The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 16, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Wednesday, August 16, 1944 ' wants to so ashore.'1' said the big, relaxed, blond skipper. , The first wave hit the beach at Aajtlir 19-311 a m and marked the all men and women of all services and the Merchant Marine. Dependents of service personnel likewise are not eligible for tax payments on allowances and allotment paid under the Service Men's Dependents' Allowance Act, he said. DALIRD ! J Wednesday Vrianriiv Runco Club. Mrs. Betty ( Clinton Social Notes Notice. As Hiss .Lear ..Is on vacation this week please telephone social Items to Mrs. Carey at 42M. landing area with algnal lights. nwri south Fourth Street. 7:30 p. By 1:30 a. m. succeeuing wares were clambering up the cliff, and from that moment It waa a matter of waiting for those of u aboard the warship until the report waa signalled that the guns were silen m. Important business, all urged to attend. White Heather Circle, Mrs. Walter Shorter, South Fifth itreet. Ensign Thomaa report to the Naval Air Base at Corpua Cbriati, Texas, to receiye hi ordera for duly at some other air base for two month further tratntnr before going on at Interesting Social Newt litn&U Military Personnel Exempt From Gross Income Tax INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. In answer to inquiries from Army, voting officials. James A. Emmert, Attorney General, had ruled today that Hoos-ler service men and women may vote without fearing they thereby will make themselves eligible for payment of State Gross Income Tax on aervlce earnings or for payment of poll taxes. Emmert pointed out that the Gross Income Tax Law passed by the 1943 legislature specifically exempted members of the armed forces from payment of the tax on military pay while on active duty, he added that the exemption included Commandos Clear Way for Invasion Of French Coast ced. ThursOiT tiott-a Prairie Home Economic tire duty. When he waa awarded bla Club will entertain the Happy Hour Admiral Davidson was an anxiou. yet confident man aa the hour wore on and be paced the signal bridge waiting for reports. Like dark blur on an inky sea wa ennld see the outlines of war MONUMENTS s) A Complete Line For Service Drop I's A Card L W. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana XCeatraaed troa pan l) wings, recently, he received license aa both pilot and navigator. He will train aa a pilot of one of the new navy bomber. Hla wife will Join him on hia new assignment. mm Home Be Club at the Clinton swimming Pool at a plenle covered dish dinner at noon. Phllathea Class at the Baptlat Virginia Moore, Ensign John Thomas Wed at Home Rites Former Newport Couple Marry At flialoa Hoar; The Gtoom Recently Received Navy Wings Ai Texas Ceremony A beautiful borne wedding was solemnized Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mr. Walter W. Moore, 72 Blackman atreet. when their daughter, Virginia Loia, became the bride of Ensign John W. Thorn aa. son of John W. Thom-aa of Dart on. Ohio, and Mr. Nina Aikman Thomas of Chicago. Forty relatives and friend witnessed the ceremony. Eloign Donald and Ronald Moore, twin brother Id and Ronald Moore, twin oroiner ships as they patrolled the lanes. Sud Church. 7:38 p. m. Hostesses Mrs. r..k steward. Mrs. Clarence Holl COCJITT WF.DD1XGR er and Mrs. Clifford Montgomery. American Legion Auxiliary, legion Home, 8 p. m. Executive Board, WSCS of the Methodist Church, 2:30 p. m. In denly gunfire broke out on tne port beam and twin tongues of flame leaped across the water. It was a destroyer. Somebody yellel "My God! Two of our destroyers are shooting at each other!" But the rasping clatter of the communications speaker put a stop to that non-sene. . a Mn anme two miles away had Mis Josephine Bine and Kennetn Roeback, both of Hillsdale, were married at the borne of Rev. Lewia Davt of Montezuma laat Thursday evening. The couple are residing at Edgar Rossells property here. The marriage of Merry Kathryn Chelf. daughter of Mr. and Mr. M. Chelf of Chicago, formerly of St. conception and so daring In execution that It was originally ruled out by tbe Navy as being Impossible. But the Army Insisted that It could be done and tough Ranger-Commando type boys made good by capturing the Islands of Levant and Port Cros Just off the mainland, ailencing all gun before daybreak. While thiB' heavy cruiser and scores of other cruiser, battleship, and destroyers of Allied navies. In-eluding one' tiny Greek destroyer, maneuvered four giant convoys Into position, troop slipped into small boat and were escorted into a maze of rocky Inlets and coves by a torpedo boat flotilla led by Lieut.- Gilbert Reld, Kalamazoo, Mich; "We'll get anybody ashore that church parlor. Kappa Delta Phi plenle at the McDonald Lake. For transportation meet-at White's Pharmacy, :30 p. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I ; A LITTLE BETTER' J 0 220 Elm St. Phone 129 q lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOv Bern Ice, to Leonard O. Branan Baa - refused to identify herself. A des .,,, ,k of the bride were unable to be -.rebeen Job's Daughter Practice for place Thursday, July 13th. etii because of military duties Initiation. Masonic Hall. p. m. Catholic Woman'e Club special troyer brought her gun to Dear on the fleeing target and scored a direct hit with the first salvo. An enemy tanker leaped Into flame which became a raging inferno lighting np the summer sea. POCAHONTAS SCHOOL THVRS. meeting. 7:20 p. m. Mrs. Ann Don-xero, chairman. Wantrpena Council NO. 117, Oe- gree of Poeahontaa, will be boateas Friday Octette Club, Mrs. Dorothy Hlld, to a school of instruction at tne I OOF hall on South Main Street Thursday. rnnnrii of Brazil will ex Wabaah Ave. Noon luncheon serv ed and bunco played. emplify the ballot and Tonawanda Council of West Terre uaute wm have charge of draping the charter. Uarle Kee Council of Terre Haute . a Pi win give the degree work. w-a rt wimaett 14S Mulberry Several state officers will be present end the meeting will start at 1: JO p. m. Dinner will be served at the Clinton Hotel at p. m. MRS. VI OUt ZELL HONORED A surprise birthday party honored Mrs. Viola Zell on her 85th an-ninmrr at the home of her daugh St., was admitted to tbe county hospital Tuesday aa a medical ease. w aia Hollineswortb and ba Rev. c. C. Jordan of the Methodist Church read the double ring ceremony In the living room before an altar or palms and baskets of white gW-dlolas. Preceding the ceremony, Mrs. De-a Hutchinson aang. "I Love You Truly" and "At Dawning." The bridal party entered the living room to the atraina of the Lohengrin wedding march, played by Mrs. Archie Carrolchael. The groom, wearing the white dress uniform of the U. 8. Navy, was accompanied by bla father aa beat man. Miss May Bridgman a maid of honor waa lovely In a gown of pale pink satin and 'chiffon, carrying pink rosebuds. The bride entered on the arm of ber father who gave her in marriage. She wore a long sleeved prine-ess wedding gown Of white brocaded satin with net yoke edged in seed pearls and a finger tip veil with s se-eonet of white roaet-od. She carried white roses. The mothers, of the bride and groom wore roil -hud corsage At the end of the ceremony Mrs. Carmhieael played the Mendelssohn wedding march during congratulation. Mrs, John W. Thomas of Dayton. Ohio. Mrs. Orrilla A lams ind Mrs. Marion A Hen of, - Newport - served weddinr cake and punch in the din by, Newport and Mra. Frank Yowell , and baby. 111. North Eigntn streei, were dismissed from the county ter. Mrs. Mary Spears Tuesdsy. WHEN YOU LOOK AT OUGI FALL LINE UtP OF PREP CLOTHES! Mr. Zell played several eeieeiKra on the piano and gave ome read-inn. Miss Charlotte H pears also gave hospital Tuesday. " MYKTFRY PAL CLTB MEETS of the Mystery Pal Club some readings. held their regular meeting Monday. with Miss Virginia Pen eta as nos- Refreshments were served ana Mrs. Zell received some nice gifts. Those present were Mrs. Helen Morgan, Miss Roe Johnson, Mrs. Ora Doyle, Miss Spears, Miss Millie Shtill, Miss Elsie Shull and the hon tess. - After the business, bunco was three tables with prizes ored guest. going to Mrs. Arthur Hess, bunco, Mrs. Anton Bogetto, high. Mrs. Joe Vereolio, low, Mrs. James Curry, travel and Mrs. Bert Turchl, myste- s RtirTHntr PARTY Max Holllngswortb was the non- nofreahnients were served at the ing room .Which-was decorated in'oreiI guest at a surprise birthday a-arden flowers and white candles, j .. ,A no, inch dinner recently. close of the gamea by the hostess. The tiered wedding cake waa top- Euchre waJ played with Arthur ped with a miniature Ensign ind . H()d wann high for the men, and kJ, i . . . i vn ,ka mwnmtm The next meeting win pe zgts) with Mrs. Curry as hostess. rn and Mrs. D. K. MeCraken fituc. I if OOCrX ww. rvm . The couple left by motor for a Mttinger won high, Mra. iJ Ji !.. wMtillnr rfn Mra. Thomas.. . it .1 1 , tfra Uar- who have been visiting here for the r, - - -. - I uoroinj niiu. wue ... - - . 1" . I wore for her going away a teB gontnard. low past weekend are now en route to 0n t ii Waab. where CpL Mc- Thnae attending were Mr. and Cracken is to be stationed with the soft blue crepe with buck acce..r-les. Immediately after the honeymoon. . .. If x Motor Transport aa an instructor. Mrs.. MeCraeken accompanied , her husband to bla new post and will i " n : trend a couple of days at xeiiow- stone National Park. a a lira Ann Roskorensky and son PEBMANENTS Specialized Hair Styling ADAMSOS'S BEACTOKfl"M 25614 South Main St. Phone 502 Mrs. Gerald Peacock and son, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Southard and children, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kimble. Mrs. Ruth Alley and children. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hild, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pittlnger snd daughter snd Mr. and Mrs. Max Holllngswortb and children. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fenogllo and children. Rosemary and Junior and Tony Fenogllo of Joliet were Monday visitors of Mrs. Pete CianottL m m - Mr. and Mr. Andrew Morris of South Seventh street entertained Mr. and Mrs. Vera Axtell of the Clin of route 1, Clinton and Miss Mary r.An at rhicaeo returned after spending the past two weeks with their father, Mike Godo ana sister, Barbara. i a I WW Mrs. Loretta Gtanottl baa returned from Chicago after spending a week's vacation there with relatives Iff A aatKkim. mp-to-lhe-mnmn tagamet oral muaiaaauiy and friends. ton Terre Haute road and Mr. auo i - Rrown of University City, i .leE I 'A G , if m St. Louis, Mo. at a fish fry at their W,Wi UlfclJMiair I., '"-'-,yii I camp last night. ia Ultiinatum To Surrender Is Ignored by Foe (Continued troa sags 1) Is Your Car On The Sick List? Here Is A Sure Cure! Plaid N Plain JACKET Just Right for Early Fall A HERRINGBONE SUIT for longer wear. Single Breasted and plenty roomy $10 (C to make him feel at ease. latiaWV PIN STRIPE for the s-m-o-o-t-h young Mister. It's double breasted and comes $ "f ftC in grey, blue or green. 1 1 nil W REVERSIBLE COAT in natural $Q (JC water repellent material. VaWwJ V Plaid and Flannel , SHIRT i. Comes In Red or Green .l PLAID SPORT COATS single breasted two- tone beige 7.95 to12.95 or plaid. The Allied sssault forces surging in on the battered Germans cut the Conde-Palals road west of Falalse. Berroaa Ora River Tbe salient between Conde and the Orne river was being mopped up by Allied troops who reeroseed the Orne airmen over the Falalse gap were offered to tbe Nazis as safe conduct passes. On them were pictures or German general who surrendered at Cherbourg and In Russia. In tightening their hold on tbe Normandy battle area tbe Allies captured Vassy and the Allied troops pushed on through the town to Conde. Raawiw Bealafswe MHT German resistance in the Rannes area was said to bare stiffened. In the vicinity of tbe road bub of Tin-ebebray tbe Allies reached St. Pierre Beat re Mont. (Coincident with the snoun'lng campaign to complete the closing of tne gap, which Renter's reported sad been narrowed to a width of six miles, the German high command reported a renewed American drive toward Paris. 40 MUea Proan Caiatal ("Enemy forces pushing east from the area of Aleneon are engaged in heavy fighting against the German defenses In the Chart ree-Drenx area." a Nazi communique said. The two towns are respectively 44 and 42 miles -west of tbe French capital.) . 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