The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 18, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 6
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w THE DAILY CLINUQSIAX Friday, A.ugut V6, tWi TiCE DAILY CJJIVltMA!, ; ,, TIME TABLE? . If At tk lUeUs WIS l'rtJL,V J-, i X'Iiui-mIaj . Mdaj' leaaMlshtel m The WoeaOy mfonU Mtef he CUatoo PUiofeaUr absorbed to AIM artibUetitwI JMif Swept Saturday And Sunday 4MHl eiwtuixley (Complete with Klrle, itunes and zany situations, "Hosie the Rive torse JU Carey Editor tut PaUUahw etatajseej, jst the Pastoffke jut Clinton, todlAoA 4 M Becond Oaae Matter ter," .Republic's new musical, provides hilarious .entertainment fur the audience. year-aid woman. . . . Arthur Murray's swell description uf the wut MM laOUaa KennliUcAO stditorisj .people you sue m the ante ooths at Uie JuiocaniUo mbt ill lor ulfht: 'HJv wallpaper." ualluuc lit utlitmu WMtU JJOIjLywOOD-TRita iHayworth Jias tiuiaheJ her jscenes in "Tonight and Jfivery Night "(though the picture Mlill oes onj and won't jtaw1 the atnTas' fhoae 32 Phone 89 lEIIa Raines Jias been using -her One of Hollywood's newer starlets, Jane yrazae, provides itli-sunns and contributes lauuli ,u the .v-appewl .of rtlie pitvui;' whioli is baaed on llie liuuaiuK aliortaee and JU tffeot ppun iuui . defenue rpiaut workers. -UUietii in the cuat iiteluiie Jgtar-tiaca io Allun, it'rauk tluuks aud first swimming pool no much that & g a i n (tor a J I taonA h s. JUer Mauatlium . the (Universal makeup department VMl s)M, A ,r 5 is 4i u ! Around iChrist- will give Uie stars body a peroxide bleach tur "Araene ILupin." (Remember when i,jonal nd tlie lata jn&fi day but she phuis ubse,- Frank Albertaos. jusnt xeat. ast John ibacrytuuiv made Ulispiotucef Just ceoeived A copy ervio newspAper teihng how iBob Jope, The aecond feature will be "The Man i"rom Thunder Kimr ". with Wild MM JCIIiutt. ure. and Cew of her! movie gave Jiar jccajwes iiangford, ifatty Jfooiiias, etc., did tivp allows in driv,uig "Uabby" iaua, Anue Juftruye, Jan Keith, Joliu JiimuH, GuujKif raw w a acitic isle. .KeXcwnoue 'to UOPer, 4itC- exaot locale are carefully clipped a t a t n i ji otu-and -other nure-ry equipment. "We hope," jsaiti an Accompanying note, ''that theje props will out by Die censor. iQn top of Uie sheet, JBob has Acrawled A note: :hows you bow far we'll go to get an audience. Wonderful trip!" be of some use with your new production." i! A HSHOP ON JHE JAPANESE. -The fit. Rev. Jienry St. George Tucker, A flinty-hearted dog poisoner has iMUitUy ud Mxd' Acclaimed as pue of the greatest tuotion piutui:es of its tyoe ever to come out vf Kollwood. "L.ady, Joel's Dance." The blonde Belita, j-ecoKni2ed as tlie world's most accomplished feminine figure skater, is starred murdered Uie 4wo-year-old cocker spaniel thait was a .constAut -com The Carol Bruce-Gene Krupa romance is dehnitely over, According President of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, and pre panion of Hob Alda's Aon. Alias. to intimates, who say the orchestra leader wUl re-marxy his former wife, f thel, Uie first week ,ui during the lud a recuperation from udantue paralyses. iHope the dkty so-and-so els what ouiiiig to him. iu -tllis lavish musical extravaKan za, which is filled with scenes vi siding bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, thinks that the Allies "should recognize the impulses Qf the Japanese themselves" in such matters as to whether they shall keep their Emperor". , The Pishop, who lived twenty-four brilliance. James Kllisou plays Die leading wale role opposite Helita. Others lu the cast include Walter ( t 'vs- x HOLLYWOOD Ml JINKS: Per JKarley s birthday gift 4rool Linda Darnell an emerald cut man s d'a-mond ring. .Linda showed it to Uie gang on Uie set of "Tlie Great Jolin Optimism note: Werner Janssen, here doing Uie score for jdunt Strombergs "Cueist in Uie Mouse," has received an invitation, via a letter from London, to conduct the opening winter concert in Paris of the Societe Symphonique. it will he an honor, say officials of the organisation, to have An American Oatlett, Jucieu Uttlefleld, JMau- ricc St. X:Uiir aud Kugeue l , . I .- .v - x jr 'ir t 1 1 l ,L." but wouldn't explain Uie crjvn- tic inscription: "M-L-T-M-L." . . . In its econd year. Hill GucfjanA ranch to ahowiruj a proflt-iainlf VABAHU lift the baton that will Jjring the J years in Japan, describes the Emperor as 'jjiberal in eentiment," saying "it took a long time for the military men to persuade him to join up with the Axis" and then adds that "when the Emperor gives the vrwm m muaic iuiu oeauiy oaca to the French capital. Friday ud Sat unlay Gloria Jean, Mel Torme ud PatBy O'Conuor, all play top sup on auaixa ana watermelons. . . . e the last three months, Jjecca has paid Jinimy JDorsey royalttoj at 2,000,000 .records. . . . Joan Thorsen Eettejane Greer dinner dates porting roles in Uuiversal's ''Par with Rudy Vahee don't mean don My Rhythm," a mirthful and melodic pioce of oteUtiu.uient. thing, her pals insist. . . . Lola Others iu .the cast include Kve-. had a baby girl Aug. t. Name will be Pamela. . . . Frances Faye re-cuperAting from An emergency operation. JJoetors promise slie'll be okay tot her opening at Uie Troca-dero on tile 2id. . . . Not a single swooning bobby -Aoxer present when Frank Sinatra gave an .lm-pramptu conceit At Elmer's spot on the Sunset Strip. . . . Al Murohv. word for the war to stop, it's going to stop". Believing that the military men of Japan must be utterly discredited "to avoid the menace of another war," Bishop Tucker says that "there must be some actual invasion of the country, with troops marching through the streets before Japanese realize they really have been defeat- lyn Ankers, Pntric Jtuowles, Walter Catlett, Marjorie Weaver and Bob Crosby and his orchestra The secoud feature will be diod Cameron iu "Trigger Trail". . ii .. - I Lan estranged mate, Hank Dunham, to living with Uie Johnny Weiasmuliers. . . . Anne Baxter And John Hodiak having dates, just as predicted WealUiy Boh Anderson, Apparently No. 1 man in Faye rneron's life, has made tests with her at Warners And may become ,a movie Actor. He's been a restaurant operator. . . . The ultimate in Taking a Backward Clance ttiuuLay. -Monday and l ueoday one of Hollywood'A favorite nightclub greetets, will play a role In Jeepers! It's a "Jlll-opy" full of rhythm, roars aud romance aging jobs will be done on 24 -year. Alan Ladds next picture, "fialtv the Sears-Roebuck plant, Saturday. Haul Clearwaters, former Clinton grocery clerk, who is now owner of a grocery store at Kalamazoo, Mich., is visiting friends and relatives iu and near Clinton. He has beeu in business where he Is now located for a-bout six years and his friends understand he is doing well. He says business iu Kalamazoo Is good. lln... oiu Virginia Christine in - c ... when 'Kay Francis. Carole Landis. O'Roprke." . . . Vera Shay leaving viwpm. . . . mil oimy leaving sal's "Tlie Mummy's Curse." Before today for New Voric Alan Gordon j m mm niw p. v.vw- lAuneoig uie nines. Martha Raye aud Mifzi Maylair hit he road in 20th Century-Fox's "Four Jills in a Jeep." Iu the mad, merry adventures of the four Jills are featured Jimmy Horsey aud his Orchestra, John Harvey, Phil Silvers. Hick Hayines, Alice Faye, Betty lira-hie, Carmen Miranda aud George Jeaael. Maine Sardines Production of Maine sardines Which in live prewar years averaged 1 .600,000 cases, went up Adds Su-esgUi Chromium in alloys adds strength jnd hardness to Armor plate, ride .inings, and high-speed cutting tools. Jtaecoan Catcn In 1042 trappers and hunters took 401,310 raccoons, or the equivalent of 2,451 .315 .pounds of dressed meat. TWKNTV YKAKH Woman ttpeait lioostv l'or Hole A lively aud interesting address was delivered At jViuin and Mulberry streets, lust evening by Mrs. J.ilith M. Wilson, wno cum:-' to Clinton under the auspices of the LuKolette club. Her speech was what struck the average listener as typical of those heard in socialist circled fur many years. She denounced the party in power, berated capitalism and found fault with the existing American system of eov-eruojeut and economic life. Itain ajuI plenty f it Yesterday , . , Aud Today Also A rainfall probably exceeding any other thai has come down in sharply in 141 to jl.Ul.OOO casus, only to drop in succeeding years chiefly because of Uie scarcity of cannery labor. Production in 1942 was 2.720,000 cases and in i043. 2,353.000 cases. $110,000 FOR A CAT! j A Massachusetts lawyer, departing from this world, left $110,000 for the benefit of his eight-year-old tiger cat, cutting off seven relatives "because of their con-raPtuus attitude and cruelty toward $iy cat", , A Boston bank will administer the bulk Of the fund for the shelter and maintenance of the cat, but one finds it difficult to Imagine how the money will be spent. , Catsjike humn beings, o doubt require ) some cash to maintain life in the fashion to which they have been accustomed but, Get In the Scrap! the roof as rapidly as the keys are comiug down while this it-port is being typed. The noticeable tendency of th grass to dry up aud the voluuii-uous clouds of dust kicked up by the balloon tires, (as they have been grinding along the gra veiled roads, for several days past, reflected a condiliou making a good rain not unwelcome. Comment during the nioruiug, however, indicated a feeliug there had been plenty sent down by .the weather man. Personals JWrB. Ada Vance, Mrs. Ida Taylor and Mrs. John Murdy spent Monday (With Airs-. Clarence Howe, of west of Clinton. Mrs. O. p. Houston Is entertaining leu tables of bridge this afternoon at her home on Walnut street. Miss lona Bell of Walnut street is spending her vacation with friends aud relatives in Coliisoo and J'aris, 111. John and Mary visited the Radio broadcasting station WlS, Chicago, located jn the tower of Iie Rest of My Life TCth You TllUt'J'V AjM VOV AY ' i Official May Be Arrested if Rain Moving KtAJ'ta Matters are assuming ahane and it now looks as though there is going to he A law suit between Mrs. laura B. A'kinan nnd the city, mlaXive to Uie alleged Intrusion .over the nornerty line iu the alley between Main and Third, at Kim street. Iu compliance wUh the resolution nassed at tlie council meeting, Monday night, Chief of Police Deck Van-ness served the notices on Mrs. Aikman and Mrs. Whitcomb's argent, W. H. Caie, to vacate, and here the latter will be instructed to remove the barn hack off tlie Hue aud tax the cost to Uie property. If there is no compromise effected, the chief will iu all probability attempt this and then the trouble will begin. To Ri'eak I p CHAPTER NINETEEN Don't think of Irene, Judith! You had to think of Irene. Her great eyes with that expression in them, the expression you couldn't define. . . . I reus had exhibited the baby's layette And Judith had asked, smilibjr, "It doesn't look as Clinton and vjcinity this your, during an euual number of hours, began to fail about 3:15 o'clock, yesterday afternoon. Willi some slackening it rained during the evening aud night. With the sky heavily overcast, showers havi( continued this morning and the patter of lively drops is hiuiug. But t was thinking of Judith's full life. She's so young And gay And pretty." "I don't know that her life is full," Mary remarked thoughtfully, "she'd A lot rather have A job, I believe. But her mother would bate it and Ella won't hear of it, of course. EUa does her best to spoil her. gives "but there are times when I have to. ' It's so hard to park near the office, so he taxies Around, when he can, but sometimes when he has some distance to go and hasn't time to get to tlie garage and take out the car, I bring it over to him, if there isn't Anyone else to deliver it. But I don't mind, really. And of course, when ner everyunng." "She's a nice kid, remarked Mat U yon lack anything, ttut i would AO love tc give the baby something' They bad decided upon a little dress. . , , I have to go shopping, thought J pven in the present day, $100,000 will buy l a lot of catnip. 1 . It may be that the lawyer has correctly appraised the intellectual possibilities of his feline friend and that the cat, like many human beings, has a money complete, believing that there is proof of superior merit in the possession of cash funds. MAKE-OVER OLD CLOTHING. More and more the housewives of Vermillion County are becoming conscious of clothing problems. Under the impact of war needs, there is gradually developing a shortage of clothes and a deterioration of quality compared with the standards of several years ago. CROSSWORD thew, And tweaked Kate's Apron strings as she passed him, ''she By Eugene Sbeffer Judith, and ask, "May I see some I' I I I Is tK I' Is h""ViM I" I I naoy ciotnes;" . , . Irene's haby. Matthew's. this is All over, I won't mind At all." Mary said, after a moment, "Odd that you should have spoken of Judith as you did. I've a confession to make: You know, she came to sea me, the very day you and Matthew were married and I Admit I sat end looked At her And did a little matchmaking in my mind. A fatuous mother I You'll had out All About that, someday, and soon. And than I had Matthew's wire." "I've often thought," Irene all but whispered, "how much wa must I Hike Riding 1 I vill not think of that, Judith Chief of Police Vanness has told herself, I will not . . . I'll go won't spoil easy. And I agree with Irene, I think she has A pretty swell Ufe." "I'm not so sure," said Mary. "I'd like to see her happily married." "Plenty of time," Matthew countered, "she's just a youngster." He looked at his watch. "I'll have to run," he told his small amily, "sorry, and all that." "I'll see that Irene gets home i away. I could go with Jimmy's sis m L W "7777 To 777, ter to ratal Beach, she s hack here for only A few days ; I ould return taken Patrolman Clark for tlie Ninth street district and sent him to the south part of the city, where he is under instructions to keep a close watch and try to with her. I va lots of clothes. Mother won't mind, she's home now have hurt you. I didn't want to do and loves it; Aunt Ella will be safe," his moUier promised. Along this line, Dr. Hazel Stiebling, of He drank his coffee hastily, waved Palm Beach and then perhaps thcre'd be someone who'd want her break up the practice of riding bicycles aud motorcycles ou the sidewalks, especially bicycles. The chief is of the belief that one policeman is sufficient for the northwest district, and will use tnings that way" Bba stopped suddenly. "I wasn't hurt," Mary objected loyally; "why should I have been? I have never demanded that Mat at them, and was gone. Irene looking after him said, "I don't see much to go to North Carolina or Aiken. the tsureau of Home Economics of the De partment of Agriculture, invites consum ers. to consider the possibility of making- of him these days," Or even here in town, Judith "i know," comforted Mary, "but you would marry a doctor !" .Clark as a general utility uian in over old clothes and urges that clothes mm- : m L.L1 1M" II 34 36 ?7, 37 llilIllIIliXI 41 42 T43 34 'A A thought. I needn't see him, I needn't see anyone- I can call Mrs. Norman and say, "I've been so busy." Too busy to be in love with a "X can t imagine being married to an effort to keep the sidewalks now in use be conserved for longer wear anyone else.' Irene admitted. I hey sat companionably before a The lady points out that garments laid man who thought of you as a kid, fire and talked for a little while in the outskirts unobstructed, and to enforce tlie health ordinances. Since early spring, it has been a common spectacle to see a policeman, responding to hurry call, ridiug at breakneck speed along aside two or three years ago are superior in quality to what the market offers today longer. Irene spoke of Judith again, observing without rancor, "Matthew should have married a girl like and tnat tney clean and launder to better tnat.- thew come running to ma to solve his every problem." She smiled, in the darkness of the cab, and added, "How wise he was, bow rjgatl You are the wife for him, Irene, now and always." Later she was to remember that and to be grateful that she bad said it The cab stopped and Mary told the driver to wait, fills took Irene's arm and walked slowly with bar across the glassy street to the door, went in with her, and saw her safa in Nellie's care. Then she kissed her, went back to the cab and home. The telephone waa ringing when she entered. It was Lynn Mortimer. He'd bean A man who dldn t know you existed As a womsn-rynu hadn't known it for many hours yourself man who was happily married, boss wife expected a baby. Judith would telephone Rase in the morning. She would sak, "May I come along to Palm Beach?" And Rose would tell Jimmy. Tonight, Jimmy had urged her and she had Alary was startled. "Why?" she advantage. She thinks that the wise house inquired. the, aud private citizens are obliged to gut out. of norm's way. The policeman who rides ou wife, or family manager, will do well to ' Oh, l don t know. She so pret consider make-overs as a partial solution ty. k j m uo t the sidewalk should be prosecut "bo are you, my dear." to the clothes shortage. ed the same as a thoughtless hoy or u private citizen. "Her type lasts. So much vitality. I feel a thousand years eld beside her." fersoiuMs ' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark, of Guam Admiral Chester W. Nimitz "You have had a very different I I I I I XA II I I J "Now that the war in Europe has taken a life, declared her mother-in-law, "you have had responsibility, vou said no, And he had demanded, "Do you mean to tell me you're going to keep me here in this frigid town Just because you won't go south7 For if you won't, I won't either." She would telephone Mary After A day or so, and say brightly, "I'm leaving for Palm Beach. Give my love to Irene and Matthew." Civ trttf oas to Matthew. away for several days. "I'm back," he said, "and dead for sleep. There ravorable trend, it has us looking forward '2. edge was a sleet storm in Atlanta, believe 4.1. welcomes 45. parcel oTiand have chosen a hard profession, earned your own Uving." Marshal! hotel, Rleuu Marshall ud John gworuer drove to Newport, Monday in tlie Marshall ear. it i:i rumored among friends that in a few days John Zweruer, the butcher will have a better half. it or not." in iie not too distant future for reinforce 3. goddess of 4b. im-adoS I u,e ciutM "I know, and I wouldn't change "Have yoa a cold?" meuts from that area to help speed this "No, I am hoarse from Arguing and lack of sleep. But I couldn't unwind until I had sunken to vou When told of bis friend s opinion Reslly, she thought, 1 don't tike you, Matthew! If we were together war, cut we cannot sit and wait." Washuiglon Secretary of State Cor he will only smile in reply. He is longer than ten minutes, we d quar speudiug today in Term Haute rel. I don't approve of you. But and told you I was home and glad to be here. Will you dine with ma tomorrow night?" 4 ( . iricnid f 4. annoyance &0. scellung 1 6. Sy, tut 02. metal block j e,b,um used in J 6. avaricious foigiug jjt 7. dregs 5.1. near y 8. auditory 4.altai-nd of j oigan church J e. diminutive 66.10b I tor Edward VtKTICAI. I JO. grating J.Olleiital lea 1 U-bcmg do lova you, she said in her heart, things. But Judith," Irene went on groping for words, "she she's young, and she's growing all the time. tShs a girl like her, I mean, would have brought Matthew so much I couldn't." "What, for instance?" "A a stimulating mind," said Irene. "I don't put it very well, do I? And she!s gay, she likes to go out parties, dances. I don't, real Miss Amelia Potter left this morning to attend the iuslitule in and felt the slow tears slide from deu null: "No arrangement . . . which would involve a military alliance of the "Lynn, l m sorry I have to see Client under her lids and down her cheeks. session at Aioblesville. Mrs. John McCulluui is spend "Thursday, then? It's been a long time eince I've seen you." Illg the da iu Telle Hautd. tour major nations permanently to coerce the rest of the world, is contemplated or "Thursday. Wouldn't vou lather Mrs. Jeuuie (Jreell, of Spring Judith left for Palm Beach. Mary had a postal from her. "So sorry not to se you again," she Wrote, "or to phons hut I went off HORIZONTAL 1 symbol of mourning e. mirth JO. goddess of earth )2. employer :t. pi liners 20. Scandinavian territorial divisions 16 prophet ' 17. pi ehx. A long IH. Russian stockades 20. lalelsl boundary 21 male tat 23. primary color 24. wager 25. slender hmal 2ii city in Ohio 2U-Southern stale fannr.) AO. iiiafcuhnc name -' 32 weasel-hke .: carmvora ' 34 indefinite ' I come here instead?" field, III., and her mother. Mrs ly. I can't remember ever feeling very yovng," she said. "And than. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. "I'd love to, if you are aura rail B-ib 14. give (orlU 6. pointed weapons 19. vehement 20. dispatched 1. weij-likft membrane 22. overt 4. glass cgntuiner' ft7.aitiiii)ci8 oi party 2S. foiiUJin 29. on Uie oceail l.meUl Lontttinei'9 S3, elusive .'iti. niaUden US. pieftx: fauist 1. island off Tuscany 42. orifl 43. Ixnly of Wuod- kindred 44. canvas shelixr 46. mouth part AH- narrow inlet 4i house atituilon Ml nUt ui Hi nas ever been contemplated by this government, or as far as we know, by any of William i.iudsey, of Oglesby, ill., there e the money." "Judith has none of her own." came Saturday night for a visit in such a rush. "It must be fun," said IrenA, hcn Msry showed her the card. 'What?" with their sister and daughter. "She will have. But I didn't Mis. 1). ii. Medill. of blackmail me otner governments." Rome General Dwight D. Eisen Judith," said Irene, smiling, meant a arl like her." street. RAM "13IA I. DnSIClAlR & v . Jat tr eJ h otr E P L AMT T 1 , E NTT m 1 '"05MlB5i sirj EIrTrI p" A'WT f AM' 5 srf IaTrTt sJAP'E r ffi "Oh, to pick up that way," I rant said -"and run otf somewhere where there are palm trees and - blue Matthew has done very well for hower in a message of congratulation to himself, matrimonially speaking," want me." Presently Mary hung up and went to bed, emiling, a contented woman. She had so much: Matthew and Irene, and soon she would share their child. She had her work and her friends. She had Lynn Mortimer's long and pstient devotion, durable, solid as rock. She was unusually well for a woman of middle age. She had even ehe told herself and smiled at her own vanity she had even kept her looks. And sin stressed his mother. "Hon t be fan water, and lou of music and dancing and beaux and ull that." ciful, Irene." Gen. fair Maitland Wilson: "Your progress will bring a wail of dismay from the Hun and a cheer from us." "I'm not. And I'm contented . . , Mauhaw they were dining at if only as is, alv.ays . . . and happy." Mary nodded, bne said, after a ksys Mttaa Ks Uelp An Ensiish scientist rsporls that in tests with.-tomstues nd corn. 17 sowings el Blade Dt-tween April or Msy and August or September, covering several lunar cycle. The phases of the mowu could not be found to exert any consilient enect eiUier on seed gsinii-nstioD or young plant growth, although temperature And daylight citecu) were ebservod. moment, "I know, I've felt that way about him for ever thirty years." Later, taking Irene home in the Mary's grinned at her across the table. "What's this," he demanded, "getting discontented? Want your doctor to write you A prescription lor the South?" ii was smiled at him. ' "LiisconLeoud," she repeated, And sighed, "with hsppinass and tow.Us.l Jr-4a t b HM1 article 3fl put 111 J7. coiuele 3b insect it, nothing hadn't had a bad migraine in i months. She went to bed and, after . reading for a time, slept soundly. Miv i-u if t ui ir 1 y itjj-M j If AINlsLl ce tsls U sieinI f'. .. .. taxi, Mary asked. "Matthew isn't letting you driv now, is be?" Washington Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., Acting Secretary of State: "We don't yvant fascism in this hemisphere." Now and then. Not that I care 40. wine vcssvl 1 tcrs nine ! twiuiiwa; 2 taifatu.. (To be continued) I Owvrtsfet. nil. t, ritBinr. CMSrttl- J Aeuuiwue i la minis IrssioM, kw i roui about it," kene aa.sw4, .44. t4lt 1 Hi i'sauiiM ioikt, Jj.,r Ji. Roman toift

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