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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, August 17, 1944
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THE DAILY CLINTOMA N THIS ' '" ' Thunderihowiay toda? becoming fair tonight and 'Friday. Somewhat cooler. , ':" Mailed Iu, Jnf ormity WiH P. Order Na 19681 The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Countiei CLINTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1944. VsV JJV Price Three Cents. Volume 32 Number 158. r-3 H O. n MAW? 5 rr? a i. U U lUJlrJ Allie$ to Occupy Germany, and Japan: F.D.R US Third Army, Scores 60-Mile Breakthrough j American Spearheads SO ' Miles from Capital A ', Swift Drive Near Goal; , i Five Towns Are Seized ' 1 NEW YORK. N. Y. The clan Yanks Near French Capital Stettin, Key German Supply Center, Lathed By 1,200 RAF Bomber 'Old Blood and Gats' Army Poised for Final Blow to Seize Paris WITH LIEUT.-CEJJ. PATTONE ARMY AT CHARTRES. France. Lieut. Gen. George S. Patlon'a feat-moving army atands today on a broad front within striking distance of Paris after -a spectacular race which cleared the Nazis from fire Land, Airborne Forces Join In -South of France 20-Mile Salient Driven Inland In Push on Toulon Cannes; 500-Square-Mile Beachhead in Allied Hands .ROME, Italy. Allied assault aiaarrvg- as ' . ...aaPV5r II W heeak-tluvsnch oa a w-snile fvond. Uent. Oa. Ceerge 8. Pattoa'a Assflrtraa Third Army atands wtthia So sal lea of tbe greet French capital. Five key towns IncJwdans; Cbartres. aad IMrau fell before the tbnaaerfnc in anve toany. Late reporta place tbe Aaaeriraa spearheads oa tbe set skirts of Versailles, five Bailee from Paris. LONDON. Englsnd. A force of nearly 1.20 giant RAP Laneaater and Halifax bombera smashed at tar-geta in Germany last night, concentrating most of their explosives on the German naval and ahipbnllding bases of Kiel and Stettin, lbs air ministry announced today. Sixteen of the big Britiah war- planes failed to return to their bas es. Stettin Vital Link r Stettin is dally becoming more important to the Germans as they 'choke the railway snd tbe canal (Continued oa page 3) Hull Assures Small Nations Place In Peace Organization Answers Dewey Charges " Four-Power Postwar Rule; Dewey Sets GOP Stand WASHINGTON. D. C. Secretary of State Hull, disturbed by charges of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey that small nations will be left on the sidelines in the post-war world, gave assurances today that all nations, great and email, will participate in estab- limklBg ,n new security organixa- tim j. , nna Meeting; Hull said that Immedintely after tbe Dumbarton Oaks Conference, an the other raited Nations would be informed of tbe results of that conference, nnd would then be Invited to a full-dress international meeting which would complete plans for the new orraaizatioa. Ta "ens; fear" eoa retrace at Dumbartea Oaks gets, under Way next Monday, la a statement, Hull replied to Dewey's charges that tbe "Big Four" is planning to control the world "By Force". He said that aay such fears oa Dewey's part are "utterly aad completely unfounded". forces, penetrating 24 miles Inland from the Riviera coast, today expan ded, their invasion beachhead to an area of 60v miles and consolidated positions along a Sd-tnlle unbroken front. . -1 Tbe Allied armiea liberated num erous towns, including Le Luc, 20 miles Inland, three other points in the Interior, snd five strategic coast-si towns. 8yeslMuds Probe Forwsrd Spearheads were sent forward to within 10 miles of the port and naval base of Toulon snd to within Id miles of the resort city of Cannes. Ls May, also seized In the sd- vince Into the interior, is situated Id miles inland. The town of Collo- brieres, nine miles from Cap Negre. wss liberated. Gabs Hold est Onset Allied forces gained a firm bold on the coastal towns of St. Tropes, St. Max! me, St. Raphael. Frejua and Le Lavandoa. Inland they occupied tbe towns of Le hfuy, Le Luc, Lor- uue snd Collobrieres. Expansion of the beachhead and establishment of tbe long continuous front from which to launch a major assault waa announced in a special communique from advanced Allied headquarters. fCanttsueai on Pax tl New Strike Halts Muncie War Work; Three Are Settled' ' MUNCIE. Ind. The Army-Navy flag Indicating excellent war pro duction wnved over tbe Acme-Lees division of Serriek Corporation at Muncie today but tbe workers wbo helped earn tbe award were out on strike, A Wsr Labor Board representative was scheduled 'for another visit to Muncie, which only recently saw the end of three other work stoppages in its wsr plants. Tbe latest labor tieup occurred when 3a0 employes of tbe Serriek ICoatlanea ua Pane It Birth Certificates Free To Minors Asking Work Permit INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. . Transcripts of birth certificates must be issued free to minors applying for work permits. James A. Emmert, attorney general, bad ruled today. Emmert, la an opinion requested by Thomas R. Hutson, commissioner of labor, said that "county, city or town health officers and(thc state board of health are each custodians of such vital statistics and are not entitled to make a charge for such The ruling wss asked sfter the office of tbe commission of labor hsd received a number of complaints specifying that health officers "in some localities" have been charging fees rnnging from it cents to f 1 for supply of birth eripta. ALBANT. N. T. Gov. Thomas war " aaemployment compensation E. Dewey's warning that tbe Aateri- benefits proposed today that eon-can people will not tolerate United grass establish a nstlonsl standard States participation in "sinister now- of tt a week maximum for veter-er-politiea." after tbe war convinced ' una nnd tti tor workers who be- Early Churchill FDR Meeting Is Scheduled Allied Armies to March Into Enemy Countries; FDR Vows Nazis Will Not Be Allowed to Repeat 18 Washington; d. c. Preni- 4 rot Roosevelt returned to the kVhltc House today from the Paatir inr JaAr. w4th another early r conferees. ?' .with Prime : Minister Churchill, !a view, and with declaration m tee Axis that the war will be prosecuted with unremitting fury. uBtil the Allied armiea have marched tote Berlin and Tokyo. ,Tbe President and British Prim Minister are expected to meet with the American and British bisk commends in the early future to mac ew plana for bringing the combined Anglo-American naval and air fleeta and ground annlea to bear a-gninat Japaa tbe moment tkat Germany Is knocked out of tbe war. Jap Defeat Conference Coal Japaa'a defeat, and with it tbe cad of World War II. would be tbe conference objective. Plana for finishing off Germany this year under a combined American- British-Russian onslaught were laid at the Teheran conference tost Novemoer. J Tbe new All lee laaainrs in souls France was part of the Tehemn blueprint. No official announcement of nn impending strategy meeting has keen made by the White House, but ft is pointed out that It baa been the custom sines the outbreak of the war for the two leaders to meet at least once every six months, eiefar anuki hare ssased si Mr. Roosevelt and the Prime Miats- rCostuued em pure si Rain, Cool Winds Bringl Relief To Ulidwest Sector INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Cooler weather w ill continue tomorrow. Hoosters were promised by the V 8. weather bureaa tdoay aa they e-merced from spotty, but deluging thunderstorms which ended their droueht. Heavy damage was reported in several cities snd towns ss tbe re sult of the torrential downpour nnd accompanying lightning and wind. A cloudburst, accompanied by wind, struck several northern Indiana towns, temporarily interrupting eoannranieatioa snd trans portal ion At Michigan City, two coast sruardsmrv, 'fcoy J. Enos and H. J Miller, were injured in a free acci dent wtiich also caused the sinning of a coast guard ship in Lake Mich- lean. . In rescuing Ensign nans Spragne,, II. stationed at Taeoma. WaehJ and" Mis. Norma Spragne. 22. of Charlotte. Jt. C his sis'cr-ta htw. tbe coast guard ship was rammed by the couple's sail boat, and later sank aa the crane by wbiek tbe damaged vessel was being lifted, collapsed. - - la the southern Bart of tbe state. Vew Albany reported heavy damage from a thunderstorm, including e .r- te a business residential bulldiacT and a church when they were struck by lightning. Bent asd drougbl-strirkea area of tbe anidwest experienced their first relief In nearly a fortnight today as cool tsars of sir stored ta and rains fell la assay sectiona. Tbe Ctikatro weather bureau said that the coast -bo-coast beat wave would be broken over most of th country within tbe next two three days. Thunder showers la the Chteaec area lowered tempers! res early to day and tbe forecast was that taw cooler weather weald more by to-snerrow lata Wisconsin. Iowa, sax) Michigan, then all the way down te the OMe valley. The New Eaxlaad states sad the Atlantic seaboard were pioauistd newer temperatures by Saturday. Scattered showers sad heavy raias fell as far south of Oklahoma. Missouri. Ohio valley states aad a number of eastern states also had mintaUa aad mere were predicted. Farm experts said the protracted drought already had dene tremen-leeus da mare to crops, particularly in the earn belt, and expressed dis-aseoratmeut that mach ef the rain was "tacitly a dast settler." sf damage to the corn from Id to 75 per cent aad many farmer ware forced te Houidale their Mr I stsek because ef sack ei feed. Republican leaders that their presidential nominee intends to go far beyond domestic issues is bis campaign for tbe White House. The Governor's statement, de- destine secret Germsn radio Atlsa-tle Interrupted its newa program to-niaht to announce a "flash" report ing that American troops are on; tbe outskirts of Versailles which ia located only five miles from the outer jxtremitiea of Parla. NBC beard tbe broadcast. SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, AV led EiDeditlonsry Force A swift-; ly moving American armored driye on parts earriea uniica ww www:, to witbin 30 miles of the French, -apital today. " '-' ' - " Advanced spearheads of Lisas. George 8. Patton'a meensoixee - Third Army streaked forwsrurt miles east of captured Chartres te -ross the Aunay River. . Hold River Positions Another column to the north which took Dreux moved forward ta establish a bridgehead on tbe R'ver Eure about i miles from Paris. ' While front dispatches reported the Yank forces moving ahead alt across a id-mile front stretching lontbward from Dreux to captured Means in tbe south, a correspond-mt of the Nazi agency DNB. said hat the thunderous roar of guns sl--eady could be beard In tbe Preach capital. . - ln Owtakirts" . i (A London radio broadcast beard iy CBS said tbst the Americans are reached "tbe outskirts .of aris".l " ' Tbe whole Allied front te tbe east egaa to move forward aa tbe Amer-ns closed in on Paris. ', ' waadlana Score Gains Troops .of the Canadian First . tray. In -a new attack east of the 'alalse-Trosrn line, advanced from me to six miles. Among the .points apt u red was Mezidon, much-boms-Hi road junction. A two and one-half mile advance sas scored by the Allies as the Conde sector. . trmmas Hold Arcestsa ' . - 1 The Germans were reported stilt clinging desperately to Argentan, southern end of the ArgeatsjK Falaise gap, with Americans tight ening their grip on the tows a ball a -mile to tbe north. . Troarn. on the British sector west of Caen, remained in German hands but tbe Allied forces west of Falaisa liberated Le Mesnil Villement. In (Continued on Pace 21 Swiftly Moving r f Invasion in Soutnr Ahead of Schedule WASHINGTON, D. C. Acriiig ' Secretary of War John J. McCloy jeclared today that the Allied lnva- ' ion of southern France ia day ibead ef schedule and sdded that ' he Germans generally In France 'seem definitely on tbe toboggan." "I think it is proper te say that ' "wd are about one dny ahead -of schedule (ia southern France)," M6-Clcy said. . Itiseussing the military si rust ion in tbe Normandy area, tbe secretary mid that even if the Allies fall te Hone completely tbe trap around tbe Germans in tbe Falaise area the Vazts already have suffered a ana? lor defeat ia that sector. Ia reporting the German plight la the Falaise area, MeCloy aaid tkat the Germans who were able to extricate themselves from tbe trap were "preity well shredded" and may be moving into greater difficult ties. "In two days. American fighters lestrced or damnged la the general battle area or Its en vl rusts over l.uo trucks nnd barges. C.sOe railway cars aad Ss4 lomotives," Me Cloy said. The acting secretary said that "ewch forces of tbe interior are busy blowing up bridges aad generally harassing German communications as the "total libera tlua at France gets underway." The Germans seem definitely tm the toboggan." MeCloy added. "Ail this sounds optimistic sad there is eason to disguise tbe fact that tbe trend ef military affairs Is fa vorable," He warned, however, that ever the Germans have bet ed they have fought bitterly aad t further stiff resistance might be expected. MeCloy said the landings hi soatb-a France precipitated a very de cisive period ia tbe course of the war." aad added that tack ef Gov resistance d urine the faivassaa was responsible for putting the Aa-IlMa ahead of arbedakt. cities. Including Chartres, historic Orleans, embattled Dreux and two smaller strongpoints. Old Blood and Guts' men first en circled Urge Germsn forces in tbe Argentan trap, then drove the Wehrmacbt from Le Mans toward the Seine, as they developed their over-all push. . Cracks Enemy Rally ' Cracking down on any enemy attempts to rally by riding roughshod (Continued Oa Page 2) Swift Red Drives Pound Forward On Warsaw, Silesia Soviet Setback Fails To Stem Drive on Warsaw; Sandomierz Battle Rages LONDON, England. A new So viet advance toward tbe East Prussian frontier waa reported today by tbe German Transoeean ageue) which asserted that heavy fightinf Is in progress as tbe Nazis try U stem tbe Russian push. Tbe enemy dispatch said that th Red army baa reached the German.1 lines in tbe Kalvaria-Seaken seetot north of the Emeu near tbe eastern boundary of East Prussla. MOSCOW. Russia. - Russian tn faatry forces battled German defenders la tbe streets of the south Po land bastion of Sandomierz todaj but other Soviet unite evacuated tb Warsaw auburb of Ossow for theft first backward step ia tbe offensive. Frenuded Tank Attacks f A Reuter dispatch from the Soviet capital aaid that German SS tank units were attacking frenxied-ly beyond the eastern suburbs of Warsaw. German tangs, powerfully supported by mobile guns, were said to be burling themselves into Soviet antl - tank screens in bead - on at tempts to crash through to tbe Red army's rear.) Russian combat teams of Marshal Ivan S. Konev's first Ukrainian army advanced into Sandomierz yesterday while northwest of tbe city German counter-attacks were hurled back with heavy Nazi losses. Bane for Flank Attack Sandomierz, key to tbe approach es of Krakow snd German Silesia Is situated on the west bank of thi Vistula some IIS miles south o Warsaw, forming a valuable base fot a southern flanking, drive toward Polish capital. Tbe first withdrawal of the Bus also campaign wbiebegaa June 22 came ia the suburb of Ossow,. sever j miles northeast of Warsaw, as hea vy Nazi , aoauer-atlaeka, led b? ' tanks, forced Red army units fron tbe town. Soviets Hold Hit mat Inn The Russian withdrawal at Os sow wss not regarded as serious bj military observers, wbo believed that Soviet forces held the sltuatior well tn hand along the entire east era front. (Contused oa Pace SI and Mrs. Winifred Dempeey. grade arbeol music, high school band nnd English. Tbe grade school will be divided so that only four teachers will be a ceded to teach tbe six grades Hewitt Cora will be principal again thia year aad Mrs. Esther Moore. Mrs. T helms Buree asd Mrs. Lorraine Rockwell wUl teach the trades Mr. White also aaid that The bus drivers will be tbe name as tost year including Oscar Guilliams. Arthur Bishop. Roaroe Fees aad Emery Hollingswortb. Cuy Cosnell and Julius Miller will be the tonitora for tbe Newport schools. Tbe Vermillion County principals' meeting held annually before tbe reopening of school will be at the office of tbe county superinteadeat in Newport aa Wednesday. Aug. 3d at 1 a. m. According to Mr. Hayes, children who have reached the age of six or Continued aa sage 3 nouneiag suggestions that the four , Republieaa and Democratic con-great allied powers permanently j greasmen and representatives of tbe "dominate tbe world by force." re- j vealed that Mr. Dewey baa ao la-1 teation of confining his campaign I American Bombers Press Attack On Mindanao Island Largest Fttffippime Base Under Beaewed Attack; Key Halmahera Base Hit GEN. MACARTHTR'S HEADQUARTERS. New Guinea. Renew ed American bombing of Mindanao. southernmost and largest or tbe Philippine Islands, was revealed In Gen. Douglas MacArtaur's eommua- ique today. American aerial patrols, making the sixth raid oa tbe Philippines since American bases moved near tbe vital bean nl Japan's stolen sontbere ampire, batkered the wharf area of Davao. Continued attacks oa Halmahera. Jap base miles south of Min danao, also were revealed by Gen MseArthur. who reported that 11 Jap planes were destroyed or dam aged aad several coastal vessels soak da tbe most recent smash at that key enemy position. aCewttuuM aa sees SI Mario Bert o,23, ' Killed in France With US Infantry Mario Berto. 23. son of Mra. and Mrs. Nazzareno Berto. tit North Seventh street, and husband of Mrs. Ethel Williams Berto, Centenary waa killed la action ta France oa July 2S. seeording to word received by tbe wife Monday evening, from tbe United States Wsr Depart- Beore entering the Fnited States Army infantry on Nov. 11, 14 Berto nttended Clinton Schools. He received his basic trnlniag at Camp Blending. Fla ; Nashville, Tenn. nnd Fort Beuning, Ga. Tbe tost letter received from Mm waa dated July 23. Mr. nnd Mrs. Berto have another son. Pvt. Dario Berto. stationed with tbe V. a Army Infantry la Alaska He is now recovering; In n hospital from f rosea feet aad hands They abut have a son-in-law, Law rence Hartman. now stationed ia a hospital la England, after betas wouaded In action hi France. Besides tbe widow, paresis aad brother, he hi survived by a sister. Mrs. Agnes Hartman. Clinton. Two flapnraas Killed Two Cayuga anea were killed In actum last week, one ia France aad one ha the Pacific war theater, their areata learned in War tsssanaseat William Francis Brown. 22. eon of Mr. aad Mrs. Clyde Brows. Cayuga, waa killed ha aetioa ta the Soath Pacific war theater accord lag to s telegram ielad by tbe parents from the War Department recently. Brown waa the first Cayaga boy te oas tbe armed loreea after Peart Harbor. He enlisted ea Dec 12 1st I and hi Jaaaary urns seat overseas from the train inr base at Ban Dieco, Calif. The tost word tetelnsl frees him was hi March. Besides the father aad atep-nsotb-er be hi eurvtved by his crand parents, four half brothers and two half eacurra. sUHed an riamn Mr. nnd Mrs. Owen Peltz received word that their son. Jake Fultx. bad seen killed la aetioa i Jaly 27. The War Deaanmast to domestic matters, leaving tbe in- t rat ion of tbe increased unemploy-teraatloaal realm solely to President j meet compensation benefits' would Roosevelt. j be left to tbe states. Celler said. Scores of letters and telegrams ' I'nlike the Murry-Kilgore bill, which have arrived at tbe executives offi- j wss defeated la tbe senate tost week, ess here, praising Gov. Deweyn the federal government would make Xattie Wipes of U.S. Servicemen Criticise American Girls' Knees CHICAGO. 111. A contingent of Australian wivea of American ov erseas soldiers expressed one frank criticism of American girla today their knees are ngly. Not that this characteristic is confined to the territorial limits of tbe raited States, bat that the American girla take no pains te conceal this physical drawback, they Some SI) of the Aussie wires were In Chicago oa .their way to new-in- laws in scattered spots srouad tbe country. . Perhaps tbe strongest rap on the iMartnaea oe snee St was voiced by Mrs. Joyce Bobbins. House Urges $35 Week Postwar Job Insurance WASHINGTON. D. C. House supporters of more liberalized post- come Jobless during tbe change over from wsr to peace. Rep. Emanuel Celler (D) N. T. disclosed tbe plan, which will be presented to tbe bouse, following a conference In bis office betweea 19 CIO. AFL nnd Railroad Brother- hood. Fader the proposal, tbe adminbv no effort, however, to force tbe states to accept tbe proposal, be ex-plalned. Benefits would be paid for sot more than S2 weeks la a two year period, beginning with 7S per cent of tbe base period salary period Federal workers in government sals, shipyards, etc. would come aa- der the sat tons I standard, rather thae receive benefits of the nates la which they worked, as provided In the more eoaservative George bill, which the seaate adopted la piece ef tbe Kilgore-M array meas- are. which will be held oa Wednesday afternoon. Horses from tbe vsrious saddle etnas in this section will per tidpate la thai show which will be tbe first of Its kind ta be held at a VenaiUioa County Fair. Abas on Wednesday afteraaoa. a horse palling- coat est will be held A targe number of entries is ea-wUl start at 2 p. as. The teams, which have been divided mta two rlnirs. those weighine ap aad in cluding 2s pounds aad those weich inr ever 2.s. are required to pull a distaare ef 12 feet. The team are given three trials ta pall that A rest teat which will be ia charge of the Term ill 10a County Hospital will be an the fair pawnee. Par- eeie may leave small children ia the teat aad they will be cared for by n umittee ef women who will eater- tain the yeeagstera. Each day at 2:2 B- m the eeaaty librarian will he fcs the teat with surtes far the (Contlsssl ea psfa 1J staad which, be told reporters, m that of tbe Republican party. ffnnllnni tsa rose S Mrs. Mary E. Foltx Bites Set For Friday Moraine Funeral acuhmia for Mra. Mary E. Foltx. t. route two. Cllntoa. will 1 be held at tbe Frist Funeral Home ' Id a. at. Friday. Rev. M. Slay- bench will officiate aad burial will i be In Roselswn Meaaorisl Park ' eeasetery. 1 Mrs. Foils died at the Vermlllioa ! Counry Hospital. Tuesday morning;. ! T Cayuga to Be Host to 12th Annual Vennillion County Fair Aug. 22-25 County Schools Start New Semester Sept. 1; County Institute Aug. 31 NEWPORT. Sept. 1 t na the opening date for tbe fall aseeter for Vermlllioa County schools. Fred A. Hayes, county prin cipal, aaaonared this week. Oa that date students will report to their respective schools to receive booklets and ta take part la school orgaalzatiea plana. teachers. Mrs. Fauneil CMessaa and Mrs. Wyaae Dempeey have been added to the Newport High Mrbooi faculty, John H. White. Vermillion township trustee, said The list ea Newport teachers, as re- by Mr. White Includes: High School: John C. Pick ell. principal, commerce and social stadies: Joha W. Park. physarai educatiea. Industrial arts. English aad coach: Oscar Kersey. English aad aortal stadies: Mies Elisabeth Simpson, host snd physical edaestioa.- Mrs. E. Wilcox I scram, algebra, art, eee- ad Earl ua; Mrs Vermillion Connty'a ltth inty fair will lag. Aus-uat 22 as the de-acre nark ia southeast Cayuga aad will metis ne through Wednesday. Thursday aad Friday. Plans have been made for a hxrge attendance despite tbe sbartaee of gas aad tires ss tbe county fair Is traditionally a highlight ef tbe farm year. A feature ef the fair this year, as ia years past, will be tbe 4 H club exhibits. With tbe largest ea roUaseat la 4-H work in the county this year, aa outstanding display ef baking, newiag and livestock exhibits is expected this year. Ia udditioa to the Toaacev erowd's 4-H work, exhibits hi fancy work, floral arrays, canned gnoda aad Jellies, vegetables, eraia aad farm animals are expected from Ptrkap ith para An eatstandinc ev Aa owl stand tag event ef the fair ' this year is La society Horse Snow i I j I So details were spvea.

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