninesweejiers. i -.miin .resistance on lie iHland ' , ..Ae fuHowing luear hiiin- ,Ky Allied battleslup. of j,vajt Jiad een lea- 'd of the enemy earlier. M r.iulr fynioci The ihnachhead area In aoutberd ,rHDCesents a wartiuie raKori ioT a ,three-day assault on ' ,. aoction of Asis-held iterrrtory. The Mediterranean Allied lr We potavoes r ' enough volunteer plants will ooirw up -to spread spore m you (Crop. children pent Friday iin Terr 1 BtMlfLm uiy witiiout Wonteir-Maute. jonoe iby tlie ney. la dditio ite James ean xeturaed o Pontiac. aumU mwx ,vssl iprovjuualy Mleh. after speuding several days py,, euttlli was iearned a Vh ihis daughter, Mrs. Bemnce !lloadluftrt(jrs itliat three atn iE pert and family. ; buttts .boeu destroyed y Allied AWta AN l&MA V 1 New 'ork 10, Cleveland i. St. l,ouis JO. jPhiladelphia 6. JJetroit 8, Boston 8 6 ;ins., jaiuj. Chicago 1. Washington t) )iiight). fit. Jouis 7. New Vork 0 faightj. Brooklyu-Ciucinuati K rain . Pittsburgh 7, Philadelphia lst). Pittsburgh , Philadelphia 6 ,(10 ins. 2nd). Boston 7, (Chicago ?. Ai ICOMORKOH" (OAMKU Boston at Chicago. 4 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. f Brooklyn at .Cincinnati. New York at St. ilxiuis. AMKKJK'AS iJf.AOUK Cliicago at Washington knight). St. Jjouis at Philadelphia. (Cleveland at New York. Detroit at Boston. ATKNAD :ACH"K Won J-ost Pot. ) HI ,743 Clubs St. .lyOUlS pittabuigh -. ('iociiinati Chicago New York Philadelphia - Boston Brooklyn 4S 4ti 0 03 C4 6 till .&S3 .670 .407 .446 .306 .400 .400 CI 40 SO 42 44 44 A.u,iu an a j-;a;i : Clubs Won i-ost Pet St. liuis 6tt 46 .696 .Si! 6 .o:'.2 .082 .47 .46 .441s lioslon o Detroit SO New York 5 Chicago 54 Clevelaud 6 l'hiladelphia 02 Washuitoa --Ml 02 f2 02 OS i;t (14 66 i .416 AilKKH AN ASS!I'J'1.' Mr. nd up re. moy m muw. wte. torthy Woody and aou spent sun day with Mr. nd Hay Smith. Mrs. Anna Barron of Terre Jiaute is siieuding several days with Mrs. Don Keinerio. , Mrs. IjUtlier miggniuouiaiu ii" ' the past week In Terre iiaute. Mrs. Rex Myers of St. .Bornice spent Monday and Tuesday with her parents, mr. anq wire, mem on.i. Mr. ud Mrs. Bert Short tlend- Bos Chipmama SoPAyuril iie WuJp iPrff'AAis scwA&TMiJs ties' Cliolon, Kxk ille Baie)all Sixad8 To Sunday A grudge battle will be fought at Spprtlaud Park Sunday at 2 p. m. when .the 4)lintou baseball team and the Kockville nine will meet. Jtockville set the clintonites back on their heels last Sunday with a -l match at The jKox park. Gerald Hinzy and Hugh Mo(!iU win he uie battery for Clinton in Sunday's game. SiKirtland Park has been extensively repaired and cleaned in the past weei. The baseball diamond has been put into excellent shape and will probably be iu use the remainder ,of the summer. BW Kasic food Peanut butter if listed in one group of the basic seven foods. It is over oae-fourth protein, a good source of vitamin Bl and also contains minerals iron and a little calcium and phosphorus. Hits UeconJ For Doubles CuiLtUff 'kttekt fcnx-i Out fittur JLXuuUc Mi Mat OhajAS fjfwtus Mi MSW )'-tKK, N. y. (If you dip ilo the baseball Record .book you ill ifind 'that itlie New lork )auk- is diave auade in ore than their share ianoy .marks (both individually d collectively, an ;faot, two toriner auks, .Babe Ruth and iaiu ihriK.. ling UP .enough fecords ifor duz- i (teams. And today we find Johnny iLand- 1, big yaukee centarlielder, .enroll- in .the .permanent itiull of aiue. Ingle n 'UtM Johnny wade the uook oy lulling ur straight doubles, a record tor lie game which it hured by only other .major (leaguers .in all the btory of the gaiue. (On his tutu ip to the plate he was held to a ugle. Jim Bagby and jPaul (Calvert had 1e dubious diBtiuctiou of yielding use bile 40 the ulugging lank tiring a ilO-B shellacking ot five lu- kn pitchers. wik Koll Alone IThe yanks are folliug along nice-witb four straight but they are t gaining on he peunant-huuKry owns who knocked .off Ihe Juiaok-u. 11 XO 6., jliain Jiaiied. itlie Jiger-Red Sox illie or jsecouu jJiac vim luia lucked t it-all at the end of f fifth. . - piill Dletric and Mickey Haefnor IKeU nUV 111 AD W1W yivuti.fc il witti Dietrich getting a uinth jug riorf after tils Washington ri-. 1 to 0. Bill gave five hits and :key only six. it was a tough fne for Hafner to lose because lone Chicago .run was unearned, ale Win ti I he Pirates .today may boast of straight after taking a pair from 1'hillies, 1-6 .and 6-5. the second ne going 10 innings. The winner fen- from behind in each gauie. I, he Braves topped the cuds, '-. lind old Jiui Toliin. and need we nt out that the Giants dropped ir tenth straight game as the diuals again trounced them, 1 to fortunately lor the Giants, the ves, 1'hillies and Dodgers form a cushion, otherwise Mel Ott s loss outfit might drop clean ough the cellar and out of the a iie Dodgers and Keds were to ie played on of those brunch lues but rain, (jitjji jjened, so Jloday, fy'H fy.a twilight jind jiiglut .dou. iheader. ( . r m i..i a 1:4. .4.:...... w, lorkurs in SOU Positions iINDIANAPOl.,18, Ind. it is m- knicly urgent that certain of ap-foxiuiately 300 vacancies in vaii-s types of work still existing in liana Institutions be tilled, Dudley i binith, director of state personnel, ad today. iMost needed are two cooks and a f-tjeian at tlie Jxigansport Stale pspital, eight piaetjcai uurses (it tjtate Sanitoriuni in Jtockville, e male secondary teachers at tne (.liana Boys' School in l'lainfieui, d several maintenance positions the Fort Wayne State School, he feid- . Also needed, accoraing to auum. tie prison guards, laundry workers, ttchen .helpers, attendants, typists ;id stenogratiliers. 1CJIIKOPBACT08 X-IUy 235' lilackman STAMPS For JBvery Furpose 48-Hour Service THE DAILY CLINTON. AN "- y ed the funeral of Harvey Burger of for!e fauning out over aourtiern Dyford Sunday. prance, northern Italy and rtbe Miss Barbara .Grimm returned to jBulklinfi tew j.,oo sorties yester-Chicago after spending three weeks w'jt(l njgllt lUOUibers again with relatives here. I blasting ithe Ploeati oilfield Ko- Mrs. Vera Murray aud daughter. ' mtt(lju Mrs. Mary Turbeville aud children ' siHiut Monday with Mrs. ilrneal Kel- . seheimer and Mrs. Kichard Madn j hro fced Mr and Mrs. Andrew Murraii, of ' them to pigs but it POnt tht By f adk Sords Dew ey Campaign To Reaeh Kentucky Pennsylvania Soon (Contlnaed rotn page ti Dewey for his warning against a permanent four-power niililary alliance and "cynical power polities'' grew by leaps and bounds .today. . The Jtepublicao presidential candidate was bluntly accused of playing politics with the international situation, on the eve of .commencement of discussions hure between the four great powers (in the form of a world post-war irgaui.ation. One thing many Political observers agreed upon, however, was that Dewey's slaieimuit puts the international issue into the .national political .campaign. flassif tti Ads Sell Most Anvthicg II FifeEO i V i.ii,,u.ll mt the weekend with i hor parents. Mr. aud Mrs. A- t- iKen ! uody. , . WBf ''41 X 8E 'SEEM, J VmoV WJ1 V&'jTgXs- J V-u. : MM stockwgs thaw w )7 (arp) Ch hlK , . ' U p mKk -Z S & childcen .of iBrooks peut itlie week end with r ipaientSj Wj. nd Mre. IThouias Barnes. ftlrs. ilaek Newcome of (Calitoraiiu is peudiug several weeks with ihr aunt. Mrs. Esther iCraue. Mrs. iDora Newconie of New Vori, Mrs. Craue's sister, ;is lso a .gueat. iHerman Williams, dr. if Bpending several days with -at alley Hill. Miss Esther Turbeville ,of South Bend apeut ithe weekend with Mrs. l.aura Aterr. Miss Betty Gorham iteturned to Clreencastle after spending it w o weeks with iher aister. Mrs. Dorothy Williatw and (family. Hit Betty Kerr of iCUinton atient Saturday .with M,re. laiura 4Crr. i Miss Edna Mae iKerr penl-iug wo weeks w ith relatives An iDe-troit. Mich. (Charles, Max and Sandra Kerr .returned to iDetroit, Mioh. aftr apeud-ing ifive .months with their grandmother, Mrs. ikaura iKerr. Mr. aud Mrs.' Hdwiu iClark .spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Louise iWilsoo and (family l ifar- 16, Ill-Mr and Mrs. Herman Williams spent Sunday with Mrs. iDella W'il- lianin of Dailer Kill Mr. and Mrs. Alex lUmiuol of Kangeline spent Friday with Mrs. Maun Church. Mr. and Mrs. Herschell Shew of Hazel Bluff siMint some time recently with Mrs. Mabel .Church. Mrs. Arthur MoCroa spent the past week with her sons, Kobert and Thomas McCrea and family .of Indiauapolis. Robert Hope of ludiauupolis spent the .weekend with relatives here. Pic. Alfred Hastings is home on a 10-day furlough, which he is spending with his children and par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harloy Baatiugs and other relatives. Janice Harper spent the weekend AT AdOAT THIMK' IT ;lub Wou lost Pet. Milwaukee X4 40 .677 Toledo 75 43 .610 I,ouisvillc 74 43 .607 St. Paul 60 04 .046 Columbus " 07 .044 Indiauapolis 03 73 .400 Minneapolis 40 73 .366 Kansas City 34 34 .233 Theatre zMSM M II 'ZZZTI ' !??gSrS ROUTE 78 ? Jgj ' iq LET MR. JONES TELL Oli gsETitg Starrins 'PSse'. wag (good meawgkb' vou mj&ut TfaKMR jones XAH0V "iin 1 tuic, tAWT Newport Friends Church Has New Pastor for year Kev. and Mrs. A. It Morford, former residents of Wiluiore, Ky., moved inlo the Friend's Church parsonage Tuesday morning and will take over the duties as pastor of thai church. Keeling right at home in Newport, Rev. Morford explained that he can remember back iu 1D27 waen the Krlcnd s Church was built ami was a good friend of the man who built il. Carrie D. Barker. He i.lso knows two former pastors of tin' Friend's Church, Rev. lierschcl Hill and Rev. Heroic Cooke. L Kev. aud Mrs. Morford are tin-parents of four children one of whom is an Army Chaplain wlio tor the past two years has served in the Mediterranean area and is now iu Italy. Their daughter. -Mrs. Kdwin J Cox, is also married to an Army Chaplain who is stationed in California. Mrs. Cox Is a pastor too. Another son, Murray, is a pastor in Heine, Indiana. Rev. and Mrs. Morford both extended their heartiest welcome to everyone In the community to attend the services at the church on Sundays and the midweek senii;: on Wednesday. Throw Your Scrap luio the FlKhtl ' "V" I I J MALP ' i'M mi J a (C I DOW'T LET jvtEj S05H, IT'S LUCK FOR HlH THE RiVER V J 1JLI Mraf N?- TrL-5 tJEED OU TvwAs so closers- -- n TTvr Cvi '5 f For a peace T i i ir 'mmm Wmm mm wMm itilue i4mm :5l9tey THIflE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD; AimT r;shti helped BUT X SAMED I DON'T CAE ! TOILER r-17 1 CAPTURE AM ESCAPED A HAM FROM VtfO'RE jSl6(5Efl INiJTWAS THE ESCAPGD( I'M THE LAU6Hlr4c3-TOCK OF DROWMIM,! FOR HAUIMS J PHCOfcy.' EVEN ANio--ri O J; PRISONER! tXJ CAPTURED PRISONER, SIR IF THB FOR THE WAV I MfSSED SOT RE CAPTURED! ClX,VOU HIM SIJC' TIMES- AIERE VMKAT MARKS feTlLU Iavjol n Ruu Wettover II', 1 ' A t HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN THIM LUCKY STRIKE BO WLINC ALLEY n I I Xl'r, 1

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