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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, August 16, 1944
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THE BfflLY CtMTOMAN The Home NeMrfpaper Of Vercillioa And Pcrke Cocntiei Mailed la Conformity With P. O, D, Order NdlKSZ TEX WEATZZ3L TitttWf (dew? llotay. Ml Thursday, TfemuBtoMtMNr nostrtW but fiiletiitfjr mwvik WW Ml V4ume Smmbet 157- CIXTO., LN DIANA. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, UHft. PrfeeThiweCMta, i 1 rT'Arnnr? pi) A 1 ALLIES USE VMCHZ2S ON FIH&2S ---.'. I. I Ctfr MUM Drive Deep Into Riviera From 85 -Mile Beachhead, Fresh Troops, Supplies Land; Tighten Normandy Trap Around Falaiss Second Soviet Drive Ifccks At PrussbnLine Beds Score Gates la New : Drive !V"rti rf K-lrr, JVew Drive la VTt Cuts Way Toward Pskov Base MOSCOW., Slusaia. Soviet iflght-(rs drove nearer it itbe tborders of Bast Prussia dm an advanoe limt; fthe it iulvatukLyck (railroad -noi'Ut .of : itbe iBiebrea uttwer today as itront dls-: Yank Airmen Hurl Bombs at Reich Indusfry, Strike Nazis in Riviera tiOHfjaON., England. tCmUlt States IheaivyweiBht ihorabws. mm Colixinns Sweep 1 For!. Iain Clow i Ara. Jtiesj- buKtutgc MxSm ' t3m--iM-lmth Ffaiawed A ifeaumea4 Boe Smih SKjrMB;, Stilr. Antejlicaa "rt-iresB and Mbomtor ibwifunro. itandl-ttg wihpsaw support, ftp (Che Allied mT' oas on Kibe JiM-kwa ibeadliUieads., ito-ttoy iblasted ttv ftmldges spiuunhvg than MUM aliroBg. Masted Matd air- Ultkitun To Suirenderls Ignored by Fee Kofire ttk Atmf Facias JjaaHiMifttn at Ar&mtmt Drfw LMU(it4 Oa VA SUPKJBMS KEATAiraaRS. Al- oiwflt ifaotomies. ouBhi (Hamts. aymtihe-; patches jindlcated ad .early iinvasion of )ani ternrtoiy south of ttlie surian liukea. - tThn K(WUrl jwnnnfl White IRllftfliaU W AlSotl - i Si -I touW . I 1 JJprTCL J' ,ou'5 1 elc oil metinerles and afci&rojnee to iWte tsene (li-vor., one ttt itAnenobie au (Gerotaii' itoda.v. - anuolw at a f.kmne id Alblgai. Tite fftgirter - (escorted tbonibors1 dropped ttbflir stdsalles wHsuBU, e- ? army offensive, ttbreaienlng it out- ' (lank (thousands of Slaal- (troops tin,i 1w onltor Ibmidges wone iblaotee on itSte ieaat Ibauk of itJlie Khuoe j-nK.-r , nurlng eood its ettseUant 1 Betutlni, ' ihe uwalkil triangle, ito itbe north ibeadnuamtors aid. of (the SBiebree irtner, punched for Tlte (German eooy pw w- IRiOMiE., Utaily, Ftowitr stibUaiw oowiedged itihut Anmrieao laojubexs d Ibetwoen (Canues nd Toidun,, AH S!l5tg with mwong igbr wovr aiUmg ithe jLton-MaireetUe aiwiw iroute, (dlllbor aieaivwlglt Ibuuubw steiuak thi (depch ito muii at fluted-j iflohabuCun., (Germamy. Medium lbontbttm of ttlie H'.uettioul Air f orce, loouuueteij' (itnoppoBod. j pressed a-titaflks lip sontius ainutd stvt! iied Sjspedltiiiuuiry Foroe. With iled assuuH Hosoes tonight ono. came dn over oemtrwl lOermany ifcuui .Uanadiaii itiroops already IbattiUng itbe ! mufttt-ipjioatged npettrneads Srom ith west. Fiurioue aerial utnuatu Malaise, a oentand (tr nurmnder of . 9fen- .coastal! ipeauuheads luug an T-ititUs stioatuh ot ictie itliiiiwa. iPtineiinMuig ward (toward (the (frontier .of ittie Jleich .under a powerful aerial iiiiii-tUreUa. : Meanwhile a special Soviet announcement irevealed that &usdian itroops .on the first 'Ukrainian front in the month from July 18 to Aug.. 02 had Wiled or .captured 17.2,t0 Masts. High Hash. i The announcement, which ireveal-d the slaying .of 440, 000 iGerniaue the Stasis aUU (caucnt inaidc itbe Ta , MK sienuaw inland (to depths of (tutUt mules Ail tfrauieang Steal (gaiwleoits ftn ffwanee lalseArgenlan ajp was anade ttoday" "W a w WW ' They amowered (tltousands of Ibontbn by the Allies. noon other Anwrwan luomoera. p- down aioug ilmoat tUlte antane Knouc aialley. Alrtww dropped $.000(0 Iteafkrte wuao,u" "uur:?f T owtheonrtmttledorinaMlytwoket " ,WJ ta, to Ml SAX tNO MANCUVSRI Allied ioroes ase closing trap 4n the Tf llaise-Argentan arsa, 1100 miles ironi Paris, dranoe, in ad ondeawr to nut off more than 100,000 Waal troops them. Though a secret toes Ha guarded all advances made toy the American forces .under Ueut Gen. .Omar IS. Bradley, the "doughboys' general," Jt Is now toeing told, has maneuvered ills itroops rom le Mans to Argentan and intends Joining British oroee lew than 18 miles awajr. intritiorai(il calling on be mauled Aoemy tt u; - Titundor-baits ittlawed at tclte rear., IhhtBtlng Mil rtangets iin siKlrt. Tliey fanned out all tWte way iSnom Marseille tilt, miles (to (Che north nender. B The . owilgut assauns on tine some (.'laces. iCJllte (German agency 1' siepaflt ed tthut HUglttiiug on ittte Mediunwa-nean (count Iliad spread iuoai (east and west ifoUowiug new Allied Handings ttrom itlie sea and ir. Airbome , iuudhigs at Klce linuojiPontVid rtiiart stretoh of oaat ita tthe ligldUug auiea, -sttid.U Ainuea olloar Was' The Allied AUiumns swept p itnotu (the iKituen icuaet Ibeliiud shut- ;." ermaas itltmttane SaMie : flJKelflli (Came after KrltlBH nosauuo ana itne seizure or bi.oku prisoner, added that the month s action on ithat front had destroyed or captured west, (collapsing a (l-wy Htritige The iGermatw, tiowevor ttU loombers iburled Hloak-usew oewn fought rearguard actions against tlie on eriiu while other K. A. T.- sm 67 aircraft, U.l -tanks ana - near ILivron and anotlter moad ihrldap British and (Oaaadjan rWooos on (the mined neniy waters. i propelled vehicles, .,61d iguns and 11,727 motor -vehicles. Sharp New Rebuke at ILe Vpoustu. ifto' aitlles fwrthw north. i nort and weat if tne jNormandy ahr Wwmiwws ajraaea nooket. i weather (oondltions inampetiea This terrific toil of Waal men and A third mission destroyed iborli Ai V. S. Bar Export duyitght onerians own- mor.theiw jUeadQuartens of (Gen. IDwigbt (machines was .taken as Soviet Mar tering jtnrial assaults designed j imatoblute (German anmlos. Tits 1 iaenbower Treoorjad that (the senile shal Ivan 6. Konov lighters attaok- nds of athoue irkvor span near MonteKHmar., 5 miles northwest of Marseille. ' i finance, out some sauadebns wore a-ble to support jground tferoups ita .drtt-erent inilssious- ' ' of aerial assaults Married out againat d through southern Poland toward immedlute oul of (One awattutt lUlttts ' Yant Airmen Sisi Z Jap Ships OH Cerani in Altai ks HaluiaJbera BliMited Again, Entire I'ntufit' line Under Air lire in IWDay Balds (Other aircraft mt itlte same AlBte Is it (establish (dose ountaqt wnla l: At was ostnnated ttltat (before (eir- the fMOheted iGerataine was seduoed today tby tboth dAuoderotorms stud (fog. (German Silesia. Halfway Across Estonia .On the northern sector of the Of Argentine Cold WASHINGTON, . C The ed- ral eovernment, ita its harueat commercial .rebuke to Argentina to date, ibas prevented ttltat station from exporting almost itwo million oaoli otlHtr and tClutii stir,lk a eon- ., eerted tblow inland. -wtted out Waal igun (positions luw; -the Aht-Toulon oad 'la wiU"' . i eastern front the Third Hal tic Army Tite (Oommantler of ttlie Allied tvte- " iy ovenlng (total of 2.(100 Antr,i--cau tplaoes, tlticludtng Marauder bombers which (dropped Hear lei calling for itbe sutseuder' of (Germans do fite Fatalse gap, toad ojmrat- oes ihi southern firanoe eauia ' Vint I The ibattie itn Calais snanked iCtte ' final Allied effort 4o snap shut (toe loscape irouto on (the wmiiftrrts of that f'reuch and American itwsope as '. dollars worth of old out of the (U-nited iftateti, M was learned on jjin- streaminr antiwre u) "sues swwirbeis,- ESsFitPaci OIincs Ride I a of (Gee. Ivan Maalennlkov was repealed to ibav smashed mioce than half way ocross southern iiatonla. The Russian drtv west .of Jiskw was reported n the erge of severing the JUga-Tallinn .railroad, as So ed over ithe continent nd sMohaUiy fl fully ouulpped aud (Completely asd- - impaaciiauw jiutaaritjr .today. C3N. DOUGLAS MACARTHUB'Jg wt loaded 2,0011 (tons of tmbs on the lUenaaa JSeventb Aonr attsmut-iog tot oull out of Monuatttty. , (UCootuuMKl am (page (He applauded ilaie spwK of hs ;, , The cold was to tave iteeg ttrans- !HQ., Haw lUutnea. .Destruction of various (targets. terred ito Argentina f rom ew (Or-: ,fight jlap coastal weasels .off Ceram viet elements approached to within (and another neutralisation raid on Halmabera, 300 miles south if the 70 miles of the Baltic in their drive Oontlnuno m &m ti tffooos and rtlte nunuaiml aggnesstv-neeu" dislawed iby ibotii atwauH and -follow up (Units. firtmll XoowtUtiiBos The pertect (coordination at sM (dOonttnusd (MP Asm ti leans, tba. May Be ed in tates - Tl government's action thas deprived Argentina of foe free use of her own aold on ideposH ;ln the (U- Philippines, was announced today iby iuen. .Douglas MacArthur. ISrsltd (jrnlry Fiua Agrwwuietil Kewd la Be OauUe OMtormNXfi HviVp I Eute WHisiuns WASHINGTON. tD. C, JBerv Commandos Clear Way for Invasion In Capture of Islands Off Mainland iPatrol planes striking In the ntted States, out officials ipointed out that this action did sot ounaU- 1 Dutch JSast indies south of jUalma-bera accounted .for the .eight coast Carman v Fall To Hoont (Civilian WorkSSPereeni ttOofrtHiuM on iKaa 9) I ABOARD ADMIRAL 4A- al raft, all of which were old aall-ing vessels. :Use .of these old fash-' 'ioned .shlra indicated the iesnerate TUMiON'S FLAGSHIP. ffflelayed) Alphand. persona! (representative of Gen. (Charles SDeGaulte l on vis y Former (I'mUm SoMier KilJai, Fair ieuite Hurt The -Navy ot lent tere out it to Ion don itoday with the tet of was the .Commandos who .unlocked Report French Patriot Allied Paratroops in Control of Martielle new illnlted tates-tf,'rench agree- the door. BiwunwTO, V. I.. an toe mlraits .t0 whi!n he Jap8 have oeen rst official estimate of now much oriveo ju attempting to evacuate .civilian production may oe expected tnelr .tToopB .from exposed .positions, upon the defeat of Germany, WPB Medj,, Mitch 11 bomnr IPfc. 3toy -V, oss, S. of lPrt4, (tinder (the oroteotloo of fbeomlng naval (guns tens of thousands of -chief JJonald tfelson contended to- Umaahed Halmahera Monday in the day that -civilian goods manufacture Two Qintoniteg Hurt in Craeli At Terre Haute Mrs. Agatha McMellon, , 3 Sycamore, and Mrs. Zola Bay. 20. 46& JNorth -Ninth, were seriously injured in an automobile accident at d :26 . m. Tuesday at the corner of First and Voorheee streets, Terre liONDON. England. An (unconfirmed report that J-'renoh Partisans. American and frerrcb itroops ooured across tile beaches of southern France today along 40-mlle front. probably would equal that of 1933 - a near record .year. 1 4U. formerly of (Cllnlon, died 4i Kng-liand July 1 of wounds (Deceived to action in f ranoe tils mother. Mm. William lloas of faris iiae ibeeo Unformed iby ittie War JUepartment. Jtoss iiad made nis mome in iClln-ton (Until four -years ago when lite latest of the series of raids which have virtually neutralised that Jap -base. Xarge .explosions were touched off by the American bombs. tnent (Covering the ooittrover-stal ouestktu of the oiv,l administration of France. Alpitand. who also (represents tlte Provisional French government, (left Washington after a full month of negotiations. The agreement was initialed !by .Dohn 1. MoCloy, Aasiatani Secretary of W'ar, for tlte ilnited States and hy 4lenri Hoppenot. ranking French delegate Jbn tills country. aided by 1.000 Allied parachutists, have occupied Marseille was published today in (the Zurich news Furthermore, Ix'elson promised but only after -desperate (bands of troops slipped ashore six fcours (be WPB is ready and willing to lift paper la Suisse, quoting .dispatches fore HUour, scaled unscalable cliffs and overwhelmed and slit the PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii. from the frontier. Japanese -battered bases -from the Civilian residents who (escaped Haute, it was reported today. moved to Paris. iPrior do onterhtg nilliutry service lie was (employed on the Hubert Kelt farm, north of virtually all of its production controls shortly after the fall of J.pau, ri-e'.aining restrictions only on a few Items including crude rubber, tin and lumber. Kurlles to the Central Pacific were feeling the -effects today of a three The ilnlttullng of the document (rep Both women were taken In a Ryan ambulance to the St. Anthony's Hospital, where their conditions the -Na is' .evacuation -decree aided the partisans and paratroopers, the paper said, according to Router's. Paris resents final agreement. GertUnuea sn ssae 9 i throats of the crews of formidable coastal .batteries so tltat troop transports could approach the lumping off mint with only the minimum of danger. InMWKtMe" rtesi The plan was so imaginative -itn (Continued on nage J In the heavy artillery -corps. n had -been stationed overseas sines day series of raids by American warplanee. (Continued on page 4) Japan's downfall likewise will see "surprisingly" rapid return to pro- The German garrison was report were reported to be serious. ed withdrawn toward Toulon. Can- Xiecember, 10411. . auction of civilian automobiles -by Mrs. McMellon sustained severe back injuries and Mrs. Bay incurred nes. -Nice and the island of jayeres the largest auto building plants, Nel- a lacerated arm and severe -bruises. asserted ly were occupied "by the Al 'Substantial Csains fn Manpower Flaoement Made WASHINGTON. 1. it'. War Man power tiairtuan Paul V. McNutt an .Surviving -besides the mother are two nrothers, 3. W. Rose, of near Paris, and George Jtoss of Lincoln, 111. There are ight sisters. Mrs. SHu- lies and advanoe parties of French The two women were riding .in a car driven oy Mrs. Pearl Thomas. Mrs. Sarah Hale Services At fit Bet-nice Thursday Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah Hale, It, St. Bernlce. will e eld troops were said to -be approaching the Italian frontier. nounced today Miat a spot liek of ibert Kelts of St. Bernioe. ind.;; Mrs 121 firms .engaged in must" war Fenard Jones of Blanford. Jntd :: Overseas Heading ' Centorbjp Hinted 1 By Congress Move WASHINGTON. D. ! Oongress at the Nasarene Church of St. B-r- BOMB, Italy. -Gliders iloaded production disclosed that "eubstan- Mrs. Homer Monrow of Ivosedale, with troops and hound (for the Jtlvi- tlal" gains have -been made in plaoe- lnd.; Mrs. SKichard Monroe; Mrs. is- nice at p. m. Thursday. Jlv. O. V. Shaffer will officiate and burial '1 .. jn. Mw. 4)(ujI IhdM. S06 Kortb Eighth street, when thair machine and a -car driven "by fid Connelly. 35, Terre Haute, -collided. Tlte Thomas machine was traveling -north on 'irst street and the Connelly vehicle was -being driven west on Voorheee, according to .police reports. The women were returning to o formed an air train M' miles ment of workers nnder tlie priority referral program instituted in July as of Clinton, lnd.; Mrs- Jessie Roes will be in JUoult Cemetery, Jidgar Co.. 111. ioog, an official account of the alt-borne operation disclosed today. completed action today on legisla of H-umerick, 1U and Mar Jtoss of during -tite first month of operation. :on declared. This was an unusually optimistic report from the WPB chairman and -caute even as new Allied invasion forces whipped into France and -stepped u hoes for an early eol-iapse of the 'Nasi military machine. Nelson predicted war production will drop about 40 percent when the Nazis are defeated, allowing approximately a 30 percent Jump in .civilian production over the present output. Employment gaps may be expected after the war in -some instances, he warned, but "industry after Industry" will not be affected because they already have iarge backlogs of unfilled orders. ! Mrs. Hale died Tuesday McNutt ouipliasiseti. however, that near farls. tion -designed to remove -practically all censorship on political matter The official account declared: "Troop .carriers onjoyed a most these firms must sltow at ieast a 13 at -her home following an illness of 14 months. read oy service men and women at their -homes from the Delco radio per oeuf .increase in omnloyment (by home and overseas. The body was taken to the resi plant when the accident happened. successful operation. At no time were there less -than 1.000 paratroopers swiging in 4he air. 'J lie Pvt. Koy (Cargal, 11. son of Mrs. October over the August 1 figure -if war plants producing critical nta- Soth aetes Hi nasi mows Several other women oassengers -es dence from the Frist Funeral Home Wednesday afternoon. Gertrude Oargal of fairview se lo a I'. . Army nospHal in Xngland The move came when the (house caped injury. towed sliders formed a train miles long." ito teriais are to have sufficient mau-! power to (tneet output scltedules. passed the -Green-Lucas -bill and sent after -be tug wounded a action to. (fVance. his mother learned ireoent- It to the White House. The vote was unanimous as it was in the senate ly in a iletter from ihiip. yesterday. pvt. fJargal Sias -been in tlte army since June K0. 1H4S and was sent mVS OF LCCU t!EH 13 rECVICE The CSintonian welcomes any news of relatives or friends in the armed services for this column. PHONE 22 overseas in JJeoeutber of the follow Second Invasion ai France Seen To Hasten Early liberation of Paris VASHINOTW; J). C Tbe io-j-tr -to iiiirtjr ranM. irtiLk aitpjitiets v&s.ou -oi outitera liraoce wtui -faatU ita,v ut iy muwe tiuiu iiatl. ing year. In tiie tank oorps, iCargal wounded during the intense tank action July f. a unite Wan aiiiwiat; The -house acted while two senators. Hatch (V) !. JA. and Ferguson (K) Mich., joined in proposing legislation -prohibiting the government from sponsoring publications "of an obvious political nature." AmeMls "Title five" Sponsored iy Sens. Oreen (1) H I., and iLucas (D) HI., tue hill approved today amends controversial "title fine" of the soldiers -roting act under which the army restricted the distribution of such -best sellers as Charles A. Beards "Republic" and the -biographical movie "Wilson" on the ground that they were politi Some of -the concerns which probably will be unaffected by unemployment gape include farm machinery and textile concerns, anticipating dtp principal problem to center a-rsand automotive and other durable goods production where schedules bave been "scrambled" to meet munitions output. "The automobile industry will surprise the nation the way it gels back into production," Nelson stated, adding that it is expected to return to production "in much less than a year." He -praised the industry as having "some of oitr most capable" men who er.' instrumental in the change-over to war William M. Kicitardson. Army Me ton today as a means of hastening the liberator of Paris a ciTy where transportation is paralysed, restau Sergeant JHi ghle L Curry, son of Claude Curry of -458 South Main Street, Clinton, has sreoetved the Good Conduct Medal, it was announced recently at the Twelfth Atr Force Headquarters in Italy. The Clinton ooy won the award serving with the veteran B-2S Mitchell Bomb group in the Mediterranean tatHe tttid xpcuatt iotiir. -14tock -of ual iiav dindlwi troiu 75,000 irim wi April 1, -to tner three 'wke supply ftt -tlte uti of July. Tl.t jt-ult is iacic f lili-t dical Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. William SKicliardson. .Covington, ft. 2. (Gessie) has neep missing in Prance since July according to a rants are closing and people of all classes stand in soup lines for their food. , Steports from 4he underground' aud power. &xw uf(rs black telegram received hy tite parents reaching the French delegation in Theater of Operations. Aug. 4. He left for overseas duty on A- Washington, describe Paris as a city cally controversial in nature. whose fortunes suddenly hitve taken prll 7. J844 following his -baste I S.A. Pvt. William Grimm, husband of Mrs. Josephine Grimm of 1304 '. out tltat js -not -reittttd to m &u 1cKe. Tite amoue "Melw" ubwoy ruue only jvart liuit. TiiouKii tiius ootid 1 lion brings mif-feriug 4o -tit? feuPte- it it too iiae tl.v eflect of uttifif tiowu producimn of frainittg at -Camp Atterburj'. tnti . Ktley Hospital. St. Louis and lamp a tor station hi ngiand. His group has been cited for distinguished and outstanding service in J00 combat missions over Europe. US.. Among those graduating from an Intensive course of Basic (Engineering training at recent Service Schools exercise was Joseph Ferro, 29. husband of Angeline . Ferro, 187 . J lib St. r.8A. Bernard MUdasis. IS. son of Mr. and Mrs, Barney Henry MUdasis. 1427 'North Sth Street, Clinton is receiving his boot training at the I', s. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, ill. TJ.SA-TSgt. Leslie L. Holsapple. 23. of Montesuma. has completed 67 missions during 12 months in the Mediterranean area, as a B-26 radio gunner, -winning the Air Mdal. His. wife. Ruth Ann. and fatiter, Guy (.Continued an faa j Kevt'Iy-FJected District rmnr n ina Head to install liegioa After four years of livable condt- itreckenridge. Ky. He wat. then sta 7th St.. Clinton, has completed ills basic training and is ready for combat duty with an Armored unit. Nac i-3outfolld iactortee. Acoordiiir ' louis J. Lemstra, sixth district I "ons trom to i-s. r-artsiens commander of the American Legion, now find themselves in tlte midst ot Dump Fire Extinguished Firemen extinguished a dump fire in the 00 bloek. North Third street, at S:25 f- m. Tuesday, it was reported today. No damages were made by blase. C.S.A Pvt. Edward "W'orley. husband of tioned in Ziiigland until June 24, wlien he lauded -in rauoe. Tlte hist iet-ter received from hHn was dated July t. fte is a graduate of Perrysviiie will Hiatal! the new officers for the ! chaos and privation. Toe Allied to uirdwTK round Teporte. -tb iattrou KenauK ttrm -clonod down uc -diye for Jack ti -coa!, iid h? CKrota Work in tirree pimtu -pitttri Mrs. Orace M. V.'orley of 4244 fcv- coming year for the American A- t-meai to r-rt w imv w. gion Post 140 at the special meet-j controls into confusion, prevented ing Thursday, at t p. m., it was an- movement ot food and luei supplies nounced today. I and threatened the city or nearly (ITIicny. t. Oiwn( nd XvuIIojp j Hijli rfSroo aod mumnr closed down for n iliidUiHed Jr- i r'ie' -was -mployd jay t- iniluod tod. 'tel of fiaat -f'bicaiw. Ttw food nortas. tbw our4 Mr. and Mr. .Rirtmrftaon -hnv- o ditrCroaed, a tiw? direct tiwuH -tf otlier on in tl twiw. ;htk' in Following tlte business meeting a I three million with starvation. fit. Bernice Driver Fined Thomas Hall. St. Bernlce. sriven a 12 traffic ticket in anston Ave., iudianapolis. has been transferred to the inf. Ktc. Camp r annul. Texas. r.s.A Cpl. Herman . Canfield of Bloom ingdaie. lnd. is an operations clerk at an JSighth Air Force JJber-1 WSF Cltv chicken dinner will he served. " OTtng the war -year. Parisians Servicemen are welcome to t-1 have had a-mewt ration of Ittd grams j tend, offjciale said. J week. Now the ration is onlj- twen-J (UtiiUttueil D iiifit ') ijt.vpt imd JUipb, 6aii lieo, CaUf. court, Aug. IS, following arrest by lif oolite lor running a red Up in.

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