The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINVONIAN " hinrsday, AoRust 10, 1944. Pago Six RUSSIAN VICTORY ARCH? THE DAILYOJVIOMAN Ai the Movie I'LIoIiintllIccn WABASH Wednesday and TliunHluy A beautiful heiress a fabu saaasMsabM aa Tfca Weekly (Mki IM I H CMartoa naindealer tbMiM ta 1M FafcUaaed Dally Except Saturday and Sasdaj lHOLLYUJOO lous estate a money-maniac tr . bun L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher a romantic detective and a series of baffling murders that soon In England a girl In the A. aBatered at tae Paetorftee at CUatoaa, India aa Second Ctaaa Matter shocked two continents these y HARRISON CARROU lag FntarM Sj.dlcl. Writer HOLLYWOOD Every 30 days, RepabUcaa Editorial aro the ingredients 2th Century-Fox has mixed with their special kind of skill to produce "Ber Turban Bey contacts the Turkish embassy in Washington and, If war Phone S3 Phono 88 breal:s out between Germany and muda Mystery," the 11 In. scheduled to open tonight t the Wab- his homeland. T. S. Two years ago Vivian Blaine had a one-line bit In the Joan Bennett picture, "Girl Trouble." In Twentieth Century-Fox's "Nob Hill," she gets co-star billing and takes George Raft away from Joan. To top it off, the girls have a knock-down-and-drag-out light. Nothing to the rumor that he and tht Universal i ash Theatre, as the perfect ans Hiutntnum star expects w wer to moviegoers' pleas for Bwvslkmi nwm. don a uniform Association but probab'y in The following were elected as Preston Foster and Ann Rutherford are featured In the film. the U. 8. Army. Talked to Kathryn Gray Joan Crawford will adopt another baby, says Phil Terry. He thinks the story started when they had a traffic accident and the back seat son on the ' An. chors Aweigh" set. She says she 1 4'XyA t w II $j.v r-S Zfi of their car was discovered to be. full of nursing bottles, baby clothes, and a crib. Phil says they were taking them to a friend, who Is going to have a baby. Ji COLUMBIA Thursday A mighty sea story that will stir you with Its gripping scenes of adventure aboard a gallant fighting ship. Is Columbia's "Destroyer" which opens at the Columbia theatre tonight starring Edward G. Robinson and featuring Maugueiite Chapman, Glenn Ford and Edgar Buchanan. and John Snellen an trying it again because, "he's the first man I fell In Harrison Carroll Incidentally, R-K-O Is raving about Terry and Is giving him a THEY MEET THE TEST. swell part in "Pan-Americana." The railroads are probably the only HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Su major industrial activity of our nation that sanna Foster and David Llchina has less government interference today collaborating on a musical called love with and I guess he'll be the only one. I think that's worth fighting for." . Shelton's a combat photographer In the Air Corps and will be going overseas very soon. Kathryn says their marital troubles are due to hot tempers on both sides. "We are dramatic about it," she says, "and try to top each other." Vienna, u. s. A. They are aim ing at a Broadway production. . . . Al Barbee, who Just reached a settlement with Bonnie Edwards, la limping around on a cane. Says he PALACE . . Tlmi-wla)', Friday anil Satanlar A laudable desire to serve his community leads Gildersleeve to run for election as chief of police of Summerfield in "Gilder-sleeve's Ghost." newest in this series of popular comedies featuring Harold Peary. This opens Thursday at the Palace Theatre. than in World War L They have hauled twice as much as ever before for industry and the armed services with fewer cars, fewer engines and fewer men. Commenting on this remarkable record, the New York Times says: "Transportation performance has been far more sat went to his ranch and tripped over The police department had to help get a doctor for Lucille Ball who lives on a ranch in Chatsworth. She had ptomaine but is okay now. a pig. . . . Kosario and Antonio, tha Spanish gypsy dancers, reported asking $25,000 for three sequences in a picture. Moreover, they are liable to get ft . . . Tilly Leech and Director John Brahm a new twosome. . ; . Didn't Orchestra Leader. Jerry Wall make a record of a song" A romance that flowered a-! rainst the grim background of . Russia's gallant fight against the Nail Invaders, forms the isfactory under a regime of private opera-1 . . . The.Victory committee tour of tion and voluntary collaboration among theme of "Days of Glory." RKO I railroads and between railroads on the one Radio's latest feature film offer called "Since You Went Away"? I mean before the picture got such hand and users of transportation on the ing. With a brilliant cast large ly unknown to screen audiences publicity. . . . Elsie Anderson ana other during this war that under autlv but hand-picked for their mem oritarian centralization with Federally op Hunts Hall, divorced, were telling everybody at Charley Foy"a that they probably will remarry in five orable roles, the picture stars Ann Shendan, Ben Bluetc carried them to Casablanca, Oran and Algiers before they went to Italy. It rained pitchforks most of the time. . . . Arizona sun was too hot for Ralph Bellamy who passed out in the desert and came to on a ranch. Believe it or not, a dog summoned help. . . . Aren't Ray and Ada Dodge readying another announcement 1 ... Jacqueline White. M-G-M starlet, expecting a visit from her fiance, Flight Officer William Lyon. . . . David Silva, the years. . . . Louise Atlbntton and Sergt. Edmund O'Brien at Ciro's. the famous ballerina, Toumano-va, and the distinguished Broadway actor, Gregory Peck, as Hollywood's newest romantic team. Gale Storm very happy. Her. erated railroads during the previous conflict. "There is a profound lesson in the experience of the railroads, applicable in the relationship of government with other industry.- The railroads' experience has husband, Lee Bonnell, former R-K-O actor and now in the Navy, is being transferred from San Fran-. THIRTY YEAKS A.0 TODAY landmark and Sharks leaving Water Sti-fot Taking a Backward Glance Mexican star, and Jacqueline Dalya are a new twosome. Report here that Mary Astor's ex, Manuel Del Campo, will wed Cisco to Long Beach. . . . Mack (Killer) Gray Is giving a dinner, party for George Raft's noose-, guest, Ben Platt, Jr.. at Schwab's urugstcre. Lasioess Doe to Famine Researches being made at the Hillman Nutritional clinic, Birmingham, Ala., show that often lethargy and laziness are due to a state of chemical famine in the blood. All the houses along the river f ron t , from M u 1 berry to Elm. save the BriECs livery barn, have the Methodist church was held Saturday night at the church, at which time reports were heard been removed and the space cov ering the stretch bought by the railroad company is clear. As Bhown that, given the incentive and opportunity to organize its own voluntary collaboration, industry does not necessarily need to be regimented to insure maximum output even in times of war. The familiar Btatement that, in such crises, democracy and localized voluntarism have to be superseded by authoritarianism and centralization turns out to be not true." . . The collaboration of the railroads with Bread for Napkins - In place of napkins, small pieces of bread were used in the days al the ancient Greeks. They were then thrown on the Door for dogs to eat from all the officers concerning usnod aqi 2)o qse pu it aAOtuaj uaq) 'sXep M3j b joi pue?s iaf :jaeM pus irfJea s.iannj 0 apsui ajsed a sjods am iaAO peajds 'aiqjcuj ujojj aseauS saouisj ox eil-rsif oim.4 asvajo )tnAomn Neea Tobhig for K01 rts Neon tubing covered wit transparent plastic is being produced for marking the center of highways. the work done during the last yet no arrangements have been quarter and also concerning the made for the removal of the barn, whis is now being used by church funds. It was said to be the best year the Methodist Jack Beveridge as a wagon yard and a stable for the horses of church here has ever known, Leading rrodoeers at Mercury , Italy. Spain and the United States are the leading producers of TWE.VTY.YE.1IM AGO TODAY Chjintauqna To tit-t ftohig Tho' Tent Is Urlayed Tall hustling to put up the big Chautauqua tent was made necessary, today, by an error in connection with shipping the tent. But there were enough hands on the job helping that, near noon, it was thought all likely would be ready for the afternoon performance. Then, starting tonight, it is expected the whole organs xation will go along as though thetent had been up for days. When the tent arrived, it came with the membership far greater nuaj tmmiJIa pamoaiaa aaaq oj pies S oua HIM3 ueipu ut o sjajaj ueuiuiex.. P-ioa aqx aosuiuisx the Terre Haute Brewing Belshevlk The word ''Bolshevik in Russia means member of the majority. shippers, the traveling public and the arm- than it has ever been before and an average increase of 127 in the The old toll-house, which has stood at the west approach to Sunday school. Personals . ed services during this war, on a voluntary basis, has so far exceeded the results obtained under government dictation and the wagon bridge as the last re minder of the old toll system George Walthall of Gillis' ThE Rest of My Life With Yoti 6y Faith Baldwin has been moved by Contractor Pharmacy is spending his vaca Frank Dun lap, to a lot on North control in the previous war, that there is no comparison. No improvisation -was tion at his home in Jonesboro. Water street, and will be repair Ind. Miss Helen Bayes of the Wa ed and made into a tenement necessary when the present conflict arose. with a C. O. D. attachment, with beautiful back, for weeks, and be CHAPTER THIRTEEN bouse. Though the old building instructions to pay through a The railroads simply intensified the oper bash Valley Electric Co.. is spending her vacation this week Mary remarked thoughtfully, was built per naps seventy-live Clinton bank. The Peoria tent and awning company had a claim "How long are you going to keep years ago. it is still, perhaps, as spoon fed! She'd never heard of such nonsense. I don't expect her to return to me. This is her first season and her mother's a bigger at her home in Terre Haute. Irene in the office" solid as many of the houses that Miss Helen Orier left for Castlegate. I'tah. for an have been built within the past against the tent. It turned out the hill or lading had been sent "What do you mean, keep her?" he demanded. "You couldn't pay her fool than her debby-daughter i Shell end up with a perforation few years, since timber has be extended visit with her sister. to stay out. She won t hear of it. come so scarce and often faulty. "Well, Judith has sense," declared his mother, "and she's no Personal to Elwood or some other point. Church Report Rext Year In History Xrar Mrs. William Kae. Miss Rachael Holroyd of Cay ation of their existing machinery. The Interstate Commerce Commission and the Office of Defense Transportation provided the authority of governmental power where, in a few instances, it was needed. . The handling of the railroads provides a pattern for the cooperation that can and should be maintained between private enterprise and government. j says I have to have a nurse-secretary and that would mean another expense. And then there's the X- Attorney J.' W. Amis has gone debutante. uga. Ind., is visiting with Miss "That's right. I forget she's ray." He sighed. "When I get that to Vfncennes, today, to attend a meeting of progressives. The Quarterly Conference of Wilma Eller in Fairview Park growing no younger. Good Lord, I'd better hurry!" He bent and Mr. J. W. Pterce and children kissed the top of his mother's head. in and a good technician . Mary sat, thinking. She said, after a moment, her eyes on the fire, MI can manage that, Matthew." "Yon can?" have gone to Warsaw, Ind., to visit Mrs. Pierce's grandmother. CROSSWORD - --- By Eugene Shcffcr would never forgive me if I let yoo go alone." "I wish I had learned to drive a car," said her mother-in-law. "I suppose I'm the only woman of my age in the world who doesn't . . . but they scare me." "Me too," admitted Irene, "but Matthew Insists. You know, I often go out on his night calls with him. I like the air, and being with him and all. He made me learn to drive because he was afraid that if something happened to him " she stopped, appalled, you couldn't imagine anything happening to Matthew "but," she went on, "although I passed my test last f all and I swear I was sick to my stomach with fright I'm still scared. But Matthew says I drive very well." "Yon do everything well," said Mary. "Do yoo never get tired of the office and patients, bills and bookkeeping?" "I love it; it's like a partner ship." "Yes, of course. I felt that way, when I sent Matthew awav to "Irene said to remind you, you're coming to dinner tomorrow night. Mrs. James S. Frazer. They will I'll have the figures for you. also visit in Piercton, Ind. She nodded. "Believe H or not, some recent investments have When he had gone she sat quite R. M, Pentreath, who has been spending the summer with his turned out well . . . airplane stock for the most part. And I have had ENEMIES OF IXFLATIOX. ., Not so many years ago the public was Bold many of the necessities of life at prices based on all the traffic would bear. The still m the warm little glow of pride he always aroused in her. He was doing so well. He would do even better. She would talk to Lynn family at Lake Wawasee, is here for a few days. unusually good commissions. Busi Mrs. Fred Sutphen. of Middle- about selling the stock. ness has been very brisk of late. I was going to suggest that you order Irene to stay home and let me take town. O., came Tuesday evening I'm vain, she thought, I wallow in it. But then not many women result was that laws and regulations were evolved to try and prevent gouging of the for a ifit with hr pamnts, Mr. care of an omce nurse until and Mrs. William L. More?, of Fifth street. consumer. But laws alone cannot put had a son like Matthew, who came running in to see them, at any odd hour, who praised and teased and loved them. Not many women could Her son interrupted with. The X-ray would run to a lot more and you couldn't do both. Irene spoke of taking a course, of getting some character into merchandising practices there must be character in the merchandis admire, trut, and even love the son's wife. But Irene was right for school. It was his great adventure. ing plan itself if the consumer is to enjoy but I was a partner in it. Not too Matthew, how wise he had been. one m temporarily i mean n, and when, we swing the equipment and then doing the technical work Lerseli. But M His mother cut in, "She would silent," Mary added, smiling. bhe had helped him all the way. After a moment she said, "There She -would go -on helping him. Stowaway ' lz I3 I " ' Is VAH ' i- Z-W ll r wzz mi IlIIl- I-t " " Ml. L - "Hi li" 2 Wa ll : 53 1 1 l4l I 1 YA" 1 1 After dinner the next night Mary, want to. I can see that. But isn't it could be another partnership, Irene, You and Matthew and your son." better for her to leave the office Irene, and Matthew went into a huddle over the X-ray figures. Irene said, I hope so. Some Irene looked up, panicky. time, when he doesn't need me as much." It's such a lot of, money." Yes, in initial cost," responded They looked at eaeh other. imii her husband, "but it will pay for ing. They understood each other. They loved the same man. itself in no time he smiled at his mother "and you 11 be paid back.' "What do you mean, paid back?1 On the third anniversary of their "Well, look, mother," he said. maximum benefits. ( tOne o the main reasons that prices have been held so well in control during this critical period, has been the method of retailing developed in our country during the past generation, which depends on a small profit per sale on a mass turnover of goods, rather than all the traffic will bear on a minimum number of sales. - Our retail stores must be given credit for developing this sales method to its present high state of efficiency. If our nation had not been enjoying a smooth, working mass distribution system, the rationing and price control program could never have functioned as it has. Our system of retailing was built to order for the war emergency and the character of its man wedding, Irene and Matthew Nor before yon become too dependent on her, Matthew?" "Me, dependent?" he repeated, startled. He shook his head, frowning. We've been married over two years now. Aa soon as I can swing it, shell quit and well have a baby." He smiled. MI hope it's twins," he said, "one just like yon." Mary said, "Well, get the figures en the X-ray and let me know. There's no reason why I can't man- "Swell," smiled Matthew. "I feel like a million dollars 1 We've been just toe busy and I love it-" Mary said, ul had a letter from "I'd rather think of it as a loan. man gave a party. It was entirely his idea. He ordered, largely, "a You ve done all the no-profit busi ness with me you're going to do. celebration de luxe, and don't spar A loan it is, and with interest. inc norses. "Matthew, are you crazy?" Irene had sighed, think i no- bow "Like a fox. Interest, but not too high," be cautioned, grinning, "and ytHiit Stove to give me time." difficult it was to cope with Matthew's love of excitement and good times. Not that he went to many parties or, if he did, stayed long. He couldn't. His practice was in Site asked. "Remember the first jL-d:th, yesterday. -Any news?" debt yon ever paid ?" creasing rapidly, he was extraordi Matthew was still scowling over figures. He said, "Look, it won't be narily busy. She did not bemdm "Not much. She, her mother, and her aunt bavw been to Honolulu again, they are talking of another long before I can take on the technician myself. Who? What? Well agement was the biggest asset OPA had cruise this spring. "They have all the lock" he said, 4S. sleep nLe 49- elect nfied atom P0. unapfratf-d 52. harrhanahan rry 53. woo-U n nail 54 brain passage 55 series VERTICAL 1. Turkish magistrate 2. i tver in England 3 bristles 4. inclination 5 exclamation for attention 6 struck out 1. furrowed . hard 9-if-nier of popular libci ty no ... or was it the poker game in college ?" He grinned. "Boy, did him these amusements: his passion for poker, a really keen game of contract, the theater, spectator sports. Once, however, she hM commented a little sharply, because of fatigue following a lone dav. "Yon that hurt:" not meaning K. "Odd, she isn't married, by now; she's attractive as the dickens and then, all those "It was a nickel," his mother said. shouldn't have been a doctor, prospects: Then what hnuM I Katv kaM t" "She has been engaged, she wrote me, bat hadn't announced it. Someone she met m Maine when she was 8-i'J 10. Japanese sash 11 hrvcrace li nh nets 1 St'.ps 22 hifh hill 25. unit of squarr measure 26 venomous serpents 27 effiey 29 dishes of grrns 31 guiding 32. women of title ZZ Babylonian go-1 35. ancient ascetic 3S. narrow waterway" 39. basehaU teams 40 herd 42 mythical king had demanded, with astonish "and a little boy named Georgie. "Poor, bat honest, that's me," frowned Matthew, poshing the papers from him. The telephone rang and he went to it. A moment later he said, "Sorry, girls, I've got to go. I don't know how late 111 he. Irene, have Nellie call a taxi when Mother's ready to go and take her ment, but amiably enoogh. for price control. ... Washington Senator Chapman Re-vercomb. (R) of West Virginia: "A most important issue in reconversion is to see that the rights taken away from the American people at the start of the war, are restored to them with the return to a peace economy." San Francisco Dr. Joseph S. Rouck, chairman of the Political Science Depart Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Irene answered hesitantly. "A east. something, I forget his name. She said she heard from him for a year or more and then he came west and they were engaged. It broker . . . ?" and when he burst p;e;r;i d F.ris t ;a liT ieTlIi :DEjsyfoTN'nT out laughing, she tried to smile. HORIZONTAL I. threw 5 ail 9- rtviking utcnMl" 12. a wa-I-T. meify 14. diminutive for Abraham 15- likes inordinately 17. lassitude 19- senseless 20 obstruct 21. prepared for publication 23. Hircfu deity 25 paid mtice 25 short bow 29. severe ascetic 30. fusible alloy 33. one who sews looseiy 34. entreaties 35. lamprey 36 prefix: from 37. bang 3S- water-surrounded tract of lana 41. colk-ee 41. sml 46. Prickly jlart wasnt announced as his father was The anniversary party was a L'AIltAb 1 ( R .t 1. N home." ill. But anyway, she's broken it off. Am I incapable? asked Mary great success. It was small but, aa Matthew boasted, hideoosly select. Sam Morley and his vivid, omttv "Hard to suit," yawned Matthew, "spoiled, very likely. Girls like that. I see em by the dozen! Oh, doctor, yoo don't mean that I can't have disconsolately. They watched him shoot out the door- overcoat flying open, bag swinging from his hand, and Mary commented, smiling, "I bore a hurricane and you married one, Irene." bride; Bill Taylor and his fiancee, Barbara Pennington. She was a plain girl with money but even Matthew could not convince himself that Bill was marrying ber desnit tM I T TH N EJ A R nVDD S ) ID E n r sQ i n ktr'e Ej , G 0 E E U A S is jLjA Gr3:l!s Tp3jl ;R,Ej ' A L ,'eLJvn tDc A;N E ,D j M l QT;E;LaT?GTJ fcNfclp, e.Va r EqsliJ S; t rO R?fS E-A S O Ni I know. Ten me more about him her poverty of beauty and for her CCAVING fXCrrCMNT, 19-year-old Mary PhiUipc, a Welsh miss from Trimsaran, near Llmnelly, England, went to the right place to find it. She stowed away oa an invasion barge and vest to Normandy, where aba spent two weeks on the beachhead amid the thunder of guns and bombs before she was discovered and returned tq her bom - (International) when be was .little." ment at Hofstra College: "I think Roosevelt is a 'Babe in the Woods' in international affairs especially concerning Russia." Greenwich, Conn. Rep. Clare Booth e Luce: "Communists and fellow travelers have rooteJ themselves firmly in the weak end vacillating Democratic party." "Do I nevlr bore yon? Is that one tweeny little dnns before dinner. I don't know now I'd get through the evening. That was my latest debutante with, if yon please, as pretty a case of ulcers as I've ever seen. When I told her, no, not one, she went into a tiiry. And when I told her, and no cigarettes either . . . Boy, I thought she'd ex plode! The rest was even harder to take, guy in bed, flat on hex 44. measured easy gallop 45. observes 46 sim,rrit 47. ci.pplng' implement 51. symbol Jar ncnes ox income. .Because, if ever a man was in love, it was Bill. And when Barbara looked at him she had more than beauty. To be continued) why we get on so well? But I mustn't stay late, and for heaven's sake leave Nellie alone." .rj. Itnr at - No, shell welcome a chance to Cwrttfct. im. tv rata sMm cttvtfij . . gossip witij JL& an4 jrlatewj mzoxM b? rum ioou, it

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