The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 17, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 6
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Thursday, August 17, 1941 IPugeSlx THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Hint LAbl BKi "PUJ5LM t THE DAILY CLIMONIAN ' taMlIU i . r to? -.- 7 At th MooUt WABASH Wednesday and Tluimday Behind Ui2 Jceniyi .ollyOjooBI m m sssliiUifci I as Tha Weekly CAhtoaiaa imm SM CXtetoa PlalDdealer absorbed to 10OS FakUshe Dally Except Saturday .anil Buaday Come on the run! Don't miss 4 J the fuu in Columbia s tunefully tantalizine musical, "Stars On fewrgeL. Carey - Editor and Publish? lv HARRISON CARROL1 Parade," featuring Lynn Merrlch 4 the Fostofflce at OUntc, Indiana n, is on a mission. . . . Singer Apdy Russell got his expected air break tha cigaret show. He's also get. tlnir a divorce. His wife, a non-- and Larry Parks. as Seconal oiaaa Matter Included in the galaxy of spe Indiana Republican Editorial ttlm rutin Sysdiest. WritM HOLLYWOOD Two American aoldiera on Saipan have sent Dorothy Lamour her strangest aouvenir of the war a battored copy of the cialty acts are: Danny O'Neil, new radio sensation; Frank and Phone 83 Phone 82 Jean Hubert, hilarious brother and sister act from the Chords, professional, is In Portland with their 18-month-old baby. Despite the fact that ha has traveled all over the country with bands, Russell's trip east will be his FIRST train-rida. He's always used buses and cars. . Great news for Peggy Ann Gar- , voice imitators of musical Instru MEMBCKlmiM ments; The KinR i:oie ino ana the Ben Carter Choir of Negro flrst Ian pnoto she ever mailed out. It was taken eight years ago, after "Jun-g 1 e Princess" and showed Dorothy wear bpviuoui foirom. ASSOCIATION V7 youngsters. The second feature will be "Sundown Jim" with John ing a sarong. The picture was ner! Her father, Lieut William Garner, may be transferred to a west coast camp. If be does, and visits the "Nob Hill" set, it will be tha first time he has ever seen Peggy Ann work before the cameras. U taken from dead Jap! al. n Bob is here on PALACE Thursday, Friday ." and Saturday Complete with girls, tunes and zany situations, "RoBle the Riveter," Republic's new musical, provides hilarious entertainment Jean Lorraine, who lost her hus furlough from band, Roy Rognan, in the Lisbon Clipper crash, back in Hollywood Harrison Carroll "Mm I cspt mil r- - - J. i llUP'iT'Wiiimw .fin,, ,,. ..'Min ii t ariij'TfirWi.-rr- his job as flight Instructor In the Air Corps Reserve and confirms that he'll do a picture SCHOLARS AND DOLLARS, free for the Disabled American Veterans. Washington has okayed the Idea and the story. Bob and .his brother, Oscar, will co-produce after five months overseas. She had many terrific experiences. Was in Dover on D-Day. Was walking along a London street when somebody grabbed her and pulled her into a dborway. Looking up, aha saw a robot bomb sailing down. It hit four houses away, blowing them to pieces. But here's th Ifor the audience. One of Hollywood's newer starlets, Jane Frazee, provides the Bongs and contributes much to the eye-appeal of the picture j which Is based on the housing shortage and its effect upon four "How you goin' to keep 'em down on the farm," a World War I ditty wanted to know, "after they've seen Paree?" Today i and Bob will be one of the stars. 'Other top Hollywood players, also the less metrical but more serious ques writers and -directors, are volun- defense plant workers. topper. Her rescuer was Capt Bill teering their services. All of the Others In the cast include Bar tion is: How are you going to get them back to the little red school house, after Miller, former Paramount camera. proceeds will go to wounded servicemen. ' man. they've had a taste of work at war wages The gang on "Pan Americana" , It's a question that has American ed Doctors tell Jon Hall he was lucky to be carved up by a sharp bara Jo Allen, Frank Jenks and Frank Albertson. The second feature will be "The Man From Thunder River" with Wild Bill Elliott, George "Gabby" Hayes, Anne Jeffreys. Ian Keith,, John James, Georgie knife. Otherwise, the scars would . have been terrible. Nobody more surprised than Art' now call Phil Terry "Taraan." He fell off the roof while trying to puU vines off a drain-pipe and grabbed hold of more vines just below Joan Crawford's window. Bhe looked out, screamed, Just as Terry fell another 10 feet and grabbed mora vines. Ha finally dropped to tha Cooper, etc. . -x a 1st George Petty over the request of the Museum of Modern Art for an interview on his contribution to ucators worried, iiigb school enrollments have been dropping for three years. This Spring they were off a million, or about li per kcent, from the peak year of 1940-41. So,, in an attempt to check the downward curve of enrollment, the United States Office of Education has announced a "Go-to-School" campaign for this Fall. The Office of Education realizes, how 4x1 Fuel gooxce iL ' Rumania Europe's leading oil producer after the Soviet Union-has been the chief source of natural ground, unhurt except tor scratches. American feminine fashions. Petty always draws bis girls with prac tically NO clothes on. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Son la The famous creator of pin-up art oil used to power Axis planes, tanks and submarines, to keep Its vast Is here to do a composite beauty Henie will skate, dance and do un. derwater swimming sequences In for the promotion campaign on m-g-ms "Ziegreld follies.' her new picture, "It's a Pleasure.'' This, Incidentally, Is her FIRST in civilian and military transport systems going. The only other supplies found in Axis or Axis-controlled territory are relatively minor fields in Germany itself, in Alsace, Austria, and Hungary, plus the wells in Soviet-threatened Poland, and in Allied-shadowed Albania. technicolor. . . . Polish actor Kurt Katch and his wife, professionally It's all over between Grace McDonald and Marine Lieut. Ralph Miss Edith Stevenson of South Sixth street and Miss Thelma ever, that a national drive can do little more than call attention and point the way. The real work must be done in every community, according to local needs. These needs are varied and complex. Probably they are worst in "boom towns" -j : i : l ; i i i Taking a Backward Glance Greene, her suitor for many months. . . . Kay Francis, com Morris of Vine street returned pleted her hospital tour against home yesterday after spending known as Rona Darska, become American citizens Aug. 25. Katch, now playing at Universal In "The Mummy's Curse," was Timoshenko in "Mission to Moscow." . . . Leslie Brooks at the Clover club with doctors' orders. As a result, say the week-end with their aunt, Mrs. John Rock, of Brazil. wnere euuuauuuai iaciuim nave oeeu un- twk.ntv VKAIW Miss Marian Olive returned able to keep up with mushroom growth of ago today Corp. Michael Harvey of tha to her home in Indianapolis Sat Eichange Club Is To Hold population. The problems are grave in any Winged Victory" troupe. . . , Tha urday after spending the week Armed Forces Radio service is n. More Wool A ewe on the farm produces one half inch longer wool than if she trailed on the range and her wool usually shrinks 3 to 9 per cent less. But hundreds of farm flock owners throw away this initial advantage by poor care at shearing. with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pierce, Third Outing at Happjland Clinton Exchange club will hold its third summer outing at industrial cities with labor shortages. But the problems are emotional as well as ma of South Main street. Portland medics, she probably will have to have her rib re-fractured. She has a big lump on her collar bone. . . . Mary Ganly (she was in M-G-M's "Bathing Beauty") and Jack Hopkins (of March Field) will get married as soon as they can find a house. Hopkins used to go with Linda Darnell before she married Pov Marley. . . . Patsy Mace Is expecting a baby lh January. She's In town for a visit while her husband. Wing Comdr. George D.Clark Happyland park tomorrow eve J celving hundreds of fan letters from overseas on Orchestra Leader Bob Wills' "Mail Call" broadcasts. . . t Bong-writer Harold A damson, pass Ing a burlesque theater that was closed tot the season, quipped: THIRTY" VKAIW County, by two boys digging for fish worms, has been identified as the savings of Dr. Zaccheus Wheat, a hermit, who liveB in the Raccoon bottom where the jugs of money were unearthed. The boys found three jugs buried, one of them broke, as they dug it out and revealed a large bundle of $100 bills. The other two jugs contained silver coins. The boys took the money to their home and their parents concluded it belong .to Dr. Wheat. He later described the jugs and claimed tbe.owncrship pf the luony. Just how much.mpuey was, in. the jugs terial. ' The war has forced responsibility and opportunity on older high school students. It has quickly pushed them into a semblance of maturity, brought new import- Long Lived m.. 1 almnst nn M.UM .1. .I'D, AGO TODAY i'ouncilmen 81iow They Have (Some Authority 'Looks Ilk a holiday for G-stringi." discarding a -harrow unless it has There was just a touch of fireworks at the meeting of the city been neglected, ine narrow snouiq be repaired each year. - ance to them, new temptations. In many ning. Swimming will be Indulged in from 6:30 on, with a buffet luncheon served shortly after that time. The commissary committee of the club is to have charge of the luncheon, preparing it and taking it to Happyland to be served. The regular business session will be iield-after the luncheon, and the rest of the evening from 9 to 12 o'clock will be devoted to dancing. As the decision for this event was reached too late for Uie sec council, Monday night, when Councilman X. M. Vogel called for the mimjtetsof . the special council meeting, at - wliich the streets and alley committee was was not learned but the total pro Hie Rest or My Life Mm You - 4, Fahh Baldwin , bably amounted to several thous- ordered to Droceed to zive nffi- anu uonars. according to reports. cial notiCes and remove the ob-Personals , Istructions from the alley between Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Shattuck Main and Third and Blackman CHAPTER EIGHTEEN retary to mail out notices, all members and their womenfolk ' Judith managed to talk to Irene and two sons, of Elm street, re- and Elm streets. turned last night from an auto . The minutes were not at hand, trip to West Virginia where they and this fact caused somewhat about motion-picture studios are expected to accept this announcement as their official no as she thought of Matthew ... it just had to be! That's why nothing fast, but she was not afraid ; not of his driving, nor of the dithery streets nor the startled policemen. . . . One stopped them and Matthew said, his license ready, "I'm ou a call." The officer looked dubiously at Judith, shook his head, then said, "I'm warning you, doc," and let ' places youngsters have been offered adult work at adult wages and have left school j to earn more than their fathers were mak-f ing before the war. I ' Such youngsters are going to balk at exchanging their new personal and finan- . clal independence for the old hundrum and discipline of school. For in numerous com-! munities their work, which has been of real value, is still going to be needed. So a lot of school boards and city fathers are going to have to learn, if they haven't already, that the problem is going to require practicality rather than pious preachments. It may be necessary to combine war work and school work for the duration. But in the meantime an intelligent job will have to be done in reselling the youngsters on the value of schooling. be easy to love six feet of amusing manhood, and six million dollars. Now it wouldn't he easy. She went into her bedroom, beautifully furnished with the cold and imnersonU luxury of a great hotel, tock o.T her coat ani ki-ir it vp-Shc pi t h r hue awy, iid her ig aside, het jiovca. It -was entirely racchar.'al. thought o: th-frock se vould wear nd of tha scc-rl he would choose 4a n ake tification, it was announced by Exchange club officers. I toe Wheat' Tot ft of buried spent two weeks visiting with re- of a commotion. City Clerk Mo latives in Huntington and other Donald was not in the cily at the cities. lime of the meeting, and the Miss Gladys Waddell of Long'e'erk's office was filled by City Beach, Cal.. who Is visiting her Attorney Mark Lyday and City els.', no oni else, was satisfactory. She wr twerty-three years. Or own -up, or n Hi huA fancied. But she batd not grown up until a Treasure 1'neartlied Again moment ago. Ctrl into woman, cousin. Miss Isabel Glover, coun- Treasurer Arthur Roberts. The According to reports from Bra- zil and Roscdale a large sum of j ty health nurse, accompanied two specials had failed to deliver quickly thtt, and more p-Infiilly Uian s vuld evw h. e imagined. Frese. y Judith was able to say, them go on. "I can get out of anything," boasted Matthew complacently, and she could have killed hi.x. He talked of Irene on tbft way to the hotel. He talked of his mothtr money found last week buried in Miss Glover to Clinton this uiorn- their notes to the clerk and for the ground at Coxviilc, in Parke ing. They drove from Newport. if cause the minutes were not "I'm axraid I must Jeaec now, I'm going out to dinner." She smiled written in the minute book. Movie Miu Feel That Tax at Irene. Thanks for Jetting me and of his work. He talked, without embarrassment, of the baby. CROSSWORD By Eugene Slxffer beems siiiy, doesn t it? ne chat A meeting of the moving- pic tered. "Me with a kid!" ture show people was to be held, Monday, to see what steps, if any. Judith said, a little tartly. "It doesn't seem silly to Irene." could be taken to oppose the hun iragrant the big '.b of steaming WLter. She thought of a nc' lipstick. Wrong color lipstick, Matthew had said. Judith east herself across tha bfd. She did itot cry, she could rt. She told herself: I will nut, I wi!l nou ... I will not think of him, I will not acknowledge . . . Surety ou could compel your emotions? Ya couid even kill them. Someone knocked. It wai Anna, Aunt Ella's maid, who came in with her shrewd live eyes, ber wooden battered face, and her wooden body. She looked like something out of Noah's ark. Her hair vaa scant, black and as shiny as if uainfrcu on. Oh, women I exclaimed Mat dred dollars a year tax the city thew, dismissing them with tolerant has, through the new ordinance, anection. "She and mother drive bunK on the movie houses. It was me nuts! So many dozens of this, so many dozens of that. Twice in learned today, however, the own ers theatres could not agree on bis life a man is completely submerged, on his wedding day and when he is aa expectant father." the mode of procedure Some fa vor raising the price of admission He laughed and added, "Look here, what's this I hear about you being to the public. Joe Bertottl. early . Monday, and there were round spots of color engaged and then giving the poor guy the air?" came to The Clintonian and or in her cheeks. She said tuat aha would draw Judith's bath and lay dered an advertisment inserted. out her frock. ; offering hia outfit for sale. He Bhe said, "That's it." "What? Is this double-talk?" "I mean that's what you heard come, it was such fun. What am I saying? she thought Wildly. Matthew was speaking. Be was asking, "Where are you going? Maybe it's my wsy.; She coai'J not look at him, she dart not. Jrdftn UiouWiL. with a suad aching iw-r: Not your ay, fiiatthrw. be tor vosrr wjiy. She named ir hotel, siJ he said cheerfully, "Kt;ht up u.y alk-r. I'll drop you ol "That's just what he will do, remarked his Bother resignedly, "if you aren't carrf'.d, Ja-.ncn driver." Irene said ist.f:l. Tic's a very good driver, reiliy, Jadith." She looked op sniiltbf and Judith, looking at her a if tor the first time, saw that her were beautiful with paiieiee and hope. "You needn't be araid." "I'm not afraid," Judith asserted BgncJy, I'm safe all right said Matthew, conrrlinf . 4Or along, Judy, your dinner date won't mind being kept waiting but my patu-nt will raise jCain. B-jw about you. mother?" "I'm staying for dinn .t." i "Steady boarder." Matthew grumbled. "Judy, will you get going?" I Judith hissed Mary and took Irene's band. She said, "I'll see you soon, I hope," and somehow escaped Dinner, and dan enc The way. said he could not make anything T T 4 5 6 7 'X 3 9 10 " W" FF iiiiiiiw,3-. w ii 5 SI- 3J 2 33 g w II W4i 22 46 47 48 49 "Ml ii" TiTI I and that's mil there is, there isn't and pay the tax. J. M. Viotti, the other Ninth street moite man, is any more." They will have to be taught how the problems of rcadjuwtnu'nt and re-employment affect tbem. It may be hard to convince them that the time will come when jobs can't be picked like plums, when wages will be lower, and some job opportunities will curry educational requirements. But it must be done. Money talks. School teachers and other civic leaders will just have to talk a little louder. Terre Haute Star. Albany Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, Republican Presidential nominee: 'If we get off on the wrong foot of sinister power politics, we will have lost the war before we have won it." Washington Gen. H. H. Arnold, Chief of the Army Air Forces urges pre- military age youths to return to high "Okay." aaid Matthew, his Judith never afterward remembered what it was about. A supper club and more dancing ... Jimmy bending his tall heed and putting his cheek against her own and saying, "You're much too alluring I think of you too much. When are friendly conversational gesture re buffed; "if that s the way you xeei, very strong in denouncing the action cf the powers-that be for hanging this burden on the picture houses. IVr .unubi don't confide in uncle." She said. "There isn't anything we seeing each other again?" to confide. He Dan was very attractive, I liked him a lot, but " It was very late when Judith reached home. Anna had laid out Judith broke off. "Just one of those things," she ended. her nightgown, ber robe and slippers. Thare was a special delivery from Dan . . . poor Dan, dear Danl Matthew spoke gently. She wished that he wouldn't. It made Mrs. Morey White, of Eliu street, returned from Terre (Haute, Monday, where she had J be n vistting her parents, Kev. auid Mrs. O. E Kelley. i Miss Faye Weirick has gone to icad -x. 0-, for a two weeks vica- tion. Miss Marie V'oget is suhi-ti-I tuting for her at the offic of There were flowers from aomeona things worse. "I ra sorry, Judy. else. And a note from ber mother "1 m not, not now, she said. Just at first . . . Well. I hate to on the pillow. "Dear, I hope you had a good time, do sleep late." Juditn sat in front of the mirror hurt anyone. They were at the hotel. She felt his hand on hers. She beard him and, while patting in the cream. iMiUer & J'Uce. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E burls thought: What's the use: What a say, ' to long ... be seem' you, irom the pleasant room with the , sfireliht ar.d its air of watting and j intimacy. But it was not escape, HORIZONTAL 43. pleasant 1. constellation the birds school thia fall: "Your education has top and saw the car shoot away to make the light. She was unaware of how 7. arbitrator 8. gloss 9. those opposed to change VERTICAL 1. enchanted 2. avow 3. European sea 4. interdict priority, xou will serve your country best jby making the most of your educational for Matthew was beside her, with all that rsme lovable, exasperating arrogance which years ago had sent ppent Sunday with Mr. and airs. Islimael Stultz, west of the etw. Mrs. .Ralph Walker, of Fifth street, is spending the day in Terre Haute. long she stood there on the wet cold pavement to watch it. 48. assuaged 50. official decree 51. within 52. before 53. sunburns M. rate 5. Japanese coin opportunities, for this is not only a brave 4. hairless 8. wound maifc 12. salutation J 3 to the sheltered side 14 excavation 15. pedagogic 27. Ter.nysoniaii her tagging pt his heels, grateful for a word r a command. He had his hand on her arm and 5. place of sacrifice 6 Hawaiian garlands Lobby. Smiling desk clerk. Elevators. The long walk down the corridor. Her door and her mother and Aunt Ella sitting there, with some utterly strange woman and a she held herscf completely rigid, Man s war it is a smart man's war." ' Chicago Henri De Chatillon, Paris determined not to pay any atten- heroine'' Answer to yesterday's puzzle. crazy life, every day you put your face on and take it off, half a dozen times maybe. I'm pretty, she thought, Vm young ... Dan loved my face-others have too. I have a good figure. I'm young and terribly healtay. 111 live for years and years, fsars. She'd forget, perhaps very soon. Perhaps this was like some swift and sudden illc.iaa, striking without warning, leaving you limp and weak, then convalescent and at last cured. Judith went to bed and the traffic noises reached her, there on tha eighteenth floor. Suddenly, an ambulance lifted its shrill compelling voice. . . . Ambulance, hospitals, doctors, Matthew. It all came back: jtion to it, not to feW, not to tmnk. They went outside where the IS. neat table with cocktail glasses. "Have a good time?" her mother wanted to know, and "Tell us all wind blew chilly and wet, the lazy about it," urged Aunt Ella, pre flakes came down and melted. And Un Fashion Designer: "American women always over-dress themselves. Too much make-up, too much jewelry, to much furs, Matthew said, taking her toward the ear, Don slip! No, do slip. I have a way with ankles." He iaughed and added, "Some tfuffalo 10fourth caliph 11. primary color 16. so be it 20. swell 22. adjust 24. rove 25. series 26. malt drinks 27. market 28. inclination of courtesy 32. stomach secretion 37. eagle 39 take ease 40. raw hides 42. smooth 44. wax 45 Paradise 46. near the Ft err. 47. iy way of 49. boniVrcid moths and those huge flowers they wear! Some of them look like a well-kept grave, A 5PTLAD ElNn51 p (c or Ia g o rTai ftTU a Je mjf Jf qTn "nci4N W HblTAb L"JRaT E 5 I, ; Rsuffym i pi AlNlN An Wp O p Ml A TiE S .OpriSlO N U SpQ aJu i nIsJuir r1tio!ns d'eUrJi lor in A phGf SOlNnTjR Ajl Lhff I IP AiRffJ fyo Mr e iotqA robe you have there. It was a mink coat, dark, silky, senting the elderly and dour guest, whose name Judith never learned. She smiled at them. "It's late. I have to bathe and dress and then fly. Early curtain I think Jimmy said." "Jimmy Treadway?" asked Aunt Ella, and her plucked eyebrow twitched. "The same She had met him m California. Radium Reosvery The Geiger-Mueller counter, a device that translates radium rays as well as cosmic rays into staticlike clicks on earphones, now performs miracles of radium recovery, often leading the diligent searchers to ash heaps and sewers where medical bandages and sweepings end their travels. DiTorce Ficares There is not quite so much separation for young married women 15 to 19 years old nine per 100 married" couples; as for men that age which .might -ha CTnisinrtl by tha fact that irls maxx7 older men. who should be able to meet the economic needs of a family better than boys who marry in their teens. . Aunt Ella's latest Christmas gift. 19. stage whispers 21. lachrymal drop 23.dtning-cart 26. revise 28. Babylonian pod 29. fish eggs 30. Etruscan god 31. Greek market place 33. large tub 34. wander -25. animal's foot 35. sport groups 38. commences 40. saucy 41. cuddle to kttn, after ail. I've known him forever, and T dont know him at all, Judith told herself. He thinks of me as a lad. Why shouldnx be? Hes married. West-cePasT" 1 The American people are investing billions in war bonds which means that they are rapidly becoming capitalists. Education may be an end in itself but the popularity of education depends upon economic benefits to fce received. The snow stung Judith s eyelids was al! that sting due to snow? nnd stld oriefl)' on ber bright bri'ira hair ar.d iittle cap of mink. he ssud, "Aunt 11 's very generous." 'Who s her doctor?" smiled Matthew. He rt be in the ear and they started for tis hotel Ht drova too He was playing polo there. He was very eligible and very good looking and. she thought, rather in love He's been married for three years. tie s in Jove with his wife. 6-17 with her althourh he hadn't rot I Averse Us f ifctti : 21 BiuiM, Dit by Kt4 Festsxes Syndicate, inc. (To be continued) t lMt. r ritft MJvt CaSMtSIf around to savin it yet. For a little I J while Judith h4 taou.jbt.jtwouJd I wntwi w tsj ssVHp im

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