The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 16, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1944
Page 4
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Wednesday, August 16, 1941 IUE DAILY CLINVONIAN Page Four in i I work i-n in ni AK.IT"0 1 At th Movit 1 PAIiAtK - ' tlN I UKT rLMM mi : - THE DAILY CLINTONIAN I VowmM Ufit Tucwlay nl H'ednewlay PIOLLYUJOO A gripping story of pioneer albn.iil as The Weekly OHaUMlaa MM Tha CSlartoa PkMoOw absorbed In MM Published Dally Except Saturday And Sunday courge, "Stattecoacli. Dnowms same mistake In a headline. ... . 'nAHISON CARROLL raifor and Publisher Molly O'Day (Mrs. JacK uurauu ttorge L. Carey ..... .AiiincF . r eifrni-VMr.uui wSttret at the Postoff Ice at Clinton, Indiana " . .-a a,ai mas fcc,nB - - ,9 daughter, Jacqueline, that there Blue Feature! )idlcsU Writer . HOLLYWOOD No more shows for Red Skelton until he completes his basic training In September, but then he'll do a Camp Roberts revue, "Stars In bdlAna Republican Editorial might be anouier oaoy in u "-u hue not to tell anybody yet Phone S3 Mama," said the youngster, "can't I even tell Daddy?" , JPhone 32 Donald O'Connor has gifted his the brilliant heritage mat nas scended to young Americans from men who fought to hew a nation out of the wilderness. It is a saga of brave women who went a-long with them to bring comfort and love to lonely outposts. The strange group of passengers thrown together In the coach as It proceeds fearlessly on its wav from Tonto. Ariiona. to Lordsburg. New Mexico are Claire Trevor and John Wayne, the co-stars of the film, Thomas Mitchell Andy Devlne, George Bancroft, Louise Platt, John Carra-dine. Berton Churchill and Donald Meek. ... t MFitnhmm bride, Gwen Carter, with a five-room house In the valley. Donald is stationed at the Santa Anna Air (tlPUBUCAM CtHTOKMi P Association Base. Wa Your Eyes," on which he also is doing; most of the writing, Including the music. S e m s as Red, who acta, writes books and paints, also has composed 800 songs in his career. Used them himself on his emcee log tints. viva Knnv and Lieut Tommv Harmon off Monday for Ann Ar bor, Mich., to prepare lor meir wedding Aug. 26. What make tha ..n nun hflnnipr TCIvoa'r hlVlt il. The second feature win o Donald Barry in "West Me er, Fred, who has been two years Kid." overseas wun lajikuccu, einvn u Harrison .Carroll time to attend the ceremony. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: In- naiwman artnnrontlv hfts rie. fiwu . f, i i j cided to stay a while. She's bought CNPORTUNATE, NOT IMPORTANT fii'Q Marauders, a famous Amer WABASH Wednesday and Thurwlay Come on the run! Don't miss the fun In Columbia's tunefully tantalizing musical, "Stars On Parade." featuring Lynn Mernch and Larry Parks. Included In the galaxy of specialty acts are: Danny O'Neil, a new radio sensation; Frank and a noiwe in eeveny num. . . . r-eggj Ryan and Radio Producer Charles Martin have gotten around to each xxc ' lean combat organization, was a volunteer group, mostly veterans of other campaigns, recruited for a spectacular and other. Louise Allbritton to Vic- torville with June Clyde, who was so desperately ill with pneumonia. . . . Photographer Tom Kelley doing a color sitting on Merle Oberon. And at the request of tha British Museum .of Art. . . . Add twosomes: Sim one Simon with Steve Crane at the Mocambo; Chill nntllama urith Uflw Cm mpr at th. Jean Hubert, Hilarious ui,t. and sister act from the Chords, voice imitators of musical instruments; The King Cole Trio and the Ben Carter Choir of Negro youngsters. Certainly must have been blood on the moon during Hollywood's most belligerent weekend. On top cf everything else, Errol Flynn and Director Michael Curtis had a verbal beef at Jack Warner' birthday party. Errol says he was kidding but Curtii is still sore. Comdr. Corydon M. Wassell was able to rescue 12 wounded sailors from Java but be has been trying aince April to get his wife's trunk back from the east. She shipped It from Washington to Trenton, N. J, and the trail, so far, has led all over the country. Speaking of babies, Navy Lieut. John Sheppard, the former Fox star, Just learned, through the Red Cross, about the birth of his baby son last June. His wife had received a number of calls from him but couldn't make connection with a message Pint-sized Comedian Jerry Bergen to wed Dancer Peggy Parrott in New York. . . . Virginia Weidler going to nightclubs for the first time. Her M-G-M contract would not let her. . . . Now I feel better hnnt thut tJme 1 had Craie- Rey Biltmore Bowl; Lieut Eddie Albert The second feature win 'Sundown Jim" with John Kim- with Margo at Ciro's. . . . ou ng- im it ettt Vital Anitrann ftnil hl brougb. ex, Huntz Hall, came separately to Bury tillDens party ai Diapsy Maxie's but spent most of the time n.nnmff tr,yth fiincrr tfir. llUtl . , The Army reveals "an almost complete breakdown in morale" developed in May, when the Americans were precariously holding Myitkyina airdrome against desperate Japanese counter-attacks. While details of the affair are not released, the incident may be classified as unfortunate rather than important. It demonstrates that men, regardless of har-dihod, can become disaffected under verse conditions, physical and psychological. . It is not surprising that some Americans have given way under the strain and stress of modern warfare. The amazing fact, and one which should be gratifying to Americans everywhere, is that this has happened only rarely and to small bodies of men. gia Gibbs will make an Aurora tone Pralein Foods The chief protein foods, meat fish, poultry and eggs, all need refrigeration, as certain dangerous bacteria thrive in protein foods that have begun to spoil. Keep meat and poultry In the coldest part of the refrigerator. Cook variety meats and ground meats the day you buy them. If you store fish a few hours, wrap It to protect other foods from the nsh flavor and odor. Keep all meat dishes, broths and gravies in the coldest spot too. film for the government hospitals. They're the color-pattern movies (visual music) which help nerve cues. . . . Both of Henry Hill's sons now are In the Pacific. . . Add recommended reading: "Gone and Glory," the story of an hsrole Flying Fortress pilot, Capt William Crawford, Jr., as told to Ted Saucier. It's thrilling stuff about nolds Instead of Craig Stevens ro- I I- " 1 at Jacksonville, have been unusually steady in operation, this Elmer Wilk?rson, who has been at Jacksonville, have been unusually steady in operation, this year. Personal Elmer Wilkerson, who has been the early battles against tne Kips, univers top fan magazines just made the I when the odds were plenty toilers. attending Northwestern a solution for political and" indus ity at Evanston, 111., is spending the week end here visiting with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. -nrniai-ann tn Smith Main street. TWENTY YEARS AiO TOHAY l.Hn Break (Hit trial problems," has Deen ensued to speak in the county Sunday nrt Monday under the auspices Mix Seed Many gardeners grow the first radish crop by mixing a few radish seed with the seeds of carrots, parsnips, parsley and beets, all of which can be sown as sooa as the soil has been prepared. An srly radish is used, which will germinate quickly to mark the location of the tow, and come to maturity before the main crop has developed far BUY FERTILIZER NOW. Officials of the War Food Administration suggest that farmers buy their fertilizer and have it delivered to their farms Lets Bivorees The foreign-bom In (be Unite States have fewer separations than do the native whites of native parentage. This may be due to tne stronger family system oi : foreign lands and to religion. Divorce among the foreign-born are 50 pel cent less. " 3 Fiber Consumption Total fiber consumed in the United States in 1943 amounted to more than S.5 biUion pounds, or 48 pounds per capita. Cotton accounted for around four-fifths of the total fibers consumed last year, while the remaining one-fifth was shared about equally between rayon and wooL of the Vermillion county Laoi- lette club. In Mot4r Pit At Crown Hill '. 2 Mrs. Velma Vaughn, ot was the guest of Mrs. Leslie In South Fourth street. Mrs. Wilson plans to jn Fire, orginiating in tne mum. Clinton at 6:30 o'clock Monoay lur anil Mrs. Corval Vaughn left evening at Main and Muioerry today to drive through Missuorl, enough to be injured By crowaing. pit at Crown Hill no. z m...r. west of the city, burned all the batteries in the battery motors, according to the report from the streets. It has been announce Kansas and several otner siaiea. J. F. Carlin of Nebeker street has gone to Gary, Ind., where he has secured employment. Archie Nichols and Austin Vtfn THE Rest of My LffE.TVrra-You that she -will answer any quotums of men and women attending the speakings. 4 , HigKlns-lrtin mil Tn 4ai- mine today. The cause oi tne is unknown, and., no estimate of the amount of damage sustained 1 KD stained. The motor pit during the last six months ot tnis year. They point out that the potential fertilizer supply will probably not meet agricultural demands and that there is a limit to the amount of fertilizer that can be produced and delivered during the rush period from January to June. Emergency transportation problems demand that the fertilizer load, if possible, be anticipated in relatively slack months. v In the last half of 1942, deliveries of fertilizer amounted to 2,000,000 tons. This was jumped to 3,500,000 tons in the same Th. Hieeins-Martin mine, at '" ,i,iin New Ooshen. now one of the i thr y nBKt wwk' the Binkley coal company has in ; where i ey her fingers, shell find herself an old maid. Can't be choosey these days," sparks. Judith, watching Irene, saw is located about 50 feet from the bottom of the shaft. There was no work at the mine today, as none had been expected. According to reports, it is expected to have everything in readiness to resume operations Mon her start to rise anu uieo u,ua the Clinton field, is to start op- i -r erating next week. Mahlon Stark, YERS general superintendent, stated to- , THIRTY YfcAIW better of It w .1 T.o.4 Rna itna it feel Ella ended tirmiy. "Your mind," aaid her niece, "n on matrimony. I'm doing all day men were put Into tne mint ua uirj I--- to be home, or isn't it home any longer?" right, thank you." . t today to cleanup, preparatory to , Special Train . . i... v.-., Tuuartnv. . . . She turned to mary. numu Tuesday be all right!" she asked. day. Ijifollette Club "It shouldn't be pernaps, v 1 T m,1 Itti alnwlv. "after SU To Take 1lnton T.i dTtt i.'a.'l, lOturaeefi Woman these years. But somehow it is. New CHAPTER SEVENTEEN i "Matthew grew up very attractively," argued his mother, "and his marriage has made me very happy. "Fiddlesticks!" snapped Ella. "Well, bring him and hie wile to dinner sometimes. I suppose they at, like most people 7 " "Matthew eats more than most responded Judith. She was, if anything, prettier than she had been the last time Mary had seen her. Mary said hesitantly, "That's nice of you, Ella. But Irene isn't going out much these days." . , "Baby? Oh, to be sure, Judith told us. Well, I must say that's unkind of Matthew." declared Ella -Comuanv 105. Uniform nana. starting it. rwuw "i it will be ready to renew operations. Tiiis mine, which will give em-i...r,r m about 300 men. has To Kpak Here York's different, rjiecme. like a fine current running in your veins. I love it, every bit the tow Mrs. Lilith M. Wilson, aim Knights of Pythias, are going to put on some style when they go to the Golden Jubilee In Chicago, vocattor of "independent political ; r. On Tuesday Judith and Mary had tea with Irene. They talked of trivialities. Nellie came in beaming, with the tea, cheese sticks, and little cakes, and Irene sighed. "I'm always hungry now," she said frankly, "but I've reached the stage where I'm not allowed to indulge. i:r ir . i izixrzw ers against tne sKiea, tne tom-m pavements, the dirty snow, the children in tne nark, the noises s on the 6th and 7th of septemner. H M. Ferguson, who has labor united at the ballot oox ub i . k - been looking after the matter of night " , "You're home, au xign-,' a" thew agreed. Judith looked at him, the dark face, the dear gray eyes, the pleasure-loving mouth, and felt suddenly a little, definitely, UL She was home, . -lu, M,UB Lhml Khe was period of 1943 ana tne woa wuis ers to buy -and accept delivery of at least 4 500,000 tons before January 1st, 1945. Farmers who have dry space available for the storage of fertilizer will assure their own supply for 1945 and assist the war effort by relieving transportation demands if they get their fertilizer now. ACCIDENTS KILL CHILDREN. It will probably surprise many readers that accidents cause more baby deaths than any disease, according to Good Housekeeping Magazine, which points out that 8,500 -children, up to four years of age died in 1943 from preventible acci Matthew drive me who, added, smiling at her mether-in-law. "He loves fattening things," she explained to Judith, "and never puts on an ounce. So there he site and eats all the things I can't eat and says, tut tut when I as much as look." transportation for the eompnoy now announces that they will have a special train of tlieir own. The tickets for this special train will be in the hands of the Uniform Hank company members and will not be on sale at the depot at -all. In other words. vigorously. "Unkind V "Making yon a grandmother. Not that it entirely ruins your ehanees as men have married grandmothers before this," said where Matthew was. That was home. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer I I VA I5 1" 1' la il9 l'u I" ' rm ryr Judith aaid, "That's very like it had always Deen, ever since n UA Uam a lotrcrv imnnRRible kid. , hv- nut un the money tor Matthew," and was aware that Once she had forgotten him well. the train and it will be run un Mary looked at her with sharpened interest and a raised eyebrow. L.itl, tHnllirht, Kn I mUStnt UD- der their direction, they footing the bills. This train will be Btrat- almost, one naa laiien in iuc sua out She had seen him again and he had kissed her carelessly, and set the legend. Talk about a sacred ed from the Clinton depot ana cowl A altered Bull, sne eorreciea i if amtv What. brute 1 will make no stopB to pick up passengers between Clinton and ha An Vila oatintT that kind Chicago. Captain 'Ferguson aays then she bad gone away again anu thought she might marry the man she bad met that summer in Maine, But she couldn't Mary spoke to her suddenly. "What' the matter r' she asked, "You are very white . . . look at her. of eating, when he's out? Men are selfish, men are Tj:,k li.Jnl 4Sm tn anmnlat the that the various committees to look after the arrangements will he named in the next few days. Ail-dome et Real i, .,..i , ,f iia.v-TH thought, for Matthew came in. As Ella wisely, uui y" ,M story of the man who on being asked if he minded becoming a grandfather said, 'Lord, no, but I hate like horror to be married to a grandmother'." 1 Mrs. Lambert remarked quietly that she thought it was wonderfal about the baby. She added that there were women who didn't want to marry twice. Ella looked at box sister with impatient affection. She aaid, more gently, "That's so, of course." Mary inquired, turning the tables, "What about you, Ella?" Judith chuckled and Eva Lambert smiled, a little. "Who. me?" asked Ella, astonished. "Well, it isn't for lack of opportunity." She completely ignored the presence of the waiters and went on, helping herself again to the ehiskeo, "But I've always been a little cagey. There are men who can fail in love with fat women I an fall In loVC With i" 3- :f " i5 dents, c ' , , , Accidental burns account for the largest number of accidental deaths in homes among children up to the age of four years. Playing with matches, of course, causes burns but many injuries are received from defective electric cords and from pulling pots and pans of scalding liquids from stoves or tables. - nf .nnrop narents of babies under one always he entered alter tne reunion of a cyclone, strewing things in U . I , avaa niainr in A H i f.- axattnew. He asked quietly, "Do you feel faint Judy?" and rose. If he touched her she would cream, she would burst into teare or, worse, into hysterical laughter. Judith said quickly, "I'm all right ma! sort of way, the last snowfall perhaps before the reluctant entry ..t .. u,l. anrin. anri h scattered dampness about him, stamping hi large leet. ui rlN he said cheerfully v -, i f Gtro chni'iM exercise exeat care to atannpri on seeiiur Judith, and The airiome has succeeded In petting a real show for the public. Alter many farily good companies had been tried out and the Halton Powell show being the best of them all. the Cornell-T-rice Players opened 'to a fair house Sunday night with an excellent play, "The Young Wife." The cast was the most evenly balanced one ever on the alrdome ;:-irre without any exception. It vould be doing an Injustice to I the other members of the compa . l, L.rlu JCI Vi i&v. Al avoid accidental suffocation, which is the What's wrong won an ox your lor Irene was looking at her too, her blue eyes very concerned. "1 always .change color," explained Judith wildly, "I'm a sort of human chameleon." Judith thought, I must get away from here, 1 must never come again. I don't even life him, she told herself, he's selfish end ruthless and avw,ilMl I rinn't like him. vet l'am "Judy!" he exclaimed, "and lookirur than ever. Come to I VA" II XA I I cause of the highest number oi Dapy I I I V1 I I I I T1..1. U.HI.mI1' rich women. But when a woman is He seized her hands, swung her to her feet She said calmly, "None of that I'm used to the effete West both fat and rich!" nne signea. "Not that it matters" .-.. tn Ubtt. "How is I l i 1 rrt1 1 ' ft-ifa in love with him . . so terribly i Taana?" ah wanted to know. She ny to pick out any isranuu - HORIZONTAL 43. those in power 59. fished for iA lamnrevs fold lampreys love rmtiata herself, and smiled. "1 think 44. in the cast and try to leature mm But Judith could not leave at 1. venomous t t, . . Iran." vai, o Marv said once. She had barely arrived. She or her. IVi-MWial it. talked, listened, and drank her cordially. "She's very well, I tmnk. and of course terribly happy. BheVd tii and Mrs. Clint Auld of Ter- 46. male oflspring 48. beaten path 62. tear 55. aptitude 56. river m France 57. Peruvian re Haute were Sunday guests at excellent tea. Nellie's cheese stick and the tiny cake were ashes hi her mouth. She could bear, ana she could reply with the surface at serpent 4. burdened 9. undermine 12. the heart 13. Greek market-place 14. wing 60. by t, VERTICAL 1. high cards 2. painful 3. assumes 4. more recent 5. past 6. put on 7. silkworm deaths in the under-one-year group. STARTED IN 1914 HIMMLER. Heinrich Himmler, one of the German chiefs, lends Nazi approval to the idea that the present war is an extension of the first World War. Himmler describes Germany's entry into the World War in 1914 as the "time when the fight for our existence started," and on what he terms the thirtieth anniversary of the day, appeals to every official "to work still more and to be still more gallant and steadfast than the men on the front." die John Hess home on wraui Main. ner mina, ner tuiuaiy voice vares, it ' i ii i I 'lilnn ,,a amitini, at nn Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strain at plant tended the -chautauqua at Kock- ever spoke to her. But underneath 10. DC I ore 16. musical chord 6athe hon ville, Sunday. Miss Estner moras and ' Ernest CauBey were also the sun ace ner mine eoaiea ana boiled . . swift watera, dsiiaeMam Answer to yesterday's puzzle. waters. there. Mrs. Charles Marx, of r.ebea-r not to eastern cow nanus. He shook her hands and rrinned at her. "Nice to see you," he said. "Sit down, let me look at you. Wait a minute." He leaned over to kiss Irene, to lay his cheek against his mother's hair. Then he raised his voice and shouted, "Nellie, tea, lots of it, strong! I have to go out on some calls." Presently he sat down, with the teacup at bis elbow, and xegarded Judith. "Thin," Matthew commented; "yon could do with a couple of pounds. A little pale." "Nonsense," protested Judith vigorously. "I've never weighed as much as I do now and I'm as brown as coffee. Don't be absurd." "Lipstick," he went on, "the wrong color." He laughed at her expression of outrage. "I give up," he added. "I was just trying to drum up trade. Sure you feel well?" "I always feel well." Judith told him. "It's girls like you who starve the doctors," aaid Matthew lumly. "Thank the Lord for my chronica. B. mother-of-pearl 8. capital of Chile 1 10. toward the sheltered side 11. animals' feet 19. macaw 21. upper limb 23. bladed weapon 24. small sack 25. dry 26. not any 28. single unit 30. sharp taste 31. Gaelic 33. slender stiff hair 34 mired 37. footed vase 38. mountain in Crete 43. within 45. support 46. salt 47. native metal 49. fish egg BO. suffer 51. wrath fis frost rns rAjpiinMRiET2w l l.c-'-rfrmt rVRIrj'E R It eouldnt come like that, m stent, terrifying. An army with banners, an invasion -from the sky. street, entertained the Misses Dillon, of Danville. 111., last weeK. Dr. G. A. Jackson and family xon eouian t ne strucx witn it, as ha a ariflcar! i Ivat'll fla nf li4rt. love to see you, juaitn. . " you'd care to " .... "I would indeed, if I wouldn t Intrude." "On what -for heaven's aake? When yoa have a free moment, come to the shop and I'll take you P there, for tea. Nellie's with Matthew and Irene, you know." "Yes, I remember." "And she still makes the cheese sticks vou like. Can you set a day ?" "Weil." hesitated Judith. "I've tieen away a long time, 1 have to pick up the threads and" "It shouldn't be difficult." cut in her mother. "It isn't," said Aunt Ella., "Judith, you make me tired. This telephone hasn't stopped ringing since we checked in " She turned to Mary, her very bright eyes twmkling. "Judith," she said, "at one of these lore-'em-aad-teeve-'em girls. I've warned her. One broken engage- and Mr. and Mrs. Harry n-iu ning, you couldn't be altered froas .imv., t Tiirkev Kun. Sunday, to 17. recent 18. bristles 20. charge 22. wanders 24. Persian fairy 25. feminine name 27. sue 29. match 32. unit of square measure S3, additional compensation S5. pike-like fish 36. rebellious uprisings 89 prefix: of 40. free visit Chas. Keid and other Llin- one moment to tne next, une moment a sane human being, happy enough, having fun, eontented, and touUuis. hock, the heavens having fallen plfliR Alp rfRpT I lEJRlS FntnTTriF P I rpGINiU 616 and tne earui naving niaaoreeo kz- eer your xeet. Albany Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, Republican Presidential nominee when asked to comment on President Roosevelt's trip to Hawaii: "I never comment on any of President Roosevelt's holidays." Suggestions from readers are appreciated but not all of them can be adopted, even if their value is appreciated. It could not happen this way. Tot it had. Nerve Ceaier The predominant role of vision in activities of the human body is evidenced by tne fact that recent studies show more than one-third of the nerves entering and leaving e central nervous system do so by way of the optic peivc 41. was pos- Te le eoTTtinaod) j paajjiH-T lf WW rtt BaMtTlf Cn.!. nTT, not to mention my aeuruuc. m ' of meat may be all right even two meet may be ail ngni, eves iwu uaatca, Mat ml aalatlaa: 96 4. equality at value 42. mother of . gT it JLJtlm Bl an ' "d P" agd gafegej tf- Siat. by Km( reaturcs fiadicatc lac Uranus S?

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