The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 80
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 80

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 80
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Palm Beach Post-limes, Sunday, Nov. S, 1968 F9 Entry Hall Should Give Key To Decor Of Home w 1 1 i lit- r i I i i i Happiness is . . . puivre at CRESTHAVEH . ? f- - -Hi l" ' ' 'Alii ; . 1 8 In "'45H i; i N! I if 1 4 U 1 $ r -' ( ' r f will r& :A ill m l TESTING, JUST TESTING - A youngster shifts a turntable bringing small objects in range while he checks the focus on the new Bolex 7.5 Macro-zoom Super 8 mm camera. It has an M.9 lens, a zoom range from 7.5 to 21 mm and focuses directly from five inches away to infinity. " 'ft CONDOMINIUM VILLAS By IRVING DESFOR AP Newsf eatures COLOGNE. Germany, (AP) The primary function of Photokina, world's biggest photo fair. Is to present the latest developments In photography to camera dealers and the public who represent a cross section of global interest. Here are some of the new products In cameras and equipment which seemed of significance to American camera fans: An Ingenious Super 8mm cassette movie projector. Recognizing the fact that home movie makers are not inclined to edit or splice their films together, the Bolex Mul-timatlc projector makes use of the 50-foot reels returned by film processors. Each 50-foot reel Is put Into a plastic cassette. The projector shows automatically up to six cassettes successively at normal or slow motion speeds and In forward or reverse action. And while one cassette Is being projected, the previous one is being rewound automatically. Cassettes may be added or changed at any time. Thus a film program can be varied Instantly to suit the audience without interrupting the film being shown. A motorized 35mm single lens reflex camera which rewinds exposed film back Into the cartridge. Powered by eight penlight batteries in a detachable handgrip, the Minolta SR-M advances film up to three frames per second but the motorized rewind Is a first. An exposure meter for flashes. With a solid-state circuit requiring no warm-up, the Minolta Flash Meter takes a reading of electronic flash, bulb or daylight flash. It gives a direct reading on an f-num-ber scale with shutter speeds chosen from 1-30, 1-60, 1-125 or 1-2 50th second. It doubles also as a conventional meter. The fastest ultrawlde lens for 35mm SLR cameras. A 16mm f-2.8 Minolta lens covers 137 degrees horizontal-. r"'"yrr 71 It By VIRGINIA THORBAHN Whether your entry hall is a grand expanse leading into a formal drawing room or a miniscule area only a step away from your living room. It should give the visitor a key to the over all decor of your home. First impressions of a house and its occupants are formed in the foyer, revealing the way we live, the style of furnishings we prefer and the special personality of the other rooms visible from the entry hall. Happily for today's home-maker, decorative possibilities for the entry are almost limitless. Houses have telescoped in modem times and entrances have almost disappeared In the crush, but they are still important enough to be created by clever decorating even if they are not architecturally built In. This part of your home is one that is to be used, but only briefly, by everyone coming in through the front door. The visual impact is most important. Although It demands less than any other room in the way of furnishings, It can present problems of perspective and proportion which should be solved If the foyer Is to be the home's keynote. Furnishings need only serve the temporary requirements of guests as they remove coats and hats,- deposit umbrellas or make a last-minute check of their appearance in a mirror. Because It requires little functional furniture, the entry Is an Ideal showcase for beautiful objects. A small table or a chest and a decorative mirror are appropriate. If space permits, an occasional chair or two, a charming bench or perhaps an unusual umbrella stand make suitable and comfortable additions to the entrance way. If the entry hall must do double duty by housing furnishings which are used on occasion in other rooms of the house, then a tea cart could function as a hall table, framed on either side with chairs which could be used in an adjacent dining room. A small dropleaf table could serve as a card table or an added dining spot for buffet entertaining. Since the furnishings in a hallway are subjected to less wear than in other rooms of the house, this Is the Ideal spot for antique chairs which are not meant for long periods of sitting. Because, In effect, the en- bv ly without giving a circular Image; has four built-in filters In a turret arrangement and focuses down to one foot. A distortion-free ultra-wide lens made Into a camera. The 15mm Zeiss Hologon t-8 lens covers a field of 110 degrees for 35mm format. Because of Its unconventional "wasp waist" design, a camera was built around It with no lens diaphragm but with a spirit level to keep verticals straight. Fixed focus (depth of field from 20 Inches to Infinity) and with fixed 1-8 lens stop, the focal plane shutter assumes the full Job of correct exposure with speeds from 1-500 to 1 second and B. Electronic shutters for drop-in cartridge cameras and a top-speed between-the-lens shutter for the medium-price field. Recent advances in shutter designs enable simple cameras to have electronic exposure precision of up to l-lOOOth of a second speed. Examples: The Vltessa 126S Electronic for the easy-load 126 cartridge. It has a 38mm f-2.8 lens ENTRY BACKDROP - Wood-grained panels provide an uncluttered focal point for a simple furniture arrangement In an entrance hall. Adding interest to an otherwise plain wall, the wood panels, from the Abitibi Corp. of Birmingham, Mich., substitute for furnishings In a small area. Htro It whom the men art separated from the boysl You'll spend many a pleasant hour with your companions In friendly competition playing biHiardt, pool or the game of your choice, incident -fy, wo underttand from our Recreational Director some of the gals are practicing late at night, so men v watch out! Focal Point Ont story condominium garden type apartments chisttrtd around a beautifully landscaped court PRICED FROM The Record Corner Shirley Bassey's Style Aims At Selling The Song 1-2 BEDROOMS 1-1V-2 BATHS With Control Air Condhionino 4 Htatlno Throughout (Muding btnhrooms fc ktuhenl ONLY $1,990 DOWN; SS3.72 MONTHLY MAINTINANCI FROM 127 MONTH Pushbutton Range, rood waits disposal and rafrlgtrotor by Gontral Electric mi I - and warning signals In the vlewfinder for under or over exposure. The first leaf-type, between-the-leos shutter to reach a speed of 1-1000 second is found In the Vltessa 1000 SR. This means X-synchronlzatlon for electronic flash at all speeds. This range-finder 35mm camera has a 42mm Tessar f-2.8 lens and a coupled CdS light meter. Ultracompact but full-frame 35mm cameras. Konica and Petri offer models following the trend started by the Rollel 35, now available In all-black finish, which proved so highly successful. An off-beat darkroom gadget a developer tray with Its own storage depot compartment. A darkroom equipment distributor displayed a tray with a bottom compartment. This held a bag In which the developer solution Is stored. Turning a lever sent the developer Into the tray; turning It again emptied the tray back Into the bag. It also has a control to maintain a required solution temperature. record. Now she wants to be in a movie. "I think it would be a way for me to take It easier, -instead of rushing about all over the world all the time, singing In nightclubs. When you record, you can have 40-60 musicians If you want. In a nightclub you may have 20 and you Just don't get the sound. And mikes vary In nightclubs which can hinder and upset a singer. "I love making records. It's Just great. You hear all those wonderful musicians and you Just want to sing." MBS, fesl-wiling records of the met based on the Cash Boi Magnifies nationnide survey "Hey Jude," But Its MThos Wert the Dy," Hopkin "Little Green Apples," Smith "Fire," Brown "Over Yoo," Union Cap "F.lenore," Turtles "Giri W.tcher," O'Kiysions "Midnight ConfewioM," Grau Roots "I'x Got It Get l Meiutgt to Yon," Ret Gen "While Room," Creim mm to LUXURIOUS CLMHOUSE Ml POOL NOW OPEN rtlTIRMk , panels hung from celling rods and lattice frames are among some of the devices used to solve this decorating problem. An unusual and attractive divider can be created by covering the backs of two tall, narrow curio cabinets which serve also as a storage showcase for accessory gems. The cabinet sides are open, lending an airy, jewellike quality to the area. Whether your space Is large or limited, in planning your entry way, consider your total decoration and make It a grand entrance. Mrs. Thorbahn will be glad to answer your decorating questions in this column or to feature your Focal Point Ideas. Please address her In care of the Editorial Department, The Palm Beach Post-Times, P. O. Box 1590, West Palm Beach, Fla., 33405. eals that it has listed new prices for 21,659 items, most of them upward, indicating an expanding market for desirable U.S. material. The 707-page volume sells for $6. In Its 1969 Volume II Standard Postage Stamp Catalog, Scott shows 46,386 new prices for postal adheslves of European countries, colonies, and Independent nations of Africa and, Asia. This one sells for $9.50 Great Britain has issued 4 pence and 5 pence regional stamps for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Monmouthshire, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. Each stamp will have as its main design the portrait of Queen Elizabeth. The Republic of Korea has Issued a new 7-won stamp honoring that country's first "Korean Trade Fair" which was held at Kurodong, south of Seoul. At the fair there were 395 domestic and foreign business firms participating. The design of the stamp features the Main Gate entrance to the Korean fair. The American Topical Association has prepared a "Space Cover Catalog" for those who specialize In this subject. All space covers will be listed by categories such as Explorer, Gemini, Apollo, etc. Within each category the Information includes the date, site, vehicle and brief description of the mission. The book Includes two parts for U.S. and foreign launches.. Collectors can obtain the book for $3 directly from the American Topical Association, 3300 N. 50th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53216. Delivery will be In the spring. Western Samoa pays tribute to the 21st anniversary of the establishment of the South Pacific Commission by issuing three new stamps. The commission encourages and strengthens International cooperation In promoting economic and social welfare as well as the advancement of the nonself governlng territories In the South Pacific region. The area consists of nearly all the Pacific Islands and a population of three million. The three new stamps show panoramic views of the western Samoa coast. mm Swimming Movits Health Club Slimnastics e Horseshoes Guided Tours Coll rooms Arts & Crafts Cards U Gomti Billiards Ltcturts Sewing Shuffle board By SYD KRONISH Several nations annually is-. sue postage stamps in tribute to Christmas. The U.S. in re-cent years has Joined the growing list of such nations ,J and a few weeks ago an- hounced the design and details of Its 1968 stamp, as reported in this column. Now the Australian Philatelic Bureau has made public the design for two Christmas, stamps one for Australia and the other for Norfolk land. Tho Australian stamp depicts a view of Bethlehem at the time of the nativity as seen from a hilltop. Surrounding the design on three edges are the words "Christmas 1968 0 Come All Ye Faithful Joyful and Triumphant." The denomination Is 5 cents. The Norfolk Island adhesive shows a silver star surrounded by a circle of hibiscus blooms try hall Is the prologue to your house, It is wise to coordinate its furniture styling or color theme to that of the living room, dining room, or both. In many smaller homes this coordination Is essential, as the entry way literally is part of the living room. In those cases where there is no architectural division between the entry and living area, there are many ways to create the Illusion of sepa-ratlon. Free-standing screens, draperies, wall AP Newsfea lures on a blue background. Underneath is a scroll with the words, "Peace on Earth." AUSTRALIA This Is also a 5-center. Scott's United States Specialized Catalog for 1969 rev- Sliding Panels (No parti to wtar out) Lift out for easy cleaning No maintenance costs 5A '"if Pin FEATRES AT K9 EXTRA COST! Street Ighting Private screened patio Underground electri- e Absolute sound cal service proofing Concealed built-in Courtesy bus service television antennae C.I. air conditioning Front door parking appliances Luxurious Clubhouse Safety bars in bath- By MARY CAMPBELL AP Newsfeature Writer If you. remember Shirley Bassey's biggest hit record, : "Goldflnger," or you've seen her nightclub act lately, you : can just about guess her ap-:'; proach to singing. "I don't sing a song," she says, "I sell it. That is my aim. "If I can't take advantage of four bars or eight bars and show off my voice, then I'm not Interested In that song. And if a song doesn't go up and down enough, it isn't Interesting. I have a big range and I don't want to sing with Just part of it. "There are lots of songs I turn down, because they don't suit my voice and my styling." The two most effective songs In her nightclub act, we thought, are "Johnny One Note" and "Big Spender," both done In the style of "Goldflnger" with grit, volume and verve. She also sings "Goldflnger," a show stopper; both sides of her new single release, "This Is My Life" and "Funny Girl," and her favorite, "I Who Have Nothing." That's her favorite, Miss Bassey says, "because I was seven months pregnant when I recorded It and instead of looking like I had nothing, I looked like I was expecting a baby elephant. And the sound was great. I was singing very well and I had the right technicians and a good arrangement. I got a silver disc for it in England." Her only gold record, U.S. Is for the album "Goldflnger." A new album, "This Is My Life," Needs Stenos LONDON (WNS) Eric Hurst, chairman of Brook Street Bureau, the world's largest secretarial agency, has announced that the shortage of stenographers and secretaries will grow more desperate during the next five years. Therefore, he is launching training schedules In America and Great Britain to bring back retired women over 35 years old. He Is also looking for men to fill secretarial Jobs. "Women have only 80 per cent of their lives available for work," said Mr. Hurst. 1x1 Sound KIm ariltv motic you? It's noil This Is nowtpopor talk for 1 eohunn by 1 inch Think It's too small to bo no-ticost? Yoo'ro roodino, it . . . aron't 1f frooport Nows OS SHIRLEY BASSEY will be out in November. Her record company is United Artists. During "Big Spender," Miss Bassey dances around and she says most people think a choreographer told her what to do. Not so. The singer was born In Cardiff, Wales, the youngest of seven children. Her father, from Nigeria, was In the merchant navy. Her mother was from England. "I . don't think of myslef as one thing or the other Negro or white. I was born In a Negro area and raised In a white area after we moved when I was 3. Neighbors joked about my color and .called me taffy apple but it never meant anything terrible to me. If kids used It to get one up, I didn't care, I was a very tough kid." Miss Bassey has fulfilled two of her desires to play on the stage In the West End of London and to have a big hit 'i -- i.l . Mi iit 8P ?0 ' i i ill as ei root AN ADULT COMMUNITY 2551 S. MILITARY TRAIL WEST PALM BUCK flORIM Ml rsruiiM by surf not futmiUK 3 S. Suit Swy Uks Wirt. (Is. 4 MOORS OPEN DAILY si JIM. to S:30 P.M. Hm SB 5541 6KESTXAYEM VILLAS RESERVATION FlAX W. j I I 4 r 1 WH MMN I I I WTWIMH I JUs W ill (IIAHM.HI -hi 1M Jin CMIT..VII. ! "I I S I n M lUIWHni IS I I !Ufs j ""Ml HI H "aM h -J if ' I OCCUPY NOW or RESERVE a VILLA through 1970 S2S.00 reserves the ipitiiunt el your choke for oc twenty an the date of your choke! This building pro-gram mU tontlnuo througnovt 1970. 1on now for future reureniefita Deposit Is rorurtoVsVIo at any time. Wrinkl-frM cUar vinyl panels, framed in rvggtd, lighrweight atuminufli. Weathr-proof your porch ogaimt cold, wind, rain, dirt, ttc. . . Provide good insulation for year 'round comfort. Sturdy and weight light- Year-'round indoor-outdoor comfort Low installation cost MAS, TODAY SOI HtB MOCHUM )i-03 Cresthaven Villas 2551 S. Military Tral West Palm Beach, Fb. 33406 Please Rush Fret Brochure NAM! ADDRESS CITY STATE IIP...... FREE ESTIMATES . . "GOLDEN GUARANTEE" 4352 10th Ave. No. LAKE WORTH 965-8911

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