The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 18, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 2
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age Jwo na Judges' Association will hold a dinner ,meeting whwh Jil ibe addressed ,by .Federal Judge, John J. Parker of Charlotte, N. ,C. A feature pf the annual jbannuet will be the. presentation of Certificates of .Commendation to the Asso-..eiiinn bv the Army and Navy. The Jntliarm JLaw,v;rs,tp A,ti(l Slate JBar Association Meet All lawyers of Indiana are invited to attend the 4 S t li annual meeting of the Indiana .Stale liar Association to. be .held at the Claypool .Hotel in Indianapolis on Aug. SI and Sopl.,1. Iiiik'd States Senator Joseph ,P. 0 Alnhoney of Wyoming will speak :ii i he banciuel on the evening of Agreejmejat f)ye,r X)ccupatioij Se,t (Continued i om page 1) Dq$o Kocked By 'Arthur Airmen; Jlaher;a Blasted (Continued nom page It and other educational Institutions and to soil conservation districts. May llan Plant Kale Strong sentiment was noted also for a ban on the sale of all government-owned plants, which cost more than one million dollars, without the prior approval of congress. The bill as originally drawn barred only the sale of synthetic rubber and aluminum plants valued at five million dollars or more. awards are in recognition of the activities of the Committee on War Work which Iiiib rendered egal uid to servicemen. will ,be,,U(saMvsr;l-!j , ;:. Alfalfa shout. fiu't ,for seed when two thirds i., are dark brown, agronomists , explain. The seed shatters rapidly and should be hulled soon after cutting and curing, or else stored in a protected pliice. Alfalfa does not , lend itself well to direct combining since the stems remain green until the seed ripens. Psually it is best to use (lie pickup attachment alter Hie stems have been allowed to dry in the window. Wet weather causes more less in harvesting alfalfa seed than the case with red clover. M Sack Alan Nut Ballplayer ' Readers ul the sports uges might think - sack man a baseball play JeI County jFrmcjCS Alfalfa (VH1 J'roduerin Drought The age old question, "will al-faKa produce seed profitably in Indiana' and can It be harvested and threshed satisfactorily." is again being asked by farmers in this state. . In the drought year of ln4;t, several thousand bushels of alfalfa seed were ,harvested in this stale with yields , ranging from two to ,five bushels per acre. Conditions, predict Purdue extension agronomists, appear favorable for seed production on the second growth this year where It I not too short to harxest. Uy following the "tripping" of tin-flowers and development of pods, growers may determine whether to let the crop go for seed or cut it for hay. If the flowers fall to trop and the blossoms falll, little if any seed tempted during the raid, and other bomber formations winged east of Halmahe'ra to hit Jap installations on the Aju Islands without Jap aerial resistance. and that details had not been gone into. President Roosevelt also confirmed published reports that he plans a new war strategy conference with Prime Minister, Churchill at an early date. He was asked concerning dispatches from correspondents on his Presidential train to that effect and .fli MiU-s mowntwn f iuzruM Isept. .1 concluding Hie two day meeting. I The wirious sections of the Association will hold special meetings as I a part of the annual program and lone ol thein. tlii' Section on Proper-' ly and Taxation, will In' addressed I by .Hoscoe Pound, retired dean of I the lli.rvard Law School. ,l)ean Pound will speak at a dinner meet-ling on the evening of Aug. .11. ' On this same e cuing, the .India Yank Patrols Reach Paris; Partisans In Action to Aid Allies .41.15 imm luxury bwh. he replied that he most certainly is'1 er, but ,1ns real jod is in a toiu going to confer with Churchill again and the meeting he said, will take place soon. - I products plant. (Continue r m Pace I ) The Paris police, reported to be on strike, were advised to renwin on the job and be ready to carry out the orders of the liberating forces. PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii. Disclosure of another smashing air raid against Chichi Jima, Jap base in the Bonln Islands, today underscored the increased striking power of American aerial might. Meet Ami Alm'it Pacific fleet headquarters, announcing the latest raid Tuesday on the nonius only COO miles from the Japanese homeland, revealed thai big land-based Liberators of Seventh Army Air Force, bombed a seaplane base and adjacent installation on Chichi Jima, encountering antiaircraft fire that varied from moderate to intense. Pacific fleet headquarters also announced other air raids against Jap bases from the northern Pacific to the Central Pacific and failed to mention enemy air resistance, indi TW A TXTJTn'lTnTnN I'etuill ill plight i LONDON, Kngland. A dispatch to the London Evening Standard from a correspondent with the British army in France said today that Marshal Henri Philippe Petain, chief of state of the Vichy government, had fled to Metz. near the German border, with chief of government Pierre Laval, minister of security Joseph Darnand and other cabiuet members. I EN MEN siidl 'WOM cating that the Jap fighter planes are taking cover in tl.e face of American bomber formations. KarUi1 fBaeei Hit Maug and Pagan Islands, north of conquered Saipan in the Marianas, were bombed and strafed Tuesday and In the far XurUes, Parainu-; ahiru was hit by Liberators of the Over 8 Years p Age, PhysiczUy Qmlliied $o Produce Materials All kn AA-l Priority) FPU SlUPf l JENX TO THE AS'iy'JTO IfAVY :. Soyiets Plunge Across Border To Reich Soil (Continued from page 1 ) Aleutian-based Kleventh Army Air. Force In a pre-dawn attack Hnnday. Returning fliers said ack-ack at I'a-ramustiiru was meager. UMBERS, ASSEOOtE AVI &h A J ttH Other Russian . forces battling a-cross the Vistula river some 110 miles south of Warsaw were reported to be driving against rakov, and against German Silesia, with CITEBS I Of $2$ Week Maximum Jobless insurance (Contlbuefi 1101&9 page 1) Russian spearheads said to be only J Pfll nmwi Jli OFIi Mil mm, 75 miles from the Nazi frontier in that southern Poland sector; . APPJLY A? COUP ANY OFFICES BETWEEN S;JQ A. W- AND 4:00 P. M. PAIIIS, ILL. Green urjjed that the maximum for unemployed single mon and women be set at $20 a week, also tin-same as in the Murray-Kilgore bill." which organized labor hfid backed. He also urged that other provisions of the defeated measure pertaining dollars in excess wartime materials. SecojwJ )ty az.e H i is jGrynite fCtyy Depot, .Damages Kujq Jiigh i GRANITE CITY, 111- Nearly a score of soldiers and civilian em- war mobilization and reconversion ployed were under treatment for in- C3ID IVEST D0B7 AIJO likewlse be .Included. juries today as the result of lire, Meanwhile the house was expect- tliat set off a series of terrific ex-1 ed to approve today the Colmer bill plosions at the P. P. Army Kntfin-eotablishlng a surplus property ad- cers' ammunition depot in Granite ministration to handle the disposal city. of an estimated 0 to 100 billion j None of the injured, chiefly vic-: dollars in excess wartl mematerials. : times of smoke and fumes, was be-; Bee l'assaee Soon I Heved to be in serious condition.; Rep. Manasco (D)- Ala., in 0ut damage was estimated nnoffiei- K1S DRHS MACMAGTOB III HELP WIN THE WAR cliarge of the far-reaching measure, ally at hundreds of thousands of jlol-i expressed confidence that it would iars "v " ' be passed and forwarded to the sen-Believefi to have started in a ate for concurrence with few amend- tire storage building, the flames meat. 'spread rapidly yesterday to struc- IJembers, however, continued tures housing explosixesr The blasts their efforts to write into the bill that followed were felt as far away-various new provisions and Manasco as st. Louis, across the Mississippi predicted a fight over proposals to river. ' fjl. XriT THET SHOT COH6 V 7 A t Cum ClaR UP THAR "- I ''VS-2 ny 1U- RIDC3B I! d op ate jsurplps materials to schools V vV -x ll Fire fighters were sent from Venice and St. Louis to aid Granite City fire companies fight the blaze as smoke and flames billowed .hundreds of feet into the air. Apparently brought under control late in the day. the fire broke out again last night! bringing injury to four additional soldiers and a civilian. Cobra Is Snake Enemy No. X The kuig cobra, which average! 18 feet long, is the largest of the venomous snakes. It inhabits southern Asia. X 1U ST IN AT T PAMOH PfXXWlIf ,tWt-,BDNER-l SOT THE- TOPLE OOUi 1U MB A tET.S Ev-VJITH HASfty AS A N 1' I t f 4 isiW.-V HBBO Of CATTIS CUT T5WN H3 V, Y-' ' MPVSKHr RS5-'. VWB ftrfASC BTiyi&A K-KTi, t 'MS 8". il - I .fey- T WrtAB.ATF0RCSD'SLE.HIT WJN'T BSrxS , 1 . 2 T-tt 8. V N0 ? 1 Irtf fc? t-M CUKIlS -a ME tfiNtsCJ.S J -11 U1DDV Ii t? '1M'RSSB PRCS tf NEB TOaPSinWA JV 3xr -i-w! J K 1 r 16 -MPuSTi ! J ;- hO--f i.riJIWT- tAT EE EE WORD j "r. A i f it jnriTmmmnnrrm u m, ; n. I The best tire made is the best buy today ... a new Goodyear. Your first choice for extra quality, extra value ... a safe, sound, good - looking Goodyear for long", low -cost mileage. WHSIg WAITS THE: tfeSTARDLV R'JP!lPm! MECK 0R. WALTER U. tEECS tu-rtiMKiKiwr .ast xauiinatio(is August 26 Office Will Utmalu Oix u jl'iitI Scpt.y I'or Coinplt'tion jOf Work We ve jfot em now lflfi I V so bring in your Certificate today. (PLUS TAXI Slip rV.THIM THE SHACX JOSEF HEASS THEIR lOaS 1 Hi CjRAbS A PAIL OF WATER 4W RUMS OUT .00-l ! THATU A SPtCOBOAT TT IdOODEWLV THt btlMDIMG OLARt Of A POWESFJI. I r7,H0MtNr LATtR MEN LEAP fR0MTH 1 j IT'S COMtMG TOWARD! bEABCHLK.MT IS UPON THt HOUSE AMD I SPOT SPEEDBOAT TO THt SHORE i j IHf ISLAND MOW I 1 WHERE DAN 15 HIDajG AAWST rHf wkX-z jl - 1 JUL' ' i f AH III A FIX r J . A , '--T,d - fifttlM OUT " , ; - vr .T J ; 2PN rwt got ro 6ct away I -'l.-;' JR :,J o rut mwt- " 1 (wilt your oli tin) I Vl'l MOT K AFi'.f TO STOP THIS rtrtT-WkAT'A TK!$ j Tf PAMO AtR Al ,r WtKf IS BKOrtfcM-I PH.5.T K1NTH & BQGART rOEILCAS STATION JOK ii,'4u;TTy I t . T'j i ff L""'wl Ji i rT,' ' n f " vmo out i ntr r.iAur jauij !-'' .... '?r'i t r i. IP n n . 1 -! 1 . fcvery Saturday imgnt zi MtAliTiMC, THE MtH ARE RACAtCi OOMM KMAR05 ! rwtn blXjl TH WATM It MALLOW BEER PE-WHISKEV-f "JXD DRINKS Nq Cabaret Tax Until After 9 jp. W- WC WIU lAACC OUT TO KIM THAT HAN M'.'ST IE SIOfOEO.' KicP FUilMS iALL IHObE HiW ,A3 1 f ""igjJSSTjMZ :SSE3r r' - poj AS 0AM HA5 tnf MOTOR cV-Sl S'AuUD A HAH I Ccrrlt ttum vmm m . f there i have itatujat-- i I of aut rmm tut intou zm Asovr tm ty . S'ACX IMjCjOiMG TO 1 l I MO TO 6RIMG THE t : ' ' ' s ' 1 " ' ' ' l SEE t CAM i I R0A80AT A'.OAj j5l0 I THf tSOTOB eTOPPtft-Tty MAVf j Anoralivpi that speemoat and afk " awo kvue it east I v.xuo it cut with the euun-1 .1 VJItlAtlH CET AWAy ) sr9 I ' 4p.ji.Muy Tnww' 'J 11 EAR ENiOtXsM OFF SHOi:E 50 Tklty CANW0T :' T r-3 17 i, -5 ; easkv reach f --ru n it 10 it ' I t-T- L V J CAATT It UM0--ArtO TUM vst r 0 tf Ml Ninth at Vine Street

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