The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 9, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 5
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Wednesday, August 9, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Page IT. IMPROVES WITH AGE . By Jack Sords British Paiwrs Barred From Americans Until Election with the soldicr-vote law whicB say "no member of the V. armed forces shall have his vote influenced in LONDON. Kuglaud. Kale of j an way'' and an American Army British newspapers and magazines , 0mclal emphasized that the move were barred today In American Army . in no wu). ,-etlects on British uews-campg in Britain and France until ' papers". after the November Presidential jsj ' elections in the IT. S. I The step was taken in compliance j Interesting Social New Ef ery Olf Duck Hunters-To (jet Ten Added Days to Season WASHINGTON. L). C. Secretary ol" the interior Irkt-s announced today that iib(-r;ili,d regulations will give the nation's duett liuulers t.en additional days of shouting and higher bag limits due to x tensive crop damage done b the increased Pennsylvania war production. The liitest strike broke out in a Washington County coal mine, where 5fid miners reported struck when three men refused to pay union fines. The hird strike of 8n men In one month at the two north side plants of the Pennsylvania Transformer Company was in progress, while a number of workers were out at the Duraloy Company's Kcott.dale plant, the Crucible Steel Company's labelle workers and the National Tube Company at Kllwood City. W l ight Worker Hlrike The work stoppage of 2,r(Mi workers In two Wright Aeronaut leal Cor loooeoeeeoeeooeeeoooeeooooo o bird population. Opeu season for li44 will be 80 days and the dally bag limit will remain at ten. Huntirs. however, may o o o o o o o 'Edgar (Gounfy FAIR akd BABES poration plants In the 1'aterson. N. J. area continued today. The strike started yesterday In protest against ' tile transfer of 74 men on the ground that there was jio work for them. HHlled Browns Arrive In New York With 8 Straight Victories Brow flies Have Game Lead in League at Start Of Eastern Jaunt; Cards Open Phillies Series NEW YOHK. N. y. Tlie gl. Louis Browns gteumcd into Yankre Kludluui Willi on pIIiI-kuiiif kIiiiiIiik Wruuk, V4 Hume frtge In Hip Ain-eiirau J.aiiue kluudliiM mid a tie-termination to eliuke off tiicir enHt-ern pureuers in the next n't, Besides the Hrown-Yankee tussle laid the one belwwn the Wliile Ko and Red Sox at MusLou, other American League tilts on today's schedule included Cleveland at Philadelphia and Detroit at WimhiiiKtou in night games. The St. Louis Cardinals, with a 16 (?ame lead In the National League, opened a series at home with the Philadelphia Phillies, Brooklyn wa at Chicago. Busrou at Cincinnati and the New York Giants and the Pirates continued their series 8jt Pittsburgh. The Giants won the opener of a five-game series with the Corsairs In the only major league game played yesterday. The New Yorkers piled on Max Butcher and Xavier Ilescigno for 15 bits to enable Hill Voiselle to score his Hlh victory of the season. j include redhead, Hnd buftle-head ducks In the limit and an additional bap of five mallards, widgeons, and pintails, singly or In aggregate. 'Die limit on American and red-b roasted M e rg a n tie rs li an been i n -creased to 25 because these ducks have become so numerous as to be 'a menace to Hsu propagation." The 80-day hunting season opens Sept. 20 in the northern zone, Oct. 14 in the intermediate zone, including Delaware, Pennsylvania and Wy Vf" , . .. I V v ir PARIS, ILL. At the Chicago Dodge plant, which Q produces 14-29 engines, the 4Kth !Q strike was under way, after 137 of . 23& tool makers, grinders and ma-. chiuists on the night shift walked ' O out. 0 , oming., and Nov. 2 in the southern Woman Ration Chairman To Speak on Radio Program zone. AUGUST 13-10 THREE KING CIRCUS SUNDAY AND MONDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT The daily limit on goene is still O o o o Mrs. Inez Hchofl, ouly woman two. with the exception of oiue or snow geeso, which has been increased to four. chairman of a war price and ration-: log board in Indiana, will appear Mike Hunters are forbidden to us? bait or live decoys. On the opening day of the season, no person may possess more birds than is allowed for the daily bag RVBA, Jo-VeAB'OLe BosXoi pep sox pi-rceR, S-rtuU ABLE to "fJfiA ifi with James D. Strickland, Indiana !Q OPA district director, on a 12-min-jft ute radio broadcast over WFBM, In- i dianapolis, Thursday afternoon at.'O 4 : JO, Aug. 10, It was announced to- j Q day. Mrs. SjeholJ, one of only six women ' chairmen in the five-state OPA re-gion which includes Indiana, and 0 limits, but sportsmen can keep for Mr. fetricKiana will discuss problems t. o of operating a war price and rationing board. o o o o o o o o o o o o e o o o o o o o o o o o 3 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o r ovea fMe inoihis is His LATEST ACCOMPU5(MB4f Get Id to Scran! NATIONAL J,i:A.l K Clubs Won Lost Pet. o o o o o o 54 days after the close of the open season the birds lawfully taken. No more than 20 ducks may be in possession of hunters during the season. Hunting will be done witlifn the usual limits of from a half hour before sunrise to sunset. Wave of Strikes Cripples War Work in Nation St. Louis ; T 72 27 .727 j Cincinnati 65 43 .501 Pittsburgh 62 45 .6:itij New York 60 62 .490 T. mmm 1 Hear Assemble In I Major League J nosier Camp To . Scoreboard Tj.ain fw Mach m mm mm "" m COLLEUEVII.LE, Ind. The Chi- HASHIIAI.L TODAY ' ,,..,.. uailoual football league A CLINTON LADY SPIT UP ACID LIQUIDS FOR HOURS AFTER EATING Chicago 46 49 .4X4 Boston 41 58 .414 Philadelphia 38 68 .39(1 Brooklyn 40 62 .392 Probable pitchers: I cliamnions. were assembled In their 4 DAYS OF HARNESS RACING TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY . 4 NIGHTS OF THE HORSE SHOW TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY REPUBLICAN DAY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 GOVEnriOQ GE1EEIJ And Other Prominent Speakers Will Be Present DEMOCRATIC DAY FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 Prominent Speakers Present HORSE PULLING CONTEST WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 i L0!!E STAR CAP"IVAL All week Joseph s to their .IMf.iiit an i.KAi.if. 1U,W t,.ainillg camp at .St. St. Louis (Muncrief) at. New 1 college today preparatory Pet. York (Uorowy). filth clash Willi a college all-star ag- Uetroit (Newhouser or Gentry). at I grenation. Washington (NiKgeling) (night). t The annual charity game will be (Continued from page 1) For hours after every meal, a Clinton lady used to spit up a strong, acidulous liquid mixed wltli pieces of lialf-dlgested food, fthe ttays it waa awful. At times she would nearly strangle. She had stomach, bloat, daily headaches and constant irregular howel action. Today, this lady eats Iter meals and enjoys them. And site says the change is due to taking; KlUi-HKLP. Her food agrees with her. So gas, I Chicago I Dietrich) at Uostori A.Mi;itK an u:a.i; Clubs Won iost 6t. Louis 62 42 Boston 55 48 New York 53 48 Detroit 52 60 Chicago 50 63 Cleveland 61 65 Cleveland 51 56 Philadelphia 47 59 .596 .534 .625 .510 .485 .481 .481 .443 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o played this year In Northwestern l.niversity's Dyclie Stadium the night of Aug. 30. Forty-nine Bears, among whom there were more new faces than veterans, made the trip from Chicago together. They were soon to be joined by eight more squad members who were to arrive directly from their homes. .427 Washington 44 69 bloat or spitting up afler eating;. Hbe is also free of headaches now, ( Huglison ). Cleveland (Stnilh) at l'hilailelphia (Newsom) (night). NATIONAL LKAOI K New York (Fischer) at Pittsburgh (Ostermueller) (uiglil). Brooklyn (Chapman) at Chicago (Wyse). Boston (Barrett) at Cincinnati (Konslnnty or Carter). Philadelphia (Haffensherger or Cearheauser) at Ht. Louis) ( lirech-een) (night). and bowels are regular, titauks to drive plant manufacturing ball turrets for bombers. The company reported the men left their jobs without giving a reason. One group, however, said they struck in sympathy with a group of grinders who stopped production because of a grievance. All are members of Local 212, 1'AW-CIO. One thousand men still were idle in four plants of the Gear Grinding Company in protest against alleged wage cuts. A meeting of Local 380, UAW-CIO, was scheduled in an attempt to end the deadlock, fool Mine Nil ike Meanwhile,- work stoppages involving 2,250 men tied up western this ltemarkable New Compound. EKIi-HiUiP contains VI (ireat Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear Dr. 0. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOB X-Kay 235it Blackman gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. Ho don't go on suffering. (Jet KUil-lil.M'. Willie's (Itexall ) Z'liarmury Jirug Seed Beds Working the ground too early packs and hardens wet soil and prevents working the soi) into a good Beed bed. However, waiting too long delays planting and may mean snailer and iater rrony o letooooooeeoooooooeoooooooo Btore. YKSTKKIUV'M IlKSUTS A.WKKK'AN' lK.WiiK (No games scheduled). NATIONAL I.HAt;I K New York 8, Pittsburgh 4. (Oilier clubs not scheduled). 'rucct Tuor .ir'4 nnta hW IATER AT THE HOTEL DAN. USING HIS MASTER KEY ENTERS THE SPY'S ROOM you ME AW THE OWE WHO THE GIRL GAVE THE INFORMATION WHAT AM you CONG TO 00 WITH THIS DICTOGRAPH, 9 VES HE SEEMS TO il THE KEY MAN-STAY WITHIN REACH--i MAY WANT YOU AT HE JUST WENT OUT A MINUTE THE MAN JUST CAME BACK TO HIS ROOM I CAN HEAR EVERY MOVE HE MAKES THE MICROPHONES ARE WORKING PERFECTLY,' NOW ALL I HAVE TO DO NOW ALL I HAVE TO DO I'M 60ING TO SET IT UP W THAT MAN'S HOTEL ROOM AND SEE IF I CAM FIND OUT WHOM HE TALKS TO AND ALL AftOUT TOAND ALL A60UT daw V TO ' At) ILL PUT ONE MICROPHONE A MOMENTS NOTICE' HIM IS WAIT 1-5 I l.f v J ' I THE OTHER UNDER THE TELEPHONE I I fPvl HIM I P I TABLE IN THAT WAY LI BE IS WAIT J ff r J 1 1 V I A6LE TO HEAR ANY WORD THAT I 1-, T J jn, k4j j&ft C I I ; MAY tt SPOKEN . l- It 1 a DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48 TOMOKKOVY'tt fJA.MKH NATION .Uj I.KAt.lK Philadelphia at St. Louis (night). Brooklyn at Chicago. New York at Pittsburgh. Boston at Cincinnati might). AMI ItH A.V I.KAtjl K Detroit at Washington (nightj. Cleveland at Philadelphia. St. Louis at New York. Chicago at Hoston. PU Northwestern Grid Coach to Direct College All-Stars pft a bsrj : teJ tesssi vfesssfsi VrB Y? X V HAS B6EN KILLED ?l umT jOWEg JESSE - WITH TUB SUEgiFFj ' HAIR - fit 1 CHICAGO. III. Lynn Waldorf, head football couch at North weBir-rn CniveiHity, was na med today Uj direct the collegiate All-Stars in llu-ir game against the Chicago Ueurti, national loot bull h-une rhuinji'mti, at Dyclie Stadium, Kvauuton, lit., Aug. 30, He will have as assistants Coaches Ho Mr Mi I in ol' Indiana, JelT t ni val) of Southern California audi Trade- yonr Grade I certificate for today's Number 1 tire, a new Goodyear . . . your best buy for itra safety and long, low-rost mileage. Bring $ 1 C 0 5 in your car for Q fitting today, (plu ; tax) . , t.00. 1 6 NINTH & BQGART MOBILGAS STATION JOIC CMfOI.KTTO Henry Frtika of Tulsa. Waldorf will taku charge of his squad of All-Stars Saturday at Dyche Stadium where they will train. Seventy-one players huo been chosen in the All-Star nggr''gAiion, thfl largest squad uver picked in the 11-year history of the event. harry sJmj-MZ WKAJFSNr' MS) fwJMmSr- Thimble P Tm&JWa, ensine-room r ctamo S . 'l iZTP WWrWUVWWWWA'A'WWr-WW,'; PEACHES fob' CANNING 4? I lCQOTSArJDINAk ANCHOR Crtk Hls ft I Starring 'bMJ. SMlMj. .JL L dJJM- wJMV J NOW 15 THE liML! ?rf THIS IS THE PLACE! iTI Utt Itli and F.lm St. Murki't Oiicii I nlil 9 P. M. l or Your Convenience f liate finnreil our Irilr-ks mitl av-4l tnr sa iir IihuI-Ihk I'l : l IH S ! ir jon doa't lift llu'ni il wiib'i da our n.till ! I P0PEYI - Wms0t hy $ I 1 1 H6S I VA1E MUST FlMD MAU I I LJAl I HALI H TlLLiel 'A PRlSOMER-OF- TH I IF t , gltlCAH- - t QOT Imawbeheout of -vr 'ryPLJ 'j WAR uniform! S 1ILL1L I COULD SWEAR AWAVH HIS MlMD HERE) (Xf , ' . V Oj,HE MUST EE OUT S 1 I HEARD TlLLIE54 1) ' ' ' W 1 AM, l,,., 1 0F HIS MIND, 5 lL CALLING rlT. TILLIE r f THERE '" -' s i must r !tf?tf lfc f'k i rV Q'nr. 'Cy w'r, toiler M mm . , fm m Im mm Y-Zt VOU CAN SAVE VOl K OAS, TIRF.S AND MONEY II EKE! Mccracken & sons 302 South Main Gth anJ Elm St. By Rust Westovei r

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