The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 11, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, August 11, 1944
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THE DAILY CLMTOMAN The Home Newspaper Of Vernyllioa And Parke Gmitiea Milled In Conformity With P. O. D. Order N&16SST THE WEATllEat Fair and hot today and tonight' Partly cloudy and slightly cooler Saturday. Volume 32 Nanber 154. CLINTON, INDIANA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1944., . Price Three Cents. - OtCYO mm fo)MA n n (sis I Jap Cabinet Readies Churchill Visits U.S. 'Commander I Newport Airman Sweeping Allied 'Home Detente Admit Steady Soviet Drives Hammer II r ;T vpc Rnll ITn Damage in B-29 Rdldt Japaa'a Imperial high command admitted today that "some damag sT ma-vrj-si -; ' JC j Advances- Double B-29 Attacks Flay Japanese Posts Nagasaki Under Fire For Hour sat Half; Sumatra ' Oil Storages Blasted; . Three Snperf orts Lost es" had been caaeed la the United At Reeling Nazis Statea Superfortress bomber raid on the Industrial city of Nagasaki aad at the same time Nippoa'a bomb f jerican Spearheads At ' Chartres, 55 Miles Out . . frighteaed new cabinet, littery ever Relentless Bed Columns Smother Nazi Defenses At East Prussian Lines; Twin Drives Near Warsaw the Increasing assanlta against home Island, derided to prepare a plan i. v Of Paris; Battles Rage For Breton Coast Ports for "strengthening home defease. Early Human Baid The admission of damage inflicted MOSCOW. Russia. Soviet by the hnge American craft la the WASHINGTON. D. C. The War Departmeat announced today that 0H group of B-2 Fortresses rained boaiba tor ewe sad a hah? hoara on SUPREME HEADQUARTERS. Allied Expeditionary Force. Wnlla : German-controlled broadcasts today began to predict early Allied occupation of Paris, the headquarter of ' sault goiumas battling desperate German i counter-attacks to guard the East Prussian frontier were re raid which hit the Nagasaki area about 1 a. as. Jap time was contain- ed in an official communique re ported today to be bleeding the Na Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower reported f It" V- 1 I ported by the Dome! agency and re zis white aad forcing Hitler's troops new progress In various areas of tha corded by the FCC. steadily hack toward their . "Holy French baUlefront against Nazi re Radio Tokyo broadcast the fled son." sistance of varying intensity. m of the cabinet to strengthen ReaW Take Hage Toll .u. - ., Japaa'a creat ahlpbulldtng crater at Nagasaki valla another fonnatioa flew- the longest bombing mission ever undertaken to blast the twrny'i biggest souree of oil at Paleaibang. laSematra. . Three of toe riant Fortresses "are not aecoated for" after the doable attack, the- 291 Air Force commas tqae said. Another aaade a safe I South of Vire, Gen. Eisenhower , defenses after studying reports oa With Bed army troops fat Uthua- spokesman said. Allied forces ad-. the B-29 raid, the FCC aald. aht enctiag a hage toH of German vanced from 3,00 to 4,00 yards.' saaapower aad eonipsseat - in thr Dosiei admitted that "several drive toward East Prussia, offmde forces to the south h srlea ren evre-1 Severe fighting continues in this ar-,, ea and an enemy counterattack was repulsed in the vicinity of Gethsmo thousand incendiary bombs" had : been dropped and that "fires start strength into the campaiga against ed at two points in a eertaia city. 8 - - Warsaw which promised relief to emergency; landing at a base la China.- .- . Tbe .planes which flew history's Domef claimed the raiders were patriot forces erappllng with ihe Nazis iaside the Polish eaaiUL,-. tCoattsaea am pass II i Amiga Paul J. Myers, 22, The maia weight of the stepned- soBHiaueio ta aontneaat lama. Tae grasMtsoa of Mrs. Alice Myers of np drive on Warsaw waa thrown forward ia two assaults, one south of the city aad a second northwest. Xewport recently- received his Fortresses which atroek at Nagasaki. Japaa'a major boaseUnd port, flew wntcn is m American naads, -Advances on Islais The Allies advanced 1 2-4 mliea . north of Potigny along the road to Palais and reached Ttaury Barcoart In the same general vicinity. The tatter town has not yet been occupied, -however. Allied patrols crossed tbe Oros river near SC Martin tie Sallen, 2 miles southwest of Thury Harcourt. St. Malo Holds Out A German citadel at St- . Malo. ' wings aod comnnfesdoB at gradua front a baae la China. Tho south era prang appeared tion aiikui bcM in Corpus trts tl. Tex. Prinae Minister Winston Ch archill of Great Britain; droaa ia oa am and peeled rt to Iit.-ieau Omar Bradley at sus fleld head ajaarters susmalnn ia Fraaor. Mr. ChnrrhiD walta awtieatly at the left while Gen. Bradley 'pbooes orders to sfficera of his esaa- signed to never nil enemy lines between Warsaw and Krakow, last important hastioa guarding German The Army's aecoad eommnaiqne on the doable ansantt aald "observed bombing results were good oa both U. S. Airmen Open Philippines Drive In 3 Night Blows Davao Rocked bj U. &. Bombs in Initial Attack; 2539 Gnam Casnalties Silesia. . t . S. Signal Corps Radio Photo. Ensign Myers first received his trsanring la Oh a vim, TIL, amd sras them tlaauuXsiedl to Texas. He la wow taxing advanced pilot's train-tiar. at an air field ha Florida. (Graduating from Newport High navd Cssmln Attacks The Soviet high command report commanded by a German veteran of Stalingrad described aa a "madV mission. Sereral erewa obserred large fires and esoplosions at the target at the oil refining base ia Palembuag". The eommaalqae said that "poor ed for the aecoad aoceesstve day ederal Seizure of Midwest Truck nun, ' still is holding out, walla that German tank and Infantry for- School sritfa the rlaos of IMI, he ewbstcd) in the Savy Air (orp ra fiBhtinS continoes at Dinard. eea otthwest of Mariampol. which Ilea 17 miles from the border of risibility prevented some elements Lines Near; Strike Wave Mounting GEN. DOUGLAS , MACARTHrH'3 Earn Prussia, had been net back on ifuiL. bui in vue tsrinaay campaign American forces took aa addltiocal 4.222 prisoners In the 24 hoars aad- HQ.. New Guinea.'. -e Tho Initial their heels after leasing counter -as INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Efforts phase of the promised campaign to saults. eon tinned today to end strikes which lng at midnight Wednesday,' v liberate the Philippines waa lanneb- A communique as id 'thai the at CHICAGO. HI- Tho overXbe-road transportation crisis grew ia serioBsaesa today . aa two more states Joined the eight-state strike dosed four plants of the Wan of the mission from obserriag hlrs-"ly accurate) viswal observance of bombing nsmlu" at Nagasaki. Anti-aircraft owporiuoa was "meager to moderate" ia both rim and fighter oppositioa "waa weak". Orer Nagasaki one enemy fighter wai shot down. The eommnniane gave ao hadieatioa aa to where the three as-' Fighting continues around Vinson ed by A si ericas : B-Z4 bombera tacks had been repulsed with nesry Gear Company at Muneie nnd caused tosses to the Gemuraa In men and e- on tbe road to Lisieux. Vlmonr ta still in German hands. ,-- of drivers oa tracking lines, whose which carried out three emxsjnji aight attacks agaiast Jsp-seld sir-dromes at Darao. oa the ialaad o! the New Castle Ingemoll Steel aad Disc Division of the Borg-Warner qutprn eat-In one three-hour street battl In the Vire-Mortaia area, Ameri seizure by the government was ex. pected. Corporation to suspend operations taao. Geo. . Donglaa MsrAr- Allies Bend Nazi ; lines Northward, , Fall Back on Arno German Troops Withdraw rrotBr North Banks; Poles Xa 1 T XAe auiiiatis i5tuie Ativauu.s LOhDON. England. German west of Kaunas the Soviets captured Approximately l.SAe employee With . -men reported out. the road Junction of Raseinaiai. i can troops after advancing south from Mafawn Cellea are now ra 'tha area of the important Gntbemo La Roche-Tineberbray road. Active pav thars headqanrtora revealed today. Emphasis was lent to the a a- were involved la the Muneie walk- the aeeumnlatioa of vital war miles northeast of the East Prussia blamed oa a "pile np of grio- toriala piled higher Bad higher. One niinm iwl of Umsarprisc itlsrks etry of Tilsit. BS".. - .... . . tCoatiamm d Mn T f CoirHsnjed! OB pijfft as- - aeeosnteal plnnea might have been shot down or landed. The Pladjae Refinery at Falem-has ia the bizxest source of oil to. Japan in the Far East aad is s ssa-Jor aoarce of esjearjr high octane motor fweL C Hbblb On rv s WIS Order Work ' by dlnclnsnre ia Pearl Harbor that Gen. MaeArthar had conferred with Immediately to the south 100 en At New Castle, the Wsr Labor Presides! Roosevelt aad other rank emy tanks were knocked out in bat "States Rights" Board catered the picture with a tle. On the whole sector the Soviets notice that consideration of n con ing lenders there on a campaign by which he aad his forces will ivert to the Philippines. liberated more than 40 localities. tract now before the board would be troops in Florence. Italy, have withdrawn from the northern bank of the Aran river to tbe northern approaches of the city, tbe Naxi agen In battles along the front a total suspended until work waa restored. Conversion Bill I Wins Senate Nod V7- WASHINGTON, D. a Ths- of IS German tanks were reported The walkout waa put into effect by smashed. Ginton Tax Ifcte Drops Nine Cents In Budget for 45 Property Tax Levw get At $1-25; Seperate Fud Set for Youth Center I oa Pan XI cy DN'B reported today. Ia the drive northeast of War-fConbnaed on Pass II Increase Ordered In Superfortress Production in US WASHINGTON. D. C. Vw Mnrray-Kilgore demobilixatioa bill. ROME, Italy. German battle Cooper Asks For with $35 a week top unemployment benefits, appeared beaten in tho linea on tbe Adriatic flank of tbe Italian front were bent' northwnrr Cml Hearing On Joseph H. Bugher Dies at Residence First Raid Mare IMS The big Liberator bombers, striking at night last Saaday. Monday and Tuesday, were the first Americas piaaea to fear! explosives daws on the Philippines since April. If 41. when aircraft ander command of Mai. Gen. Ralph Rove carried out a daring mission from the Anrtral-fcu theater. Remits of the Liberator assault, oa the alrdromea were not immediately announeed- The visit of Gea. MaeArthar to today in an assault by combined Pr lish nnd Italian forces whieh onste Japaa to implemeat the RooseveK- Delinquency Count MacArthar-Nimitx , strategy confer- Cllnton'a tax rate aa sMt bv (He In Lyford Friday at Pearl Harbor were fore- BULTH BEAD, Ind. Jackie! eitv onneil i. .i.. the Germans from high ground br tween tbe Misa and' Ceaano rivei and liberated three towns. . ' Pole. Italians Advance a War Depart. oooper. lormer morle star who Bowl, he itai mark. It was revealed to- B Javy V I z student at Notre I dav ns the nmnertv tax lew for Joseph Harvey Bueber. 81. Lyford. died at his residence at 3:30 a. m. Friday, following an extend meat asmovseesaent diselosine weeping shifta from fighter, cargo The Poles nnd Italians swept int imme. -today asked for a civil bear- mi Taa set at $1.25. aad heary bom bet plane production lag Of eaargee Be contributed to the Thief chance in the hnrfeei ia the Scapezxano. Monterado and Corina do in their advance and Allied head fCoattamoa am Pace SI ed illness. to the sjew B-M aad B-J2 Superfor- wungracj oj iwo minor gins at netting np of a recreation fund to (Continued On Page 2 Mr. Bugher worked la the mines in this community and waa well a not el -party. I carry the local youth recreational Tbe War DepartaMmt aald the ac Attorney M. Edward Doraa. who center aad doiag away with the ori- senate today as its apoaaora sought o reach President Roosevelt. - Tbe senate Instead waa I e ported a polls conducted for Its loaders 4a eavily favor passage of the George inversion plan together with a Dill naranteeing solvency of state wo mpmyment compensation systems. , "The Murray-Kilgore bill will bo efeated," said Sen. Kenneth Wber-y. Nebraska, Republican whip. There are at least 42 votes against t with many senators absent." , Backers of the measure, which us been attacked as paving tbe way or an NRA and general regimeiihs-ion of industry and labor la tha) ostwar era, were hopeful that Mr. toosevelt will demand passage of he measure, and thus overcome tho -lisadrantage they now face. , Meantime, Democratic Seaato rader Alben Barkley, Kentucky,, aud neither the view of President tios is also designed to reprcsrata the one-time juvenile . nnal nark fond. A three-cent lew Girl Scout's First Aid Saves Life of Brother knowa here. He Is sarvived by tbe widow, Mary Ann; five daaghters. Mrs. Bertha Hlnea. Lyford; Mrs. Coral Brad eatinsated , aircraft workers screen figure, said the civil heariag will he exacted to furnish the funds Rorkville YVomaJi Dies At Clinton Hospital TbnrsdaT Mrs. Mora Martia. St. roate three. BorkvUle. died at 1 1 a m Tharaday at the Vermillioa Coaaty Hospital followiBg aa illness of one week. She is sarvived by the hashssd. Immediately, with aa additioaal which are estimated at $920 for toe INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Twelve ford. Benton Harbor. Mich.; Mrs. year-old Carolyn English is a hei was asked because "Cooper is aax-hmu to get this thing cleared up in tho civil courts." It was reported that no naval laa.soa by taw cad of we year, to holster lagging prodaetioa programs year. Risinar Taxes Kearby oine today, but the little girl seoo Rente Pritehard. Hillsdale; Mrs. Alice Carter and Mrs. Naomi Ellis. happiest because she kne for groaad forces snpply. The cutback order calls for gra- Tbe lower budget waa made in spite of rising taxee in aurroundiag Garfield: one danghter. Mrs. Mar- chargea have beea placed agaiaat both of Terre Haute; two sons. enough about artificial respiratioi Jorie Wills. Beshville. lad.: the Cooper.' who has been attending to aave the life of her four-monlhf towns and the addition of the youth center fund into city finances. It Barents. Mr. aad Mrs. William doal mdaerjOM hi the oatpst of B-Z4 "Liberator bombers. C-49 Com-aado trass pacts and P-47 Thun old brother, Francis Gerald. was pointed out. John. Benton Harbor and Robert, at home; four step-sons. Joha and Oatber Ha Horn. Lyford; Henry Hai-tom. Clinton and Russell. Benton Harbor; one men-daughter. Mrs- Payne. Rockville: aad one sister. Mrs. William Sheltoa. The body waa taken to the Bars' "He had just learned to turn ov ." his mother said, "and somehoi derbolt flzvbsra. The B-24. which The property tax has been divided classes daily. However, he waa 'restricted to the eampus. Aathorities said there could he ao hearing for Cooper for at least a asooth. because juvenile referee Albert L. boyle, who will hear the case la private, la oa vacation. has ahartd losui-raage bombing mfcv- he , got tangled under his blanke Funeral Home ia Rockville Beam Hooaevelt nor War Mobiliser Jamea sos aaalgmaesim with the vs anted by the bad ret with the largest a-mount in the general fund. $1.7; street fund. 14 cents; cemetery fund and atrangled." Sam Tilford. Bentoa Harbor: one sister. Mra. Cora Hart. Founts net. ing completion of faaenai arraage-. B-IT.'m how betas replaced by fe F. Byrnes were known. Barkley add-ni that they might be aa confused Carol rn. a freckle-faced eightl Ind. and several grandchildren. one rent aad recreation fuad, three cents. Levy oa polls has beea net at try the intricate features of the de- The body waa taken to the Prist nobilixation legislation aa are sen- grade pupil, admitted ahe was scar ed. but ahe bad just returned fron taking her sixth lesson In first ait it a meeting of her girl scout troop ll.a. it ors. . Asaoaata to be raised by each funeral Home aad will be returned to the residence Ssturday morning Funeral services will be held at the Yank Ghost of Guam' Rescued by Sen. James E. Murray (D) Moat, so she began giving artificial rer fuad are listed aa general, $32,792.-1: street. $4,043.4; cemetery -w-author of the Murray-Kilgore bill. B-29 aad B-t? fhjperforta. The B-29 has part let patted hi fire BBBouored raids oa Kippoa'a stoles ematre from Japaa proer to -autra while disci pen re waa recently aaade that the B-J2 waa ia prodaetioa la sonthera California. Both giant planes are smderstood to have emerattoaal ranges of sereral Ibnaaaad miles, thus being eapeeUi-l ly adapted to new phases of Pacific residence at 2 p. m. Sunday. Burls! spurned suggestions for a compro 1J 31 aad recreation, ll.37tl. for piration aad by the time police ar rived her tiny brother waa breath Ing agaia. US Forces; Hid From Japs 31 Mont hi will bs la ML Pleasant Cemetery. Parke Couaty. mise. Some other backers of tha a total of $3.3 41. measure were reported to be seea- t'olli'HImm Drop SAN DIEGO. Calif. "I l now 42. enlisted at Port ag to compromise oa a t2i top aa-. Tax collections with la tha last gave np hope for my husks ad laad. Whea the Japs inraded Guam anpioyment compensation, but were I That faith of Mrs. Mary Tn-nada three years has decreased m Clinton, budget figures show. The gener waking little headway. warfare. he arttaessed the brave but hopeiesa right pat ap by the haadtnl of Ama- 'had reaped rich dtvioeads today am opposed to any compro The drastic rat back order al fund has fallen from J37.J21 7 Hot Weather Blankets Nation, Heat Wave Reported Moving to East Coast rteaa Ma1aa- Taey never recreated aaaawaeed as the War .-r ' r"r" 1 mise." aaid Murray. "I look at tbla ill! not as relief for anyone but ran George Ray Tweed, Aaisnrsa he said, aad aarreadered only after Commtaakm Siren eS" sta rarraaal Si- in 144 to a proposed I32.72 1 under the present budget. The gen-iOaatlaaaa aa pas at . their ammaattioa had beea eihaast ans of avoiding a crisis when radmsaaa who hid from the Jas aa Gnam far two aad half years. INDIANAPOLIS. lad. Indiana's The hottest ed. spot in the I'nitec the war against Germany ia over. ractora to ataee strict omptovBseat eetllaca lata orfact to oMaia -asore workers ta boast serlsas-ly dsrliaiac proSacooa la hey mvai- After the first raid oa Gaam by blistering beat slave and drought ; States yesterday was at Blythe, It I cannot think of aaythtng mora Pacific fleet beadaaartera rtlsas ed his story today, the dramatic aaga of the anaa who wttajeased the the Jans oa December t had bombed tinned today with temperatures southeastern California wear tbe Ar tieaefielal for the Democratic party in this elect ioa thaa for this hill to oat the tetewhoae liaea. Tweed was searing the century mark aad little Itona line, where the mtrcur? it to the hills bark of the naval hope for relief. climbed upward steadily nHtil it hit wj rat r. P-17 defeated by Republicans. So far I am concerned we'll put the Re The ladiaaapoiie weather bureau radie station with a portable radio to eommaaieate with the town of Ray Pesacento Home After Escape From Axis Prison Camp Raymond Peaaveato. Technician fourth grade In he C. S. Army, h? eaptsre of Goam by tha aaemy aad who waa ftaally taken off the ialaad hy aa American aaip after the in-vasaon of Saipaa tl aseaths later At her haaae ta Baa Diego Mrs. predicted some scattered thuader- publicans on the spot aad go to tha Agaaa. He said that ia that first sssorrow, but said there country oa the mane." fighter piano oatpat is asm cos teas plated. Prodaetioa of parts wU be transferred' from the Akron. Ohm. plawts to the KewaMic Aviation Corp.. Evanavftle, IntL. to free worr-era for heavy tire srsd action In A- little Indication of cooler tem While Barkley Bought to force a attack the oil tanks, barracks aad aaval posts were bombed bat no Tweed declared that she never gave peratures except ia a alight way in vote today or tomorrow, Murray indicated tbe fight will be carried oa ap hope for "the Gbsat of Gaam." was re t B red . northern ladiaaa- at his home at 44 Mulberry street eves thoagh the navy reported him 17. Chicago' perspired under its hot test Ang. Id in history, with thf thermometer reaching 99 degrees at p. m. This beat the high record for that date set S7 years prev-kwsly. 97.7 degrees la 1(87. It might hit 19 today, the weathei maa aaid. Detroit Record Rswhesj Detroit also broke its Aug. 10 record with a 99. with continued high temperatures forecast for to With a reading of Itl dtgieea. after a aeriea of adventures orer-sess which hnrlade betas ia aa Axis m wdag aad the Red Cross told her That aight snips with Jap land- Wheatfteld was tha hot est community ia the state yesterday. hog forces were sighted bat Tweed bob camp, escaping from the into next weesi. He aaid some absent senators will return ever tho weekend. Backers of the bill may postpone a rote until Mr. Rooaevjt returns to the city. he was heller ed dead. -I dida't believe he waa dead." she said Tha at Gad I dida't he- aaid "this information waa no Vast expanses of the United States eamp with a group of ether Asseri-can prisoners and rejoining Ameri spread around nnd at midnight I baked aad blistered today ander a cas troops after heiag reported both .went home aad slept ia my bouse la prisoner and mimisx ta aetkm. I-tails of Peaavento's confiae- day and "a liuie cooler tomorrow.' csase aew he's hack. Cscepc for a lot mere gray hair whieh he didn't have when I hut saw htm. he didn't chaare morn." Mrs. Tweed retsmed to the raited States from Gnam with her two sons. Roaald. . aad Robert, a. leas The heat wave waa general Agaaa which had beea wrecked by a Japanese bomb." Early la the moralng he heard raafire. At first he thought asa-ehlaegna practice aad rifle ftrinx practice was being held, but then mwt. escape and eventual reunion with Allied forces has been with blazing saw and ia tamperatarea that ia asaay tostaacea ahot above the laa-degree mark. The blanket of si nil nr. beat over tha midwest and sou tit west areas waa a roniiaaatioa of the abnormal temperaturea of the past several daya. Droaght conditions became more Sale of ITosrers For Blind To Be Ctyadorted SataTrdajr The CMatsm Annaal "Bratherhosd Day" for the blind aad shut-ins. will be spuasund. RatsrvlaT. Ang. 12. ft waa aaaaaased today. Tho flower sale win begm at t a. as. wader the dirertioa of Mia Arses Rewwirk aad the flower sale committee esiMpaaid of Rev. C C Jordaa. Mew. Bar Crawl. Rer. Pa-I her B C Shan. Mrs. Los Is Ltmsua. Mm Mary Charles aad Mayor C. Wricht. , through toe central states, extending from the Great Lakes, through Illi-sois. Missouri. Nebraska. Kansas in held because of military security. Collision at Lyford Y Both drivers escaped injury yesterday when a car aad a Fair Furniture track. Terre Haute, collided st the Lyford "T" around 7 p. m. Tbnrsday. it was reported today. The mac bines were taken to Mikes Auto Body Chop for repairs. Farther information on tbe areV dent eoald not be obtained. After beiag in action overseas h befsre the Pacific ; he beard artillerr. to Colorado. Oklahoma, north Tex- since May. 1512. Pesa vents was reported a prisoner of the Italian eav- . New Mexico and Arizona. The weather bureau said the beat war broke oat. Twees' retaraed toj "I ras to the office aad grabbed Raa Diego sereral Bars ago aad fat a sledgehammer sad destiuied the bow in rortland. Or, visitiag hn radio eosisment." Tweed recalled. ia assay areas, threatening erament oa Dec. 1. 1942. Ha family was able ta communicate with him j damage to field corn aad other farm; wave was moving eastward and that crops. . ' . (Coo Hatred, on page 3 i i Caa ua and sat page J j, Cob Us aed as page 1) j

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