The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 14, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
Page 2
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Monday, August 14, 1944. THE1 DAH.Y CLINTONIAN Page Two asserted counter-attacks and bitter fighting now is in progress. NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued trom page 1) CJijiton Soldier On Furlough From Pacific Area Injured when flames from a vent enveloped tholr track ware Jerome Hines and John B. jStreet of Chester and J. Harvey ijykes of WVJod-Lynne. The plant's compressing equipment was wrecked,' officials said, the plant normally can produce weekly enougli easoilne to power two thousand bombers from London to llerlln aud back. LONDON, England. An Exchange Telegraph dispatch from the French balllel'ront declared today M,i,i lit, N.'iiv.ifl am Shattering Air Blows Strike Coastal Bases Secret US Drive Strikes Deep In Normandy Defense (Continued bom page 1) (Continued trum paga 1) j born roarfiuard action designed to I oiovt'iit airy utU'inptH to hamuli their uith.lvniL'nl rrnm thn Vlie-Mol'taill Harking back to (lie days when white men were unknown in llic I'a Three Injured as Blast Rocks High Octane Plant MAHCHS HOOK, Pa. Ihrce men were under treatment today for serious Injuries following blast at the Sun Oil Company's new 13 million dollar high octane gasoline refineries at Marcus Hook. The explosion rocked the plant as liquid butane was being drawn Into I he compressing system from a container. Kiuployes had closed the valves of other connected tanks, forcing the butane into the Bewage Hvateni, and fumes given off by the liquid escuped through the sewer venls. H was a passing automobile back-fire that set one pocket of the bus uhla.e, igniting Ihe sus in the underground piping system. Police rerouted all traffic In Ihe vlclnlly aB tlasheB of fire burst from the sewer vent. clflc areas, the Polynosliin trlboB (Continued vagt 1) Bettor. They are determined to pull tholr forces surely out of the Ka-laiHe-Anentan gap in their own time, the dispatch said. Lacks Veto The governor of North Carolina Is the only governor in tht union without the power of legislative veto. F. Wile lias been transferred from Fort Spelling, Minn, to New York City where lie is awaiting overseai assignment. Bgt. Wilo is the son ol Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wile of Hazel Bluff. U.S.A. Gerald Day Martin. MM3C son of Mr. and Mrs. Talson Martin of 364 N. Waler Street Is now in the U. S. Naval Hospital, Balboa Park, 201- Btill set out in tholr nunc awkward appearing but easily niamiKi'd out stubbornly to hold, but In the lust few days their forces In this area lost all discipline and fled individually across fields and down bypaths in desperato retreat, stealing food and French horses aud curls lor transport. rigger canoes to bo gono for wcekH at a time. The war imminence of The Fortresses and Liberators with Mustang fighter escort hit the Rhone valley for tho aecond consecutive day, winging 95 miles north of Marseillers to batler air Installations pear Montellmar and Bmnslv at Avignon, Orange, ('rest and St. Es both Japanese and American aliip ping has limited their Bulling uclv Hies, however. 2K, San Diego. Calif. In Islands taken from the Jill's Soviet Columns Stab 11 Miles Toward Warsaw Dr. G. R. UcGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235', Blackmail U.S.A Pvt. Franklin Gossett, husband of prit, all in the Toulou-Marseilles sector. Mrs. Eva Gossett of 345 Norlh Wa LONDON, England. Troops of the Canadian first army luujiched a full-scale attack south of Caen at noon today and penetrated the Herman defenses to a dcplh of two miles from Falaise, an Exchange On the land front there was pa ler Street, Is now on active duty In France. Ho received basic training trol activity in -all sectors, and in Florence sniper activity decreased, at Camp Wolters, Tex. Telegraph Company dispatch said. allowing Allied military government officials to bring In medical supplies U.S.A. Pvt nnn Cargal has returned to huge stores of sakl Japanese wine rice, raincoats and even previously printed 'invasion currency' to use on the conquered island, have been found, Beltrnme said. Bcltramc's furlough is his first in 87 months his length of service In the army. He entered service July 14, 1941 and after training al Tort Eustis, Va. was sent to the Pacific region'. Ho lias 22 days at home after which he will report to Miami Beach, Fla. for further orders. (Continued from Pago One) Gen. Zahkarov's battlers rolled and water for the civil population runw Pnik i..n after soending a 14- 1,MM IIoiiiIht (Support The ground tlack was supported by more than 1,000 heavy allied of the newly-freed jolty. day furlough with his mother and Fifth army troops on their sector bombers in addition to medium 1 forward to within four miles of the strong point of Osovets, on the Bial- family in Falrview. -U.S.A Mr. and Mrs. Odus A. Young, bombers, a front line dispatch reported. Exchange said also that the Ger of the front made an unopposed entry into Isola. Considerable abandoned German equipment was found on all sectors of the front. Clinton, route three, have received word that their son, Sgt. William P. mans had withdrawn almost all of he Vire-Mortain salient and that n recent artillery duels a new, Voting, who has been stationed in England is now on active duty in AUTO PAINTING FENDER AND BODY STRAIGHTENING WELDING WASHING AND SIMONIZING Clinton Car Laundry 408 South Main Street EARL HARPER the Americans pounding back the dual purpose 88mm gun was reported to iiaVe made Its appearance. enemy had reached Tichebray and France. Fighter - bombers supplementing La Bouillante.' The heavyweight air attack came U.S.A m Minnie Russell of 1327 South the heavy b'omber attack on southern France smashed a Nazi airfield Louis J. Lemslra Is Named Head of 6th Region District (Cpnttnufri From Pa. I I ystok-Lyck rail line, by capturing the town. of Gonendz. Desperate Nazi counter attacks were hurled at this thrust which advanced to within 27 miles of I.yck and 17 miles of the East Piussiau frontier. Russian capture of Dovn-ary, three miles southeast of Gonendz, established strong positions from which Soviet fighters smashed back the German counter-thrusts. On the southern end of the front, the first Ulfranlan army of Marshal Ivan Konev battered back ion strong Nazi counter-attacks within a. few hours as German forces fought to hurl Russian troops back across the-Vistula river northeapt of Kaikov. , Third Street,- lias received word that at Montellmar, in the Rhone valley. h,.r husband. Pvt. Adrian itUBsen Other formations of heavies hit in the afternoon immediately after medium bombers and fighter-bombers had blasted the German lines in the Falaise sector. Allies Cut Lines haB arrived safely in England. He Is military targets in northern Italy, with the U. S. Army Engineers, and four-englned lanes crossed the U.S.A. Pvt neniamin Jones is spending Adriatic to blast Nazi troops con The German agency DNB admit Telephone 223-W centrations at Pec, in Yugoslavia. nine days with his mother, Mrs. ted that near St. Kylvain, east of the Caen-Fulatse road, allied forces had penetrated the Nazi linos. DNB mnr v innvi nf 428 North water ) . pa Throw Your Scrap Into th Fight! Ut.-nf nrlnr tn reiiortlng at the Tort of Embarkation at Greensboro, N. Auxiliary's S ajid 40 society. Colorful Parade ' Thirty military bands and LeKlon drum and .bugle corps participated in the colorful convention parade Sunday afternoon. , the procession, which was designed to boost war bond sales, required nearly an hour nnd a half to pass the reviewing Btand on the steps of the Federal Building. In the stand were Senator Sum del D."Jacknon. Congressman rorett A. C. Pvt. Jones entered service in July, 1943. , ' u.s.a.-!- ; I mlnr E Gibson. 32. 1400 South' Fourth Street, Clinton, has received, ,.,,,,,, Hi,,,, ia nliirible to Qualify for the petty officer's rating of electri cian's mate second class in ccremon- Harness, Legion state commander -, t i ho Naval Tra n ne School Dean Bechtol and department adjutant Homer McDaniels. Homer B irciootrlci on the Iowa State College Camps, Ames, Iowa. He now has the Capchart, Republican nominee for rating of fireman 1st class. senator, marched with the Washing ton" Post of the American Legion, of which' he Is a member. A Joint memorial service was held with the Auxiliary, when tribute Hall Readies Libel Suit as Hollywood Fracas Nears Courts was paid to more than 500 Hoosier legionnaires who have died during the past year. " At a business session yesierday. speakers Included Navy Lieutenant LOS ANGELES, Cal. Actor Jon Hall declared today that he had a $100,000 libel suit drawn up and Alexander Vrac.iu, of East Chicago and Tiieut. Donald D. White, of In waiting as an outcome of a fistic battle In bandleader Tommy Dorsey's apartment ten days ago, and which dlanapolis. The former shot down 19 Jap planes, including six in one battle, during Pacific combat, and the latter was wounded in Italy is now in various stages of legai in quiry. while serving with the Infantry "If Pat Dane (Mrs. Tommy Dor- Bey) tells the District Attorney made a pass at her, I will file a &Yi I glomus war record l t'jf M At GOOSE BAY, LABRADOR, a Wac helps speed a B-24 on ' JK ' y Art'' "vay.tQPerlin... , fV1 rJ Behind the lines in Italy, a Wac flashes a message J7J,i$irY'' f" J$ from General Clark to the storm center of battle. fl't I X ' "Somewhere" in New Guinea, "a Wac speeds mail to ...,,., 11'' te&'Vjz .themenat the front. . ,; I..,. ...I ffjM 'It 25 In Normandy, India,' Australia, Honolulu, England, f J fyl Utf North Africa, New Caledonia Wacs are helping our Jnjf 1$ fi ..BsS'f" fighting men hasten the hour of victory. t ' Working in highly skilled jobs that require nimble I - i5sS fingers, keen minds, steady nerves. ,. I , wwai' Keeping at the work of war with an inspired spirit. J Sl 'sC With a red-white-and-blue courage that will know no Iet- f " I : down until the fight is won .. . ' t j - ' ; "i f ii ' ' Across the seas and around the world they're'making f 1 V" a glorious war record. The Wacs gallant soldiers of the 1 U. S. Army the women all America is proud of. ' $100,000 iibel.auit against. Dorsey,' the actor said after conferring tvl(h UDY'S.SIQMACIiWAS LIKE A GAS FACTORY; MEALS TURNED TO GAS mV A'H'dfnfyf'IMsttHHa 'BaMs;-"" ' Mrs. Dorsey is scheduled to ap pear at the District Attorney's of fice today to tell her version of the - One lady said recently that her events leading up to the fight on stomach used to be like a "gas ac her apartment balcony. toryl" That Is, when she ate a meal t Hall added that "if Pat Dane It seemed to turn right into gas. She' was alwnys bloated, find awful stomach gas pains, daiiy lieadAches and aonstant irregular bowel action. Now, however, this lady says she Is FREE of STOMACH OAS and she tells tho truth I won't have to sue". Dorsey's assertion that Hall precipitated the fight In embracing Mrs. Dorsey was denied vigorously by Hall. "My hand did not wander from her shoulder," he declared. Attorney Bates said that Hall, who was cut on the face and head in the melee, "has a dozen witnesses to prove he was a gentleman". says the change is due to taking Dorsey lias already been sued for. $40,000 by Antonio Icaza, Panama-born actor, as a result of the fracas. EHB-HKLP. Her meals agree with her. No gas or bloat after eating. Headaches and constitution are gone. "Oh! what relief!" states this lady: "Why don't other gas and constipation sufferers get Erb-Help?" EHB-HELP contains 12 (ireat Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. Ko don't go on suffering! Get Elill-IIIOLP. TJ. S. Income The total income of U. S. inrtl. viduals in 1943 was more than double the 1935-39 average, with ex-Denditures for roods anri White's (ItuxaH) Pharmncy Drug Store. only C3.8 per cent of the total. !' NIGHT or DAY THIS SUMMER WOHtNS ARM CORPS " JK. VXr ffXIYf - U nl(Ti SpeJ!ng mail for front-lint foxholts ' Flashing combat orders ' ' jlfcf T -ti fl lilinf: , .,.';'. ;L ah' -if A X. ' fi ' '' ' ' eon rvu. infobmatio about M. HWn'a Amy Corp.. go to your along the Allwd tmes f'fSTj-f) VJ4 "-'vfai-fi.wStataK'--- ---w-rV. SI ifl f 1 f A si.? K.'.l.'rm,,"", following quuora. I '"-A, J It f f e fa T'-i-re Haute. Hid- new illurtr.ted Are ou between I , I X " .71 NAME ZZZ - Have you h.d at N' fZm - AUDRtSS highichool? ? . Get J-M Home Insulation This summer and every summer your home cn be cooler snd more comfortable. YoiTcan end those hot sleepless hours by insulating now with Johns-ManvilJe Rock Wool Batts. And you'll conserve fighting fuel next winter . . save up to 30 on your heating costs. Your home will be warmer, less drafty. You pay for insulation in wasted heat when you don't have it. Why not enjoy its comfort and fuel savings $oortpaysJoritselJ.')-M Rock Wool is fireproof, rotproof, permanent as stone. We have big thick J-M Super -Felt Batts right in stock. Call us today. Order Now While Our Stocks Are Complete Stevenson Lumber Co. I

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