The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 15, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1944
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THE DAILY CLIN TON IAN Tuesday, August 15, 1911 Page T w o Prescrijied by State Board of Accounts Tows JBudeetjForm $,', f e- . ,- . Limited Civilian Production Hegiiis Under WPB Order Allies Storm Ashore On 100-Mile Front Swift Gains Scored NOTICE - Clinton Sailor Poet Aboard LSTon Return Trip to Guam Island (Continued from page 1) (Continued from Puge One) NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES IN THE MATTER OF DETERMINING- THE TAX -RATES FOR CERTAIN JTH POKES RV THE CIVIL TOWN OF I'NIVEKSAL, VER MILLION COUNTY, INDIANA. BEEORE THE BOARD OF TOWN TRIIKTEEK Notice is hereby given the tux puyers of Town uf t.'uiveruul. Vermillion County, lndlunu, thut the proper legul officers of said municipality, ut their regular meetlnc. pluee, on the HKIIi duy of AuKust, i)44, will consider the following budget: HI IKiKT (ILAHHIKM'A'I'IOK FOR I'llMAM (1ENERAL I'M'ND 1. BERVI0ES PERSONAL that heavy battling was in progrsn (Continued from pnge 1) household furniture, elect tie irons lawn mowers, dry ct'll butteries fishing tackle, gnlf eluhs, dumesth Solomon mid New Gul n well us In the Marin- :lon in tin non ari'U. i TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES IN THE MATTER OF DETERMINING THE TAX KATES FOR CERTAIN J'URPOSKS UY TUB CIVIL TOWN OF FAIRV1EW PARK. VERMILLION COUNTY, INDIANA. BEFORE THE BOAED OF TOWN TRUSTEES. .Notice is jierehy given the taxpayers of Fairvlew Purk. Vermillion County, iliKllunu, that the pruimr legal officers of said miuirtclpallty, t their regular meeting pluee. on the ifclh day of August, 14 will consider the following budget : . til 1MET CH.AMSIr'H ATJOK FOB 'OW Kb CENEitAL FUND 1. SERVICES PERSONAL sewing machines, iih'UiI hairpins Hint bobby piua, cutlery, eleetrlc funs fountain pom mikI meehunleul pen- ni numerous points between Cuunus and Nice. Lundings were reported Uy the r.Hi-muus at Hormes, 2 inileK east or Toulon, und at numerous other points' including Ht. -Raphael and a point northeast of Cap JJ'Ra-mnut. The trHrmaiis claimed the Bor-mes attempt fulled.) A steady flow of Allied troops and I1HK. HIb wlfu, mid IlK-ir tufuiil duugh-nr. J lid 1 1 li Kliilni'. who lie has linv-,.r . live In (Minimi. Following l uii- f III" l"us. dodii'iiti'd lo hie favorite vessel: I.ST An I.ST is a cumbersome ship. Clin, ultirm elnchs, shotguns, oil burners, wutor heiiters, typewriters f 11. Hulary of Trustees . .76.00 125.00 86 mm. motion pieturc propectorH. off lot furniture, auto ttre chains 1 2. Kalary Clerk-Treasurer 15. Compensation Town Atty. - IK. .Other Conipensution telephones, mid "Juko boxes" und 126.00 40.00 11. Sulary of 'lYUBlees ' i I 2. M'ii hlg uii'l bulky mill slow. Yes! An LST In nil ugly ship. Illll ll'H HlwilVfi Mil tin- go. For every push thin side of hell. Thnv with used 11111I ii"d right well amusement und gaming mu'iilneK. . Missing from the comprehensive list it re many Items retiuli'ing oleo- 276.00 HER VICES CONTRACTUAL 22. Heat. LiKht, Power and Water 23. Printing nnd Advertising HPPPL.1KS 40.00 tric motors or moving purin needed They hmili'd Un- furuo, troops mid In. vitHl war production. Including electric and gas refrigerators und 31. Office Supplies 40.00 tllllllH. 20.00 tt'ltli never nil uttered work of 80.00 25.00 300.00 60j0 60.00 S60.OO 26.00 6.00 16.00 12. Sulary, Clerk-TreuHUrer 16. 'Conipensution Town Attorney 18. 'Other Compensation 2. SERVICES CONTRACTUAL 22. Heut, (Light. J'ower and Water 23. Printing nnd Advertising t 24. Repairs Town Hull 25. Services, Oilier Contractual 3. SUPPLIES SI. Office Supplies , , 6. CURRENT CHARGES 51. Insurance and Official Rond l'rem. 32. Other Supplies CURRENT CHARGES 51. Insurance and Rond Prem. 62. Rents thanks. They don't imm'CI li. those l.ST's 10.00 "uuipmetit was buing put an 1 1 ore ruin the landing armaria under pro-'eetion of the guns of Allied -war ships. The invasion, precuned thy shutter-, tug aerial ftssatilts along the Ui-i lierH. bombardment of eoustal .positions by, Allied wurslittw nnd tlw landing of at least 14.UU0 airborne troops behind the designated beach-lieads. was carried out as a cotuple-; meiitary campaign to the drive lu-i'ronch Normandy where the Gor-inutis are being -rocked back on. their heels. Headiiuarters disclosed that the aurfuult against southern Fruune. ie under the personal leadership Gen. Dwight !..; Eisenhower 25.011 Hiey ilon'i t'urt', uh long iik they tectrlc washing machines. Meanwhile, the Office of Trie Administration prepared price ceillng;-for the new civilian goods, with OKA. spokesmen asserting tlio job "is not yet complete. " "We hope to hove something by the end of the week," un official said. $ 700.00 pleilHC, . I'or ilium- ships 11 re Nuvy ships And tlny cull 'l tt J f t rt lo niulu- slips Some Bailors I'ltvor euniitrH. TOTAL GENERAL FUND STREET FUND SERVICES PERSONAL 13. Wuges of Luhorers SUPPLIES MATERIALS 1,056.00 onie Hue cuiiK or waii'ms. too. 1,000.00 . 200.00 4tt0.00 TOTAL GENERAL iFUND STREET FUND SERVICES PERSONAL But they've never nerved 1111 a ahip 11. Salary, Street Commissioner lllie lhl. A iihlp.of Hie hniv und true. 1'es! An I.ST iw u euinliersoiiie ship It's hit und hull:y mid hIow, t 180.00 626.00 fiuO.OO TOTAL STREET FUND -J1.600.00 preme commander of Allied invasion 13. Wages of Laborers SUPPLIES ESTIMATE OF TOWN I I Sim TO BE 3. forces, and the campaign is directly linked with the battle to destroy tb German armies in -northwestern Bui if you know or a phiee to hit. tl,00,6.00 Scrape .Thinly Pare or better, scrape) potatoes and other root vegetables as thinly 8 possible. Best f ail, cook them In -their jackets. Valuable nutrients are near the skin. Cut carrots and other long vegetables lengthwise. Their cells ore long and less of the nutrient qualities will escape in the cooking water. I.el uk Itnow. Hure! We'll ko! Street J"und 11(600.00 .600.00 TOTAL STREET FUND - ESTIMATE OF TOWN J IM WO lik. JKAIWKH FUNDS REQUIRED FOR EXPENSES TO General Street i'rance. Tiie American, British and French iFund FUNDS REQI'IRED FOR EXPENSES TO General DECEMBER 8 1st OF INCOMING ViEAR: ; jFund 1. Total Budget Estimate for -incoming year .700.00 2. Necessary expenditures to be -made from up- ' proprlutlons unexpended July 31 .of present year 360.00 K 6. Total Funds Required 1,060.00 FUNDS ON HAND AND TO BE RECEIVED FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX U2VY: ' DECEMBER 31st OF INCOMING YEAR: Fund Gen. Patton Leads troops which went ashore from an Sotal Budget J3stimute for incoming, 0W.1ir-f 1,4106 M armada of more than g0 T'nited 2,100.00 Necessary -expenditures to he made -from appropriations unexpended July 31st of present year c . - ' 20.ei). -:. JIO0.0O Nations ships landed in accordance with an original plan which Gen. Kfseuhower began to draw up before Rough-Riding U.S. 3rd Army in France Actual Ralunce. July 31st of present -year ' 81.68 2,604.32 Christmas of 1943. Taxes to be collected, present year 163.00 fl,20.6.00 Headquarters in Italy roportod 6. Total Funds Reuuired (Add lines 1, 2, 3 aud i) $1,256. 00 FUNDS ON HAND AND TO BE RECEIVED .,''. (Continued Irom page H that the Allied troops already hold Miscellaneous Revenue to be received Aug. 1 at present year :to Dec. SI of incoming year a. Special Taxes 200.00 FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED . ., . a considerable stretch of ground be TAX1.EVY: 650.00 tween Nice aud Marseille, and an official bulletin said the landings were Swore at PILES! But Now He SMILES! YOU Ntf trite 1m. TTe tfortoM formnlft for -dtatrenu ul julea. Sum? aa umj1 adjunct I v1 r Mfctstliftn h( weed clinic. B" auiaKvd u . in7 IUMj. ' vrDcits He si"'" QUICK relief! AM 1.00 lube Xliuroiou & ilfior' Kftnl CUmtoPDt torlny. Or pet Um eaar-to-aprir ttiwnitou & lliuor Uit-tal StipVf-itrle. cWy a Sgiruta iuviu. In JGC10JiS' Way TODA1T. Al JI Jtwu'l tlitu wr tvi yttiirtt -4n Clint", -it (iiilin lh;mii;y. UPSET STOMACHS YIELD INCHES OF CAS AND BLOAT continuing successfully and according to schedule. . Actual Balance, July 31st of presont -year , , r S. Miscellaneous Revenue to be received Aug. lat , .of ,present year -to Dec. 31st of incoming year (Schedule .on ille in office of City controller): b. Fees and all other revenue (see schedule) Total Funds f 444.68 $3,264.32 NET AMOUNT TO BE RAISED FOR EXPENSES TO DEC. 31st OF INCOMING YEAR 606.42 -1.164.32 Operating Ralunce , 360.00 1,164.32 The troops which swarmed up the 11. 864.48 beaches after strongpoiuts were knocked out by warships met only light ground opposition from the 12. AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY t 866.42 0. fl.077,04 thai ht. 'Jen. Omar N. Bradley is the overall commander of the newly-formed Uih U. H. Army group and Lt. Cen. Courtney H. llodgeB Iihf tuk(-u Uradley'g former place as commander of the American First Army. The First and Third armies are Included in the 12th V. t?. Army group. On .Ylareliiiifi Whig Uisenliuwer said that Patton had ':' on the marching wins of the Ai:!erican spearhead driving to en-vt hip the German Seventh Army in Normandy. Kiseiihower safd Patton had been Dlat-fd in his accustomed role as a ' 12. Total Funds (Add lines 6, 7, 8a and b) AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY (Add lines 10 and 11 ) PltOl'OHIOD JjEVII; Germans. The whole operation was under command of Gen. Dwight D. Eisen PKOPOHKD Ll; IliK Net Taxable Property 060.00 Number of Taxable Polls 49 Levy of Levy on Amount to Net Taxable Property hower and coordinated with the op Number of Taxable Polls NoBe ' None 243:786.00 120 Levy on Amount -to Property He -Raised None None erations in Normandy, where .the trapped elements of the German Levy on FUNDS Polls .General None Seventh Army continued to take a terrific pouuding from Allied assault columns. iashinff man on a marchiuK wing where he belongs. FUNDS Polls -Property Be Raised General $1.00 f .S6 $966.42 COMPARATIVE KTATKMKNT OF TAXES COU-iECTED AND TO UE ( Ol.LKCTEII To Be Collected Collected Collected Collected Name of Fund 1941 1942 1943 1944 General $140.40 $154.00 $232.39 $367.40 Taxpayers appearing shall have a right to be heard thereon. After the tax levies have been determined, and presented to the County Auditor not later than two days prior to the secoud Monday in September, aud the levy, fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Hoard, or on their failure so to do, by the County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by such levies, may appeal to the Slate Board of Tax Commissioners for Tiie 8uprenie commander tripd to ?aich up with Patton for a visit last "I was no full of gas f was afraid I'd burst. Sour, hitter auhsfam ruse Bp hi my from my unt stomach aftJr tnealii. I ent KHK-HKLP, and It worked Inches of sas and bloat Xroui me. W alstltue is 11 oy down bow. Meals are a pleasure. I praise Krb-Help (0 the sky." This Is an actiuil testimonial from a man ilTine riRht here in -Clinton. " EKB-HKriP is the new formula contalnine medicinal juiees from 112 Great Herbs; these herbs cleanse bowels, clear eas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't (to on suffering Get COMPARATIVE KTATUMENT OF TAXES COIJK(TED ANI TO E COL1J4CTEK .(-Tabulate below amount to be collected in current year and amojinta collected lu each of the previous three years.') & .: - & Collected .Collected Collected -Collected Name of Fund 1942 1943 104-4 1946 Total $1,457.64 $1,458.18 $1.093rtf $1,467.82 Taxpayers appearing shall have a right to be heard teron. After the tax levies have been determined, und presented to the-County Auditor not later than two days prior to the second Monday in September, and the levy week but complained that Bradley would not Ipt him drive down through the area, still infeeied by snipers, uuls a couple of scout ars and t tank went along. llfe Viewed am Team turuier and flmH bearing thereon, by filing of petition with the County The London Evening 8tar said the campaign in southern France was inderstood to be under command of American Lieut. Gen. Jacob L. Dev-rs. Deputy Supreme Commander to Gen. Sir Henry Maltland Wilson in the Mediterranean theater. The drive came a few hours after til French patriots and French forces of the interior had been called lpou by the French National Com-ruittee of Liberation to combat the jerntwis 4n -4Mi way.LposUle. Thi; N.iijjpde-VW'ujus, reports jn where the Allied armies struck, jermaii broadcasts said the initial asFault came at Bormes. 20 miles ast of Toulon, astride the main coastal railroad leading from Mar The supreme commander said he Auditor not laterthan October 16, and the Bute Board will fix a date for liked to view the Allied armies as hearing In this County team, .with wing on the left and Dattd-tais -JrO-da of Au - 94 4 ErbHrfu. White's ' (Reiall) Phar tiie oiher on the ritrht. They are JOHN ANTUS, CHARLES HPURR, macy. fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or . on their -failure so to do, by the County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by such levies,' may appeal to the -State Bojird of Tax Commissioners for fucUiar and final hearing thereon, by filing of petition with ithe County Auditor not later than October 15, and Uieitate hoard -will fix a date for hearing in this County. Dated this 7th day of August, 1944. . ERNEST WEBER, CLAUDE HAYES, EVERETT SHORES, Trustees, fish! inn with equal clean, innraie efficiency and determinatioa, he said Kisenhower viewed the (Germans JOE VANZO. Trustees. CAII7Y0U. present plight as a result of the mis take of holding too Ioiik and in un Hi derestimating the strength marching wing under Patton seille to the Italian frontier. Other '9 Treated with Sulfa Gonorrhea, a disease of great landings were reported at Toulon and Cannes. Pennsylvanlans Predominate Pennsylvania's traditionally represent 90 per cent 0 the undergraduate enrollment at the Pennsylvania slate college. social and economic importance, can, in most esses, 'be effectively treated with the sulfa drugs. Two-Mile Long Glider Prescribed by Stale Board of Accounts Library Budget Form No. Armada Sweeps Over South Coast of France Reds Smash Past Last Barrier To East Prussia Soil (Continued rttft, age 1) NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES (Continued fiom pace 1) COMFORTABLE roads showed below, but there was no sign uf German life; not a gun. In the Matter of Determining the Tax Rates for certain Purposes by the Library Board of Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana. Before the Library Board. The order described Osoweic as an "important German stronghold- 1 eriiMtu 'tMirtraUi-kfc Fail The Soviet lush command com- soldier or Vehicle. It was, uncanny, and fiat. ' j ... . I,aiulngs Well Made .. . v. if. Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Clinton, Vermillion County, On the ground below sprawled the inuDHiue reponed -strong German. W THEN the etress of modern multicolored parachutes cTropped by r paratroopers who jumped before the IV X - -r landings boats hit the beaches. The Indiaua. that the proper legal officers of said municipality, at their regular meeting place, on the 28th day of August, 1944, will consider the following budget: . - ' :. . i - v, Bl lxaJT ClyASSIKICATlOX 1. Services Personal . $ 2.410.00 2. Services Contractual H63.S6 3. Supplies . - 3IU.U0 5. Current Charges . l - eounter-attucks against Rdssian lines in th! aieii of Kanetniai. in Iithua-nia. The Nazi counterthrustw were hurled back by Soviet fighters. In southern Poland, northeast of Krakov. German counter-attacks a-eainst KusRiun forces near Sandu- parachutes were, well clustered together indicating that the landings had been -well niade. Tue groups of CUILT FCn ACTIVE JUNIOR STYLES abandoned etiuies stood out like a 7. Properties '. '. 8u0'.00 mierz were hurled back, and Soviet Total Estimate 4.583.9U gigantic tropical garden in bloom. The glider planes cut loose their tows, and the big gliders slid smoothly in for landings. At one uoiat 11. gliders set down in a ! lighters moved forward to win new (positions after the Nazi efforts were ! spout. (Complete detail of budget estimate may he seen in office oftLibraryj ESTIMATE OF MHIt Alt V FI ND TO BE UAWED - i FUNDS REQUIRED FOR EXPENSES TO DECEMBER 31st OF INCOMING YEAH: VV Jiving srets "on your nerves", a yood sedative can do a lot to lenien nervous tension, to make yon more comfortable, to permit XMiiui sleep. Vest time a day's work and worry or a night's wakefulnesss, tn&kes you Irritable, Restless or Jumpy gives you Nervous Head-Jth or Nervous Indigestion, try Dr. Kites Nervine jTiiji.iH er Effervescent Tablets) Dr. Mile Nervine is a time-tested sedative that has been bringing relief from functional trvous Disturbances for sixty yaars yet is as up-to-date as this morning's newspaper. Liquid 2- and SI. 00, Effervescent tana-la 354 and 75. Read directions and use onias directed. ploughed field, and only one crash I Utile m Vistula ltajik Fierce fightinc raged near tan-amitrz as desperate Nazi hurled armor aud iniantry into fruitless f- ed. It was a magnificent operation. 1. Total Budget Estimate for incoming year $ 4,583.98 f Comfort and foot health, for growing children. .KuUuer Fly in l-ovv In all the time we flew low to watch the landings and return over the L-oaet tlire was no shot fired at heels and tough, long -w ear - 2. Necessary expenditures to be made from appropriations unexpended Juiy 31st of present year 2,800.00 5. Total Funds Required (Add lines 1. 2. 3 and 4) $ 7, 383. UK FUNDS ON HAND AND TO BE RECEIVED FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX LEVY: , li. Actual Balance. July 31st of present year $ 3,773 flt; 7. Taxes to be collected, present year (December settlement) 2,000. Oo i tons to smash KuMtian pusitiout; on in;' w-st bank f the Vistula, j (Ar Ahit- radio broadcast, moni- tored by Cite, declared that Russian ItroopF in tin Haines area had now jcui all ratlwa Hiid eoinmunicstfon ! lilies comerting on ltiga us. liut despite the peaceful eeemin,'; trip over 4ho fiu-asion area, and the 8. Miscellaneous Revenue to be receiied August 1st of present year to December 31 si of iucomiug year (Schedule I 1 ' 'frh m .3 east 01 fhe gliaur lauding, there are ureal ihiiigs taking place at the :,'!cv-.larseille area. on file in office of Library Board 1 : b. Fees and all other revenue tsee Schedule) 9. Total Funds (Add lines 6. 7. hu and Shi $ 30.00 5.803.01, Id. N 1ST AMOUNT TO BK RAISED FOR EXPENSES TO DECEMBER 31st OF INCOMING YEAR (Deduct line 9 from line 5) 1.680.92 11. Operating Bulance (Not In excess of expense January 1st Sbri-perfume to June 3o. less Miscellaneous Revenue for same period) 2,458.99 Japanese Report Manila Evacuated, Fear US Landing (nntlnawi F n Pace 1 12. AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY THE PERFUME (Add lines 10 and 11) $3,039.91 PKOItMEO I.F.USS 1 r -v TOMORROW Net Taxaole Property $3.09.955.00 CREATOR JyMj OF a Levy 011 Amount to . f 1 1 rT" Name of t und . Property Be Raised U - Library $ .10 $ 3,009.95 - ing leather aalaa. I2-X, U (Vi tm liu. ya OXrOROS for GIRLS Soft yet rugged glove feather with composition aoha and rubber heels. Army Jruaaet shade. ; Alliyafw aria OsforaaULf Keg.U.S.Pst.fW. i Jim Penney Oxtxrd5 -2.53 , . Moccasin toe bals or straigtui. lip hluchera for achl or dress. Rubber heela. lUo.6. Tiie latest inslallulion. probably en atuuiunilion duiui). spewed flame and smoke g.DOO feet in the air aud touched off many other explosions on the ground. Mamikvtnri Bifc-ti-r ed As Yank bombers battered Hal-tnuhera. oth'-r pl-ines blistered the YMPAKATIVE STATEMENT OF TAX KM COLLECTED A.VK TO BK OI.K-TEI (Tabulate below amount to be collected in current year and amounts collected in each of the previous three years.) To Be Collected Collected Collected Collected Fund 1942 1943 1944 1945 Library $ 3.750.72 $ 4.624.81 $ 3.715.96 t 3.(:9.95 rJ. ; t 9 -aa ts Taxpayers appearing shall have a right to be heard thereon. After the liy-pased base of Muunkwari on Otiich New Guinea with tin tons of i--!,lu-ives. Personal areas and supply enters rocked uuder the as EXQUISITE - VV J X sault, while five barges in MacCluer l-CPAM T OO WOT A SACHET 1C BOTIIE -- PI.W. TAX Gulf were destroyed along with many Riipply-landen trucks. "Mark Widow" I'sed First official word of the Lethal "Black Widow" night fighters in tax levies have been determined, aud presented lo the Cuunty Auditor not later than two days prior to the second Monday In September, and the levy fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or on their failure so to do. by the County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by such levies, may appeal 10 the State Board of Tax Commissioners for further and final hearing thereon, by filing of petiuon with the.Countv Aud. itor not later than October 15, aud tiie State Board will fix a date for hearing in this Cuunty. MRS GARNETTE HAYEK. President CLORA EVANS, Vice President PEARL 3TCLTZ, Secretary. Dated this 12th day of August, 1944. the southwest Pacific area came when Gen. MacArthur revealed that they had shot down an enemy bomb er over fiaiit Island. 815-22 44, t

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