The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 10, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
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Thursday, August M, ami : with Mrs. fFoos' parents. Mr family of EvanKvilje sput ;lafit week f purchased .the -Mrs. -Vary with Mr. ,Hroady's parents. .Mr. audi Bingham j'.upeit.y In Newport and Airs. J. ,E. .Broady Qf Newport. TJiey'.has ,niuvei there Irom ((ier country Mrs. W. JU. t'ratt of Mo.nle:iiuia. Miss letty Adams ut' Newport spent ,the weekend with Miss Oau- A buaho! of soybeiiiis yie.l&.on ,he average 0 pounds of ,91 A? .pounds of ,tnel. Newport, County News of Note Irt Week; Clubs, Societies Meet home. left a few days ago Jfor .California t. jyoyd jUinghapi f ,Cl(iitoii, ormer dia ilowle;t or ,near New por where .tliej' v ill make thohr hqiue. Sei eral Xewportiane were 'in .Cltn resident ,of Newport. hs resigned Anna l-ou Asbury. duuHter ut A .ilcnic supper was held At tit Jtwd-Jiide Jwk near JJaua hist Fri Air. and Airs. V. N. Asl'iiry i visiting Jie;r pbrpllier, Sidney Asbury .(n Clean fAlU mm THIS ASY WAY , , , ton Suuday iuulutlinK. Mrs. .V. N. As-i bury and two .daughters, Korina; Jane and Virginia. Mrs- .Urace .Dooiey Kllthart, Ind., iwnt 'riiay Willi Mr. and Airs. alpli Ad;. las unit launl) day tilling, Those who nitewWd i'iciate ai'd bur4a;l will he in .the Thpinas ceinetery ,negi' Nc:wpot:r. Ah Newman died after an illness of three ars. JJo.rn in Vermillion fCotmty. JIU-noi. 0,11 Auk. T, J St;;!, lie was the son of Albert and Sli;LiiUi Aslimuie NVwmaii. Jle married Clnistena Kritz 011 ,Oct. )2. Air. New-; man who had spent a great da! oi his lite in this county, wa.s a .re-! tired railrqad worker. ; the wife, he surviv-d by ,tvo sons. Willaid of Cayuga and i'aul of Terre ayte: .one .daughter.; A' rs. AJarie Mayiuu'd of Cayuga; and three grandchildren. and mother, Mrs. Astou nd .Vera, of r'wport. WiliUM Jam1 Adnius ,re-;l were Airs. (RussoU (Jiw.suu and sou Mr. ,Kurrebt .I4UVS011 and Airs. ,Gro- W LaWSUD illill BUI), pli of XiU13. Airs - ---r- to than false tfth aiul !;V I rlitEwork EA!.U "V-Vf J cle. Jmt put jour pUl ; f ip glar.s ol water to and Miss Mildred Groves. Mrs. Herbert A- Yotuuan find son teanhiug M ,the Newport JHiKh iScUuol and jhas accepted a ,teacMuK position at ikoaehdale. ,Ind. Miss ,Uutty Adams of Newport. M Us, Claudia Jtlowtott find Miss .Hejen Jones, .hoth o .iorsseslioe. spent Friday afVernoon ,iti fKidK'tfarin, .t HkatitiK- Colonol and Mrs. 'Ulinger and children re,tuj ued t,o .tlioir home in Tomwh, WU-. after spend'tiK week with Mrs. KUlinger s pareiits, Mr. whkli a lit Lie (lUtdt-actirur .Douglas Reid and daughter, Virgin Allen Ray. are visiting ,this week Klccnile hn been arid.- with Mrs. Vouuiau e utother and fa-j IVilli Bianir-liko hjictrd, discoloration anfl itHitLX vunlh the original l?an bright -nr.i rptninx! It'll tny. tronomitaJ. .turned limiif with thi'Ui ,lo s-inl a tvw Uaytt. VVeakcnrt guests of .Mr. and lire. Howard rin of Newport wi'f tliir (;raiidriaut!hlrs. Jlarbara Ann and Jemtlyu of ';iyKH and -Mr. ,Kr-win's brother, William ,V. ,k)i'win ol Pasadena, , Calif. Jacqualyu NVwkirk of Clinton in ther in-law. Mr. and Mrs. JHerbert ,R Voumau of Newport. Ak your cli uRMt for Klceniic today. William 'lowers of West ;Terre lAMaJ Rutim oj4 Jo JiitudU' Suk;m AppLicjitioHs The ndiuna ..district ,VI'A an-nqunced today i hud ,be, n ad is d that the national Ol'A hemlqinrters still are being ,luodt'd wiUi sugar applications .thta should lave been, sent to .local war price and ia" inning boards. "it appears .that numerous applicants Cor canning sugar could ,have saved themselves delays if Lln-y had inquired from their local board how Haute is spendinB 'his week with ,.l. ,ir., I'ji.n 1, ki.i:i:mtk ai liis sister and brothor-lu-law, Mr. and Mrs. 'illiani ,C. fAynrs. ?lrvw ow .Scrap into i ,Flght! any gaoi) ilniibt. Mrs. J. A. rCollett ,of .Indianapolis and Mrs. John White of Newport. ia, uf Newport, and Aliss Alartliu Jiowman or Hloommgdale, lad. . Jirvin HuUiiusguprtii. nun ot Mrs. rn .Holliniwujtli V1" Newport, returned to Hlielduti, 1U., .Monday Where hp will resume his work as music teacher in the 5hldo schools ' .Uer spending the weekend jviih his .ifyoUier. ,He has been spending th u,piuie.r at Northwestern I'uiversity near Chicago. Mrs. John New kirk and sun, Johnny, and daughter. Jacquelyn. all of .Clinton, and Airs. Kthei Cooke of, and JWrs. ;KUa ,HaU of Newport .were spending this week at tin- home of Uer sister, ilrs. Mary Adams of New Mrs. ,-O.leola McQUI sturned .to. Newport fi few days ga after spend-; Sunday evening dinner guests ,of port . i Air. and Mrs. V. C. Alyeru and Xani iiy-' ing several weeks in MioliUjSan. Mrs. MoGUI plaus U make her home .here. Mrs. Marearet. Vincent and lures. Kred Sanders, both of .Newport, Prhate and Mrs. Claude Middle- MisB Virginia Walthall spent the brooA and son, Kdward. spent the weekend with Miss ,Kuby L,ee ol near Newport. spent Satuiaay in Clinton. Miss Virginia Keid of Newport and Hiss Martha Huxuian of liloom- weekend with Mr. and Airs. Alton Rose and daughter, Kvadna, of near Miss jPeggy x:anaday spent Sun- Newport. ingdale, holh nurses at the I'nion Hospital in Terre Haute, spent the to proceed," Oi JA officials warned. iSugar stamp 40 can be used directly at the store for getting Impounds of sugar and spare stamp 7 must be sent to the local hoard for each person for whom applbation is being made, tiiey said. Appllcaiionis .being ent to V'ash-ington must be returned to the local boards for processing. Airs. C. J). Williams of Hillgitoro iday with Mrs. Marjorie (eed of near j Hillsdale. Miss jKrieda C. Stoll. extension I clothing specialist from lJuidue I'ui-! versity. gave an interesting lesson weekend with Miss -Reid's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas lieid of New- ters, Hetty amu and iienonlta Jane returned to their .home in ,Creeu- AUTO PAINTING mm and mil sjkaichtekinc WELDING V ASHING AND SIMONIZING Clinton Car Laundry 408 South Main Street j;arl uaiwm Telephone 223-W castle Sunday after spending a week with Air. and Mrs. Oscar Kersey. I port. j j Miss Mildred Delich of lndiaanpo-i lis spent the weekend with her moth- i ! er, Mrs. Sophia llelich of X.liuton j on the 'Remodeling of Clothes at a meeting of the county Home fceo- Air. and Mrs. .Raymond Anderson RUBBER STAMPS for livery purpose 8-Hour Service THE DAILY CUNTONIAN noinics leaders in the court house J auditorium Thursday. and Mrs. Ruth Fable of Indianapolis spent last week with their mother. Mrs. Margaret Anderson of Newport. Sheriff and Airs. Oil Potter of i who is employed in the Vermillion i County Court House. ! Mrs. Dale Keid and Miss Sharon 1 Steele of Sullhan. Ind., spent Sat-1 urday night and Sunday with Mrs. Keid's husband's parents, Mr. and ..Mrs. Douglas Keid of Newport. Samuel tV eu uiyji Suctmubs At Cayuga Home Tucsiiay Funeral services will l.,e held at 2.:;(l p. in. Thursday at the Watson Funeral Home In Cayttcu for Samuel Newman. .!. wl:o di'-d at his residence in Cayuga at l:2ti p. ui. Tuesday. Hev. Geoi'Ke Kkstrom of the Cayuga Presbyterian. Chuvh will of- Newport spent .Sunday with Corporal and Mrs. Wesley Alalone of Clinton. Kleii'n leaders Xroni clubs throughout the county along with their leader. Mrs. Florence Miller of St. Ilernice, were present at the all day meeting. A covered-dish dinner was served during the noon hour. Those present were,' Mellie IJotts of -Newport: Bess Wright of Clinton, route three; Mettie Dicken of Dana; Allen Haywortn who was recently Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Uroady and removed from the Vermillion County Hospital in Clinton to the home of his daughter, Airs. Grace Hoover, is Mabel Ray of St. Bernice; Mae Hess of Clinton, route three; Daisy Sprouls of Perrysville: Haze Wright fW I r0 A BETTER TOAST 1 of Cliiiton. route two; Ami Olnil of m mm reported to be improving. Mrs. Grace Fark returned to iter home last week aiter spending three weeks working at Battleground. M ns. Ma he! M y ers jspent last week in Clinton. Air. and Airs. Hudson Broady and children, Jerry and Joy of fivaus-ville spent several days last week with Air. Uroady's parents, Mr. And Airs. J. JC. Broady of Newport. Air. and Airs. Broady and family left Saturday for California wnere they plan to make their home. i Mrs. Harold Jones and small eon. I Clinton; Myra Blakesley of Hillsdale: I.ula W. Loekridije of Dana aud Mrs. Jean Simpson of Cayuga. Members of the study group of the W. S. C. S. at the Methodist Church in Newport met at the church for their regular business meeting Tuesday night. Mrs. E. E. Noel had charge of the yfy jr Michael, of Champaign spent last devotions and Mrs. Mortimer Lewis read from the text hook. Mrs. C. E. tteebee arranged the program for the group. Miss Barbara Hollingsworth gave a report of her week spent at Bat KAP JAM r Auur Jitue's Auir JPEANUX JJU1XF.K OoMott.its oj' Anu-iita 2 4Se ISC JViiu IJ. ftl'vl iM tleground during the Youth Conference of the Methodist Church. Miss Hollingsworth acted as a representative for the Newport church at the conference. Eiiiht members were present including. Mrs. li. li. Cixon. Mrs. R. H. Nixon. Mrs. Grace l'laee, Mrs. 1 week with Mrs. Jones' parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Jones of Newport. Saturday evening Mrs. Jones' husband came over front Champaign aud stayed until Tuesday evening. Air. and Airs. Joe A'Hson spent Saturday evening in Indianapolis visiting Mrs. Allison's daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Smith. Air. and Mrs. Smith were visiting Mr. Smith's mother. Mrs. Kvadjia Smith ol Indianapolis. , Miss Rose Marie Baker and her sister. Jesse. Violet, returned to their It's "revelry" for breakfast when you serve cheery good niorniiig foods in appetite-awakening variety a sure cure lor "Oh -how - j - hate-to-get-up-in-tUe-nioruiug" grouches! Keep your breakfasts alive and interesting . . . deliciously nutritious with the aid of our vast variety of breakfast foods and beverages that taste so good and cost so little eye-opener values that further prove the economy of buying all your foods for ail your meals here! JHOTDATED COFFEE SPOTLIGHT Lb. Pag noz. I Kern lioilingsworth, Mrs. Neel. Mrs. SLGAKED Fiain, loz. J2c CLOCK COfiUTS- Lewis, Mrs. Beebee .and Miss Blance Iiggleston and one guest. Miss Barbara lioilingsworth. . Crawford McMillan at Jndianapo- Ml-CIIOICE 28 Oz. P0OtToaotIes3w2.5 jiis spent the weekend at his hanie 2ic AFPLE BUTTER 4 Points Jar home in Newport Sunday after visit-nig their sister. Mrs. Helen Carter of HuopesLon. 111. Mr. and Mrs. uy Gosnell. Mrs. Waiter--A'eaJ, Mrs--Maude Morgan,! ,aii4 Mrs. Fith.jUojsn!, all .0 New-! port, were .Sunday dinner guests of 2iso,.fkgs.25c i2 0z.Pkg. 5 0z. Pkg. 10 m .ewpori. Little Terry HouasheH ol Danville. 11J., s , visiting Lyi araudpar-, euts. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. .Kilter-' mood of .Newport. j Miss Lois Bishop AS .Newport left SODA CRACKERS Suited Box Mr.s Etella Gosnell at Cayuga. I NOKTHERN CHOICE 10 Points BEANS r Lb. W Bag 4Si BAKER'S DUTCH PROCESS COCOA CENESEO'S FAMOUS CRAPE JAM & Oz. Can 23C 1 Lb. ar 25c Mr. and Mrs. Russell A Her and daughter. Fhyllis, of South Bend, liid., spent last week with Mr- and Mrs. Maurice Peterson xf south mi Newport. Attorney and Mrs. E. J. Dudley CONFIDENCE 6 Poiuts TOMATO JUICE 3 MAXWELL HOUSE No. 2 Caus Tall Cans returned 0 Lheir Jiome an Newport ; Thursday for Hammond, Ind., w.iere she plans to stay several .days with Mrs. Mildred Poole, Mrs. Daisy Beardsley of Cayuga spent Friday evening jfitli Sir. jind Mrs. Fied Sanders. Mis. Fred Sanderr and Mrs. Margaret Vincent, I yth ot Neyvport, called on Mrs. Floyd t'arlts ut Clinton Saturday. Byron Vincent. Tom Walthall and Jim Moore, all of N'ewport. spent Monday afternoon with Joel Hollingsworth of west of Newport. 4 It Whips ALL PURPOSE FLOUR f.:iLII0T AlfONDALE OSCAR MAYER'S LUNCHEON MEAT Prepared With Honey Delicious For Breakfast 12 Oz. Can 32c EISGUICK Lge. 40 Oz. Pkg. 30C CHANGE JUICE Unsweetened Lgs. 46 Oz. Can 49C Sunday after spenwng a weeks vacation at Ideal Beach near Montioel-lo. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones and son, .Michael, of Champaign. Ill-were Sunday dinner guests of Alr. and Mrs. Alfred llis of west of Newport. COFFEE... Lb. 26c TEA TABLE TEA Orange Pekoe & Pekoe 4 Oz. Pkg. 22c 25 Lb. Bag 28e 17e VITAMIN ENRICHED Lb. 2Pts. EATMORE OLEO Mrs. Robert Barns and daughter. Bobby Lin. of Newport left Tuesday morning for St. Louis, Mo where OAP QYAU mm they will visit Mr. Barn's parents. Mrs. Elver Newlin is spending GOLD MEDAL 25 C$1.26 CANE SUGAR J'ure iauuhitod 5 Hilt 320 several days in Terre1 Haute this i Lg. Bars 29C Med. Bars 19C LIFEBUOY SOAP Z Bars 19c week visiting her sisters, Mrs. A. J. LARGE fXGULAR 23c Keeker and Mrs. f'aul Malone. Aliss Evadna Rose 0 near Newport spent all Jut week with her aunt. Mrs, Harlan Weatherman of Cans Ind. Mrs. C. Ii. Williams of HilJsboro is spending tlm week with her par-euis. Mr. aud Mrs. Verner Van Vliet of Newport. Mrs. I). P. Williams is spending this wvek at her home in Newport. Air. and Mrs. Williams left Newport reteuily mid moved to Ridgelarm where Mr. yviiliani bought a hardware store. Mrs. Iaisy Volk and Mrs. R. E. ; c5 h Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sanders sent unday with Dr. and Mrs. J. K. OY PEACHES ELBERT A BUSHEL (f I. S. No. 1 Grade - 2 In. Lp .69 Lgc. Pkg. Washing Powder JLa 1 1 M li ii Beanisley oi Cayuga. The occasion was Mrs. Sanders birth anniversary. Mrs. Merle Thomas and son. Charh s. spent Wednesday in Clinton Wafthintojl fijj--l'tfrks U'JiK Ois a) l.h. n OQ shipping. f.iJEl.X liKA.VS JJb. kei-tiiiky Woii(lel r SlruiltleSH (lireeji Jodx o.vio.vs n lAh. ited or VeiJous W Mr. - and Mrs. John Parke and -Veal -Breast Cannon aud little son. Bill, all of Fane) Fruit for Cunning, 1,1. . j.ti Ridgelarm. ill., and Mrs. Donaldson children. Vvoune aud Wally. shop-l ped in Terre Haute Saturday. J B. Hurd .of Newport spent Wednes- 150 200 IG0 550 Ui-Ai) I.KTTlt y. jiiKe Mrs. Mary Brooks of Newport day with Airs. H. Milton Crooke at j 100 loz. 8i&- llea.1 I.aj-t' .Stalk spent the weekend with her broth-' er, Jolm Brock of J.odi. Ind. I her home in this city. j Mr. and Airs. Floyd Nickles arri-; Rib End l-'tuay oine (ji'uuu Ct'l-tltV Xtnv i-'jvJi Temler . liA.J. ( alii. StNMjless Suiikjl FOMATOKS M 1J 2U I5e A dinner in honor ,of tftaff and Mrs. Cuarels F. Sollars, H'1 (ijie ... ved liome Thursday after visiting Mrs. Nickle's daughter. Mrs. Harold j Mater and daughter, Alildred. j Aliss Estiirr Burke who is work Jr.. yv;tK held at the hoLne of Mrs. Lbs. dollars' parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy NEW POTATOES Lb. PQREC ROAST VEAL ROAST Loin End Shoulder No. 1 Quality - Cobblers VOI K BEST BUY WAR BONDS! ft. ! JiiMuin of Newport .Saturday ve-! uinK. tfuff ai'e"auf and Airs. Sol-; lars are spending a furlough in Nwu- poll from lt. Bliss, Texas. Those present at the dinner Were ! tlie honor i;u-sts, Mr. end Mr. ;rh;irJes Soilars, t'r., Geojetuwu, ;JI1.. Mrs. iSpeno-r iswayze and Mr. ' unci Mix. JiiKi ani- Mine paihara HolliiBsworth, Miss J filoria Asbury and Miss Virginia Walthal), all of Newport, spent ing at tbe home ot Mr. aud Mrs. Roscoe Foos' spent the weekend at her home east of Newport. MIM.ER KKt XiOV The Miller Reunion will be held in the fair ground near Cayuga on Sunday, Aug. 13. Abel Aebury and daughter, Gloria Ann. spent Sunday evening with Mr. aud Mrs. Ray Wickens and family of near Newport. Airs. John I). Collett of Indiana WOOBBURV'S 1'on iul .Soap CHLOHiTE ltl.K.U'11 uottm: IUw 240 (Thursday in Terre Haute visiting Triiii.-r - Juicy iastv CHUCK ROAST Lb. CWs 76 Mice liHty fciiLp:;on who ia altend-i iiiK Indiana ?tate Teather'e College ! this suajiaer. Miss Simpson is the ; H'tiie Keonouiirtf" Teacher in the BACON I SAUSAGE A ms I SWIFT'S SMOKED Grade A Sliced Lb. c Lb. 3 PLATE BOILING BEEF "-19c SWIFT'S FRAfJKFURTERS u. 20 (GROUND BEEF JSr, .'opts. Oo polis is spending several days with Airs. Ella J. Hall of -Newport. Airs. George Rawley and Mrs. Marion Ory sprut Saturday night in UanviJie. IJ). Mr. aud Mrs. Dewitt Corn of Newport are spending a few days this week with Mrs. Corns parents in southern Indiana. Mrs. De Eong and children spent last week in Chamuaign, 111. Mrs. Minnie Funk and children l-'mity ifh A" , ItAkKII I.IUH S Lit. A.-.M.ileil Sliecil o 220 bhouhhr -Xo It. i Newport Jiigh School. ' Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mack are ;n.Ekijip plans to liiove from their j hoj;ie in Newport to Indianapolis tvU re Mr. Mack has accepted a position in the offices of the i'ittuian , nad Um Coal Company. Cefore tuk- 'nn this job. he was employed aa a j tcuard fur th- 'abah Kivt-r Grd-, cance Works near Newport. Mif. Waiter Neal aud daughter. 260 25c if At UHITIM; Ui. 140 or Juk Sli.'iou I' o INnnts ReijllireU! spent the weekend in L'rbana, 111. Mrs. Maurice Hegany spent Mon hi. AH H W ON Mi. Ia-hh n i'ite o !(. SPARE RIBS Lean ij). day in Terre Haute. Juan, w lio have been visiUng (he 20s 21c Lb. Mrs. Foole had been visiting her pareuis in Newport. ' Mr. aud Mrs. Joe Allison spent Saturday in Clinton. Air. and Mrs. Roscoe Foos and , daughter, Feggy Ann, spent Sunday Sliced Thin No Points PORK LIVER past ciuciJi with Mrs. NVal s parents. Mr and llrs. Guy Gosnell uf Newport, have reiui'iied to lheir home in Flltoburg. I'enn. Airs. Gosnell returned home with (hem and plans to stay for a short libit. Mrs. Euciiie Greene. Miss li. Grace Rheuby and Mrs. Afargaret Couley iptiit Tuesday iu Txiie Haute shop-; ping. i Mif. Edith GuSBcll, Mrs.. Maude 1 MAGICIANS Perform breakfast magic with new cereal combination - I'ost's RuImu Bran.. Golden wheat and bran flakes ius seedless rais-ius. U s new! !fj CLINTON, INDIANA J

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