The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 15, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINTON! AN nsday, August 15, 1944 Uoa was beld at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Alec McLarea ea the Terre Haute road for about 76 guests. Alex McLaren Weds Georgia Cirl In Ceremony Saturday Clinton Social Notes J A three-tiered wedding cake top ped with a miniature bride and grooa was eut by the bride. Blue. WiUiasa Daugbertr, 7S Elm St. tiuderwest u appeaAe etomy at Ua- At pink and white, the bridal colors, were carried eut and guests wer served cake, punch and toe ereaa at small tables a the lawn. Each table Mrs. Elliabetb Huxfrd. returned to ber bome Sunday .event rag following a visit with ber fs mxtui Pvt. C. W. Huxford fur the past month. Pvt. Huxford will complete bis training at Mlnerwell, Texas, the first of September and will receive a f urlough then. Falrvlew Home K Club will meet with Mrs. itoseoe Walker And Mrs. I'ruilhiere, Assistant boetess. At 1:45 p. m. 9 m m The Misses Heititie. Wine), aad Linda JJJvt will roUira to Poaitiac, Mich, xli'i-r spending the cummer with JlH-ir grandparents. Mr. And Mrs. Fred li'r. sr. taiBjaae ax mebts The felrtkoay at Bertha Boilings aa Cora Conaeri were ebserreo August 12 at the borne of Mrs. BU-ioa la St. Beratee. A basket dicaer was beld at aeoa with Doris King ia charge " ea-tertAiasaeat. Oiadys Creea won the esatest. The honor (nests received aasoy aioe gifts. These present were Mr. and Mn. Charlie RoJHnen. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rollings and tamUy f tidcago. Mr. and Mrs. Benuie Conner, Mr. and Mr.' Clint King, Mr. And Mrs. Itar-old -Skeleton And lamily., Cbartie Mamlltoa. Mr. And Mrs. MaOley, Mra. WUlie. Phyllis Adams, Minnie ioa Hospital Saturday,. CoiidUloa Is Oreosn la Veil bm tHMtkmx At Fast Jacfcaea Mr' and Mra. Joseph Buford Bird was centered with garden flowers. The bride Is a graduate of the Linton Stockton High School with Crawfordville. Ua Announce tlte marriage cf tlielr daughter, Laura satisfactory. Mrs. Joha Frioo, SMC North tiivik street, was admitted te the vUK)1y hospitall Monday for otn?rva1iut. DfvAdits ttosa And umtb MJJl-r, boitii f CayugA, wre AilaiitAed to tilw county liospitaJ Mocdt:y as ton-slllectumy caw. Mrs. Helen Bradler., B 2. CUnton, the class f 'it And attended Terre Haute tOommarolail College. Bhe Is now employed at the Wabash River Louise Bird, ite Pc. Alexander Wek MclAren. Clinton, oow atationed At Ordnance Works. Fort Jackaon, S. C The groom graduated from the The wedding took place At the Bodle f Anderson. Minnie JCort.hru p Clinton High School with the class home cf the brides parents, Satur Travis.) was dismiiwed fruuo the xulity bus- of Terre Haute, Dorothy day evening, Aug. i, At 1:M 9, pital Monaay. f and Attended Terre Haute Commercial College. Be was pro Margaret Col we, rare Kewton and Her. Ceerge C Steed, pastor f the Baptist church read the vowi for daughter, Lassie Btout. Oiadys (Skin duction engineer for the Allison ner, Esther Middle. Amanda Busli, Gladys reea And chlldresi. Mrs. the ring ceremony. MOIfUMTMTS 0 A CessaArse Uaw 0 For Utrrkm IMwp I s A Jat4 LW.WjJUk MofMimatC. Slid M'absMdi Ave. Terre Haute. sAdiaam plant to Indianapolis beCore entering the army two ago. Be le Attendants at the ceremony were Dunn. Belle Middle avnd Laura Fon of white roses. Mrs. Earl Bledsoe, aunt of the bride and matron of bono wore a pale pink gown styled with a ilk bodioe, purled sleeves and bouffant net skirt She wore a short (veil tailing from a Juliet tap f latticed twisted net. Her arm bouquet was of jlnk roses. Miss Patricia Younians an 4 Miss Norma lean Weir, both of Clinton, wore blue gowns etylod alike with a basque and puffed sleeves. Each wore a short well. Their eorsuses were jilnk roses tied with pink ribbon. I Little Beverly lane Miller, ulster of the bride and Slier on Waugh, i nleoe of the bridegroom, .noted as flower girls. Each wore white aMia gowns tyled like that -of the bride and carried baskets of pink And white snapdragons. ; Alex W. Waugh, (brother of he groom, was 'best man. Jack MoLar-l en and Don Weir, icoustns of the groom, were the lesoorts .and A'ec McLaren and iGeorge Weir Acted as' ushers. Mrs. Miller wore a navy blue en-; semble with white Accessories and a corsage of pink rosebuds. Mrs. Waugh 's .costume was green with brown accessories .and her .corsage was also of ipink rosebuds. J Following the ceremony, a reoep- iller-Waugb Rites lemnized Sunday at cal Baptist Church uuunt ihijilo'e and md Buy Honored! At iMMfitiaa At McLaren lame l-Hilluwliig Kurtial Ins Melba Jean Miller, daughter Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Millar of ton, Jnd. ibeoame the fertile of igt. Fred "Waugh, Jr., son uf Mr. Mra. Fred Waugb of this .city, day it I ). n. I Ihe double ring eeremony was formed by Rer. Ray -Crawl ait ithe it Baptist Church before an al- .decorated with palms, garden fera, gladiolas and candelabras. Harry Morgan flayed the ilal music and Mrs. Dwight impson of Indianapolis sang, "My py Day" and ''1 Love Tou Tru-acaompanled by iier daughter, a Lou. liven In marriage by her father, bride wore white satin gown a fitted Ibasque, weetheart kline, long tapered sleeves and all skirt. Her tiered well of illu-il dged with Chantilly laoe fell n a Dutch laoe cap. Bhe wore a irl necklace and carried a fcouauet. Miss iosle Bird And Oil. Fitzgerald. Rockland. Mass. And Fort Jackson, S. C now stationed At the Headouarters Division of the fled River Ordnance at Texarkana, Texas. Following the reception the B. B. CUTS MEET Mrs. Troy Vickers furniBlied the young couple left for a short wed Mra. Annabel Uamrick was At ber borne in Blaufurd Cor music "All For ou And A waist by Schubert, while itlie guests As Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Warden. Kuokvilie. are the parents! of a son born At the eotunty bospittil M-ouday. The infant weighed eieft pounds and 1 we eunoe And has ijM.n named dun Kevin. Mra Warden u the i.or-nier Miss Jane 'imsicr. I J-'h. M. ic And Mrs.. Erntail Haie, ICS 8 .Suuith Fourtb Mtinoat, re the parents .of a -eon borh jut tii'e ouii, hoiltal Tuesday. The tefa-nt welgli-i ud Hix pounds And tifl.uu .ounoes and has nut been mamed. Mrs. ;HUjn8 lis (.lie turner Miss Joan Kuwling. Ph. M. Sims is now etatHpnod iiA Calilur-. Ala. - ! Mary Catherine and Patricia Jean sembled. Wagner's Bridal Chorus was played for the entranue f the wedding party, And .during the ceremony a selection rom Orpheus was played. The bride was lovely an an arter- noon Areas of white embroidered swiss. Her abort wen was fastened ito the B. B. Club Thursday ewaiing. Bunco was played At tw. tallies with prises oing to Mrs. rl'ina Blasy, bunco, Mrs. Angeline Marietta, bigh and travel And Mrs. Bessie Hiroyan, tow. Delicious refreshments were eer-md. The Beat meeting will be Aug. ti At the borne v! Mrs. Josephine Perona. j m m "Frank Hayslett and .daughter, Mra. Leo Gentry And Miss Jean Ctl-bert And Miss Eeba Ward ot Indianapolis, returned borne Sunday after wisiting ever the weekend with Mr. And Mrs. L. W- Luce f the M'A-j bash Apartments. Mrs. Frank Bays- her hair with A eoronet of tulle, and white (lowers. Her ehoulder corsage Opening Fcr Three Salesladies Louise lae. ha,s opening for three salesladies Age 18 to 40. Q Befereoees Eequired I Appljr ( A louse ixa 325 $. Mala St. J Clintoti LadutBA (ur Iouifce Inc. Sortk teiie Sqtutre ... Pari. LUlauis CAmpbeil, Clock Spr-inK. Wye.., re-' was lavender orchids And tuberos es. Her Attendant, Miss Bird, wore tunned borne Monday After a'isiting Mra. Nora Wilson And Mr. And Mra. . Pete Ouerri. Kttlph hattuck, who lie confined to (liis hume, JUti Elm ettieut, lis re-i ding trip to the lakes. For traveling, the bride wore blue gabardine with white .accessories and a corsage of iplnk roses. TuesOajr Minnehaha, 7:80 p. m. at the nail. .Golden Star Club, Mrs. Battle fo-pik, Cronipton Hill, 7:80 p. m. Wednesday Fatrview Borne SSconomtas Club Mrs. Roscoe Walker, H:6 p. m. Mrs. Prulliieie, assistant. i Happy Bour Home Eoonomlos Club Mrs. Donna Bkelley, 10:80 a. in. Mrs. Basel Wright, assisting. Tri Kappa picnic and pledge ur-vices Mrs. Mac flolmnon, .6:80 S-m. iBring .own table service. Friendly Bunco .Club, Mrs. 3Botty Keed, South Fourth Street, J : SO p. m. Important business, .all .urged ito attend. Jythian Circle picnic supper, n. m. at Bportland Park. lavender crape, with email white hat And corsage .of pink gladioli. ., ijfri sywsi 0 . The ceremony took place lin the living room before an altar of palms, ported to be eouveiwhait iinjn wv.ud. j ferns And baskets .of white .gladioli. - lent And son, Frank, Jr.. And .daugb-l ter, iCloria Fame, Also f Indian 'ST The mantel was banked tin vy,,i Definitely RefresVing! You'll azrae -that ,one .of itlie beat and .double branched candelabra Mrs. Fred i01l-er And Mrs. Mairy j Dallagiuoumu will leave Har a .week's i wiakt with iliriends in lUetjnoit Friday, I apolis, who have been mailing trela-i held tall white tapers which ceflec-i 7 tives 'here lot the Past week Accom ted tin the .mirror over the mantel. .oooooooooooooooeoooooooooo panied them glome. Miss Wilms Mcintosh of Chicago, ways o keep codl during Ihe summer "scorchers" 1c to have your eunimer garments .dry .cleaned frequently. You'll agree too, that the Model way, .where quality controls the dry-cleaning tprooesa, is itope In the cleaning -service. Mra. McLaren its the -youngest daughter .of Mr. And Mrs. Bird. She is a honor graduate tt Alexander Stephens Institute and A member .of the Beta Club. pfc. McLaren da ithe eon of Mr. 111. spent the weekend with ber parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Mcintosh ' and Mrs. Alexander McLaren. Clin of 'tit dim fittest. m Mr. And Mrs. Charles Kamarata of State Soad 8 epent Sunday with White Heather .Circle, Mrs. "Wal nsteadsl ton. He lis a graduate of Danville 111., High School And attended ithe University .of Illinois. He is a anem-ij Mr. And Mrs. Marion JJees And iin-laut .daughter uf Patricksburg. Have Tour Clothes Cleaned The Model Way OBEl CLEAHEHS B28 South Main St. J"hune 18 Jji MJV "ww A1 "wV iwV' "Hft11"1" o ber .of the 56th 'Yankee Division" Band stationed At Fort Jackson, S. C. Following ithe .ceremony, Mr. nd A LITTLE 220 Elm BL BETTER" Phone 129 ter Bhortor, South Fifth street. ThursOay Plillathea Class at itlie Baptist Church, :30 ;P. m. Hostesses Mrs. Prank Steward, Mrs. Clarence Holler and Mrs. Clifford Montgomery. American iLeglon Auxiliary, !Le-gion Home, 6 p. m. , Dxecutlve Board, WSCB .of ithe Methodist Church. 2:30 p. m. in church .parlor. m m m Mr. .and Mss. tCscar Howard .of Clindton bad as their Weduesduy evening visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Dun-ty Bissy .of iBlanfard. Mrs. Bird entertained the bridal par-; 00000000000000000000000 900 ty at a buffet supper. A .crystal bowl of red iRadlanoe roses .on .each "V- 5 side of .crystal .candelabra iholdtng white tapers was used as the center Kappa Delta Phi picnic at the piece on the laoe covered table. McDonald -Lake. For transportation meet at White's Pharmacy, 6:30 p. ni . MEN in TI.2 WORLD'S HOT-SPOTS CALL FCLl AHCnC-D.TC2ZE CLOTII2S Pic. and Mrs. McLaren left Sunday -night for Columbia, fi. C. And for ithe present are at '.the Jefferson Hotel while the groom is stationed Job's Daughters Practice for rai tyku ,! 9lfftm 1 Sjfmm iiii Initiation. Masonic Hall, 6 p. m. Catholic vWoman's Club special at Fort Jackson. meeting, 7:30 p. Jn. Mrs. Ann iDon- zero, .chairman. m m m -Mrs. Lee Sexton and granddaugh I? VELIMILLIQN COUMTY Invites You to Attend Its Dig 1944 ter. Theo Dawn Auldridge. of Dal Mr. And Mrs. Marion -Nees, Pat rlckburg. and. announce .the arrival las, Texas, have been visiting Mrs. Sexton's son, William .Sexton and Mrs. Sexton of Black man street. Mrs. Sexton and granddaughter will leave Wednesday to -visit her daughter, Mrs. George 3 .Gilliaon and Mr. Glllison of Pittsburg, Pa. m Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence 'Houston of a baby girl born August 8th. The Infant -weighed -seven pounds and has been named Sharon Ann. She to the lint child in the rfamlly. Mrs. Nees was .formerly Miss Lois Hert. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dello Hurt of Patricksburg, lormerly of MIE and Doyne Crowder of South Third street apent yesterday in .Indianapolis on (business. m m -m Mrs. Charles Crowder and Mrs. Robert Brooker and aon, Bobby, spent -the day In Terre Haute. pvt. and Mr. Billy tepp of Pa ris, III. are the parents of a daughter born Aug. 11 at the Parte hospital. Mrs. Steep Is the former Marie Foltz of Blanford. The boy welKhed 7 pounds anil has bean named Joyce Alleen. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bowser of Indianapolis, -formerly of Clinton an-nounee-to their many friends the birth of A eon. Loren Everett, on Aug. 10th at the Mary Sherman jVotice! As Miss Irar in .on -vacation this week please telepiuHK aecktl Items to Mrs. Carey At UiU. It hii-nnr niimwimi' " tmsM i -iiithi i -I-w 1 j r ? Hospital at Sullivan, ind. The new arrival is the second aon In the family. Mrs. Bowser was formerly Miaa Helen Little. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Max Ma-lone, both formerly of Clinton, a baby girl, in the Wrighta Memorial Hospital, the daughter was named Sally Ann. Mrs. Malone was formerly Sara ha Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Beldoni of Detroit, Mich, are the parents of A daughter, born Saturday morning in a Detroit Hospital. This is the ec-ond child of Mr. and Mra. Baldoni. The other child a aon. Mm. Beldoni in the former Las to Oliver of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Malone of Fergus Kails, Minn., former Clinton residents, are the parents of a daughter born At Wright Memorial Hospital August 11. The Jiaby weighed eight pounds and four ounces at 1 Oz. Bottle A .50 plus fed. To Ce Held in CAYUGA'S SHADY PARK AUGUST 22, 23, 24, 25 VLS RADIO ARTISTS Friday, August 25 . SOCIETY HOUSE SHOW Thursday Night, August 24 HOUSE PULLING CONTEST Wednesday Afternoon, August 23 EXHIBITS OF ALL KIKDS RIDS AND SHOWS ON MIDWAY "Meet Your Friends at the Vermillion County Fair" fj tax birth and has been named Sally RIST VuneRiu. Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Malone are the parents of one other child, Larry Max. Mra. and Mra. George Cvengros. R. J, Clinton, an the .parents of a daughter born at the Vermillion County Hospital Saturday. The Infant weighed eight pounds And fifteen ounees and has been named Virginia Lois. m m m Mr. and Mra. Charles Kamm of Gary, Ind. were weekend guests of Mr Kamm a mother. Mrs. Eva Don nome na and grandmother, Mrs. laverna Wherever the sun beats down on steaming city streets there you will find Arctic Breeze Clothes. Men who must beat the heat have discovered that spun rayon is the oldest fabric in existence. Arctic Breeze Clothes are in demand wherever men want to be cool but still well-dressed. Discover for yourself the amazing coolness, the lightness, and the good looks of this "tailored summer suit". fM AS ADVERTISED IN ESQUIRE COL-5 J W Qfj LIER'S TIME SATURDAY EVE-4 KING PUST. ClOSEDLATT'S Remember We Close At 8:30 P. M. On Saturdays Crossley of Falrvlew. m m Mrs. George Kamm, Mrs. Claude FolU and Mrs. Arnold Rodgers returned Monday night from the American Legion Auxiliary convention in Indianapolis. They were delegates from the local post. PEKM AKENTS Specialiied Hair Styling ADAMSOrCS BEAITOR1UM 355 Vt South Main St. Phone 502

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