The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 6
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Wednesday, August p, A94.4. .Page Six "X TOWNSHIP ( BUDGET FORM N. 3 (REVISED ,1941) Form Prescribed by the State Board of Accounts BOBCE TO TAXPAYERS Of TAX WW r 70NJTE 1 ' - ' ' ,'OOL AND (COWOIlTAliltE ' i - -i ABUSES ESS SERVICES In the matter of determining the tax rates for certain 1 purposes by Clinton Township, Vermillion County, ,ln- Hstesfcr Classified Ads sd fAid f-stices .Before the Township Advisory ,Board Adds M Wyes) JjucU ana f .aronejrs .INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. .To the woes that have descended upon Hoosier gardeners and farmers as the result of the drought, add crickets and grasshoppers. Frank N. Wallace, state entomologist, explained that uncultivated fields and weed patches have .been so badl scorched that these two pests are attucking vlotory gardens and cultivated fields for their green food diet, particularly In the .Indianapolis area. .Few .reports or serious damage to garden crops have been received, thus far, he said, but the rinnvAr will increase daily With the Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Clinton Township, Vermillion County, ,Indlana, that the proper legal officers of said municipality, at their regular meeting place, on the 2tb day of August, 1844, will consider the following budget: RECAPPING VULCANIZING 'RE-liners. Prestone coming. Thermo Royal, get it here while it's plentiful. Oils 2 and 5 gal. fine containers. Gas Market. 115 North Main Bt. Horace Towell, Mgr. . t58 C2, seeding Una (one column tine, like 6,150.00 Repair of Buildings and care of Grounds TOWNSHIP FUND HAVE YOUR FURNITURE 8MP-covered for cleanliness and beauty. Call Mary Mulone, Gufi-K. t43x na of tbese). ' Next two day lcertion: the same e charge (you get three day at aouble the coat of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the aanie 80 charge (you get a whole seek five days) at three time the aoet of one Insertion). ' Jach group of three day thereafter, 8c a line. i Blackface (like this) 10c per line. .Repair of Equipment, except School Busses School Furniture and Equipment, except School Busses School Supplies, other than Janitors' SupplleB Janitor Supplies Fuel for Schools lxans. .Interest and Insurance 250.00 000.00 3,800.00 ,1,600.00 2.100.0(1 1 ,200.00 PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING. Write llox 442-F. vhitiam;k, ,i'M mheh. ,phonk suu-k. taof I, Salary of Trustee , ,1,500.00 Office Rent ,180.00 Clerk Hire '500.00 Trustee's Traveling Expense 300.00 Expense Telephone Tolls nnd Telegrams ,60,00 J. P. Salary and Supplies ir,0.00 Office Supplies, Printing and Advertising- ,1,050.00 Pay of Advisory Board 75.00 Judgement Funding ,Bond 2,000.00 Interest ,1,225.00 Care of Cemeteries 300.00 Miscellaneous ,650. 00 Total Township Fund , 8, 990.00 TUITION FUND Pay of Teachers $34,457.00 School Transfers , 17,000.00 Total Tuition .Fund $51,457.00 BOND FUND Principal 3,000.00 Interest ,1,250.00 Total Bond Fund 1 j4.250.op ' LIBRARY FUND Total .Library Fund $ ,1,400.00 SPECIAL SCHOOL FUND continuation of dry weather. ,He suggested use of a poison bran mash to kill the crickets and grasshoppers. The mixture should be scuttered on the ground among the plants in ;late evening, so that .by morning .most of the .halt will have been eaten by the insects or disintegrated, and wjll not poison .birds, he said. Wallace: formula for the mash is: mix together thoroughly while dry, five pounds of bran and one-quarter pound of paris green or MAKE A NEW ROOM IN THE AT-tle, line it with Beaver ;Board, plaster board ur insulation board. .Beautiful and economical. Telephone 822. Clinton .Lumber & Supply Co. All classified ad Including mem-orlam and notice of all kind must be paid In advance except those by regular customer whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible tor it payment. I r School Transfers ,1,500.00 Teachers' Meetings 330.00 Janitor Service 6,400.00 Transportation of (Children ,13,820,00 .Light and Power 800.00 Contingencies 400.00 Miscellaneous 4,186.00 Total Special School Fund i37436.00 ' POOR .RELIEF .FUND A. Administration Expense: Al. Personal Service : $ ,7,000.00 A2. Other -Operating Expense 2,260.00 A3. Properties ' 200.00 FOR PLUMBING, HEATING, ELEC-tric wiring, and sheet metal see C. & . J(amarata, 336 North Ninth St. Phones 20 and 153 W. ' ,17tf JFQK SALE f - "Hf ANK MOftCAN a i OOOVMriOWU 1 VAX JOHNSON v " J .Direct Relief: Bl. Medical. Hospital and J3urial ,11,450.00 i)2. Other JJirect Relief 12,700.00 2 H. P. OUTBOARD MOTOR AND one 9 H. P. motor. C. and J. Kam-arata Plumbing Shop, 330 North Ninth. t44x Total Poor .Belief Fund $33,600.00: FOUND A JLARE STOCK OF Goodyear Car. Truck and Tractor TlreB and Tubes. Vulcanizing and jRecappiog neatly done and' Guaranteed. 8th and Bogart Mobilgas Button, Joe Giacoletlo, Clinton. 82tf New Buildings ,i.avv.vv JiSTIMATE OF Jr'l'NDS TO E RAISKD Special Township FUNDS REQUIRED FOR EXPENSES Bond fund 1 BROOD SOW, 2 PIGS. BLAIN : Shannon, Sandytown, Ind. R. R. 8. t44x Tuition Fund white arsenic. MaKe soiuuun -containing one pint cheap molasses, one lemon ground fine and one-half gallon of water. Mix together and moisten bran with sututiun. Drought conditions also are creating a serious problem in the dairy business. (Farmers in parts of Indiana have started to ship their cows to the stock yards and ,in manyi cases dairymen are using next winter's supply of .feed- lloosier dairymen have asked .Governor .Henry F ! Schricker and Senator Samuel D-Jackson to intercede in behalf of an increase in the milk subsidy .for farmers ,Sn drought areas. Sch. Fund 61,46,7.0p 4.25P.0O J; unp f 8,990.00 2,880.00 COMB HONEY. BRING CONTAIN-: er. J.606 South Third Street. ,t44x 37,436. 00 18.660.0P 30.00 33.870.0p DEAD A N I M'A . S .REMOVED, large or (mail, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre .Haute or Dana 1428. We pay all phone charge. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. U37 A4m Sliorf Subts . OAK ROLUTOP pESK. SEE ,DR. Sellers. t44x .EIGHT ROOM MODERN HOUSE.I : 404 Mulberry St. t43x ll,87p.0P ,66,p86.pP 86,32,7.00 4,28P.P0 BOYS BICYCLE. .BERT WRIGHT. Crompton JIM. "Gx Df AO ANIMALS REMOVED JF REE of charge by JJ Wiggins and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. r t6xf Worth Pepper Once tame was worth 4,000 pound of pepper. When .invading Ooths conquered this ancient capi- J4ID. 638 t43x NANNY GOAT AND ' North Ninth Street. August j. present year, to December 31, of ensuing year 1. Total Budget Estimate for Incoming Year 2. Necessary Expenditures to be made from Appropriations Unexpended July 81, of present year 3. Additional Appropriations to be made August J., to December 31, of present year 4 Outstanding Temporary .Loans ,to be paid before ' December 31, of present year, not included In LlneB 2 or 3 6 Total FundB Required (Add .Lines 1. 2, 3 and 4) FUNDS ON HAND AND TO BE RECEIVED FROM SOURCES OTHER .THAN JTHE PROPOSED BATE W TAX LEVY 6 Actual Balance, July 31, present year J. Taxes to be Collected, present year .(December Settlement) 8. Miscellaneous .Revenue, other than from Tax .Levy, to be received from August of present ear ,to December 31, of ensuing year. (See schedule In Trustee's Office) (a) Special Taxes (See Schedules) (b) All Other Revenue (See Schedules; 9. Total Funds (Add Lines 6, 7, 8a and 8b) 10. Net Amount to be raised for expenses to December 31, of ensuing year 11. .Operating .Balance (Not in excess of Expense January J, to June 30, Less Miscellaneous Revenue for same Period) " -30.23 tal, they demanded a pepper ransom, lor at that time, spices were l,60p.p0 more precious than rubies or gold. 3,288,73 8.660.0P 8,67,4. P3 8.600. pp 2,360.43 3.68P.PP Guaranteed 24-Hr., Jtefrigeratton Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. JU Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or J-66-J-2, Montezuma. ONE GIRL'S AND 2 BOY'S Bicycles, size 26, newly overhauled. George Bain, route three, Phone 699, St. Bernice. t43x , H Tasty Sherbet For a itasty sherbet use apricot wnole fruit iieotar as .the liquid PAH) JJOPCES 1941 BE SOTO .CONVERTIBLE Coupe. Robert McNeely, R. 3, Box 16,000.00 20,300.00 ,68,238.73 22.000.00 39,174.03 NOTICE! Lawhead's Barber Shop, 115 South Main, will open for business Friday, August Jl. t44x 1,4 6. 7,7 6,040.43 FOUR ROOM HOUSE, WITH Fl'R-j nace, all in excellent condition. Part cash, balance terms. 0. V. Houston. , t40 6,829.57 36,9.ip.7 27,088.27 2.81P.23 jj NOTICE! Centenary Church, August 3.1. Homemade ice cream supper and chicken sandwiches. t43 Tuesday an4 Wednesday Admission ic And 20c 52nd STHT With firiwy JBuJay fje.o fbarriflv fc3w:::t With penny Singletoa Arthur ke ( Jhe Pumsteade .. -10.876.11 116.21216 2,019.79 7.849.36 .67.81 jtl6.843.16 12. Amount to be raised by Tax .Levy 434.20 8,24(1.43 II $52. 329. IP GARDEN VEGETABLES. CAB-bage, beets, , cucumbers, sweet corn. Irish potatoes. Two miles north of Hillsdale on 63. ,C. E. Wooten. ' t42x PROPOSED AEVJUSB Clvl.1 : With the Compliment Of SVYilAAMUMC POOI XUWOH There are 2 Free ww nepers Wai,tinr at fthe iCUatoiiiaii Office jf or dtiJUa SucJUta Watch This Space Daily Pl'lilJC NOTICE! J will not be responsible or any debts made by my wife. Harry Shannon. t42x J21.629.66 Net Valuation of Taxable Property . - r,umUeroVMxao.efru.. Levy on Amounts Levy on PolbJ . Property WANTED TO PUy FUNDS 15 BAKERY WOOD. COMBA BAKERY North Niuth Street. Phone 012. J3e liaised I 7.849.86 ," 16.843.16 16,212.16 J .614.07 8.244.43 $45,66348 Township Special School fJ-00 l Tuition Library Bond . Tntl Jft0 .76 -76 .07 15 $1.87 PL'2UC NOTICES PEACHES FOR CANNING! NOW IS ' the time. This is the place. 9th and Elm Street Market, open until 9 p. n. for your convenience. We have favored out trucks and saved our gas ,to haul peaches. If you don't get them it won't be our fault. You can save your gas. tire?, and money here. McCracken and Sons, 302 South Main and 9th, and Elm Streets. :t40f TOMATOES FOR CANNING, BRING containers. 241 North Lincoln St. i Fairview. t42x .COLUMBIA RECORD 36530. BEAT Me Daddy, parts 1. and 2. Will Bradley Orchestra. 60c plus tax.. White's Pharmacy. i COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OE TAXES CfWXTFJf AND TD BE COIJJ3CTED (Tabulate below amount to be collected in current year and amounts collected in each of the previous ,t,hree ygn) WlfSSPAY (Collected 3944 I 8,281.33 r39,350.20 BIKTH CERTIFICATE Notice is hereby given that Betty Jean Keech has filed a petition in the Vermillion Circuit Court of Vermillion Coutny, Indiana, to have the time and place of her birth determined. Said petition is set for hearing on the 14th day of August, 1944. CARL R. J3IGGS, Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court. Collected 3943 $ 7.011.82 36.688.06 16.394.64 1,300.00 3,464-19 Collected 3942 f 7, 740. 73 16.494.26 6,494.26 1,300.00 4.626.21 Collected ' J941 f 4,163.00 14.189.00 14.340.00 J.027.00 .956-PP FUNDS Township Special School Tuition Library Bond 39.402-87 1,800.00 3.871-83 With Compttuiestfj Of Xhere Are Two fee pickets fo fh WAJBASJrJ TjmAJBE Waiting At Qvr Ofice 557 Viae Sf. fust Conae Ja And Ask For Theml Watch This Space livery Pay fQlK SAME MAX HE NEXT $46,685.40 $44,848.61 $51,766.23 FOUR ROOM HOUSE, 846 MAT-thew Street. t54x Adoussiojo &c and 20c C25ir.T3 With JEiwwt fi- liobinson Glenn fori Margaret fibupmm STORM MASSING FAHAVE "Some Where Jjq Pgypt fox Short f TLpayra7peIrin7 reoa- Mter ITllt' t nreseuted to the County Auditor not later than two day prior to me secono uwj "'."r. " ' FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-zil Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or on their failure so to do, by VTmmisstorsTor payers feeling themselves aggrieved by such levies, may appeal to the State Boa,J"n XToberTe and further and inal hearing thereon, by filing a petition with the County Auditor ,iot later .than October 16. and the state Board will fix a date tor hearing in this County. Dated August, 11,44. WILLIAM S. NISBET, Trustee, .Clinton Township 20. 13 7f PRE-WAR "BABY BUGCY. 1068 South Fifth Street. East Prussian Lines Waver Under Red Blow (Continued from page J) FOUR ROOM HOUSE TO WRECK. Inquire Angelo Vercolio, Universal. t40x JIRIOK, any kind you wane Clinton Ante WracJcuut Part Co. Ernie1, none a, Clin torn. 80tf You read about the new Mirra Moth Immunizer in the American magazine now you can get it at Gillis Pharmacy. . 9c Ff. A Ttlf. fi. 35c Comedy "(Garden of PaW March of Time "Soulli American JFront" bargain Matine ffiur. Carden Variety A good gardener who ha plenty of space can plant a many a 30 different vegetables, and have a great variety of foods to eat. Some of the vegetables will come through the season even if the weather js unfavorable for others. Heavy Rains Xn Burma's monsoon season SO inches of rain may fail in a aingle month, as much as seven inches' in one day. ' . Colorful Handwork The Middle American had no knowledge of the potter' wheel. Their graceful jars and vase were built up y coiled strip of clay, then ginootned into Anal shapes. Intricate designs and figurines in cluy were modeled entirely bv hand- te , fVonmetallic Mineral Over 70 nonmetallic mineral art ceing produced commercially in this country, but 15 industrial mineral! must lot imported. pcroi nounced that 100 niileB to the south offensive battles for the widening of the Soviets' Vistula fUiver bridgehead continued. lvaiirp in Carpathians Jn the Carpathians, gateway to Hungary and Czechoslavakia at the southern end of the RusBO-German front, Russian forces advanced J8 miles northwest of the captured rail center of Sanibor, enveloping Pob-rumll, and also pushed 6 miles west of Sanbor to take the railway town of Chyrov. 1 MAEE XIEEP WANTED riotecting Milk Dairy product are easily contaminated. To protect the family' health, milk should be kept constantly covered in spotless containers and at a maintained .temperature of m more than 60 degrees. U contained in paper cartons, wipe the anout with a clean cloth before aeon pouring. If stored in bottles, wash the outside of the bottle, being especially careful fo deans th mouth and cap. m The Blue Mpis The lovely blue lapis lazuli was valued by the ancient not only fox the t .-auty of its color but also for it "medicinal qualities." Believed to possess the power of healing ulcers and akin eruptions, the mineral was ground and mixed to a pasta with milk and then applied to fit infected skin. FULL-TIME CLERK FOR CLINTON store. Prefer experience. Must have references. Write Box L-442 for interview. t4 3 JlOY FOR MORNING NEWSPAPER route; guaranteed weekly salary; no Sunday delivery. White's Pharmacy. 141 KELYOM.,. BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aptly, Bill Blackburn, CHutonlan. LONDON, England. Resumption of heavy Soviet attacks southwest of Bialystok was reported in today's German communiuue dealing with the eastern front. It said these attacks came after heavy artillery preparation wiUi strong formations of tanks and battle planes. "Fierce battles are going on in some of the penetration points," said the communique, indicating a Russian advance in some places. "North of Memcl all Soviet break JjOST FACTCny-CCUTnClLEDI , . . - j - Crvtnlte feak pi Capitan, a huge granite block in Vosemite National park, is three times as high a the mpir late buildin:. BILLFOLD SUNDAY NIGHT. Please return with papers. Keep money as reward. Ray Kelsheim-er, R. 2 or leave at Clintonlan Office. t4 4x through attempts were smashed a-gairi yesterday," the statement add JFOE PENT ed. DR. SELLERS OFFICE IN RAYNES Building. Six room modern house. Sugar Dost HIGHEST SASEl For Your In a ton of ordinary sawdust there is more than a half ton of sugar and tlia'. this sugar can now be economically separated and recovered in form suitable for fermentation. 802 South Fourth Street. O. F. , Houston. t44 FOUR ROOM PARTLY MODERN ' house, 1225 South Fifth. H. H. I Wisehart. t44 I i 0 No Rationing Certificate Req.i'ure4f GUARANTEED 9 AffSf ACTIOS POLAND'S c UccdCaro COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St Phone 427 $300 or resa Js Often the Answer to a jLot of frouble-sorae problems. Why fJot Jalk ft Over With Us Without Obligation. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY m.t Willi MIiIfI a ,h mm rosTce or4 HUm troii Wa HowvJ Uk9t4 U tHred4 by ttyoak ukM ' 2p FIRESTOHI-Tf XACO SERVICE 120 fi. Main St. (iiuloa, nJ. fhone 2 22E Black man Stv CLINTON, INDIANA

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