The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 14, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
Page 4
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Monday, August 14, 1911. THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Page Four 5 SAVING US THE TROUBLE f At th Movies THE DAILY CLINTOMM I twlsl FA LAOS jsundaf and Miadajr . ' A.' w v "V' I m toa VU Clsatiilaa MM koilycoo; iThe joy and the heartbreak, the glamour and sordidness of tha CMatoa Platnaflsr brM t IfKW rabllahad Dally Except Saturday nd Buaday MMtMSON CARROU fcaorse L. Cany - - Editor and Publisher 1 Either Fernandez has finished in "Two Years Before the Mast" and I life backstage in the early days I of the American theatre form the I background for "Shine on Harvest Moon" the new Warner Buur Fettaraa Sniitmla H iitas at Um PostoMfcM at CUntoa, IwUaaa HOI J.Y WOOD First prize at as shoos Ctaae Matter I, I-iicille Ball's Gav Nineties costume Bros, musical baaed on (lie life RepnliUoaa Editorial i ball went to Lionel Barrymore, who I of Nora Bare which opens at lulled the neople by coming as a Palace Theatre Saturday evening. life guard in a turn striped bathing n nit. handle-bar 5 mustache and a ( imu Mnl t fcumia and Monday A hilarious comedy, with plenty of heart pull, is headed for Mount hmm S pair of water BieutiKAM inun wings. He said heada for Mexico vjiy rn"j. Francis AUstock, No. 1 man In her life, pi-nning to visit there soon. Warners are gifting Bette Da via with the swankiest portable dressing room in Hollywood. It will have room to drvaa, mce apace and a kitchenette. And It will be Bet tea property, not the studio's. Incidentally, it was a falling lamp and not a door that hit Bette on "The Com Is Green" net Grazed her head. A few inches farther over and she would have been killed, Helen Forrest's escort these evenings ia Maj. Dick Benjamin, who was Jackie Coogan's commanding 1 Assoaam Vw the Columbia Theatre due to arrive Sunday with Eddie Bracken and Betty Hutton in the starring. It was the first party he had at-tended In IS j yean. After Jon Halls experi It is "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" and it tells the very human story of a small-town girl wiio goes overboard with patriotic zeal and marries a soldier whom she meets for the first time at a dance. ence, somebody said tc Frank officer in Burma. He also is a for Sinatra: "See what happens to Harrison .Carroll mer Fairfax High School student ps;a. whom Tommy Dorsey does here. The major tells amusing stories about the kid. Once, while flying at 6,000 feet. Coop an begaa firing an automatic rifle out of the not likeT "They nmst have tied Hall's hands," aaid Frankie. "Please believe me, it doesn't frighten me." plane. "What are you doing 7" M AKAtiH tiuttday, Monday mid Tutwda)- "Jam Session" Columbia's newest musical jamboree with Add Miller. Jess Barker, Nan Wyun and six of the nation's top bauds, swiugs onto the screen of the Wabash Theatre Sunday. y 1 rv tcy JJfT veiled the major, -tirouna-strar- ing," replied the kid. "Did you sea those fires down there T iney re out now." June Allyson went through the floor of an elevated platform oa M-G-M's "Music for Millions" aet WHY THE U. S. FIGHTS. Th present generation of fighting Americans, called upon by President Roosevelt to keep its "rendezvous with destiny," is performing with a valor that belies the pessimistic prophecies of some of their elders not so many years ago. We are beginning to realize that the frendezvous" is a costly meeting, but it would be a mistake for the American people to conclude that the only justification is "to be a just and lasting peace". While nearly every American is anxious for the present war to result in some scheme to prevent future wars, and we are willing to take some risks in the hope of attaining the objective, we must not be had to be sawed out. She suffered a skinned knee. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Co lumbia's finally found a swell titla for the Irene Dunne-Charles Boyer comedy "A Woman's Privilege." Needs Praahur Xvery grape vine needs pruning every year if you expect to get good grapes. Beginr. ra will be dumbfounded at the severe treatment recommended. In other words, what you do is to decide upon the system you want to follow and then go to work with your pruning shears real soon. March is the usual month for grape pruning. The point is to get the vines pruned before they start to grow, though no great amount of harm seems to be done if they are pruned after growth starts. The vines bleed, as the saying is. but it doesn't seem to injure them to any great extent. The C-54 Mercy plane Joan Davis recently dedicated tc the Air Evacuation Service already ia moving wounded from Normandy. 8ba Surprise musical number in "Here Come the Waves" will be a duet from "Carmen" sung by Betty Hutton and Sonny Tufts. Para-mount's Joe LUley arranged it for them. Despite their none-too-friendly separation, Joan Blondell and Dick Powell are keeping up appearances for the sake of the kids. He lunched with Joan and the boys at the beach and advised with her about buying a lot where Joan plana to build a email place amail enough for her to take care of without servants. The Bob Andrews (Irene Col-man) are expecting a baby in February. They want a boy and already have picked out his name C o 1 m a n Andrews. . . . Martha O'Driscoll will have to put off her divorce unless her Navy husband signs a waiver. He's been trying desperately for a. reconciliation and may not agree. . . . Sonja Henie's groom, Dan Topping, almost missed his farewell party. He was on a boat to go overseas but hia orders were cancelled at the last minute. Not, of course, on account of the party. ... A screwy thief broke into Groucho Marx's San Francisco hotel room and stole 14 of Groucho's cherished pipes plus a lot of neckties. Didn't disturb anything else. got a letter signed by 75 boys. . . .1 Dick Del Ruth, son of Director noy Del Ruth at Charley Fojfa with1 Mary Lewis Ramsey Ames giv-j ing free rumba lessons to servicemen one night a week at Arthur Murray's. . . . Actor Dan Duryea'a Talcing a Backward Glance time shall be omitted for a short distance from the Kim street line and the paving laid flush to tut barn foundation, wliieli is pcr-feltly solid. t'liiverkalK Think They'll Uk lunl A representative of the Clin- color pictures of Dagua Beach so good they'll be exhibited at the Chi- : cago Art Center. . . . Paul Brooke (formerly Paul Brinkman) at ma agent for Vermillion county, talked and the poultrymen and others present also engaged in dis Hollywood Tropics with Katherin I toniao was in Universal, yester Bread Cnunb Cake A bread-crumb cake is an easy way to glorify leftovers of bread. Just beat three eggs, add a cup of sugar, then stir in two cups of very dry crumbs made from oven-toasted bread. Season with one-fourth tea-spoon each of salt, cinnamon and almond extract and a teaspoon of vanilla. Put the mixture into a shallow greased pan and bake 90 minutes in a very moderate oven. This bread-crumb cake is tike macaroons In texture and flavor. come confused in our thinking ana conclude that a failure to secure permanent peace would make vain the sacrifice of our fighting men. The proof of this, it seems to us, is clear when we consider what course the nation would pursue if, through some miraculous dispensation, a glimpse into the future would reveal a continuation of wars between nations. '. Certainly, we would not give up the struggle even if convinced that lasting peace was impossible and that nations would, in the future as in the past, resort to arms. Our belligerent efforts against Germany and Japan would be continued $nd redoubled until complete victory crowns our battle flag. Booth. . . . Erroi Flynn has a new houseguest Byer Bolnick, the designer of men's hats, . . . Fog scenes for "Tonight and Every, TWKNTV VKAIW AJO TODAV Kchool To Open Here Kept. 2ntl Annoumetiient Clinton public schools will open for the l?2-25 term Tuesday. Sept. 2, according t o announcement coming today from G. W. McReynolds, superintend Nisht" were sweetened when Rita day and the big baseball game, to be played Sunday, when the Push of this city will battle for the supremacy In this section a-mong seuilpros. Not only will the winners be looked upon as the county champions, but will take Hayworth put half an ounce of her own perfume into the fog machin cussing plans and possibilties. Pergonals Mrs. Anna Woods of Universal has returned home after spending a few days in St. Louis, and Illinois visiting with friends. Mrs. Stella Lloyd of North Third street is in Chicago on a buying trip for her shop. Miss Helen I'ickett or North Sixth street is spending her vacation visiting with friends in Danville and Chicago. ent of the schools. A long article concerning the organization of the schools and other announcements as made by Mr. McKeyn- olds is also announced. For the first time, during the oresent regime in C. H. S., there Frail, Vegetable Pack The fruit pack of last year on tha west coast, according to "Western Canner and Packer," was 6S.0OU,O0 cases, and the total for the U. 8. was 101,000.000 cases. The vegetable pack en the west coast, -43.500,000 cases and for the 'total II. 8. 200,000,000 cases, giving for the whole of the U. S., 307 odd million cases. Expensive Metal Radium is price-tagged at nearly $30,000 a gram a rate that makes the world's three pounds worth forty million dollars. Modern refining is no great modification of the original, tedious and complicated Curie process. Testing and measuring, packaging in sealed tubes of platinum and other expensive production steps necessitate a high market orice. Divide HeldiSf s In Rumania laws of inheritance allow holdings to be divided from generation to generation, tending to make tracts smaller and smaller. Land is held in part by the state, by the village commune, by the indi. vidual. Many farms are scaled to the dimensions of American gardens. This is because our freedom and civil rank with the best in this part of the state outside of the league teams. 1'erMonals Mrs. Bolter, of Terre Haute, is the guest of Mrs. Keece James of Blackman street. Mr. and Mrs. 1. D. Martin and children, of Mecca, are spending the day with Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Cooper and family, of South Main street. Mrs. Bid Smith and little daughter and Miss Lilllam Ka- Ration are under attack from enemies who would rob us of our liberties, enslave our THIRTY VKAKS A TODAY w That Alley "And Kara lliv Is Kettled The controversy regarding the is to be public speaking this year. Miss Marian Livingstone, from BeFauw, is to' be -in charge -of this. Meeting To Mir Interest In Kair Boys' and girls' puoltry clubs, barn of Mrs. Laura Afkmau extending out over the property line of the alley at Kim street. chea, of Hume, ill., who has neen THE Rest of My Life Mm You ' 4r Faith Baldwin calf clubs, pig clubs and domestic here visiting for several weeks. leave Saturday for Hume, where was adjusted this morning, and there will be no law suit. Attorney Homer Aidman came down science clubs are needed in all parts of Vermillion county. Tills was the unanimous opin Mrs. Smith and daughter will vis it. ion of the.cltigens who attended the meeting at Clinton city ball, bodies and shivel the development of individual personality. While it is natural to hope that the longrange result of the present struggle will be something like permanent peace, it should be obvious to every American that the shortrange necessity is victory in order to escape the tyranny that Germany and Japan have exercised over some areas of the world. To escape the domination of these brutal powers is a sufficient justification for the exercise of our full strength in combat. If we attain the victory, it will be -worthwhile regardless of what happens between nations in the future. from Newport, this morning, and he, with Mayor Tucker, City Attorney Lyday, Attorney Frank R. Miller and Contractor Guy liriggs went to the barn and alter a short conference the agreement was reached. The barn, at this last night, to help get this county to take more interest in the Indiana state fair. H. B. Abbot. Clay county agricultural agent, and O. A. Iiriggs, Go to Waste Radishes share with young onions grown from sets the welcome which is always given the first harvest from the garden. In three weeks from the time of sowing. Scarlet Globe radishes should be ready for the table. But in another week they are unfit to eat, a fact which many beginners ignore. If more than a week's supply of such an early variety is sown at one time, much of the harvest will go to waste. nanas and a snocx oi nne wnite, bair grinned at Matthew. "So Irene's told you." . - "Yes. How is she?" "How would she be? She's perfectly normal," said the older man. Matthew grinned cheerfully, but said, "She feels rotten." "My dear boy, most of 'em do under such circumstances." "Sure," cautioned Matthew, "but this isn't just any woman, you understand." "I do(h declared Dr. Leming. "When my first child was born I made a fool of myself. Dr. Harley delivered her. He was the best then. All before your time, my boy." He was silent, remembering. Matthew said, "Irene w?.nts to ijite in vne aiicmoon Matthew went around to his mother's apartment She was l'.ot at home yet but Xate expected her any minute. Bha offered him iced tea. He accepted graciously. The mailer apartment Mary had leaded was pleasant He sat there, relaxed, feeling very comfortable until Mary came in, carrying her hat in her hand. Iiir head ached dully, from the heat and following a violent discussion with a recalcitrant client Not !iat Mary had been violent "Hi, grandma!" grinned Matthew. He ros ami set down tha frcsted glass, which instantly mada a mark on the lit!!? table. "How Joes it feel?" "V oooVrful," a)J his -mother. "I'm ten-it' happy fur you both, and for myself. May I spoil him, please?" "Him, hivt t Yotj and Irene, you'd think thcio nerer.'t any girls in tha world." She thought, somehow, with so masculine a father one always thinks of boy babies; not that it's a scientific attitude. Aloud, aba said, "But most men would like ROBOTS DESTRUCTIVE. Prime Minister Winston Churchill reveals that robot bombs killed 4,735 persons in seven weeks, destroyed 17,000 and dam 'CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene SbejfP li li 4 YA I6 (' a I'o I" I m m-s. fr ii . a ir : . J m -L keep an at the office for as long as she csn. She , . . well, we've always Boiling Saves Food Value Nutritionists report that boiling potatoes in their skins saves more of the laud values than baking them. Baked potatoes lose twice as much ascorbic acid and three times as much thiamine as when, boiled. t.riAKi tit Miri&tn Irene shook her head and sat up. "I'm fine," she said calmly, "and for heaven's sake, you needn't worry about a diagnosis. I'll tell you . . , we're going to have a baby." "That's fine news!" beamed Matthew. He took her in his arms and kissed her. "Lord, this is great!" He asked, "Have you seen Lem-ing?" "Today at lunchtime. It's true enough. I've suspected for quite a while, but I wasn't sure and " "Some nurse you turned out to be, and as for me !" He chuckled. Then he said firmly, "Out of the office you must go." Irene said, "I'm all right really, let me stay on a little while longer if only to break in a new nurse. 1 know one, and I think she'd come. You remember her, don't you? Elisabeth Nelson. She was in my class." "Nelson r' He frowned. "Tall blond girl, good figure!" "That's the one," said Irene, leaguing. "But it would be more to the point if you had remembered what a good nurse she is. She's' tired of private duty and she wants to get married." "Well," parried Matthew, "I don't like married women in an of lice, I" "How about me?" "You're different First thing you know Nelson will have a baby too." "They won't be able to afford even marriage, for a leaf while," said Irene, "and by then perhaps, our baby" she stopped and said it airain. softly, wonderingly ''our aged 800,000 houses. worked together. She's my right hand, really. But it's up to you. And she's specially anxious to train The Prime Minister reveals that 5,340 the next candidate for the job." Dr. Leming said, "Only if she robots were launched in the seven weeks. This indicates that the bombs destroy, on feels up to it. She must not overdo. 1 knew Irene before you did. bbe Arkansas Winner the average, three houses and something had a cast-iron conscience. She is a perfectionist, poor girl. She'll less than one individual. worry more, and do herself more '' It is conceded that the robot attacks harm if she leaves the oftice that at the present time than if she stayed." All right," declared Matthew and rose. "Thanks and all that cause human suffering and wholesale destruction but without affecting the determination of the British to demand unconditional surrender. Moreover, the 4,500 tons of flying bombs launched against I'm perfectly satisfied, as long as she s in your hands." Matthew left Leming's omce and rrr mznzm.-- ''&' 45 7b Ai ! . W-i. . KT" linn . I-;- 1 England compares with 48,000 tons of high returned to his own. He told Irene whst Leming had said. She sat explosive bombs dropped on Germany dur there, small and frail in her crisp their first-bom to be a son." 'That's a fallacy," asserted Matthew. "I like girl babies, little, cuddly ones with big eyes and all that. But it wouldn't make any difference." He took her shoulders and shook her, gently, saying, "It's swell, isn't it? Now I've got to go," "May I tell Judith!" "Judith? Oh, Judy Lambert. Of course. Where is she ?" "In California. But they are coming back here to live. It seems that Ella hasn't been very well. And so a change of climate H "Sounds as if it was the wrong way round. Sure, tell har," he repeated, and felt a little self-conscious, for no good reason. "Matthew!" "Yes." "Irene." said his mother anletlv. whita uniform, and listened. She promised, "I'll be good, I'll do just as he says. If you Use, 1 II am ing the same period. j, l ' 1 Pearl Harbor Adm. Chester W. R-14 bsby will be walking and I can leave him, with Nellie, and" ' "You're way ahead of me," observed Matthew, He rose and looked down at her. "And it's time you went to bed. Doctor's orders." "If Dr. Leming says I may stay on?" Nimitz foresees Japan's defeat without necessity for invasion: "Occupation will be Elisabeth to come to dinner one night this week. W could talk things over with her . . . she might come soon. I could train her, and perhaps relieve her now and then." Matthew nodded. Then he said, "Bill's out on a case looks like polio. Confound this rotten sultry weather anyway! And Sam's operating. Boy, wait till I tell them!" ' VERTICAL 1. nppie against 2. European mint 3. marine K 4. scheme 5. arbitrator 6. reddish- ' 40. merge 43. painter ( 45- bonded warehouse 47. riverinFrance 50. trouble 61. atuff 52. Old World "I worry about her. Be good to bar, mv Hear n "Okay," Matthew agreed, "well leave it up to him. Boy, wait till His face was almost eomfe it was Mother hears this!" "She knows. I told her tonight1 yellow combine necessary to assure us that we will win the 'peace,, but I believe none can say that invasion by assault is necesary until the time comes and the situation has unfolded more than at present." , V - ft Washington AFL President William Green in appeal to labor to boost production of war goods: "We cannot and mustj crow 53. line 64. woody plant 65. poker stake . meaning of Irene asked, "You want to tell them, now?" "Sure, why not? You don't mind, do you?" "No, of course not" She could imagine Matthew telling them, and He looked disappointed, a little crestfallen, and Irene said swiftly. so utterly blank, amasenwnt having momentarily erased all expression. He said after a moment, "Good to her. I Look here, I dont beat my womenl" prefix deca- "1 m sorry, dear, out she suspected something and I had to tell her. Answer to Sati dav's nuzzle. Mary beran to laueh. Shu uU didn't I!" TrTt 'PAPnCfAl HORIZONTAL 1. (Uccid 5- overcome 9. macaw 12. of grandparents 13. sea bird 14. small cake 15. estuary of Amazon 16. least audible 18. aim 20 thought 21- purchase for hoisting anchor 23. silver ( archaic ) 29. bla kbird 2d. short piece of connect- '.U7 pipe 27. r.cli !: 31.o.t-of-the- way 33. hc-norary pomotion of ofticer S4 resd 3j. for $ Ictt! 3T. um 0. not up' and about 10. trick 11. pier 17. name 19. gossip 21. comb wool 22. once mora 24. oil from the bitter orange 28. flying 29. portable lodge 30. borough in Pa. 32. having exist, ed longer 33. breakable 35. pledge of honor 38. swinetlke animal 40. apprehension 41. unfasten 42. pack 44. North American rail 4$. newt . 48. drunkard "Of course." He rose, leaned down, and kissed her. "This calls Bill shouting. "When are the cigars? Or if it's too soon, how about a cigarette?" and Sam with his slightly hesitant speech saying, "Congratulations, Mat. . . ." But somehow she would have liked it to GL E A N E DCJE t JS T E IvDMA for a drink, he ssid as he went prowling out around the pantry and came back bearing a glass of champagne. He held it toward her have been their secret for a little while, theirs and Mary's. SL E eTtDU ) C tL UJk k"" A N TCrViA N D EajS N "Of course not. You love her and she loves you. You're fine together. I was just talking as a woman talks." She added softly, "Your father was wonderful to me before you were born." "Naturally," said Matthew. Ha bent and kissed her, " 'Bye," he said, "and you'd better start wearing bonnets. Because next spring . . ." She said, smiling, "I'll start saving for an electric train," She heard bim lauehimr. dawn ia- lKENE 0 DTlF A T rjplA T E Once in a while, in flashes, he E5SENCEBDENIES not fail to supply our troops with all the biaterials and supplies they need in order to clinch the victory which now seems at hand" Washington Maj. Gen. Lucius D. Clay, director of material for the Army Service Forces, announcing furloughs for lire builders in the Army to help attain needed 30 per cent increase in heavy duty tire manufacture: "These urgent requirements are the price of victory." .. j could read her mind, or part of it, or something she was thinking got serosa to him after a fashion, for he said now, "I'll try and stop in to see Mother today, if I can." REP. J. W. (Bill) FUIMIGHT, 39-year-old freshman congressman irom the Third Arkansas district, defeated Gov. Homer Adkins for the Democratic senatorial nomination in a run-off primary that 'Is tantamount to election. Ful- i bright, who well outdistanced a field of five, including the In-1 cunibent, 8enator Mrs. Hattle Caraway, In the first primary last month, jumped, to an early lead In : Jha run-off, (lateraitiontl) and she touched the rim of the glass to her mouth. Matthew flung back his dark head and drank: "To my son!" Irene watched him, smiling. She insisted upon going to the office the next morning. She felt remarkably well. 1 Matthew, between calls, managed to go to Dr. Leming's office. Leming, a big man, with enormous AMAminrpNmiNE k i f1N a i i.v IrTf e l i n nUgmIli E sUs 0 D "Do," she said, "and give her my corridor, after the door had closed behind him. love." The telephone rang an her desk J8-I4 Aitraie lime l Ml Hl "!l ailaalu. (To be continued) CWmifat. IMS. kr hUl Bal4la CwOnOf uuiMUf Of Ems rwunUfadtauSj Js. and her even voice said, "Dr. Gorman's office." 30. inhabitant of Jduiaajiao Bat. by kuuf Tzuai f " aS.fieee out

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