The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 16, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN "V Page Six PUBLIC HOUSES Wednesday, August 16, 1914 Henderson Chapel Mrs. Ida Hepburn and Orpha Da-ridsere helped Blanch Hiberly cook for threshers Tuesday. Mrs. Owen Downs is on tbe sick, list. Callers at her home the past Yank Airmen Sink 8 Jap Ships Off Coram in Attacks Second Soviet Drive Hacks At Prussian Line (Covtlaeed From Page II Newport Girls Take 4-H Honors in County Meet Over 43 girls who are members of the county 4-H clubs participated in the annual county contest in home economics at the high school building In Newport last Friday. Several Newport girls were presented In a dress revue from which the following selection was made: Mary Lou Burroughs won first place in the second year group; Mary Schwab placed third In the third r rmun: Mary Harrison, second, BUSINESS SERVICES Rates fcr Classified Ads 2nd Paid Notices fourth year group, and Evadna Rose ,h..n .inns with four other county girls to represent the fifth di vision winners. A Rileysbnrg members. Hum ti len Gouty, was selected as county entrant in the state revue with Evadna Rose as alternate. Virginia Asbury of Newport placed first in tbe food preparation project for the fourth division with Peggy Ann Foos receiving a blue ribbon and Norma Maxfield a red ribbon for their food preparation exhibit in the first division. Mias Lois Paytnn. home economics teacher and 4-H club leader of Vigo county judged the dress revue, exhibits and demonstrations. Each of the county 4-H club members will exhibit their projects at the Vermil lion County Fair which is to be neio at the fair grounds near Cayuga be ginning Tuesday. Aug. 22 to 2S in clusive. Minor Polio Epidemic In Indiana, 69 New Cases ivr.i vi' Ind. The in creasing number of infantile paralysis cases in Indiana elicited a statement from Dr. Thurman B. Rice, Secretary of the State Board of Health, that a "minor epidemic" of polio exists In Indiana. Dr. Rice asserted, however, that there are no signs that the epidemic is assuming major proportions. ; According to State Board of Health records, G9 new cases have been reported since Aug. 1, an Increase of 20 over the number for the entire month of July. Marion county has tbe largest number of cases eleven while Hancock and Lake each reported four new cases. Since Jan. 1. 135 cases have been reported in Indiana, according to Dr. Rice. Practical Metal Vaufvim nnri drain controls -will continue to be made from brass because this is the most practical metal for machining and finishing. pctco THEPfCTURBS 45MWTONH fXKl,EHT SPOT IS Worn - - First day Insertion: ( for each ending lias (one column Una, Ilk ace of the). Next two days Insertion: ths amine e chime (ron Eet three days at doable the coat of the tint day). Next three days Insertion: the earn le charge (yon ret a whole keek fire days! at three times the Boat of one Insertion). Each croup of three dare thereafter, le a line. Blackface (like tlda) Me per toe. All classified ads Including mem-arlams and notices of all kinds must ka paid in adranoe except those by regular customers whose accounts ere paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person asking the publication of ths notice will be held responsible for Its payment. FOB SALE ONE SOW AND NINE LITTLE pigs. Joe Malag, Klondyke. t4i WHITE ROCK FRIES. 832 SOUTH Sixth. 161 FOUR WEEK OLD PULLETS, twenty white leghorns and twenty barb rocks. S04 Jackson St., Fair-view Park'. ' t49x COLUMBIA RECORD 36429. Buckle Down Winsockl, Shady Lady Bird. Benny Goodman Orchestra. 50c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. COLEMAN GAS LAMP. PRE-WAR baby stroller. 12-Gauge shot gun. 32 shells, four Bantas. three bens, roomer, box long rifle shells, 610 N. Water, Clinton. t48x CLASS DOOR, SCREEN DOORS, new plywood board, new cabinet doors with hardwood, dresser. kerosene stove, linoleum and other articles, 405 So. 7tb St. t47x 1 NUMBER 16 ELECTRIC PETER-slme Incubator. 5 Electric Brooder Batteries, 1 Electric Blood Testing Cabinet. 1 Stapling Machine and staples. Baby chick box es and egg crates. Ilosedale Elec tric Hatcheries. Rosedale, Ind. Phone 39. t47x ONE 4 HP MHAH' 11' ALL HIOH wheel garden tractor: Al condition cullivalor; dicr. Iireaklng plow; rolling cutter extra share; extra ritiM power turn, three speed forward and reverse, (.'all evening after 8 o'clock. Harry Hepiogle, rear of turn So. Main He. t47x RED HOUND DOG, JAMES POKE, Clinton, H. R. 2 one mile west and Vz mile south of Universal. t48x HOUSEHOLD GOODS, 8 PIECE dining room suite, radio, cbest of drawers, desk. Anna Sbirke'a. Shlrkevllle. Ind. t47 USED TIRES - 450x21 - 450x20 -600x16 - 525x18. Two auto radios, three car beaters. Hoosier Pete Station. 14 9x week were, Mrs. Harry Porter, Allle Cummins, Orpha Davldsere, Ida Hepburn and Jessie Merrieman of Dana, and her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James Frazier of GroveLand. Melba and Arlie V. Downs and friend were aupper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Downs and family Tuesday evening. j Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillip at.4 Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Betsere spent Jlast Bunoay in inoianapoiis visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butler and son Keith spent Sunday with L. L. Butler and wife at Cayuga. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Betsere attended the Georgetown fair Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newport of Maryland, Ind. were over night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Downs and family. Oilier callers Sunday were Jessie Merrieman, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. Ern est Hiberly and Mrs. Ermery Hol- lingsworth and family. Mrs. Edith Davldsere. Orpha and Mark were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Allie Cummins. Mrs. Allie Cummins spent Saturday afternoon with Thelma Jones. Accelerate Vulcanization Two new vulcanization accelerators for synthetic rubber are both chemical compounds of copper. HIGHEST SflSD For Your UgsiI Care COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St. Phone 427 Jte WED. & TUT E. 35c Big Double Feature 2 BIG PICTURES fee fesasggf jh, ..iiiMfn 1 NOTICE TO TAXPAYER OK All-DITIOXAL AI'PltOPIUATIONH AND MEETI.NU OF THE COINTY . COINCIL Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Vermillion County. Indiana, that the proper legal officers of said municipality at their regular meeting place, on the 6lh day of September, 144 will consider the following additional appropriations which said officers consider necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency existing at this time. Clinton Township Assessing f 185.00 Poor Asylum Repair of Equipment 675.00 Poor Asylum Miscellaneous 100.00 Poor Aylum Clothing and Household Needs 75.00 Poor Asylum Gasoline l.0 Poor Asylum Fencing 145.00 Poor Asylum Stock Feed 166.00 Poor Asylum Supplies Janitor 60.00 County Patients in Hospital 300.00 Recorder's Office Supplies 100.00 T. B. Indigents 5.000.00 Compensation Insurance Prosecutor's Office Supplies 189.19 15.00 Vermillion County Fair Association 4-H Club Members 600.00 1,000.00 Ditch Fund Highway Department , 2,08.69 Welfare Department 600.00 Taxpayers appearing at such meeting shall have a right to be beard thereon. The Additional Ap propriation as finally made will be automatically referred to the Indi ana Tax Board, which Board will hold a further hearing within fif teen days at the County Auditor's Office of Vermillion County, Indiana at such other place as may be designated. At such bearing Taxpayers objecting to any of such additional appropriations may be heard and Interested taxpayers may inquire of the County Audi'or when and where such hearing will -be held. Witness my hand and seal this 15tb day of August, 1944. IRA J. CHURCH, Auditor Vermillion County, Indiana. 816-2844. Read Our Up-to-Date Sport Newt COLUUDIA Tuesday and Wednesday Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE GuEAT GUY With James Cagney Mae Clark PLCS r.:Er..Fi:is celle Aviation Special "NO ALTEKNATIVE' Victory Short THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c so:.:etiii;:g to shout about With Don Ameche Janet Blair Jack Oakie "FIXIN TKICKS" MGM Short "Mackinac Island" Traveltalk RELY ON , . . ! I I I to split the already trapped Nazi garrison of the Baltic states into two sections. Keprl Nazi Attacks Near Warsaw, tbe Soviet communique revealed that sharp Nazi coun ter-attacks in the region oi rraga had been repulsed. Latest word on the Russian drive for Warsaw placed Kmiet lines at Mostowa, 11 miles from the Polish capital. For the second successive day tne Russian communique reported heavy German counter-attacks In tne re gion west and northwest of han- domterz, some 100 miles below Warsaw. Nazi forces In this region have been throwing infantry and armor tnto fierce coonter-blows In desper ate efforts to prevent expansion of the Russian bridgehead west or the Vistula. Nazi commanders appear to fear a Soviet drive north along the west bank of the Vistula from the San-domierz region toward Warsaw. U. S. French Pact Outlines Rule In Liberated Country (Contfhoea B en 11 Actually, the agreement consisted of four memos, covering the following subjects: 1. Civil government in liberated areas. ' ' 2. Printing and Issuing currency. 3. Distribution of relief. 4. Freedom of tbe press. Agreement on these points brought an end to the long and unhappy controversy over the wide range of French problems. General DeGaulle already bad reached an agreement with British officials be fore be came to Washington In July. But President Roosevelt had refused U. S. participation in the London talks, and It was not until DeGaulle bad cleared the atmosphere by his Washington visit that President Roosevelt was willing to take the same steps as the British govern ment on the French problem. It was apparent today that all three governments are now In agreement. Tbe memos resulting from tbe US-Prench discussions are so closely similar to the agreements already initialed In London that British ap proval is a foregone conclusion. Moreover, British embassy ofric- lals sat in on tbe U. B.-French discussion in Washington. Tbe formal signing or the tripart agreement will take place In London where Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower will sign tor the United States, and Gen. Joseph Koenig for the Provisional Government ot France. Throughout, the U. B. government has insisted on the military character of the agreement. Hence the negotiations were conducted not by Btate Department officials but by Assistant Secretary of War McCloy, and the signing will be done by General Eisenhower, who retains authority to determine what areas of France must remain under his military control, and what areas may be turned over, to French administration. Crack Down On Rent Violators Launched by OPA WASHINGTON, D. C. The Of-riee of Price Administration opened Its "crack down" campaign against violators of rent ceilings today promising "extensive use" -of a congressional directive allowing OPA to sue landlords for treble damage in violation cases. . ' previously, OPA was unable to sue In violation eases .in event the renter failed to do so. Thomas I. Emerson, OPA deputy administrator for enforcement, declared that congress "clearly indi-1 cated its desire to strengthen the enforcement of rent control." j "OPA will make extensive use ot the new provision from now on j in Its program of preventing infla-' tion In rents," Emerson declared. ' OPA formerly had authority only to file an injunction, or to enter a criminal prosecution if the violation of rent ceilings was willful, but the tenant could bring suit for treble damages. Latest OPA action under the new law was against the Elade Realty ,Corp.. Brooklyn. N. V.. In which the corporation was charged with over-j charging two dollars a month on SO ; houses-aod is being sued for 12.600 or ISO for overcharges to SO diff-j erent tenants. Fort Wayne Couple Are Parents of Triplets ! (Ooarlnned F-mk Pse 1) The raids were marked by notice ably increased enemy air resistance in the Kurile and Volcano Islands according to a Pacific fleet bead-quarters communique. The raids were carried out on Au gust 11, 12, and 13, by army, navy and marine aircraft. Liberator bombers of the Seventh AAF, probably based on conquered Saipan Island, blasted Iwo Jima in the Vol-canos, unloading more than thirty-five tons of explosives on an airstrip and adjacent installations. "Aggressive" enemy fighter planes intercepted the American formation and one Liberator was lost, according to the communique. Anti-aircraft fire was described as meager by returning pilots. Eleventh AAF Liberators, based in the Aleutians, struck Paramushi-ru in the Kuriles on Friday, bombing shipping near the island and the Suribachl airstrip. Pagan and Rota Islands, last Jap bases in the Marianas, were blasted Sunday by Seventh AAF Mitchell bombers. On the same day navy Vetnuras bombed Nauru, west of the Gilberts, and marine Dauntless dive bombers and Corsair fighters hit remaining enemy bases in the Marshalls. Rains and Cooler Weather Give Aid To Hot Midwest Slight breaks in the sizzling heat wave which has blanketed the nation for the last week came today. accompanied in some areas by copi ous Tainfall for parched crops al ready badly damaged. Cooler weather displaced the over heated atmosphere from the north-- west states eastward through Colorado, Iowa, northwest Wisconsin. Illinois, and northern Indiana, a&d a drop In temperature was m store for Michigan. Tbe forecaster, however, was un able to offer hope of immediate re lief for northeastern states where yiwtcrday Boston had 98 degrees. Burlington. Vt.. 97; Albany, 96; Philadelphia, 93, and New York City, 91. Temperatures of 100 degrees and more were plentiful, with Blythe, Cal.. having the record for the day of 106. Numerous reports of 100-de-gree temperatures came from Texas, Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona. Nevada and Kansas. Rain in some cases sufficient to do Immense good to dried-up crops, felt in Minnesota. Nebraska, the Da-kotas, northern Illinois, northern Indiana, northern Missouri, and some sections of Michigan. A brief, heavy rainfall In Chicago dropped the temperature from 94 to 78, a drop or 16 degrees la 30 minutes. The high for the day there was 98. Chicago's previous hottest Aug. 13 was 91 in 1922. Forecaster C. L. Canaday said In Chicago that tbe heat ware there definitely was broken for the pres-i ent and that the rains will have "pretty well covered" the midwest within the next few days. It was Chicago's first rainfall in 19 days. The drought has done extensive damage to crops through most of the midwest and the current show-i ers in some instances will be of only temporary relief, farmers hoping foi heavy downpours. With the Compliments SWIMMINC POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office for Idella Suchta Watch This Space Dally 6.00x16 " No Rationing I i : 1 j ! ' I RECAPPING VULCANIZING RE- llners. rrestone coming. Thermo Royal, get it here while lt'i plentiful. Oil 2 and E gal. fine con tainers. Gas Market, 115 North Main St. Horace Towell, Mgr. tss We ARE MAKING A TRIP TO DE-trot, Mich, the last of thla week, have yon anything moving at this time from either direction. Bennett Transfer. 106 S. 4th St. l'hone 454. t48x BENNETT TRANSFER, LOCAL and long distance moving. 406 S. 4th. l'hone 454. ' yoi'R 1'HOTOGRAI'H OR BABIES tawen taken any sire, enlargements made. Mrs. Raymond Turner, 1058 S. 6th St. PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING. Write Box 442-F. WHlTliOCK, 200-K. I'LlMHEIt. PHONE tsat COOD PAINT SPREADS EASIER and lasts longer. Try our Burdaal Paint. Telephone 222. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. FOR PLUMBING. HEATING. ELEC-tric wiring, and sheet metal see C. V J. Kamarata. 336 North Ninth St. I'hones 20 and 163W. 17tf FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgas Station, Joe Glacoletto, Clinton. 2tf DEAD A N I nflA L 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 6310 Tjits Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wacbtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS 1U0MOVED FREE of charge by Dwigglns and Sons, licensed deulers. Call as as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. tBxf Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebcake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 166-J-2, Montezuma. HALE HELP WANTED SALESMEN BUILD A FUTURE National Meat Packers wants men for sales work, good opportunities. High school graduates. 4-F, discharged or draft exempt. Apply 406 South Fourth, Clinton. t4 7x BOY FOR MORNING NEWKPAPEH route; guaranteed weekly salary; no Sunday delivery. White's Pharmacy. 8-14 BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Cliutonian. Help Wanted Female WANTED A PART TIME HOUSE-keeper. Mrs. Dow Mitchell, 439 Walnut St. GIRL WANTED. APPLY V1CTOIIY Diner. t49x PAID NOTICES NOTICE! Home made ice cream supper, pies and cakes. Fairview Methodist Church, Thursday, August 17th. t(S WANTED TO BUY WILL PAY CASH FOR MODERN borne, close in. if price is reasonable. Write Box A, 442 Clinton, Ind. 10 FT. COAL CHUTE. CHARLIE H. Ferguson. Tel. 136 W. t52 WANTED TO KENT I OR 5 HM. HOUSE. MILDRED Sharp, 4(2 Walnut St. t4x LOST BETWEEN 656 S. 5TH ST. AND Jones Variety Store. 5. Call 448M. Reward. t4S BLACK Pl.'RKE CONTAINS SUGAR! and kerosene stamp ration book, j Billfold contains money. Return to Clintonian Office. t47x j BILOVA WRIST WATCH IN front of Martin's t'sed Furniture Store, corner of 7th and Vine Street. Keepsake. Reward for return. Frieda Martin. 203 North Seventh Street. t4x I Peanut Butter A peanut butter idea for breakfast is to top the toast or pancakes with peanut butter and citrus marmalade. For lunch combine peanut butter and bacon in broiled sand- I wiches. File Returns In 1940 42 per cent of the total turns sere filed by women. Phone (2 I . IPCS 6-BM SEMI-MODEKN HOUSE AND lot. 15(8 S. 4tU St. Can be seen all day Saturday. t49x ONE 14-S REX CONCRETE MIXER. Can be seen at sewage treatment plant. Clinton. t49x TOY TERRIER PUPS. 1213 S. 8TH . StreeL t49x f 16 f . Jfl7 fiiaSwilii rmi m T -" Second Big Feature JOHN KIMBKOUGH in "SUNDOWN JIM" PALACjl! TONIGHT 350 2 BIG FEATURES JOHN WAYNE CLAIKE IN OTAOBCOACCT ONE FRESH COW AND ONE BULL. Ed Kanixer, R. H. 1 t48x GOOD USED FURNITURE AND ICE box. 1208 Pike St. tSOx PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IK the time. This is the plaee. 9th and Elm Street Market, open un til 9 p. m. for your convenience. We have favored out trucks and saved our gas to haul peaches. If you don't get them it won't be our fault. You can save your gas. tires, and money here. McCrackeu and Sons, 302 South Main and 9th and Elm Streets. it'll FOUR ROOM thew Street. HOUSE, 845 MAT-t54x FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-zll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f BUM, awy a tad y nssl, Cltwtow Aato Wrecking Parte On. bale's. FOB KENT WHEEL 632-M. CHAIR. TELEPHONE t(x FOCR ROOM HOME. INQUIRE AT ill North Main St. t47x MODERN FIHNWHED Al'ART-nent. Close in. 415 South Third Street. t43f WANTED ANDY DEVINE TKEVOIi THE STOflY O? JOKmiYAPZ.!, mog frua tht wmi side tli town who had a right sidt U ius heart! Tie Cay Wht Out-Cegmys CAGKtH ( V FfiCTCY-CCriTCCLLED j am NICE HOME IN CLINTON FOR A boy. five, no other children, must 'numher ol Federal income tax re- be reasonable. 434 North St., Phone 375-11. t49x t I Certificate Required. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION IV. FORT WAYNE. Ind. If he 'could have bought cigars today, M. F. Fudge, an electrician at the Penn- sylvania, probably would have been I called upon to hand them out byj jthe dozens, for he is the proud fa- ther of triplets, the first set to be I horn to Fort Wayne couple in more j than two years. i The babies, all boys, were born t to Mrs. Fudge at the farm home of j I her parents near Convoy. O., and j ' have been named James Leon, Dean i Lavon and Oale La vera. There is an ' I older brother, Kenneth Wayne, 17' months olf ' j j $300 or Less Is Often the Answer to a Lot of Troublesome Problems. Why Not Talk It Over With Us Without Obligation. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY ZzlL POLAND'S di FIRESTONE-TEXACO SERVICE 13)1 S. Main Ht. Clinton, lad. tli Biackman BL CLINTON. INDIANA

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