The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 106
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 106

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 106
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Page 106 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Simffay, Nov. 3f 1968 H9 WVVVtf with a IVinnERl! SO Heckling Develops Specialized Forms For Sheriff Take CLINTON E. RED TAYLOR Nixon has such a' finely packaged campaign that normally hecklers can't seem to get close to him although they do occasionally. But the radicals have written him off as a worthy target. "We will heckle him when he's in office," says one. The hecklers haven't produced a situation in which a candidate was unable to speak, but they've forced Wallace to cut some speeches short. Democrat IFVFI? 73.R Into a microphone connected to a battery-powered megaphone, or bullhorn. He could match the Humphrey loudspeaker decibel by decibel. Wallace often has used hecklers to his own advantage, taunting them, assuring them.' that their actions only earn him votes. He refers to them as ''long-haired anarchists." Muskie, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, occasionally handled them by allowing hecklers speaking time and usually the hecklers were outclassed. Humphrey sometimes has lectured them, sometimes exploded, and apparently emerged from determined interruptors with some sympathy. Richard M. Nixon, the Republican presidential nominee, bas had comparatively few hecklers. His running mate, Splro T. Agnew, has had plenty. At times he's lectured them and told them to be ashamed of themselves. There are the antiwar hecklers, and Black Power and Black Panther hecklers who began action against Wallace rather late in the campaign and radicals like the yippies. They all heckled Wallace, although for different reasons. "We know our actions help reinforce the right wing and build the strength of Wallace," says Stewart Albert, a writer for the underground press who was at a Wallace rally in San Francisco. "That's what we want to do. Although our society Is now repressive, we feel that it needs to be even more repressive before there can be rebellion. Heckling is a means of dramatically showing a new life style and at the same time inviting further repression. "Our style of communal liv-lug, free speech and a free " Pd. Pol. Adv. SINCE 1960 EC .F.VAN HAS HELPED PRODUCE society Invites this kind of repression. We know there will never be a revolution and a revolution is necessary In or- der to change things unless there is a repressive society." Says Jerry Rubin who wears a large "Wallace for President" button: "Wallace can't do without us. We anarchists created Wallace. He owes his real popularity to us." Rubin, who has no Job yet stays very active in protest activities, was asked how he managed to do It. "I wish the House UnAmerl-can .Activities' Committee would subpoena me again," he said. "That's the easiest money I mads. I get seven cents a mile and $10 a day. For my last appearance, I have a check coming for about $300. That keeps me living for at least a month, and even longer." Ed MM.Mr.eT Cease. Tnee Hump" or "Agnevr Gesund-belt" moves quickly. The four-letter ones are generally reported ta the underground press, and move across the country mors slowly- . ' Who are the hecklers? What impact have they bad? There are the quiet ones amidst the hecklers, like the well-combed, long-haired, neatly dressed girl with the narrow face and startled eyes sitting at a rally for Sen. Edmund S. Muskie, Democratic presidential candidate, with her right hand held aloft, the fingers forming the "V" sign of the peace movement. There are the disenchanted ones, such as Wayne Waldo, sophomore at Del Mar Junior College in Corpus Chrlsti, Tex., or Tim Hagerty, an English Instructor at the University of Dayton in Ohio, who feel they must stand up and be counted. These are the hecklers who felt the Democratic and Republican parties deserted them and need to be called to account. - There are radical hecklers, like Tom Hayden and Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman, who by their zeal and personal style rose to leadership and prominence. Rubin and Hoffman are most popularly associated with the yippies or Youth International Party which may emerge as the greatest putdown and satire ot the 1960's. It Is the yippies, essentially, who invented the over-cheer. The over-cheer was used against Wallace at a rally in Denver. Instead of the usual "Sieg Hell" chants, or other more vulgar ones, the yippies and hippies cheered for him. In the general tumult, Wallace apparently didn't get it." But a few days later, In San Diego, he spotted them in the audience and heard them yelling, "We want Wallace," and "Kill for Peace." The candidate said, "Well, If you're really for me, Just sit down and let me finish my speech." But the over-cheer put him olf pace. The super-heckler Is a product of electronics. A typical example occurred In Seattle when Vice President Humphrey was making a campaign speech there in the Center Arena. Humphrey ran into Trim Bissell, 26, a bearded poet who says he's living off a government grant under the National Endowment for the Arts. Bissell is on the steering committee ot the Draft Resisters League. As Humphrey started to speak, Bissell started talking Mm Dm Clerk Circuit Court KEEP 1 0 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Examine The Record of Proven Economy, Efficiency, and Courtesy " Served as Clerk of the Criminal Court six years. Re duced operating costs from $9.55 to $3.22 s Fulfilled campaign pledge to combine offices of Clerk of Criminal and Circuit Courts doing both jobs for one salary. INDUSTRY up 95 TOURISTS up 51 DOLLARS SPENT Up 124 BRIDGES 6 new bridges over the Intro Coastal ROADS New 4 lane Over 200 PARKS 5 new county parks AGRICULTURE Up 107 PUBLIC BUILDINGS: Glades County Office Building Court House & Jail Additions County Home & Hospital 1 Additions MORE PROGRESS THAN ANY OTHER 8 YEAR PERIOD ' Keep the BUSINESS GOING and the TOURISTS COMING!" ReELECT YOUR FULL TIME COUNTY COMMISSIONER f Returned last year to County Treasury third highest per cent of fees in excess of operating costs in state. Almost ' of a million dollars. Modernized office systems and installed computer operation for greater efficiency. Created courteous and efficient team. rn GCSSSllL Ul By BERNARD GAVZER AP Newsieatnrea Writer No candidate was spared it. Some had to tilt with all the typical tactics of heckling the gibe, the taunt, the insult, the rude questions.' Heckling had not only become a fixture of the 1968 presidential campaign, but bad developed two specialized lormsi'the super-heckle and the over-cheer. It was contagious and the vay it seemed to pop up raised suspicions that perhaps heckling was part of a plot, or that people were being paid to do it. No other modern American political campaign has had ', keckllng on such a scale. ; "The whole thing is sparked nd led by the Communists," concluded Gen. Curtis E. Le-Way, vice presidential candidate of Gov. George C. Wallace's American Independent rty. And Vice President Hubert . B. Humphrey told one rally: "I think you should Just as ; well know that there's a deter- jnlned effort being made in 1 this country today by a very I email group of well-disci-; plined, highly organized people who have made it their business to interrupt me." He named no names. Nor . dldLeMay. ; But a reporter who traveled ! thousands of miles with five of ; the six presidential and vice ; presidential candidates Le- May was in Vietnam at the ' time could find no evidence that even the most active and ; Irritating of hecklers dogged the heels of any candidate, or ' that the themes were set by any single secret group, or ; that hidden financing was pro- Vided by a conspiracy. Nor was any such evidence, so far as Is known, uncovered by the nation's two prime intelligence and investigative agencies: the FBI and Secret , Service. "I'm sure the Communists 1 like the disorder as they would ; like anything that serves to hurt the image of America," '.. says a key FBI agent who ' Cannot be named, "but as far ,'as evidence Indicates, this just , Is not their show." "My personal feeling is that you can't be as organized as ; the hecklers are without money, time, talent and strategy," says a Secret Service agent, "but I don't have anything to go on as far as tying everybody together. There are leaders, all right, but I can't say there is any special meaning ; to that." . The Secret Service has 24-: tour details with each of the candidates and each team .akes full reports on all jvents relating to security problems. If any known hecklers posed a threat, special steps would be taken to keep. . them from possible contact. Individuals who have made threats have been placed in "protective security" when the candidate is in their area. Several leaders of various radical movements say they know of no cases of radicals and hecklers getting such treat-, tnent. The similar tactics and the speed with which a slogan or sign moves across the country raised suspicion that perhaps , all these things have been masterminded. But this is mainly the product of America's highly sophisticated communications technology. A chant In Syracuse, N.Y., may be instantly transmitted In sound and photographs, or Tecorded on tape, and turn up on the 6 o'clock news across the country and all the hamlets between. The chant is heard that evening in Alamo-gordo, N.M. News media' rapidly transmit stories and photos, broad-casters relay reports or interviews or the sound of the hecklers themselves. That Is, all the permissible stuff. A sign reading "Wallace Is Rosemary's Baby," or "Dump the Send for the world's greatest toy catalog! 2.000 dlFT ton lOVt AND OIP.UI It's more thin eitaloi-li's iht favorite browsinf book of thousand o( Amtricin families! Here's the newest edition-easily worth the 25 for mailini! The most eye-popping collection of fay end Instructiva toys ever piciured-many for the first time. Also included are children's books end games, unusual children's wear, sporting foods and adult games. Shop by nuil-il's fun. Send for your catalog now. 314 10 Ml POINCIANA fUZA PA Hi IEACN. FLA. 33410 Mm Ml la mm van 10M.M Tay Calaloe I aneiaaa M4 oft sever ibudiiaf. Katt mn Up until now your present Democrat Congressman has refused to tell us who he will support for President . , . THAT'S BAD. He won't even tell us who He will not support . . . THAT'S WORSE! DEM. .1 7v. uert 0' S This is the letter sent to Paul Rogers and to Bob Rust by the American Conservative Coalition REPUBLICAN he stands -&&t .. tl,t a,"111 . .lt t a - . x " W i .as no4' .a0"' iii'" hi a.-1" ..O"" . J . QJZ k The American Conservative Coalition sent this Pledge to Paul Rogers and to Bob Rust! Rust signed his . . . Rogers would not sign! 71 r A , 1 let1 The American Coniervative Coalition is a conservitive organization with National Headquarters in Coronarlo, California, and affiliated conservative organizations in every state. Chairman, Brig. General William C. Lemly; Dr. Jerome D. Harold, Southern Regional Director.Flstcher 3iley,?lorida State Chairman Elect BOB EtUST ... you Know where . REPUBLICAN n. m. American Coniervatlve Coalition P. 0. Box361 Coronado, Calif. 92113 Brig. General William C. Lemly, Chairman .

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