The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 11, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Friday, August 11, 1944. THE DAILY CttNT5fJlAN "V FRANCE'S NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL TORN BY WAR, TOO Loose Handling Many owners of farm flocks throw their 25 to 75 fleeces into one end of an open shed, and leave them unsacked where the exposed fleeces become unusually dirty due to dust storms and other causes. Such poor care reduces the value 9 to 10 cents a pound. The small flock owner also should separate his various grades of wool by placing loose cloth partitions in the wool bag. BUSINESS SERVICES Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Judge Finally Gets Permit For Vest, Uses Own Goods SPRINGFIELD, 111.,. .Federal Jndge Charles Briggle wanted just an ordinary vest to wear under his courtroom robe next winter, and he went to his tailor with his own cloth. But the tailor said there was a war production board restriction against vests. Judge Briggle wrote to the WPB In Washington. He was referred to the appeal branch of the Textile, Clothing and Leather Bureau, which bureau finally relented ("pursuant to paragraph K of Order L 224") and assured the Judge today that WLB provisions were "hereby, relaxed to permit you to have a vest made from the materlul you own". First day Insertion: la for each RECAPPING VULCANIZING RE-llners. Prestone coming. Thermo Royal, get It here while It's plentiful. Oils 2 and 5 gal. fine containers. Gas Market, 116 North Main St. Horace Towell, Mgr. tG8 reading Una (on column lint, Ilk ana ol ttaeaa). Nest two days teseitloa.: tba nma la ebarge (you get threa days at fal,aajtjUB 3? n. :- rK '-UYj t 3 PAPKIl HANGING AND PAINTING. Write Box 442-F. Smokeless Powder One of the most important uses for pulpwood is for the manufacture of smokeless powder. One cord will make 00.000 rounds for a Gar-and rifle, 420 rounds for 105 mm. shells or 24 rounds for 16-lneh naval shells. A cord will also make 4,200 weatherproof packages for shipping blood plasma, 300 "v" boxes used for shipping food to servicemen overseas or 1,800 shell containers. ' WHITIiOCK, I'LIMBEH. PHONE 2o-it. tast double tha coat of tba flrat day). Next tbrea days Insertion: tba mm la ebarga (you gat a whole keek tire dan) at tbrea tlmea tba coat of one Insertion). Each group of tbrea dart thereafter, la a line. Blackface (Uke thla) 100 per Una. WE WILL BOTH PROFIT IP YOU , will look over our wall paper patterns before you buy. Telephone 322. Clinton Lbr. & Supply Co. COLUMBIA ' - -si ft FOR PLUMBING, HEATING, ELEO-- trie wiring, and sheet metal see C. & J. Kamarata, 336 North Ninth St. Phones 20 and 163W. 17tf FRIDAY and SATURDAY All elaaalfled ada Including mem-oriame and notlcea of all klndi muit be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose account! re paid monthly or tboaa from or-ganliatlona whoae billa muat be allowed before being paid. In tba latter eaae the person uklng tba publication of tha notice will be held Berry Vitamins The black -currant contains two or three times as much vitamin C as the orange; the strawberry has about the same amount and the red raspberry about one-halt as much ' as the orange. responsible (or Ita payment. FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgaa Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf FOR SALE IL-jUJ&ijL -Hoc kALl wlAT IS UFT of tiie famous Notre Dame cathedral In St. Lo, France, stands Isolated amid the SMALL, WHITE, ENAMEL COAL beater. 535 Nebeker Street. U6i BOW AND SIX SHOATS, AT RAY Abnar, Lyford. Poland and Burk. t46x (International Sountiphoto) debris of shattered buildings In that liberated town. Admission 9c and 20c THE DESPERADOES With Randolph Scott Glenn Ford Claire Trevor "To My Unborn Son" MGM Short "CHILDHOOD DAYS" Warner Short "Goodnight, Rusty" Madcap Models DEAD ANIM'ALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Tirre Haute or Dana 142. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co.. Terre Haute. tisi - With The OoaapHnMats Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Ticket To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for S ' Charles crane I 430 Mulberry j Just Come la . ; And Ask For Them! Wrftch This flpace pvery Day JOUR .NAME MAY 11B NEXT IIKAIt ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwigglns and Sons, 3 H. P. OUTBOARD MOTOR AND one 9 H. P. motor. C. and J. Kamarata Plumbing Shop, 336 North Ninth. t44x 1 BROOD SOW, 2 PIGS. BLAIN Shannon, Sandytown, Ind. R. R. 3. (Continued from page 5) licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone BO. t5x( Egg Quality Egg quality will change little, in home preservation if the eggs are of good quality to begin with and if the storage conditions are good. Homeniakcrs can assure of a supply of eggs for cooking and baking uses for six to eight weeks after storing. Don't plan to use the stored eggs for poaching or frying because the egg white and yolk will eventually thin out with age and they will not be attractive in appearance. Reduce Deaths In nil past wars disease has been responsible for' many more deatha than have munitions.: During the Spanish-American . war seven died from disease for evory one Killed in battle. In the Civil war 50 per cent of the wounded succumbed. Since then there has been rapid progress in the treatment of disease, especially in the handling of wounds,1 so that in World war I only 6 per cent of the U. S. army, 7 per cent of the navy and 12 per cent of the marines who were wounded died. In the present war only slightly over 3 per cent of wounded men in our armed forces have succumbed. GOOD OATS. ROY STURM, EIGHT miles Northwest of Clinton. t4fcx SUNDAY and MONDAY Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2. Montesuma. COMB HONEY. BRING CONTAIN-er. 1605 South Third Street. t44x OAK ROLLTOP DESK. SEE DR. WANTED TO BUY t44x Sellers. State Pocahontas Officers To Attend Next Meeting Plans were made for tlio school of instruction to bo held August 17 In the IOOF hall at the regular meeting of the Pocahontas Lodge held , Thursday evening. Several stato officers are to attend the meeting and councils from Clay, Vigo and Vermillion counties are to be present. Dinner will be served at 6 p. m. at the Clinton Hotel. Following the business meeting, the regular euchre and bunco party was held. Winners In the euchre were Mrs. Maggie Rhoads, and Mrs. 9c BAKERY WOOD, COM BA BAKERY North Ninth Street. Phone 412. .. . .. t46x TpALACT"? BOYS BICYCLE. BERT WRIGHT, Crompton Hill. t45x FIRST RUN FEATURES 2 35c FOUR ROOM HOUSE, WITH FUR-nace, all In excellent condition. Part cash, balance terms. O. F. Houston. 140 COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN 'Admission 9c and 25c Miracle of Morgan's Creek ... ' With. : .-.VV-Betty Hotton - Eddie Bracken D;ana Lynn ZootCat Tecknicolor Cartoon RKO News aW .J NIGHTS OF TELXXw Hair- - - l Strain Motor Don't overload the washer. Too many clothes reduce washing efficiency and strain the motor. Clothes should circulate freely in the water. Don't overload the wringer. Distribute the garmenta evenly over the entire length of the roll. If you have a spinner-type drier, be sure to distribute the clothes around evenly in it, to prevent vibration and undue wear on the machine. Suspense.'!') u I jTffi PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IS the time. This is the place. 9lh and Elm Street Market, open until 9 p. m. for your convenience. We have favored out trucks and saved our gas to haul peaches. If you don't get them It won't be our fault. You can save your gas, tires, and money hero. McCracken and Sons, 302 South Main and 9th and Elm Streets. t40f Tuesday and Wednesday Invasion Troops Hit Guam in Wet Season Clinton Soldier Writes Bathing In shell-holes filled with rain water, eating K, C and 10 in 1 rations iB all part of this war, according to a letter written by Evan Earl Bynum to bis wife, 1003 Wat-nut Street. Bynum Is with the U. S. forces on Guam. He took part in the invasion and re-coniuest of the once American-held island from the Japanese. He said their "arrival" was during the wet season and as he was writing he was sitting with his bare feet in ten Inches of water. His foxhole bed was also filled with water, he wrote. He has seen plenty of dead Japs, he said, although he has only been bohind the U. S. front lines. Bynum has been in service over a year and has been in the Pacific Bonnie ReveBz, high; Mrs. Ada Neid-ling and Mr. Shew, lone and Mrs. Cliff Vltalie and Mrs. Agnes Bailey, second high, , Prizes in the bunco games went to Mrs. Anna Ilodnar, high; Mrs. Clarence James, bunco and Mrs. Mary Gray, second high. ' . Acme Club Entertained At Cunningham Residence Mrs. Ed Cunningham was hosieBS Thursday evening to the Acme Club which met at her home on South Seventh street, ' ' Following ' the ' short business meeting, bunco iwas played at three tables with Mrs. Ruth Brldnman, winning high; Mrs. Ivah Kelley. s'C-ond high and travel; Mrs. Lenora McCracken, bunco and Mrs. Janet COLUMBIA RECORD 36630, BEAT Me Daddy, parts 1 and 2. Will Bradley Orchestra. 50c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. FOUR ROOM HOUSE, 846 MAT-tbew Street. t54x HAROLD PEARY MARGIE STEWAflT FREDDIE MERCER With the Compliments of SWIMMING POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office for Donald Adams Watch This Space Daily FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRASH Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. ' Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE GREAT GUY With James Cagney Mae Clark PLUS MEMPHIS BELLE Aviation Special "NO ALTERNATIVE" Victory Short 820. t37f area for several months. PRE-WAR BABY BUGGY. 1058 South Fifth Street. Scott, low. One guest, Mrs. Alfred Prulhlere, RICK, any Mad yoa want. (Jllntoa Aato Wrecking Fartt Co. Ernie's, Akron, O. was preBent at the meeting. Mrs. Ivah Kelley received a Criminoligist Called In i CUntoa. Maf birthday present from the club I members. The ueit niect.'tg will be In two MALE HELP WANTED To Aid Fort Wayne Police FORT WAYNE, Ind. With every clue to date leading to a blind alloy. Fort Wayne authorities today derided to call on Leonard Keller, Chicago criminologist, to help solve weeks with Mrs. John Ross on South Fifth Street. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craft and son. THURSDAY BOY FOR MORNING NEWSPAPER route; guaranteed weekly salary; no Sunday delivery. White's Pharmacy. t41 three recent murders of women. 9c 40c SUN., MON. & TUE. Color Cartoon "Champion of Justice" Novaks Comedy Band LATEST NEWS A Jive Jamboree. . . A Swing Jubilee. . . A Screenful of Tuneful Hilarity! DON'T MISS IT! Johnnie of Brazil were recent guestB of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Thompson, of route two. BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Cllntonian. ... Mrs. Freddie Henry and children How soon Keeler can move tnto the Indiana investigation Is problematical since he is engaged on a case in downstate Illinois. The decision to seek scientific help was reached in the wake of the attack-murder of Phyllis Irene Conine, 17-year-old high school girl. THE PCWRES and Miss Mae Fleener of Blooming- CLINTON'S COOLKST SPOT Help Wanted Female ton. Ind. are visiting Mrs. Henry's I mother. Mrs. Ernest Hedges of APPLY VICTORY t49x GIRL WANTED. . Diner. route two. whose battered body was found last Sunday In a field south of Fort Wayne. All efforts to trace ownership of ... Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dwlnell of Chi .EWrV ' Admission 9c and 20c SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT With r ' Don Ameche Janet Blair '! Jack Oakie "FIXIN TRICKS" MGM Short "Mackinac Island" Traveitalk LOST cago are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clemenz of South Fifth street. inn miutP ... Oral Michael of St. George, Utah BLACK ZIPPER BILLFOLD BY Ice plant. Contains C book, Im- t portant cards and pictures. Return to police station. Reward. Pearl Thomas. t46x is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Lily Michael of route two. a blood-stained trench coat found near the body have failed, hut ProB-ecutor A. Everett Bloom expressed the hope that Keller's scientific methods wight bring a clue to the owner. 1 Other unsolved crimes of the sahie type were the fatal beating of Wll-helnia llaags, 37, on Feb. 5, and the attack slaying of Ann Kuioff. 22, on May 22. ni'. IW J Mil l - I j?fiI Long Life Pipes and boilers if they nr? given good care, last as long as the house. BILLFOLD SUNDAY NIGHT. Please return with papers. Keep money as reward. Ray Kelshelm-er, R. 2 or leave at Cllntonian Office. t44x ilflfa.. FOR RENT RELY ON... HIGHEST A DR. SELLERS OFFICE IN HAYNES Building. Six room modern house. 802 South Fourth Street. O. F. Houston. t44 CASH For Your Used Gars MODERN FURNIHHKD APART-ment. Close In. 415 South Third Street. U:;f FACTOnY-COIITROLLED PAID NOTICES NOTICE! Jerusalem Lodge, No. 99 F. A. A M. Stated meeting. Tuesday, 6.00x16 August 15, 7:30 p. m. John Grif fith WM, Charles Brown, Secretary. 146 COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St Phone 427 NOTICE! Lawbead's Barber Shop. 115 South Main, will open for business Friday. August II. till 0 No Rationing Certificate Required. Kequirea' NTEED CTION CUARA NAN WYHH . ttSS URKER Scra Ploy by Massy tmft fr.doc.d by UVINO MISXIN SATlSFAi V-T- Cir.ct.d k rMAtlEt IAITOM $300 or Less la Often the Answer to a Lot of Trouble-""Bome Problems. Why Not Talk It Over With Us Without Obligation. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 125 Blackman St. Phone 62 POLAND 'Sdl FIRESTONE-TEXACO SERVICE Only 9c & 35c "MOON OVER LAS VEGAS" "GUNS OF THE LAW" Big Double Feature Tonight and Sat. Clinton. Ind. 130 N. Main St. CLINTON, INDIANA -VE r

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