The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 10, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 8
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Thursday, August 10, 1911. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN V j PUBLIC NOTICE School Lunch Program I Ready for Indians Schools INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Federal assistance in the operation of school lunches, served by more than 709 Indiana schools last year under the WFA program. Is available agala this year. Perry S- Richer, district representative. War Food Administration, Office of Distribution, said today. Three bro id types of lunches arc recommended. "Type A" provide betweea one-third aad oae-half of the minimum daily requirement of BUSINESS SERVICES R2tesfcrClm.fie1.Ad. zzi Paid Kstises Cayuga News Of Interest Local Servicemen Home After Overseas Duty; Mission Society Meets Mrs. Margaret Maloae has received word from her sou. Donald, that he ha bee promoted to Sergeaat-Doaald I la aa tastraetor parachute iafaatry aad la located at Fort Bee-sing. Ga. Heary Weir arrived home Thursday after serving a a marts for off. bond prem. Abe Asbury, sch. fund exp Edbert P. Zell. pro. off. exp. : Edbert P. Zell. pro. off. exp. Citizen Telephone Co., service DEPT. PUBLIC WELFARE: Citizen Telephone Co. f Nancy E. Lewi - Bertha Wheeler ' Zella Bonato Helen L. Parka 7.50 1.00 17.21 3.00 41.4S 4.0S l.a la.OO 15 154 21 54 11.10 lit Ararlata Logaa Dally Cliatoaiaa Daily Cllatonlaa OHAVEL ROAD REPAIR: lea L. Jenkln $l.6d Wat4 Farrlagtoa tl.i H. U Fliliager . . J L. Jenkla; J A J Repair Service . J AV J Repair Serrle . is 222 1 5 6 J At J Repair Servt 2. Carry Const. Co- Ohio OH Co. i 1.27 2.2 Industrial Supply MwAllMer Traeror Co. CaiiOB Iron Work S.7 Csed Track aad fan Co. Standard Materials Corp. Virgil Harttnaa , 1.42 46 2 Oral Kelch . Rob. Ue Fletcher Level! Miller Emory Boaebrake . C. E. Durham 21.C 12 75 2 t 21.62 Clintoa Aato Co. ,71 2.5 40.15 S.75 .37 2.20 4.C5 21.4 1.7S . 70.25 20.0 4Mt 25. J. E. Russell a Soard Motor Co. , Fable Motor Co. : Clintoa At Co. W. E. Humphrey Citisen Telephone Co. E. H. Gerard Ossle Grain Co. S. H Faa'ley Launber Co. loe Ciaeoletto Staats Auto Supply Citizen Telephone Co. Moons Auto Exebange IRA J. CHURCH. Auditor Vermlliioa County BIRTH KRTf FWATE Notice Is hereby alvea that William Earl Peyton has filed a petition in the Vermillion Circuit Court of Vermillion County. Indiana, to have J4ne tiBM, nnd place of bis birth de- j termined. Said petition 4s set for bearing on the lSth day of August. 1044. CARL R. BICCS. Clerk of the Vermlliioa Circuit Court. BIRTH ttailiFK'ATE Notice is hereby gives that Vivian , letta Peyton ba t iied a petition in j the Vermillion Circuit Court of Ver- the child, aad eoasuns of the priad- sal prat els dish, two vegetables, tor one vegetable aad one frsll.) bread. "Tree A consuls or a soap. as. ... , MtM Mm,io- dish I hnmi bt)u,r umi mllk; cud )t . mjlk A .yvr c -eoasisU of oee-balf plot .1, whAU anitlr Antv Slid I tt- MMmstA mi reAeas. Reim- tmuem4mis .railabJe for eh toMtmr eontribo- lioa to tbe lunch program mast be lqual to or greater tbaa the federal Jreimbarseraeai. aod the sponsor must have expended for agricultural eoasmodities a sum equal to or la excess of the federal reimbursement. Riebey said. With the CompUraeat of SW1MM1NC POOL CUNTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Watting at tbe Clintonian' Office for Donna Moonejr ... WaSxb TMs Space Daily ' " TKE DAILY CUSTOXIJUI. Tbrre Are Two Free Tickets To Tbe WABASH THEATBE Waiting At Our Office for WILUAM FLEMING Santa Xiaih Ittut Come Im And Ask For Tbem! Watch Tbts saa9e Estery Vow fODI SiAME MAT IB VEXV FIEST BEX FEATUaXES Se 35e, CLAIM FILEII IN JILV ALLOW ED AT AI GI ST TKKM OP COM-M1SKIO.VEKS - I4M4 GENERAL, FUND: Citizen Telephone Co. service .t 47.72 Daily Clintonian. clerk off. exp. Homer Mitchell, and. 4. CO off. exp. 47.0 Abe Asbury. recorder off. exp. OH E. Potter, sheriff fee . Angelo Tasu. dep. sheriff mileage Oil B. Potter, sheriff off. exp. 127.4C 2S.64 1 IS Dally Clintonian, surveyors off. exp. Fred Hayes, mpt- acbool off. exp. Howard E. Watson, coroner exp. . 3.79 12.7S ISS.l 42.1 7.S5 21 e 2.4 T. R. Wood bora Pitg. Co, health off. exp. Buschmana Company, C. H. rep. Oil Elevator Co.. aame Ira J. Church. aaaM . Modera School Supp C. H. sapp. 13 SS.7S Modera School Supply, aame Public Service Co. of lad, light 114. Saaco Product Inc., lail supp. 71.54) Claude Sutherland, P. A. exp. 24.1i 5K8 1.27 -S2.1S Crane Company, same Stanley McCrackea. same . Stanley McCraekea, P. A. supp. Frist Funeral Home, P. A. burial '. i i . i ' r i.e 77.77 14).5 .6 1817 21S. ltj.tie SclMtUx i(Cl,f.'A. strop . Ohio Oil Company, same Fultx Hardware Store, aame Fait Hardware Store. C. H. supp. Foe Store. P. A. supp. Verm. County Hospital - P. A- medical Verm. County Hospital, same Saneo Products Joe.. P. A. supp. , 5.02 T E. Woodburn Prtg. Co election supp. Dan News, public prtg. . Daily Clintonian. same Robert Miller. J. P. returning fines Edward Ruby, miners 2.7 77. t 27.11 7.S0 exam board n.m 12 12.00 Ernest Johnson, same . Art Kennedy, same lnd. Slate Sanatorium, T. B. Indigents M. J. Peterson, agri- ag. off xp. Robb and Gilmour, 172 2 LO4NS... S250 zzi S300 S50 S100 $200 Yea, won can obtain a leaa based an your earning ability and vs par interest iNJUT lor sua tune yon have the loan. The Public Ixmn Company wttl assist yoa sjuickly aad privately. If yoa sme steadily employed in a factory, office, atone or elsewhere. Come ba asd talk over your money problem with an. We will atr-rasge your paymesta to suit your Income. Costa are reasonable. Interest rate of 3 per month on smpaid balance (or amounts up to flSO; amount tlM to 300. t fw soontb on till pa id balance. A (50.4)0 loan repaid la five monthly installment of 1.2 each, costs J4.S0 bat if repaid tn 30 day, cost smiy SOc. T oa asay borrow ta pay old bills, your Woe-tor or Dentist, taxes or insurance , . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help yon, phone or cone to the Public liaaa Company. Find Here tbe Cash Loan You XL Pay 141 ray 32 Pay (M 7.1 imo i4jes at ss UC1.17 ttauo 41.V4 fJ 11.7 28 Mt 4JM S.2 la.tts IW.1W 27 aajto FOEUCIDAIICO. hi RELY ON... 4.S I mlllloa County. Indiana, to have the time and place of her birth deter-i milted- Said petition is set for near- i lng on the Iftth day of August, 144. Tsmorrew's KHrhra Postwar kitchens will nave lest of a ''labOTatosw'frsstTact and be mora "homey" as well a more con-, venient, ft is predicted. Top shelves which will be easy to reach, definite place for a radio, a table and a comfortable chair, larger windows and a wider range of wail color are among the predicted postwar kitchen features. The combination is expected to give an effect of spaciousness and greater floor space to kitchens which actually may ba quite limited in area. ACT bow. New Post's Raisin Br-aa provides real 49 bran flakes, a natural regulator. Eatea every day, it helps supply geatle balk to daily meal. C0LUL1DIA Tnesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c 52nd SHEET With Kenny Baker Leo Carrillo FLUS FOOTLISIIT : mxa::z : With - ." Penny Strete-? Artfaar Lake (Tbe Bumstt?ada THUESDAT' Admission 9e and 2oe DES1T.0YER With Edward G. Bobiirson CkuFord MargarH Chapman STOEM PASSING PABADE "Son. Whfre In Vjzypt" Fox Short PAE.ACR :b mvrrii! i ml .T5C?TaC2 FEL i. SAT. 25e Big Double Feature 2 EIG PICTUEES ITnaJ Tmiht 'BEEMUA MTSTEBT" Freston Fttster Ann liatherf 4rd March f Time tint day laaarttoa: Se tot oaea fetdtag In (m eotma Una. Ilk M Of tttMl. m iwa 4in liHrttei: tha a chart ya cot three day at MM UK coat at IU nm nay). Mart tares way taasrtloe: tb nam t chare r cat a whole Seek fin days I at thraa tlaa the oat of aaa Imitloa). Bach group at thraa lira tfcara-efter. Sc a Una. MaeUaee (Uka this) Me ranrlxna. tl'aTk ".1 regular eaatsmera arhoar eeeounte aj paid moethly or thoaa from er-gaaucations arhoaa bill aiaat ba allowed hefora being "ehi. U tha attar eaaa tha pero3 asking the publication of tha aotfe will b haUi faapoaalbl for Ua psvmeat. FOB SALE J H. P. Ol'TBOAJyJ MOTOR AND one t H. P. motor. C. and J. Kam-arata Plumbing Shop, JS3 North Ninth. t,4, 1 BROOD SOW. PIGS. BLAIN Shannoa. Sandytown, lnd. R. H. t. " GOOD OATS. BOY STURM. EIGHT mile Nortliweot of Clinton. tt COMB HONEY. BRING CONTAIN- rr. M Sooth Third Street. t4 OAK ROIXTOP DESK. SEE DR. s Seller. t4 EIGHT ROOM MODERN HOUSE. 4 Mulberry St. tfi BOYS BICYCLE. BERT WRIGHT, Cromptun Hill. ttCx NANNY GOAT AND KID. C3 North Ninth Street. t4Sx ONE GIRL'S AND 2 BOY'S Bicycle, sise 2C, newly overhauled. George Bain, route three. Phone 8J, SL Berniee. 143 FOUR ROOM HOUSE, WITH FUR-aaee, all In exeellent eonditiun. Part cash, balanee tenn. O. V. Houeton. MO PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IS the time. Thi i the jnaee. th and BUm Street Market, onen un- - til a. m. for your convenience. We have favored out trueka and aaved our ea to haul peaches. If you don't et them it won't be our fault. Yon can aave your ga, tire, and money here. MeCracken and Sons, 802 South Main and th ' and Elm Street. ' t4Uf COLUMBIA RECORD 30534. BEAT Me Daddy, part 1 and 2. Will Bradley Orchestra. Sue plus tax. While Pharmacy. FOUR ROOM HOUSE, 45 MAT-thew Street. t&4 FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-cll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 186-W. t 7-17-44 1 PRE-WAR BABY BUGGY. !& South Fifth Street. 2l. tS7f MALE HELP WANTED FULL-TIME CLERK FOR CLINTON store. Prefer experience. Must have reference. Write Box L-442 for Interview. t4 3 BOY FOR MORNING "NEWSPAPER route: guaranteed weekly salary; xto Sunday delivery. White's Phar-xaaoy. 141 BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aptly , Bill Blackburn, Clintonian. LOST BILLFOLD SUNDAY NIGHT. Please return with papers. Keep money as reward. Ray Kelshelm-r, . 2 or leave at .Clintonian Offloe. t44x FOB SENT DR. SELLERS OFFICE IN RAYNEK Building. Six room modern house. 02 South Fourth Street. O. F. Houston. 144 MODERN Fli KttlHHED ITaKT-ment. Close In. 4 ID South Third Street. t4 3f PAID NOTICES lOTIC.'! t Jerusalem Lodice, No. OH F. A. M. Stated meeting. Tuesday. August IS. 7:30 -p. m. John Griffith WM, Charles Brown, Secretary t4t aiOTICK! Lawbead's Barber Shop, 115 South Main, will open for business Friday, August 11. t4 4x NOTICE! Centenary Church. August 11. Homemade Ice cream supper and chicken sandwiches. 443 BECAPPING VULCANIZING RE-I4nr PrMttAB eomiog. Thermo Royal, ret It here while it plen- UfuL Oil 2 and i CL fine container. Ca Market. 115 North Mala Si. Horace Towell, Mgr. tsi HAVE VOI R FURNITURE SUP-eerered for r leanllne and beauty. - Call Mary Malone, S-K. tllii PAPER HANGIVG AND PAINTING, j; Writ Box 442-F. WMITtXiCK. PIAMBEK. PlKiXB Ot E ROUND-TOP BROODER Clinton Lumber A Supply Co. FOR PLUMBING, HEATING, ELBC-trle wiring, and beet metal aee C. ft J. Kamarata, 23 North Ninth SC Phone 2 and 1S2W. 17tf i FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car. Track aad Tractor Tires and Tabes. Vulcanizing aad Keeapping eeatly dona and Gaar-nnteed. th and Bogart Mobilgaa Statioa. Joe Claeoletlo, Clintoa. tltt diud INIkilLI REMOVED, tare or small, prompt aemea. Call Crawford S2l or Crawford ssra T irrm Haute or Dana 1424. Wa pay ail phone rtiarga. John Waehtel C Terra Haul, ti' UKAlt AJtflMALft VXMOVWB FKEB of (ban by Dwlha aaa aaaa. 4ealera.Call aaa Feed Soratoa, Daaa. ttxf Guaranteed 24-Hr.. Refrleeratloo Service. Commercial and Duaoeatie. F. U Boaebrake. Pnone 1024-4 Clla toa or ICS -J -2, Montezuma. WANTED TO BUY BAKERY WOOD. COMBA BAKERY North Ninth Street. Phone 412. t4Sx Points Taken Off Utility Grade Beef, Pork Values Set tCoirttaned Tram sac It with the whole loin at five points. Hams. JAcluding smoked, will be five points per pound, with the shank end at two aoints and slices at nine points per pound, tlanaed Fb Set Point lvalues for canned fish salmon, bonite, shrimp, tuna and yellow tall were set at six points per jiound; mackerel and sardines at lour, while canned oysters and miscellaneous products were ariveu a value uf two points ner pound. The new jwint charts, distributed two weeks later than usual, contain no new changes for processed foods. Commenting on reduction 4rf 1HI1-ity Grade Beef to aero, Bowles said housewives will "have a real meat bargain beef which ts high in protein -value, noint free, and which sells for lower prices than those charged for top grades". The reduction of Utility Grades of Beef and lamb to zero should not be taken as au indication of large supplies of meat," Mow lee warned. August Supply Fulls "Actually the over-all supply of meat for civilians in August is less than it was in July. There has been a seasonal decline in pork production while the supply of beef is about the same." Utility Grade Beef is taken from l grass-fed cattle off the ranges and represent about per cent of current beef supplies, Bowles pointed out. Clean Plant A clean beating plant save fuel. A study by the U. S. bureau of mine shows the amount of neat loss caused by soot deposits. A slight deposit of soot, one-eighth inch thick will cause a beat loss of 2 per sent. HIGHEST CASH For Toot UcsdCars COLEMAN AUTO CO. 235&3rdSt. Phone 427 Phone C2 INDIANA COOLEST SPOT IK TOWSf ntHalr- - 1 I ' . r : .. -rtcinc. Weir has three P rot hers aosi erviag la the armed force. Henry enlisted aad wa la t raising oaly six week wbea he waa aeat across Sergeant Joha Carrign of 1- Vega. Nevada arrived Dome Tsurs- ear for a fnrloagh with hi wife Mr. aad Mrs. Harrisoa Crubbs. Mrs. James Porter aad children aad Mr. Walter Jordaa. Jr. aad children attended tbe Crabbs reuaioa Sunday held at the Fairgroands at Danville. III. j Robert Cook who Is employed at' Allison's, Indianapolis, spent tbe weekend with his brother aad wife. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cook. Mra. Clyde Congletoa and Mbs Zase Congletoa epest tbe weekend with Mr. and Mr. Cbarle Congletoa aad Mr. aad Mrs Lawrence Congletoa. ,Mr. astd Mrs. Thomas Weir moved Saturday from Legaa Street to the property m Grant street recently purchased by fttuth Stalker. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Anelemeyer moved last week te room oyer Wataoa's Hardware store. ... j Mr. aad Mrs. Lawneeee CosgJeto ; have reoetved word from their soa.j Billy, who ts Hl.bmed at aa air-J baae la England, of bi promotioaj tzom zdm to tat ueiiusun sjwt blv eompletioa of It missions Be ha also been awarded tbe Air Medal ittb two oak leaf dusters for mer itorious achievements and missions ha aerial combat over Nasi Europe. He was among: a croup who recent-! ly completed a week's training for lead bombers and are now leading four bombing sauadrona. I Mrs. Grace Sprouia was txwtess Tuesday afternoon to tbe Missionary Society of tbe Christian Church. Mrs. Mary Morgan bad charge of tbe devotional whose theme was ' "Beside the Still Waters." Tbe les- j on on tbe "Indian aad hi America' j waa presented by Mr. Jean Simpson ' assisted by Etbel Laughlin. EulaJle Donald and Grace Kirk buff. Be-freahmenta were served by tbe hostess t tbe following members: Mary Morgan, Ethel Laughlia. tra Jordan. Grace Kirkoff aad Eulalie Don ald. Tbe neat meeting will be September Stfe at tbe home at Mrs. Elbe! L&ueblln. Tbe Bethany Class of the Freeby- tertaa Cbumta held their August meeting Monday evening. Aug. 7tb at tbe borne of Mrs. Howard Mitch ell. A picnic eupser wa enjoyed en tbe lawn of tbe Mitchell home. Afterwards the business meeting was . , . . . Mitchell, president. idlng. George Ekatrom. tbe pwrtor-s wile, entertained with aeveral Plane lecukm aad group Bj, enjoyed by all, followed . . .mrr timi five present with the following guests: Mrs. Thomas Wbittington. Mi. Moble Hartmaa and an. Fraa-ee Hodaon. Feaeb Fieken T Be Seeruited in County Hundred of extra workers will be seeded to harvest a bumiier peach crop in south western Indiana this year fraun about Aug. 12 to 31, ae-ewruiug u word received by the Vermillion County Agricultural Agent, M. J. Peterson from the state super-riser for farm emergency labor. Approximately 000 pickers must be mcruiusl by tbe county agricultural agent and tlie iilfice of Farm Kmergeacy labor. Most of tbe work ers in tbe southwestern lnuiaua ansa will (be recruited within the peach producing eo untied with tbe excep-tiisi wl iUucx County where between 300 to 400 will be needed iroru out side tbe county. Esueeially needed are workers who can drive to tbe orchards in tbe Vineennes area. These workers will be nought largely u eoanlies surrounding that area. OPA regulations are now adjusted to provide special gasoline rations lor agricultural workers. Wen or women and boys 4ver 35 who are at least five feet, alx inches tall, may duality for employment. Qualified worker who are available should apply at the county agricultural agents' office regarding ga rs-tious and peach picking instructions. I B 1 R T H S Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cooke of near Dana are the parent of a son born Tuesday. Aug. 1. at tbe Ver-i ni ill ton County Hospital in Clinton. Tbe infant weighed seven pounds eight ounces and baa been named ierry Wayne. Mrs. Cooke is tbe daughter of Mr. Alice Myers of Newport. j Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Pttman f 1 St. Joseph. Mo. atre tbe parent u a son born Aug. 1. The infant has been named Ronald Francis, Mr. I Pitman is tbe daughter srf Maurice Hawley and Ruth Tom ton Evans j and the granddaughter of Mr. Tem- pe Evans Beebee of Newport. Air Makes ntaWat Vislbss Meteors flash into light only when they strike tbe anoth's atmosphere. I 1 , wardl9 nm ei jTftm ftfUDg KXi'J. I CARL R. B1CGS. Clerk f the Vermlliioa Circuit Court. Fertilizer Need em WTteal Crops IicrHe in State In Indiana. one half or teas d the amount of fentUiser needed to produce maximum profits is used am; wheat. M. 1. Feteraoa. aottnty egrM culturaJ agenti, explained ta the county t arsnerau Eves If all the fertilizer sold last fall bad twee used en the acreage seeded to wheat teat year, the rate would have been only about 200 pounds per acre, he said and added ttiat this is Just half of tbe reoom- mended rate needed. .J?,!!"1!? !T ferUliaer ased aa wheat will produce aa extra si or more buebels of wheat per acre. The next 200 pounds win produce about one ball tite in crease of tbe first 200 pounds Re sults from experiment have abown that where tbe 200 pound rate has been doubled, tike Increased yield of wheat has more than paid for tbe ex tra cost of tbe fertilise. la many eases, a legume grass mixture is seeded with wheat in the early spring for bay or pasture tbe following year. It is at wheat aeed- ings that the fertiliser Is applied for these legumes. lvery farmer recognises the value of a good stay crop and kaows that legumes respond I'l extra plant food. Mr. Peterson said. He also stressed tite fact that using the 40 pound rate will -bold not only the farmer' wheat but bis clover as well. Women Workers 1 Secretary Perkins report a t August, 1043, that the working force in our factories im ad tbe rate flf four women to one man. 6. 00x16 fie Rationing I ! i . i j sXJIT4rH X4I JflW 4P4iT I SZZ K' f" S t k4ib a FmcriY-CCriTCCLLE) QEI(2Ar:-:::3 Certificate Required GUARANTEED SATISFACTION I FOR THE PEOPLE Loans to $300 SECURITY LOAN CO. POLAND'S il r "'"fiu. i Ves, ' J aTttMSTM t j FEIESTC7G-TEXACO SLIVICE 22S Blackman 8L CLINTON, 11 k. Main 4M.

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