The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 11, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
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Friday, August 11, 1944. 'THE DAILY CLINTONI AN fRe Two fore the counc il at that time to voice objections to the levies. Before final acceptance, the budget goes before the Vermillion Coun-' ty Board of Review and the Elate Tax Board. Oinlon Tax Rale Drops Nine Cents In Budget for 45 (Continued fi. II U. S. Airmen Open Philippines Drive In 3 Night Blows (Continued bom pace 1) Steady Soviet Drives Hammer At Reeling Nazis (Continued from pace 1) NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES In the matter of determining the tax rates for certain I Before the Common Council purposes by City of Cliuton. Indiana. Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of the City of Clinton. Vermillion County, Indiana, that legal officers of saut municipality, at their regular meeting place at 7:30 P. M. on the 28th day 194 4, will consider tho following bitdKcL Ul'IXiET rl.AKHIKlrATION FOH CITIES GENERAL KI'NI) ' the proper of August, I 'If I saw. 10 intl'-H south of the main fighting In Lithuania, Red army for Current Charges 305.0" Properties 1 .000.00 DEPARTMENT OF PARKS ces battling southwest from Bialy- Costa Rica Basically an agricultural country, the principal industries of Costa Rica are based on agriculture and include coffee processing, sugar cane grinding, the preparation of cocoa, and the manufacture of wood products. Other Costa Rican industries supply domestic needs with textiles, leather goods and shoes, soap, sweets, cheese, tobacco, candles, starch and furniture. Egg Calcification Poullrymen should expect decrease in calcification of egg shells in spring as birds are going out of production. Unless thin shelled eggs are found on a large scale, the diet should not be blamed for the 25.011 Personal Service : $ Contractual Service Supplies Material Properties Pearl Harber wti kept a secret at hU hoadquftrUra I if re and the fa( thai he had none was known only In a fw of the hi ghost officers. Kmi. InrtW Hit 1 k sky blows against the VHil-Ippinm worn arrnmpanied by ctpii-pm up aerial asKatiltH againM enemy atr mKholda and aliiplng in the Ncth-rrlands Kant Indies, headquarters revealed. The LatiKoer airdrome and anti-alt-craft pontllons In the Kei Islands T hammered by Mitchell bomb-which unloaded 21 tons of ex-plosive on their targets. eral fund dropped from 19 42 t 1943. Street funds have been reduced from $5,569.17 in 1944 to $4.43.4 in 1945 while the cemetery fund dropped from $1,111.21) ill I'M! In $16.1.31 in the present budget. The budget report ulno slums Cues yet to he collected llil year pending the December setttlement include general fund. $15,995; sliei. $2.3S5; cemetery, $605 and paik, $345. ' '" Aug, 0f Hearing August 2S has been set as the date of hearing for the budget with the meeting to be held at 7:30 p. m. In the council room. Clinton citizens may appear be 5H. nil 50.IMI stok, drove forward to oust the Nazis from 50 places. This advance carried forward a-bout nine miles to the west, and the three-day toll of enemy, dead on this battle sector was brought to a total of 4.400 men. i'l Warsaw Ih-ives Continues The frontal drive on Warsaw resulted In liberation of 30 more communities in the 24-hour period covered In the communique. The prong south of Warsaw pressed closer on Krakow as the Soviets MAYOR'S OFFICE Personal Service : 1,200.00 CITY CLERK-TREASURER S OFFICE Personal Service r . 1,200.00 Contractual Service 25.00 Current Charges - 165.00 COMMON COUNCIL Personal Service 119,350.00 Contractual Service : . 15,030.00 Supplies 2,290.00 Material 300.00 Current Charges 5,180.00 Properties 1.600.00 Deht Payment i 2,000.00 DEPARTMENT OF LAW. Personal Service 720.00 Current Charges 1 j 612.60 DEPARTMENT OF CEMET SKY Personal Service 1 4,680.00 Contractual Service 325.00 Supplies ' 475.00 DEPARTMENT OF STREETS Personal Service $ 7.0SO.OO Contractual Service ' l.;lin.mi Supplies 2.000.0" Material 2.000.0" Current Charges 1,05.00 Current Obligations 500.0" Properties 250.00 Debt Payment 2.000.00 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND CHARITIES Personal Service t 208.52 Contractual Service 40.00 RECREATION FUND General Expense 920.00 Interesting Social News Everyday extended their bridgehead across the Vistula river. Stiffened German resistance was encountered at the southern end of the front as the Soviets advanced through the Carpathian foothills, smashing into 40 more localities. EAT G0VEE.S Material 300.00 ESTIMATE OF CIVIL CITY KI NDS TO IE IMIHKII Allies Bend Nazi Lines Northward, Fall Back on Arno Leather Trim Heavy Service See Tii em Now! (Contlnned from page 1) FUNDS REQUIRED r UK KArn.nt.a ju DEC. 31. OF INCOMING YEAR: 1. Total Budget .Estimate ' for Incoming Year - 2. Necessary Expenditures! to be made from appropriations unexpended July .31, of present .year '5. Total Funds Required 6. Actual Balance. July 31 of prew nt year ;7. Taxes to be Collected, present year De- 1 " eember settlement g. Miscellaneous Revenue to be received August 1 of present year to Dec. 31 of Incoming year . - Special Taxes M, Fees and ail other revenue 9. Total Fund 10 NET AMOUNT TO BE RAJS3D FOR EXPENSES TO DEC. 31 OF INCOMING YEAR - 11. Operating Balance 12. AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY 1'EARL HARBOR. Hawaii. The rwnnqueat of Guam was highlighted today by announcement that 37,551 Japanese have been killed on the throe Islands of the Marians chbin wrested from Japan. BA.A.TO T. H. 1'aNualtlrs Knemy losses on Saipan, Tfnian, and Guam which fell before overpowering; American forces stood oiit In sharp contrast to American casualties which were officially listed as Sft.aftft. Including r .171 killed or tnlsslnc. Ifr4uart(n at KaI.uui American supremacy In these far Pacific waters was further underscored by a front line dispatch fiom Ha I pan which disclosed that Vice Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner, commaoder of amphibious forces In I ha Pacific, has established headquarters on that former Japanese stronghold. Uss than 1,500 mil from Tokyo. Asked If Saipan would he Ills permanent headquarters, the colorful Turner, who mentored tho first Pacific landing operation a Huadalcanal, was quoted as saying: "Hell, no! It's a very temporary headquarters, functioning only until I can move farther west or northwest!" rnmpM f.iiftm Aug. 9 The Pacific fleet headquarters communique revealing tabulated casualties was Issued only a few hours after the complete conquest of Guam was disclosed to have been achieved on August 9, bringing to a close a hitter, but comparatively fast Corporation Street Cemetery' Park Recreation Fund Fund Fund Fund Fund $49,811. 02 $16,735.00 $ 6,985.00 $ 750.00 920.00 19.824.94 .5.4 : 2.334.96 293.00 $69,635.96 $23,400.84 $9,319.96 $1,013.00 $ 920.0" $26,798.35 $ 6,472.35 $ 3051.65 $ 1.068.44 . None 15,995.00 2,385.00 605.00 346.00 None 9.000.00 12,000.00 None 1.000.00 6.000.00 , None $52,793.35 $20,857.35 $ 9,656.65 $ 1,413.44 ', None $16,842.61 $ 2.543.49 None None $ 920.00 15.950.00 1,500.00 600.00 300.00 $32,792.61 $ 4,043.49 $ 163.31 None $ 1,370.00 PROPOSED LEVIES $3,069. 955. 00 Sedan and Coaches $14.95 2 Passenger Coupes $9.95 GARDEN HOSE 796 Nurfiper of Taxable Polls . quarters in Rome said there are now only minor pockets of enemy resistance south of the Osane tn to 12 miles miles Inland. Reconnaissance patrols already are across the river, the communique added. The situation at Florence, which is half in Allied hands, remained unchanged, with little activity except sniping. The current lull continued all along the Fifth Army front. rioeKti Ana Knia-hed Aain Headquarters said Italian-based medium bombers aKain attacked oil refineries in the Ploestl area of Romania and oil storage tanks and other military targets ill Yugoslav via. including railroad yards assault--ed last night at Kraljevo. Although, adverse weather restricted tactical air force activity, military objectives In northern Italy were hit. In all air operations covered by the communique. Allied' planes flew 1,3(1(1 sorties. Six enemy aircraft were destroyed and 17 Allied planes failed to return. Levy on . Amount to Be Raised Levy on Polls $1.00 J 'roiiert y $1.07 NAME OF FUND General Street : Cemetery Parks Recreation Total . .:. .14 .01 , j None -J .3 : ; $1.50 $1.25 COMPAKATIVF. STATEMENT OF TAXES COLLECTED AND TO HE XI,LKCTKD $32,792.61 4.043.49 163.31 None 1,370.00 $38,369.41 To bo Collected 1945 $32,792.61 Jap Cabinet Readies 'Home Defense Admit NAME OF FUND Collected 1942 $3'J,324.40 Collected 1944 $37,324.07 5.569.17 1.411.20 806.22 Collected 1943 $30,776.14 3.808 50 1.269.49 1.015.60 4, 043. 49 iPamage in 3-29 Raids 50 Ft. Length Coupled H95 25 Ft. Length Coupled $2.95 General . Slreet - r - t : - Cemetery . 4 Park Recreation 163.31 None 1.370. 00 (Continued Irom page 1 1 Federal Seizure Of Triiely Lines,, Ivxpeeled Soon (IVatlnae4 f i Pa 1 1 "frantically, confused" and "on the run" in the fare of interceptor attacks and anli-aircraft fire. . 1 The Jap agency claimed that the Taxpayers appearing shal have a Tight to be heard thereon. After the tax levies have been determined, and brfcitaitcd to the CotflMj 'Andltw ftt later than two days prior to the second Monday In Septcftiner.-'end the levy fiwd by the t'oufttpttis. Aas4jtt'neal Hoard, or on their failure ao to do. Iiy the County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers feeling themselves ag Ticved by auch levies, may appeal to the Slate Board of Tax Commissioners for further and final hearing lhe-c l, by filing of petition with the County Auditor not later than October 15. and the Stale Board will fix a date fir hearing in this County. Dated August 9tb, 1944. WILLIAM M. GILMOI R. Clerk-Treasurer. CLARENCE WRIGHT. Mayor TIRE RELINERS Four Piv Cemented $3.95 STAATS AUTO SUPPLY raiders failed to reach the most important industrial areas. Report SO Planes A heard by NBC, a Tokyo radio version of the attack said 20 American planes participated. Not until some time later did the Jape acknowledge that Palenibang. OB (he island of Sumatra, had been hit by another wing of the U. S. 20th Air Korce. "Jvat one oil tank was set afire," lomci aaacrted. 375 members of United Auto Workers CIOl. Meanwhile, the wave of strikes throughout the United Slates which is seriously crippling war production continued today as one big strike ended and another broadened its scope. PalerMtn Wnim Hark In Paterwin. N. J., approximately 20.000 aircraft workers of the Wright Aeronautical Corporation went back to their jobs after one of Store Well Beets and carrots store well, so plant early ones for use during the summer and later varieties for scoring during the fuB and winter months. ; , . . Spread Blight "Throwout" potatoes on refuse piles on many farms in the neighborhood of potato warehouses and even on city dumps, spread spores of blight by wind and insects to nearby fields. Such piles of discards should be sprayed with a strong weed killer or covered with straw, sprayed with kerosene or gasoline and burned. Carpet Beetles Because carpet beetles feed on all types of material that find their way into cracks of the floor and house, they may build up to a heavy infestation without sign of their damage to woolen articles and without the housewife's knowledge. It is at housecleaning time that this type of insect infestation often comes to light. I The Place to i 303 S. MAIN ST. Buy , PIIOXE 170 Farm Mortgages ' The peak farm mortgage debt was about lli billion dollars and is now around 6 billion. (heir union leaders had pleaded witlr them for two hours. - Use Moderation ' Red pepper and other red pepper sauces and seasoning products must be used in moderation in cooking because they have so much pungency. Richard T. Krankensteen, vice-president of the United Automobile Workers. CIO. told the plane work ers that If tney perslstea l( woufa mean "the Army against labor". The employes went back to await a -oiiiproijiise settlement of the wage disputes. , f80HTlttf9Ja- J r J rjXtiSC UXf W C0AW--TWV WOULD J ULACt. K nWK--M PWMW P ? a In the Detroit area, upward of as the continued walkout of 7.00 J t-mnloyes of a Chevrolet plant closed 1 Vitber war production ernters operat RUBBER STAMPS For Every Purpose 48-Hour Service THE DAILY CLINTONIAN ing in conjunction witu it. Play Miner Part Contrary to popular belief, palate-searing peppers and hair-raising spices play a relatively minor part intthe cookiDg of other American countries. zr'-:, 1 , ..... ... 'k-ii ii THE VI KEPS MS CA8 , . . . -oWIUWRP-flOU 1VWQ OuB " , , . C,rlli isia wb w 1 9 Mi ivutfcwiatl v, fu, n misi 0 ,ah'im i ,3 bJtmna i at n OtXICl MOTfi I JUST IAMtt I CllWtS TO THE. 1 I H4Vf AM JTl. OsT)? t KGWW I t J UVIU lOUX D (f ID A TM1 8tA kWI IAS WHICH WKW I IMWRTAMT 17 Wu bH-Ub TMl A 1j Limt I ! Wu Mt flnontlCO CU 001 " rMi ' fJ UP X ST I ttiiHUt X HiSSAM USSlf. J TB btCSfTJ' I 1 W) MJUTiOtt) UK UperaUVC id t wao ttvs t y ram shadows i t 'Q u J - A ma ju,t mm , 1 : 1 . : TK WOODS. TO I 4&&Jr--T . P MUST I I rSr . iSSSMzS is" It L Sr iUffXl A.Oidaarlac a. Coat No. 1 BPS roondatsoo Coat 1 cCbat No. 2-BPS Houte Paint L I (t . , far a perfect Si:CiM O'AT BTS Houpe 1'aint is th idal fini rant. It dri' qui to a Hui:h, ciristic fintKH that riMs -tr and -rather. It retain? ii Heao. frsb bt-autT for niiiny yara. FIRST COAT BPS Ktiunila-tion coal is the im rfeet firrt coater. It priuieF and peals the surface reculates the penetration of the oils pro-do'f (he workine liase for the finish coat. 7cW.w?caM'aoscn- I, wat I mlled WHO , VTUlAlK S I 1U.A WILD &W01OJS. .1 oruv 11 I . ST&P IH I HA1K - -e- t&' rvCftv v rlJ M 7 -2i- BREADTH AWM PW SPSSr NEW I1EITV WITH PTTEIlSt-SKitT PAISTS. S. 0. HARLAN HARDWARE S.14-S.V1 V Miiiu St. t

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