The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 102
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 102

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 102
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Page 102 article text (OCR)

FaTm Bparh Post f imps. Sunday. Nov. 3. TOfiS-TTl 12LECT VOTE 10 It Dogs Biggest Bargain In War ROBERT C. HSOH Pledged to not only full time but overtime service - By JOHN LENGEL DONG TAM, Vietnam (AP) The Pentagon bas spent millions of dollars for such detection devices as radar, Infrared and night telescopes to r. COUNTY COMMISSIONER The dog and his handler average about six three-day patrols a month with different units. Almost automatically, the dog and his handler are put on point, first in the column. Dogs are also Invaluable for early warning for U.S. bush teams. TAX ASSESSOR REPUBLICAN M. M M. an. Can Im. PALM BEACH COUNTY help the ground soldier. The biggest bargains, however, are devices called "King, ""Hasso," and "T-bone" German shepherds that cost a collar and run on a word of praise and a pat on the flank. The dogs are fixtures In Vietnam, bounding enthusiastically from helicopters during assaults, thrashing their tails as they move along trails like city dogs on a rare trip to the country. They swim . canals, endure the heat, climb mountains, and at least one, a Marine scout dog named Lobo, makes parachute Jumps with his handler. The dogs also get hurt. On Hill 875 the breeze rippled the . fur on the carcass of a scout dog lying among the dead Americans. When one parachute company was ambushed 76 men were killed in June of 1967, one survivor recalled the din of battle sounding like roars in a football stadium. The survivors recalled, too, The Issue is QUALIFICATION VOTE THE MAN C. ERROL t ;t f & , vr , - 1 frimiuMmirmmrt nint CS kl fl 3 4. ; The QUALIFIED Candidate Democrat REP. WO. POL. ADV. PO. FOR BY CAMPAIGN TREAS. STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES District 80 - Palm Beach - Martin Counties Vote The Man - C. ERROL HICKS )f Born and raised in Palm Beach County. )f Graduated from Palm Beach Jr. College and the University of Florida. - Holds Masters Degree in Government. Instructor of Government at Palm Beach Jr. College for 3 years. Past President: Lake Worth Lions Club, member of many civic and professional organizations. fr Married, 1 child, Methodist. We Will Vote for DAVE iaP tirtphnloj WAR DOG This scout dog sits with GIs atop a tank near the DMZ. German shepherds perform many useful jobs in Vietnam, both for scouting and sentry duty. "The dogs snooze on ambush," says Marine Sgt. Robert R. Parks, Providence, R.I., "but they're always monitoring everything." A flick of a shepherd's ear and the patrol tenses over their weapons, ready for anything that may be coming down the trail. Blacky assumes a stance of "right leg up, head over left shoulder with a look of do-I-have-to-go there on his face." VCSE)) Pd. Pol Ad.. "Political parties alone cannot serve you Men as individuals do." T"J; a bloodied scout dog limping up from a murderous draw, the only living thing that came out of there that day. The paratroopers said the dog quietly slumped down with the wounded survivors at the command post. There are now about 1,100 dogs serving with U.S. troops. About 130 have been killed. The U.S. Air Force procures dogs, advertising periodically and paving a token $1 to make the deal official. On veteran handler says the dogs are frequently getting in the way at their old homes; too much trouble to take on a weekend trip, or grown too big for a citv apartment. To enter the service the Shepherd must be a year old. He keeps his original name. Aggressive dogs are screened for sentry works. The smarter ones are used as scout dogs, about two-thirds of the Shepherds in Vietnam. The jobs of scout and sentry are different in training, but in Vietnam they tend to blur, say most handlers. It comes down to the dog's ability to "alert," or detect the enemy, whether it be on a base perimeter or In the field on patrol. Three examples: Nick, a Marine dog, alerted as his company was moving up a ridgeline 200 yards from a hill crest below the demilitarized zone. The company commander backed his men down in silence, "circled to other high ground overlooking Nick's hilltop. Artillery was called in and the company commander saw the enemy scrambling from position to position. Thirty-five enemy were killed. The Marines did not fire a shot or lose a man. Hasso alerted on an Army patrol in the Delta. His handler passed the word and the patrol fell flat, an instant before enemy fire passed over their heads. T-bone, another shepherd Idling at the rear of the column, alerted on an enemy flanking movement in time for the Americans to set up a brutal base of fire in that direction. The patrol turned a potential ambush into a killing situation. King, another Marine dog, broke his harness an accident while on patrol below the zone. He chased down a guerrilla who Jumped from a spider hole after firing' five shots. The patrol overtook the dog and his prisoner, who outlined the defenses at the patrol's objective. The enemy's fortifications were much stronger than the Marines supposed. The attack, which could have been a disaster, was delayed until air strikes were called in and reinforcements arranged for. Army Lt. James Fagerstoi , La Jolla, Calif., has a scout dog platoon at the Dong Tarn Delta base of the 9th Division. He says dryly about alerts that "preferably, the dog should give the strongest possible alert at the greatest possible distance." Given open ground and a favorable wind, a dog can tip his handler to the enemy at 250 yards. A dog alerts by stopping and freezing in his own peculiar position. Marine Lance Cpl. Bob Lake, 19, Delmar, Del., says he can look right at potential trouble by sighting between the ears of his dog, Rex. Army handler Sgt. Michael Lutz, Las Cruces, N.M., says "The following citizens of Palm Beach County, including Democrats, Republicans and Independents, endorse the candidacy of David L. Reid for County Assessor." Anfi-Tank Weapon Taken By Sheriff Cubans 1 HKSQUOUTIQW I I tw nw o wo-" " mnH mk 1 1 Offer "OUTLAWS ENTER Byi!JLPLEAft.. " To Buy H V 1 Til" -HMMI- I" TTTTI Whirl W lit 'I1 '71'ad Alvin B. Zalla -Granville Reed James L. Enrico James K. Norris W. F. Ande, M.D. , James D. McDaniel Philip T. Sharpies Eston E. Mullinix Carlton Bone Earl F. Johns Charles Melear Dick T. McMurray Helen R. Lincoln II. Henry Youngjohn Everett B. Nouien Frank J. Wood Neil E. MacMillan Oscar R. Winchester II. D. Feuer William M. Holland Shelton Clyatt, Jr. Mrs. Ann Wood llarvell M. Lester Mendell Murray D. Sigman, M.D. Charles E. Cowdrey J. E. Overstreet William A. Phillips Mendal J. Luce Li E. Hag'en W. R. Weeks Robert M. Kinkead Michael V. Michael James E. Waddell, D.D.S. Richard G. Mueller Ann Wood llarvell Worthy Hills Freda K. Marx Paul C. Wolfe slSSi LcSt fc'ades Bo,i'a Figures L.,ades Bolif3 Figures Leadership I Given Long Sentences 4 V.. I, ,2at'r WILLIAM Cubans Convicted ' Of Bolita Racket g til iH .giZti,Z"i''-?i&" : wi sr.-is -.i S."SS" '" Sheriff a'T.ML IICiriTM API Cvr0 ocfcdon iiinii Sheriff Palm Beach County . REPUBLICAN 1968 National lawman Kl'rn,,I,l,l,,,,n ot th Tear The record reflects leadership ELECT dave tm COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR REPUBLICAN mWm em: wu' ' T Sheriff Seeks 'Outlaws' 5 V&m To Be Jmrtant Jin Wixion Probe PI t New Accident l nit &.?i2&S H'Hr'-'-S I;'.', . 'S'-S'SlZL'S ....,...,,-,... -l,.'j--r,.-.;- :r - :::-'-"tti Xd. byCamp.Tr.oi i iiiiiiii n uiimiiinii niimwpniT.-i.iiii i mmmt-mmHmmmm-mivm!Wmmmmm m m mi .Amm mj.uiuhh,''",!1 Pd. Pol. Adv, FOR FOR I AGAINST frro AGAINST Swffraa ut4 lltcHont I AGAINST I TU DevMea I NO. uvhion op Atneu vra lOCAl OOVHNMiNT Die tnUm NO. t ASK DOCUMINT The RtvWen I The RaviiiM PSOPOSZD REVISION OF TKI COHSTITUnON CF 1S3S TUT ON as easy as 1 (FOR) 2 (FOR) 3 (FOR) - the top row of levers YES A SIMPLER CONSTITUTION YES Better govt, in Tallahassee YES Citizens get a voice k the people may propose constitutional amendments the people hove a choice in county as well as city government the people's natural resources are protected shorter than the 188S Constitution contradictions and obsolete material eliminated all provisions on same subject put in same article annual sessions of the legislature an organized executive branch 25 instead of 175 departments k code of ethics for state employees and officers Paid Avertising and Sponsored by: THE PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION harry Johnston ii. President Charles damsel, jr., Treasurer LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, SOUTH PALM BEACH COUNTY MRS. C. A. PLUME, President - MRS. W. E. ECKLER, Treasurer LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, WEST PALM BEACH AREA mrs. c. a. Anderson, President mrs. Clifford feischer, Treasurer

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