The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 15, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1944
Page 4
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fuesJay, August 15, 1944 THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Page Four J "BLIND, DATE" THE DAILY CLDiTONIAN J Atlh MopUs 1 1U W m . m aF UAIUHII rriwKaf mm i Huwlar. MnmUiT and Twraday "Jam SctmiIoh" Columbla'i new- ' raMashed Daily Bisvat Saturday Suadar tNntLOim - Editor aad Pnbllafcer t musical Jamboree with Ann Miller. Jew Barker, Nan Wynn a. HAM1SON CAMOU MmI at tae INasfofftee at flsssn V ' I and l at Ihe nalion'f lop band, faia FmIbtm tradkal WrIUV ft i y' i lne onto Ihe aereen of Ibe HOIXTWOOD Two American n, Is on a mission. . . . Singer Andy Russell got hi expected air break the cigaret show. He's also getting a divorce. His wife, a nonprofessional. Is In Portland with hlv lLmnfilhdjI hah. fVenftw H'abaah Theatre aoldiera on SaJpan bavs sent uor Fhoo.23 CZ! PboMCI othy Lamour her strangest souvenir of tbs war a ksUmd copy of the - flrst fan photo TiiMtfla and WrilnrMUtr the fact that ha baa traveled all over the country with bands. Bus- sba ever mailed A gripping atory of plonwr out It raa lak seu s inp can wiu u nm piiui train-ride. He's always used buses eource. "Slareeoaeb. abowinr ho l.rflliani herilace that baa d y jx .u i i i i an eight years ago, after "Jun- IcntuoufHTvm. a-ndc-d to rounc Amerirana from e-la Prince" men whn fmirlil to hew nation Great news for Perry Ann Gar and showed out nl ihe wtlderneaa. It la a aa ner! Her father, Lieut. William Gar porothy wear-tnr a aarong. ra of brare women who went a-lonic with them to brina; comfort The picture was I'P" i i ner, may bs transferred to a west coast camp. If be does, and visit tbs -Nob HUT set, it will he ths first time he baa ever seen Peggjr Ann work before the cameras. mil lore to lonely outposta. taken from a The l ranee croup of paawna- dead Jap! 7 A. m thrown tocelher In trie roaen aa It proceed f-arlelr on lt f-7 'V i from Tonto. Arizona, to Bob C u m-mings is here on furlougli from Jean Lorraine, who lost ber has. band, Roy Rognan, in the Lisbon Clipper crash, back in Hollywood iirdcbure. St m Metico are Claire HssrisM CorroU his Job as flight Tmrnr nA John Wavne. the CO- I tara of Ihe film, Thomaa Mitch after five months overseas. 8ht had many terrific experiences. Was in Dover on D-Day. Was walking along a London street when some body grabbed ber and pulled her ell. Andy Devlne. George Bancroft, Uiuixe PUtt, John Carra-dine, Berton Churchill and Donald Meek. The awrond feature will be Dunald Barry In "Weat Side Kid." instructor In the Air Corps lUserve and confirms that hell do a picture fres for the Disabled American Veterans. Washington has okayed the Idea and the story. Bob and his brother, Oscar, win co-produce and Bob will be one of the stars. Other top Hollywood players, also writers and directors, are volunteering their services. All of the proceed sriO go to wounded aerv- FBEXCII BEADY TO STRIKE. Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, has issued several special communiques, describing the splendid work of the French Forces of the Interior. Millions of French citizens, held down nd ontmessed bv German invaders, await into a doorway. Looking up, ah saw robot bomb sailing down. It bit four bouses away. Mowing: " 1. O-r .SS .. is&sji ill ! them to pieces. But here a ths ' V Vr i topper. Her rescuer was Capt. B0 Miller, former Paramount camera- ftliSRM the opportunity to inflict damage and cas Tbs gang on Tan Americana" Krea Crowlaf When a chard plant become orer-frown. an the leave can be cut off eloaa to the bate, and coon a new crop of youn leave will develop. Few incect attack it, none cerioush. 4: . r -W a, a y lj ' ., sr .. ' and It I not (ubject to eriou dis- La.- - now call Phil Terry Tarzan." He fell off the roof while trying to pull vines off a drain-pipe and grabbed hold of more vines Just below Joan Crawford's window. She looked out, screamed. Just a Terry fell another 10 feet and grabbed mora vines. He finally dropped to the in urn r i Doctors tell Job Hall bs was tacky to be carved up by a sharp knife. Otherwise, the sous would bavs been terrible.. Nobody more surprised than Artist Ceorg Petty over the request of the Museum of Modern Art for an interview on his contribution to American feminine fashions. Petty always draws bis girls with practically NO rtotbes on. The famous creator of pin-up art to ben to do a composite beauty for the promotion campaign on M-G-M "Ziegfeid Follies." ground, unhurt except for scratches. ualties upon the enemy. Accoromg 10 reports, coming from those who ought to know, the results have been astonishing and one British Staff officer remarks, "Every Frenchman these days seems to have a gun or knife in his hand." Apparently, the French people, oppressed by the iron hand of their conquerors, merely await a favorable opportunity to strike a blow for the deliverance of their country and its people. The internal situation will probably require severe measures as French patriots apply discipline to those who have assisted the German in his deDrsdaiuMiK. eafe. Tbere arc tome varieties whicb arc recominended for their heavy lean eta Us, which can be emsfced and served like asparagus, but the most valuable and palatable contribution to the family diet ara One vUwnJn-rich dark (rean leaves, whicb it produces abundantly. A red variety of chard in addition to beinf nutritious has much decota. live value and is sometimes frown as a border to oroameotal piantinfs. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Sonia Henie wiD skate, dance and do underwater sx-imming- sequences fat her new picture, "It's a Pleasure." This, incidentally. Is ber FIRST in a. 'rW- TV si over between Grace McDonald and Marine Lieut. Ralph Greene, ber suitor for many months. ... Kay Francis com technicolor. ... Polish actor Kurt Katch and Us wife, professionally known as Rons Darska, become American ci tizens Aug. 25. Katch, now playing at Universal in "The pleted her hospital tour against doctors' orders. As a result, aay Taking a Backward Glance Destroys Dead Tissae Ten per cent of radium's use 1 in making luminous coatings for clock bands, gun sights, military fav stnunast. Five per cent is in other industrial Job. The main use 4 per cent - Is m treatment to destroy malignant tissues. There, again. Is a paradox radium's number one jwb is tissue destruction to make pible normal tissue construction. retarr. White, north of this city, Thursday. August 27. Mr. White ba sent norjs out to all the eomrades on tlie li.. lie also wants all 'Mbors and friend to feel at liberty to hh and brine; baskets In fact, they aie Med to do o. Tine re-tarjr mHufmsMs I ball all "tliie boys" shooiiid luafee a selial effort to Mummy's Curse," was Ttmoshenko in "Mission to Moscow." . . , Leslie Brooks at the Clover dub with Corp. Michael Harvey of the "Winged Victory" troupe. . . . The Armed Forces Radio service is receiving hundreds of fan letters from overseas on Orchestra Leader Bob Wills' "Mail Call" broadcasts. . , , Song-writer Harold Adsunson, passing a burlesque theater that was closed for the season, quipped: "Looks like a holiday for Me commwiiiity and "old tim-m" wttt sulk m4 prtmMm the ojom iu--juaf iut of the program. TAkt will ate be rowte and smwji r'iaifMW or fxtStut. fVrWMIMlv Portland medics, she probably will have to have ber rib re-fractored. She has a big hump on ber collar bone. Mary Ganly (she was in M-a-Ms "Bathing Beauty") and Jack Hopkins (of March Field) will get married as soon as tbey can find a house. Hopkins used to go with Linda Darnell before she married Pov Marley. , , , Patsy Mace Is expectta; a baby m January. She's to town for a visit while her bus-"sejid. Wirig Comdr, Ceorze D.Clark TWit-vrr rKum Ai TOO' Vor i ItMutMtKfttM rt Xtmr Ixinesil fcwittlfti wr afurft4 to! ttmt !3wl will imve xwAh&r fzh&wtimtpAsk 'wr. come, I rung (suites around, as be The future stability of Europe will be greatly facilitated by the reappearance of a strong France, illuminated by the light of liberty and steadfastly proclaiming the inalienable rights of mankind. Apparently, we will have such a France again, and, as the war picture looks today, it will not be long delayed. Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in an order of the day: "With ail of us resolutely perfornsiog our special tasks, we can make this week a momentous one in the history of-this war, a brilliant and fruitful week for us, a fateful one for the Kckle F rather Wet feathers from chicken processing plants may m be pickled to keep them from spoiling in ship-wwRWt to fadtwies. G-strings." lBiMI O, Comtw and laumfly DiLTe iiA)vd from ithlr hwmt iu JSuiwlls Tblrrt strt ta lull ftumilli Main Mr!. WltaK jUwit Kfrlly of Terns flanirtie te to- Clteliuu lfjt willii Mr., Mtte XtmU and SIw Mura-ttee HUimliiait of Tn' liattte are ii iivf f Ji Marie Wiuod isf KwiBitdi Tliird . myx the fiinal roll call nuay come sam& etifllt them off from awoSber (wjjjontmiiiirty. Thewe n-misiilions bare ltoi)e )iMe a featmre of the vl-eiiuiity, its the way kdI' a soldier reimiiiiton. iCMjid tiUiuiIie amid sfeech-es, a well as a "Kwod feed" and k'Aity of remniiiuli.wiina; are features. Ttae bsitlfiBl coranlry tiiorae of Ihe ry Is as Ideal ( lor tine reuniioitis, iVroal at ZKt tletawUe ffflr wn-'s yair" wm Kmh at on Itm fiireit ftiiiiitit olt" stoiteib&UsM laiiidli-a-t6 ISiuil ilbe taumtmr tiuiy w im fatiA Um' nttmtftr tiM?d bunt juatr for Itfce Hwsjitaw-iniac Tf mttiy ws&mbmtikm THE Rest of My IirelVrra You &y Faith Baldwin - ttm40me lUwst mifeliit DKieM toli-fl'Mjwai! siUiiiitiiri(ATr WftTJ Mm r- I Mixmm Jimt)hiH" Wiutiter and f ttt,- 'mm rrurr " IteM 1 Mim ISwweia XaMenw iwf Jfwrtb jslreet Ml Imdaiy Iw Alkron, Olnlw. wberw toe will t'fett wWto luw Iwwllier, (Binwofe fSefree amd M. MaiiKaret Joawa, her staler. n thev nav their bills. Too bad j Kha KeDk-y b:fit fiiil. afternoon j for a ten diij'' mxy at Miaeara II ralbt. !Mrs, Eonifee fciodA'rs, of Newport, sueam Friday wllh her iar- Ieuls. Me. and Sirs. Jhu Church. Mm. Artliimr WhMford. from near vw tUAMHibieiii, vianined her niioitliier, Mrs. Cimwi'ttm, of Konb Maim, VtUmr. iHJJW lljef, lUit'lMIUS. aiil Jiwltt'x HiwRMWwawlaia;' ir Kuv 1 ffouuaftttd Fur Mradar I7- Tliw tw(ki f I4wm id '1-iiy ne tiiwmiiuc Iw a fuAiuw-Wibbiii&iaT fr'ibiit aut fjiie rfrwsw tbiuiewlbi xtxH Mdy. Tfa willl b Kiu-day iwhwl auad 4iiurto sinv'lii, fAit)iWrA4t ftiy oviipilrie daiA,r, tUtou av jHnwgrcaow aulrtv muitlnis rmtsrv YKtiut . THjKMV .. IK ?U ewaiM Thaw fear. Tliie amAiiuall reiwoiioiu of fUtmH' Kf ii. Imdiiana wlimt'j:. ambitions of Nazi tyrants." Moscow Field Marshal Fried rich Von Faulus, captured by the Soviets during the nazi debacle at Stalingrad, in a radio broadcast to bis countrymen: The war is already lost for Germany." Washington British Ambassador Earl Halifax: "I think we have made a mistake in playing down what robot bombs actually have meant to us. Yet they have not had the slightest effect on the resolution of the British people." New York Ewbert EL Hannegan, Democratic national chairman at the open- Mim fjie liaird. of South KtsUa sitreet, will ga to Terre BI be held, as for ww ar fituvrty alt tlAe rewdeiuee of the sra lit fas Iwpud fonawr litjs l 'j lllawte. for seyeral eeW visit. HModay. tjent while EKzabeth gave trtat- ments. Elizabefh did not resent this; she was fond of Irene and enjoyed work-ins; for Matthew. But, she told ber nance privately that Matthew was spoiled: First bis mother end then Irene. "It's a shame!" she declared. Her fiance wss s struggling young lawyer with an invalid mother to support and a sister to see through college. His nam i wss Peter Moffat and he looked, Elisabeth thought, a little like Gary Cooper. Peter grinned at ber now arrow the table of the little safe where they were dininav "What' sne bkeT" "Who? Oh, Matthew' mother. Grand person, lovely to look at, you'd never dream she bad a son so aid. I forgot you hadn't met her." "Irene' all right," he coonnented, spearing some antipssto, "a Imie om tint sober side, of course." She's sne of the best. But I do ansa she wouMn't wait on bis hand and foot," Etnahetb asid. "His svrtber did too, stni does. Ifs a shame," she repealed; "be' really Vimmm' fur Per ezpxmf&iim'e for cat' 4M"jJ f Huts eia?girtotftratt mge4vjrCf sxrf hww tin to CM CHAPTER SIXTEEM tetahetb Nelson, after dining with Irene and MaWfeew, decided that she would like to take the efBee putilMsB, She wanted a brief vsca-bon before underlalsuig ber new duties, but during that time came to the offlfae at interval for "tramtae;." She teased Irene about it unmercifully. "I'm not really fossy," Irene defended herself, "but Matthew is Impatient if things don't Just crk mitmf." "I'll diek for bis," said Elizabeth, lsg, "from nine five. A fur that bell bsve t dark by buuself. Banker's hours, that's sse. I don twelve-bour duty ton Ions; . . . surf," she added, "when I didn't have to; I sacan when eiefet-bonr duty came into fashion, I dwln't lis tt. I nlwsys ap behmd the eteht ball . . . in this esse, t wrong euret hours." Matthew Kked Ettjehetk and told Irene pnvsteiy that she would prove AeWRt. "If she doesn't go and get ssanvd rigbt away," be sxMed giwasiily. Sam's bride was a trifle dnmisna, after she bad sees EiBeheth for the nrat Urn. Huoa was aa inteasc bt'.le creaiture and she said, omss-dantasily, "l don't see why yaw pick ewt a Monde!" "I'm one," Irene wasindsd bar; "don't ywu bke them?" - "Men," sad Hnda, "are so step-tiUe. WhMlseUtolmwritknui I aetanlty drasded seeaag ba Aw u IMjS, lei vvsmtxeiMa with jsy lo were ilvwvr to ftpQ'x& flt year. more ttom SAftJ.iVfi p&pw&$ixM itv I can't drum up an appendix for old Bill, but ber ha been bottled since the Civil War or thereabouts." After Matthew was asleep she would find she couM not go back to sleep again. Often she would get up quietly and straighten out the vast confusion be alwars menaced to leave behind him. Be never noticed that she did; be wss aceus. tomed to painless order out of ears-leas chaos. Toward the end of the winter Judith Lambert came East with ber mother and sunt. They took an apartment in one of the hotels. Judith telephoned Mary Norman and Mary dined with them. She found Mrs. Lambert very subdued; "s carbon copy of herself ," she told Mstxhew afterwards, "she wss always so vivacious. Not a pretty woman at any trsse but en attractive one." Mrs. Lortog b rich, sedoubt-sble Aunt Eiia waa now Usaatn-douily fat, with tiny, man-arched feet of whkb die was inordinately proud. he kept her hsir Mack and her skin white, and was really prettier than she bad been to ber lean girlhood. She bsd the seme air ef smtaoie arrogance which Mary rs-ssembered from their school days, and it was no wander that ber water was snore or less erased by ber overpowering- presence. Everything about her was overpowering: the perfume to which she wss sd-dieted, ber eastnan-saade frocks, ber fan, ber Jewels, her ahnost incredi hie personal saaid, with a face like the side of a barn eosr and bard, efficient bands, "Too're lovelier than ever," Eva Leauaert told Vary, with her wistful smile, regarding ber with dark eyes in wham tragedy had faded to unhappy 11 mmaihi ance. Eiiaaened heen.jy. "last's the first toing I toought ... reasrwber bew skinny you ased to be? . . . ant that you're much better aow. Of course I'm toe fat but my doctors doe't believe ta drastic diets. It's glands, taey say. Pity yea never married agaw, Mary." "Never bad a cfeanee," aaswiisJ Mary, aavtrng. They were dtofng in the epert-saeat, deftly served by a waiter sad a eatam. Eiia loosed wits t'ua CKOSJlViOgZ? By Eugene Sbeffer 1 II ll 3 WT IIl"llfc"lI 3 " " TO i5 'TZ'.IT" UL "1 w?' rag of national campaign Jaeadqiiarter; The people hare every ewnfideaoe in hi (BawtsveWx) ability to perform his duties better than anyone eiae." Washington Ralph Bard. Under-Secretary of the Navy: This then, is no time for ower-Aijism, the was i not over. The dagger of too great owiidenoe is that it vmy weaken us preewiely when we must gather our strength Ivr the laet crushing a85nalt," Salem. Oregon Bear Admiral Thomas Lc Catch, JdgvAdvocate Geoer! of Knr kit ftuotis m fwwan bucd"' a S'.utf 6ter id ltd iupn ywri, lb? ijittttlu it mb t a swell person, even rJ ne is spoueo. "See that yon dost spoil bun two." warned Peter sternly. "Dart me. I have as tiase to spoil anyone bat yon." "Ten don t do too good Job," be aid rtawily. "Shall we go te s There wss so Bttle comfort for lovers m New Tort They couldn't setup. I sset htm at a party yon' Sues T. Dorsey afford theaters and night ctuna, hot they could walk, and window shop, m ride en a bos. They couldn't go bssae to Peter's and bsten to bat sswiher eoaapla'n. She wss very sostiie to Eiszaiietb in the sweetest posNtiie way. They did net dare fP know and esued nun nusner au suoc, bsKbcr't tne ress9t ioes be was an M B. susmmsm saa0i the kstrodneuons. Anywoy, when f dad sc tre saw and fenad that Sess the U. S. !Say; ""Off baud we cua say that the urst way to keep the peaoe after this war is to go about it in aui.Aiy the opposite Hits seresawtoUtheyweresMha toxwa, sreLews." . she said, loofcrag awny from of the ciria araut sse to snare an ttmntm'm slBt thmT WAlMlUiVtU, eoHtnwtKies eparonent with tocss. It it would be a piaee to r ..." and she sdded ssiMiuy. "tiaer'd be to and out what with dates and alL" He repeated oaietly. "WeJL Betty, bow anont asevier f 7, sttftrpentMiat . Ilaltaa pwet 1 .salutaiUut 11 lonut MdU(t Mgwdugacal way to what we 3Ud after the last war. Cincinnati Lieut. Gen. Ben Lar, Chief of the Army Ground Forties: "Much sf the Army now in Kurope may return home ria the Suez Canal and Tokyo after years of absence." The German army will eventually collapse but until it does it will fight and Al -Old," esspancwd Bada Crsaly. Sac was twsv r-swe. "OW and not sperisdjy ewl Wuaie;. I was t-Jedtoawntn. Bwt as I or laments " "'hat sswat shea?" "Don't yen ever worry f Why should I?" seised Irene. Buoa sssmsV her bead. "I'm dif-fcreat," sioe ssM giiwsaily. "I ww Ssss had sptasiaed bs in ewn." -I don't worry about Matthew," rarrvt al 1. wtne iwxaia 2 ae eu . as 4. as Mm-w9Mt lr suier 6 M The weeks sTJpped past and Irene 1 felt very welL ne was eonarjoss e.WMus MUVS M.eure (1 ruvcraifce anctrututons St. alKHer &!'.URll!US' !?) ' rrrie poess 'ST.aatliuuny pt. Sv.waaed i of aa esorssoos and patient peace, j a sense ef sradinc and fulfdissent. I Mstmew was sweet to ber, very T . iwv-wu twAcb 21. tstree-lgg Irene toad her. a turooS a are upon baked efaiefcea b a heavy i lied soldiers, attacking the foe. deserve the admiration of their people at home. She sate. JWfff t tartirrcrtri' vmrele. Freotw ZZ'JZZrCTZ 1 newe'ped eTto-n 'ZJZT' i be waT lixely to be called to eye for a pretty gm. I IMr i, Westchester. Be "Of eoorse be has," Irene acreoL mmM tamK Ute sad turn en "Did yvu tiunk 1 atsriVd a bund ttgeukt VmtA a biaze of - V' . 'Na iir - V - ST"5 . . -1 ' 1 J i. I v I Pearl Harbor President Eoosevelt: i J.iwiita.'te dLw&aus t.jlsiiiiaasr'it coals XS-oaw mere SA-torotrtnaa- stuuurtf M .Fasl o r IXsutSbe .pngot as Sax KLosleoialKius peniua 2?rvte Se.SRtLtt cV'iOlsS Zk.astUt SLauet red. way fyr 21 f ab&4ia 88. Jukenana cas anwilypt .pruners tieaaure T. Aosenas seagxet Sf.w rope v oju!ir:inf 42 iooi-hM part SUUUMT smrOev anmoj turd tight and teff Irene all amut Esc was faintly tnnun, wiennhinc si fen eouar. 2Z Kerrexuc Cmgmc a saoe across ta ebarkisg bis coat ever a chair. Well, then, I never wsarted to" "Why? Became for that greet oaf ef a boy, what's his assss . . . Matthew? Judna was always tain, ing about hiss." Tes. Matthew." "It's absurd." aiinuuiatsd Elm, "to aaiT free yuuistlf for your caB---dree. Where doe it get you? Nst that I ever had any, but yoa slsws aad ssn'hfi'i for toem, and what happens? Tbrs grow up and get man in! and you're back where yea "If iust tnat sne nev "We will beat Japan at their own game or any game!" We may be wrong but it looks like the prosperity of the entire world depends prosperity of the entire work all depend upon the promotion of international trade. ! Soldier mar not rote in the VMi. presidential ejection by they will hare their weisht in 1913. and tou mav look psriataasriy dwemied. Irene bad trsaatd m a bur boapaal. She knew ah irr auort of the answers. She knew a rood deal show ewctor and wanes and pataeuw. Bat Meoaew keiwred to her. They were ssnr-ned. Taey loved each ether. Irene began to feel better a trme went aJSor nrd she rasas to toe nali i now and thee, a of tea as saw cmud had aa excuse to nne, to hop Eurasetn en ptirmHy busy days or to tose svrr tae tejeytowe aat ps- SUM $4 caaage fvriaas poet 3w aular year ewues 41 ros iut 44 aJt 45 prS-ttK 4 af 4 4w:-7 ru.de4 Si tf4 Si-.UuuciiArws up," he esuria say ; "she bad eobc ss s baby, sne Bill ha it. It'ssassa-iec. On a hundred thonssad a year ysa can afford to pamper a aula MWHSsyathe. Wossaa eats too urneh. Keuuiag elae toe scatter with ber, reaiiy." 1:' widd." Irene nuail sanrtr sieeply; "see anst he may, caibng yon ai. aour ef toe saght." , WLWJIiU y " i 'V r 1 j :-.y.LirzZZLl ITS fc -5 uir tm M iilsm - U ai tSJOWSN TOMMY DOSfT and sertw osbers are bemg aned tor taemvz by Anlxxaao lracaa, strins'iuyed nclor wks skc f Oaeaapes and .? (Oajttiaec, naTffwnr. he was tut a tnfJe s-e ss-yowd nrM ear te the Jon RaS-Trary Lwrsey rvw la Bui.'rwwd tvxsz-i, (Imautueaili (To be iwUuuge) imi rwes e 4.. sxenni - 1jai. aXftf r cstuHx sMSmds, lac for decisive resalu. j t

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