The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, August 11, 1944
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Friday, August 11, 194i, THE DAILY CLIN TON IAN Short?ai:nllea ihe funeral" of Mrs, Minnm jJoiins, -winch- was Held at Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mrs. Mae Todd of Donnie spent Monday with Mr. and Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Keck -Mrs. Sam Smith Of Dloomingdale. of Clinton and Mr. Fetherland. Miss Phyllis Smith tell and broke Mr. and MrB. Kay Smith and son, her leg. - -X-v' NOTICE rr. TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES Shepardsvllle. ' - Mr. and Mrs. George Cllne and son George spent Friday in Terre FairviewGlub Has Meeting Mrs. Cline Hostess To Willing Workers; Many Guests in Local Homes Haute. John Dancy of Mllford, Wis. spent the past week with his moth i- IN THE MATTER OP DETERMININO THE TAX RATES FOR SCHOOL .PURPOSES BY THE SCHOOL CORPORATION OF CLINTON, VERMILLION COUNTY, INDIANA. er, Mrs. Flora Dsncy and brother 1 'Notice la hereby given the taxpayers of Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana, that the proper legal officers of said school corporation at their regular meeting place on the 31st day of August, 1944, will consider the Nick. Simeon Dancy of Chicago speh ''following budget: ,. IH'IHIKT OLASHIKICATION FOIt SCHOOL- CORPORATION several days with his brother, Nick I, Capital Outlay ... 1,600.0 Duncy. Miss Hazel Myers went to Wntse SPECIAL SCHOOL FUND General Administration 1. Board of School Trustees . f 1,700.00 ka, 111. to spend several weeks with TOTAL SPECIAL SCHOOL FUND '..146,406.00 Willing Workers Class met at the home of Mrs. Edllh Cllne on Thursday for an all day meeting. Pot luck dinner was served ut noon. In the afternoon devotional service was held and contest was enjoyed by all. There were eighteen members and nine guests. Next meeting will be relatives. "Sgt. Don Noakps of Tenn., Mrs. TUITION FUND Teachers' Salaries , C, Supplies Department 8. Superintendent's Office - 1. High School 154,979.6 Dun Noakes, and Mr. and Mrs. Orup Noukes of Terre Haute were Sunday tA. .it' B. C. .8. 2. Elementary . ; 29,620.00 guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hen Transfer Tuition 300.00 held at the home of Mrs. Flora An drlck. drews, August 7th. 600.00 3.810.00 A. 2,700.00 34G.00 B. 13,336.00 8,000.00 ' 6,126.00 Ai 3,300.00 B.t . 3,760.00 2,060.00 Instruction Supervision Operation of Plant ' 1. High School '2. Elementary ' Maintenance i: High School Mrs. Peggy Mets of Universal TOTAL TUITION FUND $84,899.60 Mrs. Ida Eller Is spending two BOND FUND weeks with her daughters, Mrs. Payment on Principal .1 4,000.0 Grace Wilbur and family, and MIhs Payment on Interest 1,020.00 Wllma Eller. Mrs. Mary Allison and Mrs. Mln Fixed Charges ..Cb-Ordlnate and Auxiliary q: TOTAL BOND FUND ! 6,020.00 nle Jones of Terre Haute spent Thursday with friends. .V . , ; ESTIMATE OP FUNDS TO BE RAISUD Mrs. Christina Dunn returned home after' spending a month with Tuition Bond Special relatives in Detroit, Mich. FUNDS REQUIRED FOR EXPENSES TO DECEMBER 31, INCOMING YEAR l.V Total-Budget Estimate for Ensuing Year, January 1, 1945 ,"''. to' December 31, 1946, Inclusive - t " .'; Necessary, Expenditure, August, 1 to, December 31, 1944, already appropriated - - 1J. ...... .. Mrs. Dorothy Weber and daugh 46,405.00 I 84,899.60 ; 6,020.00 spent the week with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Metz. 'John Murdy and daughter Dorn-decn are spending several duys with relatives in Muttoon, III. Wayne Church of Hammond is spending several days with his mother, Mrs. Mabel Church. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gum and son Freddie of Chicago are spending the week with his father, Harry Gum. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Black of Clinton were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds and sons. Mrs. Lyle Williamson of Cheney-ville, 111. is spending several duys with Mr. and Mrs. Keith l'rlckett and sons. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peck spent Sun ter Shirley, Mrs. Esther Myers and son Larry, Mrs. Emma Prulhiere 21,602.04 2,658.75 43,461.66 Mrs. Anne Prulhiere and children and Mrs. Ruth I'uyton and children ' ' ? Total -Estimated Expenses (add, line 4 and 2) . S 67,907.04 128,361.06 7.678.76 spent Thursday in Terre Haute with ' FUNDS ON HAND AND' TO BE RECEIVED FROM SOURCES relatives. ' Community Club met at Town 4JTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX LEVY: - Actual Cash Balance, July 31, present year 9i r Taxes to be collected, December settlement . 4,261.29 22,119.64 3,966.76 12,846.78 3,607.66 Hall Friday evening. After business 657.81 session bunco was played and priz Edgar Comity FAIEIand RAGES PARIS, ILL. AUGUST 13-18 v THREE RING CIRCUS SUNDAY AND MONDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT 4 DAYS OF HARNESS RACING TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY 4 NIGHTS OF THE HORSE SHOW TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY REPUELICAH DAY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1G ( GOVERNOR ! GCEEH And Other Prominent Speakers Will Be Present DEMOCRATIC DAY FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 ' ' Prominent Speakers Present HORSE PULLING CONTEST , 6 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 LONE STAR CARNIVAL ALL WEEK es were awarded to Mrs. Melissa Pe day with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barton terson high, Mrs. Sophia Davis. bun 2. j MIbc. Rev. to. be received August 1, present year to Decern- ' ber 31, next year: (Schedule. on file In office of Superin-!. tendenf) - j., . . , ' " tfal.a.i Special Tajfes 1Z . k ' V,,-bv. Transfer Tuition . . V -ij-. ii.,y. All other revenue . ii1'..'i.'Ll and family tit Georgetown. III.. co and travel and Mrs. MaylDonna Mrs. Alice 'Street 'and Otis Street low. - l0" 5TB2.38 -45,229.62 i 78,781.62' JO.OOO.OO,,, . spent Sunday fri .Terra Haute, il'l Darrell Smith returned' home af,- Mrs. Alice swickard Bpen.t several ter spending three weeks with his ays wiui relatives, in unicago. ill brother, Harry Smith and' family.. of ;.t Total Funas (add lines 5, 6, 7a, 7b, 7c) .j 36,086.39 $110,817.85 $. 4,919.10 Mrs. Harlo Frist ami danuuterJ Olenalres. ' " J , wv run. Auwnt requirea to De raised for expenses to December. I Betty Lou and Mrir; Mdry llune of Larry Dale Uselman, is spending ' 81,820.65 17,643.21 2,769.66 kaiayette spent saturauy lth:;Mrs. Ernest Harrington. ''a"' ,'''' ' i ni l several days with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith of (ilen- ' Jfl, ensuing year (deduct line 8 from 4) . : f PM'',n ?BIee- (Npt ;Ja. excess .of expenses from Jaji j : 3L, Mary 1 to June 30, less Misc Rev. for same period . ' , NET AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY . vV . .' ' :'(add lines 9.10) '. il.,2,24.8S "x"'v14,674.75 2,531.26 Mr. and Mrs. Furikhdiisei' 'nnd aires. , Mrs. Gladys Dunn and daughter children and William' Baker ofjjilli-nois are spending' Several dayiWith 1 43,046.63 . S 32,117.96 S 6,290.90 Betty spent Saturday in .' Terre PROPOSED LEVY' Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whitworth. Hautei . Net-fraxable Property . $3,069,956.00 Nell Dunn, Jr. of Indianapolis Net Taxable Polls Mrs. Dollie Griffin of Center was recent guest at Mrs. Ernest Ilur- 79C spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nell Dunn. Sr. rlngton. Amount to be . Raised IS 4 5 'fund 1 levy on ; ' :'. Pons Mrs. Mary Helt and MrB. Ruth Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman ' $23,820.66 Levy on Property .75 ' .10 .15 $1.0Q Dove and daughter, Elnise of Terre Haute spent the weekend with Mr. 21,489.69 Williams, August 2th, a daughter, Mary Anne. The mother and daughter are getting along satisfactorily. Sneclal '--.., Tuition Bpna.-. ,Totl':i. 6,400.93 1.00 and Mrs. Perry Clark. Mrs. Anna Barron of Terre Haute Theodore Newport of Indianapolis $60,711,27 $2.00 $1.60 spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs, Nell Dunn, Sr. COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF TAXES COLLECTED AND TO BE COLLECTED Collected and Amount to Miss Arletha Kunkhouser of 111. spent the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whitworth. be Raised . 1945 $23,820.66 '21,489.69 6,400.93 I Collected 1942 $22,954.61 20,747.13 . . 6.990.80 to be Collected 1944 $23,489.11 21,184.91 6,330.62 Collected 1943 $23,430.09 21,238.30 6,080.24 . Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McWethy spent Don Reinerio. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Howell of Prlnceville, III. spent from Monday until Wednesday with her sister, Mrs. Sadie Reinerio. Mrs. Mary Kelley of Peru spent several days with her sister, Mrs. S. T. Whltlock. , Those who surprised Mrs. Frank Feat on her 67th birthday anniversary were: Mrs. Ida Cronley, Mr. and Saturday In Terre Haute. pcll Tuklop-i 8ondV-.,.. . fi.f f , ' vTotals . . Mrs. Esther Crane and Mrs. Imo i ' l $50,691.96 $51,748.63 $50,908.33 $60,71J.27 gens Crane and daughter Nikki Sue returned liortie after spending the past month with Allen Crane of Al abama. " Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whitworth are spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. FUhkhouner of Illinois. , '.Taxpayers appearing shall have a right to be heard thereon. After the tax levies have been determined and .presented to the County Auditor, noLlater than two liays prior to the Second Monday in September, and tie; levy fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or In1 their failure so to do, by the County Auditor, ten or mer, taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by such levies may appeal to the State Board of Tax Commissioners for further and final hearing thereon, by filing of petition with the County Auditor not later than October 16, 1944, .and the State Board will tli a date for hearing In this, County. ': . . . ;-..' y.'.J- 0BUROAN. President C -f ,i 1 - - - Kh-W. POWELL, Secretary . f ':';'." - ':-''' - " ' G. M HENNIS, Treasurer : Mrs. MeHire Meddows and daugh ter ,Eugenla of Gary and Hire. Lu nllln Miller antf daughter Linda of ORDER L-335 Montezuma' rfpeht'' "Wednesday with Mrs. Robert Cox and daughter. Mr. and Mts. Joe Toto and Miss New Epoch . Freida Voto of Clinton and -Miss Behind the Stenes A new epoch in medicine began in 1935 when the "sulfa" drugs were introduced for treating a num 2Kfin HOLLYWOOD Virginia Voto of Anderson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Voto and family. Jack " Whrmto, 'Lyford, Mr. and Mrs. Abe McAdums of Erinlnedale, Mr. end Mrs. Scott Huffman and ber oi tnese serious diseases. This group or drugs has relatively simple chemical structure and to date over two thousand compounds of this group have been prepared in synthe daughter Margaret of Brazil, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cline and daugh .' " y HARRISON CARROU ' ' V lf rMm Sysdiuls WriSM u BOLLYWOOD Plenty of un-acbsduled excitement on M-O-M's jAJrship Squadron Four" location Wed out as a trumpeter for Jtmmy Dorsey's band and was told, as po-Utely as possible, that he didn't have, a chance In big-tuna orchestras, land would do better to find an other- profession. Last week, Mo FREEZES LUMBER it! our; YARD . For the Average Individual THIS ORDER FREEZES LUMBER ONLY AND WE STILL HAVE MANY ITEMS OF BUILDING MATERIAL THAT YOU CAN BUY RATION FREE. Herewith is a partial list of items we can still tic organic chemical laboratories in all parts of the world. Out of this ter Charlene and Mrs. James Cline of Sandusky, O. were Sunday guests It U Pel Mar LighUr Than Air oase. i ne nuo of Mr. and Mrs. George Cline and son George. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Honn enter large number less than 10 members have found their way into practical medical use in this country. The following are employed at the present time by doctors: sulfanilamide, ulfapyridine, sulfadiazine, sulfathi-azole, sulfaguanadine, sulfasuxidine, aulfamerazine, sulfaphrazine. tained Sunday In honor of her sis ow of a blimp stampeded six elephants (the picture's u p-posed to take ter, Mrs. Dora Murhley birthday an reno, a lightweight ngtrter with a Navy discharge, finally signed contract with Doraey. Ehs orches tra leader will manage hoi fistic career. , . , Nazi robot bombs hava destroyed buildings on both sides of Musio Publisher Ralph 8. Feer'a London office (Including- the home of the manager) but so far have I left the office Intact. Ironically, it niversary. Those present were Miss ft i Vina Khynas, Mr. Frederick, Mr. place In Burma) and Mrs. Clyde Murhley of Watseha, and they knocked o v r offer for sale: camera aqulp- Sylvester Jones of Mllford, John Carrlco of Clinton, Mrs. Lilly Dmicy, Dorothy Poore and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Myers and fumlly. - I used to be a Japanese hotel. m n t and smashed six Cabbage Maggots Plants of early cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts Jet out 'during late April or May Snay be-tftunted or killed by cabbage root maggots unless protected by tar paper-discs or by treatment with Perfect illustration of how timet a u t o m o b Ilea Mr. and Mrs. Leon Short of Ter re Haute spent Sunday with his iar- chang in the re-Issue of "Gunga Din" at a Valley theater. The audi Beery was right In the middle of enls. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short. it and, after the Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beelcr of West tHarrlHH Corrtll ence booed lustily whsnjC&ry Grant said: "We need a war for a little"'" excitement!" -.v i v elephants were Terre Haute were recent gui-sts of fercury compounds, as tne mag-ilssW present in many gardens, eatGiaiit is worthwhile insurance.- gotten under control, spent the Mr. and Mrs.- Thomas Dunnes) , night with the beasts to help calm . , - v" ' On. his first day's vacation after' Mrsr Bertha Hinds and Mrs:. Bert 1 V' , their nervousness. three months in "Two Years Before the Hast," Alan Ladd lay in the I0QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ' Linda Darnell and Psverell Mar- sun, and got a second degree burn. My gravely concerned for the safety of Marley'a 70-yeax-old aunt, Mrs. Mildred Canlvet, who la tn the f robot bomb target area In London. t They haven't heard from her since Paul Henreld telling friends on MEN WAR WORKERS s the "Of Human Bondage" set that. If he gets back his estate near Vienna after the war (It's been in the family for 250 years), he'll tun NEEDED! it into a rest home and recreation center for the army of occupation Wall Board Plaster Board Rock Lath Metal Arches Metal Corner Bead Insulating Board ' ' Insulating Lath - ; Presdwood Brick Cement Blocks O :. 't Lime Cement , , , Brixment -, Mortar Colors , Plaster . ,,, Wire Fence Barb Wire Brace Wire , . Big Red Fencv , Wood Fence Posts Steel Fence Posts Farm Gates 1 ' t Zonolite Insulation Rock Wool Batt Insulation Ladders ' ' v Ventilators Creosote Fire Brick Grate Slabs . Hardwood Flooring Gum Panel; Board ',WlAdb'ws ajid Sash , Doors, -Wood and Glass K: .'Window Frames ; , Kr D. Door Frames .Screen Poors Storm Doors 'Storm Windows .. Window Glass '. Putty Mouldings Weather Stripping Package Trim Oak Thresholds Nails Builders Hardware Paints All Kinds Enamels Oil and Turpentine Roll Roofings Asphalt Shingle Roof Coatings Wood Shingles Galvanized Roofing 1 ri ' Roll Brick Siding Insul Brick Siding , . Asbestos Sidings Hog Feeders - early July when aha sent them the name of her solicitors to get in , touch with in oase .anything happened. They've never gone this lang Before without word. On the aet of Th Great John L." today, ' Linda was trying to get a query through to London, O 9 HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Bob Stack so handsome in his uniform that the chorus girls on the Jos Pasternak set whistled at HIM. . . , Preview audiences cheered the title of "The Thin Man Goes Home" ao long that M-O-M, believing the words would be lost, is removing dialogue from early scenes. , , Eva Gabor suffering from three impacted wisdom teeth. . . . And Just O O o 1 Remember Movita, the Latin film Star who married Jack Doyle, the ex-prise fighter t Letter from Ire- land says she now Is the belle of . Belfast . About the only girl in town who still has stockings and high -heeled shoes. '' 1 ' Bear that 8abu, Unlyarsal's In-IftjUaa star, turned down a el mis operation at March Field for fear it o as her Lubltsch break is coming up. . . Alter three years ar silence, the Max Factor Makeup Stiadloa hear that their Paris branch waa taken over by the Nazis and ha would spoil his chances of getting ' pversssi, nanu s an aerial gunner. c E. I. DnPont de Nemours & Co. Inc. m Operating Wabash River Ordnance Works f Newport, Ind. C O No Experience Required O Working 48-Hour Week . J at Present ' : ' :f ' J O Tune and One-Half Overtime o APPLY AT: .., q WAR MANPOWER COMMISSION O 2nd FLOOR, STAR BLDG. 6 TERRE HAUTE, IND. O Or A Company Representative "a ? Will Interview Applicants At q MOOSE HALL " j CLINTON, IND. r-" 0 AUGUST 14, 9 a. m. te.12 Noon , The bond-boy for At Donahue's orchestra Is named Charlie Mc- l Carthy and Us home address In Houston, Tex. Xno kidding), is 10 ' .Woodenhead Lane. . . . Henry Fon been operated continuously, . . Slmone Simon with Arturo De Cordova, Lynn Merrick with Conrad Nagel at the Mocambo. . . . Trudy Marshall and Phil Ramn dancing dreamily at Ciro's. Looks as if their fight is all over. . . . Hats off to Tom Douglas for his re-decorating yob on Ciro's. Specially the lighting. . . Orchestra Leader Emil Coleman due to play a role In "Nob Hill." . . . Add twosomes: Virginia Hunter with Hurd Hatfield at the Biltmore Bowl; Gloria Saphire with Laird Cregsr at the Clover Club. . . . , 0 irrltes from Enlwetok that there r was room for only one-half of the Ken to sea Sob Hope's snow, so they drew tota. - Bob, hearing of the WE ARE HAVING TROUBLE OBTAINING THE ABOVE MATERIALS AS FAST AS WE NEED THEM AND OUR STOCKS ARE BROKEN IN SOME ITEMS. HOWEVER SHIPMENTS ARE COMING THRU AND WE ARE DOING OUR VERY BEST TO KEEP STOCKS. . Stevenson Lumber Go. ' (Situation, insisted on giving a see-: and show. ... Betty Button, who ' fiaver owned a borne until she re cently bought two one in Beverly Lieut Harold Kirsch, husband of Hollywood press agent Charlotte Rogers, off again on sea dutv. . . . Unable to get reservations anv- -Hula and one ax cna oeacn won i ' Us-ltMr for her vacation. Shell go to Lake Arrowhead. The Hut-toss-Director Mervyn LeRoy twosome, incidentally, has broken ap. He's been dating both Helen Gilbert ' and Ava 'Gardner. ... In 1939, 1 Buddv afareaa (not the alnrarl I Clinton, Indiana where for a vacation, Joan Blon-dell finally packed the two kids ud )0000000OOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOO in a irauer, wnicn is now parked on a nier at a nearbv beach. ,

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