The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 17, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 7
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rag;; s- a THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Iiursday, August 17, 1914 run rally in 'the ninth to nab the Indians, 11 to 8, In a game marked Mrs. Orpli Milliaii. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Davis spent Sunday with Mr. and .Mtb. Harley Kennedy. Mrs. Maxlne Thomas and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Delp and family of Clinton Sunday. Mrs. Jim Watts and son, Jimmy, are spending this week at Bicknell with her parents. Franklin Akers of the I'. 8. Navy- Hillsdale Group Has Reunion Pearman Family Meets At Roadside Park; Birthday Dinner Held By Jack Sords FKRSTSOifeR. -totM-fMti-S. oteCMit.fioA-SAPS 1 3Ae Y6AR (j9lt) M L .' rr ttose rtos AJ?f- t 1 " W. ( MAvchT has relumed after spending a leave here with his wife and children and parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Hicks recently received word from Ihelr son. Pvt. Hubert Hicks that he Is now stationed In New Guinea with IJ. B. Paratroops. Mrs. Hicks ulso received word from her sister. Technician FlHh Grade. Blanche Crawford. Camp Carson. Colo. Her brother. I'fc. Mllford Sapplngton, railroad operator with the U. S. Army that lie is now somewhere in England. Larry Mankln spent the lust three weeks here with his sister, Mrs. Mel-vin Sykes and children. The Hillsdale Woman's Republican Club held an all day meeting at the Hoadslde Park last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hendrlx and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kuhns spent a day last week In Daiuille. III. with Mrs. Kuhns daughter. Cadet Nurse Pauline Bishop. Mr. and Mis. Archie Wildermood have gone to M uncle. Ind. . Mrs. Ernest I.awson of Whiting. Ind. spent a few days here last week with her mbther, Mrs. Ella Kaufman. The annual election of the United Brethren Church was held recently. New officers for the Sunday Si'liool are: BUperlnteidjmJ Mis V'er Russell; aKsistant superintendent, Mrs. Maxine Thomas; secretury, Miss Anus Belle Karles; assistant secretury, Miss Wanda Thomas; pianist, Mra. Lavern Russell; chorister, Pearl Jackson; treasurer of the church and Sunday School, Monroe Muyse; secretary of the church, Mrs. Lucille Earles. and class leader, .MrH. (irace Sykes. President of the Aid Society is Mrs. Kutie Hicks; secretary and , treasurer elected was Mrs. Nous Jones. Four Lightest lOlementi Listed Hydrogen, helium, lithium- and beryllium are the four lightest elements known, ' . r:ov SHE SHOPS tASHAMcrar; 'Without Painful Bckach ' " Mftsy luffcitfi tttittvt oacBDC tutcteoM , quickly, or tbey diwovcr tfaat tLe real OsuiM of their trouble my b tired Itidoeyfc 1 kidneys u Ntvtur chief way oi UK- lng the cxccm acids aud vute out of tus tlood. Tliey help most people pass about 9 'hldulorder of kidney function permits poiaooous ruatter to remum in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rheumatic ptuns. Jug pains, loss of pep aud energy, getting up nicltts, swelling, puffinoas under tJie eyes, bi;iidu-les and diimM. Frequent or scanty paBflageB with swatting and burning aoms--times sliowa tiiere ia something wrong with your kidneys or bludder. Oon't wuitl Ak your drugRist lor Doaos pilla, used auooeSBfuliy by millions for over -40 yr-ara. They give tiappy relief and will help us waaw from your biwod. Gt loan s ruis. ICE refrigeration i trouble-free. There In nothing to break r ; i& met i I J JIM ' rigersRoff hp Close To Lead Browns Detroit Crew Picks Up Space in Win Over Sox As Brownies Lose, Squad Still Way Out in Front NEW YORK, N. Y. If the Am- can League scramble were a Lo rape, the punters would say L thtt Timers were lvine In a nice fct, well off the pace and all prim- ; for a strong run tnrouKn me retch. ti, TifrAra have been imnrnvine nnsitlun steadily and while E Browns have hl all the worry bit any iront runner always nas, L netrnit entry has been plugging Lng picking up a little ground un- now they are only seven lengths irk and a half length behind the Id Sol. L k t'p Full liength iTho Timers Dicked ud a full Iigth yesterday when they down-the Red Sox. 4 to 2, while the towns were blowing one to the hletics. 4 to 2. unrtv York's homer with two a- Loi-ii wr.n for the Tigers and Russ thrisioDher's six hit Ditching was to much for the Browns! The Browns still must be rated a .., ravnnli) tn reaeh the wire UW"6 - Irst but the Tigers also should be Lirofi ia' finish ahead of both Ee Yanks .ind, lied Sox for, while a Anatprners must finish on the Lad. the Tigers will be romping on tieir home lot. f, anks Gain Jrwund The Yanks also gained ground on he pace isetters by staging a four Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235 Blackmail RUBBER STAMPS For Every Purpose 48-Hour Service TH2 DAILY CLINTONIAN 7 ' by ers es 'If TIRELESS CHICK 5"i-VeAR 0t.t) 6CX.P iMMORfAU, WldEi? OF CHICAGO! 194 AMATEUR CtJAMPioMlP fimf fHe DvfcJT lit 907. Mii IKA (VgtfiouS StCfoej WAS N .'.:! Major League Scoreboard , BASKISALL TODAY Probable pitchers: AMKHH'AN I.KAfil'E Cleveland (Bagby) at New York (Dubiel). Chicago (Lopat) at Washitigton (Haefner) (night). Detroit (Trout) at Boston (Bow man ) . St. Louis (Muncrief) at pnuaue!- phia (Harris). NATIONAL LK.Mil K, New York (Allen) at St. Louis (Donnelly (night). Brooklyn (Herring) at Cincinnati (Gumberl or Carter) (mormug). Philadelphia (Scbanz and Lee or Barrett) at Pittsburgh (Ostermuei-ler and Butcher) (two). Boston (Tobin) at Chicago (Cliip- mau ) . VKSTKKDA V'S A-MKKK'AN Am GoC v fayr' .. j rue terrific hitting on both sides. Paul Calvert had two out and two strikes on Hud Metheny but he never got that third strike by, for Hud parked the next pitch in t lie bleach and scored behind two of his mates. It Is scarecly news when the Gi ants lose a game or the Cards win' one, nevertheless it niuBt be mentioned that the Giants dropped their nlnth straight when Fred Schmidt shut them out, 5-0, with five hits. IfeMlger Out. of Cellar Old Curt Davis pitched the Dodu-ers out of the cellar by beating the Keds. 3 lo 1. Hot weather sometimes works wonders' for aged pitching arms. The Phils and Pirates were rained out but the Cubs walloped the Braves, 11 to 3, with Hill Nicholson getting a limner with the bas loaded to add to the Braves' woes, that wallop helped topple the Braves into (he cellar where they should have nothing to worry about except the weather. C.H.S. Gridiron Prospects Called To Gym Friday Coaches Summon Players For 1944 Season, Hold Initial Practise Monday Kirst call for Wildcat gridiron candidates will be issued tomorrow at 9 a. ni. at the local high school gym when coaches L. B. McCool and Robert Burton meet with prospective football players for the 1844 season. With a fairly tough season ahead, the coaches are hoping to have plenty of brawn and brain represented in the grid hopefuls when they meet tomorrow. Boys who have been out for football In previous terms and boys trying out for the first time are urged to report at the gym. Doctor's certificates will be distributed and some practise equipment given out in preparation for the initial fall drill to be held Monday. Aug. 21. The season schedule includes: Sept. 15 Paris ' Here Sept. 22 Westville Here Sept. 29 Gerstmeyer Tech --There Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. 6 Wiley Here 13 Garfield There 20 Princeton There 27 Teachers Association No game. 3 Washington Indianapolis Here 10 Brazil Here 17 Sullivan . : There Nov. Nov. Throw Your Scrap Into th Flghtl rPAeAS..& -To eAls'ot:AGO coOA-6Ar rear WAi FRn:iS ooiier s jiciok i94i f(A-fictAi. AwreoR,n AR Afl'eRMlS lAV-f W.i The Pearman fumlly reunion was HeM Rundav. August 13 at the Hoadslde Park. About fifty members of Jhe family were present. Forest Lake of Terre Haute, and Mrs. Grace Dooiey of Newport Bpent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Alice Lake. Preston Smith was taken to the Vermillion County Hospital recently for X-rays and observation. He is still a patient at the hospital. Dale Carter recently returned from a trip to Michigan where he visited his son and fumlly. Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis of Dana were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bugger. A birthday dinner was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kufus Kinney in honor of Mr. Finney. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herrlck and children, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas of Roikvllle, and Mr. and AMERK A.V LEAGl I ; nubs Won Lost Pet. St. Louis - 67 46 52 52 52 69 61 63 65 Ronton 60 Detroit"- 6 New York. 68 Chieago 6 Cleveland .54 .. Philadelphia -- 62 Washington . 47 NATIONAL LEAGl'E ' CtatM - - -.--Won.' JU)t Fct. St. Louis u Pittsburgh 1 Cincinnati 61 45 46 55 ei 92 67 66 Chicago , ,---r '49 New York ; f Philadelphia 4 2 Brooklyn 4 4 Boston 43 tn.iiiriv AKrfOCIATIok I Clubs Won Lost Pet. Milwaukee 82 75 18 .61" Louisville 73 48 Columbus 68 55 .654 St. Paul 64 53 .547 Minneapolis 45 77 .403 Tnriinnnnolis 42 77 .354 U-.mana CilV 34 84 not include last night's Does game. OPPORTUNITY to change breakfast menu. Serve new Post's Raisin Bran, the delicious combination of crisp wheat aud bran flakes plus ICE REFRIGERATION IS BEST BECAUSE . Never Any llepalr Bills Nothing to get out of Order! New York 11, Cleveland 8. Detroit 4, Boston 2. Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 2 (n';hu' ' , , i... Chicago 7. Washington 2 (night). NATIONAL LEAGl'E Brooklyn 3, Cicinnati 1. Philadelphia - Pittsburgh postpon edrain. " St. Louis 5, New York u tnigiuj. Chicago 11, Boston 3. . TOMOHKOW'H GAMKS XATMIXAli 1.KAOIK down, nothing to got out f ordr( no dangcroiig Pliiladeiuhia at Pittsburgh (night Toledo Dlllflhtirfh:.. rumen, mere can nvtr be any repair Ml In. The modern, bi-autlfu! Ice refrigerator will give a lifetime of perfect, trouble-froe refrigeration. Come In, See Hit! Kef rfgerator Let Us Prove That It Is life 1 1 . w rv.f s A I'llliaueipiiia (nightl. . Hrooklyn at Cicinnati (night). New York at St. Louis (night). AMKHH'AN JJSAOrM Chicago at Washington (night). ' St. Louis at Philadelphia (night). Cleveland at New York. Detroit at Bostos: ' - B Chinese Trace Spinach to Iran The Chinese word for spinach is putsai. meaning "the vegetable im ported trom iran. ported trom Iran. CLIHTOH ICE CO. ' - ' - - - - - " California seedless raisins. 1 " ., - California seedless raisins 1 . p-l II -J A'.-:-. -'m ' I III W ATTENTION B omd C Drive. . . . You're "eligible to apply lor a new tire certificate, when authorized inspection proves your .'old tires are "finished," See us JOE GIACOLETTO HAIR , i95T?r Jvi I HARRY Pl ffijl HAM 1 wm.-w.lK. rr-KS&ssfegp ?S smeS th wiioing- hi . 1 1 yf"LHXSr.i L,,,,,. I 1 most t thi Mf&SAM YOUR GRADE-1 CERTIFICATE IS GOOD FOR THE BEST HI Wi ! ' IH 1 I TUiT'tL WCP THt b i , cwimiiKi p!" : L II " .,""r;" I MIT W rut SUBWkHiNEk Ml 4 r f Any way you figure j it, you can t iwat ine v plat performance f of a Goodyear. In f this tire you get such I exclusive feature tm the BcientUic tread y design that gives maximum traction. 4 salaty and mileage. I h ' - TC. rot to be ! hi ... " 7 GOOD to be 0 ; 1 ar 1 . -. - . - - , P GOODYEAR. C rule II ('iiSSSjfTc- ice aac IIK1 UA zTl - tiit ryMrrc 73, ' I ..,-..., GOCPBAITflV ,. 77 yfcr8 i M:i inimDie 4 sKtotme JUMEBUQ r4 route 78 ci -r4 KX aV" fwf; FREE BATTERY SERVICE Stan in Mwiilm1 Stop in tMalariv reHdMek chstgi, cUan end orsoM cables and teaunala, add 'Oler if needed . . . oB FREE! when ro ixitt ouHugiag, Wfl do fri BIGHT at small cost ' ,,. VJOWDER I F THE I HEAR TZgK' jJMi I fTP - TILLIE "I'ME MADE AI-OOL OFJ M.R SHOT THAT J. A SOJD H& ffi Ajtt? ? R the rfCyW- IT I 1 KWI toileeRvx' 1 HMfe Jk mA 10W COSlT-H1C VAUiE AH OfflCIAljrilE IMSKCTIOM STATION -k IinTII & BOG ART OBILGAS STATION JOE GIACOLETTO

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