The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 11, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 3
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Friday, August 11, 1911. THE DAILY CLIN IONIAN Page Three I hilltop. It managed to keep the Jap WABASH SUN., MON. AND TUfc. planes from coming in as low as tney would nave swooped naa mere been no opposition. Hot Weather Blankets Nation, Moves to East ' (Continued irotn page 1) "On Oahras Island a small de inated from -bases ia the southeast Asia Command, under British Lord Louis Mountbatten, and )t was pre-, mimed that the Superforts took, oil' and returned to bases located somewhere In India, Other B-aO Base ' . . ' The War Department announcement was the flrxt offlical woid that Ihere are FI-29 bases In areas other in the area of the American corridor linking Normandy with Brittany was aflame as 'every American unit in that sector attacked the Gennau positions and met grim opposition. Mortaln Area Gains South of Caen and In the area or Mortaln, Canadian forces continued to meet steady German Hut there were slow gains toward Falaise, itself an excellent new Double,B-2 Attacks Elay , Japanese Posts (Con tinned Front far II tachment of Marines fought valiant ly, actually repulsing the Jap lnvad era until their ammunition was ex haunted. inn Atlantic seaboard, plenty hot "The other radioman and myself right now, would get Ihe full fore than China. , drove about 11 miles to the other side of tlipi island,' hid the car and or the searing temperatures within a few luyn, while n the central and started looking for a place to hide. southwestern hi ntiH they will be Tweed said that "two months la Nagasaki Is the site of Japan's largest shipbuilding center where nioderutlng. ter the other man left me" but did , Wichita Falls, Tex., and Wavno- not amplify his remark. Only One Ieft ka, Okla., reported high t 1UG; Grand Island, N.-li., 103; Lincoln. Americans captured during the in both naval and menhunt ships are built. It is located on the main Jap Island of Kyushu. H-24 Llberalur bombers from Gen. Douglas MacAnhur's southwest Pa Sweeping Allied Drives Roll Up Rapid Advances (Continued frum page 1) NA-f' ,,;,.. j. " Th'S 102, and Omaha, mil, and readings from 8u to loo were uncomfortably Jumplng-off place for a drive on Paris along the southern route, North , of Mortaln. American forces seized i the lown of Guthamu. .. ., Airmen l(anu;e Uutlltfcroitnd Widespread Allied air acllvUy , during the day and last night contributed In huge measure to weakening of Nazi defenses in .France. , After night bombers had blasted German supply aud communication Hues ut Bordeaux, La Pallice and the DIJon rail Junction coincident with a new ussault on Bertln, big American Liberators swept over large areas of France. vasion were held on the Island for 30 days, Tweed continued. After Amlrecana hiding In the bush were common all Ihe way from the Crest cific Iheuter blasted Davao on the southernmost of the Philippine La Hen down Into Texas. Bt. Loul to be killed when captured and eight months later two' were caught and Islands while the B-2'Js were pound slain. Two more were killed ing Palembang aud Nagasaki. . month and a half afterward. That These were the first bombings of left him the only one still in hiding, Tweed believed. After a year he "gave up hope.' the Philippines since the Islsnds were occupied by the Japanese after the full of Ilataan. 4th and .till Itiild The latest D-29 raids the "I felt I would be caught sooner had 98. Tulsa, Okla., had 100 degrees, whlla Denver reported a mere 67. ., Moving eastward, other temperatures were: Cleveland and Cincinnati, 97; Columbus, 0., as; Philadelphia, 92 with !l.ri expected today; Pittsburgh, 92, with a forecast of fair and hotter today and Harrls-burg, pa 95. Washington, D. c, usually right 'tip there, took a back seat with only 87. New York Ni.zlee t New York City had a couple days of cool weather and then the tem or later," he said, "but determined to postpone my capture as long as trolling 'continues beyond Mayen::e, Ysstks Keekdt CliArtcee Unconfirmed reports ut Allied headquarters placed American armored spearheads at Chartres. famous old cathedral city on the fringe of Paris' inner defense belt. Although official spokesmen liad no substantiation of reports the Americans had reached or taken Chartres, It was obvlouB the United States advance was still rolling In high gear, and at the same time the possible." He said he lived "here, there and everywhere," sometimes under shel ( I ; -nf - V f ter, sometimes in the open, sleep ing on the ground. Latier Appoints Kendall Head of GOP Speaker Board . INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. -John H. Lauer. Republican state chairman, today announced the appointment of John A. Kendall, Danville attorney and nominee for 8tato Senator Xrom Hendricks, Morgan and Owen counties, as chairman of the Speakers' Bureau of the O. O. P. State Com-mlttee. Kendall waa elected twice to the House of Representatives, and served three terms aB Heudricks county prosecutor. He is married and has two children. . ,: , ,'" "The Japs learned several times fourth and fifth since June IS when the attacks were Inaugurated were made public from headquarters of the 20th Air Force In Washington. The new method of announcing this kind of war news was utilized to differentiate It from a formal communique In that It was a preliminary report with additional details to come. The raids apparently were carried out at night. The target on Sumatra was the area of Palembang, location of the Pladjoe oil refinery plant, largest where I was hiding but I always managed to escape," he said, "once battle for Brest reached Its climax. by only a bare minute. I understand a 60-man searching party was de Brest Battle 8ieeds The tempo of the assault on Brest was stepped up when the Ameri perature Jumped to an official 92.3 yesterday with a forecast or higher today. Rochester, N. Y., had 96; Syracuse, 90, and Albany. 94. , The New England slates also were getting a heat Wave,. with an official temperature' of 9.0 gtj Boston. ! California Normal ;The California coast experienced Ann. Miller lewis store thun her twinklihg toes to CoIumbiaS "Jwn Session" currently featuring the lovely dancer and six nationally known' swing hands at the Wabash Theatre. Hen1 she shows heailwork for leading man Jess Itarker. cans already at Brest were Joined by strong forces which moved west producer of petroleum products In ward across Brittany along the tailed to find me and searched almost two years. I was declared officially dead In April, 1944." Then on June 11 came the first American bombing raid on Guam and he "knew he didn't have to wait much longer.", northern coastal road. the Far East. This raid, also with a "medium size" group of j)lanes, orig Classified Advertising Will Bring Results! Try it! The entire front around Mortaln, Get la the Scrap t normal summer temperatures, with . Los Angeles reporting 86 and Saa Francisco 62. .Drought conditions were reported worsening in the ;nlUwenl and southwestern mates where only See Link in Jap Captive Suicide Plot, Traitor Case r f tSX, .scattered showers have fallen In re-: cent weeks. Serious crop conditions , were reported In central Illinois, .the Ohio valley regiun, and elsewhere among the central states. DENER, Colo. Three Japanese prisoners of war today attempted to commit Hara-Kirl at the FlUBlmons General Hospital near Denver, it was lW women who wouUrif ' learned exclusively by International :4 ;3 Yank Ghost Of Guam Rescued By U. S. Forces News Service. The three-fold suicide plot took place as a Federal Court Jury in Denver returned a verdict of guilty against three Japanese-American sit and wait (Continued from pan 1 sisters on a charge of conspiracy to commit treason In the escape plot of "according to instructions given me In preparation for such an emerg- two German prisoners of war. , ency. Then I- ,weut to the govern Army officials said they believed the Hara-Kirl episode was colncl dental to the Jury verdict. The Jurors found the three sisters not guilty of a formal charge of treason. ment house and learned the garrison would be surrendered. . "But I decided to go into the bush as 1 was confident Americans would .soon recapture the Island from the Japs. With another radioman, 1 escaped from the town iu a car. The Japs machine-gunning us en-route. We had the flames of a house that had been set afire to light the road. , lefeifce One Machlncgun ( . ?'The Japs shelled the governor's house with field guns at 'point , blank range. Our defense consisted At Fittslmons General Hospital, Lt. Col. V. H. Kelly, the executive officer, confirmed the Hara-Kirl plot, disclosing for the first time that Japanese prisoners of war are patients at the hospital. "They rut their wrists, necks and stomachs," Col. Kelly said. 't "However, we stopped them before IT ISNT EASY to ay "good-by"to the family, and to friends, and to nice long week ends. . q ' ' It may not be natural for a woman to salute and stand at attention and say "Yes, sir". . . But ask any Wac if she'd change places with anyone in the world and the answer would be "No !" . ' ''For1' deep do Wri' inside, 'every Wad knows the enormous satisfaction of being truly useful at a time of critical need. '" The Wac spirit is a gallant spirit. The spirit of-Women who would rather be in the war, -than sitting and) waiting for it to end. , ' The Wac pride is an honest pride. In a job well .done. In being part of the Army of the U. S. . ' You really have to hand it to the' women of the WAC... j ting and) waiting for it to end. , . , of one machine gun mounted on a each finiHhed his Job and we believe each will recover." ' TVpn i" tf.v f , 'r'' - &CPr 4', J r, l Col. Kelly said the Japs, recently captured in the Pacific theatre of war, had beeu sent to the hospital for treatment of tuberculosis. I'; ,' , ' J W ; 4 'hi t ipfi The modern and incmtioglf A formal announcement of the Hara Kirl plot was expected to be made public later In (be day by the Public Relations Officer at the Army hospital. In the treason conspiracy case, the three defendants face Imprisonment For they symbolize everything that is America up to two years or a fine up to $10,000 or both. If they had been convicted on the flat charge of treason, they would have faced a possible death penalty. At (he request of defense counsel Kenneth Robinson, pronouncement of the court's Judgment was postponed for three days. Robinson said that he would make a motion for a new trial on the conspiracy convic t I OIADI V n I tisttt icatii 1 tion upon his next appearance In court. Prosecutor Ivor O. Wlngren aaa asked for Immediate sentencing of the sisters. A Ray Pesavento Home After Escape Frotrv Axis Prison Camp GPTi (Continued fsora page 1) Helping wounded soldiers . "' improve their vision . ' ' ""l Good soldiers... Jifd-'nJ J WOMENS ARMY CORPS , Wi!JfV7 sil ' ' 7TS Petarkiny in Hawaii ' fj CSSPAj ' Xjf ijfa on ewes assignments --i "t ?0 VT - ' CtsV T -jt " X Wm9f9 Army Corpt, o to your M- I I 1 i F -J A it 5 nar9t U. S. Army kocrwiiing Sta- ff f 1 'U ! ' g , -I VMiiV Hon. -Or rnaU thm coupon bmlotm. W ' '" mm0'i , '"1 f ' ( . . .i ts if Mi " "- " " "C?Tf2 W hrough Vatican sources until ihs surrender qf Italy in September. On Sept. 8 he was reported miss ing In action. Pesavento was able to say he. In company with several other American servicemen, had escaped from their prison camp Sept. goodyear lOPAf Trade your Grade I certificate for today's Number 1 tire, a new Goodyear . . . your best buy for auUra aafrtjr and iotir. low -r oat iteage. Bnn- $ 1 0 5 In your car for Q fitliiif today. (plus iai 00-14 NINTH & BOGART MOBILGAS STATION JOE GMOOI.ETTO 4. 143. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bon Pesavento received word from the war department In July of this yar that he had rejoined his company.' Now home for 21 days, Pesovento will report to Miami, Fla. for fur ther orders at the completion of his furlough. AUTO PAINTING FENDER AND BODY STRAIGHTENING WELDING WASHING AND SIMONIZING Clinton Car Laundry 408 South Main Street EARL IIAKPER Telephone 223-W

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