The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 18, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 3
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Page fiwoe Mij&ioinaries fro Speak at 0mi$ian Owrdi Pvt. (Ivan .Dewey .Uaitd. son (if Mr and Mra. iPeur.1 Olaitd of N p.u; .Chridti. Texns. ito iHijwin iCave Sinings. iFla.. w.hece .he sis .tuk.itit.ati uilvanciid itfiuniug course jiu .flying. ,Uis .nddress ,is: lEurtign Paid d- Allied Prcags At and around JEcpuche- I headquarters .revealed ffor ith was .recently itrnnHterred ilrnni ithe first .time ithat ,bpth .Pelgiau and rucelition -center t Jit. .liiinjamii: -ecs. dlox ,7 H. it'. S. N- A. A. . ilo .Field. Creen .Cave (timings. Pin. .Harrison. tliirtianapiilie ih 'taiup Pun-lien. Tex- (V.S.A. ,Pu,tch cpiitingents re .fighting .on the .Canadian sector. J'ay triple JOarougej & UFA (Cnrniirul Edwin ,K. Allen. :ornier- l.v ol' ithe .tiitizen's Htute lUiiuk .uf Newport, was .recently .unlimited itnj St For Nazis .(Continued tram page ,1,) .INDIANAPQliIS. ,Ind. " than tl.nOO ;has ,been Paid itp the government .by .four .respondents .a Atiuli,tlile JlAtUiUlrVluUldUfUl A lueniber uf u -team wiling tipfr-liulixes lin ihelMing .to save airmen .forced .down at sen. .tlorporal (Charles E. iHltWHflih .of Newport. Hhulled in .the (.-..111111(11.11, itiiil. .given ithe .Eighth A. A iF. Fighter Wing ifur Us Air-Hen iHesoue aoiitiol work iby iLieuiemiui Ceiiurnl domes iH. Coo-little coiiiiimniliug ithe Eighth Air (Canadian .troops .reached Cham .boix, while .PQllsh .forces swept ,tP( r tlie ,1-unk uf Sei-geuiit. tU.S.A iKnhent J. .Rose, son .of Mr. and Mrs- Alton (Hose ,of near .Newport, was .recently .unlimited ifniin private first cihiss ,10 .Corporal .uncording ito word .received .by the .pureuts. Wed- iMtsday inoniinK. itilll. .Rose ,is sii-j tinned ut p't. Monmounth. N. J. ' (U.S.A- I Hinlf sergeunt dunk elsnn. son; of Mr. uud Mis. iL. p. Nelson of iln-j ,Les Chauipeuux. Advance w Sewe a result of charging a.bove celling, prices, .Fred Cramer of .the CPA tlls-j trict enforcement division announced, today. j The Armstrong - Walker (Lumber Co.. of .Terre .Haute, which bruugh! In .lumber roni the south and .hauj-j ed corn ,tp ithe sputb .paid liU,1.Mj which was .twice .the. amount nf .the' overcharges It uiude ,ip selling corn , Force. The whole dtive Indicated a pushj itoward the .mouth ' the Seine .river u the Allies threw a lm Arc: aUelchlns tp Paris beluwe .Hue Helnef In aji effort ,U ,bu ,bire ,iiuui brii. qf the .euemy. i (The (ioininenilutlon wan .indorsed .by Miyur tlHinmil W. (E iKeimer commniidinc lEighth Fighter iCotn- i diamipolis tormer Newport residents wus r.m.iitly tntiisteried tiuin some-i Jiuinfi null .ttngmiier (.enerui weRse whore ,ln EnMlund to iFrunce. Sgt.i Anion ciimiimnder nf ithai ifighttir at Oneida. .Tenn. The estate nf V. ,E. Varln of ,ln-l dlanapolui .paid !. (for the sale! ,The complaint pf (lie Wehrmncht! Nelson .Is serving iln a .inedlcul .unit wing. dn .coiigrutiilutiiig (the .of1!ic,rs seeuiefl to pi' itlwit .the SS troops. w,ere expectd the .regular army l, contain the-Allied ouslaiuihts while of .unions ,to .retailers at above eell ine prices. Clyde ,F. Whlttaker. .mholeaalei .the SB made a get-away. . in (Fiance. - ir.BA- Sergeant .Robert Place, son of AUs. Cruce ,1'iuoe of Viewport, is now stationed somewhere iln England Kgt. pluoe. a itail gunner tin a ib-Bd ildberutor pomber. tlu a .recent ,let-,tor ito ibis .mother, die said ithut ihe .had .been over -Cermuuy on .numerous .bouibiug niissions. iU.8.A.- ill llSLkt MWrtM ,!''"" .I.ritii. !tilu.r..., tiliuda. Aug. M. ,M (tlC ,m. ' 'rr-irr.-'T.-.L ..i..- MiMM ,ima , i it.lirut .tipu .w'sttr IMC" irwi' -p " Jungles often .where and .men ttnf .the .invniiuilile service they are perforuilng. it'enu. DuolHtle .culled intention ito ithe .cenmi-kable .case -of a ihoniber -crew .resotied .ton .minutes after .their airoruft ertuih danded .in .the North Sua itllinty-ifive , miles itrum .the lEngiish .ooast.' (He .landed the unit ifor ihaning developed -into an effinienl and Andis-pensuble oi-Kuuitcation and added that .its .record .reflected -excellent .training and .high degree id alwt-,nes ,nnd ekill. With ithe oldest operational -control wing An .the European Theater, Alnwurtii ,iB a .ruftiu operator An ithe Air-Sea .Rescue commuuiCBtions section and .liic tiob contributes .nia-iterially ito ithe (Communications, wihioh .must ibe .maintained (between the ibase ,apd ithe jilane Un distress. dealer ,in fruits and vegetables t Anderson was oliarged ,ln (flight separate cases with selling .over celling-The .total amount of the overcharges was $8.04, and ihe ,Paid itl' 6PV" ernuient $.200. Pred C- bullish. R. it. S. Martinsville, sold W at prices above celling .and paid .the government ,$372.-ufi w,hi)h was .triple he ,ampun,t .uf overcharges. , .. Alt import JmporU ,by air tut 4M3 totaled. il.m.OM pounds .valued at u.2ufl,-000, report Doriaid M- JKelson, chairman, of Wf. Ttwfs boH 0 per cent id .the value .f the .catjIP . .l.The Cetman military cuiuuienta-,tor, ,Cupt- .I.udwie Uertnrious, said .that a new attempt ,tp encircle the. .mauled Nai .Seventh Army was mi-i derway (by .the American ,Tlt(i ,r-j mi',) ' (Two AIU1 Escape -Gap An official dispatch troin .head-! quarters of ,tlie .First Army in .France said .that ,the gap at the mouth pf the German .pocket ,be-i .tween Argentan and Tun had now! .been narrowed tp a distance pf only! ,twp miles. Allied .forces closing In .toward: .the upper .reaches of the Orne river! sent patrols into pulances and .hai'd: .lighting raged in the Argentan area! Ruining iWutmoiid" . uuvertd iHiiirtM .coining Mf sent out ito .wwMi .WU"P i seven ' " iHfllwW jFW 'v:JT'"rTI .,H .... o .to sebooL j,t siimk. l.gNU nd Private .first nlnss Dale Newlin. son of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Newlin of Newport, und Private Pobert W. .Carithers. son qf Attorney and Mrs. John W- .Carithers -of Newport, are both stationed at (Ft. pirugg. N. iC. The itwo iboys .both graduated itrom Newport AtiHli Sflhoql w.ith (tlie oluss of ett'rtS- (U.S.A. Ensign Paul 4. Myers, randsqn qf .iiHmrHi m W Mf 1M me iw .Htiiduuwe . "Mirnnle." im -vfl ,rro,u in-.that tleU.vrd .uuHliw ver brlllianU Kite .pulilli' ,i iMli (to attend iV1 .metti'ig- ' . . ' Mis. AUoe Myers .qf New.pqnt. was.i .Count .Budget for, Js'o. Cayuga .Form prescribed y State oai'd qf Amounts. ueceutly ItWUiteiiied (ttmp (Coi-jjus yS OF WiPORT i(iCQntlnued iltpip Page lOueJ Pouner iCuonce, son of Mrs. .Cliff I.OTICE T,Ue iiop'e (Club (bald .their annual ord iCounce of Newport,, ,m .preparing TO TAXPAYER? TAX IEVRS Jn the matter of determining Ahe tax rates ,tor tecwinii - before Mit intr (Jombc and iT,.;Ln,J . ;Vr,niiiion count. .Indiana. JJoard f ,CBUUiy sPoWWlBSinnerp .for duty with ithe .ainphlouis .torces picnic a,t (the picnic .grounds near) the .borne .of Mr. and Mrs. iWarold1 O'iDonueU Monday .evening. Pamiljes: qf ithe iLions' were quests- The spe-j qi(l guest of ,the eveuiug was tC. tain William iChialor, who .ceeantlyl retucned .from a year spout .in Ku and .the Aleutiups and nine. aboard ,au iLST (Landing .HliU1 Fa' ,one qf ithe iblggest slips iio ithej Navy's (invasion itleet. j (Coonce .has ibeen assigned ito ithe ' Notice is hereby given the ,ta-payers of Vermillion County, ,Indiana. .that ,the .proper ilegal officers of aid munltity thr lar n.eetlng .place, on ,the Wb day of ;SmbV.-4, U mW .the .months ,in Alaska. iCapt. iChialer ituld (lOl UOliltT .Current ifiharges . CUUKT AND S.HE S W.EAP1ING A ''MOCUEL 4,,P,ESH" DPESS! TiOiU'JX Jways be ure ,o fcvmg $ oo(? itjjae -:Uejj you wew juiug ,we ihave loleanei. Tlie (Ccujfidejace firjaQOtl fotl pwajwie gives wiy icapry yov tipaugb Any p.ccaicwi. . OI.F.RK OF CIRCUIT .frtl6.0i Properties crew qf .an iiST at ithe Amiililbious . Tiaiiutng ase, .Camp (Bradford. Va -il where .he 4s qiig ithroiigh .the siren-1 uous itraiuiug ,rniuit-ed .of .hluiyuuk-1 ,ets who ,mun ithe ibeaobihitting itank .carriers. i heavier ithan .modern destroy S. 220.00 ?,IKiO.O0 28S.00 Services Personal 1 --rf All pther Op. .Expense r- Cuitent .Chaiges - P 1 ... 1. -1 ' T ;i I -M the members and quests of .liui ejt pariences and also itlie .ditternnt ,iu- duetcies ,aud .agriculture .of .the ,it- .lands and Alaska. About 60 ,wace present .and enjoyed ,tbe picnic sup-i !per. j Miss .Uladys Samuels .had as eM end quests. Dr- and Mrs- 4- E. WU-i .liams .of (Doniphan. Mo.; Miea .Be1' ,tha SamueUi f Werriii, J.U.: paid Samuels of iLouisville, y.: Mr. ,ai.d Mrs. tC. J. ianderson and daughter. COUNTY AUDITOR Services Personal 1 i'???-S2 AW miiur tin F.kiumufi Z.rfhlj.UU ,er, idhe enUitwot L,si iianns .asaami .CUl-NTY cai.RT iWOUfiE Settees personal 1 AU Other Op. Expense ,,n,t ,Cua,i;6es r (COUNTY MM AU Other ,Op- Expense f .Cm-rent .Charges properties ' - .COUNTY (INFORM AHY Services Personal 1 8.fiP.Ut! (1.4 t.ii.l.U jl.hlib.OO ji.iino.iio iioo.uo 8,0J7.0fi ituoups and euu.iHlUtb.t d(reBily -onto Wd.tJK yOll'At d1lfr.El!l (flUEaJkED PAKE (VK.UMJL iuemy ibeuahheads. .under .the 41CO-, (teotive ibumbatdiuent .t iheavy war- r ' CQUNTX (TBAWKR Services .Personal AU Other Op. .Expense 1 1 COPNTX JtEOQR,l)ER .Services .Personal All Other Oo. .Expense g.720.00 rt.ft8B.fiP 2,340.00 P2B.00 jljl. giB.Od and Muss Manna (mame.v: 4nO.O0 JWaryeUen AU Other Op. Expense :C.un;ent .Cba.ijges . Properties , , rof (Lafayette, dud.; Mr. n(i mcs. :HiiPt iUeon Samuels -u Detroit, . Mtoji,; .ahips aud Navy juauee. JJeaH" sute and weight, ithe danding vessel ,is .designed ito ,iia'.Vgate shaAlow aP-,pcoaolies itp ihoHtile .beaches. sulUlu (its itroops .aud itauks .aahoce ithrough .huge ibo.w doucs. 1 A:amp Atrudfurd. wr,e ,Coonce Js iiVt.iond. .u -one of rou.P of .base j operated (by lie AmuUlbious iWiin-. 'SAVE OS- and Mns- iCatil 4alsw of Wttntwu. t-umtly dinner was -served at ,nuup Sunday and all members ,af 4b immediate .faurtly were present. Mil a Miss Joseuhiue tUler ,f itjie t"tr .COUNT? SHEW'1 Services .Personal f E'KVnS AU ther Op. .Expense ij,bt..M r CQl'NTX SURVEyqR Services iPersonal il ???? All Other Op. Expense flP&.OM COUNTY AUWCl',LTl!.KAL AUENT Services .Personal ''fSS'ilS AU Other Op. Expense Properties S.MO (CQUNTy KUPEtlNTENUENT OF StAHOOIS Services .Personal 1 -1 7S"PS All Other Op. Expense ii .Current Charges P.WP Sei-Micea peraoual 1 ll'QM ! AU Other ,Op. Expeujie , Material -r !'; Current Charges , f4J "' Pcoparties jl .(100-00 r" 0UNTy(COWM4SSlONJERS Services personal f 0.206.00 AU .Otbei- (Qp. Expanse , (Current .Charges ?,,,!!' Current .Qhiigatiooa 0.000.00 TOTAL OENERAL 'l'N.D fin.iUM r ' .COUNTY WiUlOE OISOS m , n nf Pjltp. To 3e Paid . f f dnt. To e Paid 280.00 TOTAL -COUNTY iBRtDOE WNDS d.280.00 r COUNTY 1CH AY MAINTENANCE ANJJ P EPAI P.UNJJ fioitubAa HfirAonAl L f 35.T0.0O .million (County 4-i(epita4 stutf .l-; spending .a .two waejts ,vacation with tier iParents. Mr. and Mr- Delbont Miller. She As spendiiu? 4iant of lUie two weeks with .her aistar and family. Mr. aud Mm- .Oilbait .Stone-street and .faintly t Marvej , jUL Mr. .and Mrs. Pobent. AUe And daughter Terry uf (Chicago spent iidte! THESE H EMS t. AT ST A ATS' U. S, BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES ALL SIZES fit frfiuit se44 i p7,2.,lfj ,cuiN;i'y Mr,r,mt,ri Services Persoual All flthr On. Exuense BS5.00 Current .Cliarges ?,0o(i.f0 tug (Command Mf itue : F.leet along ithe (eaatew seaboard-! -The Wradtoi'd ibuse .alune Js iteadyiug tMiousands of Kavy wen iW .ojierate'; the ehips -qf ,t.he jtmphibioue itlfat.'i .taat growing .toward , itw year mud gua4 (qf o,O(0 .new (landing .aradit. ,j Seaman idirst .class P-ubent Ailen j Smith, .husband of Mary Jfitiiel tili.iM JSmitb qf .Newport, ,is ,uow ta-'j .tiuoed .in .the Mariana 'iaUuids to ; .the south PaciMc. iUi(41 wine we-ekf sko, Seamiiu iiiuith had (beau 'a- itioned An ithe iHawaiia 4alands. (B.S.- I iltaCf Sergeant Fred pearman., son' of Mr. and Mrs. (Oeurge Peanuan of New.uont. ,ie. noiKAO Saijiun aocurd-. ,iug ito iqrd .received iby ithe (ir- eats- Set peannaii wilio ihas ibeen An the army Jur ,tbe past itbree years, has ibeen statiuued An 44a ad jrir tp Aiis (leaving itur Saipau. gao.op jl .(120.00 A7.7.00 AU Other iOp. Expanse 2((.fc.7.0e Material i'J?.?, Current OharKes . Prpuenties .0.COO.OO; TOTAl. CO. H. M (E. O6.W2.O0 ' .OOUNTT WEU- ARJE FVSD Services personal f All Other Op. Expense - ' COUNTX ASSESSOR Services pergonal 1 AM Other Op. Expense TOWNSHIP ASSESS 03 .Clinton Township Services personal 1 PitOSEC.l'TlNC ATTORNEY Services personal 1 All (Other Op. Expense .cjitciaT oovT Services personal f Part 1 Ourrent Charges JS4J.M0.-Ofi .Current -Charges . 47.436-00 triv part ff ;.6o.o0 .27(i.(t0 J!,71i.O0 6.200.00 76.00 (Other Thau Part 4J Personal Serv.icas w, W.fiSO.OO AU , Othe.r 04- jl.776.00 Properties 4 PP. 00 ' TOTAL J3f7.&40.0 weakeud with .their jiacents. Lr. auu Mr. W. Wilhit -and Mr. and M-rs Jtoy AUee. P.obent Aliee Js stittiiwed at .the .Creat 4jakes Training .CenterJ iKev. ,aud Mrs- JdUso 4ioes JhuJ.ed1 Friday (to (OUv-et. ill. fiay. aud iMJ'B-i loues moved .here last .taU itrom tAl-j vet where iRv. (tones acuejite lib; paatorate vt .the iree 4'jUness churah. 4atar .resigning and .acce,pt-j ,ing a aiiuilar .charge iio Olivet. 4-fti ry Fable vt itudiamtpulis 4s r4a-j Itlng .his graudmuther. Mm. Atose Fable (Cayuga. Mr. aud Mrs. iktlui .Cr.ick and family .returned Priday alter sjiei.d-! ing .(he suntmer vacation ;at iHr,iato4.i Ikl. v.eL Mr. (C'.riuk wonked .un e farm .there. Mr. .Criflk iU aatuu bis schouj .teaching when cl jul oy-ens Sept. 4. Mins JCdiih 4-A-ng vt Tenre 44autc. Jo:al muHic .teacher ,iu (.he , scboole. was visiting Iraeuds .bete AM Other Vp. ,E.pense TIRE RELMEHS $3.95 08 ESTIMATE 0' (OtftW H'KJW fO UE AAW1D t nxES wrm WAtW mm .1 im 1 applies fsitr DSIK 101 Ol I 1 FOR SALE 2 Kiai, Ca. imoji on County Welfare fridge Pondi Fund F.und . J3J7.640.00 J J. 280.00 4.67,07.00 ,4.70.00 64i),667.00 fi.JSO.OlV :64, (160.00 J,Je.,7.7;j .(((i6.O0 ) .M6.f't. 1 M flirt rcxM , WA3HA&LE IOOFPENSI1 tCL'JJ , OVkH WIL-, HOARD, fAlNTtO SURFACES. tMKA, ftUHSJdT W W Ol COAT iast weak. Slie w.Ul returji .to ib' PH'NOS PEQVWED FOR EXPENSES TO rf-.neri XECP.MBER tllut OPJSCOWNO Y,EA: i . 'und rJ. Total Budget Estimate .for .Incoming year f J p.? J! 38 J 2. Necessary Expenditures to be made from appropriations unexp(.uded 4uly Sist to present year .66.000.00 ?. Additional Appioji. necessary ,to 4ie made Aug. Jst to JJec. Slst of pinSHUt year 8, POO. 00 6 Total Funds Keauired (Add Lius J, 2, 3 and i) 6,222.4 FI NDS ON HAND ANU TO HE PECE1VEU FROM -SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX J-EVY: 6. Actual Balance. 4 uly 31s( of present year 8 2f 0.1-6 J. Taxes to He Collected, present year (December Settlement.! 6600-00 . Miscellanem8 JHfvenue ,to be received Aug. J at of present year to Dec. :;Jst of .incoming year 1( schedule on file i office of County Auftitqr4: A- 8'peqittJ Taxes (see Bciedule) r ?,.200.0O JB. Officers Pees and ail other .revenue see schedule I 10,600.00 9. Total Funds (Add Lines 6. 7. 8s and 8b i JJWI.6)10.06 JO. NET AMOUNT TO JIE PA1SED FOR EXPENSES TO DEC. 31ST.OF JNCO-VIN'O XEAP. f Deduct Jlue V from JJne i) , SiXUM 11. -Operating palauce ,(Nut .ip excess of x,peu,le 4( to 4uue .'i(i. less misc. revenue .for same jieriod4 (10,100,00 12. AMOUNTS TO E PA1SED Y TX JJ-Vy (Add Lines 10 and U i 04,0.6 .6 0.2,00 teaelHng .here Seul. J. Mrs. dan Juliap oAitflked it 4itJ worjc as telephone .uptiratoj Jiere MondW "tr v-ii'-ul luie ,wjkti w,ilj( iber (husbauil. rUeradd. J.lUuu.. who 4s statiuued .t a camjj An aAi-n. Kan. Miss EaUvar Jiolcpyd, 4ca:l giatit-teacber -4ip under eul a iuujor uii-eratloo h Vermitiion tCowiM' JAoapitad ;i iC'Atuuui 4 getting .ajns BauaUcuirJdy. 379J08 00 J60,04S-0O t biciy House, mxtMUMun Ccttntt Bros. ill uMn j 6,wj; 346 .23 1,44.0-00 J ,126.iS 3.M,00 33,068.00 Utauy Duty fA-aihef Trim SEAT COVERS h $14.95 Ke4iU uti4 iu-hrii IIETAL TOOL POXES $1.49 to $6.95 p. . itxyj rtutaA Jtosedaje. jid., t. t. I J 02.612 00 J All Comity Vt ellare Ppud Calculations as o$ (July Jst. Jnstead of Jiily Slat fi,nd Au. Jut. iwru wits , T...1.U lr,.nriv A0,iJ . ( V-VV 1 Number of Taxable Polls "" if 4XHMPAKAJ Jt : HTATEWfcNT JP f A CXUXtTFJO AKU TV ME OUMl-yfc . .(Tabulate below amount to be collected ,tu current yea Siid auioimj collected AO each qf the previous three yearer-j (CuUecle. 1400,666 76 ;O.7.0T f .641 26 itwUectud fi 406 ! J4.,60i-O0Jl 02.112 -00 ii 2.S6 2t ,CqUec.ted 40-18 J4 07.6 77 40 6.6:j-8 8 8 t.07 8 J76.Ut (V .Collected "40d2 J 08 68.04 7826.62 .t-28.M 178.t-8 U 4,evy on property J .( .61 ,v 2 14. il Auiount to Be p (Used J406. 602.00 ,02.612.00 2 26 23 2ul.6i6.ft ,1-evy on Punds ' " Polls County peienue J4-O0 Coumy Welfare pund Bridfie Bonds jofAl. IJ.00 HOUSE IV.I.'IT! Three dungs make (ood fMes food: V) beauty (Jt Oumbdny li) cooomy. Catobu all tlirec tid you get thrtastof good fmM4 herUi fcViPl SHUIWIN WIUJAMS JTOtt POMB f AX lMUcM TE roor " JF " 'TfJ iCouatjr J for Poor SPECIAL CAMPER'S LAIIP I tmykte With Katlitrip $1.39 Estimated Poor peltej itur i.iiou-,ine )'ear iuciuding Opera tuig Palance I ' ... ?.2iHU0 42.070.00 iS.4K6.00 . y&UJiOS and Interest Maturing An Ensuing year J J t tfiii- ti,C (U 1.616 11 Est imated ASaAsjice December 81st Present year J t. Jtst.00 25.008.PO 4i.4;.o0 25.0 I'd 00 S,6.00 Tota4 Poor Belief To Be vied I 3.616.ti Jw'oue J.4M.O0 . 7 201.0.0 None Acetiec (cmuiw Ensuing aiid year fiiterta! J .18 J .03 Jwone .38 , . it - X. .17 .06 None -VJ Township List j Hif.lilaud -Eugene - VerumUon lieu , Assessed Valuation ' J2.6s0.806 0 .T.fc66.vO 4,2fc0.46.v4i t 2(10 V45.O0 t.2f2,J0.OV Mill V' Per -4 to S's .8ii8.6 8,t.tV.0 Cliiuqe . Ta 11,.11-nn m,iea.i iiLe shall liaie a riidu to be jbeard (thereon. After the tat Aenes ihave bee CeUsroxuied and daily CLirjTonmrj STMTS AUTO SUPPLY "77 Piact to Buy" presented tp ilie County Auditor uoi later than (two days prior to ithe second Monday An SeptenKbw. and the fixed by Uie County Ta Adjustment Board, or on their ft dure so to U, t tAoi Copnty Auditor, te or moj taxpayers feeling tbemselves aggiieied by such Aeries, may appeal to jtAie State Board vt Tax Coniiuisaiooerii for further and final bearing thereoa. by filing of petition witb the County Auditor tiat fajLer jtbaif f,ctober fad tbe State JSoard wiU fix a date Ua bearing io tiiis coutity. Complete detaU of Budget Estimate may (be tqes la. otfiea ut- Cowuy AuUtor. - Dated August 4 6 lb, JAi4.. " -.' jJRA I. CHCfiCH, , Auditor, jVerauuio .Couw, Lut fJ.a. f

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