The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 14, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six Monday, August 14, 1941.' THE DAILY CLINTONIAN " FIVE DEADLY HELLDIVERS GIVE JAPS. THE WORKS , , 1 Rates f cr Classified Ads business sebvices and Paid Notices Flrat day Insertion: (or Mk UECAI'PINO VULCANIZING KE-liner. I'restoue coming. Thermo lioyal, get it here while It'a plentiful. Oil 2 and C gal, fine container, (iu Market, IIS North Main St, Horace Towell, Mgr, ti wading Um (on eoluma Una, Ilk. a o( ueM), CLEAT! COOT!!' Kt two day iMertloa; tb Mm a t barge (you get liirea days aVoubt tb cost ot Um flrat dC). PAI'Kli JIANtilNU AND l'Alf'TIN. Will Uo iitV, Nest tares days taerttoa: tt ( chare (ro get a sraoia I'LlMISEIt. PHOVK ttOO-li. tif seek dr day I at tares time law oat at eas Insertion I. Back group of tares dar thsrs-Xter. ge a lla. Blacfcfaoa (Ilka this) lc Was. VSE OVa BOIX-TOt' IKKI HOUSES plenty of sunshine, clean them from Hie outside. top and a them. Telephone 222, Clinton Lumber & upp)y Co. Ait classified ads laetadlag mem-attema aad Botieea of all kind must t said la sdyaaea except those by DAILY CLIJTOfiinJ VUii PM1M1SI1WJ, IIEATllsKJ, EI.EC-lute wiring, and sheet metal w C. & J. Kama rata. 3S Korih regular easterner whose sceouui rs paid monthly or tboss (mot or aMlzAUoaa arboaa blllf mast b allowed before being paid. la tbe tatter eass, tbe cersos asking the atibUcattoa of lb aotiee alii be held ; reapoatlbls tor Us pay meat. J Mloik JSC Phone 20 and 1SSW. 17lf FOUND A LARGE gTOCK OP FOB SALE Goodyear Car, Track and Tractor Tinea and Tube. Vulcanising and Recapping neatly dona and iGaar-anteed. ts and Bogart Mobllgaa gtattoa, o Ciacoletto, CUaton, Tiate Oaafl Quick coffee cake served for 8un day moraine breakfasts tasta food if they are crowned with a sprinkling of brown sugar and chopped almond. Add the toppta during tb last fifteen minutes baking. CLASS DOOB, BCREEK BOOKS, new plywood board, new cabinet laUMal Firxt Cio-Aheal Order on Civilian Gooflx Aulhorizeil WAKIIIJilitSTOSiJ, D, C. WPB cblef liwnatd Nelson's toog-aought order Klt inc Ibe eobead to limited war time prodaaloa of citilua goods In certain "'" ria was doors with hardwood, drasser. kerosene stove, linoleum and oWier DEAD AMI MtA L II REMOVED, larg or asaall, proaapt aervtea. Call Crawford 2l or Crawford articles, 45 Ko, 7h St. t7 tlMNS OVEf THf tMOKIHO KUINf of four Jap iiji tbey bav Ktat bombed at Haha Jima la the Bonis fcaaoda, bv deadly belldircra of a Pacific fleet taak toroe re-form to return to tbtir earr'era. In &i t'acka oa Haha JUoa and Cbictol Juna. both in tl Eonina, K milea aoutb of Tokyo, ,m errr plaoea aank at leaat IS Jap abipa, danaj;e4 29 ottjr, bot down 2 Jap pianea and dfjunaged 9 hmk, anaidUiaAmertoaatugliOM. (ttt"Ue Sortat0i tM T--rra Hauta or Daas 12. niGHEST slue Jocubator, S EJeetrle Brood- due today and effective tomorrow. Wa par all pboaa cbargca, oka Wacbtel Co., Trr Haul. tlJ7 r BtttTi.. 1, BJeeU-ie Biood Followin ifbt on tbe beel of Nelson's latest order will be an Taatin Cabiuat. 1 Stapling Ma- DEAD AJhlMAJUl tumOVBD FUSE ot nJtarge bf Ouiiggtm and Moaa, Indiana Taxpayers BeceUe Bef undt on Income Tax BeeSarin Inat ei'ery effort 1 being made lo $pdit rfuad on ctuiue ad taple8, Bwby cnick foos-s aud egg cratag. ttoseiMe Klw.-jlc llau-li'wws. Rosedale, Ind. PJbooe S. t7is Karly Break In Heat Wave Near For MmImiI Area COLUHDIA noeaaed 4oalera. CaN aa aa aaoa aa tftef die and rcwerae charge. Iaa Feed Hervaoa, paava, rboa 6. tfrf For Your OPA directive on price ceiling covering tbe new citfUaa gioods. Karlier. the "(edge" bad been taken off tbe eipeed Nelson production program by War Mobiii&er Jaaies f. Byrnes in an order giving tbe War Manpower Commission virtual veto power over civilian production in case wbere it miKlit Jo- 14.8 ineonie t rtiurn. Will II. OH'K 4 HF H W lf A IX HUM SBjitk, iCoilaelor of Internal Beve-mw, said refnad enweiks r being i4teel cwdV-a lUwriiOr; A I iuuakU. 4ioa ciailivatorj diMV. fweafciag 4iA'e IbiaatMl idown aiiwrAsiaiWiAigily ito- SUNDAY and MONDAY uiil4 to taxpayers of tbe Indiana day (Uivon tlie t'nitud gtaites froui iGaracteed -Hj, Eefriera.tloa Bervtoe. Cotuioerclal aad Uoaaeatik. r. U BosebraJsa, I'bone CUs-ton or JKonteauaaa, prMniaid ionJy lior some laUts iii tjUe nuiddle areat i&d nortij oentrail advw; rollinjc niattier etra auuie; ipk4 riuia )OMW LiW, Ititfme ied fAWWrd ad ret-me. lUail tivo&e. rar of KM too. Main C pardixe tbe tibt manpower sitna-Utm. OP A price officials indicated tbat aria. OscilGaro COLEJMAM AUTO CO. 2.-55 S. 3rd St. PLwm427 MALE HELP WANTED Tiie iit !Mit if til KuOioffl ye:s- diwiirict t ttoe rate of per 'w(k. "To rry taNpayer of Ibi district 'ibo. is enti(Hvd to a refud oa bis IJ 3 rrfiUirn, 1 woiuld like to ay," ;'JioMtor RwHh sitad, "yonr ref und is proioesand as rapidly pos- sitJe, I leannot teJJ yon catly nn yoiur ' will otiie tbroiugb, be- wanui'actrers probably will be re-vnir4 to seetire iu4ivtvt ceilings terdity va.s in diie far -em.. KtMdj.s. m liie o.ubeaNteim ptart of iCiiilifr-aiia on (tiie Arjjuiia ibord', wUcr SAUXUiSti UVilO A J'lUTiUKB Jv'.a1ionaJl Mat ilJiici(.ej,s waaita iu for aies 'oi'k,, ood jjpot:wiu1iea. on cacb new Item pj-oduced based on production costs. t'U mereujT Jintbed (to 1 i 3 degrts. Tlee ceilings likely will be set dining iiooin suite, radio, Ust iof drawei'S, desk.. Anna Kajirke'a. Kbiritej-ille. llnd. i7 iB,ut An Aa-sttwa iieiuUui'c'. jaws- A&mltitAon 9e utti Z5e r.llracle of Morgan's Creek With Betty UuUon VAii Bnbt'kea Vi&ax, L) u Zwut Cat T;ktiMlor Cartoon in Mt aes by OI'A field tiffiam tt it witM be today and it aalgbl J (ton rioj'ded mm evu 1UW drH:. not ibe for a few wouifa. But I can I in view of the small niiimer of insr I inid many billies i,u ibe(t weiia itive fs- Hi?b eli.ooa gj'iLd mutes, 4-F, dis-cUairgna or draft tpKeuivt. Awly t)ti Koutii fl'Vuj'tii, CJiiUAtwi. !tl7i; BOyS TO CARRY I;AI'EB ROUTES. J yea or ever. Aplly, BUI Bluckkurn. iCllutoiiiam. AU, WHITE, ENAMliJj (OOAiL iiea4ier. $J15 Js'belter tStraet. itl tix I r.i'ap'iiieaa eKluw8 )i-i1.iM,4 J'jxiiui 9U o 8U0 3La4 ftUoYe. woMiise y1 tbt yon will be paid J nfacMirer epeit4 to be affected interest at tbe rate of six per cent, by tbe "o-nfeead" on civilian . proper yw for eiv-y tuontn your re-Jdiuction, fnud is delayed afte,' Marcb 1.6, j Tbe .Vlson order will allow Ibe ffj'o(uj4'M(t widititmiti, ;aliwi:4lv fead,, -Wicrt :-.1iig worse in (the $:ra!t SOW AND 1X HOATS, AT KAY Abuar, Jjrfoi'd. Coimid ud Burk. (tilts faj-ai direas f the miiddie M't H'buLdt!r UowrB ieaui,e in itAte j)iiio Card of Thanks GOOD WATS, ii-WSr STl'KM, EMiHT iuiIIbb SiorUiwetrt of CJiuton. Alii "A million cfcecks e tMsng dis-Jaencys lsld ow do ofcay pro-friiUutod wvciry tiiree week. and eoldwition of civilian jsoods by man;it-yoiu can sue titat, in yotur ase, yv s factrers wbo are not in critical war way get your refund fairly soon." 2 output or laibor snortae areas, Codfector mitb uggwed titat j aa taxpayej's refrain from writing IwuJ f,..,, villl rVA'i tej-s to inquire (Sibwut tneir refunds.! lle j because, in fairness to all tasipayej', I J - - -..,.1 tilSliaut lie cbeeks are being written in tbe J1" 4 4 111 lt iiEKT WHXCiHT, (t6x Tuewlii' aad Wedikmiday BOVS BICYCLE. Croiupton Hill. aaliey, but not .ulfieie4i(t ito rMlia'1 five f&ar ioX danuige or faEure ito Aiuwiy A'OJMI, i5cu4(tt'd Uow4,rs ' pii-ediote.4 iiU twajl wefions -today, ibuit at vjai said a iveavy downpour was eedtd to do lUIUCll good. iCliioao A'Xpedeiuoed its no(htea(t Aug. US in iiatry witb de- n . order in wbien fbey mecbanieal- a ! I?!-,, ly prooeased, d it is toipossible to! lHl AdtniiMiioa ife und 20e DOUBLE FEATURE guy deternjiue tile statu of any to.dl1d- CHARLEStTOWSI, lad. Two 1 gr,Bes. Jjt was fiue aiiiifynlirHt day itbs WamOUA AUHVWMUns wmV , 1W iivkw WW III wwytv&m wm Mr . PEACHES FOB CAJSWNOI NOW tS tbe itime, Tnia Is tbe place. tb nd Elm fitreet Maj-ket, oien mu-il H p. iu. for vour oitv,eB4onoe, We iim e towed ut ita'.ucka ui aavd our gae to liaui peachea. 0 you don't set itUeu) it won't toe ur fault. You au ave your gag, j tires, and money bore. McCrackea n! Bona, SU2 Soutb Main and t.h j aui Elin iitreeta. t4 Of y?aj" on 'bicb (tbe denipera-tur wa slowing np tbe whole procedure, jtwo others wereln bospjitai as tbe However, if taxpayer ba cuang-: result of a fire at tbe iuana tird- Iv oux kiud (ueltrliUorHj 'j'iat uueral HAwue, (tiKuritji'.u)i ifi'ieiide our iU:iLrtl-elt ttiUaiiks tftr ftUeir lUiaiiy (ejCjiM' ioue of sy mtmlUy. TUe Saiga wiD8 tieci.ljr ?rpra junk.Uy uud Robert fCarliii rniiL 'auiily, jyod iGarJin .ud J'umily, i1'tl or 4luo, Tbis (tied (Uie aJMiAcel I ii-iMcod'd Axf :8H uu lays (esUublihUied ! jiu 1K84. j Illinois uid Indiana wr inot ex-' ed bis addres since be filed bis re-r( nance plant. A fiftb man suffered turn, be sbould advise tiie collector bums but was taken to bis borne, of botib bis old and new addresses.. Coll. (telly II- !'is, couiuuinding v With aine Cagnejr Mae Clark PLUS pected Lo fct iiuucb relief (today, tbe weatbtv (bureau said, (but Jfc'Hbraisk. aa j officer at tbe Hoosier Ordnance Wonks, said tbe fire occurred last Former Local Telegraph " fnlgbt in an operating building and Agent NtrM' Bu)4iviile ' ' tliat tbe five men were tbe only o- west Itauaas tnd iowa wu:e in for a little jnor iuoderate 'iaJtbe!l, wblle COLUMBIA EEOOUD SDOSO., iBEAT Me. JJHdciy, jiariu I aud 2. '1U Bradley Orchetra. ,CUc jplus ta.v Wbite iPUarniacy. f.fEf.TFIUS DELLE the aiortueru .sections mi 'Wisconsin aud Minnesota already were cooling iff. - HUiarles WeBurger, fortuer manag- .j .!, tn. vu. . (tlgation Is unders'ay to determine HOUSE, FOUJR ItOOM itbew Street. Telegraph (Conipany, now manager i"f tragedy. of tbe Westea-n Union Oo, office at" "7" 'rTf l",,u"r'' !' Ataaliwa Kpeeial -NO ALTEBNATHTS" Victory Short Rusliville, Jnd., lias kept bis bicycle wcn, w , busy since tbe number tot casualty Marepgo, messages has itacreased witb fib to- m 10ef' ' vasion of France, f . ' Many jnessages coming to ttbe of-l epb H,p,tal, tusville, Ky was As (tor site .eastern seabord, it will stay Shot doduy M 'iiat. As Cor (tube ieaatem .seabord, it will stay not (today .ait least, aocoid ing to tbe forecaster. j That waa whei'e Boston liad ita; Utie degrees, fdarrisburg, ia... nlsoi JtiU, Near York dly, 2; Cittsbui'gb.j 'Washington, ibi. (C.. 1(2, dtd -! J'lETH VEIN COAX,. AJU50 BKA-11 Block. iCUarlie- M. f'erguaon. PUoue 186-W. 7-a7-44 t RJCK. any fclad poa aaat UUotoa A ate Wredduc Carta Oa. firnir'a rVane , iQUntea. 5af LOST , THUJiSDAY Dutch Elm To guard against Dutch elm disease, whicb is carried by elm tark beetles, all dying lms should be removed and destroyed before iha adult beetle makes its appearance in late April and early May. Elm wood which has been cut and piled during the last year should also be debarked or burned since H will also attract carrier beetles. fice are addressed (to families sever- . "TT,1 ." ad miles from ttusbvllle but WeBerg- ""am er maites all trips on bis bike since w? ,J?im he liiui iH.oui.rf,iU. unit i Ui-i n """Jaaw JVey, . w way ip nortii in Portland, Me., 7, Anotiier northern -city, .SauLt StAv Marie, Micb., (bad a i)&. uid still Salem, was taken to bis bom. I another, Marquette, in the suorthern BLACK Ziy'yER BILLFOLD BY loe plant. 'Contains iiook, iin portant cards ud pictures, ileturu to police station, iteward. iPearl Thomas. i4iix grams must be delivered personally. Ou one occasion be pedaled 14 miles one-way and on auotber 12. Formerly be bad two messenger boys but now tbey're botb in (the Jsiavy. ipart (Of Michigan's upper peuiusula I -otner represenuiuve neat wav : Cartoon Nm temperatures were: itroit, 16: tHu- fertiliser Use fertilizer eonsurnption In the United States has increased about tenfold in a little more than 60 years and more than 40 per sent in the past five years. Adiui4oji 9e and 20e sor.!ETHir:8 to SHOUT ABOUT With Don Aiueche Janet Blair Jack Oakie F1XJN TK1CKS- MGM Short "Mackinae Isiand" inuati and IHevcland 4: Colum Defatted Cera Gerss The protein of defatted core germ is (86 per cent a digestible as (the protein of Ibeef round and its biological value, based upon the percentage of digested nitrogen retained for maintenance and growth, is a tugu as that .of beef round. These results were obtained at the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment station and report by Prof. JJ, U, Mitchell and Jessie fieadies. BLACK J-l'KSE .CONTAINS SUGAR nd kerosene stamp ration book. Billfold contains money, fteturu to Clintoniun Office. t47x LOST IN SOUTH PAHT OF TOWN, part hound male dog, nearly all LOANS... $250 zzi S300 bus, b-i !!.; lies Moimis, iK.uu-sas City, : Eortb, T.. ltd; Phoenix, Ariz., 3ua; Krsuo, t'al., 1VS, and Yuuia. Ariz., luu. In Atlaulic 'ity, t;. 4., ice wilt-placed on virtually .a rationed basis, bwciiuse of the triitueudous 'dmaud .tlie inteiibe beat had made. vhite with brindle pots ,ou heud Oaf y Vegetable It is Smportant to include some of tlie green leafy vegetables in your spring Victory garden and to keep them oming li during tine growing season. It is a good plan to etart with leaf lettuce, spinach, mustard and turnip greens kt the early spring, follow along with chard and iNew Zealand spinach in the summer, then finish off in the fall with lettuce, late spinach, Ikale, or endive. The last three varieties will stand considerable cold fall weather without (being damaged. S50 S100 S200 and body. Dan Urake, 3 402 S. 5th Street. 14 7x Travellalk Help Wanted Female Yea, you can obtala a loan based on your earning ability and yea pay interest Wll tor (Jbe time let In tbti scrap! CIRL WANTED. APPLY VICTOR y liiuer. t4j( you nave tlie Aoaa, Tbe Public Loan Company will Witb Hie CouipliiacmU of SWIMMING POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free WIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office f or Wayne Eader Watdi Tliis paoe JUally FOB KENT slat yon aaickly ad privately, 1 you are steadily employed la a RELY ON... factory, office, store or eisewbe CHAIR. WHEEL 632-M. TELEPHONE t4.v Come in and talk awer roar aaoney problems witb vs. 4A' will arrange your psytuertA tv suit your THSPCTURES f'OUR ROOM HOME, INQUIRE AT S18 North Main St. t47x UdnTy" HHMttAMT SPOT income. Young Separate It is, "oddly nougb," the very young married persons who arc most often separated. Of the young men of 16 to 18 years of age, tot 108 married and living with their wive, there are 27 living away from their wives. The lowest number of separations occurs m the SO-to-84 age group. At 0 to 4 years of age, the cumber separated per 100 is 8, and it is 1Z beyond 86 years of age. Vc FINAL TUE. Costs are reasonable. Interest rata of .2 per tuontb s napaid bal ance for amounts p to fl6v. MODERN EURNISHED APAKT-luent. Close in. 415 Soutb Third (Street. t43f PAID NOTICES amounts tW U f 14 per Jttmei widi tXtmmmi witb Joy) iuofltb. on anpaid balaaoe, A FilCTCny-CGIITCGLLED QG(5APLPIIL::3 f loan repaid In five suonta- Ml KTir:i Jerusalem Lodge, No. 89 V. A. tJRSKSOTSHE am SK M. Stated meeting. Tuesday. duarauteed PARTS and SERVICE a All Make at RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Taylor' Radio Service M Si. Vtb tM. rfaone TPS August 16. 7:30 p. m. John Orif-fitb WM, Charles Brown, Secretary. t4ti WANTED"tO BUY iy InstallmeiLt tit 1.2 each, costs 14.60 but If repaid la 10 days, costs only 6 Me. Yoa may borrow to pay old bill, your lioe-tor r SUentist, taxes or insurance . , , or any wortliy purpose. If a loan can belp yen, pboae or coma to tbe Public Loan Company. Find Hereto Cash Loan Yon Need, Par ry IS Pay .0) Ho Rationing BAKERY WOOD, COM BA BAKERY Kortb Ninth Street. Phone 412. 14 5x Certificate Required. tTTtT Wtta TVa CicjiawH Of There Are Two Free Tickets To Tbe WABASH THEATBE Waiting At Our Office fur MABTIN &TD3EB COO S. 10th St. Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch Tula jpao Every Day rOTB SAME MAT BE 'EXT k mr l i 9 GUARANTEED SATISFACTION T.ije 14 jets as.iT 4.W4 C S4S u.y aioAte mi i.w IArT 247 4JW aP4 low aaww as sow IT'S A BIG HELP Just to Know Whfre to Cnt Mony V'lu'u It's Needwd. Several Thousand People Have t'sd the siecurily JUiau Comjiany Tliis 1'ear. POLAND'S PUBLIC LOJI CO. SECURITY LOAN CO. FiRESTONE-TEXACO SERVICE 18i ti. Main M. 4'4iutua. and. A OLVt it 225 Black man tit. Phone it Color Cartoon Neti s CI.INTOX. IXDIAKA Mala St. Pboaw S3S ).'

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