The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 10, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 3
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,taqkd (ttiwoe ,t,rW! Ahuw11 Minh- wre -Sunday tueats f4 ftrJ and Mrs. f.rcd Weamr. Mr anrl Airs .Hi rl KilUT AtaXt itO 15 QihmSuiik Aftr $40,000 frit .flf Atie JiowTfanwus afiht f Wflltes-; ot;d Jjtt(WSct wiM1 M' ff" diic iki dinumaud ,Mhi,i jMvtttUs d'a-Jor itutwe dMiiiU,ns jiu fif Puiotic Apr JhW AW'Mis Aliead-Tlietie onwnii-dtoiis demtion yWU AW1 rhi lWe WMtrmw a,lmtgside iiis "ii'V .ar diwUngs ,--iti prime MMtf V'Autod A'ltmi'iiii, ,flf m tViuwp- Josh'' rititUn. rflf JAusaUt ryiinipaii-isnimp A'dtiajyt i,i-sinik a AJhina. .caw .rtwing ,Wie rcpnrse Imuat ,rduudtilt'-dlp"k discussUms iWlMi Atie ,uu-.uiuurs Ml ,tlte pa-tc W ArPm- Current News Adding s(4ile JfeMigtoe JKet&kwfle Continued Arw we nwid- A,(r.Mld fA'ji'PA avipwrd itimnedinfiiy iby (ww .prupsgamia j;iiihvb Aim' AwwiM " priiPio-atiwus ,a',e .uudip- ay tW JitutUug :ln ,tlw PhUipiue Jalands. Alie Atpuwvelt - MacArtUur MWteApnce .tjUraced Al Mute Aauy Af present and f uture dMwainns AP iMt .cilic. .The Ai'i-'Anan eppAW Af projented . Aii'-an liandingp ,in rVie piiiUppuu appeaiefi ftp nae dn .wnnna;i igiu-t'icanee, dpnung as Alley id dp .All wake df -Uie president's pieetiug with Alen. AlaArU.ur. (Aue iBWiin broadcast said: ArtuPir Alpliine jsu-ung Anwican riaval doncan-.traiiuns rit druiaing (id Abe oioiAy or Aiie Ponm risianfls. .wituip ifipa,n Uuier d'rfeuse Auie- ,:-ff. rmiMns AP it "heir lusse strutig Aormatipns .will dt'drndt a Aanding . . .'' , M vlass Wokj i glass wick from .tlie jbottom it A Bat or pot df stegetable or ilowaW eedimgs io pan t fiiAer Aupplies ' a dnifprm pnd dptimum jusntdJ' f -jvater with Ahe minuauto Jaf aUen- Aioo. Although jgiass juiqks ,cd : dsed far mai .years, f plalh wwk Atp Oast doe season; do i fUtted- ' Ara iead?r KAHiy (Pursnys iar,l-j nwt ,Utt .wookeuf ,ww e flijatuiiip rto; he Jtouj!ltt nlly ,into iMie ,ouep s AlUttrjqt AittPJ iff1 WpsW: ordered x f.M ilnvetiliigrttitui AodW Uto rtilf 4m;ue. ftollpwittg a .awi' Jr,i tftpug ,bi ptttsW .gwst ryorsey .anp ute tHers. j ,:'Jn tinv pf ,the J4t Aia,t jtnnUv,) Jpn JrlrW iM nWie ter.v.iew iindicat-! d (that he ttllev.ed he ,as ,y(e j;ic- tun f strinwiaJ ssann- r1 rfve or-; dered y asaiatants Juake a ,fnll Investigation JJie atisslt in whicL he ecuiv.ed is injmies," puser deelared- iyuivud" Ap tWi AU ,partiiuants tin -tlie JJmt-Jnld- nUiht ifiatic encounter .last Saturday Utich tatled ,the ,ntire .film Mdp-ny Ar ,tP ibe "iinvited" ,tp appear t (lis office Wid .wiil .be called bofore the owty rand jury rtliey rfail do sp, rHowser autd- JK(iw.Ui Myers, Mo)vser's shief comuiaint deputy, ,as assigned M make ,tlie investigation and .lie he- gap ff. once f prepare p ,iist ,o' those present during ,the episode when Hall was gashed upon the head, face and neck. Hall was scheduled Ap be .the first (tuestioned. AJuu-ges JMt' AlASKik Tlie action followed A sutt ,iuep In Pios Aiule superior .court hy AntpniP 4caa, S2-jyearjUl tor ,w.hp was 4 guest t )Uie Party. ,IJemauding tiOjDW damages (tipip AHrsey and iA0,ppl Arpm ."se;en J.phn pVues" and ,tsp 'Vane Pass" lie accused of "aidhig And .abetting" ,loisey, caaa charged Ahai JJic itjeauecUcled iiands-man pursued him .yt(tli a iknite, yll-lug'j'M.f catcl1 -of J'.V tkili-pu." and.. struck and jtnjured lcaa by ttirowing .i Avott(e. icaza's petition .charged ,Uiat fjur-sey "without provocation" .committed assault juul atleiy ui'n him "by striking iiim ,witi .his iists s--bout his face,' head and .shoulders." Further, he Alleged. Jersey "displayed A Jinife" .yvhicli Je "held ,ip his hand and flourished in a threatening .manner, . JioUles pJtter p'ufJit After attempting .to void Ijor-sey's blows, Uie uit .continued, tlie "sentimental gentleman of swing" assertedly "threw a bottle at the plaintiff, striking and V'juri"K lhp right side of his head a"d his right ear." fcaza also asked leave to identify the John and Jane loes when tlieir identity is ascertained. Ho Quadruped) The Mariana islands in Uie Pacific have no native quadrupeds, few reptiles, abundant fish. Water buffaloes, deer, cattle, horses, mules, pigs, goats, cats, rats, siid dogs have been introduced. Sets! nuts are chewed by young auid old. Mrs. AHara J-,ewis and son, John Jewis, Jr. ,vf 'airland, Al1-. were weak .end guests rof Mr. and Mrs. ,B;p JJquglass. Julias Maxme J.,ewis whp jl AP ,Civl Service (is a ijuhiur rClerk t Stout afield. Aniiiauiipulis.; was alsp ,a ,guest (flf (Uqr aWi'. Mrs.; ouglass. Alrg. AJlyde Blake accompanied JHr.i .and Mra- iHomer Aic.Bride ,to ,Rock-vJUe and also to ftht" home of ,t)ieir Ulster, Mrs- Jackson ,fqr din ner ,last Monday. Mrs. Aieorge ,Uenls ,of Terre JJaute, jar- Aiertrude Turpin of Al-vln, ,111. and Mrs. 'Jjrma ,Hainrik .Weaver of (Indianapolis were among .the ut-of-town friends who attcnd-ed ,the funeral of Mrs. ,Louie f.ien& dn Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. f. f). Meed had as recent dinner guests, Mr. iteed's sis-Aer and .family, Mr. and Ms. Herbert M'ller and SP. -Wayne of Tangier, And. Also Mr. and Airs. -Cliftord McBride and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Jteed of St. Bernice. Wayne Miller is home on a furlough from Js'emort, JfL. I. jvhere he is in tlie Coast Ajuard-Mrs. Herman .Weaver and mother, Mrs. Arthur ,Wake, Br. of JJetroit false nm Do TOW false teeth annoy ud Jjlrraisfi by slipping, drciGins or ; hling wkeu you ear. lu)ili or talk! Just sprinkle little FASTJiKTH on jour platen. TliiB alkaline uon-aJ) powaer holds raise teeth Jiiore firiuly win niorc comfortably. Xt gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeUnir. Does not tour. Check "jtlate odor" ttleature breath). Clet l'Als-TKfcXlI today at any 4ruf store. Baaa-acbe, "Mornlnf Afur" Aefctif Eiuclea, Add liuiiaeation. Pleasant, Jromst. aHeotire. Silt an W. Hijch ViUmin potency at low cotr ONE-A-DAV VjMMntH TtblaU. A ud D Ublet in the yellow box JJ-goto-plcx tblt in tbe grr box. -i-"" Pit KtLC ... 'r)l For SfcpW". Irrrla- fclU'r, Jfeaa-ach, and tTwlUuaeu. rheo 4u to MerHtw a. r)u nn aa dtrectAa. Among ftw AWf'fi.vwr vai sini ftp ,Wie ipottoui to Amwcan sub ,marnes ,tp .drtte ,wre ,ii,e ,crnlsu-s.i and -at) ,4awxtr. ,s lMi Arp lr-i crU arr,it;rs. ,tw,P fftltsnm aHUd AW Ainum . Adif Xhe ovunbatant hlps .sunk, .m-p-baUly asuiik iud .dapiftgcd. so .fa ,in .the .s'ar in ',lhe Pacafic include: ,two .damaged; ,cruuers. Aiv sunk craa .carruirs. Asp JWobalily sunk Uiattlealups, .one damaged; Air- Asodaniaged; cruisers, live sunk ,two iu-oUahly sunk. A damaged; p:eatrpers 2)i slink, A"iy ,prppaP.l; sunk, .six damaged; Aend'ira. twv' sunk, ,pne probably sunk; dlhy: ypes, sunk, .one prpbably sunk-j PJCARC AitBOP, - Action do Uie islaiid trf -Guam Xoday &b goxi- . fined ,tp moppU.g--up .operations atter- I-iiiu Mt'jt,.u nr-c vlrtllllv i - ,im - .United States iprces .virtually om i plated occupation of .the American possession seiep hy ,tlie Japanese shortly after Pearl Harbor. I A Pacific fleet headnuarters cdm- rnuniue announced .tliat Jap regis lance on iuam Jias been dvercome with .tlie .exception of a small pocket at point paU on Ahe northeaauiiu tip .of ttli isiarid-Jat Attlon Mopelew The remaining Japs, heset hy Am-' .erkan .forces frptn land and sea are hopelessly surrounded. Thus the Am-J ertcans .auer ,tweiuy day . iHltw fightui have .retaken Alie fiat. Am-, ericau so'l .captured fff lf& apauese ' and iiaxe .d A"' 4oom f otlusr Japauese dntposts Ahe Marutnas islands. . Tiie successful struggle Ap wrest the .island Aiuui Japanese hands began on July ZV wlien assuall .troops of Ahe AiiU-d and fourth rnarine divisions and .the seventy-seventh .iu-beaciheads on .Uie .western .shore after almost three weeks ,pf Aerrific preliminary bombardment py sea and a,ir forces. Ten thousand Jap dead liave already been counted dh .Cuam but this figure is believed AO be only fraction of tlieir Aotal losses since front line dispatclies .indicate Uiat the hJ) of Aabula-'ing euiemy casu-. alties is far from complete and Uiat the Japs riaye buried many of Aheir own dead. Meanwhile, renewed aerial sweeps were carried dit against remaining Jap Island bases in tlie Central pa-ciiir. iatiiif fleet headquartera Revealed. (ja August 7. a single Jileratpr strafed Wake Island, another bombed Truk, and two of AJie big bombers hit ponape. J0iuru Island, wtere S Jap phospliate plant has been tip-object of previous raids, was at I t J LPeput. il"d- ttr a it AW accompanied W fWtatr junce. f -A lau. ,whp has ibtten ,niait,w y- ,or v:Qr&l .days. tnr .hidv i-.niovHd a .tliree xlay JtAca- Ltiwn ,itp 'fvto&y rit aVeivsUn'ie- uird (Oiaw r"" lOaictv iRoUcJiti r-.:ir,ichiiMl who is atalioncd nX ttK' rtjnicagy is njoyUi .ten AtfJ leave with is jiaient. Mre. W'W'ain ,c:arichqt m4 fW-,ly. A .outiRV .byotiMtr, fCtuih aW--micliaol is lu ,tlie Jiav mevJmre m Aiie J30U111 fwmw. Mr. and irs. ,viwp inww w twin ons ol Andianapolls spent u.k'8 vacation witli .the Iviausr' parents, Mr. aud Mrs. Weaver. 1 Air anA Jvira. xiiareiice taluilinger l.entertaiaed x inntjr Jiunday 4helj folluwing: Mr. w ,iww iiiana jr. iiiid Mrs. Clara Manattatd .Glass nd o. rVouglass pi fit 74 re Jtlaute. i Wilma Jean Bother has .ratttrhed after .vacation with hr jandtw-i enu, ,Rev. and Mrs. .Charles Boiutv, of Beecher Uy, ,Hh . j Mr jvira. Ernest iCjriac Mrs. X;iitord Belclier th4 pPowvW . i 1; and jwiss ,rai.riia ,v ford, Xi- iare guests of Hr. Mrs. John forehan .lat eak. At' 8 4 cloek f riday juorning Rev, W. Shafar united in siarriayje at the Kazarene Cliureh Ma -ndis nd Jjouald jBulclier. i ' Miss Mary Jxue JOoao s lteen the geust f her aunt, Mrs. fllifi, Bastian in Jerre Hute. Mi&s Mary June .WiUUma ,h gone M JidiauaiiolU Xp find emplo-ment. fortress Wef (CSi atniTY niTV Iowa. -r. The names of nine men killed In Jhe auash f 'orljess homher peie jmnouncea ut-day hy officUls of the Sioux fitiy Army Ar Base. ' The four-motored plane rashe4. in rione uftpr sl mirlaij- foliision .vith another 'ortres nar iiinton, ia.. 15 miles north pf SSioux -iiy, Tues day. TIio nina victims WHT& IA AOe. erashed ship. The .second homber i was landed safely At the feioux City, base by two rew men Iter Other members of ,the erew hail hailed out. A tenth airmen in the twniber that erashud also parachuted to safety. The dead uaciuaea: 'A i t l,nulrl Xi. SlnnLer. S. Langley JJrive. South ,Bend. laA. 1S liouerto ooiuaic, jnuuuuu, Texas. Cpl. Howard L. Clark, ew Haven, Indiana. l'fc. Bernard E. JKaJewskl, 2059 Oakley A"-'., Chicago. ; m r- tntereiting Social Htm Ereryday From where Alt. Don't mighty right lite swees of our Invasion began months ago-, when the tf.mliul' Tommies aatt the til Joes got logellifj oter-Uieadly beer, and games M darts and learned to like each other in spile ot dillerences in tastes and habits. And that spirit of tolerance and understanding between men and nations will go far towards building a .secure Peace, too. 3 MV-- JS' fVHhjea. A ititW hy Ahi!r,rcan (WfaJMryuieri rU) ilarjie aVit iVf jlffPrW'S rdwwui JU' ,rmy .cumulote,! twwilcd iWJday w lAfte A'Uiwe iHWUe AWlMn rf rW'H1 .JJS'uaT Guinea. '4te eruun (tvW'ce, ,t,Ue Jle ,pf sltiqh t ,aae (iuippsiiilile do estmati1 Jjmuiuse jul Alie .dtmaiiv ur .tlie jiui- u, ,Wil(n. Has .wtuiilotely f.W- ,W xoliuiw ,of Amvi'n iinngt' UightW rWPv.Mg ,U ,tlie AirhAiitwu r,iv;(ir Wd anotlHV" f-tm mWW, pmtliing ,up ,14iv JSiUMiirt' flivtir ,vUw jplued Awwe .six Jnilus Ui ,t4ie iiuAnr-,inr. . J. : Continued Aivoc swiftly mpunting fury until Alie laud. of Ahe Piaing Sun Capitulates in ",un-i ,Xioual WreiXr.'' . j uiaJ..i.r -..-a u.tti. .IiikaJ FJViSri , itu -Ft-P w . iv"vv.a euwry & Uie f itarbpr . . . . . . '. , . , . j . sauu .yividiy .i,re8iienefl jin mu niup.i he sauserted .with ibiuat ttnality: "We 'ill beat Japan at rUtob" fivm game or at any ame! '' i Mr. Poo&evelt .uttered What ,as: bolit A warning to Japan of the dire ;xaM, waitmj; theui. and-A Alte sauie tune, a pledge Ap An American people and ,the AJnite? tlpns- He de-1 clared: J. Gen. MacArthur ,111, At .Uie proper J.uue, Return AP Alie pilip- pinee. - ( 2. -Tlie only id for Japan Is "un conditional surrender." As nunoi-ated Airst at A;asalUnca and reiver- ated here' at pearl aUarhpr, it I stands, he said- Adr Mv' .Japan au i Alermany. 2. ,We will .clean ' MV Japati ' i whatever it Require. A. Aliiited iS tales (orces have cou-slusively seized .the offensive in the' ifaoific, and .this will continue with progressive .violence and mounting' intensity until Japan is pverwliolui-uigiy defeated. I Jong-range strategy .was uiap- fad. tiotfArvf- men f ride Evaporated 3 farmeri f ride 0r& mo&lt'P Prl ' ' afionic j M Msr (COME jftN ba daw '-.uinitrfc tuul'- Wi'ir Jjfy jf y fin W for t'Sv oW f ')l''Ti bL-;ftar! Iti i"a(! ft-wtfucior lv t.'y SOc' Try O-.'rfr Touto 1' Hanng AM Complete vUft rvdwuc tubee, cryttal UXUit. aUU JZadl $vtfmt4 AND fOK yOU$ELF mmmmrmmmmmmmmrm"rrmrmmmmmmmmmimmmm . Weight Awooan'-icai . rCw-, jvlwe l,lU(t iwprk.ers Jia .Uinvn on l hair innia irinsinf JUodnotiun Xat the (ColMh- nd WK-r plane hgwe rW if fcPW1u"te iWMi-still. i u -....t- w-.-- tHildiur-j atti-oUier Miww - rne iau vlip A(;ue4 ito (to'l1 (U" .f(i,a miUuw ju.rli(0 iaucause the iias al brother oKWfaai ws Arowted tt it'ftt-terson rfeeueral J(loaii(l ot aiev4tr lioad 1uwru.tiuns. Anutlier .'s attab- bed ,t4t ,unhv tthe pat inllh screwdriver. Mia fflWiW ttf W PUS. . i ... ... :! TIia vinlmieai occurxed au Jte Uiker .willed Jahont Ah rtPW Wright JilahWi W Ahe MtflrsP while union management were iM tnfence ,1 temot Jo juiiuat ,the. dispute. lioutjHl JiU utke . . . Thousands fif disgruntled worav-4ninsri the walkout during tiie night nHhough Aigh J-hkiu Offifti- als of the JJuited Auwmohii voss.- ers fit Amarica, MUW n iedaw cpncilUtom Mumpted ,tp hpld ,them M .tlieir iobs. The strike which has yOot heen sanctioned by JJie iinion originated over '.the Xrausfer ot employees 4 lower grade pbs jvltlT accompanying p&y uts. .(CoaUnuaal txom page 4) warship Oiat rought Mw presidential .party 4o .the islands. ,C-n liis head was the same fcmious old. battered JUeld amarshal's cap wivi faded raid .which ,he had worn out of ,the Philippines, nd - teatb-er Joying -aflkt- Me nade plctur-esaue Xigure- , Stetwns U PwMic the luncheon aud .divisional review at Schofield Barracks. Mac-Arthur was J4iv the iositiuu of honor on ,the president's right. JjnnujdiaLely lollo.wuig. his Conference with the President, he ,re-tvrped ,lo his Southwest Pacific Command. ASHWOTOW. P. fi. Vfis dispatches today from International Jv'ews Service correspondents at 1'earl Harbor dnder .dAte of Vuly 29 revealed the -hereabouts of pre-sidest HaontnaH M Ahe .public fur the piwt Alme Mace July vne k'uur H'ntlj The president left Wsshnigtun four ,-eeks ago (pday. he was jext, heard fui when he Aruaatuait ,Ws acceptance speech to ,iiie Aemocrs-tic national xopventiun from the marine barracks alt San fJiego, Call. The stories from Pearl Harbor re-; vested that the speech an Ahade At1 San Diego. Previously the .brpad- csst spot had beep Identified ss "a west coast Jisvs.1 Jaase, Vn his way from Hashing ton to the west coast the presidential train ws Jialted in Chicago where Mr- Poosevelt tnferred with Oeu' ociatic , national shairmah Pobert Hannegan. -This conference "leaked out'' during the convention, "illaajk vt" f'oniinues After bis pseesh at San JPiego the President's movements were "blacked out'.' until Lpiiay, when it was disclosed that he was si pearl Harbor on July 29. The ".black out'' .on bis nwve-ments will he continued until other stories on Jus Arip are .released or ss announcement is piade hy the White House. farmer French Premier Leon Blum Victum of Nazi' factory of Peath ' (Continued from page 1) wJiose play ."The Russian People" was produced in the United Stales, and Oleg jKaorriag. A staff photographer for the Soviet army newspaper Jted Star. the, violin camp, tbey sain, vss . an exact replica of the notorious j Carautn iorture plant at Dachau, but ! exceeded Ahe latter in size many times. Men and women were -banged, I shot, stubbed to death and poisoned by noxious gases in death wag-1 ons and sometimes slowly starved to death. Tall Plum's fata) Two civil engineers front l.uWin pressed into service Is construction of the camp's sewage system told of Leon Blum's fate. Tbey told, accord- i big to Simonov, how they ran s-! cronB the broken old man, long fam-1 ed as a Prench liberal and litters-. tur as prsil ss polUietan, at a mo-, meat when no guards er around. ; ."Arc you laeon Blum?" be was ; asked.! "V," ha replied. "How did you get here?" "I was brought with the last . group of Frenchmen taken out of Paris." I "Why didn't you try to save your-1 self while you were in France?" ; tabauv I'ropW's itu- i ' i'erbaps I could hare," be ans- ; wered, "but I wanted to share the . fate of my people." j One week later, the Polish engin- j eers revealed, Blum died of over- J work and hunger. I j 'l " """" " " "" ' . - fLy What Maie OMr ' Invasion a $ucces? UJt u Tall Cam 3-4 Oz. 5c 23c IVM.firtmnt IndtMry fimndatim S-i. ; ; - pMiip I t7 1 Vis. ... PRINK MORE MILK! rf CCLTY 22D farmer, friie l,0z.15 MU5TAHD :D Pride 10c FLY S?nA Pauade.1 Pkt 23 Cihtcn Pure J.lilk Co, With 67 blue stars on our Service Flag, tur town's len mighty excited over the way things are progressihg on the Continent. Shacks," eay Bob comb happily, "I knew ire goijig to lick them Aazis, soon as the liivaun started." "I knew It before that," says Doc Hflliister. "I knew it from tlie way our boys were getting along with their British buddies in,thOJie English camps. They had a lot of di;ferem:es to overcome before they could work togetlier as a team, alnd tliey overcame 'em." Ho. & of a $eriet FLAVOR THAT'S RIM So you ihirik ice cream can't be good all) more? Try Seulteit. Sure, we're rationed on butter-fat. Mut the profeional piide that k jn us from using anything tul fine milk and rrrun and real fruits, and tlie skilled teal I est 'know-how " that blends liiem to smooth perfection . . . these aren't rationed. 1'ry SrsJtest Ice Oram today. oeauedt Copyright, uMaryaJii itjitii DAUNTLESS' OltAKGS' JUICE H-Z DAItE viCiOnPALo:;cy Pijce 4& Lincoln Streets FLO Un 25 ib 01,29 PSA'UT CUTTCT 30e OguntleM Oz. has 'em yet FRUIT! S4ArQjO-lM TEXTURE! UV WAK ON0S seco:;d:::o e"qs, (JniverssJ, JnrJ. IZHEOVO 558 N. Eightii St, 1 HIE rfip ivcay 60ap o BEAL'SDT 328 N. Ninth St. IV"I S'.'ETKOFF 1201 North 7th SUeet y j. $iea. u J. JagC. V,vc J Lifebuoy Soap 3 I tie lie ban 22 KRAFT CHEESE COMPANV, HUNTINGTON, INDIANA irOtMHL ClQVMCAf CtiAMltlCS, INC.) , flear Edward Eitreu llorum in die Smiled I illaft inert 1'royam, TlmrsJap, 8:30 I'. A., WLW Read Our Up-to-Oate Sport New '

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