The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 17, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 3
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S 1 Page Tfiree .V - -w mff v nrivtRMltff Jhursday, August 11, 1941 runk Replaces CoAer . rfl h &y of New roles for steilt ih "tanks havs i" ",;, to-replaced a total of 3,000,000 pounds '.. The of copper. : i ; -5 ' j. '.over r-3- r,-f iV !ation ATHLETES FOOT GERM v with Third Hinge i n i A warped inside door may bind on the door stop and refuse to close. Add a third hinge at the center and solve this common problem nine times out of ten.n HOW TO KU.L IT , vOUpie The gfrm nmws ilti-iily. To kill it, JoU v , r have " mi..l - I. I, At liny rtrtiir urnnvlcet I I WLS Tadio show to be held Friday evening. Radio artists who have been heard over the air for years, will niuk.c a personal appearance in this show. This will be a free fair like last year's event, except cars will be charged for parking. Another added attraction at 8 p. m. Wednesday night, Aug. 23, will be the Wabash Western Riders featuring many western contests, lady riders, pony express and patriotic drill. Purely a western horse show, the riders will perform for those attending the county fair for two hours. Cayuga Host To J8th Annual Fair August 22-25 (Oontlnaefl From pun I) children. Pasteurized milk will be available for the babies and Ice cream will be served the youngsters during the afternoon. As In pant years, rides and shows of various kinds will be on the midway for the enjoyment of the old as well as the young. The outstanding feature of the last night .of the lair, will be the while other hoavy bombers smashed at Jap supply areas at Manokwarl. Attack planes searching the New Guinea coast struck the Nablre, Wa-ren and Ransikl airdromes. Land ' kctldn flared on Biak Island Jn1 the . Scouten group where Yank infantry killed an additional 248 Japs and captured 52 more during mopping up operations on Aug. 14. PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii. The American aerial war of neutralization against Japanese central Pacific bases was highlighted today by disclosure of one of the heaviest ranis' t dale 'tin once-vaunted Truk aloll.' 87 Tons' of Bombs .' Pacific fleet- headquarters announced that Seventh AAF Libera To-nl ui.lllliiitl Ihllf U fill W'r, Mleull'll.'il I'KXHTIIATKS. KKAI.'IIKM SKUIB I.KItMS. Kiel It Ink.- Iiolil. AI'I'I.V KTItKNUTII for Iti-li)-, nweiily nr Ily hit. 3ii- lod.iy at Uitliil I'nsruisi'ir, Inc. I sit ... Ay Joe Marsh Sprpule versus the Carriage" " 1 Oct la lbs Scrap!" Watch nay Don't lose the value of your hay by late cutting, improper curing, excessive handling or poor storage. From where Miss Ella Sproule Is a town legend. Never could get used to automobiles. Said there ought to be a law to ban the pesky things. Finally, Miss Ella went to Bermuda where automobiles were outlawed. Then the Allies need bases there-and now Miss Ella watches jeeps whiz by and mutters, "There ought to be a law!" Fanny how certain folks, who don't like something, think it ought to be prohibited. Or else they try to run away from it, and it catches op with them like Progress will. tie. 90 if o Series Ella ''Horseless CopyrUlht, , -v i V, J ...... ,-. . .1 .THREE O'CLOCK . .... - AND I HAVENT SLEPT A WINK"' WAKEFUL NIGHTS how the time drags! Minutes seem like hours, we worry over things done and left lyidone. After such a night, we get up in the morning more tired than when we went to bed. Nervous Tension causes many a wakeful night and wakeful nights are likely to cause Ner-' S-ou ,TeBsin. Next time you feel Nervous and Keyed Up or begin to toss, tumble and worry after you get to bed try 03. k:les i.'rvs:;e Take the question of Prohlbl- r 4lon versus Moderation. Even ' today, after Prohibition's dls- ,( mal failure, you can hear well- , meaning people say: "There- i.-.l ought to be another law." . kir From where I sit, there onght to-be, instead, more facing of the facts more realization that no law can ever take the place of' tolerance and moderation, and . decent law enforcement under ' proper regulation. " -l .... ! " w tors hurled fifty-seven tons of ex plosives down on eten and ucn is lands In the Truk atoll last Sunday. A small force of between seven and nine enemy fighter planes attempted to Intercept the American bomber formation an done Jap interceptor was shot down. Three enemy planes were damaged. NO Planes Loot All the Liberators returned safely to their bases and no personnel casualties were Incurred though several of the big four-motored bombers were damaged by enemy fire. Navy Ventura search planes cop-ducted a two-day attack against enemy Installations on -Nauru Island Sunday and Monday according to the Pacific fleet headquarters (Liquid or Effervescent Tablets) WMS118 SPVDJE helps to ease Nervous Tension -to permit re-nfiiuL P v ti WhnySuIart Keyed Up, Cranky, Fidgety, Wakeful, take Dr. Miles Nervine. Try it for Nervous Headache and Nervous Indigestion. P.-vIMj'e,?'trvi,ne at your "fr" !rtor- Effervescent Tablets, Large k.' ruSk71 S" Package 35; Liquid, Large Bottle 1.W, Small Bottls voir mXntqltl I effective a " "daUve, both guaranteed to satisfy or 1944, Brewing Indtutry Foundation - " v ids. ji , 'N i - y j iwmi uunjudu MUSTARD Hot-Dated Q&faA beam f Ground f only when MmlSm.t . lmm DUTCH New X I ' Ji fl f ""sSlV . Ji OA YV (J9C ana use omy as airectea, Jar 25c 2 23 2 C0 4 VAIA. 19: Knricfaed. , Mm . lioavcs lvf MAID Low Price! Oiir market's loaded with low prfces . '. iuird6!ljjpi'?' savings ac values that bring thtjse high-flying food bills down to earth. So, if you're up in the air about food costi, set your sights on savings and set your course for Co;Op. Stores for the blentiful foods ... the week's best buys. Start your weekend menus TOMATO SOUP tStSSi'ZS? with some of the foods listed below. Complete them with selections from our abundant displays. .. ; .. r . . . '-'' '''' WESCO SODA SALTED CRACKERS IVax or Grcon Dcanc PEANUT BUTTER S .CLOCK BREAD Vitamin J Early Churill Is Scheduled (Continued pom pa( II ter met with Sovjet Premier Josef Stalin at Teheran. The conference Is f xpected to take place before late fall, either In England or France. ' With the swift progress of American offensives against Japan Ih the Pacific area fresh In his mind from his war conference with Gen.' Doug-laB MacArthur, Admiral Chester W. Nlpilli, ' and other commanders 'at Pearl Harhof. ' and BJs islt Hi tlus Aleutians fronts. Mr. Roosevelt turned back to the war In Europe as his train coursed Its way through the Minnesota lake country on his way back tp'Washlngton.' -f The President held an" Informal 45-mlnut,e conference with White House correspondents who accom panied him to Pearl Harbor whan he received the first flash from the War Department that the second U. S. invasion' of franco Jo Wills war; had taken place. The conference was held In the President's private quarters abroad the presidential special. March Into Germany And while American troops were pouring ashore Jp spu.thern France the chief executive asserted Ui'at Al lied troops are,'going to march nto Germany reKarifleiS , of when; the Germans throw In the sponge. - They are going to march Into Berlin, he aU. And they are golna; to march-Into Tokyo. " "f"'" Mr. Roosevelt said he believes the Germans will try to give up again as in World War . I before Germany proper Is invaded: He said he believes It is the character of the Germans to throw in the sponge and not die fighting when they see hey eannot win. Further, the; President said does hot Relieve the German army will make jln? great laif flitch1 stand on the Rhine or wunin uermany n-self, but Will quit before then. Won't Let litem Quit But the Allies do1 not intend let ting them quit when they want to this time, he declared, adding that it won't happen again as it happen ed in iv is. Mr. Roosevelt quashed TecUrrttog reports in recent months' from neutral European capitals of ' German neace feelers being offered. ; He said that no peace" proposals have reached Allied governments so fafr fronGermany orm ' . ! m County Schdols On Sept. 1st (Continued lioas pag 1) who wili become six lyears of agfe by Jan. 1, 1945, will be eligible to enter the fall term of school. Youngster who will become six after that date must "wait until the fall term of 1946 to enroll. School hooks will be sold at Itre schools In Perrysvllle, Cayuga, Da-i na and Hillsdale. Vermillion town- hiD students may purchase their books at the office of the township trustee located on the north side of the square In the M. C. Wiggings building. and the St. Bernice book depository will be located at the Inman store in that city.' The regular opening county Institute will be held in Newport on Thursday.- Aug. . This year the opening meeting will be - a dinner affair Instead of the usual speaker- -tyne convocation. Hr. Hayes explaln- The ladies of the Newport Methodist Church will serve the dinner at the" church and 'all teachers will meet there at p. m. After dinner.' a now motion picture. "Pop Rings the Bell." will "be' shown.'1 This movie, made under the supervision of the 8taie Teachers Association, deals with the achool-eommuuity relationships and' has been ahpwj) widely throughout the state not only to school personnel but also to civic organizations. Stettin, Key German Supply Center, Lathed By hZOQ RAFJSpmkera (Contlnaed truss pa 1) which runs fross Berlin with the suppltM they' are rushing to the east In a desperate effort to stem the Russian advance. m '.ir ministry announcement early today telling of the heaty new i j - that iimmt wooatn Mosquito bombers simultaneously! carried out another or tueir siue-swipe" attacks on Berlin. At the same time it was disclosed that German flying -bombs crashed a An -mi, hum F.nzland. Includ ing the London area, shortly after-i daybreak. Grounds of Buckingham Palace and the famous Literary Shrine. Dr. Johnston's House off Fleet Street, have been among' Che 'places recent-Iv hit br Robot bombs but bo Ae- ..II. t Hamara WDM H !! L. Announcement of the latest aerial blows against the' Keien followed a series of German radio warnings, one of which said tbaf the raiders had hit "various localities in the Baltic area". The Nasi claimed their night fighters had inflicted Josses on the Allied planes in "Jtoieat air combats". Aussie Wives of U.S. Sirviteinen Crftipts American Girl ' fCneei ' (Continued Horn pag I) kneecaps of American womanhood 21, of Brisbane. Australia. Joyce married Daniel Robblns, now with the Air Corps in N,ew Guinea. This la what she saia: "We do not find the American s-lrls any competition to us. We think we dress smarter than they do. It seems like they want to show their legs. ' ' ' f!to Maar (rt"? ; " "Pretty legs might be alluring, but there are so many that are ra ther unattractive. We think It Is more in order to wear our skirts be-J low the knees a bit. American girls fail to realize their knees are ugly." It was the same with Mrs. Gwen Powers. 21. who married Millard Powers,, now wifji yie nivy in the rawiic. sn Mia: "What odd attire American girls wear. - They also .seem to have a weaknEss,' ' and rather 'deplorable. too, of showing the flesh above the knees, revealing ugly knee bones. In Australia e wear our' ' sliirti smartly' below ' the knee.'1 Not gatlsfjted wftb. bis, Mrs. Pow-lets added r- :1--'-' ' "We do not feef Australian girls need to do a thing except to be their own sweet and modest selves to attract American men." ,800 Arrive This Wee ' " ' i ' ' Three- hundred -of the ' Aussie stives arrived in San Francisco ear- Jier this week, bringing 75 babies wttHem. V Hull As6itfes Small Nations Place In PeacjOrganization (Continued from pag if) The tone of the Republican candidate's statement Indicates' his belief that "the collapse ot ' Germany.' ' at least, le so close ' that the- United States'Biust decide, -now; whether 'It is to be part of 'fonr-power: loroe seeking to control 'fise world lh perpetuity, or whether this country will insist upon the eventual participa tion 61 smaller nations In an international' peace organization. - Gov;' Dewey has bad In mind for many ireeks an outline of bis views 'oil 'the post-war situation. He decided to make them public at this time because he Is convinced there is a definite move toward global control by the" "''pig Four," which includes Russia .Great Britain,- China and the United States. - Meeting- Next UTeefcf f ' ? When representatives of those na tions meet next week to begin preparation of plans for a post-war In ternational peace organization, they will be confronted with these expressed views of the Republican can didate' for president of the United States: , 1. The" American 'peojlte are ' a-: greed bpWi' the Weed for world organization' to preserve' the peace. Most Remain United " 2. Britain, Russia China and the United States, which will be "primarily responsible for -defeating-Germany and Japan; "must 'temaln united to strike quickly if the Nazis or the Japs attempt to evade their disarm ament- '' ' '" -' i. This 'responsibility -Should 1 be shaded e,ventul)y yith Jiberated peo ples, but it cannot be delegated at once to a new and untried world organization'. - The 'peace of the world again will be' destroyed if the four great powers seek to "continue far - all time to' dominate the "world by force and through Individual agreements as spheres of Influence." Csuaot Organise World - . Defeat of our enmles by the "Big Four" does not give us the right to organize the world so that "we four will always be free to do what we please while the rest of the world is made-subject 'to our coercion." h ' " i. Peace la a task of co-operation among equal and soveirga 'nations and, while force Is necessary, peace and aorurily "cannot te ieXt 10 the sanction of force alone." "Cynical Peace'.' T. The principles for which Ame-ricans are dying must not be lost In a "cynical peace" by which any four powers ""dominate the world by force." .' The " forthcoming- four-power conference wHl 'result in "tragedy" ir It la distracted from the task of planning a ceuaine world organiza tion rbr- jseaee T proposals which 'amount merely to a permanent four-power military alliance to con tra! .be world, " -4- toericpn .Bombers Press Attach On Mindanao Island (Continued from Page One) Lack of enemy interception dur ing the raids led to the belief that enemy aerial auwagth an Haimaho-rs had been virtually wiped out. Patrol bombers were revealed to have scored two direct hits on a J .00 0-ton Jap frelgher-transport in the Band Sec. leaving the ahip dead in the water. Irdrane Hit Liberator bombers aver . Dutch New c-nti bit ihe Babo airdrome without encountering Jap opposition CATSUP sis PEANUT BUTTER BEANS NORTHERN 10 Points t: f (k 2220z.Can$25C ." - l. 19 0z. Can Z JC .' f.. '-' 12 0zj. 14c ;, 3 Can 14c .1.. -r " 14 t)z. Betfle 24 0a:35Cl 55c fe CHOICE 5 49c . For iKtUcUuw ICED TEA Krogers 1ay Gardens II A VON HALE FLOUR 25 930 MUSTARD Litl,e kf. Hor,e adi$h Flavor SALAD DRESSING wt Qt Fresh Ground, For Lb. Loaves or Patties GROUND BEEF OLIVES Spanish Queen Qt. CKUCK ROAST SM?332 ,x27c PorlU Be3nsArmour,TomatoSauc IJTTI.E SPOKT KKI) MOl'H l'lTTEW ! CHERRIES Water Packed PALM DALE NiitlllliK Added CARROT JUICE a i Sj SUNBHITE CLEANSER Sugar ClirH ' SLA II HAt'O.V l'l. Iljean in I'lwe No I'm. 250 490 Itll(M) eiTEAK 1. tirade "A" t'ulo IJrfii-loiiH Tender! ' FKA.N'KH - , 1 !. Assorted Sliit No Fts. Mp H Ji 'HITTIN LI Of Jack Kuliaua ' KMi 150 270 LKiHT IIA t S 1 ... ', ,1 . r-t- ' grade A veal Shoulder Roast Lb. CHOPS VEAL 2C3 PREVENTS WMTl, KEEP? BUTTH FRESH AND SWEET COTTER (fa DISH ! , . with tnr purdau of "t . i, f i - - SC:A CRACKERS lb. 1C8 S4.59 and Up ' 1 ' ' S 13 c ,KW AI'I'I.KH U. Faae JtaiHlMjra a) , C3p I jilliill and Hkliij tiltK.N JtKA.VH Ji. (; Strinirlnw ;m-a Fods I Itrd Muttons ScarM UUAm CKI.Mtir Teadrr ( Hop Mirh. Fancy ltfd-KiMS TO.HAT4KH HMne (inms S 100 I Um- j50 (AKIIA;K rkilid Uim Heads . OHAM.KH Kemllem ( alirvrnui Kunkist Lb. 50 5 ""50 530 Wliile -dlilen 1U Keep On Buying War Bonds! vA I nrjiniiro u. s. n. 1, Bushel rLHUnLU Elberta Freestones ( CHUCK ROASTS Grade A Beef 5 Pu. Lb. JL9C GROUND BEEF All Meat Lb. 26C Grade A Rib Lb. 37c VEAL BREAST Grade A Lb.19C VEAL STEAK A IJ.28C SLICED BACON . Grade A Lb. 37c 2 Inches KEAO LETTUCE tdii'i ci.b 719 ih . FRUIT CAKE S1.40 0 1 : ' H I I II ! I mm Lb.17'.c I GRADE A PLATE BOILING CEEF ' llll . rapwipiniiiii ; Main & Vine CLIXTON raones 7io ana m 959 N. Ninth and Corner

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