The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 18, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 5
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4i THE DAILY CLINTONIAN I Frfly Angut 18, 1511 the new peace plans out of theaDf paigu. J But he saved li! strongest pliras-es for a denunciation of public ap ( Clinton Social Notes J FiitUy , Octette ClutJYf Dorothy Hild Wabash Ave.' fftifcn' luncheon" terv- sored by our Missionary Croup, will meet every Friday afternoon at 3:15 THE JKIHST METHODIST CHl'RCH Clifford C. Jordan, Minister Two Home Ec Clubs Have Picnic Meeting Thursday Home Mission work sponsored by Crave Crisis Confronts World, Hull declares Urges Battle for Peace WASHINGTON, D. C. Secretary of State Hull Btood before the world today as a man resolved to devote bis last energies to the fight for world peace with the same spirit that moved him to recruit a regiment of volunteers 46 years ago in the figlit for Cuban independence. The young patriot from Camp Pickett, Tenn.. was only 27 years old then. He is 72 now. But in the current struggle for setting up a , while badg in 4 -IS in the cburcn. A" ' Jofaa W. Beede. Church scnoos FifrT members and cuests attend-. the Calvary Baptist missionary Group, first children's meeting athy and an appeal tor tua ff". 76 and the spirit of '98. He recalled how Sam Adams literally worked hi pants off appealing ,to revqJutlo,nary patriots. He recalled the fight Jar Cuban Independence. Some klnd.,1 Jjtuff was developed In us tha Impelled us to go, he said, and If we hadn't, public opinion would b,ave:Kiveu us a good swift kick. . People ForgKt OvesnlirlU , , . ; -M But today, he said, ,tluv. aa amazing lack of alertness, or sus Superintendent ed tbe picnic dinner given by tne which will continue each Friday at Mrs. t. W. HeedVrr, Minister of are invited to attend. FREE HOU.NNSS MlSSIOSf 328 '. Stlt St. Hells Prairie Home economics Uaslr the church. Children welcome ui at Club honoring the Happy Hour Mrs. K. W- PoweU. Organist Hrr. John Coleman, Pastor w'.bash Camn 1617 ENA regular :30 a- n- Morning wonmip. Home Ec Club at the Clinton Swimming Pool Thursday. Bishop IU-V. jasper fatterson Sermon ubject: Unseen Forces. meeting and 1 o'clock luncheon at The guests were seated at one Sung Leader Sirs, loieiiuui the home of Mr. Homer Miller, in Church Admission Service. n wn Sunday ftlKm cervine. long table beautifully decorated Elm Street. 10:46 a.' m. Cnurcn scnooi. S:30 '. m. Youth Fellowship. with garden newer. Following tne Kundav Midweek Prayer Service, Thursday night 7: JO p. m. Special Leaders for dinner, a program was given with ered by columnists on the one hand j .....ipn on the other, he Jean Robertson, leader. TwAirth annual reunion of the tained Interest, in the worip fisis. People forget they org-et. yver-nlght. - 1 j With his slender, bony . hands making gestures of emphasis, Hull ...... 1 . hurn this tbese service. 1 30 d. m. Scout meet wnu Judy families will be held at Twin Mrs. Lewis Beed. chairman, Mrs. Ernest Harrington, Mrs. Austin Mayes and Mrs. Ollie Jones, the has called forth the seal 01 tue oai-tlc of Santiago in 1S38. Mr. Timinerman.. Lakes in Paris, 111. SHKPAKDHVUJ.E NEW 7:00 P- m. Monday, scouts saiu ne wisneu luu,h .j.- - Eager for Battle uter for name committee in charge. Monday natiffhteni Draetiee for In Legion Auxiliary Hears ' Convention Reports lira. George Kama, Mr. Marietta Fol'z and 41 r. Arnold Bodgers, delegate to toe recent American Legioa Auxiliary convention in Indianapolis, care their report at the meeting of Ibe Auxiliary in the legion Home last night. Several awards to the local unit were made at the convention. The unit was given a merit certificate for being a good unit and lira. Foltx wa gives a personal award of if front the department chairman for being the only one from Ibis district who tent clean while rag to the Marion Hospital to be made into rag for the service tales. Mrs. Foltx turned over her award to the unit. Mrs. Gladys Beid wa given a personal award of ti tor the best war activities report in the state: llrs. Beid I Sixth District War Activities chairman. Following the meeting tbe auxiliary enjoyed a chicken supper with the Legion. m m lira. Warns Jewell and ton. gym session. , Newsmen who crowded Hull's of-'into the public mind Mid memory . . ...,.i himni II... nuvt V.ft VP.'ini that. thO few hours ii.r the next 0 years that, the TESTAMENT CH.11U JJ Kw. Joseph K. Hunierickhouse, Pas- Miss Annabellte Hunter gave a nr the book. "Excue It Please" 1 -,i within a illation. l-.JO D. m. Masonic Hall niniT RAPTIST CHI KCH 1 II. " ' " J after Gov. Dewey bad issued his at- all ureed to attend. by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Mrs. human race this day, this, hoiu-. Is confronted by the gravest cri In all its history. , ; iy iek on the "Big Four" worm se Willing Helpers Class oi tne Bap Comer of Walnut and J-'lth St. Kay CrawL Minister eo. ChenluUI, Minister of Music Mrs. Ted Morgan, Pianist tist Church swimming ano pic nle postponed to Aug. 28. 10:00 m-. Sunday School, Mrs. Leatha 11 is. Supt. 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship. ' 7:30 p. m. Evening Service. 7:30 p. - ' Prayer meeting Wednesday. Mrs, B. Cossett. curity plan, found "the Old Man" in his shirt sleeves, and eager to euter battle not for politics but for wknr nicnie. HDortiana rar, You may sit down, he Sam, or u down, or go to sleep, or . jdu, najr stand mule, but the respottalbility for action will cling to jrou.,and you 9:46 a. m. - urauea muie n m invnnp not eolnST I UI mi School. peace. lb n hour they listened to his lis or.492J by 10 . m. Monday or No morning service. . 1 nsnl Viiiih Fl- cannot escape It. L, ,i,i,vj high-pitched voice, rasping through be assessed a fine. CMl'iWH :u p. mi- F,,t , .... - fijti. - . . . l I I I . . .1 nl Ik. VAIIIIV . I . I I. .... HI, CHRISTIAN the record of what lie nas uouc i oreveut recurrence of the unspeak Pauline Bonebrake and Mrs. Klleen Dyer sang a song. Games and contests were enjoyed with Mrs. Mable Stokes, Mrs. Violet Buntain. Mrs. Vesta Clrey. Mrs. Butb Bumgartner and Mrs. Hazel Wright, winning. Tbe county president, Mrs. Lawrence Miller of SI. Bernice, was present and gave a short talk. m PHILATKEA CLASS MEETS A nominating committee of Mrs-Fern Holler, Mrs. Buth Halsey and Mrs. Beatrice Humphrey was named ih ateetinr of the Pbilatbea lOWSnip 1 1HB IIWI " ' " J " ( III BUM! tx-oDle of the Sunday school and Robert Barltee, tr. of Board hiiroh Thursday evenntar. able experience of war. church. i 9:30 a. m. Sunday School. Mrs. Clark Shirley was in cnarge sa i, ,,.f, Big Mouthed Bird"' The mouth of the bird known aa chuckwiU's-widow is so large it pan swallow hummingbirds and par-rows whole. - . in ik m. Church Services. r ih iiovniiona. Games and eon 7:30 p. an. Monday night, rnrfnm Rsntist Youth Fellowship tun were en loved and ice cream It was a "backgrouna comer-ence. which meant that Hull wa not to be quoted dlrecUy. So he spoke with far more freedom than The church message will lie delivered hv missionaries from India, 1 Mnki served hv the hostes- rally at Dana, Ind. All young people plan to attend and help Clinton about their own true to life ezper- se. Mrs. Frank Stewart, Mrs. Holler Rrnee. left Wednesday for a visit win honor attendance. Meet at tenees of religious life In ludia. with Mr. Jewell in Newark. N. J usual, and with tbe coionui age that only bis Intimates know. Divorce Peace from (ainpalgn courcu t a. mj- j - lie is is the quartermaster division and Mr. Clifford Montgomery. 9 Birthday Party Honors Kenneth Dale Jared 1:30 a. m. Tuesday, Aug. 22, faIKVIEW PARISH Class of the Baptist Church at the of tbe navy- the Freedom Baptist Association1, u, Godwan, Minister ValnlM MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Une ' For Servke Drop U A Card L W. Walsh Monument Gj. S1I4 Waliasll Ave, wu Terie Haute, ludiJs) . j will open their one hundred and fourth annual session at the .Bap Vanneih Dale Jared was honored He denounced the Dewey cnarges of "Big Four" domination of the world. Time after time he repeated the words non-partisan and non-pollr Ileal, as he has been doing for months past, in an effort to keep 9:46 a. m. Sunday School, An drew Simpson, Supt. 7:30 p. ro. Worship. Sermon Kin.. bt,a Thine' TTf CLINTON tist ehurcb, Dana, Ind. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, prayer meeting. Plan to attend. on hi fourth birtbday by party at hi home Wednesday afternoon given by bis mother, Mrs. Dale Jar STORE AtlllQ VUU " " 7:30 p. m. Monday. S. 8- work 7:30 p. m. Thursday, orches ed and grandmother, airs, c- v. frol ;oooooooooooooooooooooooc?o tra practice. er meeting 7 p. m. Aug. 26-27, seven 01 The little guests were seated at nn Inrse table and ice cream and : :--J ficer of the Baptist Youth Fellow-j 10 . m. Sunday School. E. E (stilt O Bunt ship of Indiana will hold a youth Randolph. shin of Indiana will hold a youth ' B.nltnlDh. individual cakes with their pames on them, were served. Kenneth received many nice gift. Tku tiendin were Jackie fellowship coaching clinic in our j m. Sermon church, the purpose of the clinic Is LoVa ny Church." . . .a ihi fallnhln nlan anil . o o o o o ui oiaeui ,.-.ww-m.. w a.esiier I .. ,. .(.. Ana In miv nn . Scott, Junior Topolosek, Gloria Lee 10 a. m. . Sunday SehobL Ern ueip tia uijaiiii. vuv " " " group. McCarty, Wynetta Sue stasis, rtnuj est Myers, Supt. and Annette Stein, sally Kiicney 1 nii. Hur. Francis Stuciynikl CALVARV BAPTIST CIURCH 'A LITTLE BETTER-' g j.nice Wlsniekl. Mickey snaron unnn and Marsie Martin. J 220 Elm St. Phonel ro Regrets were received from Da vid Berto and Dorothy Ann arhn were ill and Marna and 27 Blackntaa Street Dr. Frank 8. Keener, Minister 0:30 a. m. Bible School, John Carnell, Supt. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon subject: "He Went on His Way Rejoicing." 0:30 p. m. Young People's service. - 7:30 p. m. Evening Service. Sermon subject: "Keeper of God' FIRST PRESBTTEIUAX CHURCH Third and Mulberry 0:46 a. m. Sunday School. p. m. Christian Endeavor. Morning Worship services will be resumed Sunday, Sept. 3, under the leadership of the Rev. Roy C. Lln-berg. CHKI8TIA BCIENCB SOCIKTT 238 I -3 lil-rtmao tit. (Pythian Hall) 1:30 a. m. Sunday School. II z. m. Church. -Testimonial meetings every 1st aaut Srd Wednesday of each month Nu-Eye Rayon Knit s SLIPS 1.35 and $1.55 They Require Ao Jroning Fine quality rayon knit slips for back-to-sehool. oflice. sport or dress! Four gore ttyle lth trim top and adjustable should- t er straps. Sizef 32 to i Tearote Only Tony Costello who are visiting their father at Norman, Okla. ... PTTHIAJi IIU I.E PICNIC Mrs. Margaret Eaton and daughter Vera Jane. Mrs. Mae Jackson and Mrs. Hayden Evans of Chicago were guests at the plcnie supper of the Pythian Circle at Sportland Park Wednesday evening. ' 1 Games were played with Mrs. Mat- i. Morris. Mr. Clara Gilmour. Mrs. tnurcn. 7:30 n. m. Wednesday evening. midweek prayer service. Children' Hour, which Is spon- ANNOUNCING The Opening Of Mrs- Reeder's Kindercarten TWO TERMS: I Sept. 5 - Ages 3 to 4V2 Oct. 9 - Ages 42 to 6 440 NEBEKER ST. "' "On The Bus Line" Cstherine Kelsheimer, Mrs. Sophie Benefit From Potash Corn and legumes show more favorable results from the use of i,.h than do small grains. Soy Anderson and Mrs. Eaton, winning. Tbe nezt meeting will ne a naiu- burger fry Sept. 20. beans are in between. Aaymendtfrosper has returned to r...1 kV it Rlkhart. Ind. after William nordon Freeman. George spending the week-end with his par Phone 152 J Enroll Now! PEBMANENTS Specialized Hair Styling ADAMHON'S BEAUTOKIUM 366 South Main St. Phone 502 ents. Mr. and Mr. James jrosper of this city. town, III. was admitted to the county hospital Thursday sa a tonsllec-tomy case. 1 Preston Smith, Hlllaaaie, anu sir inH Mrs Olen Trosper spent James Hlnkle. B. 1, Clinton, were MERVILLE RAYON several days recently with Mr. and Mrs. James Trosper. They have returned to their home at Goshen, Ind. dismissed from the county hospital Thursday. -Y rt i J I S I 11 Mr and Mr. Floyd Trosper have 7 Dailey Chapel Mr. Fster Braner and daughter, ii...n anil Mrs Fred Ricauda and returned to their home at Gosben, Ind. after spending the week-end It getting your family ready for school ' -Is a problem in higher finance ,' , , You'll certainly find it a very good" rule, i . To plan it all well in advance ... 5 - yVnd to plan it with Penney"! good values in mind,'' Where the right things for children are easy to find! wltb bis grandparents, Mr. ana Mrs V 111 James Trosper. daughter. Betty Jo spent Wednesday in Terre Hsute. Misses Betty Owens and Gertrude Ann Brown of Buffalo. N. Y. visited the latter brother, jack Brown at Seamless Fine quality rayon BIRTHS ' a tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. ttaymonu Brown from Tuesday until Thursday. Ur and Mrs. Homer spent Sun Ur anil Mrs. James B. Hale, hose In tbe "Dsre-leg" style! Cotton reinforced heel and toe. Sixes 8's to 10 4. Vista Beige 68- V L I day with Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stut Rosedale, are the parents of a sod born at the Vermillion County Hos-nitsi Thnrsdav. The Infant weighed ter and family near Kockvtiie. Miss Orvena and Tillie Huzford vllsted Mr. and Mrs. Wllmer Huz eight pounds and bz ounces and ford Sunday evening. Sheer 45-Cauge at weight for dress -p jm the office! Vlsia j I ge snd Patio Sun. II b e to 10 '4. W Mr and Mrs. Cecil Bradfield visit ed Mr. and Mrs. Huron Pittenger VW1 M near Libertyvtlle, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kelt and ramilw mint Werineariav with Mr. Celanese Rayon has not been named. Ice Famine Hits Indiana, Blame Labor Shortage INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. The current ice shortage which has affected several parts of Indiana today was blamed on a labor shortage last January, which prevented storage of ufflcent auDDly of tbe commodity. f y y?t (9 JmTrnTt and Mrs. Foster Braner and family. Full fashioned. 45 Mr. ana jura, unester uicsey snu anna rum vimafa nf Mra Vfnrfha 1 A 06c Dickey at Summit Grove Sunday. that rate a traight A" gauge hose with cotton reinforced fool and loe. Visis Beige and Patio Sun. Sites Hi to 104. Atrs. sjunrey nuxiora sna cnti-dren spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Huxford and family. Henry b. Dltmer, Sr., president of tbe Polar Ice and Fuel Company, in ninininr a !0 ner cent cut in Girls' AU Wool JACKETS Soft Pacific Mills wool crepe. Hrown-up tailoring, trimly C fitted at the waist fully lined. the amount of Ice being provided to Indianapolis citizens, saia: Wm's Printed Rayon Dresses Fine quality materials in beautiful floral designs. Blue. n 0Q Brown and Green predominating. Slae 14 to 40. Vm's Rayon Crepe Gowns Besutiful. sheer gowns with lace trim! Cap sleeve styles. M CQ Pink snd Blue in sires 32 to 40. "It all started last January wnen we couldn't get adequate labor In Girls' Warm Slipon Sweaters nur warehouses ... It was inevita Larva Damaging Most- housekeeper know; of course, that the adult or parent moth don't eat holes in garments or furnishings. They just fly around and lay little while egg where their "children" can develop. The abort light brown, worm-like larvae that hatch from the moth eggs do all the damage. Wool is the favorite food of the larvae, but they like fur just about as well, and feathers and hair. Wonderful bright or paslel shades In soft, warm knits. 2.S3 Wltb push-up sleeves. ble that this shortsge would occur when we could only store half as much as needed . . . "Ice makers presented their ease hefnre a Inlnt meetins of the United Wm's Cotton Crepe Gowns Girls' Colorful SKIRTS Bright colors in Pacifies, all States employment service, the War Cool crepe tleeveless style gown. Pink, White and Blue In I. 9 ciepe to match (lie n pn 1 1 rrrf!. - . Manpower Commission, war rroauc-tlon Board, and even OPA early In the summer, asking for labor, but nothing wa done . . . and here is sises 1 to 20. Jacket. Boys' SPORT SHIRTS frit "f tha ahnrlaee." Large Size Rayon Panties pl values in fine cotlon Breakdown of mechanical reiri-verfltinii unite in home and stores shirts for husky wear. Sol- 1 ft Jf Alji 1.15 snd Fine quality rayon knil panties in the popular larger sizes. was blamed as a contributing fac s r tor. Also the Inriuz or war worsers and servicemen's families, most of wtmm are without mechanical refri If liU v Boys' Action-Cut SLACKS WTTltS Hard-to-Find Notions gerators, and the advent of military II n k v . lone-wearing her- I Wish To Announce That The AMERICAN BEAUTY SHOP IS OPEX SIX DAYS AND FIVE MtiHTS A WEEK Throughout The fear PHO.VE 69 VERAMAE BLACK All Line Of Beauty Work r'inglones. overplalds. checks (J QQ i .-ir-h fnll iiliira. alwi n SEW-ON GARTERS Elastic garters t o keep your girdle in 55 ti good repair. 3a-LN. ELASTIC Firm. long-wearing 55 quality In Pink ! RAYON ELASTIC 14 -Inch elastic In IQsl pink only. ROLL GARTERS Firm elastic garters to keep your bose ift wrinkle free. installation and war plant nave added to thj demand for Ice, be said. Several Indiana cities have Instituted ice rationing. Including Oar)' and Bedford. At New Albany, householders charged that food was spoiling for lack of Ice while taverns till were being supplied Ice for beer. Muncle and Columbus were other Hoosler cities where the pitch of Ice famine was felt. Boys' SPORT COATS Alert, bright sport p-'tterna: herringbones, diagnals. Glen n (in Plaids and ovtirplaids. ' Browns and Blues.

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